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AWL: The Education of Jake Justice 3

You Gotta Earn It

Damn, I never thought something like this would happen. My name's Jake Justice. I'm a rising pro wrestler for the American Wrestling League, the country's number two wrestling federation. Right now, I'm naked. I'm outside. I'm lying on a mat-covered wooden platform, staring up through trees at the open sky on a hot July night. I'm only 22-years old, but I can’t believe I’ll ever have a more perfect night than this.

Of course, I'm not alone. I'm here with two other pro wrestlers. They're naked, too. I’ve got my number one fantasy, Big Colt Hill, lying on my left, kissing my neck and another man I've dreamt about, Chainsaw Chuck Rollins, on my right doing the same. We’re at Chuck’s clubhouse, a secluded farm, just having finished a round of wrestling where Colt made me submit then made me cum in my first ever cockfight then fucked my ass.

I’m savoring all the attention as the new member of their private club. Finally, Colt rolls off me to the left, clearly exhausted from the heat and the action. The white muscle bear lies besides me at an angle, his huge legs draped over mine. He idly runs his right hand through my long blond hair. It feels nice. I reach my left hand onto his big right pec and run my hand over the hairy slab of prime beef. It feels really nice.

Chuck keeps kissing my neck. He hasn't wrestled yet, so he has tons of stamina. The big black stud starts playing with my chest, rougher this time. I don't mind. My cock swells up as he twists and pinches my nipples. He works them until I'm going crazy, moaning uncontrollably. As I start to writhe, Chuck holds my right arm and Colt grabs my left. Colt's huge legs hold mine down, the two big studs effectively pinning me down as Chuck erotically tortures me. He moves down and sucks my tender right nipple, the light flicks of his tongue driving me wild. Only when I'm gasping with high pitched squeals and bucking my hips wildly does Chuck stop. I finally catch my breath as he moves up to my face and stares down at me.

Chuck orders me, "Roll over, kid. Time for that ass.”

I nod. I expected this, since I lost the match. I obediently crawl out from under Colt's legs and roll over onto my stomach. I rise to elbows and knees and lift my ass up and back, presenting myself for Chuck.

Before he can do anything, Colt says, “Whoa, whoa, whoa. What the fuck? You didn’t earn that ass, man!”

Chuck says, “House rules, buddy!”

Colt rolls up onto his knees. He asks, “Since when?”

Chuck responds, “Since tonight.”

Colt says, “Fuck that. You want it, you gotta earn it, like I did.” Colt pushes Chuck away from my ass, toppling him over.

Chuck says, “So that’s how it’s gonna be? You know what, I’ll take his ass later. I’m taking yours now.”

Chuck springs forward and tackles Colt. The two naked muscle men roll around, struggling for top. Arms and legs fly, each man trying to get position. Together, these two are 565-lbs of muscle and all of it is working. I admire the pumped, flexed and pulsing beefcake as they struggle. Chuck starts on top, but he's quickly pushed to the side by Colt's beefy muscles. Just as I think Colt will win the battle, Chuck uses his mighty power to force him over.

Fresh from getting my ass kicked, my cock drained and my ass plowed, I'm happy to take a break and watch Colt and Chuck go at it. I can’t believe how hot this is, as they're still rolling, turning and twisting. WHOMP! WHAM! THUD! POW! In the midst of the struggle, they're firing these insane body shots that sound like they'd level a mountain. I'm not even sure my abs or pecs could take them. These are two big, big men in every way. No matter who loses, I win, getting to watch these two in a naked muscle match.

I slide off the mat to a chair on the ground beside the platform. I’ll let them settle this. Either way, I think I’m off the hook for the moment. I really want to fuck somebody tonight, so I’m hoping one of them gets worn down and I get a chance. I hate to admit it, but one-on-one I’m outclassed by these studs when they’re fresh. I spread a towel over the deck chair, grab a beer and settle in to watch the action.

Chuck vs. Colt

It's easy to tell these two have wrestled together a lot from the way they anticipate each other, shifting and countering. Colt's bigger, but not by a lot. I know from personal experience that Chuck is amazingly strong. In our match at the television taping, he actually pressed me over his head, paraded me around then slammed me down.

So, let’s get back to the action. Don’t worry, I didn’t leave anything out. Just imagine these two studs rolling around for a few minutes. Now, Colt's using his weight advantage to move Chuck onto his back. He has a hold of Chuck's right wrist, bending it behind his head. Colt presses his chest into Chuck's, pinning him down as he controls his right arm. Chuck is slamming his left fist into Colt's side, but it's not even fazing the big white bear. I see that Colt is getting close to pushing Chuck's arm up for a submission hold, so the big black stud better think of something fast.

At the same time, their thick legs are working over time. Chuck tries to lock on a scissors and Colt looks like he's going for a grapevine. Suddenly, Colt wins the leg battle, forcing his legs into position, locking his ankles then wrenching Chuck's amazingly thick legs apart. I move to the left to get a better view up between their legs. I'm hypnotized by this perfect view of their naked bodies, instinctively starting to work myself hard again. I'm not alone, as I watch their ever-expanding cocks.

Chuck starts bucking his hips and moaning, but my fears of a quick submission are quickly eased. The black muscle man isn't even close to giving, based on his roars. I see Colt's head rising and bending back, so I move from looking up between their spread legs to their left side. Chuck has managed to wedge his hand under Colt's chin. He's pushing up hard, lifting the big man and straining his neck.

Colt is forced to give up on his double grip that secures the right arm submission hold. As soon as he moves one of his hands, Chuck snaps his right arm free. He lets go of Colt's chin and brings his arms around the big white body on top of him. Chuck wraps his arms, locking on a bearhug. Colt moans as Chuck's powerful arms work to crush his magnificent body.

In response, Colt stretches the grapevine wider and Chuck loses the bearhug, but only for a second. He slaps it on again. Both men's faces are showing the strain and pain. They're sweating a lot as this mat work has taken its toll. Colt's already wrestled me. As I watch him fade in the bearhug, I realize that's he's built more for power than stamina. Slowly, Chuck is bringing his legs closer and closer together, overpowering Colt's killer stretch.

Colt wraps his arm around the back of Chuck's head, drawing it up into his body, trying to smother the big black man while torturing his neck. Colt gets a burst of energy, thrusting his legs out, opening Chuck up. The big black stud moans as Colt controls him again. The bearhug is having less effect as his neck and groin are punished. Neither man is giving.

The ebb and flow of their struggle amazes me. Dominance shifts once again as the fresher wrestler, Chuck, suddenly forces his legs together, slipping out of the grapevine. With his legs free, he plants his feet and pushes up, rolling both men over. Colt loses the headlock as Chuck rolls him over.

BAM! BAM! BAM! Chuck drives fists into Colt's abs. He puts all his weight behind them, lifting up and really slamming into the hairy six-pack. I don't care how built you are, 270-lbs driving into your abs is going to hurt. I can see red welts where the blows have made an impact. Colt manages to push Chuck away with his leg then roll up to his feet.

The naked big men circle, eying each other. They're smiling, their cocks are standing up at full attention, pointing out like swords in a duel. Chuck's moving gingerly, his stretched out groin obviously bothering him. Colt's a little hunched over, his red abs looking a little softer.

They move in, locking up. They press and push, muscle against muscle. It's pretty even, as Colt's size advantage isn't that great, plus Chuck is more rested. As night hits, their sweaty muscled bodies gleam in the moonlight. I'm surprised as two lights outside the platform suddenly come on, flooding the mat with a bright glow. Obviously the lights are on a regular timer, as neither Colt nor Chuck is distracted.

Chuck slips out of Colt's grasp, sliding under his arms and wrapping on another bearhug. This time, the pain is obvious on Colt's face, as Chuck has him locked up. Colt moans in pain as he's crushed in Chuck's pythons. I can see Colt actually start to fade a little, as his head falls forward onto Chuck's shoulder. His breathing is getting softer and his moans weaker as the fight is squeezed from his beefy bear body.

Colt's arms hang limp as Chuck shakes him, the big white bear's legs struggling to keep him up. Chuck's smiling broadly now, knowing he's got Colt right where he wants him. As Colt gets weaker and weaker, Chuck's muscles seem to grow larger and larger. Their rock hard cocks are sandwiched between them, engaged in their own battle as Chuck continues to punish the bigger muscle stud.

Colt starts to fight back. I see his muscles tense. He’s still too strong for this to work. Colt’s arms are stretched out, fighting as he flexes his body. Colt’s shoulders look amazing. The hairy stud’s feet are steady under him and he’s obviously ready to break free.

WHOMP! With shocking quickness, Chuck lifts, turns and drives them down with a belly-to-belly suplex. Colt cries out as he's planted onto the mat, the move taking him down before he could free himself. The whole platform shakes as Chuck lands directly on top of his victim. Colt can't even move as he lies there, tired and stunned. Chuck starts back in with the fists, breaking down the bigger stud's soft red abs.

Chuck holds Colt down and just pounds his abs mercilessly until they jiggle like jelly. I'm amazed at how much force he's using. Colt is just lying there taking it with just grunts, his rock hard cock showing that he's actually enjoying it. Chuck pauses then waves me over. He gets off Colt then forces the big man to his feet. Colt is wobbly as Chuck locks his arms behind his back.

I don't need to be asked twice. I pound the big man's wide-open stomach. Chuck keeps ordering, "Harder, harder, harder." I'm now wailing away until my fists are as red as Colt's broken down stomach. When Chuck lets Colt go, he falls to his hands and knees. The naked white muscle bear looks like he might throw up, but his huge dick is standing straight out as he heaves for breath.

While I loved seeing them go at it on the mat, these guys are all about power. Seeing Chuck bearhug, suplex and gut punch Colt is almost more than my dick can take. Chuck sends me back to the chair off the platform as he circles the big white bear. Colt is trying to summon some reserve strength, but Chuck looks awesome. He actually looks stronger than when they started.

Chuck moves in. He grabs a handful of hair, pulling Colt's head up towards his crotch. Chuck swings his hips, smacking Colt's face with his thick cock, taunting him. The black stud's arrogance is a little premature, as Colt reaches behind Chuck's legs, pulling his feet out from under him. Chuck topples onto his ass, landing hard.

While Chuck's falling, Colt is rising to his feet. He's still holding Chuck's legs, lifting them in the air. He measures Chuck up then drops down, driving his right elbow and tricep on top of Chuck's manhood. Chuck lets out a grunt, but it looks like his steel rod takes most of the punishment without any trouble.

Colt scurries forward, slamming his forearm and elbow into Chuck's gut. Now it's his turn to let loose with his fists. Chuck's gut isn't as hard as Colt's and the punches start sinking in deeper and deeper. When he's softened up the black muscle stud, Colt grabs his wrist and pulls him up. With both men back on their feet, I notice Chuck is bent over, nursing his aching stomach.

Colt drives his knee into Chuck's abs then reaches between his legs and over his shoulder. The white muscle bear pulls Chuck up then drives him down across his knee in a gut buster. He pushes Chuck off with some force, sending the mighty black man rolling across the mat onto his battered stomach. Colt is moving slowly, but methodically. He rises up, saunters over to Chuck then drops down with a knee to the small of his back.

With a handful of Chuck's bleached hair, Colt pulls him up from behind. He locks on a sleeper, but doesn't lock it on too tightly. Instead, he just uses it to control Chuck and force him towards me. I jump up from my chair, remembering how Chuck slapped my abs and fondled my manhood in my match against Colt. I love that they’re using me to torture the other.

In less than a second I'm at the edge of the platform, grabbing Chuck's thick cock in my hand, jerking him. As Chuck resists, Colt tightens the sleeper. Chuck goes limp, but not out. He knows Colt can put him out fast, so he lets me have my way with his manhood. I tug on his dangling bull balls while I engulf his cock head in my mouth. Chuck lets out an audible moan of pleasure as he's simultaneously sucked, fondled and choked.

I back off Chuck then switch from pleasure to pain. Colt's done the hard work, softening up Chuck's big black stomach, so I take advantage. I drive a series of fists into his abs, even sending a few into the soft flesh just above his rock hard shaft. Chuck groans as Colt eggs me on. Like Chuck, he orders me to go harder and harder. I oblige, landing punches so hard, it actually sends both men backwards a step.

As Colt staggers back, he must lose position, because the next thing I know, Chuck is bending forward, pulling them both towards me. I can't move in time as 565-lbs of naked muscle falls on top of me, driving me into the grass. Colt's on top of the pile. The sleeper is done, but he hammers forearms across Chuck's broad back. I feel the impact as they connect, Chuck's beefy pecs being driven down into my much smaller chest.

I think I'm moaning louder than Chuck. I look up into the black man's face and see he's smiling as he's being pummeled. Chuck's upper back and shoulders are too thick, too strong for any blows to affect him. The black stud leans into me, kisses me on the lips. Colt stops his punishment, finally realizing how ineffective it is. He grabs Chuck by the hair, pulling him from our kiss.

Chuck is dragged off my body, giving me relief, but also making me long for him to be on top of me again. Colt has always been my number one jerk-off fantasy, but Chuck's definitely making a case to replace him. Colt spins Chuck around, locking him in a side headlock and moving him back onto the mat. He squeezes hard on his buddy's head. I can see the sweat and pump on Colt's body. He's never looked bigger or better than standing there, dominant and naked. I wish I had a camera, because the moment doesn't last.

Chuck reaches up between Colt's legs. He lifts up, toppling Colt over in a side suplex. The muscle bear lands hard on his back. Chuck immediately straddles his waist, hammering Colt's big pecs. He goes limp on the mat, breathing hard. Colt's been at this a long time for such a big man and he definitely looks exhausted. Even his mighty cock looks softer as he tries to will himself to keep going.

Chuck looks like he's ready to keep going. He's softened up Colt's hairy chest, so he rolls off him and gets back to his feet. Colt rolls to his side, but he doesn't rise. Chuck stomps the big white muscle bear's broad back, but really targets his wide-open right side. Chuck's big feet crush Colt's lats and side ab muscle wall. He drops down with a double ax handle then slaps on a claw over Colt's side.

I've never seen a side ab claw before, but this one seems to be working, thanks to the prep work Chuck did. Colt is thrashing on the mat as Chuck breaks him down even more. The big man swings his right arm back to knock Chuck off, but the blow is nothing to the adrenaline pumped black muscle monster. Colt is actually moaning, but not submitting, as Chuck presses down more and more.

Feeling confident, Chuck releases the side claw, but drives three knees into the weakened muscles. When he gets up, Colt just rolls onto his stomach, unable to fight back. Chuck stomps Colt's back until Colt is forced to roll away. I see what Chuck is doing. He's in complete control, forcing Colt into position without having to waste energy moving him himself. As Colt rolls away, he exposes his front, which gets abused then his left side, which receives stomps. Every part of Colt's midsection has been leveled by stomps, elbows, fists, forearms and claws.

Chuck finally lets up. I've never seen so much punishment be dished out. I realize that these two are on a whole other level than anyone I've ever met. The unbridled competitiveness and power has me transfixed as I work my long hard cock. I actually have to stop, because I want to save my next load and I'm so close to shooting.

Chuck says, "Should've put me out when you had the chance, buddy." As he drags the limp dish rag named Colt up, I have to agree. Colt's looking ruined and Chuck's looking confident.

Colt looks close to falling, almost unable to stand. Chuck quickly wraps his arms around Colt's destroyed midsection. He holds Colt up, cinching in a bearhug. It's light at first, just enough to control Colt, as Chuck finds exactly the right spot. When he does, I see his muscles flex. Colt cries out in agony as he's crushed in Chuck's bearhug. The black muscle man has beaten any resistance out of Colt's mighty muscles.

Colt hangs limply and I know that this time is it. The white hairy muscle beast somehow looks smaller than Chuck now. It's all he can do to keep his feet under him as his head bobs back and forth. I'm impressed as he waves his arm to club Chuck's head, but the blow is weak. Big black arms force the breath from Colt's body. The contrast is amazing. As Colt is moaning helplessly, Chuck is grunting as he amps up the pressure.

Shaking the white bear from side to side, I actually see the head of Chuck's cock peeking out from between Colt's thick legs. The thick steel shaft looks like it wants to bend around and fuck the destroyed white muscle man. In contrast, Colt's dick has gone soft, I see it being crushed between their bodies. Chuck keeps moving and squeezing. The way Colt's arms and legs look, I wonder if he'll submit or actually be put out by a bearhug.

Colt answers my question, meekly submitting to the dominant black muscle stud. Colt begs for freedom, but Chuck keeps up the pressure for a good minute before he grants it. Chuck tosses Colt to the mat. He flexes over Colt and it's all I can do to not bust one right then and there. I'm not even touching my cock, knowing the slightest contact will send my load up my long shaft and onto the grass. Even the slight breeze is almost too much.

Chuck looks majestic in victory, his body is an example of beefy muscle perfection. For his part, the weak, destroyed Colt is just moaning helplessly on the mat. Chuck gives me a show, putting his foot on Colt's flaccid manhood, emphasizing his power over the white muscle beast. I applaud Chuck and he gives me a bow.

Chuck waves me over. I eagerly hop onto the platform stepping towards him. He grabs my hair, roughly pulling me towards him. I know I'm the prize here, but I really don't mind. After what I just witnessed, I'm ready for whatever Chuck has planned for me. Behind us, Colt has risen to hands and knees. I break away from Chuck and nod my head at the fallen muscle stud. Chuck turns and smiles. He kisses me again then moves back to the big white bear.

Chuck bends down then slaps Colt's bare white ass. Colt grunts, but can't really move. Chuck moves around to the front. He grabs Colt's thick black hair and brings his head up, wedging it between his thick black thighs. Colt must know what's coming, because he mutters, "No, no, no." Too bad for him that he's powerless against the big black muscle man. Not too bad for me, because I get to enjoy seeing Colt dominated again, just like he dominated me earlier.

Chuck easily locks on a standing head scissors. Colt kneels before Chuck helplessly, now trapped inside the killer hold. I can see every muscle in Chuck's legs flex, the mighty thighs engulfing Colt's head. Colt's broad back looks amazing, but all that muscle is useless, as he is forced to remain bowed in submission. Chuck grabs Colt's arms, lifts them up and holds the white muscle bear in place. He squeezes and squeezes, mercilessly crushing his friend's head in between his legs. I bet Colt wishes he'd just let Chuck fuck me when he wanted to.

I’m fighting the urge to jerk my cock as I watch Colt's ass bounce up and down as he kneels helplessly in front of Chuck. I can hear Colt moaning, completely unable to break free. Chuck's thick legs are flexed to the max, every muscle popping as he applies a ton of pressure. I can't believe Colt is able to take it, but he does. Both of their cocks are massive right now and their bodies are drenched in sweat.

"FUCK! I GIVE, you fucking son of a bitch!" Colt cries out another inevitable submission.

Chuck’s House Rules

Chuck laughs at Colt’s defiance in defeat. He eases up, but he doesn't release Colt. Instead, Chuck drops down to his knees, driving Colt's head down to the mat, locking him into an uncomfortable crouch on face and knees. The big bear’s spectacular ass is even better positioned as his knees rest under his big body. I lick my lips at the sight. My manhood is at full mast, hard as steel and desperate for release.

Chuck sees me and orders, "Kid, you look like you're gonna cry if you don't get to cum. Just get the fuck over there. Take that ass if you want it so badly."

I look at Colt, trapped in Chuck's legs, his ass perfectly elevated for me as he crouches helplessly in the kneeling head scissors. But then I remember how this started. I tell Chuck, " But I haven't earned that ass, man."

Colt groans, "Good answer, kid! Now let me go, Chuck!"

Chuck smiles. He says, "I won. House rules! Besides, Colt doesn't mind, do you, big man?" I see Chuck's thighs flex and Colt cries out.

Colt whimpers, "Shit. Okay, okay! Fuck me, kid. Fuck my ass!"

You can tell Chuck really savors his dominance over Colt. He keeps up the pressure, making the big hairy bear keep begging. When he's satisfied with Colt's compliance, Chuck nods at me, smiling. He continues to hold Colt firmly in place, but I can see his legs relax a bit, the flex decreasing slightly.

I can't resist Colt's big ass, it's calling to me to fuck it. Seeing him beg for me to fuck him, surrendering to Chuck's leg power is too much. I'm only human, for fuck's sake. So whether I've earned it or not, I'm taking it.

I move in behind Colt, who is still whimpering in Chuck's scissors. I lick my fingers and feel the big white bear's hole. I work him open, listening to him moan in pleasure. I know he wants it, as he starts begging me to fuck him, even without Chuck's full power forcing him into it.

I slide up, my cock head huge as it rests on his hole. I force it in and we both moan in unison. Colt's ass accepts my dick willingly and I start riding him. Chuck keeps him steady in the head scissors as I fuck the helpless big man. Colt's whimpering and moaning is so fucking hot and my earlier eruption gives me even more stamina than usual. I pound his ass, every thrust going deeper inside him.

I look at Chuck, hypnotized by his massive pecs heaving as he controls Colt. He locks my eyes in a deep stare then flexes his biceps. I’m stunned by his muscular magnificence in victory. Chuck’s big dick is standing out over Colt's back. He starts working his thick black shaft, powering it up. Fuck I can't believe this is happening.

I keep fucking Colt, feeling myself closing in on climax. I'm going faster and faster as Chuck eggs me on. He leans forward and reaches under Colt, forcing he legs open a bit. Chuck starts milking Colt's massive dick as I pound his ass. Colt's crying out now, begging for me to cum inside him. The man of my dreams, my ultimate fantasy is begging for my load.

This time, it’s Colt that gives up his load first. Chuck has milked him to emission, Colt surrendering his load to the big black stud's hand. Chuck squeezes the eruption from his cock, draining the big man of his seed, as I continue to punish his amazing ass. Colt shudders with every shot, sending those shockwaves through me. Chuck rises off Colt, having milked his conquest dry.

Chuck maintains the head scissors, but only for control. There's no force behind it and none is needed. Colt is willingly and happily taking my cock. He's moaning in pleasure, his dick still dripping from his explosion.

Colt's submissive moans have turned into full on grunts of pleasure. Looking at the sky, I feel the urge to let out a wolf’s howl then I know it’s time. "AAAHHHHHWOOOOO!!!" I let out a loud groan as I shoot my load into Colt's ass, filling him with my load, seeding the big white muscle bear. As I shoot, I feel Colt shudder. I keep erupting, my cries filling the night air.

The smell of sex fills the air as every last drop I’ve got is inside Colt’s amazing ass. Chuck fully releases the head scissors then moves beside me. Chuck kisses me, sucking the breath from my lungs. He releases me and I collapse forward, my cock still inside Colt, my chest landing on top of his broad, sweaty back.

With my weight on top of him, Colt slides down, falling face first to the mat. His face is beet red, his body limp and spent. He's lying in a puddle of his own cum, his ass still tightly holding my manhood. I start kissing his back as I slide out of him. I roll onto my back and stare up at a dominant Chuck, who's already back to his feet. He grabs my arm and drags me back about three feet. Before I can even ask what's going on, Chuck is rolling Colt over, dragging his limp body between my legs.

Chuck orders me, "Wrap him up. Show me what those toothpick legs of yours can do."

Knowing better than to question Chuck, I bring my legs around Colt's head. I cinch in a figure four headlock, but I keep it light. Colt weakly tries to push my legs off him, but I'm locked in. Chuck moves in between Colt's legs and lifts them in the air. I realize it's his turn now. Colt has the biggest cock, but Chuck is the thickest of the three of us. Luckily for Colt, his ass is stretched from my long dick and lubed from my explosion.

Chuck pounds Colt's ass as I keep him almost choked out with my legs. Amazingly, Colt is hard again as he's being dominated and fucked. Dude's a fucking machine. Chuck stares us both down as he takes his prize for beating Colt. Now my dick starts to grow again, as Colt's moaning is on the rise and Chuck's heaving pecs and arms flex as he fucks the big white bear.

Within minutes, Colt's ass is filled with a second load of white hot cum. Chuck shoots for a long time as I watch in amazement. When he pulls out, he's still remarkably hard. I start to release Colt, but Chuck says, "Put him out, kid."

Colt moans, "No," but I easily squeeze him into oblivion anyway. I unwrap my legs from Colt's limp, defeated carcass. Chuck crawls over the defeated hairy muscleman then grabs my leg. He drags me on top of Colt until my ass is resting on the big man’s crotch. Chuck moves on top of me, pinning me down as I lie on top of the big white bear's unconscious body.

Chuck says, "Alone at last.”

Chuck kisses me deeply. I kiss him back. I feel Colt's soft breath on the back of my neck, as we make out, using him as our mattress. I’ve heard of a bearskin rug, but a musclebear rug is a new one for me. Chuck can’t get enough of me and the feeling is mutual. In the end, I don’t think there’s an inch of our bodies we didn’t touch, kiss or suck.

Finally, Chuck asks, “Can you go again?"

"Wrestle or fuck?” Chuck raises an eyebrow. I say, “Never mind, I'm ready to do both."

With that, we’re on yet again for the best night of my life.

The End

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