Thursday, June 11, 2015

Route 69 S203: Los Angeles CA

"Hi, I'm Ben, this is Jeff. Is Cody around?"

"Hey, I'm Jae. Cody's running late, but c'mon in."

I look around the first floor gym, commenting on the nice setup. Cody's a personal trainer at a local gym, but he's opened this work-live space to handle private clients. He lives upstairs and trains folks down here. The equipment is new and really modern. I'm so used to cheap, grungy gyms that I forgot places like this exist. I guess if you're going to succeed in LA, you need some flash.

I met Cody through wrestling personals, but now we're good friends. Jae is his boyfriend. He's a handsome guy, 21-years old and an ex-college football player now personal trainer, working alongside Cody. The guy is 5'11" and 210-lbs of solid muscle. Since Cody's also incredibly gorgeous, 29-years old, 6' tall and 205-lbs of gym-built power, I can only imagine the fun they get into. Makes my dick swell just thinking about it.

Jeff and I are best friends. We're driving around the country in my vintage red 1958 Corvette convertible, trying to find where we fit. It's a nice life for two 25-year olds, but we're taking the journey seriously. In fact, we've made great progress, both finding passion in different ends of the pro wrestling business. I'm doing backstage marketing, while Jeff's making it in the ring as a rising star. In fact, Cody and his best friend Ryan handle the e-commerce and distribution for videos of events from the two pro wrestling federations that I manage marketing for.

After almost four months of hard work, this trip to California is our first pure fun, no strings attached vacation. We'd already followed the old Route 66 all the way from its start in Chicago through Missouri, so we decided to just keep going west. We arrived in LA a couple of days ago, spending our days just checking things out, hanging at the beach and generally relaxing in the late September heat.

I notice that Jae is looking me up and down, clearly checking me out. He finally says, "So, you're Ben. Cool. I actually owe you a huge ass kicking. Want it now or later?"

I sputter out, "What?"

Not exactly the welcome I expected. My buddy Jeff closes his fists, instinctively stepping between us to defend me. I'm a little lighter than Jae at 6' tall and 200-lbs, but I can take care of myself. Plus, Jeff's a 6'2"/220-lbs pro wrestling powerhouse, so it's not like I'm worried. Just surprised.

The younger muscleman smirks at our reaction. He looks at me and says in a serious tone, "I'm SuperStar, you son of a bitch." His grimace turns into a grin then a laugh.

I relax immediately, but Jeff's confused. He's mostly straight, the one exception being fucking guys after fighting them. Long story. Anyway, he doesn't follow the gay wrestling scene like I do. I know that SuperStar is a new wrestler in The Cave, the gay-oriented, superhero-themed wrestling video site run by Cody and Ryan.

Anyway, a guy I met in El Paso named Beau recently contacted The Cave and used me as a reference. He wrestled four matches for them, all as a heel/villain called Nuke Man. Beau's a big boy, 6'3"/235-lbs of pure, ripped muscle. His first match was against SuperStar, a Superman analog, who was previously undefeated in his first four matches.

It was a total squash with sex stakes. Beau crushed Jae then fucked him. Hard.

I tell Jae, "Sorry about that, but I did warn Ryan. If it makes you feel better, I've been there. Beau beat me, too. Same stakes as you, plus some extra ... well, let's just say I get it."

Jae smiles, "Really? He squashed you, too?"

I laugh, "No, he didn't squash me. Well, not like what he did to you. I actually won a couple of falls, but he did win in the end."

Jae shrugs, "Huh. Sounds like took it easy on you."

I reply with a grin, "No, I've just had a lot of experience wrestling big guys. I know what I'm doing."

Jeff grabs Jae's shoulder, "Ooh, dude, you just got slammed. Sounds like a challenge."

Jae grimaces, "Hold on." He pulls out his iPhone.

Just then, Cody comes in. "Sorry I'm late, guys. LA traffic." Jae puts his phone away as Cody joins us. "Ben! So awesome to see you." He gives me a huge hug then notices Jeff. "Oh. You must be Jeff. Wow, even better in person." He and Jeff bro hug, but I see Cody smoothly run his hand over Jeff's shoulder and back before they break.

We make small talk about our trip and what we have planned. Jae's fidgeting the whole time we're talking. Finally, he says, "Cody? Can I have permission to kick Ben's ass in a stakes match? I really need to put this guy in his place. Like really bad."

Cody's confused, but Jeff tells him I issued a challenge and it's been accepted. I protest that I issued no challenge, but Cody ignores me. He's totally on-board with me wrestling Jae. I tell him that if that's the case then I'm happy to beat then fuck his boyfriend. Cody laughs then tells me where his gear stash is and I can pick anything I'd like.

Jeff rubs his hands together, "Cool, I didn't know it'd be this kinda thing. Cody, got any popcorn?"

As we walk upstairs I tell Jae, "Wear your SuperStar trunks."

"I plan to. Today's your lucky day. You're getting fucked by a real hero."

Hero, Meet Villain

I dig through Cody's massive amount of gear, trying to find the right look. That's when I see it and know it's the right choice for me. Green, fingerless gloves. Purple gauntlets. Purple trunks with green letters spelling out Kryptonite Kid on the ass. Perfect for hero crushing.

Okay, I'm normally into basic wrestling, just two guys going at it, no story or pretense. But now, dressed as the Kryptonite Kid and facing off against my very own Superman, I have to admit, being a supervillain feels pretty cool. It's kind of ... liberating.

When I get downstairs, Jae's already there in his gear. He's only wearing three things: a title belt, trunks and red spandex forearm gauntlets. The hero's championship belt is slung over his shoulder. Oh shit, that's hot. The trunks are blue, tight and tiny, with the Superman 'S' in a diamond on the front. Even hotter.

I don't bother with any discussion about the match. I just march up to him and we bump chests. I tell him I'm going to beat him, take his belt then fuck him. SuperStar gets right into it, daring me to try. Our faces are so close, we can feel the hot breath going between us. Our stare is intense as our chests heave and our bulges swell against each other. I feel the cold metal of the belt pressing into my left pec and it just makes me want it all the more.

SuperStar vs. Kryptonite Kid

As we break, I reach out, pulling down his championship hardware, letting it fall to the mat at our feet. We quickly lock up and start struggling for position. SuperStar overpowers me into a standing side headlock. The hero really cranks on my head, crushing me between his flexing bicep and rock hard lat. I get in some hard kidney shots, but the musclehunk maintains the tight grip.

The studly good guy kicks the belt aside. I use the distraction, grabbing his leg as he raises his foot. I lift, bringing Jae to the mat with a side suplex. He hits hard and I'm free. I fire in a few body shots as I kneel beside him, knowing his beefy pecs and solid abs can take a lot. He doesn't disappoint, actually letting me have multiple shots before he pushes me aside. We both rise and circle the mat again.

SuperStar is probably stronger than me right now. I need to accept that, so I need to be a smart Kryptonite Kid and wear him down. We move in again, fighting for position with our hands as we hunch over. In spite of the fun of hero-villain play, this is a serious match with serious consequences. I'm sure Jae's a good fuck, but I'd rather take his ass than his cock.

I grab SuperStar's wrist and pull him towards me. He's surprised, stumbling the two steps as I lock on a front facelock. I control him by his head and armpit. He pushes me around the mat, trying to topple me, but I stay light on my feet. I control his head as he does all the work, moving my 200-lbs of muscle around. He keeps stumbling, falling to one knee as I keep him from toppling me. I just go with the flow, making sure he stays bent over, locked up and struggling.

The musclestud is already sweaty and breathing harder. He finally shifts gears, trying to lift me a few times as he maneuvers us, but I block with a foot around his calf. When we approach the wall, I use my hold to steer us away. The hero slams his hip into the wall, staggering himself. WHAM! SuperStar drops to a knee then bursts up with sudden power. I'm ready, twisting us over as we fly back. We land on the handsome hunk's back, my weight crashing down on him. OOF!

I keep a headlock on the hero, straddling his waist. I've got his right arm pinned beside his head, useless. I hear him grunting as he pushes against my body, trying to force me off him. I keep my tight controlling headlock, knowing it won't submit him, but it's keeping me in control. I'm exerting barely any energy as he writhes under me. SuperStar is bridging, pushing and rolling furiously, while I'm just lying on top of him, dead weight and shifting my body as a counter.

SuperStar finally manages to break free, forcing me off him. He doesn't follow up, sitting on the mat to collect himself. I notice his face is red. His body is already coated in a beautiful sheen of sweat. When he rolls to get up, I move in behind him, applying a chinlock and leaning into it. I force his face down, my weight pushing his face towards the mat between his spread legs. He has to hold me, bracing his arms just to support my body weight.

The hero reaches back, giving me the chance to grab under his right arm and switch to a half nelson. We fall to the side, with me pushing SuperStar's face down into the mat. He grunts and squirms under me. The mighty muscleman tries to push up, but I've got the leverage. Once again, he is forced to try to move my weight to break free, while I'm exerting minimal energy. He breaks free, but doesn't get up. We face off on our knees.

We struggle for a good five minutes, neither of us getting much control. I stay light, using my legs and speed to keep SuperStar from getting an advantage. From his grunts, I can tell he's getting frustrated. I have the handsome hunk in a side headlock when he finally manages to roll us over, pushing me onto my back with him on top. I release the hold and push him away. We slowly rise to face off again. I move to my feet and he matches me. The big guy's muscles look pumped, his body red and shining with sweat. He's really been working.

The hero says, "You're kind of annoying, Kryptonite Kid. You know, none of this is going to make me submit."

I lie, "You were close a couple of times, hero boy," hiding my strategy.

SuperStar snorts then moves in for another lock up. From the way his chest and stomach are rising and falling, I know he's being trying hard. Before we lock up, I kick him in the abs then grab him into a front facelock again. Control the head, that's my motto right now. I lift my knee up into his body three times. THUD! OOF! THUD! OOF! THUD! OOF! The big musclehunk's feet leave the mat every time as I get a lot behind the blows. Once again, Jae pushes forward, trying to tackle me. He lifts, but I crank on his neck to keep my feet on the mat. I can't stop our momentum, though and down we go.

I manage to spin us, once again putting him on his back with me on top. WHAM! The hero is ready and as soon as we hit, he lifts his legs, wrapping me in a tight body scissors. ARGH! Damn, his legs are really strong. He squeezes me like a python, crushing the soft spot just between my ribs and my waist. The mighty musclestud reaches for my head, but I manage to grab his thick pecs and extend my arms, evading the grip.

SuperStar grabs hold of my wrists. He uses his hold on my rigid arms to shake my torso up and down. UNGH! I'm stuck, forced to take it, because if I don't keep my arms stiff, I'll fall right into a  front facelock, which would be worse. As he lowers my arms, I open my hands and grab his nipples tightly. The next time he pushes up, I pull his nubs with me. OOHHHH! The hero's face shows the pain and pleasure of my nipple torture and I feel him go slightly weaker.

I yank my wrists free easily, bracing my left hand on his right pec by pinching his clearly sensitive nipple. I hammer my right fist down into his left pec. POW! POW! POW! The hero's legs are just holding me now, with no pressure behind them at all. His cock is growing, stretching his trunks as I manhandle his chest. I get off a dozen muscle-softening shots before SuperStar gathers his wits and uses his legs to roll us onto our side.

I lose my grip as we roll, giving him the chance to keep us rolling. He uses his 210-lbs of power to get on top, mounting me. He holds my hands to the mat, pinning them above my head. I relax in the schoolboy pin, as his sweat runs from his face down onto mine. SuperStar is breathing harder than me, obviously using the position as a rest hold. I test his arms by pushing up, but he's still heavy and strong. Since the musclehunk is unmovable, I wait rather than waste my strength.

Like a reliable henchman, Jeff helps me out. I'm sure my buddy has recognized my strategy as I've used it, albeit unsuccessfully, against him. He also knows a resting hold when he sees it. Jeff quickly yells, "Bor-ing!", which is then echoed by Cody.

SuperStar reacts to the peer pressure from the audience, giving up on the chance to recuperate. He slides up, going for a head scissors, but as he rolls us, I push on the back of his legs and slip out from under him. When he scrambles to rise, the big hero exposes his chiseled back to me in a seated position. I grab him around the waist and literally roll us around the mat. WHOA! I flip the hero to the side, putting him on his neck and shoulders then keep going. I roll him 360-degrees from his broad shoulders to his bubble butt then back onto broad shoulders, completing four complete rotations.

I stop at a seated position. SuperStar is disoriented, enabling me to lie back behind him and lock on a full nelson using my legs. I lock my ankles behind his head, his arms pointing to the ceiling. The mighty muscle hero groans in the hold, which puts a lot of pressure on his neck. He fights to break free, but he's testing his arms against my legs. It's no contest as I keep him locked up tight.

SuperStar won't submit to the force on his neck. As I punish my opponent, I flex my arms for Jeff and Cody, getting a thumbs up from my buddy in response. The hero suffers for a long time, arms flailing in pain. The muscleman's moans fill the gym as he struggles.

Finally, the hero pushes back with his feet, bending me in half and forcing me to support his weight. I try to push him back onto his butt, but his legs are strong. Instead, I kick sideways, releasing him and rolling away. When I let him go, he lies on his side on the mat gathering himself. I rise to my feet then move back in beside him. I reach down to grab his head, but the musclehunk surprises me. He fires out a weak fist at my abs. I block it, but he follows up by pushing off the mat and diving at me.

SuperStar successfully tackles me this time. He drives his shoulder into my unflexed stomach, lifts me up then plants me on the mat with his entire weight coming down on my midsection. WHAM! I land hard on my back, momentarily winded. OOF! He sits back then fires off a round of big gut punches. THUD! THUD! THUD! I'm grunting, fighting to flex my abs and resist the powerhouse hero.

SuperStar rises up and starts in with knee drops to my abs. After three, I try to roll away, but he grabs my wrist and rises, dragging me up with him. The musclestud yanks me into a bearhug. ARGH! It's tight and crushing, his power still there. I lift my feet, bracing my shins on his thighs.

SuperStar says, "Thanks! This is a way better position!"

I don't respond. The musclestud is only half right. It's a better position for the bearhug, but I did it to force him to support my weight. As he crushes me, I wonder if I've made a mistake, playing this long game. I can't give to a bearhug, right? ARGH! He squeezes hard then bounces me up and down, adding to the pressure. Now it's my turn to sweat. Oh fuck!

I'm shocked by his resilience and this surge of power. To ease the pressure, I have to drop my legs, letting my feet go to the ground. I start to push on his chest, trying to free myself. In desperation, I manage to get my right foot entangled with his left. With a solid push off, I trip us to the mat. When we land on his back, it jars him enough to let me roll away.

We rise fast. SuperStar charges at me, diving forward. I dodge the move. He quickly spins and runs at me again. I bounce off, keeping my feet and escaping his grasp. I move back on the mat. When he tries a third time, I stiff arm him and shift to the side. He falls to his knees, breathing hard. He gives it yet another go, trying to grab me, but I back out of reach.

The winded hero rises slowly. He challenges me to wrestle him and stop running away. The big muscleman is panting as he says it, hunched over with hands on knees. I just smile and motion for him to come and get me. SuperStar charges in. I try to dodge again, but he guesses correctly, anticipating my move to the left. The handsome hunk grabs me around the waist. As I struggle, I end up with my back against his front.

Wrapped in his arms, SuperStar hoists me up in a reverse bearhug. ARGH! Is he getting stronger? I feel myself crushed in the killer hold, the breath being squeezed out of me. UNH! I can't break his grip. He keeps his feet spread wide, knees bent, learning from the last time when I tripped him. I reach behind for his head, but I can't get a grip. Fuck. He shakes me, weakening me in his crushing vice.

The hero commands, "GIVE!"

I ignore his demand, fighting to maintain concentration. SuperStar holds me for a long time, but I still won't give. He gives up on the reverse bearhug, letting me drop to my knees. I hear him step up behind me then feel him grab my hair. The musclehunk forces me to my feet. He positions his shoulders in my back. Uh oh. I realize fast that he's going for a backbreaker, so I push forward to escape. He can't get me up before I fall forward to momentary safety.

I scramble to my feet. The now-confident hero charges at me, wrapping his thick arms around my waist. I'm tired and can't fight his power, so I roll with the move, twisting us over. SuperStar can't stop his momentum, tripping to the mat. I land on top of him again. OOF! I've still got 200-lbs of muscle, which slams down onto his body. He lets out a huge grunt as we bounce.

Getting my second wind, I quickly slide up his body, pressing my bulge down onto his face. It's humiliating, but more than that, it sets up my next move.

I grab the back of SuperStar's head and roll us over so I'm sitting and the hero's on his stomach. The musclestud's face rests on my pouch as I wrap my legs, locking him up tight in a head scissors. I squeeze hard, crushing his head in my thighs. He desperately punches my thighs, but I hold tight.

I get all I can out of my legs, but he's not giving yet. I give one last blast of maximum power then open my scissors. I roll around to sit on his back then grab his wrists. I slide back, pulling his head and chest off the mat by his arms. The hero moans as I wrench his shoulders and bend his back. I kick him between the shoulder blades as I let go, sending his face flying down into the mat with force.

SuperStar is stunned by the impact, giving me time to move around. From behind, I pull him up to a kneeling position. I reach my left arm over his chin, pulling his head down and back, keeping his knees bent under him. The musclehunk is trapped in a tough dragon sleeper. UUHHHHHNNNNN! The hero can only moan as I stretch him down and back. His knees and back must ache, even as he fights to maintain consciousness.

I demand SuperStar give, but he refuses, even when I threaten to put him out. He says, "I'd rather go out than give into you!"

I taunt him, "You're done, hero boy! You're just too stupid to know it!"

I suddenly decide that maybe he is done, if I out the right combination together. But I don't want to put the mighty muscle hero out. I get a much more sinister idea in mind. Must be the Kryptonite Kid persona taking over and amplifying whatever bad boy tendencies I have. I mean, SuperStar's weak and helpless, kneeling under me. How can I not make the most of it?

When his thick arms go limp, I free my left arm. I keep SuperStar in the dragon sleeper position, but there's no pressure. I use my arm to alternate hammering his pecs and molesting his nipples. He grunts then moans as I manhandle his heaving chest. I've got the perfect view down his ripped torso to see his package in his tight blue trunks, made clingy with sweat. His cock is stretching them more and more and I even notice a small wet spot, darker than the rest, appear, his manhood leaking pre-cum.

SuperStar writhes in the loose hold and I know he might break free. Before he can do that, I release the dragon sleeper, moving him back to kneeling. I push the muscleman forward with authority, letting him fly down onto his face and chest. WHAM! The weakened super-hunk moans then slowly rolls on his back, holding his head. He's clearly exhausted, his amazing muscles red, drained and gleaming with sweat. I know I've done a great job wearing him down. Now I just have to close the deal.

I get on top of the helpless hero. I pin his arms over his head then force my legs inside his. I spread them wide, torturing his groin in a grapevine. The musclestud moans under me as I open him up. He can't power out, but he won't give. I keep up the pressure, knowing I'm doing a lot of damage.

SuperStar tries to fight me, but I've got him trapped. He writhes under me, finally getting one arm free. He throws his arm up, slamming his forearm into my head. I lose my hold and fall to the side. Finally free, the musclestud rolls on his side, holding his groin. He's catching his breath, but I'm not stopping.

I tell him with all the villainous arrogance I can muster, "I told you that you're done, hero boy. I know just how I'm going to finish you."


Before he can move, I kick him onto his back then drop an elbow into his pecs. I move into position. I brace his head on my abs then grab behind his knee, rolling him up towards me. SuperStar starts squirming as I fold him in half. I lock his one leg between my legs and his other behind my head then open his legs up. He's moaning and kicking, but I've got him.

With the big hero trapped helplessly in my split-leg cradle, I spread him out wide and pull down. AH! AH! AH! The mighty hero's grunting loudly as I open him up. His spine and neck are feeling it, but mainly it's his groin. I know this spladle is a great follow up to the killer grapevine. I'm careful not to get too rough, just enough to control him. When he fights too much, I open him wider and pull down harder. SuperStar gets the point and settles right back down like a good little hero.

Our positions established, it's time for some fun. I reach up and grab his bulge. Wow, his bull balls are cupped just perfectly in his sweat-soaked blue trunks. I toy with them, "Mmm. I knew this would be the perfect way to end you."

"Ugh! Never!" The hero kicks and squirms, but I've got him trapped. He says, "I'll never give! I can stay in this all day!"

I laugh as I reach down to tweak his nipple, "I hope so, because I love this position. I'd really hate for you to give too fast!"

SuperStar swears he won't submit, but I was being honest - I don't want him to. I slide my free hand up his magnificent body and cup his balls again. The hero starts moaning as I caress his package. His big hard cock starts to twitch, so I rub my hand along the shaft. I force it to the side in the tiny blue trunks, slowly jerking him. The younger musclestud can't do anything against me except enjoy the sensual torture. Three more times he tries to break free, but each time I push his legs out wider, he screams and stops fighting.

I've worked SuperStar's dick rock hard. From his moans and shifting, I can tell the musclehunk's cock is terribly uncomfortable in the spandex. I have to say, he's a magnificent hero. This SuperStar is handsome and clean cut, muscular and beefy, proud and unwilling to quit even in a hopeless situation. Plus, he's got a beautiful cock and huge balls that look and feel great in wet spandex trunks. Perfect.

I decide it's time for me to be a magnificent villain. The kind I've always dreamed about. I slide my hand to the base of his balls. I force my way into the leg hole and massage his taint, caressing the flesh between balls and his tight hole. SuperStar's moaning gets really loud. I press my fingers down, really working the small area. The sweat lubes my fingers, allowing them to slide easily wherever I want them to go.

When I've got him good and worked up, I move my moist fingers onto his hole, rubbing it gently.

All the hero can do is beg, "No, please ..."

In response, I force my index finger inside him. His moans turn to cries and his breathing accelerates. 'No' turns to 'yes' as I work his hole. As I add my middle finger, he starts swearing and calling out to god as I two-finger fuck him. SuperStar's helpless to fight me, but he doesn't want to any more. He's lost in the torment, his cock visibly pulsating in his thin blue briefs. I can see it pumping as I manipulate his hole, the wet spot growing from his pre-cum.

I hit the perfect spot on his prostate and he really starts moaning. A minute later, he screams, "OH GOD! AAAHHHHHHHHH!!" The younger musclehero's tight blue trunks suddenly start leaking hot white cum as SuperStar shoots his load. He convulses against me, his cock erupting and soaking the blue fabric.

I keep tormenting him until he's drained and soft, completely limp in my hold. Cum still seeps from his soaked blue trunks, slowly oozing down his beautiful smooth body. I slowly draw my hand out and reach for his left nipple. I squeeze and rub it, listening to him whimper, "Please ... stop ..."

"Are you giving, SuperStar?"

The hero has no choice, "Oh fuck, yeah."

I let SuperStar out of the spladle and roll away. He lies on the mat, drained and defeated. CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! Cody and Jeff are applauding me, but I ignore them. I crawl to the muscle hero then lie on top of him in a 69 position. I rub my hard cock on his face. I feel him reaching out with his tongue, trying to suck anything he can. The horny hero searches for my cock with his mouth, so I oblige, sliding back and letting him have at my cock and balls.

With his submission complete, I reach down and strip his wet sticky trunks down to his knees, exposing his drained manhood. Fuck, what a huge load. He made one hell of a mess. I call for a towel, which Cody tosses over to me. I wipe down the hero's crotch as he worships mine. Amazingly, he's powering up again, his cock growing from my touch. I crawl forward and finish stripping off the trunks. I stand up and look at the gear. SuperStar is looking up at me. Licking his lips as he looks at my package.

I ask, "You hungry, hero boy?"

SuperStar nods. I'd love to have him suck my cock and balls, but my Kryptonite Kid persona has another idea. I kneel down then say, "Chew on these!" I force his moist trunks into the hero's mouth. I make sure the cum-soaked front goes in, leaving the rest hanging out. I don't want the guy choking on them.
With the hero thoroughly and officially defeated, I grab the championship belt then plant my foot on his chest. I hoist the belt up high in victory. I see SuperStar fondling his cock as he sucks on his trunks, so I stomp his pecs and order him to put the belt around my waist. The hero struggles up to hands and knees then takes the belt. He secures it on me. It's a little loose, but that just means it rests low on my ass and bulge.

I order him to strip my trunks. He mumbles something through his gagged mouth then slowly lowers my purple spandex trunks to the mat. I slap his cheeks with my hard-on, which gets his dick fully powered up again. I lift my foot then kick him back into his back. I kick his legs apart, admiring the view of the obedient muscle hero. I kneel down, leaving the belt on, but lifting it up and away from my cock.

"Let's see. I said I'd beat you. Check. I said I'd take your belt. Check. What was the third thing?"

I laugh maniacally as the handsome hero looks at me with longing, ready for his punishment for losing. I sheathe my rock hard shaft then hoist his thick legs into the air. The finger-fucking has him good and primed, so I slide right in with little warmup.

SuperStar groans and his cock powers up again as I ride him. The belt slams into the back of his legs as I thrust in deep and hard. THWAP! THWAP! THWAP! The hero is moaning loudly, clearly embracing my dominance. UNH! UNH! UNH! SuperStar mumbles through the spandex gag, but is clearly asking to work his dick. I let him do it, wondering if he is really going to be able to shoot again so soon.

I keep on fucking him long and hard, enjoying taking a superhero's ass. I'm relentless and rough, pounding him harder and faster. Knowing he's Cody's guy gives me confidence he can take it. Cody's a beast with a huge porn-sized cock, the biggest I've ever been fucked by. SuperStar's moaning tells me he's loving it. We lock eyes then he amazingly pounds out a second big load all over his own abs and chest. That's all I need to see.

I pull out, strip off the condom then work my dick, shooting my load on top of his, coating his amazing torso with my seed. I drain my dick dry then move forward. I pull the trunks out of the hero's mouth to enable him to clean my cock and balls. They're so sensitive that it feels incredible, like electricity shooting through my body. When he's done, I fall back on my ass. My adrenaline has worn out and I need to relax.

My Kryptonite Kid moment over, I'm back to being Ben. I ask Cody, "Don't you ever let this guy cum?"

Cody smiles, "Oh, he came just this morning. Twice, I think." My eyes go wide and Cody nods and winks. I look at Jae, who's smirking proudly over our discussion.

After a couple of minutes, I get up. I offer a hand to Jae, who accepts. I haul him to his feet and we smile at each other.

Jae asks, "Wanna hit the showers together?"

I look at Cody, who nods his approval. Jae and I head upstairs to get cleaned up, with me still wearing the hero's title belt.

The End

... Or Not ...

When I come downstairs from showering, the mat is cleaned up. Great, now we can just hang out. Or maybe we can't.

Cody and Jeff are stripped, wearing red and black trunks, respectively. They're talking and stretching. Turns out they really want to wrestle, too. I guess seeing me and Jae got them too damn worked up.

Not surprisingly, Cody's really hot for Jeff and of course, Jae's cool with the match. I love how open these two are. Cody told me they actually wrestled for their first date. It gets me wondering if Dylan, who I'm casually seeing now, would be so open if we got more serious? I hope so.

As for Jeff, he's just horny as hell. Cody's the exact kind of beefcake he loves to wrestle. Big enough and skilled enough to give him a real challenge. After losing a humiliating private match back in KC, Jeff really needs to burn off some wrestling steam and Cody seems like a great guy to do it with. They're confirming stakes, with Jeff being all-in for a sex stakes match.

I hear Cody cautiously ask, "But have you ever been fucked, Jeff?"

Jeff replies, "What's that gotta do with anything, dude?"<

Cody warns, "It's just that I don't think I'm the right cock for your first time."

Jeff snorts, "Lemme worry about that, dude."

Jae chimes in, agreeing with Cody. I have to agree, too. Like I said, Cody has a monster cock that I struggled to take. I tell Jeff, "Buddy, take it from the three gay guys. Cody's not exactly ... beginner level. Maybe there are other stakes?"

Jeff gives me a 'c'mon man' look. He says, "But I really need some fuck action, bro. I'll take my fucking chances."

Cody laughs, "Oh, wait, let's be clear. If you win, you can still fuck me, stud. I'm definitely up for that. You're fucking amazing. We're only talking about if I win."

"Really? Cool." Jeff smiles. Knowing he'll get what he wants, he says, "Okay, that really changes things. So what do you want from me?"

Cody says, "Now, if I win, you wrestle for The Cave while you're out here." He describes what he means - he's looking for a villain for Jae's SuperStar-inspired character, General Bod. Jeff would be perfect and they'd cover Jeff's face and tattoo. Cody sensually rubs Jeff's bicep and shoulder as he describes the Kryptonian military-inspired gear Jeff would wear.

Cody's touch has both men horny, trunks tenting and eager to go. Jeff quickly agrees. I ask him if he's sure, but he's completely confident he won't lose.

Jeff whispers to me, "I'm a pro, buddy. Dude's built, but c'mon." I try to tell him Cody's pretty good, but he won't listen. "Wrestling porn ain't the same as what I do. Relax."

With the new stakes set, the guys move to the mat to start.

I ask Jae who he's cheering for. He smiles coyly, "Cody, of course." Then he adds, "But does it really matter? We all win, man. We all win."

I smile and nod. He's 100% right.

Jeff vs. Cody

The two amazing musclemen circle the mat. Jeff looks calm and confident, Cody looks thoughtful and determined. They move in with a basic collar-and-elbow lock up. Immediately, they start grunting and their muscles start straining. Jeff is heavier and stronger, but Cody's holding his own. They break, circle then go again.

Jeff powers Cody into the wall this time, but he holds up at the last minute, so the impact is minimal. My buddy lifts his knee into Cody's abs, but it barely makes a dent. Not just because the Cali muscleman's abs are rock hard, but because Jeff goes easy.

Cody smirks, using Jeff's lightweight force to get the advantage. He pushes Jeff back, spins the surprised pro wrestling musclehunk and slams him into the wall hard. BAM! From the look on his face, I can tell Jeff felt that. The smaller stud lunges in, lifting his knee about a hundred times harder than what Jeff did a moment ago. OOF! He repeats it with even bigger force. OOF!

The wind leaves Jeff and he bends forward, right into Cody's grasp. The porn wrestling god grabs Jeff into a front facelock then reaches for his small black trunks. Cody wedges the trunks up as he lifts, flipping the bigger pro wrestling musclehunk over with a suplex. WHOA! SPLAT!

Cody springs to his feet then stomps Jeff abs. The pro wrestler grunts loudly. After five hard stomps, he manages to roll away into a defensive crouch. The Cali mega-stud backs off, seeing Jeff's ready to lunge. My buddy's abs look a little red, but so is his face. Jeff's clearly surprised and embarrassed, while Cody has a giant smirk on his face.

Jeff rubs his stomach as he asks, "That how you want it, dude? Rough like that?"

Cody smiles, "Hell yeah! You can hold back if you want to, but don't expect me to. You're a big muscle guy, you can take it. And trust me, I can take whatever you've got. I wrestled bigger and stronger than you."

Jeff nods as he rises. I wonder if he's taking Cody a little more seriously now. They circle and lock up again. My buddy forces Cody into the wall again, this time with a lot more force. BAM! UNH! He delivers three shorts forearm shots into the Cali musclehunk's pecs then locks on a double pec claw. Cody groans as his pecs are crushed in Jeff's powerful grip. The pro wrestling hunk uses the wall and his height advantage, forcing Cody up so he's standing on his toes.

Cody holds Jeff's wrists, the pain obvious on the handsome stud's face. Jeff keeps working the pressure until the porn wrestler counters. He simultaneously grabs Jeff's thumbs and thrusts his legs into the air between their chiseled torsos. The wall supports Cody for the second he's up. In one smooth move, he kicks out and snaps Jeff's thumbs back, sliding them off his pecs. The pro wrestler flies backwards, landing hard on his ass. THUD!

The Cali muscleman smoothly lands on his feet then dives out. He lands on the surprised Jeff with a splash, dropping his 205-lbs of muscle right on Jeff's ripped torso. OOF! Cody lies across Jeff's chest, quickly wrapping up my buddy's right arm with a scissors while bending his left into a painful armlock.

Jeff moans as his arms are tortured. My buddy is strong, but one of his arms is definitely weaker than two of Cody's arms or legs. With his opponent under control, Cody really works the left arm and wrist. The pro wrestler lets out a loud, "OH FUCK!" And I wonder if we're getting a submission already? The Cali muscleman asks the same question, but Jeff says no way.

The pro wrestler fights through the pain as he pushes up with his legs, bridging his hips into the air. At the same time, he twists, thrusting his right arm up. He can't break the holds, but he can throw Cody up and over his head. Jeff slides his arm free from Cody's legs. The smaller muscleman still holds Jeff's left arm, but the position is nothing. He lets go and slides back. Both men rise, Jeff shaking out his left wrist.

Jeff says, "Pretty tricky."

Cody taunts, "That was close, wasn't it? If it makes you feel better, you probably have one of the top ten pec claws I've ever felt."

Jeff stops, "Top ten? Fucking Derek Kaine taught me that!"

Cody silently shrugs, but he's obviously pleased at getting under Jeff's skin.

The two men circle. Cody goes for Jeff's legs, but he's met with a knee to the chest that sends him back onto the mat. The smaller musclemen rises, only to be scooped up by Jeff. My buddy holds Cody across his chest. The porn wrestler fights back, kicking his legs violently and reaching his right arm up behind Jeff's head. WHOA! They topple back, with Cody landing on top. WHOMP!

Cody locks on a side headlock, cranking hard as he lies against Jeff's chest. He pins the pro wrestler's right arm down with his weight and squeezes hard, crushing Jeff's temple. The bigger stud grunts as he's again in the bottom position. Jeff grabs Cody's side then pushes against the muscled body. He forces Cody off him, sliding his head free. When the Cali musclehunk turns back to Jeff, he's met with a lunge and shoulder block right into his abs. OOF!

The musclestuds fly back, with Jeff on top this time. My buddy mounts Cody's waist and rolls them into a body scissors. The smaller stud tries to roll free, but he's locked in tight. The pro wrestler cinches in the side scissors, Cody now facing down on the mat as Jeff lies on his side. He squeezes hard, the flex in his thighs obvious.

Cody struggles in Jeff's tight scissors. He writhes, but is unable to escape or counter. He reaches his left arm out, reaching to punch Jeff's abs, but the feeble attempt is swatted away. The pro wrestling hunk reaches out and slaps Cody's ass. SLAP! He does it again. SLAP! This time, he keeps his hand there and fondling Cody's smooth round glute.

"How's that feel, dude? You sure got a sweet ass. Man, I can't wait to fuck you."

Cody groans as Jeff amps up the pressure on the body scissors. He won't give, so Jeff moves his hand up. He reaches out and grabs the porn wrestler's hair, pulling his head up. The pro wrestler demands a submission, but his opponent definitively refuses.

Cody responds, "UNH! Not even close, man!"

Jeff says with a laugh, "Really? Is this closer?"

My buddy lets Cody's hair go and puts all his energy into the scissors. The smaller hunk's moans get louder, but still no submission is coming. Jeff lets the scissors go, but the Cali muscleman is ready. Before the bigger muscleman can follow up, Cody dives forward between Jeff's legs. He pins the left leg down by digging his knee into the inner thigh. He grabs the right leg and lifts it up, forcing it down towards Jeff's chiseled torso.

Jeff groans as his legs are split, his groin punished by the big stretch. Jeff's flexible for a guy his size, but he's no gymnast. He thrashes on the mat, trying to punch Cody off him. The porn wrestler evades the blows, keeping the pressure up. The pro wrestler suffers for a long while in the leg stretch before he can twist and roll Cody off him.<

As they roll onto their side, Cody reaches for Jeff's head. He drags it between his legs, locking on a tight figure-four headlock. UNGH! Jeff cries out as his head is crushed in Cody's powerful legs. The pro wrestler wastes no time, knowing this is a deadly position. He grabs Cody's wrists, rises onto his knees then thrusts up, lifting Cody off the mat. Jeff slams them down, driving Cody's back into the mat hard.

Cody loses the figure-four headlock then Jeff immediately mounts him. The bigger stud straddles Cody's trim waist, confidently looking down at the smaller muscleman. My buddy reaches down and grabs hold of his opponent's bulging chest again. Jeff leans into the muscles, applying his pec claw. He squeezes hard, causing Cody to thrash wildly under him from the pain.

Jeff asks, "Still just top ten, big man? How 'bout we go for number one!"

Cody moans in response, feebly trying to counter the devastating claw. Jeff lifts Cody's torso up a few inches by his pecs then slams him back down. ARGH! THUD! Jeff relishes his dominance, executing the claw perfectly, with the right position, pressure points and his own tremendous hand strength.

The porn wrestler's handsome face is etched with pain, but he won't give. I can tell Jeff's frustrated by Cody's resilience, first to the scissors and now to this claw. My buddy's cock is swollen, tenting his black trunks, obviously in anticipation of a victory fuck. Too bad the Cali muscleman isn't yet cooperating.

Jeff reluctantly gives up on the claw. He sits back then fires fists into the damaged pecs of his opponent. Cody takes the hits then bucks his hips, toppling Jeff off him. As Jeff lands sprawling on his front, Cody scrambles on top of his back. He kneels over Jeff's shoulder, planting his shin on the back of Jeff's neck then dragging his arm up, pointing it to the sky. ARGH! The pro wrestler moans as his shoulder is abused and his face is mashed into the vinyl mat. He kicks his feet up and down, trying to resist the pain and come up with the right counter.

Cody throws three hard fists into the weakening shoulder before Jeff can roll around, relieving the pressure. The bigger stud pushes Cody off him and both musclemen scramble to their feet. Cody moves in fast, only to get a hard fist to the gut. OOF! Jeff clubs Cody across the back, dropping him to one knee. WHACK! The pro wrestler grabs Cody around the waist. He lifts and flips, slamming the Cali mega-stud down on his back.

Jeff gets to his knees then pounds away on Cody's abs. POW! POW! POW! The smaller stud swings his legs up, grabbing the surprised Jeff's head and flipping him over and away. The pro wrestler spins and charges back at Cody, only to get a foot into his abs. OOF! The porn wrestling star rises and slams his forearm into the side of Jeff's head, spinning the big man. WHACK!

Cody moves in, grabbing Jeff around the waist. He lifts, hoisting the 220-lbs over and dropping him with a belly-to-back suplex. WHAM! Jeff bounces on his shoulders, while the Cali musclestud grabs his leg and flips Jeff over. Cody sits back in a single leg crab. The pro wrestler moans loudly.

The smaller muscleman can't resist reaching down and caressing Jeff's bulging pouch. Cody doesn't apply pressure, just fondles. When he feels his victim's steel shaft, he says, "Oh man, you're loving this!"

Jeff groans, "You're gonna be lovin' it, too ... UNGH ... when it's up your ass!"

Cody laughs, "Big talk from a guy about to submit!"

Cody leans back, amping up the pressure. Jeff yells as he's bent back, but he doesn't give. The Cali musclehunk tries to get Jeff to quit, but the stubborn pro wrestling superstud won't give. Instead, he plants his hands, pushes up and starts to kick out. Cody realizes what's happening. He anticipates the counter, willingly diving forward with the kick. He keeps Jeff's leg locked and spins them over onto their backs.

As they roll, Jeff blurts out, "What the -?" He was expecting to be free. Instead, Cody's got a tight leglock on Jeff and is wrenching the bigger muscleman's knee hard. The pain starts and my buddy cries out, "FUCK!"

Cody taunts, "Nice counter to your counter, right?"

Jeff moans, "Damnit! ARGH!"

Cody really wrenches on the leg, but Jeff manages to kick him square in the chest. The impact jars Cody and enables Jeff to pull his leg free. The men scoot back on their asses, separating to regroup. After a moment, they start to rise simultaneously.

Jeff rolls to hands and knees, kicking out his leg to work out his knee. When Cody sees that Jeff has exposed his back to him, he pounces with remarkable speed for a 205-lbs beefcake. He leaps onto the bigger stud's back, putting all his weight into it. SPLAT! They fall back flat on the mat. Cody goes for a rear naked choke. The pro wrestler reacts immediately, fighting hard as he recognizes the danger. The men struggle fiercely, with Cody sliding back-and-forth on Jeff's slick, sweaty back.

After a long battle, Jeff pushes them over and they roll apart. Both men rise. They're looking tired, their muscle bodies sweaty and pumped, their chests and stomachs heaving with every breath. Both men's cocks are severely straining their thin spandex trunks, each enjoying the battle.

Cody grabs a towel and sports drink from the side of the mat. He tosses them to Jeff then grabs his own. He says, "Woo, you're everything I expected, Jeff."

Jeff smiles, "Yeah? Cool. You're way better than I expected. You're really good, dude. This is hot."

They guzzle their drinks and dry off the sweat. Cody smiles, "Ready for more?

Jeff tosses his empty bottle and towel aside, "You know it, dude."

With game faces back on, they circle again. Both men stretch out, formulating their strategies. Now that they know each other, it feels like this will be it, but who knows? Maybe this will go another 20-minutes. Either way, it's anyone's game.

The guys circle the mat. Jeff darts in to lock up, but Cody backs off. They go again, this time Jeff backs away. On the third attempt, they tie up their hands. Jeff manages to surprise Cody with a foot to his abs. OOF! The bigger stud pulls Cody forward, grabbing his head. He reaches forward, pulls on Cody's trunks. The red spandex slides over Cody's smooth butt cheek just as he's flipped over with a fast, powerful snap suplex. WHOMP!

With Cody on his back, Jeff rolls over and schoolboy pins the smaller hunk. The stud on top says, "Figured I owed you that." He flexes with a double bicep pose. Impressive, but not smart. The porn wrestler lifts his feet, grabbing Jeff under the arms. The pro wrestler tries to pull Cody forward, but the Cali stud's legs are too strong. He flips Jeff backwards off him.

Jeff keeps rolling into a crouch. He leaps at the seated Cody, but runs right into Cody's rising foot. CRACK! Jeff is hit square in the chin. He staggers back, spinning away from the smaller stud. The Cali musclehunk springs forward, leaping on Jeff's back. The pro wrestler is ready, though, using Cody's momentum to slide him all the way over onto his back.

The bigger muscleman moves around above Cody's head. Jeff leans over, planting his hands on Cody's stomach. Jeff rubs his bulging, sweaty pouch in the handsome California hunk's face. He shifts his hands and slaps on an ab claw while he dry humps the porn hunk's face. Cody resists the claw, wrapping his arms around the pro wrestler's waist. With a quick bridge of his hips and thrust to the left, he flips them over, breaking the claw and assuming top position in their 69.

Cody sits back then fires in some body shots. POW! POW! POW! Jeff throws the smaller stud off, tossing him onto his ass. Jeff rises to hands and knees, but Cody jumps on his back, splashing onto him and driving him back down onto the mat. SPLAT!

Cody leans on Jeff's back, grabs under his chin and locks his left arm in his legs. The Cali muscleman pulls up on the pro wrestler's chin, stretching him out. The bigger stud grunts as he's punished in the crossface submission hold. The porn wrestler really works the hold, obviously going for the win right here. Jeff moans, but won't give. He fights hard, but the move is taking its toll. UNH!

Jeff manages to use his legs and free arm to push them over, sliding free. Both men slowly rise. Cody is faster, so he charges in. Unfortunately for him, the pro wrestler is ready. He slams his shoulder into the smaller stud's six-pack then rises and scoops Cody up across his chest. Learning from earlier when Cody countered, Jeff immediately slams him down with a stiff body slam. WHAM!

Cody arches his back, lifting his hips right up into an elbow drop that flattens him. OOF! Jeff grabs Cody by the hair and drags him to his feet. Jeff goes for another slam, but Cody grabs him behind the head. He rolls them over, trapping Jeff in a small package (and it's the only small package in this match, if you know what I mean). The pro wrestler kicks free quickly. Both men spring to their feet, red and black spandex still stretched to their max.

Cody charges at Jeff, but runs right into a stiff shoulder block. UGH! WHAM! The porn wrestler bounces back, falling to the mat on his back. Jeff towers over him, putting his foot on the smaller stud's chest and flexing over him. Cody sweeps Jeff's foot out from under him. Jeff falls onto his ass, giving Cody the chance to grab him in a side headlock. Jeff grabs Cody's trunks then rolls him over and slips out of the hold.

The sweaty hunks rise to their knees. Jeff is faster, clotheslining Cody onto his back. Jeff drags Cody to his feet by his hair. He pushes the smaller man into the wall then splashes into him. The porn wrestler goes weak and falls into Jeff for support. The bigger stud picks Cody up and slams him down with a sidewalk slam. WHAM! The pro wrestler drags the tiring Cody up by his hair again. He quickly wraps his arms around Cody's body, pulling him in tight.

Jeff locks on the bearhug, crushing the porn wrestler in his arms. Cody goes slightly limp then recovers. He presses on Jeff's big shoulders, trying to withstand the hold. He draws his arm back to punch Jeff, but the bigger stud shakes him and Cody's arm falls limp. UNGH! As they struggle, I can't help but watch the sword fight going on below. Their rock hands cocks, sheathed in wet spandex, rub and collide as they struggle. UNH!

Cody's weakening in the hold, while Jeff looks bigger than ever. He's really going for it, holding nothing back. The Cali musclestud falls back, looking limp then he throws himself forward, his arms hanging on Jeff's broad shoulders. The pro wrestler asks for the submission, but the smaller musclehunk meekly refuses.

I notice Cody's arms closing around his opponent's head. Before Jeff realizes it, Cody locks on a front facelock. With a sudden burst, Cody squeezes. The force causes Jeff's arms to slip, loosening the bearhug. The Cali mega-stud launches forward, toppling them down. WHAM! Cody's 205-lbs of muscle squash Jeff into the mat. With a momentary advantage, Cody closes his arms, converting the facelock into a front sleeper!

A panicked Jeff realizes the trouble. He punches at Cody's side muscles, but the smaller stud resists. He squeezes hard, moving his face beside Jeff's as he smothers the pro wrestler. I see Cody's veins and muscles pump as he seizes his best chance for a victory. Both men are drained. The bigger muscleman thrashes and squirms under Cody, his legs kicking out, trying to move them. It doesn't work.

Jeff gets noticeably smaller under Cody. He still struggles and writhes. He still hits Cody's body, but the blows just bounce off. The big muscleman gets weaker and weaker, soon barely able to move. The only thing that doesn't go down is his cock, which stays hard and alert, even though it will likely go unsatisfied barring some miracle. Jeff won't give, but after a few more seconds, the point becomes moot.

Jeff's arms fall limp to the side. He's out cold.

Cody lets go. He lifts Jeff's right arm, letting it fall to the mat with no resistance. THUD! Cody does it again. THUD! And a third time. THUD! That's it. Cody raises his arms, finally victorious over the mighty pro wrestler. Sweaty and drained, Cody collapses onto his back with a huge smile on his face.

With the marathon match over, I crawl onto the mat to check on my buddy, making sure he's okay. Jae moves in and kisses Cody, congratulating him. He says that he can't wait to face General Bod in The Cave, but Cody tells me that he'll let Jeff out of the deal if it's really a problem. I tell him that's up to Jeff.

I wake my buddy up. He's fine, but he's clearly pissed at himself. I'm impressed as he sucks it up and congratulates Cody. He swears he'll honor the deal, complimenting his opponent on his skill and resilience. The handsome winner smiles, thanking Jeff. He admits Jeff could have beaten him a couple of times. I notice that my buddy's dick is still stretching his trunks as he and Cody exchange admiring looks.

The Neverending Story

Cody breaks the silence by offering, "I'll give you a re-match any time, Jeff. You're awesome."

Jeff shrugs at Cody's offer. He says, "Thanks, dude, but you're awesome. I'm an idiot. I totally underestimated you. You know, you should try wrestling for real."

Cody's eyes narrow, "I do wrestle for real."

Jeff says, "I'm not trying to be a jerk. I mean, it's just that you're good. Real good. You could do more than just these porn matches Ben likes. That's all I'm saying."

Cody smirks, "Oh, I get it. You think I'm just a gym bunny who dresses up in costumes and rolls around for show."

Jeff kind of nods. Cody crawls over and sits beside Jeff. He puts his arm around the pro wrestler's shoulder, pulling him in close.

Cody explains, "Jeff, Jeff, Jeff. My buddy Ryan and I? We started training with a pro wrestling fed when we were 14. That's 15 years ago. I've wrestled submission with literally hundreds of different guys over the past decade. Jae and I wrestle constantly. I can count on one hand the guys who've legitimately beaten me in the past five years. And three of them are bigger than you. I actually train aspiring pro wrestlers, guys like you, for a local fed -"

Jeff interrupts, "Wait. You got 15-years of pro experience? You're qualified to train guys?" Cody nods and I notice that his big chest puffs out with pride at impressing Jeff. My buddy shakes his head, "Shit. So, I just got totally hustled."

With his newfound admiration for Cody, Jeff stands up then reaches down to shake the muscular hunk's hand. He yanks Cody up to his feet and pulls him in for a hug. After a long, tight embrace, Cody moves back, looking at Jeff's bulging trunks. Cody says, "Come with me upstairs. You look like you need some help with that."

As they head to the stairs, Cody turns to me, "Oh, all that talk about my experience reminds me. Ben, I think I may have another client for you. I talked with my buddy Larry. The one who owns the fed I help out with. I know you remember the night we spent in his ring ... anyway, you can meet with him tomorrow at practice, if you want. I figured we could do it before dinner."

I respond, "That's great, Cody. Thanks."

"I'm sure you'll make the sale. I really talked you up and he's pumped." I thank Cody again, knowing that if he pushed for me, I've got a really good chance to get my third client.

Cody turns his full attention back to Jeff, "You should come, too. We can train together. You can teach me that amazing pec claw. You had it just right and I'd like to try it on my buddy Ryan." Jeff happily agrees.

When Cody starts talking about an immediate re-match on his king-size bed, I can hear Jeff protesting that he lost, so he'll just pound one out in the shower. Cody just smirks, clearly amused, but nonplussed by Jeff's misplaced sense of honor.

Jae whispers, "I guess they're having a rematch upstairs. Cody always gets his way."

I smile as Cody turns on his irresistible California mega-stud charm. In the time I've known Cody, I've learned that he can be impossibly persuasive, which is how he built his video business. Not many guys can resist him, especially none as horny as Jeff. As they disappear upstairs, Cody says that Jeff will win for sure this time. I hear Jeff try to explain that that doesn't interest him as he only likes real matches. Right. I have no doubt that Jeff will be one happy boy with empty balls when I next see him.

I tell Jae, "By the way, I'm really impressed with you. You make an awesome SuperStar, but it's more than that. You're a great guy. Not many men are as confident in their relationship as you seem to be. You're the perfect guy for someone like Cody. He's really lucky to have you."

Jae blushes, but before he can respond, a deep voice interrupts, "You're right, Ben. Jae's a great guy. Too good for Cody, really."

I turn to see my other LA friend and business partner Ryan, who's just showed up, standing with a big smile on his face. We hug then make small talk, but he quickly hears about our matches. Of course he's upset that he missed the action. Like Cody and Jae, Ryan's gay, handsome and an amazing wrestler. The guy is also huge, standing 6'4" and weighing in at 250-lbs of solid muscle.

Jae suggests, "So, they're going to be a while up there. Why don't the three of us have a little fun down here? I'm ready to go again if you are, Ben. And I know you, Ryan. You're always ready."

I turn with a smile, "Jeff and I are never going to get out of here, are we? He and Cody will come down here. Jeff will see Ryan and have to fight him. Then I'll fight Cody. Then Jeff fights Jae. Then someone new will show up. I've been sucked into some kind of Twilight Zone vortex thing where all I'll do is wrestle for the rest of eternity. Every time I finish, another stud will walk in and I'll end up in another match."

Ryan strips off his t-shirt and asks, "Would that really be so bad?"

I start unbuttoning my shirt, "No. No, it would not, my friend. Bring it on."

The End

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