Monday, June 29, 2015

Route 69 S205: Nashville TN

"Dude, what the hell? You missed that same spot again."

Kyle goes, "Me? I'm pretty sure you missed that spot."

Kyle and me are pro wrestlers workin’ for Ring of Wrestling. We just finished a match, so we're havin’ it out about shit that went wrong. It's a pretty big deal. ROW's just one step below the big boys. They don't like mistakes and we made ‘em. We're both rookies here, but it's not a legit reason. We both got lots of experience in smaller feds. I started when I was 16 and Kyle started when he was 18. He's 24 and I turn 26 next month, so no excuses.

We had a match a few weeks ago. The bookers liked it, so we got paired up as a feud. They think we could be big with fans, 'cause we're both good lookin’ guys with good bodies and gear that shows ‘em off, but we're different. Contrastin’, they call it.

I'm the prettyboy heel - real cocky, insult the crowd, that kinda shit. It's like guys wanna be me and chicks wanna be with me. Kyle's the rebel good guy, with dark long hair and a rocker attitude. Kids and guys love him. They love to hate me. We could be so over, but tonight we just didn't click in the ring.

I think the real problem is Kyle and me also gotta feud goin’ on outta the ring. We don't like each other. I think our problems tonight were all his fault, he says they're mine. Kyle's a tricky dude. I've been on vacation, but I heard he's been badmouthin’ me around. Politics ain’t my thing. It drove me outta wrestlin’ before. I'd be screwed if I didn't have someone on my side. Lucky for me, my best friend and travelin’ buddy Ben is datin’ Dylan, a guy who heads up some shit around here. He's stickin’ up for me, which is cool.

Before we hit the locker room, Kyle and me get pulled into the office. We both get ripped by the bookers. When they're done and we're alone in the hall, I go, "Look Kyle, we gotta fix this shit or we're both fucked."

Kyle actually nods. He's like, "Yeah, you're right. But what're we gonna do about it? Problem is, you think you're in charge just because you've been here a month longer than me."

I shoot back, "You think you're in charge, too, dude."

Kyle goes, "See, they shouldn't paired two rookies up. If we were with a vet, we'd do what they say." Dude's surprisin’ me by bein’ real mature, so I think he's up to something. "But that's on you and your boy Dylan. You guys wanted to fuck me over so bad, you screwed up. Now, I'm fucking you right back." And there it is, back to blamin’ me.

"If I fucked you, you'd know. Ask your big daddy Lou about that."

Kyle grabs me, rammin’ my back into the wall. Back in Indianapolis, me and Lou, an old promoter I worked for, got into it. Lou got Kyle into ROW, so when I was beatin’ Lou's ass, Kyle jumped in. See, Kyle and Lou were doin’ it on the side. They double-teamed me, but I ended up winnin’. I fucked Lou in the ring while Ben forced Kyle to watch (with Dylan's dick up his ass the whole time). It's kinda why we hate each other.

Kyle's face is red, but just stares at me. It was kinda a cheap shot on my part, so I don't say or do nothin’. I just smile. He lets go, but I can tell it's not over. I tell Kyle, "I think you were onto something. One of us gotta be in charge and the other one needs to go with it."

Kyle agrees, "Okay. But I know you're not saying I should be in charge. How do we decide?"

"How do ya think? We got sparrin’ tomorrow."

"No. Everyone watches that. We need to do this privately so no one gets in the way. And so the winner can ... you know." I nod, gettin’ his drift. He goes, "Tonight. After everyone's gone. Think you can get a key to the practice ring from your boy Dylan?"


Jeff vs. Kyle

Kyle beats me to the ring. Dude's hunched over, lookin’ like a cat ready to pounce. The guy's 6'1" and weighs like 215-lbs. He's decked out in black gear. I gotta admit, it's better than the white and silver jobber gear he wears when he jobs to me. The long-haired punk's got black trunks, boots, elbow pad and wrist tape.

I slowly walk around, climbin’ the stairs into the ring. I'm 6'2" and 220-lbs. I'm a little bigger than dude and more ripped. I'm in purple trunks, pads and boots with white wrist tape. I'm just as ready, starin’ him down the entire time. A lot is ridin’ on this match. For both of us.

We lock up fast. Clean and simple. Just muscle against muscle. I win the first battle, rammin’ him to the corner. I lift my knee into his gut. OOF! I move to the side then fire off some hard pec chops. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!. Dude's chest is red quick. He pushes me back, so I charge in. I catch him off guard, splashin’ him in the corner. OOF!

I bend over and grab the ropes around his waist. I slam my shoulder into his gut. OOF! OOF! OOF! Dude's abs ain't as tough as mine and I put a lot of muscle behind these shoulder blocks. Kyle tries to lift his knee into my face, but it bounces off my pecs. I stand up, grab his head and flip him outta the corner. WHOA! WHAM! Dude rolls up onto his ass.

I stomp the shit outta his back then dive in for a rear chinlock. I gotta face full of hair, but I hear him moanin’ already. Dude's quick and tough, no matter I think of him. I gotta be careful. I crank on the chinlock, workin’ it real good. Kyle pushes back, drivin’ his shoulder blades into my pecs. I brace and we end up standin’ up.

The chinlock's shitty in the position. Before I can change it up, Kyle's got my arm. He's pushin’ up, so I'm pushin’ down against him. Dude switches it up, pullin’ down fast. My arm gets slammed into his shoulder. YOWCH! Stings like a bitch. It gives the punk a chance to spin around, draggin’ my arm up my back. FUCK! I'm tryin’ to power outta the chicken wing, but he's got it locked in tight. We walk around the ring for a minute then I get an openin’. I reverse it and lift his wrist up his back. ARGH!

Kyle stays locked up for a second, but he spins free. Dude comes around with a boot to the back of my knee. My leg collapses, puttin’ me on one knee. The muscle punk's kickin’ me in the chest. I land on my back. I look up and he's doin’ a standin’ somersault. SPLAT! Ugh, the guy splashes down on top of me, drivin’ the wind outta my body. He goes for a pin, but I throw him off.

Dude jumps on me and we roll around on the mat. It's tough, fightin’ for top, but I finally get him in position. When dude's on top, thinkin’ he's gonna get me, I get him. I get him between my legs then roll him over. I got a nice tight side body scissors and he's lookin’ at the ceiling, moanin’ like a bitch. I really squeeze him, tryin’ to wear him down.

I squeeze hard. Kyle times it right, rollin’ away from me when my legs relax before another push. I grab under his arms when he's tryin’ to escape. I drag him back, lockin’ on a rear body scissors. I wrap my arms under his and get him in a full nelson, too. The punk's gruntin’ and fightin’, but I got him locked up. He ain't givin’ and I didn't expect him to. Just wearin’ him down. I roll us over, lettin’ the scissors go. I hold the full nelson, draggin’ him up to his feet.

I shake Kyle in the standin’ full nelson. He's floppin’ around. Dude can't power out, so he runs us backwards. I try to stop, but we got too much momentum. My back hits the corner. CLANG! I lose the nelson. Kyle turns back to me, but I'm ready. I run out and flatten him with a clothesline. WHAM! I stomp the long-haired muscle punk's pecs with my boot. They're still red from the chops, so this ain't helpin’ him. I go for an elbow drop, but Kyle rolls outta the way. BANG! OW!

I roll up, shakin’ out my elbow stinger. Dude's ready and I walk right into his arms. Kyle picks me up and slams me down on my back. SLAM! He stomps my gut then drags me up. I punch him in the gut then get him in a side headlock. I crank on it, but then the punk grabs me around the waist. He lifts me up with a side suplex, slammin’ me down onto my shoulders. FUCK!

I roll onto my stomach. Dude jumps to his feet then does another standin’ somersault, splashin’ down onto my back. SPLAT! ARGH! Kyle drags me up then whips me into the corner. CLANG! He runs at me, splashin’ on top of me. OOF! Dude grabs my wrist and whips me across the ring. CLANG! I bounce outta the corner, hittin’ Kyle with a clothesline that knocks the long-haired punk down. WHACK!

Kyle rolls outta the ring, needin’ a break. I follow him, 'cause I don't want him restin’. Dude's like a cat. He jumps up on the apron then leaps back at me. I'm like, "Holy shit!" The long-haired punk hits me with a cross body block that I wasn't expectin’. We go down, with me takin’ all the damage. UNGH!

Dude doesn't waste any time, draggin’ me up then slammin’ me, back first, into the ring apron. WHACK! ARGH! He comes in with a forearm to my head that has me seein’ stars. Kyle puts his knee up between my legs against my balls. OOF! He lifts me up with his leg then forces my arms over the middle rope. He grabs my wrists so when I drop back down, I pull the middle rope with me.

I struggle but he pulls the bottom rope up and I'm trapped. Dude has me crucified on the ropes. I'm fightin’, but he pounds the shit outta my abs. THUD! POW! THUD! I use my legs to kick him away, but he comes back and kicks me in the stomach. OOF! I lose my feet. Kyle runs at me, splashin’ into me. The ring apron digs into my back. I arch back and my arms pop free. I drop to my knees in front of the punk.

Kyle grabs my head and wipes my face across his sweaty bulge. I'm shakin’ my arms out. Dude smacks my head around, wakin’ me up. I grab him around the waist and push him back into the steel barricade that's up for the show. WHAM! I get up and he drops to his knees. I grab him by the hair and whip him into the ring post, front first. CLANG! When dude falls back, I grab his hair and trunks then whip him back into the ring.

I climb up to the ring apron. I check the punk out then vault over the top rope, comin’ down with a big boot to his stomach. THUD! OOF! I drag Kyle up by the hair. I whip him into the ropes. When he comes off, I hit him with a flyin’ shoulder block. WHACK! I pull him up again then shove his head between my thighs. I crack my neck and check out my abs. Shit, he did a number on 'em.

I grab him around the waist then flip him over onto my shoulder. Dude's legs fly over and I got him perfect. Except I don't. The punk kicks his feet, so he keeps goin’. I can't stop him and he slides off my shoulder behind me. I'm still figurin’ out what the fuck happened when he reaches back and grabs my head. He puts the back of my head on his shoulder. I'm swingin’ my arms, but he drops us fast. My head slams into his shoulder in the neckbreaker. CRACK! ARGH!

Kyle rolls on top of me and hooks my leg. I hear him slappin’ the mat. ONE! Pause. TWO! Pause. I lift my shoulder and twist under him at the last second. Dude rolls up to his knees, pullin’ my head with him. My face is sittin’ in his crotch while he's catchin’ his breath. I don't mind, 'cause I gotta do the same. Fuck, I'm not exactly thinkin’ straight now.

Dude pushes my head back. We lock eyes then he fires two fists into my temple. WHACK! WHACK! I'm seein’ stars now. Fuck. He drags me to the corner by my leg and wrist, turnin’ me just right. I sorta see a blob climbin’ the ropes then launchin’ off for a big somersault splash. I get my knees up, lettin’ dude slam down on to me. WHOMP! OOOFF! Kyle groans. His abs take the hit. He rolls off me and I roll to my side.

We're both hurtin’. We're both tryin’ to get up, but I make it first. I stomp the shit outta his gut, knowin’ it's gotta be sore. I force dude up. I lift him for a gutbuster, puttin’ him across my leg. URK! Kyle shakes like he's gonna puke, so I bounce my leg up and down. I push him off and he rolls away. He tries to get outta the ring again, but I grab his leg and pull him back in.

I measure him up then land a good elbow into his gut. I get up, draggin’ his sorry carcass up with me. I push him into the ropes, givin’ him three good knees to the gut. I whip him across the ring, knowin’ a good shoulder block to the abs will put him down for good. I got him lined up right then dive at him. Dude leapfrogs over me at the last second. He stops short, spinnin’ around. I run into the ropes, stoppin’ my momentum. I stand up, facin’ outta the ring.

Before I can turn, dude grabs my shoulders, jumps up and puts his knees in my back. He falls back, pullin’ me with him. Kyle hits a stiff backcracker, my back slammin’ down onto his knees. CRACK! ARGH! I bounce off, rollin’ onto my side. I'm curled up in a ball, tellin’ myself to get my ass in gear. I know I gotta move, but my body ain't listenin’.

Kyle pushes me onto my stomach then puts his knees in my back. he grabs my ankles and chin. The long-haired punk rolls me back and up onto his shins in a bow and arrow. FUCK! My back's killin’ me and he's just lyin’ under me, holdin’ me steady. My whole body's stretched out on his legs. He's pullin’ on my head and ankles, makin’ sure I'm feelin’ this.

Kyle's like, "Give up?"


Dude kicks me outta the hold. I land on my stomach. He puts his boot in my back, jumps over me then runs to the corner. Dude hops up and does a reverse somersault, splashin’ down on top of me from the top rope. SPLAT! UNGH! Next thing I know, I'm gettin’ dragged up by my head and trunks. I'm pretty much out on my feet. I swing a fist, but I don't come close to hittin’ him.

Kyle scoops me up across his chest. He slams me down over his knee and I almost black out. OH GOD! The punk tells me to give, but I won't. He pushes me off his knee. I lie there like a lump, not movin’. Dude's gettin’ pissed. He circles me, tryin’ to figure out how to end this. I try to get up, but it's tough.

I get to my hands and knees. Dude moves in and I dive at him. He jumps over me. I get up on hands and knees again and he kicks my head, sendin’ me back down. I keep tryin’ to get up, but he keeps puttin’ me down. Stomps to my back. Kicks to the head. Sweepin’ my hands out. Dude's playin’ with me, but I won't quit. As long as I'm awake and I'm fightin’, I got a chance.

Kyle gets that, too. He lets me get all the way up, stayin’ behind me. I got no idea where he is, but he's stalkin’ me. When I'm up, he moves in behind me. Before I know it, I'm up across his shoulders. Kyle powers my 220-lbs of broken down muscle across his shoulders in a backbreaker. Oh fuck! He really cranks it, but I ain't givin’.

Dude tells me to quit, but I won't. He adds a ball claw. YEEARGH! My whole body is shakin’ with pain. Kyle really cranks on everything. Next thing I know, everything goes black.

I pass out on Kyle's shoulders.

Honoring the Deal

Next thing I know, I'm getting slapped awake. Kyle's over me, big smile on his face. I try to move, but it's tough. Dude's like, "I won."

I gotta admit, "Yeah, you did. Congrats."

Kyle looks real cocky. He's like, "We're gonna get a few things straight."

Dude drags me up and scoops me across his chest. He lowers me over his knee real gentle then folds me back. ARGH! Kyle goes easy, but he keeps me hangin’ on his knee in the backbreaker. I'm moanin’, but he doesn't give a shit. He won. Dude starts feelin’ me up. He's rubbin’ my abs and thighs. Real soft and gentle. He slides his hand inside my trunks and starts playin’ with my junk.

Kyle goes, "Shit, I've wanted you so bad for so long. Ever since Lou pointed you out back in Indy I've wanted your ass."

I don't say shit. He just keeps feelin’ me up. I'm his fuckin’ bitch for now. I try to think about us havin’ better matches, now that one of us in charge, but it doesn't help. Hangin’ here hurts, but losin’ to this punk hurts more. And whatever he does next is probably gonna hurt, too.

The long-haired punk keeps treatin’ me like a piece of meat. He's squeezin’ and punchin’ and rubbin’ me down. I feel the punk untyin’ the lace of my purple trunks, yankin’ on it then the knot slidin’ around my waist. He pulls it right outta the waistband.

I try to lift my head to see what he's doin’, but he sees and pushes my head back down until the top of my head is touchin’ the mat. I feel dude work down my trunks. With just one hand, it takes a minute, but he gets ‘em down my legs, past my ass and balls.

Kyle's all over my junk now. He rubs me under my balls. Oh fuck. He slaps my meat back-and-forth, pullin’ it up, even suckin’ on the tip. Shit, I get hard pretty fast, even like this. The punk grabs my cock and balls at the base. He pulls ‘em up then I feel the string he pulled outta my trunks go over my junk.

Oh fuck. Dude musta tied it in a loop, ‘cause it gets real tight real fast. He starts wrappin’ my package up, goin’ 'round and 'round. He splits my balls, ropin’ ‘em up either side of my shaft. Damn, I never had this done before. It ain't fun. I manage to look up and all I can see is my cock stickin’ straight up, my balls pulled out and tight to my cock. Shit, they're like dark red and kinda hurt, especially when he starts slappin’ my meat again. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! My head falls back again while he abuses my dick.

That sucks, but my back is what's really sufferin’. I got my arm liftin’ my chest up. That takes off some of the pressure, but my back is fuckin’ killin’ me. I've been over his leg for a long time, even after I submitted. I'm moanin’, almost cryin’ while he's goin’ at my shaft. Kyle tells me to stop fuckin’ whinin’, but he does push me off. I lie on my side, tryin’ to get a hold of myself.

Dude's standin’ over me. Kyle kicks at my bare ass with his boot, like he's kickin’ the tires of a new car. I don't do nothin’, just lie there and hope this is over soon. Dude moves and puts his boot on my neck and head for a second.

The punk goes, "Get on your back. I want you to see me flexin’ over you. I want you to take it all in, bitch!"

I roll over and look up. He puts his boot on my chest and flexes. Then he moves to my abs and flexes. He's really makin’ this shit last. I'm thinkin’, "Get on with it," but it's his call. I guess he really wants me to know who's in charge.

Kyle finally finishes posin’. He walks around me, checkin’ me out. Dude stands over my head. He pulls down his trunks, pushin’ ‘em all the way down onto my face. He steps outta ‘em, leavin’ me blinded by the black spandex. Only thing I can smell is his stink while I wait for him to do whatever's next.

I feel dude untyin’ my boots and pullin’ ‘em off. He even takes off my wrist tape and arm pad. I'm left buck naked, only wearin’ the string around my junk and his trunks coverin’ my face. Next thing I know, Kyle's draggin’ me up. His trunks fall off and I'm kneelin’ in front of him. Dude's dick is hard. He slaps me with it. Fuck, sticky pre-cum runs across my cheeks.

Kyle rubs his hard dick on my lips. Dude palms my head and pushes it back so I'm lookin’ up at him. He's like, "Fuck, look at you. You're always such a fuckin’ alpha male. Now you're naked and kneelin’ like a bitch. What's the name of the last chick you fucked?"

That throws me for a loop. I'm like, "What?" Then I think and I tell him, "Candi. Her name was Candi."

Long-haired punk laughs, "Are you fucking serious? Candi? With an i?" I nod, even though I got no idea. It was a one-night stand. Kyle shakes his head, "Too perfect. Okay, bitch, from now on, I'm calling you Candi."

Kyle slaps my face with his cock again then he shoves it in my mouth. Dude's not gentle, hittin’ my throat on the second pump. He pounds hard, sayin’ shit like, "Get my cock hard, Candi," "C'mon Candi, choke on that meat," "Worship that dick, Candi." Kyle stops poundin’ my face, but he forces my mouth open. Dude taps his cock head on my tongue. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! When he starts fuckin’ my face again, he goes even harder.

Long-haired punk pulls out, "Shit, you're terrible at cocksucking, Candi. Now get on your back. Let's see how tight your pussy is."

I'm kinda glad, ‘cause my knees are killin’ me, but I'm kinda scared. I've never had anything bigger than a chick's finger in my hole and I didn't even like that.

Kyle gets down and starts with his finger, testin’ me out. I kinda fight it, puckerin’ my asshole. He can tell, laughin’ at me, "This IS a virgin pussy, isn't it, Candi? You're a 25-year old virgin, aren't you?"

I whisper, "Yeah."

"Ooh boy, I love tight virgin pussy. I'm gonna pop you're cherry, Candi!"

Okay, shit, I'm nervous. I tell myself to stop bein’ a whiny bitch. Guys do this all the time. If they can take it, I can take it. Okay, just get this fuckin’ goin’. Kyle's takin’ forever, pushin’ lube in my hole and puttin’ the condom. I know he's doin’ it to mess with me, ‘cause no horny guy moves this slow.

Kyle rolls me over. Fuck, I gotta prop up my hips, ‘cause I can't lie on my tied-up junk. Dude pulls me back to him. He splits my cheeks, rubbin’ his dick up and down my crack. Dude's totally playin’ games. I bite my lip and close my eyes. When he starts to break in, I tighten up. I can't help it, I just do it on instinct. He barely starts, it hurts and I'm already moanin’. Kyle gets the tip in then pulls out.

"Re-fucking-lax, Candi. It'll hurt a lot less." He slaps my ass cheeks, spankin’ me like a bitch.

I try to calm down, but it's tough. Kyle goes back to forcin’ his long dick in my ass. He goes slow, but deep, holdin’ it in there. Oh fuck! It takes a minute, but I manage to relax. Okay. Okay. Kyle's hips are against my butt. That means it's in and I'm still alive. Okay. Cool.

The long-haired stud starts pumpin’, slidin’ his dick in and out real slow. I'm gettin’ used to it, but I'm glad he's behind my back so I don't gotta look at him. He keeps callin’ me Candi, talkin’ shit about my tight virgin pussy, how he's a real man and I'm a bitch, how I'm takin’ his fuckin’ cock like the bitch I am. Dude won't shut up, but I block it out and focus on gettin’ through this.

Kyle rides my ass for a long time, givin’ me a taste of what I've been doin’ to guys and gals all these years. I lie there like a good boy and take it. I got my face buried in my arms, just hopin’ he gets done soon. When he pulls out, I'm like, "Thank god." But it ain't over.

Kyle goes, "Roll over, bitch. Get on your back. I wanna see your pretty face when I fuck you."

I do what I'm told. I ain't gonna go back on my word. I get on my back and lift my legs. Kyle smacks my ass again. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! He moves in and forces his cock in me again. It doesn't hurt as bad. I look away, hopin’ this is it.

Kyle's like, "Look at me, bitch! I wanna see those pretty blue eyes staring up at me."

I look up at him. He's got a huge smile on his face, lettin’ me know he knows how much this sucks for me. He pounds my ass again, never lookin’ away from my eyes. My tied-up cock and balls flop around. It hurts, but I can't do shit about it.

The long-haired punk starts breathin’ hard and fast. I know he's close. He pulls out. When he strips off the condom, it only takes a few jerks and he's shootin’ all over my junk. It's a huge load, the hot white goo soakin’ my dark red, achin’ meat. When he's done, Kyle grabs my cock and starts pumpin’.

Kyle works my dick hard. His cum is slick, plus he spits on my cock, gettin’ it nice and slippery. Every time he jerks down, he slams into my balls, still bound halfway up my steel rod. When he's got a good rhythm, the punk shoves a finger back inside me. Before I know it, I'm shootin’ like a geyser. Dude forces a huge load from me. My whole body shakes. Kyle won't stop pumpin’ until I'm dry and soft.

I lie there, achin’, humiliated, but just glad it's over. Kyle unties the string, leavin’ me naked and covered in cum. I probably look pathetic. I sure as hell feel like shit.

Kyle gets up and puts his boot on my chest. He looks down at me and tells me that he's in charge now. I gotta do what he says. How we gotta get our shit together and I better live up to the deal. I tell him he doesn't gotta worry about me, I never go back on my word. He goes, "I hope not, Candi. Otherwise we're both out on our asses."

Dude leaves me in the ring. I just lie there naked, thinkin’. I'm covered in sweat, my junk coated in spit and cum. My ass hurts. My body bruised. And my pride is shot. Not like I haven't lost before, but this is the third time in a row in a solo stakes matches. I handled gettin’ my head shaved and then when I had to do a gay superhero wrestlin’ video. I dealt with both those losses pretty good. But now? Fucked and forced to let some long-haired punk tell me what to do? I'm wonderin’ what the fuck is goin’ on?

My mind is a mess, but it ain't gettin’ any better lyin’ here. I finally get my sore ass movin’, cleanin’ up the ring and pickin’ up my gear. I take as long as I can to make sure Kyle's gone. I don't need to see that guy right now.

When I get to my locker, there's a lacy pink thong on my bag. Kyle's put it there with a note:

"Candi, Wear this under your gear from now on. Like in that old movie, Bull Durham. ~K."

Fuck. Dude really planned ahead. I wonder how long he's been carryin’ this thing around? Well, if it makes us have better matches, I guess I'm in. No other fuckin’ choice. I stuff it in my bag, grab my shower stuff and head to get cleaned up.

The End

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