Monday, June 8, 2015

The Cave: The Adventures of SuperStar 3

The Cave: The Adventures of SuperStar 3

"Hey Cody?"


"Who's Ben?"

"I give up. Who's Ben?"

My boyfriend Jae says, "No, it's not a joke. It's a guy you know. I'm wondering if he's a good guy."

I think for a minute, "I know like three Ben's. One's a great guy, one's cool and one's an asshole."

Jae shrugs. He says, "I don't know which one this is. Ryan forwarded a potential opponent to me. There's a guy who wants to wrestle for The Cave and is requesting me. Says he thinks I'm hot and he has a thing for Superman. Anyway, he says he's friends with Ben. No last name or other details. Just 'Ben can vouch for me' in the message. Ryan says he talked with Ben and he wants to use this guy and wonders if I'm interested. Then there's this long paragraph on what Ben said about this guy. Blah, blah, blah. Ryan loves to write novels. Shit, just text me - 'got a hot guy, wanna wrestle?'"

"Oh, okay. Ben. Mmm. I know which one. There's only one Ben I know that knows about Ryan and The Cave." I think about Ben for a long moment. What a smoking hot stud.

My boyfriend interrupts my moment of reflection, "Hm. Looks like you like Ben."

"Oh yeah, he's something special." Jae raises his eyebrow. I immediately put my hands up, "But don't get jealous. We're just wrestling buddies."

Jae laughs, "With you, that can mean anything."

I shoot him a dirty look then add, "Oh, and we're business partners. We're managing video sales and distribution for a pro wrestling fed he's running called CLAW. But that's it. And we haven't even wrestled since you and I got together. You've known about all my other matches."

"Don't worry, I get it. You don't realize how much your friends like to talk and share. I know you've got a past." I narrow my eyes. Jae smirks and tosses his tablet aside, "A loooong and slutty past filled with all kinds of men. So many, many men." He spreads his legs and stretches out on the sofa.

I accept the invitation and jump on top of him. We start to wrestle, quickly falling off. Back and forth, we struggle for top. I maneuver him around then force him down. I use my shins to trap his shoulders, schoolboy pinning him flat to the rug. I flex my biceps, giving him the chance to kick up and lock his legs under my arms. He rolls me back and I let him get on top.

I ask Jae, "So what's Ben's guy like?"

Jae starts dry humping my abs, telling me, "I dunno. He's going to be Nuke Man."

"Like Nuclear Man? From Superman IV?"

"Yeah, the big blond bad guy. Ryan wrote more, but I didn't read it. Like I said, TL;DR, man. Didn't even send a pic, but Ryan wouldn't want him if he wasn't hot. Anyway, it's all tentative on him visiting LA at the end of the month, so we'll see if it even happens."

I reluctantly say, "Cool. Well, I can't wait to see the match." I'm trying to be less controlling, but I'm not sure I can resist the urge to check this mystery man out. Jae leans down and kisses me, my reward for being supportive and keeping my nose out of it. Jae and I go back to play wrestling, forgetting all about his upcoming match.

The Villain

The new heel does arrive in town, so the match is on. In the meantime, Jae's managed another couple of wins as SuperStar, both against smaller guys, Mr. X and Jaguar. That puts him at 4-0 and he's already joking about beating my record as the Bat. I laugh, telling him he has a long way to go and not to get ahead of himself.

According to Ryan, Jae's opponent is perfectly cast as Nuke Man and an excellent heel. Ryan says that in addition to Jae, the guy will be facing three other guys over the next few days. I guess it'll work out well for him, making good coin on vacation, and for us, as long as he's not a dud. I get that this Beau guy is a big muscleman with a killer body. But can he wrestle?

I realize that I need to calm down. Ben and Ryan both vouch for him and his ability. That should be more than enough. I guess I just wish he wasn't facing my boyfriend.

Ryan comes out of the back. He signals that the match is about to start, pulling down his mask and grabbing his camera. He and his buddy Pete handle the filming, while I hover in the shadows, eager to see this new ... oh.

Nuke Man emerges from the back. Wow, he's huge! The guy flexes his oversized muscles, showing off for the cameras. I can't believe the mountains of muscles. He's probably the most muscular big guy we've ever featured. Ryan as Bane is taller and heavier, but even he's not this ripped. The heel's bursting out of his black and gold spandex outfit.

What was Jae thinking? I'm kind of mad at Ben and Ryan for setting up my boyfriend like this. Then it hits me. I bet Ben told it all to Ryan and that Ryan laid all this out. But Jae probably never bothered to go back and read Ryan's email. Oh boy. Well, Jae's tough and just because this guy's big doesn't mean he'll win.

After getting some great footage of Nuke Man posing, it's time for SuperStar to emerge. The hero comes trotting out of the back. He looks pumped and ready in his red shorts, boots and pads. The big 'S' symbol on his chest looks great. Then he freezes as he sees his opponent. I can't see Jae's expression under the red full-face mask, but I can guess.

SuperStar jogs confidently to the ring, leaping onto the apron then over the top rope. The villain doesn't bother to move out of his corner. Why would he? A guy like that doesn't need sneak attacks.

DING! DING! DING! The bell sounds as the men face off across the ring from one another. Okay, time to get this show on the road.

The Match

The studs circle the ring, checking each other out. Nuke Man lifts his arms, flexing. Shit, he looks big. As the villain shows off, the hero paces, waiting to get going. Nuke dares the hero to flex with him. Never one to back down, he does flex, showing off his own impressive muscles, although they're somewhat overshadowed by the heel's ridiculous body.

Nuke Man taunts, "I'm going to end you, hero!"

"Not today," SuperStar responds.

The men move in for a lockup, but Nuke Man pushes the hero's arms to the side and lunges in, grabbing him around the throat. The muscle monster's huge paw engulfs SuperStar's neck. I see him reach for the thick wrist, trying to pry the hand from his throat. He can't budge the hand as it strangles him.

Nuke Man declares, "When I'm done, you're gonna be my Super-bitch!"

The villain pulls the smaller muscleman closer then lifts, using the choke and putting his other hand on the red spandex-covered ass for support. He holds the hero up for a moment then dives forward, chokeslamming SuperStar to the mat. WHAM! The musclebound heel calmly rolls on top of his victim. He straddles the hero's chest, pinning his shoulders with his shins.

Nuke Man flexes his biceps, showing off his mighty muscles before he starts counting.

"ONE! Damn, you're nothing, Super-bitch. Nothing! TWO! Pathetic. I'm gonna - WHOA!"

SuperStar bucks up, throwing Nuke Man off him and avoiding setting the record for fastest first fall in Cave history. Both men rise to their feet. The mighty muscle villain is laughing, while the muscle hero looks determined. As they move in close, the hero delivers a boot to the midsection. THUD! The musclebeast laughs off the kick.

Nuke Man says, "I'd let you go wild on these abs, but I saw your match with Spartan. If you couldn't do shit to that little dude, you got no chance against these."

In response, the hero dives forward, tackling the muscle heel down. OOF! He locks on an armbar, putting one boot in front of the huge chest and his other thigh behind. SuperStar cranks back hard on the arm, trying to wear down the massive limb while also controlling the big man.

Nuke Man tightens his muscles then pulls forward, forcing SuperStar over. The hero rolls on his back as the heel moves to sit beside him. The big man wedges the hero's right arm under his thick legs, pinning it down. The muscle monster pounds on the hero's right shoulder and pec, tearing at the muscle with the force of the hits. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!

SuperStar reaches across to defend himself, but the villain grabs his left wrist and forces the hero's arm behind his red-masked head. As he pulls on the smaller stud's arm, it lifts his head, straining his neck. I can hear the moaning increase as both the hero's arms are now trapped, his neck stretched and his torso open for relentless abuse from the heel's free hand.

Nuke Man fires another three punches into the bulging pec, now red and tender. SuperStar bridges his hips, trying to pull free, but he can't. The smaller stud whips his legs up, but he can't budge the musclebeast. The heel grabs the hero's mask. He releases his arm and leans back, dragging the red mask between his legs. He quickly locks his ankles and stretches his legs out. ARGH! The villain's deadly scissors crushes the smaller stud's head.

Trapped in the killer vice, the hero can't get free. He beats on the massive thighs, but it's like punching concrete. Nuke Man laughs at his victim, swatting at the top of his head, challenging him to break loose.

Nuke Man says, "I could put you out right now, Super-bitch. Just a flex of these legs and you'd be done."

As if to demonstrate his point, he tightens his legs, his thick leg muscles growing even larger. SuperStar's arms actually go limp until the villain releases a bit. The big man flexes his biceps then releases the powerful vice. He rises as the hero collapses, struggling to even move. The smaller muscleman forces himself up to hands and knees as the villain stalks him from behind.

Nuke Man calmly moves in, stepping over the hero's head from behind. He grabs the mask and pulls SuperStar's head up until the back of the hero's head rests under the heel's beefy bulging balls. The musclebeast's legs grow again, securing the hero. The hero looks down at the black leather boots, unable to push out of the hold. He moans as his head is mercilessly crushed again.

"Nobody gets free of these legs, Super-bitch! Be glad I'm not putting on much pressure. Yet."

SuperStar shifts his legs. Before the heel can react, the hero pushes forward and up. He lifts the villain up into the air. Nuke Man sits on the hero's shoulders. Caught off-guard, the massive musclestud wobbles on the smaller muscleman's shoulders. The hero falls back, dropping Nuke Man along with him. The big man can't stop his fall and the two men crash onto the mat, with the heel taking the bigger brunt. KABOOM!

Due to where the villain put SuperStar's head, it slams into the bulging pouch. YEE-ARGH! The arrogant heel yells as they land, his balls squished under the masked skull of the smaller wrestler. The hero has an opening. He quickly rolls over, ignoring the pain he's feeling.

The front of the hero's mask is soaked with drool, a side effect of the painful torture he endured, but he presses on. Nuke Man closes his legs, trying for a body scissors as SuperStar crawls over him. The hero launches forward, slamming his forearm across the heel's handsome face before he can close up. UNGH! The smaller stud mounts the massive chest of the muscleheel. He turns and grabs a leg, securing it as he counts out a pin.


The villain kicks out before the hero can even say two. Both men rise slowly. SuperStar is first, able to charge in and wrap his arms around Nuke Man's trim waist. The smaller stud lifts and dives, slamming the heel's broad back into the canvas hard. WHAM! The hero wastes no time, spinning and grabbing a leg. He flips the musclebeast onto his stomach and applies a tight single leg crab. ARGH!

SuperStar sits back, lifting the leg with him. He cranks hard, applying as much pressure as he can, knowing the muscle monster won't break easily. Nuke Man tries to push out, but the hero is still 215-lbs of power. He holds on, wrenching back. Sweat builds on the granite muscles of the villain as he suffers for really the first time. UNGH!

The hero strains, every muscle and vein popping, but he can't get a submission. He rises slightly, adjusting position based on the grunts of pain from the villain. SuperStar is putting everything in to this and it shows. Beneath him, the villain hasn't given up. His face is etched with pain as he fights back. He flexes his arms and pushes up while kicking back.

SuperStar loses his balance, enabling the villain to force him off. Nuke Man is slow to move, giving the hero the chance to rise and drive his boots into the heel's thick back. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The smaller stud jumps onto the musclebeast, but is quickly thrown off again. SuperStar rises fast and charges in at the rising villain, eager to press this advantage.

As the hero moves in, he runs right into a shoulder to the gut. OOF! With his shoulder against the smaller stud's abs, Nuke Man stands up, hoisting SuperStar over his shoulder. He pushes up on the hero's legs and flips him, sending him crashing to the canvas. SLAM! The hero lands hard on his back. As he rises to a seated position, he gets a hard kick to his back from the heel. ARGH!

Nuke Man circles in front then kicks the hero square on the left pec. The hero falls back, his head hitting hard and bouncing up on impact. As SuperStar goes limp, the villain drops onto his chest, planting his ass on top of the struggling hero hunk. THUD! 235-lbs crashes down onto his pecs, causing the hero to cough from the force. ACK!

"Not bad, Super-bitch. Looks like I gotta soften you up some more!"

The heel pulls the red-masked face into his crotch and rolls over onto the side, applying another head scissors. ARGH! SuperStar struggles and fights, trying to free himself. He's already felt what the massive legs can do. The musclebeast extends his legs. UH! He sits up and grabs one of the hero's hands which rests on his thigh. The villain lifts, checking to see if the hero is still awake (or alive).

When SuperStar is limp, but not out, the villain releases him again. He refuses to take his victory, arrogantly looking to torture his prey. Nuke Man gets up and puts his boot on the large 'S' symbol tattoo. He flexes, declaring this fall almost over. However, the heel doesn't count, telling the cameras to be ready.

"You ain't see nothing like this before! There ain't another man in The Cave that can do this to a hero this size. NO ONE!"

With that tease, Nuke Man grabs SuperStar by the back of his mask and trunks, roughly forcing him to his feet. The red squarecuts wedge up the hero's ass as he's manhandled and forced to walk around the ring. He swings his arms, but offers no real resistance, this latest head scissors doing the damage.

"Watch this, fuckers! This is how you handle a Super-bitch!"

From behind, the villain easily presses SuperStar overhead, the hero looking up at the roof of the arena. The musclebeast's hands are clenched on the back of his neck and ass, holding him aloft like he weighs nothing. SuperStar's arms and legs hang down limp, powerless to escape. Nuke Man presses Jae up and down like a 20-lbs barbell as opposed to a 215-lbs man.

The dominant musclebeast slides his hand from SuperStar's ass to the small of his back. He then pulls away his other hand, suspending Jae's limp carcass up by one arm. The hero groans as he helplessly dangles over 7 feet above the mat. I've seen this happen to Superman in the comics, but never one man be able to do it!

The monster muscle heel only holds this for a couple of seconds, but the message is sent. It's one of the most impressive displays we've ever had in The Cave. The mighty heel casually lets the hero drop behind him. SuperStar rolls in the air, landing hard on his front. SPLAT! The villain calmly circles the unmoving hero. He kicks at his side, testing his resistance. The smaller muscleman struggles to move, showing he's awake, but exhausted.

Nuke Man bends over and grabs SuperStar's mask. He forces the hero up to his knees then slaps on a nerve hold over his thick traps. The villain crushes the hero's shoulders and neck, his huge paws tearing the muscle down. UNH! NO! The muscular hero hunk squirms and cries out, his thick shoulders being mercilessly torn apart.

The villain lifts, hauling SuperStar to his feet by the tight nerve hold. The hero claws at the fingers that dig into his muscles, squirming to find some kind of release. The heel releases his grip and the hero falls to one knee. Nuke Man moves around in front. He shoves the red-masked head between his legs again.

"Time to go to sleep, Super-bitch!"

SuperStar pounds at the legs as he kneels before the villain. He tries to pull free while the villain calmly flexes then points to his chiseled legs. He spreads his incredible lats then kisses his huge biceps. All the while, the hero fights for his life, but the heel doesn't even react.

Nuke Man extends his arm and points his thumb up. He slowly turns his hand, pointing the thumb down. This time, the villain doesn't let up. As his hand rotates, his legs swell and the hero goes limp. SuperStar hangs helplessly from the tight head scissors, his body limp and unmoving.

The villain spreads his legs, letting the hero collapse at his feet. With SuperStar defeated and unconscious, Nuke Man kicks him over onto his back. He kneels down and pins the hero with one finger. The big man flexes his tricep, showing it off as he holds his finger on the beefy chest of the hero.

"ONE! TWO! THREE!" Adding insult to injury, the muscle monster doesn't stop there. He counts, "FOUR! FIVE! SIX! SEVEN! EIGHT! NINE! TEN!"

Nuke Man rises, smiling broadly, his briefs bulging with excitement at the destruction of SuperStar. He dusts his hands and points at the camera, "That's one. Gotta another fall to go then I'm gonna fuck this hero bitch for you, America." He strikes a double bicep pose, looking bigger and more powerful than ever.

Oh crap. I don't see how SuperStar can continue!

Checking on SuperStar

The break goes long, as Ryan checks on the hero. We don't normally have knockouts in the first round, so this is a little new. Maybe this should be a one fall match? SuperStar swears he can keep going and wants to, but I don't see how. Ryan helps him to his feet then steps out of the ring. The hero stretches his muscles out, lifts his mask to drink some energy drink and generally recover.

Across the ring, Nuke Man lets the break go long, not caring at all. He stretches as he talks with Pete. I overhear him say with a laugh, "Just gives me more time to think of things to do to him. Fuck, this is like a dream come true. I love being the first one to destroy Superman."

Round Two

SuperStar is bouncing in his corner, looking revived and ready. Nuke Man is staring the hero down, looking intense.

The villain gestures at the hero, "C'mon, Super-bitch, c'mon. I'm gonna beat you. I'm gonna make you beg. I'm gonna strip you. And when you can't get that sweet ass of yours off the mat, I'm gonna fuck you."

The hero doesn't respond. What can he say? He did get in some offense, but it was a pretty definitive win for the heel.

The two of them come out of there corner. SuperStar suddenly charges, grabbing the villain around the waist. He drives back like Nuke Man is a tackle sled. WHOMP! The men slam into the corner, the musclebeast crashing in hard. CLANG! The hero grabs the ropes on either side of the villain's waist and drives forward, slamming his shoulder into the rock hard abs. THUD! THUD! THUD!

Nuke Man takes the shots, grunting with every thrust. SuperStar goes for one too many, as the muscle monster lifts his leg up, slamming it into the hero's face and chest. CRACK! SuperStar is winded, giving the villain the chance to grab him and flip their positions. With the smaller stud pinned in the corner, the heel delivers devastating chops to his pecs. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!

SuperStar sags, only to have the massive muscle heel grab his wrist and whip him across the ring. CLANG! He hits hard then bounces out, right into a boot to the abs. OOF! The villain grabs the back of SuperStar's mask and trunks then sends him flying into the opposite corner. He torpedoes between the middle and top turnbuckles, hitting the ringpost with his shoulder. WHACK! ARGH!

Coming in from behind, Nuke Man grabs the red squarecuts and yanks them down, exposing the hero's ass in a tiny red thong. The villain stands to the side, launching into a hard spanking of the hero's firm bubble butt. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! He tortures the beautiful behind until it's red from abuse, the hero dangling helplessly outside the ring, unable to escape.

When he's finished the humiliating punishment, the musclebeast lifts the hero's boots off the canvas by his trunks, working them completely off. SuperStar uses the chance to pull himself forward, falling out of the ring completely to the floor below. He rises slowly, rubbing his ass and trying to regain his composure.

Nuke Man won't wait. He quietly hops out to the floor behind the hero, moving in behind. The villain raises his arms, only to receive a stiff donkey kick to his unprepared abs. OOF! The hero follows up, spinning with a forearm to the head. WHACK! The heel staggers back as the hero closes in.

SuperStar drives another boot into the monster's chiseled midsection. He hops onto the ring apron, coming down fast with a double axe handle across the broad back, dropping the big man to one knee. WHAM! The smaller muscle stud grabs the villain by the head, forcing him up. He tries to slam Nuke Man's head into the ring apron, but the thick arms of the heel block the move.

Before the hero can react, he's on the receiving end of a stiff elbow to the chest. When SuperStar steps back, he's scooped up across the broad chest of the musclebeast. Nuke Man easily holds the 215-lbs of muscle as he moves towards the corner. He moves in, slamming SuperStar's back into the steel ring post. ARGH! He does it two more times and the hero goes limp in his arms.

Nuke Man turns then bodyslams SuperStar to the mats that cover the concrete floor. The hero arches up, his back aching. The musclebound behemoth forces his victim up then grabs him by the chest and leg. He lifts, easily pressing SuperStar's carcass overhead once again. The hero looks down this time, bracing himself for what might come. Luckily for the hero, the villain merely throws the hero back into the ring.

SuperStar rolls halfway across the ring as the big man casually walks up the steps to the ring apron. As Nuke Man enters the ring, the hero charges. SuperStar runs right into a tough shoulder block that sends him flying backwards without moving the heel even an inch. When the hero gets up, the villain is there with another scoop slam. WHAM! The smaller stud is moving slower, drained of his second wind by all the slams.

Nuke Man picks the hero up and lies him across the top turnbuckle and ropes. The heel starts pounding away at the hero's pecs and abs, breaking the midsection down hard and fast. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! The hero just lies there and takes it, trapped and unable to fight back. The musclebeast stops pounding on the helpless hero, turns and squats under his victim. He rises, hoisting the limp body of the muscular hero across his broad shoulders.

"I could snap you in two, Super-bitch!"

To emphasize his point, the villain squats and pulls down on SuperStar's head and leg. ARGH! The hero flails in the backbreaker as the villain bends him. Nuke Man keeps squatting and amping up the pressure until the hero is whimpering. His back can't any more abuse.

SuperStar cries out, "I give! I give!"

The villain drops him to the mat and flexes, his victory complete.

Or not.

Nuke Man kicks the hero's hand from massaging his back. He drops down, taking a seat on the defeated stud's bare ass. He reaches forward and pulls SuperStar's torso up and back off the mat. The hero cries out from the pain.

"You're my Super-bitch, now! Admit it!"

"UNH! No! C'mon ... let me go!"

"Admit you're my Super-bitch!"


The hero desperately claws at the hands under his chin, but the villain willingly lets go. He rolls to the side and drags SuperStar between his legs. The muscle monster locks his ankles and secures a tight body scissors. He squeezes hard as the hero flops and writhes between his massive, flexing legs. SuperStar coughs as the life is crushed from him, the hero helpless in the python-like vice.

"please ... URGH ... can't breathe ..."

The meek muttering only inspires the heel more. He grits his teeth as he applies even more pressure until the hero goes limp. Nuke Man loosens the grip and kicks the hero off his legs onto his back. The villain kneels beside the hero, grabbing his face. He asks, "What's your name, boy?"

"Super ... Star!"

"Oh, boy, got ourselves a real brave hero here."

The villain pushes the unbroken hero onto his side then drives a series of knees into the gap below rib and hip. CRUNCH! CRUNCH! CRUNCH! The big man stands up and surveys his victim. Nuke Man grabs the defiant muscleman by the throat and drags him to his feet. He pulls the hero into a bearhug, crushing the hero's already ravaged midsection. SuperStar tries to beat the chest of his dominator, but his weak fists bounce harmlessly away.

"What's your name?"


The villain shakes the hero then asks again. Same response. Nuke Man throws SuperStar down the mat. He drags the hero to the corner, forcing him to his knees facing out. The villain moves behind and takes a seat on the top turnbuckle. He lowers himself down, his legs on the hero's shoulders. A second later, the hero's head is engulfed in the swollen thighs of the powerful musclebeast.

The hero flails his arms as he's trapped in another head scissors. The villain holds himself up on the ropes while the hero supports his legs.

"What's your name?"

"please ... no ..."

The villain in unrelenting, squeezing and demanding, "SAY IT!"

"ARGH! Super-bitch! I'm Super-bitch!"

Nuke Man releases the scissors, pulls his left boot back and positions it on the wobbly hero's shoulder blade. With force, he pushes SuperStar down, face planting him on the mat. SPLAT! The heel lowers his boots onto the hero's bare ass and hamstring then walks up his body like he was a super-muscle carpet, hopping off past his head. The villain flexes, showing off his dominant might.

The heel turns and circles beside the hero. He straddles the smaller stud's hips then bends down and swats his tender ass cheeks. The hero yelps as he tries to crawl away. The laughing villain stomps the bubble butt, pressing down to keep the hero from crawling any farther.

The big man casually steps forward and reaches down. He grabs SuperStar under the arms and drags his limp body up. Nuke Man locks his hands in front and squeezes with a reverse bearhug. The helpless musclehero moans as he dangles in the big behemoth's arms.


"Super-bitch! UNH! Let go!"

The villain shakes the hero. He screams, "YOU GIVING ME ORDERS, SUPER-BITCH? "

"no ..."

"That's right. Who's your master?"

"UNH! You are!" The hero gives into the shaking hug, his resistance depleted, his will gone. SuperStar is completely defeated, unable to do anything but obey.

"Damn right, Super-bitch!" Nuke Man releases SuperStar, throwing him to the canvas with contempt.

The massive muscleman straddles the hero's waist. He sits down on his stomach, facing his boots. The villain grabs a leg and brings it up. He unlaces the red boot, stripping it off. He repeats the move with the other boot. SuperStar can't do anything to stop him, aching and pinned by 235-lbs of rock hard muscle.

The heel rises. He turns then backs up. Nuke Man bends down. He tears off the red thong, stripping the hero of more of his dignity, leaving him wearing only his red mask. The big stud rises up and holds the small red spandex up high like a prize. He plants his black boot on SuperStar's exposed manhood, posing majestically in victory.

Nuke Man looks into Ryan's camera. He says, "What do you think of your hero now, America? He's pathetic. LOOK AT HIM!" The villain points down at the lump of crushed muscle under his boot. He says with disgust, "Fucking pathetic."

The musclebeast looks down, "You're mine, Super-bitch. You know it, the world knows it! Now comes the best part!"

The Stakes

SuperStar lies on the canvas, weak and devastated. Stripped of everything but his mask, I have to say that his smooth, muscular body still looks beautiful in defeat. Towering over him, the magnificent musclebeast is taking his time, inspecting his prize.

With the flexing done, the villain peels down his trunks, revealing his massive cock. Even semi-hard it's impressive. Nuke Man grabs the hero and forces him up to his knees. The villain pulls the hero's mask up, revealing his mouth. He shoves his enormous cock into SuperStar's gaping mouth until the hero gags and thrashes.

With his hands tightly gripping the red mask, the villain brutally fucks the smaller stud's mouth. He pumps hard and fast, slamming the helpless hunk's face into his trimmed pubes. Every time the hero gags, Nuke Man holds his cock in, leaving the hero to flail and choke on his manmeat.

The trashtalking continues, "Suck my cock! Get me hard! Choke on that, Super-bitch!" On and on the villain barks at his victim, like the hero has any control of the situation.

When he's done punishing his helpless victim's mouth, Nuke Man tosses the defeated hero to the canvas. The massive muscle monster circles then puts his boot under the hero's face.

"Kiss my boot, Super-bitch." When the hero doesn't move fast enough, Nuke Man threatens, "Do it or I'll unmask you, you pathetic piece of crap!"

The hero has no choice and no self-respect left. He puckers his exposed lips, kissing the shiny black leather. He mouths the boot, frenching it like a lover. When he's done, Nuke Man grabs him by the mask. The villain forces SuperStar up and drapes him over the top rope. The hero's 215-lbs weighs down the rope, his ass at the near-perfect height for the heel's sheathed cock.

Nuke Man wastes no time. He braces on the hero's hips and leans forward. The rope cuts into SuperStar's lower abs with the added force. The villain plunges into the helpless stud's hole, thrusting and pounding. The hero swings on the rope, his momentum adding to the rhythm and force of the fuck.

Loud moans from both men echo through the arena as the hero is fucked for the first time in The Cave. His Cave virginity is now a memory, thanks to the mighty thrusts of Nuke Man. The villain fucks the hero long and hard, but steps back before he cums. He drags the hero off the ropes then throws him onto his stomach. The villain flexes then lowers himself on top of the hero's back. The big man crushes SuperStar under his 235-lbs of muscle as he forces his way back inside the defiled hero.

Nuke Man fucks SuperStar's limp body, riding him hard. The big man's breathing accelerates and he slides out. The villain tears off the condom and flips the hero onto his back. He moves up the hero's body, kneeling over his red mask. With just a couple of pumps, Nuke Man covers the hero's mask with his seed. Cum flows over the red spandex, seeping through and sticking the mask to his handsome face. With the villain's massive cock drained, he shoves two fingers back inside the smaller stud's ravaged hole. He stands up, using his fingers to encourage SuperStar to rise.

The hero's cock is rock hard as he stands there, resting against the villain's muscular arm for support as he rides the fingers in his ass. Nuke Man reaches forward and smacks the engorged manhood of his Super-bitch. He abuses the cock, slapping it up and down then from side to side, all for the amusement of the cameras.

The villain doesn't give SuperStar a chance to cum, keeping his shaft erect, but unsatisfied. The heel slides his fingers out and lifts his boy over his shoulder. SuperStar's arms and legs dangle down limp, while the villain flexes his free arm. He exits the ring, casually climbing over the top rope and down the stairs while carrying the defeated carcass of his victim.

Nuke Man saunters to the back, his prize hanging over his broad shoulder.

After one of the most dominating performances and humiliating losses we've seen, I wonder what's next for SuperStar. Will he ever show his masked face in this ring again?

The End


  1. This is your best The Cave story ever! So fucking hot! I came two times just reading it, very erotic.
    I hope as hell we'll see Nuke Man soon again with all of his raw power. I can't wait for him to dominate again. Wow, just wow! Thank you for that story.

    1. Awesome! Love to hear that. There is more Nuke Man and Beau on the blog. If you haven't, visit the character index - he's listed under Beau/Nuke Man.

      Beau as Nuke Man also has a prominent role in two upcoming stories this summer. So hopefully you'll enjoy those.

  2. Oh that's great! I know there's other stories with Beau, but this one is especially hot. I also loved his match vs Ben, so much pure domination. This guy is extremely likable, has a strong personality and individuality, I love him almost as much as Jeff!
    That's a great news that there will be more stories with him. Good to know, we'll be looking forward for them. And hopefully he wins, it'd a total turn on for me :)

    Btw, the links in characters list are wrong, they send to other stories. Would be nice if you would fix them..

    1. Thanks for the heads up on the links. I'll check them out this weekend.