Monday, August 3, 2015

AWL: The Education of Jake Justice 5

In the far corner of the wrestling ring area, I’m standing with my buddy and fellow pro wrestler, ‘Chainsaw’ Chuck Rollins. My name’s Jake Justice and I’ve been better.

I’m trying not to look worried, because across the ring are two of our current rivals, Dick von Winkel and Eric Kaine.

I whisper to Chuck, "Great job beating Eric, but are you sure it was smart to put up our belts for real? I mean, if I have to get fucked multiple times, okay, I can take it. Hell, I might even enjoy it. But, the belts aren't ours, they're AWL property. Vic's gonna kill us. I didn't plan on starting 1984 by being shuffled off to jobber land." 

Chuck smirks at me. He puts his big right hand on my shoulder, leans in close and whispers calmly, "Don't worry, kid. It's not a problem. Colt's got this."

"But what if he doesn't? Colt Hill, the American Wrestling League stud, is unbeatable. He’s a monster. Colt Hill, the man, doesn't exactly have a great track record. You've beaten Colt how many times? Andy beat him with his ass and honor on the line. Kirk beat the hell out of him backstage with a bunch of jobbers watching. Hell, I've beaten Colt a few times over the past six months and Justin is a bigger, more experienced version of me."

"Jake, relax. Colt will come through. Yeah, he loses a lot, but with the belts on the line for real, he'll win. No need for one of your classic Jake Justice freakouts." 

My face turns red at the suggestion that I freakout. Over the past six months, Chuck has become my mentor and I confide everything to him, but I don't "freakout." I mean, the only thing I worry about is being exposed as gay and its impact on my career and relationship with my dad. And I didn't even really worry about that until Chuck confronted me about it last summer. Vic, the promoter, already knows Colt is gay. If we lose our belts the same night he loses his, people will connect us and then we're exposed. Oh fuck, this is all going to go wrong.

Huh, I guess I am freaking out a little. But this time, it's justified.

Just then, National Wrestling League studs Dick von Winkel and Eric Kaine stroll around the ring and interrupt. I put on a calm face as the four of us make small talk, waiting for Colt and Justin Cody to emerge from the back. Dick and I are in our street clothes, while Chuck and Eric are still naked from their match, except for their tall patent leather wrestling boots.

Eric is quiet, probably a little shamed from losing his ass to Chuck (and liking it so much) in the first of the three matches tonight. I've got his shiny white trunks tucked in the waistband of my jeans, a souvenir courtesy of Chuck. I see him eying them, but he doesn't ask for them back. Maybe I can trade them for my belt if we lose. No, wait, I've got to think positive.

When we ran into Dick, Eric and Justin Cody earlier tonight, the idea of having a private ring battle with sex stakes here in the empty AWL arena sounded like an unbelievably hot way to start off a new year. The fact that they're all titleholders in the rival NWL while Chuck, Colt and I are hold belts in the AWL was just an interesting coincidence.

Now, after beating Eric, Chuck has put all our belts along with our asses on the line for real. The team that wins of two-out-of-three matches gets all the belts and can fuck the losers for the rest of the night. We're up one-nil, but I'm the underdog in the final match against the heavier and way more experienced Dick, so if Colt fails against Justin, we could be in serious trouble.

I don't have any more time to worry, because Justin comes out of the back and heads to the ring. 

The Match 

Justin doesn't take long to reach the ring and leap inside. He actually has his complete NWL look on - colorful jacket unzipped, yellow trunks pulled up high, tall yellow leather boots, Junior Heavyweight title belt and a long bull rope slung over his shoulder. Justin is a little older than Colt, but looks a lot younger with his fresh-faced, bleach blond cowboy persona. At 6'6" and 240-lbs, he's lean, but strong. He bounces up and down, waiting for his opponent.

Colt comes out immediately after, jogging to the ring. Like Justin, he's 6'6" tall, but that's where the comparisons stop. Justin is handsome, but Colt is one of the sexiest men in the world. He's a man's man, 295-lbs of dark, burly bear with Tom Selleck good looks. As he jogs forward, his pecs and bulge bounce. The man is the complete package, so it's no wonder every cock in the place is swelling at the sight of him in his tight black trunks and boots, tanned hairy skin popping.

The big man climbs in, immediately stripping off his AWL tag belt. Justin starts taking off his gear, taking his time and making Colt wait. I wonder if it's gamesmanship or something, so I yell, "Give these NWL guys a flex, big man!" 

Colt smirks and obliges, raising his thick guns and bouncing his bulging pecs. Even Dick and Eric hoot and holler at the sight. Justin moves in, but Colt's too smart for that. He knows he's vulnerable when he's flexing, so he stops and hunches, ready to lock up. Justin immediately backs off.

The men's faces and tenting trunks show their anticipation as they circle the ring. Colt's all about power moves and wearing you down, but I'm not sure what Justin's style is. I know from experience that Colt's weight is tough to move and it's tiring even just trying. Still, I've had some success and so have some other smaller guys, so this is anything but the slam dunk Chuck is promising.

The two men move in for a lockup. Justin knows he'll lose, so he tries a quick kick, but Colt sees it coming. He knocks the foot away and charges in. Justin stumbles as he's quickly swept up by Colt's massive arms. The heavier stud keeps charging until they crash into the corner. The blond cowboy loses his breath as 295-lbs of muscle crushes on top of him.

Colt delivers a rough knee lift into Justin's abs then does it again. Showing surprising speed, the big muscle monster reaches under Justin's arm and drags him forward. The big man turns and flips his opponent over his hip. The blond stud slams down hard onto the canvas rolling up to a seated position. Colt flexes then follows up with a boot to the cowboy's shoulder.

Justin grimaces and tries to roll to safety, but Colt is too quick. He reaches down, pushing his arms under Justin's armpits. With no effort, Colt powers the lean stud up, manhandling the 240-lbs of cowboy muscle into a full nelson. Justin groans as Colt tightens the hold. He mercilessly shakes the blond beauty back and forth, adding to the pressure.

With Colt's hands locked, there's no hope for escape, but Justin doesn't need one yet. It's early and the lean wrestler is really flexible. Colt squeezes harder, forcing Justin's chin into his chest, but the cowboy withstands it. The big bear charges forward, accelerating the trapped cowboy into the corner. WHAM! Justin crashes in abs first. He loses his air, going limp in the full nelson.

Colt keeps moving, lifting Justin up in the full nelson then bringing him down hard on the back of his neck and shoulders. BOOM! Justin grabs the back of his head and kicks the canvas as he suffers. Colt grabs a handful of blond hair, dragging Justin up to his feet. Colt forces the blond's head down, bending him at the waist while keeping a tight grip on his golden locks. The NWL rising star swings out blindly, but he can't connect. Colt lifts a boot up into his abs, dropping Justin to one knee. OOF!

The big man roughly yanks the stunned blond into a front facelock. A reach for the side of Justin's yellow trunks enables Colt to power Justin's long body up, holding it aloft easily. He really is remarkably strong. The beefy muscleman takes a spin around the ring, letting the blood flow to Justin's head before he stops and falls back. BOOM! When the suplex finally comes, Justin bounces two feet off the mat before rolling to his side holding his back.

Colt kicks Justin onto his back then runs back into the ropes. He bounces off, leaps and comes crashing down with a huge leg drop across Justin's chest. Colt moves across the blond stud and pins his shoulders before counting the pin. ONE! Pause. TWO! Justin manages to kick out, twisting his shoulder free. Colt smirks. He got a two-count already ... good sign.

Justin falls back to the canvas, but Colt doesn't bother trying to cover again. Instead, he presses his advantage by dragging Justin to his feet. The big man scoops the lanky blond up and quickly slams him down with a big body slam. WHAM! The NWL wrestler raises his hips to relieve the pressure on his aching back, only to receive a hard stomp to the gut. POW!

Colt charges into the corner, climbing to the second rope. He leaps off for a slam, but Justin has the presence of mind to raise his legs. The mighty muscleman crashes down, landing gut first onto the cowboy's hard shins. ARGH! Colt bounces off, holding his stomach. With an adrenaline surge, Justin summons the will to immediately rise and charge in.

Colt rises to hands and knees quickly, but not fast enough. The bleach blond cowboy moves in, kicking the sole of his boot into the side of Colt's head, toppling the big man down. Colt rolls to the ropes, shaking his head. Justin unleashes stomps into Colt's abs until they're red, trying to take advantage of his first opportunity to do some damage of his own.

With Colt down, Justin pauses and sucks some air. He grabs the top rope for balance. You can tell his back is still aching, but he fights through it. He uses the top rope to leap up, coming down right on Colt's abs, both feet crashing down onto the muscle wall. The big man grunts as Justin balances his weight on the stomach, bouncing and using the rope for balance and leverage.

Colt sweeps his arm across Justin's ankles, tripping him off his stomach. The lanky cowboy keeps his feet. When Colt sits up, Justin slams a forearm hard across his head. When the beefy bear falls back, Justin quickly reaches for Colt's boot. He lifts it up and steps over, looking to apply a leg lock. Smart move, as keeping Colt down is key to winning. Unfortunately for the NWL star, Colt is ready.

The big man quickly lifts his free leg and kicks Justin off, sending him flying into the corner. His bleach blond head collides with the top turnbuckle, stunning him momentarily. Colt quickly rolls up to standing, showing no pain from the abdominal abuse, in spite of the red welts visible under the coating of dark body hair. When Justin turns out of the corner, Colt is there.

Justin spins right into Colt's big arms. The AWL mega-stud scoops up his lighter opponent and shifts him onto his shoulder. Two steps and a flip later, Justin is slammed into the canvas hard on his back with Colt landing on top of him. KABOOM! They bounce off the mat from the impact. Colt lightly slaps Justin's face, taunting him.

"Bad move, beanpole! My abs can take anything you wanna dish out."

As Colt rises, Justin mutters, "I'll try to remember that."

The big man forces the blond cowboy to his feet. He whips Justin into the ropes, slamming into him with a shoulder block on the rebound. The lighter wrestler flies off his feet, slamming down hard again. Colt kicks Justin onto his stomach then delivers an elbow drop to the lower back. Justin cries out and reaches to rub his aching back.

"Wanna give, beanpole?"

"Fuck you!"

Colt smirks. He drags Justin to his feet and reaches around his trim waist above the tight yellow trunks. The massive muscleman locks his arms and lifts, crushing Justin in a killer bearhug. Justin lifts his knees onto Colt's thick thighs to relieve some pressure. He puts his hands on Colt's thick shoulders. The cowboy's face tells the whole story. This is painful.

Justin's already weakened back must be aching as Colt squeezes the life out of him. The lean stud tries punching his way out, but Colt ignores the blows. Justin tries boxing his ears, but before he can execute it, Colt shakes him until he goes limp. Throughout it all, Justin manages to hold out, refusing to submit. Colt's back and black trunks are drenched in sweat as he applies the torturous hold with unrestrained glee.

Justin hangs limp, but will not give, so Colt drops him. The blond stud lands on his knees before the handsome musclebear, his face falling into Colt's raging hard-on inside the tight black spandex. Colt flexes his arms, showing off his pumped muscles. The big man grabs Justin's hair and pulls his face back. He looks down at the limp NWL star.

"How about a backbreaker, beanpole? I bet I could bend you in half."

Justin says weakly, "No. Headbutt."

"You want a headbu -- OOF!" Justin drives his head forward, breaking free of Colt's grip. His forehead hits right under Colt's erection, smashing into his large, bulging balls. All four of us watching outside the ring wince, but Colt does more than that. He curls over and backs up two steps in shock and pain. Unfortunately for Colt, two steps isn't enough.

Justin uses his long reach to bring a fast fist forward, slamming it into the black pouch. Colt bends over further, only to collide with a rising elbow that sends his head ricocheting up. Justin reaches forward again, this time grabbing Colt's ankles. He pulls forward, hard and fast, toppling the giant bear to the canvas hard.

Justin says, "Guess your lower abs aren't as tough, big boy."

"Fuck you. Cheap sho -- AAHHH!" As Colt responds, Justin dives forward between his legs, dropping an elbow into Colt's aching package. The lanky cowboy rises. He adds insult to injury by supporting himself by planting his big hand on the tenderized balls of his opponent. When he reaches his feet, he stomps Colt's abs then his pouch, smashing into his balls again.

Colt is almost crying from the low blows. Justin steps up and drags him to his feet by his curly hair. He brings a forearm across Colt's head, sending the big man spinning into the ropes. The AWL muscleman bounces back, bumping back first into Justin's torso. The cowboy hunk grabs Colt around the waist and hoists the behemoth up. He brings him down hard in an atomic drop, driving Colt's tailbone into his knee. WHAM!

As shockwaves of pain move up Colt's spine, Justin grabs the back of his head and yanks back, sending Colt down hard onto his neck. Colt grabs the back of his head, dazed by the abuse he's enduring. The lean NWL wrestler grabs Colt by the hair again, forcing him up. Colt shakes his head in the tight grasp, trying to regain his senses. Beside me, Chuck is tense, suddenly concerned. Guess my freakout doesn't seem so crazy now, right?

The cocky cowboy maneuvers them back-to-back, forcing Colt's head back until it's resting on Justin's shoulder. Justin faces Chuck and me, gyrating his hips before he drops down, dragging Colt down with him in a perfectly executed neckbreaker. CRACK! The big man goes limp, falling to the side. It's a powerful move and Colt isn't moving much.

Justin rolls Colt onto his back to go for a pin. ONE! Damn it, Colt, c'mon! TWO! Oh fuck, this is it. THR -- wait! Colt kicks out just in time! Phew. Justin slaps the mat in anger. He definitely thought he had it won, but Colt is tough. The dominant blond wrestler rolls to his feet. He moves around the recovering bear, indiscriminately stomping the hairy torso as he passes.

As Colt starts to rise, Justin grabs his wrist and helps him up. He kicks into Colt's abs then delivers a low knee that bends Colt in half. The lanky wrestler shows some strength of his own, reaching down and lifting Colt's 295-lbs carcass across his chest. He moves into the corner, slamming Colt in upside down. Justin lets Colt slide down until his shoulders hit the mat. He locks the musclebear's black boot under the top turnbuckle support, holding him in place.

Trapped in the tree of woe, Colt tries to escape. Justin kicks his chest and abs, but Colt keeps squirming until Justin slaps on a vicious ball claw that stops all resistance cold. AAAHHHH! The cowboy squeezes and twists, his forearms flexing as he amps up the pressure. The muscle beast cries out in pain, unable to keep silent under the cruel claw hold that crushes his package. ARGH!

With Colt momentarily crushed, Justin releases the claw. He backs up across the ring into the opposite corner. I wonder if he's going to make the mistake of giving Colt time to recover, but Justin's no novice. He races back to the corner, leaping and coming crashing down with a knee right into Colt's big bulge! AAAARRRRGGGHHHH! Colt screams out as the impact dislodges him from the tree of woe.

Colt crumples to the canvas as Justin stands over him. The bleach blond bully flexes at Chuck and me, obviously feeling pretty confident. The helpless mound of beefcake just rests under him, moaning in pain from his aching balls. Justin grabs one ankle and drags the suffering muscleman to the middle of the ring. He kicks the legs wide apart, surveying the unmoving bear that he's nearly destroyed.

With a smile on his face, Justin moves to the corner. He hops to the second rope then the top turnbuckle. The cowboy measures up his prey and leaps off to deliver a headbutt right into Colt's ravaged balls! CRACK! Justin's head collides, but not with a soft pouch, but with a hard leather sheathed shin! Somehow Colt manages to lift his left leg, protecting his manhood.

Justin rolls all the way to the ring apron, holding his forehead in pain. Chuck and I yell encouragement to Colt, who slowly rolls to the corner. He drags himself up, still bent at the waist and clutching his balls tightly. He looks in serious pain, but focused. Across the ring, Justin pulls his way up on the outside of the ring.

As Justin clears his vision, his eyes go wide. Colt is charging right at him, bearing down on him with speed. The cowboy doesn't have time to react before Colt crashes into him hard. Justin flies off the ring apron, down to the floor below. He lands hard on the metal barrier that surrounds the AWL ring. When he falls off the barrier to the concrete floor, I can already see a bruise forming on his side from the impact.

Colt hops out of the ring, walking off his pain. He moves in at a rising Justin, only to receive a boot to the balls. PUNT! Colt bends over again as Justin grabs his wrist. The cowboy flings Colt into the ring apron, back first. WHACK! Colt arches his back in pain. Justin's already moving, driving his shoulder into Colt's abs. The force drives Colt's back into the ring apron again.

Justin rises up as Colt drops to a knee. The lanky cowboy slams a series of fast, hard forearms down onto Colt's shoulder and neck. As the musclebear turns, Justin moves behind, bending down and thrusting his hand between Colt's legs. A ball claw has the big stud moaning. Justin uses his grip to force Colt to his feet.

When Colt is up, Justin releases the claw. He chops across Colt's back then grabs a handful of hair in one hand and trunks in the other. Justin turns Colt, pushing him up into the ring. Colt's black trunks wedge up his ass, exposing his amazing untanned cheeks. Justin rolls in after him, quickly climbing on top of the stunned muscleman's back.

Even weakened with 240-lbs on top of him, Colt musters the strength to rise to hands and knees. Justin drops his boots to the mat, straddling Colt's back. He leaps up and brings his ass down across the small of Colt's back. The big man falls down face first to the mat. He's slow to move, giving Justin time to spin around and reach down to grab hold of Colt's right boot.

Justin lifts the leg while sitting down on Colt's back. He wedges the big black boot under his armpit, cranking back hard in the single leg crab. Colt moans in pain, but refuses to submit, despite being asked multiple times. The cruel cowboy reaches one hand down and slaps on a ball claw over the elevated pouch. Colt's cries grow louder, but still, he manages to hold on!

"Give, big man! Give now and I'll fuck you easy!"

Colt responds by growling and pressing up, literally kicking his way out of the crab. Justin flies forward. Colt sinks back to the canvas, free but exhausted. The musclebear slowly rises up to hands and knees, head sagging, as he desperately tries to focus. Behind Colt, his bleach blond opponent is already up. He turns and carefully stalks the big man.

Justin moves in, right hand open. He bends down and swings his arm forward. He reaches between Colt's legs to apply another ball claw, but the big man sees him coming. He closes his thighs, trapping the hand before Justin can close the claw. Colt reaches back and grabs Justin's wrist tightly. The cocky cowboy is too shocked to react before Colt flips over, dragging Justin down and over.

Colt locks on an armbar, twisting hard. The lanky blond stud slaps the mat in frustration as he's kept under control in the painful hold. It won't get Colt a submission, but it is letting him recover. After a minute of rest and arm torture, the big man unlocks his legs from Justin's arm. He keeps the armbar as he reaches his feet, dragging Justin up with him.

Colt twists harder, forcing the lighter stud onto his toes. As the blond stud tries to escape, Colt delivers a side kick to Justin's abs. As Justin bends forward, Colt twists into a chicken wing, cranking the arm up the cowboy's back. Justin grunts in pain Colt keeps the pressure up then.pushes Justin back into the ropes. He whips him off, sending him across the ring.

When Justin bounces off, Colt swings a huge clothesline with enough force to take a man's head off ... if it connects. This one doesn't. WHIFF! The NWL cowboy ducks, stops and comes up behind Colt. He wraps his long arms around the musclebear's head in a tight sleeper. Colt immediately starts struggling as Justin cinches in the hold.

Colt braces to break the hold, but it's too late. Justin tightens and Colt goes weak in the knees. Justin taunts, "Shoulda given when I told ya to. Now, yer gonna pay!"

With that, Justin shifts again. Mere seconds later, Colt's eyes roll back in his head and he goes completely limp. Justin lets go and the musclebear falls forward, face planting on the canvas. The cocky cowboy spreads his arms wide and poses over his opponent. He bends over and grabs Colt's right wrist, lifting it off the mat. He lets go and it drops. THUD! Justin lifts Colt's left wrist. It falls without any resistance. THUD!

Chuck is muttering, "No, no, no, no ..."

I'm yelling, "WAKE UP! C'mon Colt!"

Justin lifts both wrists simultaneously and holds them up. He shakes the wrists, waving the huge limp paws at Chuck and me, mocking our desperate pleas. When he lets go, they fall limp. THUD!

Oh fuck. It's over. Colt loses. 

Fit to be Tied 

Colt lies there face down and motionless. The final sleeper has knocked him completely out. Justin poses over his opponent, flexing for Chuck and me, making us watch him savor his unlikely victory. He plants a big boot on Colt's bare ass as he adjusts the hard on in his trunks.

Justin laughs, "Oh yeah, nothing I love more than destroying a big jobber bear."

The tall NWL wrestler calmly circles Colt, taking stock of his prize. He knows that awake or asleep, Colt is now his to do with as he pleases. Based on his arrogant look, I get the sense that he has something more planned than a simple fuck. He bends down and grabs a handful of Colt's hair, pulling his victim's head off the canvas. I can see a puddle of drool under Colt's face. He's really out of it.

"Big boy, I can't promise you're gonna like what comes next, but you're sure as hell gonna remember it." The cocky blond stud lets Colt's face drop back to the mat.

Justin grabs a tight hold of Colt's wedged black trunks. He yanks them down to the big man's knees, pausing only to feel the mountainous untanned ass of the muscular beefcake. The blond hunk turns to face Colt's feet, stepping over his waist. He plants his ass on the unconscious bear's back. The victorious NWL stud stretches his long arms down, pulling Colt's left boot up towards his bare bubble butt. Face down on the mat, Colt finally begins to stir, moaning softly as Justin slowly unlaces his left boot. I'm sure he's not even aware of his surroundings.

The blond stud pulls the big unlaced leather boot off then strips off Colt's long sock, tossing it aside. When he's done, he repeats the steps with the right boot and sock. Justin finishes by pulling off Colt's trunks the rest of the way, leaving the big man completely naked. The cowboy wrestler rises confidently, taking his time. Justin smirks at Chuck and I, knowing that he has evened the score.

"Damn, that's a sweet ass. You do not disappoint, big boy. Time to show y'all what it means to lose to a cowboy."

Justin arrogantly walks to the corner and grabs his bull rope. When he comes back, he forces the still unmoving Colt's arms behind his back and expertly binds Colt's wrists. I'm impressed by the technique, knowing the big man is going nowhere with those knots. Justin has obviously done some roping before, confirming he's a real cowboy, not just a wrestler playing cowboy.

With Colt's arms bound, Justin slides his right hand down, using two digits to part Colt's ass cheeks. Colt involuntarily moans and smiles in his unconscious stupor. Dick and Eric laugh at Colt's reaction to feeling the two-finger fuck. Justin sees it, too.

Justin says to the sleepy Colt, "Fuck, you're just a big old bottom bitch, aren't you?"

Justin rises and strips off his yellow trunks, revealing a sizable and handsome cock. It powers up, pointing up and revealing his impressive balls. The stud finishes pulling them down over his cowboy-style boots, but he doesn't toss them aside. Instead, he bends over and pulls Colt's thick black hair, forcing his head up.

"Open wide, big boy. Daddy's got something for you."

The beaten behemoth groans as Justin shoves the crotch of the sweaty yellow trunks into Colt's mouth. The big man gags on it for a moment then settles down. Justin undoes the knot in the waistband lace and wraps the ends of the white lace around Colt's head, knotting it tightly in front, between Colt's lips. It keeps the trunks in place, without truly choking Colt.

Colt instinctively starts to reach to pull the trunks off his face, but Justin stomps his big cowboy boot down on the musclebear's ass. The big stud stops, accepting his fate. The lanky cowboy kicks Colt over onto his back. With Colt's arms bound behind his back, they wedge under his body, propping up his hips. The big man's gigantic cock is fully erect. Even Justin is visibly impressed by the massive size of Colt's huge organ.

"Woo, boy, that's a beast. Sure glad I'm not the jobber bitch. I bet that thing shoots a mile. Too bad you're not gonna get a chance to show it." Justin laughs evilly at the end and I wonder why.

Justin moves between Colt's legs, kicking them apart then kneeling down. He grabs one of Colt's black boots and strips out the long white lace. The big man looks up over his angled torso, eyes wide as his huge dick is seized. The blond beefcake works Colt's cock and then his tortured balls, pulling and tugging on them. Colt moans at the rough touch, his cock pumping and thrusting.

Colt closes his eyes as his manhood is manhandled. When Justin lets go, Colt actually looks disappointed. Justin laughs as he ties a slip knot in the lace. He lassos Colt's cock and balls. Colt's eyes go wide as Justin works. The defeated muscleman begs through the gag, shaking his head. I can't understand what he's saying, but the meaning is clear. He knows nothing good can come from this.

Justin ignores his victim. He starts wrapping the lace around from the base, splitting Colt's balls as he works his way around. The slip knot does its job, constricting mercilessly around the base of the huge manhood, keeping it red and hard. Colt closes his eyes again, focusing on ignoring the torture he's enduring. The young NWL stud winds the lace around and around, leaving Colt's dick and balls tightly trussed up in three giant purple mounds.

"Shit, that's not going anywhere, is it?" Justin taunts, slapping Colt's throbbing purple cock head back and forth. "Damn, Eric, I think he has you beat. Biggest cock I've ever seen and it's wasted on a jobber bottom bitch like this. Sad."

Justin leans down and engulfs the gigantic organ in his mouth. He works the head slowly. Not surprisingly, the man has skills, turning and sucking like a champ. Colt moans at the pleasure and pain, obviously getting off on it. Well, not really getting off, as the string keeps him hard, but makes it impossible to cum. Still, Colt is worked up, practically crying as he bucks his hips, desperate for release.

With the big man is wincing in pain, Justin moves from the big man's cock to his own. He spits on his own dick and works the saliva around before bringing it to Colt's magnificent ass. The blond dominator grabs under Colt's legs and forces them up to the sky. The massive bear looks so pathetic - gagged, trussed and bound - but also so ridiculously hot. It's a fantasy come to life in the ring.

Justin pushes in closer, savoring his unlikely victory. Colt groans through the gag as his ass is parted by Justin's cock. The smooth stud works back and forth, pounding Colt's ass slowly. Justin's face shows how good it feels. Colt's been fucked many times, but I can tell you from personal experience that he's still totally tight. Justin works into a rhythm. Colt is moaning in pleasure as his ass is taken. I can tell Colt wants to cum, but it's never going to happen.

Justin has incredible stamina. He fucks Colt for a long time, but I don't get bored watching. It's amazing to see. When he gets close, Justin actually pulls out before he unleashes. The first shot fires out like a rope, reaching Colt's face. The thick black mustache is covered in hot white cum. Justin convulses, spraying Colt's tanned, hairy torso with his seed. The final shots coat the big man's bound crotch, covering Colt's deep red and purple manhood. The lines of thick white manjuice contrast against Colt's body, emphasizing the humiliation.

Once he's empty, Justin sits back to catch his breath. He's sweaty and his face is red, but his smile is huge. He flips Colt over again, onto his cum-covered stomach and cock. Colt moans as he rests on his rock hard trussed manhood, the pressure causing pain that runs through his body. Justin ignores the muffled pleas. He grabs Colt's ankles and forces the legs up, bringing Colt's heels to his ass. Justin holds the end of the bull rope that binds Colt's wrists and wraps it around the ankles, hogtying the barenaked big man.

When Justin is done, he stands up and smirks, mocking Colt and looking right at us. He says, "Wait until you see what I do to the two of you after Dick kicks your scrawny ass, Jake Jobber. YOO!"

Colt rolls to his side, taking the pressure off his aching cock, as I realize how much trouble we're in. 

Chuck Feels the Pressure 

I head to the back to get changed, leaving Chuck to free Colt. Ahead of me, Dick is practically skipping, he's so pumped. As he heads into the opposite locker room, he turns and gives me a wink and a smirk. Asshole.

Suddenly, I feel someone right behind me. It's Chuck. He's ignored our friend's predicament, leaving the big bear to fend for himself. Yes, our partner is still naked, moaning and hogtied in the ring, but Chuck is more worried about the bigger implications. He practically pushes me into the locker room, clearly worked up by this turn of events.

As soon as the locker room door closes, Chuck starts pacing. He really thought Colt was a sure thing. Now, he realizes it up to me to beat a 30-year veteran of the ring who outweighs me and sure as hell knows tricks I've never seen.

"It's up to you, kid. I sure as hell hope your daddy taught you something, because we're gonna need it."

"You know Dick. Got any advice?"

"Yeah, don't lose."

I nod then start pulling my clothes off. 

Next: Jake Justice vs. Dick Von Winkel

To Be Concluded ...


  1. That Colt action is just so HOT...!

    1. Thanks for the comment. Colt is a lot of fun to write as a jobber.