Thursday, August 6, 2015

AWL: The Education of Jake Justice 6

Chuck says, "Fucking Colt. Losing to that punk ass little bitch. Shit, it's up to you, kid. I mean it, Jake. You've gotta beat the old man to protect our fucking honor."

I roll my eyes, "Right, Chuck. You really mean to protect your ass, don't you? Your mouth wrote a check and now I gotta cash it."

"Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean my ass. Kid, I don't wanna get fucked tonight. And I sure as hell don't wanna give up my belt to those NWL assholes. Damn it. I figured Colt was a sure thing against that beanpole. I never would've made this muthafucking bet if I thought he was gonna lose." Chuck slams a fist into one of the lockers, seriously denting it.

I respond sarcastically, "Gee, thanks." The implication that Chuck had no faith I could win just hangs there for a moment before Chuck realizes what he’s said.

Chuck starts to apologize, but I wave him off. I'd be insulted, but the fact is, Chuck is kind of right. Dick probably even chose me as his opponent because he thought I’d be easier than Colt. While I'm definitely the underdog here, I don't need to hear it just minutes before my match. I need to hear suggestions on how I avoid 1984 starting off in a really crappy way. I finish changing as Chuck paces, circling the entire locker room. I wish Colt was here to calm him down, but the last time I saw Colt, he was hogtied buck ass naked in the ring, fresh after being fucked by Justin. We should've untied him, but I had this match to get ready for. I assumed Chuck would do it while I got ready. Instead, Chuck came back here with me, leaving our friend to figure it out on his own.

A little background is in order, I guess. My name's Jake Justice, pro wrestler for the American Wrestling League. I ended 1983 on a high note by becoming the AWL TV titleholder. Chuck and Colt are none other than "Chainsaw" Chuck Rollins, AWL's US champ and Big Colt Hill, AWL's tag champ. The three of us have a private friendship, which involves a lot of wrestling and even more sex. We’ve been at it for six months, since July when Chuck discovered I was gay, but too stupid to know how to hide it. The big stud took pity on me and became my mentor. Now, with the exception of nights when Colt has to ‘service’ his tag partner, Kirk Manning, the three of us mess around pretty much exclusively, managing to avoid the public bar scene entirely.

It's 1:00am. We’re at the AWL facility and I'm getting ready for a wrestling match. There are only six of us in the entire building, but this match is suddenly more important to me than any TV taping in front of hundreds of people. As I pull on my tight red trunks, I'm nervous and unfocused. I realize that this is the first match I've ever had in this facility where I didn't know the outcome beforehand. I'll be facing the National Wrestling League Heavyweight Champion, Dick von Winkel, a man I only met tonight. I'm 22, while he's 45, so he's way more experienced than me. My father's a pro wrestler about the same age and size as Dick and he's always pulling out new moves when we spar. I’ve yet to ever beat my dad, which doesn’t exactly give me confidence.

When Chuck, Colt and I went out tonight, we had no idea that we'd run into three wrestlers from the rival NWL - Dick, Eric Kaine (NWL Transcontinental champ) and Justin Cody (NWL Junior Heavyweight champ).

They are in town for a show and ended up at our private men's club, the best place for men who like men to hang out without worrying about who they’ll run into. As happens with wrestlers, egos took over and one thing led to another. Now, we're in this three-match challenge where the loser gets fucked in the ring. It's not really that big a deal, as we've all been fucked by other wrestlers before. However, thanks to Chuck, the winning team also gets all the belts and the losers submit for the rest of the night. As I said, losing the belts and being NWL bitches would be a really shitty way to start 1984 and tough to live down, even if no one else knows about it.

Chuck beat Eric in the first match, but Colt lost to Justin in the second. That means it all up to me. I finish lacing my boots and stand up, stretching and hopping, trying to burn off some nervous energy. Eric sticks his head in to say Dick's ready and on his way to the ring. I nod and follow with Chuck rubbing my shoulders and talking me up the whole way down the hall.

Ready or not, it's finally my turn.

The Final Match

When I come through the curtain, Dick is already in the ring. He's staring me down with a giant smirk on his face. I have to admit, the old man looks good in his black trunks, boots and belt. He's a man's man - furry, beefy and supremely confident. At 6'0" and 240-lbs, he's shorter and heavier than me. I don't know how strong he is, but he's definitely in good shape. That's all fine, of course, as I can handle that. It's the additional 25 years of wrestling that has me worried.

I notice Colt ringside. He's still completely naked, except for Justin’s bull rope. I see that his bulging arms are still bound behind him. Justin has looped the other end of the rope around Colt's neck in a slipknot, forming a collar and leash. The gag is gone and the big stud's ankles have been untied. Colt's massive cock and balls are free, but still red and throbbing. The massive bear looks shockingly helpless and submissive, but somehow even more sexy.

Colt looks at me, mouthing the words, “Please. Win.”

I give a small nod to him, but I can't really worry about that. I've got my own issues. We'll all be in the same trouble if I don't somehow pull a victory out. Besides, I’ve learned that Colt has a way of getting himself into these situations, so he should be used to it by now. He can certainly survive another few minutes as some wrestler’s bitch.

As I climb into the ring, Justin taunts me, “No point untying him when he’s gonna be mine again in a few minutes anyway. Dick’s gonna kick your ass. Ooh baby.”

I step in over the middle rope, contemplating a response. With me half-in/half-out and looking at Justin, Dick charges forward, grabbing the rope and pulling it up into my body. It slams up into my balls. FUCK! Dick wastes no time slamming two forearms across my back. WHAM! The savvy ring veteran wrenches my trunks up my crack in a wedgie. DAMN! Using my hair and trunks, Dick drags me into the ring and hurls me down to the canvas. He stomps my right shoulder hard. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

I crawl away to the opposite corner, being hammered by his boots the whole way. Before I can react, Dick has me by my long blond hair and slams my face into the middle turnbuckle. He wrenches my right arm up my back then forces me to my feet. Dick slams me right shoulder first into the corner then peels off my belt. He casually tosses it into the middle of the ring.

I push Dick back to buy time. The old man is unrelenting, though. He immediately comes in with a big boot to my abs. Next, he twists my right arm behind my back as he lifts me up across his chest. Before I know it, I'm being turned and slammed down shoulder first onto my own belt! The hard metal and leather title digs into my flesh, adding to the impact of the devastating slam. Another round of boots have me reeling until I can slip out under the bottom rope and onto the floor below.

I try to catch my wind, being yelled at by Chuck the whole time. Not exactly the start I was looking for. Dick waits patiently in the ring, a huge smirk running across his face. I roll back in under the bottom ring. The NWL champ charges at me, but this time, I’m ready. I spring up, diving at him. My left shoulder plows into his surprisingly hard stomach. We topple down with me on top.

I reach for a headlock, but Dick blocks me. He goes for a body scissors, but I pin one of his legs down with my knee. We’re fighting for armbars, headlocks, grapevines … anything we can get … but we counter every move the other tries. POW! WHAP! We trade body shots as we struggle on the canvas. Dick manages to roll me over, but I get a knee between us and shove him off me. Dick and I scramble to our feet, both breathing hard. He still has that annoying grin on his face.

“Nice work. I guess daddy did teach you some stuff, junior.”

Dick extends his hand for a shake. When I reach out to accept, the old man kicks up at me. I see it coming, easily batting the boot to the side. It deflects harmlessly off my thigh and I respond by charging with a fist that drives deep into Dick’s gut. He staggers back winded.

I say with snark in my voice, “Yeah, I guess he did.”

Dick nods and we circle. We move in for a lockup, but I dive under his arms to tackle him down again. Unfortunately, Dick anticipates me and brings his knee up. CRACK! My jaw slams into his rising leg and I topple back, dazed. The ring veteran moves in and slaps on a cruel nerve hold on my right neck and shoulder. His fingers dig into my trap, tearing at the muscle. I cry out, but can’t get free. The pain shoots through my arms, immobilizing them. I use my legs, pushing myself up to my feet. When I stand, I decrease his leverage, allowing me to swing an elbow into his gut, breaking the hold. Before I can respond, though, he moves in hard and fast, leveling me with a high clothesline across my neck. WHAM!

I crash down hard onto my back, coughing. Dick stomps down on my right shoulder then grabs my hair. He drags me up again, this time pushing me into the ropes. Dick delivers a series of hard chops to my chest to soften me up then sends me across the ring. I bounce off and leap up, hoping to hit a crossbody block. Once again, the savvy veteran is ready. He ducks, letting me sail over his back and crash down behind him. SPLAT!

I fall hard and awkward on my right side. Before I can rise, he’s on my back, locking on a chokehold. I manage to maneuver it into a chinlock, preventing him from knocking me out, but I’m still in pain. I struggle to rise, but Dick’s shifting his 240-lbs on my back and keeping me pinned. I work my right hand into the hold, almost breaking it. Dick knows his chinlock has lost its effectiveness, so he suddenly switches holds, moving faster than I can react. My right wrist is in the perfect position for him. He grabs it, yanks and twists. Dick slaps on a chicken wing, using his shin to help keep it pinned and force it higher and higher up my back until it’s touching my shoulder blade.

Dick keeps cranking, building on his early attacks on my right shoulder. By using his leg, it gives him a free hand to punch the back of my shoulder. I can’t do anything but moan and squirm under him. He’s heavy and great at counters, but I finally manage to get my knees under me. I use them to topple us over. He loses his grip as we roll. We land with Dick on his back and my back on his torso. I lie on him for a moment, catching my breath, but it’s a moment too long. The NWL champ swings his legs around for a body scissors and ties up my arms with a full nelson. ARGH!

Fuck, this out of the frying pan into the fire shit is going to get tiring. The scissors isn’t that tight, probably because Dick knows it won’t do much other than control me. He’s been attacking my shoulder and neck, so he focuses on tightening and squeezing harder on the nelson. I try to break free, but he has old man strength and his fingers are locked tight. I try to use my legs to press up, but it’s not really working. I feel my shoulder giving as my elbows are pushed together behind my neck.

“Give it up, junior!”

“Fuck you! I can stay in this shit all day!”

Dick must believe me, because he suddenly releases the nelson. He goes for a sleeper, but makes the mistake of not tightening his legs. I’m too quick this time, twisting around before he can work his arms into place. Now facing Dick, I sit up and back. His legs are still wrapped around my body, but I’m in the perfect position to fire off a hard series of gut punches. WHAM! POW! WHAP! POW! WHAM! POW! I get a half-dozen off before Dick manages to kick me back. We rise again, both a little winded. I’m swinging my arm, trying to loosen it up.

Dick taunts me, “Didn’t get much behind those rights, junior. Arm not feeling right?”

“I got enough,” I respond while pointing at the red marks on his stomach as proof.

The old man laughs then darts forward. We lock up for real this time, feeling each other out. We press against each other, but Dick smartly makes the first move. He shoots forward attacking my right shoulder again. He locks on a standing armbar. My arm is twisted painfully and I groan in pain. That groan encourages Dick to twist harder. I manage to push him against the ropes then whip him across the ring. When he comes off, I hit him with a clothesline. SLAM! ARGH! I instinctively use my right arm, which is a huge mistake. Dick’s done more damage than I thought, so while I knock him down, I feel more pain. I can’t follow up, instead staggering back into the ropes. The NWL champion comes in close. I can see him eying my right arm hungrily, so I turn my left side towards him in defense.

Dick kicks his big black boot out at me, connecting with my left side. OOF! I try to move away, but can’t move fast enough. Dick moves in closer then fires hard fists in my side as I hang on the ropes. He reaches his right hand over my left shoulder, ignoring an elbow I slam into his gut. The savvy ring veteran reaches his left hand over my back, between my legs. Dick shows off his strength by lifting me up, off my feet. The ring veteran brings me down into a gutbuster over his knee. ARGH!

I hang on his leg for a minute while he pounds forearms mercilessly into my back. The seasoned wrestler pushes me off his knee onto my back. He rises then comes down immediately with a double axe handle to my aching abs. Dick open his hands and slaps on a hard ab claw. His fingers bury into my soft stomach. I know I should work on my gut, because his fingers almost disappear into my body as he grabs the muscle. I’ve got no resistance as he crushes my stomach muscles. AHH!

“Gonna give, junior?”

I can barely cry out, “No!” through the blinding pain. I stomp the mat in pain as my midsection is torn apart. Damn, his hands are strong. Dick slides his feet back and starts doing pushups with the clawhold locked on. I’ve never felt this much pain before. It’s all I can do to resist his continuous calls for me to surrender. I can’t give up, but I don’t know if I can hold out much longer. Fortunately, Dick can’t do that forever. He opens his claw and rises up.

Dick grabs my hair and forces me to look at him. He says me, “Junior, you gotta know something. This is fun for me, destroying you piece by piece. Your arm’s dead. Your abs are pathetic. I’m just gonna keep destroying body part after body part until you give. You wanna spare yourself a lot more pain?”

“Fuck you, old man.”

Dick smiles, “Good. I hoped you’d be stupid.”

I try to look defiant, but I believe that this is fun for him. He’s actually glad I’m not submitting. Arrogant fucker. I slowly roll to hands and knees. I see Dick moving in, but I can’t react before he leaps up and splashes down across my back. BOOM! I collapse under his weight. Dick slides over my sweaty back, moving into a seated position. He grabs my arms, yanking them up and over his knees, I fight back, but I can’t stop him from pulling me up into a camel clutch. I moan as he pulls back, stretching my head back. My back feels like it will break as he pulls me up and back further than I’ve ever been stretched. I moan loudly, suffering in the cruel hold.

I suffer and hold out for what seems like hours. The harder he yanks, the greater my willpower. Frustrated by my stubbornness, Dick slides his index fingers into either side of my mouth. He pulls, stretching my mouth open. Still, I manage to focus and resist his command to submit. Unable to break free, I go dirty. I’m not proud of what I’m planning, but I need to be free of this hold. I open my jaw and move my mouth fast enough to catch one of Dick’s fingers. I bite down for all I’m worth. CHOMP! YEEARGH! It’s Dick’s turn to scream as I shock him with the move. At the same time, I summon my strength and thrust my arms forward. He loses focus enough that he can’t stop me.

I collapse to the mat while he shakes his hand out. He’s cursing a blue streak at me and I can’t blame him. Still, I’m free. For the moment. Dick’s too smart to let this throw him off his game. He rises up and stomps my back mercilessly. I try to rise only to be stomped down again. The veteran grabs my hair and drags me up to my feet. He turns his back and positions his shoulders against my side. Seconds later, I’m lifted up off my feet, stretched out across his shoulders in a torture rack. Dick pulls down on the backbreaker, making sure I really feel it. Even though Dick is older, I’m the lightest man here. He doesn’t have any trouble keeping my 225-lbs up. He calls for me to give, but I refuse. He bounces me up and down, but I still refuse.

The NWL champ is getting angry. I can tell Dick’s pissed, because he reaches up and squeezes my pouch, crushing my balls and cock in a rough claw. I flail on his shoulders, but I can’t do anything else. As I wave my arms, my hand finds Dick’s head. I summon the wherewithal to fire a fist into his temple. It’s not that hard, but it’s enough. I’m immediately dropped as Dick moves to the ropes, clearing his vision. I force myself to my feet. When I’m standing, it’s just long enough for Dick to scoop me up across his chest. The ring veteran drops down, slamming me across his knee with force. I fall off his knee, rolling onto my stomach.

Dick grabs my hair and forces me up. I’m out on my feet as I stand there. The old man has really taken it to me – shoulder, abs and now back. Dick grabs a handful of my hair then forces my head between his thighs. He grabs around my waist. I squirm as he reaches around my waist, but I’m unable to really figure anything out before he makes his move. Dick pulls up, spinning me in the air until my boots and hips fly over his shoulder. I hang there, facing the ceiling, my back resting on his shoulder. My head and legs hang down, applying pressure to my damaged back. I want to kick my feet, but it’s no use. This backbreaker is even more painful than the torture rack. I helplessly moan and focus on ignoring the pain.

I’m paraded around the ring, powerless to stop him from showing off his dominance over me. When I won’t submit again, Dick drops to his knees. The impact shoots through him right into my spine. I cry out then get dropped to the canvas. I crumple limp to the mat, landing on my right side. The veteran wrestler reaches over and grabs my shoulder, rolling me onto my back. He rolls up beside me. Dick arrogantly plants his right shin across my chest. I blink quickly, only seeing his huge bulge as it rests over my face. He adjusts his package and I can see he’s pretty hard. I wonder if this is it.

Dick starts to count the pin. “ONE! Junior, I want you to understand this. I could pin you right now.” I will my shoulder to rise, but it doesn’t obey.

“TWO! But then you wouldn’t learn anything You’d brag about how I couldn’t get you to submit.” I desperately try again.

I hear Chuck slapping the canvas and calling for me to get my ass up, but I’m not really processing what he’s saying.

I do manage to rise before Dick can say three, but not because of anything I did. Instead, Dick has asserted his dominance, reaching behind my head and pulling my face right into his bulge at the two-count. He suffocates me as he pushes my face into his sweaty bulge hard. When he lets go, I collapse back to the mat.

Fuck, pulled up at the two-count. Not much more humiliating than that. Dick lowers my head and looks me square in the eye. He comes in close enough that I can feel his hot breath on my face.

Dick says, “When a man like me tells a boy like you to give, you fucking do it. Now, we’re gonna try this again and again until you get it.”

The NWL champion leans over me, fucking my face with his bulge. He rubs it all over, mocking me the entire time. When he's had his fun, the old man sits back and kneels beside my head. He slaps my face to wake me up. When my eyes open, I see him smile before he mounts my shoulders, facing my boots. His ass smothers my nose and mouth as I’m overwhelmed by the smell and taste of his sweaty musk as it fills me. All I can see is his back, rising up. I can’t do much other than wonder what he’s got planned for me next. I manage to slide my hands to the side under his boots, but I’m too weak and he’s too heavy to move.

In desperation, I manage to swing my legs up, but my broken abs prevent me from getting anything behind them. Dick easily swats them back down. I decide to wait for him to start the count, saving my strength to twist my shoulder up. Instead, he doesn't try for a pin. I guess he really does only want a submission. As I look up over his ass, I see his back tense then feel a hard punch to my left pec. It's followed by a hard punch to my right pec. Dick starts pummeling my chest with powerful fists, savagely beating my pecs into mush.

Dick stops the punches, but replaces it with a hard pec claw, grabbing at the side and locking his fingers on tight. I can't help but cry out. I've managed to hold out against shoulder, ab and back punishment, but I don't know how much I've got left in the tank.

"Give, junior! This is a man telling you. GIVE!"


Okay, I've got more strength than I thought. I steel my will and keep resisting through the minutes of pec abuse. It's round after round of punches then claws then back to punches and more claws. I resist it all.

Sweat pours down Dick's back and I suddenly realize how much effort he's exerted. I've suffered, but he's done all the work. After I refuse to submit three more times, I hear Eric and Justin telling him to just pin me. Dick says, “No, I can get him to submit!” They keep arguing, during which Dick does nothing but continue to sit on me. It’s the longest break I’ve had, but he finally relents and accepts his teammates direction. Dick starts counting. ONE! Pause. Before he can even say TWO, I grab his ankles as they rest beside my head, twisting and pushing up in unison. The NWL star falls off me, shocked that he didn’t even get the pin.

Dick slaps the mat and screams, "NO! You fucking piece of shit! I'm gonna fucking break you!"

I hear Chuck shout, "Way to go, kid! Way to hang tough! Now DO SOMETHING!"

Do something. Great advice. The moment’s rest was long enough to let me break free, but I can't seem to follow up. I just sit there sucking air as Dick rises and turns back to me.

"Enough of this shit."

Dick marches up and reaches down to grab my hair. I fire a fist that hits him in the thigh. I was aiming higher, but that's what I could manage. It has no effect as I'm dragged to my feet like a rag doll. The ring veteran bends me forward, shoving my head between his legs. He reaches around my waist and hoists me up. As I rise and spin, I think, "Oh shit, another backbreaker? A piledriver?" I'm wrong on both counts, as I'm flipped over until my back and head are parallel with the mat. Time stands still as I realize, "Oh, powerbomb. Damn, this is going to hurt." Dick drives us down and I slam hard on my back. WHOOMP! My body goes limp as he puts all the power he has left behind the move. My back spasms and I convulse on the mat, confirming my earlier thought. It does hurt.

Dick kneels between my legs, gathering himself. He finally slides his arms under my spaghetti legs and positions his shoulders behind my knees. He forces my legs up until my knees almost touch the mat beside my ears. Through the two layers of thin spandex, I feel his hard cock at my ass as he pins me hard. As drops of cold sweat fall from his face onto mine, it wakes me out of my stupor. I look up at Dick’s red face and realize that he’s tired. This pin is his acceptance that it’s the best he can hope for. He’s admitting he can’t get me to submit.

ONE! Pause. I feel excited, knowing he’s not a machine. He’s a man. A man with limits.

TWO! Pause. I summon my sixth or seventh layer of reserves (I've lost count) and thrust up and to the left, again toppling him over before he can say THREE.

SLAP! SLAP! Dick screams, "FUCK! You stupid fucking punk!"

I softly say, “You know you can’t get me to submit. Now you can’t even pin me.”

“Fucking shut up!”

The shocked veteran rolls to his feet, while I lie on the mat, gasping for air with a huge (undeserved) smile on my face. He bounces off the ring ropes and leaps for a vicious leg drop across my throat. I manage to roll, leaving him to land hard on his tailbone. CRACK! I make it to the corner, using the ropes to rise. I sink down, the top rope cutting into my armpits as I look at Dick rising, still rubbing his ass. I hang in the corner, unable to move, but I can speak.

“Careful old man. Don’t wanna break a hip.”

Dick doesn’t respond. His body is drenched in sweat, his flesh is red and his face etched with fury. I'm surprised by my resolve, but Dick's way past surprise, even past pissed. The old man has thrown everything he has at me, but failed to get me to submit and now failed to pin me. We’ve been at this for too long. He’s thrown me around, carried me, tortured me, but still I resist. If I was more awake, I'd be amused that this smart ring veteran actually willingly aborted his only successful pin. I bet he'd change that decision now. Arrogant fucker.

The fact is, I won't quit. I don't know how I'm doing it, but I'm holding on. Still, holding on isn't enough. Eventually. I need to do something, to use Chuck's words. I've got to mount some offense. My mind races with all the moves I could execute, but my body isn't cooperating. I'm too exhausted, battered and bruised to even stand, much less wrestle.

"Okay, you fucking brat. I've had enough of your crap."

Dick makes his next move, charging at me in the corner. He's angry, which makes him careless. He's tired, too, which makes him a lot slower than normal. I raise my leg, aiming for his face, but I don't have the strength. Instead, my leg gets only halfway up. Dick can't stop in time. He races into my boot, which connects right on his big bulge. His eyes go wide as his manhood is crushed against the hard sole of my boot by his own weight and momentum. My leg bends back from the force, my knee hitting my chest. Our faces are only inches apart before I thrust my foot forward, managing to push him back. The ring veteran stumbles back, falling to the mat, clutching his balls.

I hang there, taking it all in. Dick is on the canvas, kneading his crotch and swearing. His ass is up in the air, facing me. It looks good. I want it. I want it. I want it. I will myself to rise, being egged on by Chuck. I stumble forward towards a rising Dick. When he turns, I dive forward, delivering a stiff lariat that topples us both down. I had to use my left arm, but I’m hoping it’s enough. I lie on top of Dick, ready to start the count. The NWL stud rolls us both over before I even get to one.

Dick mounts me, pinning my shoulders with his knees. He starts to count, thinking I can't lift his weight at this stage. He's right. ONE! I'm pinned, but I get my hands on the sides of his trunks. I yank up, wedging them high up his ass. The front drops four inches as the fabric pulls his balls back between his legs. It's all the distraction I need to buck my hips and twist. Dick topples to the side as I roll away.

I lie in the ring on my back for a second. I need to get to the ropes to use them to rise, but I'm too slow. Dick is already up, adjusting his balls to the front, but leaving the trunks wedged up his ass. He's crazy with rage that I've managed to escape yet another sure pinfall. The experienced pro moves at me slowly and cautiously, having learned not to be overconfident. I'm sure his mind is racing, same as mine. We've been at this too long.

“Oh that’s it! You like ball torture? I’m gonna fucking neuter you, you stupid punk!”

Using a technique my dad taught me, I eye him, but make it look like I'm not. When he gets close, he’s making a fist with his right hand and staring at my balls. Before he can do anything, I roll away. He follows, forgetting about my balls, instead reaching for my hair to control me. When he’s close and bent over, I suddenly lift my boots to lock on a head scissors. Good move, but Dick is ready. He pushes them down with his left hand. Unluckily for him, that wasn't my real move. While he's focused down, I sit up and grab behind his head. I pull his head down in a front facelock. At the same time, my other arm moves behind his leg. With Dick locked up, I use my buddies Mr. Gravity and Old Momentum to roll him into a small package.

In less than a second, the old man is toppled and pinned under me. Dick starts kicking while I start slowly counting. ONE! Pause. TWO! Pause. THREE! Pause. Pause. Dick finally manages to escape, but it's way too late. I've pinned him! I'm sent rolling away by the force of his kick out. I lie there gathering myself, unsure if he's going to argue his case.

Chuck is in the ring beside me in seconds, making sure Dick doesn’t keep going. The ring veteran is looking helplessly at his compatriots, but all they can do is shrug and confirm that it was a legit three-count. The veteran slaps the canvas hard, furious at this turn of events. He screams every swear word you can imagine, but facts are facts. I won. He lost.

Across the ring, a relieved Colt looks at Justin with a wicked smile. The only NWL winner gulps then reluctantly unties his victim's wrists and pulls off the makeshift leash. Colt reaches out and grabs Justin's pouch, squeezing playfully. The barenaked bear doesn't say anything to the shocked blond stud, but it's clear that some payback is coming. He rolls into the ring to congratulate me.

In the ring, Chuck helps me onto my feet. I'm still wobbly as he gives me some water. Fuck, I'm out of gas, can I just go to bed? Chuck slaps my face, waking my up. He tells me that I need to suck it up. After all, there's a lot of fun to be had.

Jake's Turn

Dick rolls to his feet and stares me down. I push my long, sweaty blond hair out of my face. Next thing I feel is Colt moving in and supporting me on the other side from Chuck. The two beefcakes easily hold my naked body up while congratulating me. In the opposite corner, the wily veteran’s face is red with fury. He slams the ropes, pissed at having lost to a young buck like me.

Chuck says, “Ooh, Dick, I’m gonna like seeing this.” The black superstud slaps my chest and says, “Fuck him good, kid. You earned it!”

Dick screams, “I fuckin’ had you beat! I fuckin’ had you beat! Damn it! Let’s go again! Best two outta three!”

I know better than to fall for that trick. I shake my head, “No, no, no. Deal’s a deal, old man!”

Colt laughs, taunting Dick, “Yeah, yeah, you tell him, kid. Damn that belt’s gonna look good around this kid’s waist. He’s the fucking NWL Heavyweight champion now.” Colt kisses me on the lips, thrusting his tongue in hard. I kiss him back, as his mouth rejuvenates me. The big musclebear lets go of me and moves to the corner where the belt hangs. Colt grabs it and moves in behind me. He starts to put it on me, but I tell him to stop.

“I want Dick to put it on me.” Chuck lets out a roar as Dick turns and kicks the bottom turnbuckle, still swearing up a storm.

When he’s finished his tantrum, he storms up and points a finger in my face. He says, “Kid, you got no idea how fucking lucky you are! Don’t fuckin’ push it!”

“You going to honor our deal?”

Dick stares at me for a moment. He reaches out and tears the belt from Colt’s hand. He moves in behind me and reaches around my waist. I feel his hot breath on my shoulder as he fastens his title belt around my waist. Damn, it feels great. Before I even bother with Dick's ass, I saunter around the ring, savoring the feeling of the belt as it hugs my hips.

Colt and Chuck hop out of the ring, getting ready to watch me take the champ’s ass. They move over behind Eric and Justin, grabbing hold of the NWL boys, feeling them up. They push the two studs against the ring apron and move in behind him, planting their cocks against the losers' asses. We're in control and the guys know it now.

As I make my victory lap, I hear Dick muttering, “I shoulda picked Hill. I shoulda fuckin’ picked Hill.”

I walk up to the NWL champ, my chest puffed up. I feel refreshed, my adrenaline racing in anticipation. I stare into Dick’s eyes. I slide a finger into the waistband of his trunks and work it along until I hit the strings. I pull out the white knot and slowly tug on one end, undoing the knot. I don’t break the stare at all, just letting my fingers open the knot completely. When I’m done, I bring up my hand and give his face a playful slap.

“Take ‘em off, but leave the boots on. I love fucking a man in his boots.”

I back off and watch Dick bend over, peeling down his black trunks. Despite his obvious anger at the situation, his uncut dick springs to attention, hard as a rock and standing at attention. I’m impressed by the size and shape. I move in close, our hard cocks colliding. I reach under Dick's arms and pull him into a tight bearhug. I crush our bodies together, mashing my cock on top of his. I lean in and force my lips on his. My tongue powers its way into the veteran's mouth. Dick relaxes, accepting my control as I hump and kiss him.

I tighten the squeeze until I feel him moan, with puffs of air leaving his mouth into mine. I loosen my grip and pull my head up. He sags in my arms, head hanging back. I plunge my mouth onto his neck, ravaging it like I was Dracula. Dick lets out soft groans as he hangs in my python-like grip. I find a particularly sensitive spot below his ear. I have to admit that I love hearing this arrogant dominator whimper helplessly.

I finally release Dick and he staggers on spaghetti legs, lost in the moment. Our dicks are moist with his pre-cum. His cock is uncontrollably oozing clear lube in anticipation of what's to come. I force the NWL Heavyweight champion onto his knees to clean my cock and pubes of his sticky emission.  He stares at the belt resting right above my cock – his belt. I tell him to keep his eyes open, because I want him to see the belt and know it’s mine. The old man grumbles, but when he gets started, Dick knows what he's doing. He gives my crotch an amazing tongue bath, loving worshipping my manhood and lower torso. It's my turn to go weak in the knees.

I push him off, asserting control. I'm not having him turn this around. I lift my boot and lightly kick him onto his back. I move around to the side and stretch out over his head. I drive my cock into his mouth, face fucking him at my pace and depth. All he can do is lie there and take it. I move up and do ten push-ups, lowering myself until I hit the back of his throat then lifting up slowly. I have to admit, it's all I can do to not shoot my load into him right now. I stop after ten, my body unable to actually do more than that after all the abuse I took. I strip off the title belt, wave it in front of his face then rest it beside his head.

Dick lies there, calmer and obviously into what’s going on. He looks amazing in his shiny black boots, with his dick standing at attention. I sit back, knowing we're both ready for more. I roll on top of him, pinning his shoulders with my shins. My balls sag over his mouth. I order him to clean them. I groan as he takes my right nut into his mouth, sucking it gently. Fuck, it feels good.  He repeats it with the other until I stop him. I slide back, lying on his body, until we're eye to eye.

I kiss him deeply while rubbing my cock against his wet iron rod. Massive amounts of pre-cum are still oozing out, priming his manhood. I pump my hips, humping him fast and hard. Dick starts to breathe hard and I know I've got him. I feel like Chuck and Colt have trained me for this moment. It doesn't take long before his breathing gets short and his eyes roll back in his head. I kiss his neck below his ear and it's all over for old Dick.

AUGH! The veteran surrenders his load to me, firing it between our bodies. He convulses uncontrollably under me as I drain him of his seed. The puddle builds and builds between as I refuse to stop until he's soft.

"Please ..." Dick actually mutters a soft please as I molest him. I pull up and look him in the eyes, smirking at my second victory. He looks at me with a combination of longing and surrender. If my resilience and my pin didn't win his respect, I've got it now.

I raise an eyebrow. With a cocky smirk, I ask, "Did you say something?"


I lightly slap his face, but don't reply. I sit up and back, sliding between his legs. Our bodies are sticky and shiny, covered in a mixture of sweat and his cum. I flip Dick over onto his stomach, positioning his head on his surrendered belt. I lie on top of him then kiss his neck from behind. He moans as I part his crack with my dick. I push up then start pumping my cock into his ass. I try to go slowly, but fuck, after watching Chuck dominate Eric, Justin take Colt then fighting Dick, my dick is primed and I’ve got no fucking stamina left. Within a minute of entering Dick’s ass, I’m ready to erupt. My whole body shakes as I cum, exploding with huge force. My orgasm lasts longer than the fuck as I keep shooting and shooting. Dick’s ass can’t contain all the cum as it leaks around my dick.

I collapse on top of Dick’s back, exhausted and drained. I almost fall asleep as my dick softens and slides out of his hole.

The Round Robin

With my cock drained and Dick thoroughly fucked, Chuck and Colt join me in the ring, lifting me off him. I drink more water then Eric and Justin come into the ring with coffee. Chuck ordered them to hit the vending machine. It’s gross, but it wakes me up. Whoa. I realize that there are more stakes to be had. The thought of fucking Eric powers my cock up again. It’s good to be 22. Eric is perfect – naked, except for boots. I order Justin to follow suit then help Dick to his feet. When that’s done, all three stand there, heads hanging in shame, but their cocks are powered up in eager anticipation.

I make the three NWL studs kneel in a row in the ring. We tower over them, each with our original opponent's belts on. They each get a turn polishing our cocks before I take command, ordering Eric and Justin to rise.

I walk up between Eric and Justin, placing a hand on each of their chests. My hands slide down their hard torsos, feeling them up. I roughly grab their cocks, slowly jerking their steel rods. They stay silent at attention, trying not to react. I kneel slightly to cup their balls, feeling the weight and lightly squeezing. Eric twists a bit, but Justin keeps still. Very nice, I tell them. I move around behind the two studs. I grab their asses, squeezing them hard as I feel the flesh. I slide a finger between their cheeks simultaneously until I'm at their holes. I see Justin bite his bottom lip as I massage with my fingertip.

"Bend over and touch your toes, boys." I order them. They comply and I have a much better view of their asses. I slowly slide a finger inside them. "Nice. Only question is, who to fuck first?"

I'm still high off my surprise comeback victory over Dick, so I'm in dominance mode. Chuck and Colt seem to be enjoying it, watching me inspect the troops. I finger fuck the bent over studs until I hear Eric let out a moan. "Ohhh, UNH."

"And I have a volunteer."

I stop and pull out, slapping their asses hard then ordering them to rise. I circle around Eric and grab his hair. I kiss him hard, making sure he knows that I'm in control. I realize that, like Colt, he's actually more of a bottom, because he moans in my mouth, giving into my power immediately. His fully erect manhood indicates just how much he likes it.

When I start fucking Eric, Chuck grabs Justin and Colt mounts Dick. While it starts orderly, you can't put six naked, horny wrestlers into a ring and not have it become chaos. It doesn't take long before it becomes a crazy orgy of unending sex. Before we're done, I swear that every cock makes it into every mouth and ass, even Chuck’s. It’s one-on-one, two-on-one and even three-on-one, when Chuck and Justin double Colt while Dick sucks him off. Justin and I tag team Eric, using the long bull rope for all kinds of things. Winners and losers become irrelevant as we just give into the blur of beef. We’re barely more than wild animals in the ring. You name it, it fucking happens.

Hours later, all six of us have collapsed after the craziest and best night of my life. I've never been so drained or so euphoric.

Time to Go

It's 5:30am and I can barely move. Eric's head rests on my stomach as I play with his hair. My legs are draped over Dick's chest as he caresses them. In the tangle of bodies, I don't even notice Chuck has disappeared until he comes back, carrying buckets and brushes. He announces that all good things must come to an end. Chuck orders the NWL guys to start cleaning up. Colt, Chuck and I take seats outside the ring, relaxing and making out as they work. It's both hilarious and hot to see the NWL studs on their knees, cleaning sweat and cum off our ring. When they're done, we inspect their work to make sure there's no evidence before dragging them to the showers.

Thanks to the break, our juices are flowing again. As we get washed up, we go one more round with the NWL boys. It's 6:15am and we all need to head out, but hours of sex has brought us closer. Colt, Chuck and I talk it over while we're getting dressed. We give the NWL boys back their belts, much to their relief. We have a last makeout session as we kiss goodbye, ending on very friendly terms.

It's 6:45am and we're cutting it close. As we walk outside, we run into a pair of hot jobbers coming to open the place up and work out. I want to laugh as Danny and Rex just look the six of us up and down. They're obviously confused, but they don't say anything to us, other than a respectful nod. As they enter the arena, I see them look back one more time, as if to confirm that they actually saw three NWL champs coming out of the AWL arena.

When they're inside, Dick asks Chuck, "Shit, those boys were smoking. They like to play?" Chuck shakes his head. Dick frowns, "Too fucking bad. The things I could do to them …"

After we send the NWL stars on their way back to their hotel, Colt asks, "Where are they based?"

Chuck responds, "Atlanta."

Colt thinks then asks, "Aren't we in Atlanta in March?"

Chuck says, "Oh yeah."

With a smile, I declare, "Dibs on Eric."

The End

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