Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Review: Jersey vs. Dozer (Thunder's Arena)

Let me state clearly and unequivocally: I still like Jersey. I liked him in this match. I like his body and look. I like his personality. And I like how he turns red whenever he exerts himself. Thunder's Arena is teasing a match versus Tak, which I am very likely to buy.

Why am I stating this at the start?

Well, because when I bought Jersey vs. Dozer, I expected to write all about Jersey. Thing is, now I'm all about Dozer.



Where did this guy come from? Why did I never notice him before? He has 22 videos over at Thunder's. And yet I seriously don't think I've read one review about him.

Wow, I like this

I haven't read one blog post about his fun attitude or engaging personality on the mat. Nothing on his magnificently beefy muscled body. I'm not recalling hearing about his massive pecs, biceps or his mountainous posterior. And I don't remember reading anyone waxing rhapsodic about his stunning smile or his smooth, dark skin.

How does this go unappreciated?

The match starts out with some chatter and flexing between the two studs. I'm focused on the 'adorkable' Jersey, barely paying attention to the other side of the screen. Then they start wrestling. Suddenly, the massive Dozer is front and center. My loyalty switches fast and I'm waiting for the next move where I can see more of this big, beautiful bodybuilder.

The moment where I realize Dozer's really hot

The shiny gear forces you to look

In this match, it's Dozer's gear that shines. Literally. The tiny metallic poser briefs pop against his rich, dark skin. When the guys start sweating (which happens suddenly after a cut, so they might've been helped along), Dozer is reflecting beautifully from head to toe.

I feel like I'm channeling Bard by focusing a paragraph on a wrestler's ass, but it deserves it (and more). It's awesome. This muscle stud clearly doesn't skip leg day. The big mounds of grade A beef are smooth and tanned, hypnotically jiggling and flexing. The tiny trunks even ride up just right. I was transfixed every time it's on screen, wanting more. Wow.

Love that butt

Wardrobe malfunction?

Jersey trades out of the perfect red poser into a pair of squarecuts. They're okay, with the kind of pouch that thrusts his bulge forward. That's cool, but I think he should've brought his A-game against Dozer and these squarecuts aren't it. Dude, it's way too early in your Thunder's career to be phoning it in on the gear choice.

Jersey loses the battle of the gear

But he still looks great

This is a back-and-forth match, with Dozer slightly more dominant. However, as you can probably guess by my image choices, I think Dozer is at his best on the receiving end. That's one of the joys of this kind of wrestling - anyone can beat anyone if it makes a better (hotter) narrative. I know some guys want the logical 'big squashes small', but I like this kind of back-and-forth match.

Harder! Dozer can take it!

Love this hold

Squats with 235-lbs of beef

Dozer's not that flexible

Dozer is a lot of fun. He takes the match lightly, almost acting as a personal trainer, actually encouraging and challenging Jersey. The smaller stud is a little more serious, but he does get smiling a few times. When Dozer chokes Jersey out early on, he doesn't pin him or beat on him, he forces him to flex to wake him up. I'm not sure that sentence makes sense, but it's what happens.


Shiny happy people

So most of the match, I'm pulling for Jersey to move the muscular Dozer into the right position and slap on a hot hold. And it happens enough that I'm damn happy. Jersey does struggle to move that much beef around. He is noticeably straining to keep Dozer on his shoulders. And I don't know if he ran out of ideas, but he repeats several moves.

That's a lot of man to move around

The match has the usual Thunder's Arena idiosyncrasies, like holds not held long enough and a random ending, but it didn't really impact my enjoyment.

Dozer: "I'm coming, Jersey! I'm coming!"
(actual quote from this moment)

The video quality is good. Maybe a little better than usual for Thunder's. I didn't notice the extreme close ups that are too extreme and I was able to follow the action pretty well. So, that's an improvement over some of their videos.

The value was good. It's 24 minutes and they start wrestling 1:20 into the video then go right to the end.

Overall, I enjoyed it. This match was a ton of fun. There's great chemistry between the two studs, especially the playful Dozer. I love being surprised and I definitely was. Now I need to check out other Dozer matches to see what's what with the big stud.

Am I late to the Dozer party? Have I just missed the love or am I the only one who’s impressed? And what do you think about our buddy Jersey? Weigh in with a comment!



  1. Alex R:

    Dozer is a classic muscle jobber. Everything about him screams "Im a jobber, beat me up!" Ive actually followed him for many years. I thought he was out of the wrestling scene but apparently he is back. Very hot guy.

    1. Thanks for commenting. I don't know how I missed him. He's obviously been wrestling for a while with so many matches at Thunder's. It all depends on who you wrestle and when it appears. I noticed his match vs. Big Sexy was a Bearhug Challenge, so that's how I missed that one. I never liked those, so I ignored them.

      I don't think he's probably being used as a jobber, but I agree that he definitely would be a good one.

      His match vs. Eric Fury looks good - bad gear, but looks like he takes some punishment. And his new ones in a lime green poser vs. Frey or Wolf might be good, too.

  2. I think it's awesome that you're giving him some love here. I used to browse a lot of gay wrestling movie company sites years ago, but tapered off heavily over time for some reason. Can-Am drew me back in last Christmas (and again a bit later) with their 50% off sale, though.

    It's great discovering these guys through your reviews, and your screencaps, gifs, and captions go great with them. :) Nice job, dude.

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you like them. My interest ebbs and flows, so I get it. Joe's old blog was my go-to source to stay up-to-date, because he was posting something every day. I see why he needed a break. This blogging shit is work.

    2. Alex R:

      Thanks Alex for always writing great stuff, be it stories or other blog posts.I tried blogging a couple of times but didnt last a week lol. I think that it was the sense of talking to myself lol. Thats why, I might over do it, but its why I try to write as much as I can to support the blogger and open the doors for others to comment as well.

    3. Yeah, blogging can be so much work, especially if you're creating your own content to share. Comments from people help immensely to keep you going.

      Unfortunately for me, my comments have pretty much evaporated compared to how many I used to get. My page views are pretty steady and good, but the comments just aren't there anymore for whatever reason. Hopefully things are going well for you here with that, though. You deserve it!

      (And you're one of the good ones, Alex R. :) )

    4. Yeah, I don't think people get how important comments are. It's why I try to thank guys for taking the time to do it, because I really appreciate them.

      I'm lucky to have regular readers like you two guys, Sean, Phil, Axel and others who comment or e-mail me frequently.

      BTW, Fuck-Yeah-Gay-Wrestling guy posted GIFs from this match on his tumblr ... http://fuck-yeah-gay-wrestling.tumblr.com ...

  3. I saw Dozer in one of his earlier matches (for the life of me can't remember which one) and thought that he was rather wooden and one-dimensional. There was just no flow to what he was doing, no rhythm from one move to the next. He kept on looking at the cameraman or whoever was narrating the match looking; like whether what he was doing was correct, if the holds were being held long enough etc. Maybe it was his first match, I don't know. Just wanted someone more clear in his mindset of what he was doing.

    As far as your review, I might have to take another look at Dozer. He seems to have grown more accustomed and comfortable in the scenarios that Thunders puts him in. He could possibly be a "general" in future Thunders matches; in either a jobber or heel role, the one who controls the action and teaches all these newbiews who are coming through a thing or two! And I agree 100 % about the gear - the right gear, has made or broken a good match for me.

    1. Thanks for the context. That could be why I haven't read about him. I often give guys one chance and that's it.

      In this case, I definitely didn't think he was wooden, but it is 20+ videos later and he was wearing those shiny, tiny posers, so maybe I was distracted. :)

      In terms of flow, I think that's an overall Thunders challenge for me. I find there's usually a lot of a randomness to their action.

  4. Dozer is incredible. Take a look at his match on Thunders, against Casey. Super hot. Dozer stands out, and is the best body on Thunders