Friday, August 7, 2015

Review: Marcus Ares vs. Quinn Harper (UCW)

I love it whenever a special guy comes along into the 'underground' wrestling world. You don't know where he came from or why he's doing it, but you're just happy he's here. These special guys just have 'it'. He stars in matches that I have to start, stop and re-start. Matches that I'll want to re-watch. A guy who brings it every time. A guy I want to base a character on.

Marcus "The Spartan" Ares is one of these guys for me. I think he's a transcendent UCW star, with swarthy good looks, an awesome body and a charming personality. He fits their style, but elevates their appeal. The stud knows his way around a garage wrestling mat, portraying an awesome dominating force without being obnoxious, off-putting or unbelievable.

Source: UCW Ares Profile

The risk, of course, is that a special guy can be a one-taping wonder. He might do one match or maybe even a few filmed over a weekend. They'll be released, I'll get excited. Until they stop coming out. After a while, there's that moment you realize he might not be coming back, but you can't be sure. So you wait. And wait. Until reality sets in. And his 1-5 matches just aren't ever going to be enough.

Unfortunately, it seems like Ares is done after five matches. His first release was 360 and his last release was 378. That's five videos out of 19. Ares was clearly a title contender as it was constantly mentioned in his match against Axel then set up in his match against Quinn Harper. However, they're up to 419 and nothing. That's zero matches out of the last 41. None. Nada. No re-matches. No title chase. Nothing.

Title Contender

I have three of his five matches - Axel, Aron and Quinn Harper. Up to now, I have skipped his matches against Michael Hannigan (skirt for gear) and Eli Black (just not a fan). However, I'll probably buy them, since I won't be able to get my Ares fix any other way.

Looking at the list of his five opponents, I realized they're all UCW superstars. No newbies, rookies or also-rans. I am imagining the big guys lined up just to be on the mat with this mega-stud. Take a number, boys, because everyone wants to wrestle him.

Wrestling Ares might hurt, but it's worth it

As I was thinking on what to review next, I thought I'd post reviews over the next three days of his matches I've bought and let you decide what you think.

Ares vs. Quinn Harper

For me, this is the most surprising match of the three. It's pretty much the closest thing to a squash that I've seen UCW do, with only about 5 minutes of Quinn dominance vs. 25 for Ares. Quinn marvels at the mighty Ares and his refusal to be tamed. And it's not just a squash. It's a squash of a guy who had been set up as a tough mega-heel (even holding the title belt right after this).

There's no way to say this without being offensive, but I'll say it anyway. One interesting thing here is that it's the undeniably hotter guy doing the squashing. Hot guys are normally on the receiving end when facing a man who ... isn't also a hot stud. The 'fantasy' isn't normally seeing the handsome, muscular beefcake dominating someone like Harper with crotch shots, wedgies and nipple attacks.

However, in this case, breaking the formula works for me. I really liked the action here. It's compelling, engaging and fun. Quinn is amusing as he narrates throughout, explaining his shock, pain and confusion about the mighty muscleman he's facing. Ares doesn't sell certain moves, which is normally annoying, but it works thanks in no small part to Harper.

Ares seems to embrace UCW's chaotic style. The guy is open to frequent and gratuitous crotch grabs, as well as UCW's other crazy shenanigans. In fact, his cock and balls are a clear target, the only way Quinn can gain any advantage.

Consistent with UCW, the value is awesome (just $14.99) and the video quality is good.

So what do you think about the match or Ares, in general? There's a comment box is right below this. I'm just sayin' ... it's right there.

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Tomorrow ... Ares vs. Aron


  1. Ares is amazing. Really, really hope that UCW brings him back. I usually don't buy matches from UCW. Their roster doesn't grab me the same way the other companies do, but the few matches that I have purchased (including much of Ares), I've been impressed by the wrestling.

    They do tend to recycle a lot of the wrestlers in their roster. Let's hope they will somehow get Ares back for at least a couple more matches. 5 matches' just scratching the surface of his potential.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I agree. I really hope he comes back, too.

  2. Marcus definitely was a different type of fighter than the usual fare from UCW. He was more manly, if that makes sense. I saw his video with Axel and after that thought he was really going to go places (unfortunately that seems like out of UCW).
    Another underrated wrestler, who also seems to not be active, is Lance Thrust. His lost video against Quinn is one of my favorites, and just like Marcus he was beefier and stronger than what UCW traditionally showcases.

    1. Thanks for the reco on Lance Thrust. I will definitely check him out.

      It does seem weird to me that Marcus Ares was touted so much only to disappear.

  3. extremely hot: the dominant top heal, verbal, aggressive, confident vs the big muscled ares marcus. ares completely dominating the more experienced heal. damn hot.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Yeah, Quinn's reputation and experience as Champ makes his crushing defeat much hotter.