Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Cast: Who's Who (August - Part 1)

Since we're done with the last older stories to be published, I figured I'd do the casting post now.

AWL: The Education of Jake Justice

5/6: Jake Justice - Barry Windham (Pro Wrestler)
5/6: Chuck Rollins - Butch Reed (Pro Wrestler)
5/6: Colt Hill - Scott Hall  (Pro Wrestler)
5/6: Dick Van Winkel - Nick Bockwinkel (Pro Wrestler)
5/6: Eric Kaine - Kerry von Erich (Pro Wrestler)
5/6: Justin Cody - Dustin Rhodes (Pro Wrestler)

Encounters: The Exit Strategy

Steve Houston - Steve Kuchinsky (Model)

Cesar - Eddie Valentine (Pro Wrestler)

Damien - Jose Parra (Model)

Bodybuilders - Unknown (file name is Humberto and Marcos, but didn't see anyone on Google right away)

So, what did you think about these cast members?



  1. Of the two bodybuilders, I know the one on the left, looking over his shoulder, is Markus Reinhardt. And I know that he's GORGEOUS.

    1. Thanks!

      Markus ... Marcos ... that explains why Google failed me.