Monday, August 24, 2015

The Cave: The Adventures of SuperStar 4

The Cave: The Adventures of SuperStar 4

"Hey, Jae, you okay? I thought you'd be more excited."

My boyfriend is standing naked in front of his locker, looking at his phone with an intense look on his face. He's supposed to be getting ready to wrestle a super-hot stud, but instead, he's absorbed in something else.

"Earth to Jae!" When he still doesn't answer me, I touch his shoulder and ask again, "Seriously, what's up? Why aren't you bouncing off the walls? You're about to wrestle probably your hottest opponent yet. After me, of course."

Jae finally looks up from his phone, "No probably about it, Cody. He's the hottest." My boyfriend pauses with a smirk then adds, "After you, of course."

I smile back, glad to see Jae cheering up. "So what's wrong then? Nervous?"

"No, Cody, I'm cool. My 'Superman' against his 'General Zod' in a sex stakes match? It's going to be fucking awesome."

I ask, "Then what?"

Jae stands up, puts his phone down and grabs his shower bag. "Nothing. I'll be ready. I'm going to clean up."

As he heads to the shower, I can't help myself. I tell myself 'no', but if something's wrong, I want to know about it. I grab his phone, enter his passcode (which I shouldn't know, but I do) and look for what has him distracted. I'm trying to be less controlling, but something is wrong and I need to know what it is. Jae's left the mail app open to a message. As I read it, I understand why he's upset, but it just confuses me more.

I quietly put the phone back and head to the other locker room, trying to figure how to get him to open up to me. Oh well, nothing I can do until after this match.

The Other Locker Room

"You doing okay, Jeff?"

The handsome stud nods, "I'm good, dude."

I walk over, checking out his amazing naked body. He's fresh from the shower, his tanned skin looking smooth and fresh. It pains me to do this, but I feel like I have to. I offer him a way out, "There's still time to -"

Jeff doesn't even let me finish. He holds up a hand, "Dude. Relax. I ain't never backed out on a bet in my life. You beat me, so I'm doin' this match." Jeff pauses then says to me, "Look, Cody, I 'preciate you bein' cool 'bout this, but it's all good. Ben showed me some other matches, so I kinda get what this whole thing is all 'bout. I got this."

Jeff pats my cheek and I happily let it go. I shoot the shit with this mega-stud while he towels off and starts to get dressed. I help out with his gear (and feel him up for hopefully not the last time). I was serious when I told Jae that Jeff might be the hottest guy we've ever featured. Maybe even hotter than me, if such a thing is possible. He's just raw masculine sex and he gets my cock stirring like nobody I've ever met before.

I do wish we could show his whole face. The body is awesome - the stud is a 6'2"/220-lbs of sculpted muscle, but his face completes a picture of perfection. Unfortunately, Jeff is the best friend of a good friend of mine, Ben. I promised Ben I'd hide his buddy's identity and not release any of the sex stuff that is sure to happen with Jeff and Jae involved. See, Jeff is a real pro wrestler who has dreams of making it big. A gay porn video floating around won't help that aspiration.

Jeff flexes and stretches, making sure he can move in his gear. I help him get loose, enjoying the feel of his muscles as he pumps them up. After five minutes of warmup, we look in the mirror. Jeff nods, pleased with his look. He says, "I hope dude is ready for a serious asskickin'."

I rub his shoulders and smirk, "Two days ago you were sure that I was in for an asskicking. That's how you ended up as General Bod in the first place."

Jeff turns and playfully punches me in the shoulder. I wish him luck then head out to wait in the shadows until introductions start.

The Wrestlers

Jae comes in first as SuperStar. I can't help but smile at my guy. He's a tanned hunk of muscle, standing 5'11" and weighing a very solid 215-lbs. A former college football player, Jae is new-ish to the wrestling ring, but he's still got a strong 4-1 record in The Cave, the gay-oriented, superhero-themed wrestling video company I co-own with my best friend Ryan.

Today, SuperStar has his red cape draped over his right shoulder. He's wearing skimpy red trunks with a yellow waistband, red boots, blue wrist gauntlets and blue full-face mask. When we add a huge 'S' symbol tattoo over his bulging chest, he makes a fantastic hero.

Next, Jeff comes out as General Bod, the villainous military leader from SuperStar's home planet. His pro wrestling training works for us, because he knows how to make an entrance. He flexes and taunts the hero in a deep raspy voice, even looking into the camera and promising the hero's total destruction.

The villain's outfit is military khaki with black trim. It includes sexy, low-hanging trunks. Over the prominent bulge is the 'Bod' family crest in black and red to counter the 'S' family crest of SuperStar. He's also got a right shoulder cover that comes down to his elbow. It's held up by a black canvas strap that cuts above his pecs, under his left armpit then across his upper back. Black gauntlets finish a hot, military-inspired look that's very fitting for this villain.

As cool as Jeff's being, I sense he's still pissed about losing to me, a "porn" wrestler as he called me. Even though I explained my vast pro wrestling experience, which is actually more than his, I think his ego is still a little bruised. I expect that will give him a nice villainous edge as the heel today.

All right, the guys are ready, so let's go.

SuperStar vs. General Bod

The two studs circle the ring, staring each other down. I can see a slight smirk on the heel's face, exposing his confidence. I hope it's overconfidence, but I'm not sure. Jae's tough, but he's much less experienced. The hero is definitely the underdog in this match and he probably knows it.

Instead of a standard lockup, SuperStar tries to take it to the villain immediately. He dives forward, using his football training to go for a quick tackle. General Bod is ready, though. He grabs the charging stud around the shoulders as he flips the hero around. They crash down onto SuperStar's back. WHAM! OOF! The hero goes limp for a moment as he's crushed between the mat and 220-lbs of muscle.

Bod rears up then slams his fists into SuperStar's beefy pecs. THUD! THUD! THUD! The hero groans, but manages to throw the heel off him and roll to the edge of the ring. Both men rise cautiously, watching the other before starting to circle again. The smile on the villain's face and the red welts on the hero's pecs tell the story.

The men move in for a lockup. Although the hunky hero is strong, he's outmaneuvered and powered back to the corner by the heel. Bod steps back and fires off three hard pec chops. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The heel reaches out and slaps the hero's masked face, but that's a mistake. SuperStar grabs Bod by the shoulders and whips them around, driving the heel's back against the turnbuckles. With their positions reversed, the hero takes control.

SuperStar puts his hand on the heel's chin, forcing his head back. He grabs a wrist under the top rope and pulls it forward, keeping the right arm locked tight. The hero lifts his knee into the chiseled abs of his opponent. THUD! THUD! THUD! The blows shake the ring, as the hero puts all his power into every hard knee raise. Bod grunts, but it'll take a lot to break that wall of muscle.

The hero drops to a knee then dives in, driving his shoulder into the wide-open midsection. WHOMP! WHOMP! WHOMP! When SuperStar goes in for a fourth time, General Bod lifts his arms and brings them down in a double axe handle. That sends the hero to a knee again, but I'm impressed as he grabs Bod around the waist, squats up and flips the heel over his shoulder with a back body drop. WHOA! CRASH!

The heel springs to his feet, but the hero is waiting. He grabs hold of Bod's wrist then whips him across the ring into the opposite corner. CLANG! The surprisingly dominant SuperStar charges in, leaps then splashes onto Bod's chest. SPLAT! The villain sags as the muscular hero grabs his wrist for another whip across the ring.

This time, General Bod reverses the whip, sending SuperStar into the opposite corner fast. The hero slams in chest first, his head snapping forward as he's unable to brace himself with his hands. CLANG! The beefy hero staggers back, right into the heel's waiting arms. The villain grabs him around the waist, lifts and literally throws 215-lbs of solid muscle up and back with a devastating belly-to-back suplex. SLAM!

SuperStar rolls onto his side, holding the back of his head and neck. The villain slowly rises, feeling confident that he has successfully turned the tide of this battle. Bod unleashes a series of stomps that has the hero bouncing on the canvas. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! I lose count as the boot slams into the flip-flopping hero's arms, chest, abs and back as he tries desperately to escape and regroup.

General Bod grabs the back of the hero's mask and trunks, dragging him up. SuperStar's trunks wedge up his ass in the process, revealing the perfectly smooth flesh of his stunning ass cheeks. The heel shifts his grip then powers his prey up and down onto his knee, delivering a textbook gutbuster that has SuperStar coughing. The villain roughly pushes the hero off his knee.

The ripped muscleheel crawls on top of the ailing hero, mounting his waist. He taunts the stud by schoolboy pinning him then daring him to break the pin.

 "C'mon, boy. Show me what you got. ONE!"

SuperStar starts to squirm, but the heel holds him down hard. Their bodies strain and rub against one another as the hero fights back. The villain only chuckles, letting the struggle continue as sweat builds on their tanned skin. Even though Bod is bigger, SuperStar is strong. He should be able to power out, but the General counters each push with the right re-direction, effectively negating the hero's might.

After a minute of intense struggling and squirming, Bod finally counts again. "Not good enough, boy. TWO!"

"ARGH!" SuperStar cries out, putting all his power into it. Bod is finally toppled off to the side. The gasping hero dives on top of the laughing villain. They roll on the mat, struggling for dominance. The villain gets serious as they fight, the energized hero digging deep to avoid being out done.

The battle is intense. Their sweaty bodies glisten in the bright lights that hang over the ring. The villain focuses, as he is unable to regain control for a long time. They trade holds on the mat, neither getting close to a submission. I'm proud of my boyfriend for holding his own, but then he makes a mistake and Bod gets him in a killer head scissors.

UNH! SuperStar cries out in pain. His big body goes limp, allowing the chiseled muscleheel to power him down flat. The heel locks up on his opponent's wrists, making escape very difficult. Bod's leg muscles pop as he crushes the hero's head. He doesn't ask for a submission and SuperStar doesn't give one, but it's obvious the head scissors is taking its toll.

When the hero stops fighting, the villain opens his legs. SuperStar collapses onto the mat face first. Bod lifts the hero's thick arm then lets it drop. It goes down without resistance. THUD! The General lifts it again, letting it drop for a second time. THUD!

The villain taunts, "Shit, you're done already? Weak, dude. Weak."

Instead of lifting SuperStar's arm for a third time and securing the first fall, the villain slaps the hero's exposed right butt cheek hard. SMACK! He does it again and again. SMACK! SMACK! SuperStar yelps then springs forward, trying to scramble away from the cruel and humiliating spanking.

SuperStar reaches the center of the ring. The pain from his red ass acting like smelling salts. Bod moves in from behind, only to catch a back kick to his thigh. The red boot staggers the heel back, giving the revived hero a chance to climb to his feet. As soon as SuperStar turns, he's met with a spear to the abs that drops him back down hard.

Bod straddles the beefy stud's waist, grabs his mask and fire three forearms across SuperStar's masked face. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The hero is dazed again, his body going limp from the blows. The General keeps his grip on the mask, dragging SuperStar to his feet. He scoops the hero up then bodyslams him down with authority. SLAM!

SuperStar arches his back to relieve the pressure, leaving him wide open for hard stomps to his smooth stomach. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The villain confidently circles the ailing stud, measuring him up for more abuse. He continues to mock SuperStar for being soft and weak, clearly not worried about the hero mounting a comeback.

General Bod grabs SuperStar's ankles, lifting them under his armpits. The hero hangs upside down, limp as a wet noodle. Even though his opponent's broad shoulders are on the mat, the heel doesn't count. Instead, he moves in close, wedging his feet under the hanging hero. The ripped muscleman falls back, slingshotting SuperStar up and over. The hero flies face first into the corner, hitting hard on the top turnbuckle. CLANG!

As the hero sags, Bod rolls up and charges. He spears the hero in the back then lifts, forcing SuperStar up over his shoulder in a backbreaker. ARGH! The helpless hero moans as he hangs there. The powerful heel bounces the 215-lbs of muscle on his shoulder. To his credit, the hero doesn't give in. He kicks and thrashes, managing to fall off the shoulder to the mat below.

CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! Bod mockingly applauds the escape as the hero struggles to rise to hands and knees. The heel reaches his hand down, sliding it under the hero to grab his throat. He tightens his iron grip then forces SuperStar to rise to his feet. Before the aching stud can react, Bod lifts him up and drives him down into the mat with a crushing chokeslam. WHAM! SuperStar goes limp.

Bod keeps one hand on the hero's beefy chest and slowly counts. ONE! Pause. TWO! The villain grabs hold of the mask and forces his victim's shoulder up. "I think I wanna hear you submit, dude."

The villain rises then kicks the hero onto his stomach. As the hero fights to rise, he gets stomped in the back until he stops moving. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Looking up the defeated stud's muscular back, the heel grabs the hero's ankles, lifts them and wedges them under his armpits. He casually steps forward, straddling SuperStar's waist. Bod seizes hold of SuperStar's wrists, squats then lifts.

The hero cries out as he dangles in the teardrop submission hold, the pain running from his shoulders, through his back and up his legs. SuperStar's head hangs down, but he won't give. General Bod starts to swing the helpless muscleman back and forth. The hero's groans get higher pitched then he has no choice.




Bod drops SuperStar down. The hero collapses into a sweaty heap as the villain poses over him. The confident heel taunts, "Don't get too comfortable, boy. I got another round to really break you."

Between Rounds

The break between rounds goes by fast.

Bod casually drinks water while SuperStar recovers. The villain's chiseled physique looks even more impressive and imposing after the first long fall. His muscles are pumped, glistening with sweat under the spotlights that hang over the ring. I overhear Bod asking Ryan if he's supposed to let his opponent win a fall. I don't hear the answer, but I think the question is awfully cocky.

At least I think that until I look at my boyfriend. The hero also looks sweaty, but drained. His chest and stomach rise and fall heavily as he breathes. He stretches his beefy body, which has been put through the ringer. SuperStar doesn't even rise to his feet until Ryan signals one minute. That last minute flies by, but the hero looks pretty good. Hopefully he can use Bod's confidence against him.

The bell sounds and the men circle for another round.

Round Two

SuperStar charges immediately. Bod can't react fast enough. He gets swept up in the tackle and driven back into the corner. The hero delivers five stiff shoulder blocks then lifts and flips Bod over with a back body drop. WHAM! The muscular good guy turns and starts in with a series of stiff stomps that has the heel bouncing on the canvas. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

The dominant hero wastes no time, dragging the stunned Bod up then hoisting him across his chest. He turns, leaps and power slams the villain down hard, driving his 215-lbs of muscle into his opponent's chiseled torso. KABOOM! Without missing a beat, SuperStar grabs the General by the wrist drags him up and pushes him back into the ropes.

Two big knee lifts to the gut keep Bod reeling before he's hurled across the ring. SuperStar goes for a clothesline, but the savvy muscleheel ducks. Uh oh. Bod stops short and quickly turns back to attack the hero. I'm impressed as SuperStar anticipates. He ducks a clothesline then drives his boot into Bod's gut when the heel turns. OOF!

The villain doubles over as the hero comes down with a double axe handle to the back that drops Bod to one knee. Next, SuperStar hits a forearm across the back of the head. WHACK! Bod drops to hands and knees, shaking out the cobwebs.

SuperStar grabs over Bod's masked head. He tightens it under his armpit then forces the heel up. He grabs hold of the side of Bod's tiny trunks, using them to flip the heel over with a snap suplex. WHAM! The hero springs to his feet for another round of stomps. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The villain grunts with every boot, his smooth tanned flesh starting to show red marks from the abuse.

The hero drags the villain up again, pushing him into the ropes. After another two knee lifts, he whips Bod off the ropes. The heel shows his resilience by reversing the whip, sending SuperStar into the ropes. The hero bounces off, leaping with a crossbody block. Great move, but not against an experienced and powerful stud like the General.

Bod easily catches and holds the 215-lbs of muscle across his chest. "Play time's over, dude! Hope you had fun, 'cause you're done."

SuperStar kicks his feet to escape, but he's held firm. The villain drops the hero down across his leg in an over-the-knee backbreaker. CRACK! The hero groans as he's kept hanging, his back stretched and bent against itself. ARGH! The heel relentlessly pushes, amping up the pressure on his opponent's back. The skimpy trunks slide down, revealing more of the shaved lower abs, right to the base of SuperStar's magnificent cock.

Bod finally lets up, but he doesn't let go. Instead, he grabs hold and powers SuperStar up across his chest again. The heel confidently walks around the ring, doing a lap then slamming his victim down hard. KABOOM! The hero bounces off the mat before settling down, looking a lot weaker and smaller all of a sudden.

Bod stands over the moaning hero then leaps into the air, coming down with a splash across his victim's beefy torso. SPLAT! The heel sits up, kneeling beside a gasping SuperStar. The villain rolls the hero onto his stomach then sits on the small of his back. He grabs under his opponent's biceps, forcing the hero's head chest into the air. He's unopposed until it's too late.

SuperStar finally struggles, but he can't stop Bod from locking on the camel clutch. With the hero's thick arms trapped over the villain's thighs and his head pulled back by the big hands under his chin, all SuperStar can do is moan, kick the mat and try to survive. His cries fill the near empty arena, echoing as he's bent back. The beefy hero isn't nearly as flexible as he needs to be to endure this for much longer and I wonder if this is it for the match.

Bod taunts, "Gonna give?"

"Uh ... no! NO!"

Surprisingly, Bod eases the pressure. He shifts his arms, wrapping them around the hero's masked head in a sleeper. You can see the arms flex and tighten as he applies pressure. SuperStar goes limp, but then I notice the heel's arms relax. He slaps the hero's dangling head, reviving him.

"You ain't gettin' off that easy, dude!"

The hero struggles only to be wrapped up in another sleeper. Again Bod squeezes, his chiseled guns pumped and vice-like only to let up. He does it three more times, edging the hero to unconsciousness but refusing to go all the way to putting him out. Bod's decade of experience really shows, as he knows exactly how and when to execute this humiliating torture.

As the helpless hero's boyfriend, it's horrible to watch, but as a fan of wrestling, it's hot as hell to watch another expert at work. Bod finally has enough, knowing the hero is his to do with what he wants. He forcefully pushes SuperStar out of the camel clutch, the hero's face slamming into the mat. SPLAT!

Bod spins around then wedges SuperStar's trunks back up his crack, even higher than in the first fall. He delivers another rough spanking, turning the smooth cheeks to a bright red. Under the villain, the hero can only groan and squirm, lacking the power and focus to throw his tormentor off him. With more humiliation delivered, the General rises confidently. He steps to the side, admiring his work as he surveys the damage. SuperStar can only writhe and groan on the canvas, barely able to move.

Bod steps back over the bare-assed hero's waist. He bends over and grab under SuperStar's armpits. The heel locks on a full nelson, dragging the hero's limp carcass up by the hold. SuperStar can barely keep his feet as he staggers in the hold. The villain forces the hero all the way around the ring, mocking his weakness as he parades the helpless musclestud for all to see.

With the trunks wedged at the back, SuperStar's big bulge is cupped beautifully in front. It sticks out prominently, bouncing with every forced step. When he's shown off his prize, Bod lets up on the nelson. Before the hero can drop, the heel grabs his mask and throat, keep him up. The villain spins his victim around, immediately locking on a front facelock sleeper.

The embrace could look supportive or even romantic as their bodies are pressed in tight and their faces rest beside each other. It could, if not for the struggling of the hero. He finds a shocking burst of adrenaline. The hero fires a series of punches into the villain's side, but the ripped muscle holds firm. THUD! THUD! THUD! A quick flex of Bod's arms nearly drops the hero, ending the barrage of desperate and ultimately futile fists.

SuperStar tries to drive them back, but Bod successfully counters every attempt. The hero tries to trip the General down, but again, he's stymied. The hero's thick legs grow weaker as more pressure is applied to the intimate embrace. It's obvious the villain could put him out at any moment, but is simply choosing not to. The heel shakes the trapped stud in the modified sleeper, the hero's free arms flailing wildly with every violent thrust.

The hero realizes he's done. He mutters weakly, "Please ... I give!"

Bod stops the shaking and stands still, holding the hero up tall. The dominant muscleheel commands, "You wanna submit? You gotta salute me, boy!"

In response, SuperStar can only moan, his hands resting on the villain's muscled lats. "I said, 'SALUTE ME!' I'm a fuckin' General and you're nothin'. DO IT OR GO OUT!"

SuperStar meekly raises his right arm, bringing his hand up. He pauses when it's beside the villain's head and I wonder if he's going to try to escape. Bod sees it and I see his shoulders and bicep tighten. The hero gets the message and completes the salute, bringing his flat hand to his masked face, honoring the man who has so completely conquered him.

General Bod drops the weak, but conscious, hero down. The villain flexes confidently in victory over the squirming, crawling musclestud. SuperStar shakes his head, trying to regain focus. The beefy muscleman grabs the heel's legs for support. He starts to crawl to his knees, using Bod's for support. SuperStar's masked face slides up the chiseled right leg of his opponent.

The victorious villain just watches as SuperStar struggles to rise, slowly working his way up his body. When he reaches his knees, the hero pauses for moment. Bod just continues to watch and flex. As SuperStar plants his left foot on the mat and grabs a tight grip on Bod's ass for the final push up, the top of his masked head rubs against the underside of the villain's bulging trunks.

Bod reaches down and puts his hands on the masked head. He roughly forces the hero to look up at him from his knee. "Where the fuck do you think you're goin'?"

Without waiting for an answer, Bod shoves the hero's head down, locking it between his granite thighs. The kneeling hunk flails, but he can't stop himself from being locked up in a standing head scissors.

Bod flexes his thighs, every striation becoming visible and muscle pumping. He strikes a double bicep pose as he simply stands and uses the power of his muscular legs to torture the hero. SuperStar's arms swing desperately as he struggles to resist the move. He even starts pounding on the heel's legs, but his blows just bounce off the rock hard pillars.

I hear a weak, "please ... no" come from the hero before he goes completely limp.

Bod opens his legs and the unconscious hero collapses at his feet. The villain plants his boot on the hero's broad back then flexes through a long, drawn-out ten-count. ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIVE! At five, he kicks the hero onto his back and finishes with his boot resting squarely on the large 'S' symbol that covers the hero's meaty pecs. SIX! SEVEN! EIGHT! NINE! TEN!

Wow, what a squash. General Bod's years of experience, added to his size and power, made this one easier than I thought it'd be. SuperStar lies on his back, unconscious and devastated. The heel continues to do a lot of posing over the fallen hero, spending a lot of time with his boot on the bulge. Through it all, SuperStar lies unmoving at the feet of his conqueror.

Bod kicks the limp carcass over and repeats the dominant celebration with a boot on the broken stud's beautiful butt, giving us a lot to work with when this is released. However, over the past few days, I've come to know what this particular villain likes. His trunks are bulging and if I follow the heel's eyes, they lead me right to the smooth, round ass of his victim.

The Stakes

SLAP! The villain flips his victim over then smacks SuperStar's masked face, waking him from the forced sleep. He puts his boot on the hero's chest and flexes over him. When he removes his boot, the heel gives SuperStar a stomp to the chest. OOF!

The General commands, "Kneel before Bod."

SuperStar rolls onto his side and slowly rises to a kneel. He has his head bowed as he waits for his punishment. The villain circles around him, as if inspecting him. Even I'm not sure where this is going to go, but the tent in Bod's trunks give me a hint. The heel stops in front of SuperStar.

As he puts a boot out, he points down, "Kiss it, boy."

The hero hesitates, but falls forward to his hands. He lowers his face, lifting the mask to expose his lips. SuperStar kisses the shiny black boot, giving it a peck. Not surprisingly, that's nowhere near good enough for Bod. He demands the beefy stud worship the leather, polishing it with his tongue.

SuperStar starts working the toe then the side. When he's done, the black boot is replaced by its mate. The hero does just as good a job before rising back on his knees, head bowed in complete surrender.

The villain flexes, giving the cameras a great shot of total dominance over his foe. I know the fans will want more, but this will be a great ending for the video. That's all the public will see, but I'm excited to see that we're going to be treated to a lot more.

With the hero on his knees, the heel towers over him. He reaches under SuperStar's chin and peels the mask up. The chiseled hunk doesn't stop at the mouth or nose - he tears the whole thing off completely! Bod lowers his trunks then slaps his cock across Jae's exposed face. The heel forces it between my boyfriend's soft lips.

The unmasked hero goes to work, sucking the villain's cock like the pro I know he is. Bod gets into it, pumping hard and thrusting his cock in deep. The kneeling stud gags on the big meat, but keeps going as best he can. He grabs Bod's ass cheeks tightly for support as every thrust chokes him.

General Bod pulls his cock out and pushes SuperStar back onto his heels. The villain grabs the hero around the throat and drags him up. With no warning, he lifts and drops, chokeslamming the hero onto his back hard. WHAM! The defeated hunk grabs the back of his head, moaning at his conqueror's feet. The villain reaches down and strips him of the rest of his spandex gear.

Left in only his boots, SuperStar waits for what he knows is coming. His rock hard cock is huge, stretching up his lower abs to his stomach as he lies in the ring, obviously excited at the idea of being fucked by this handsome stud, despite the painful loss.

General Bod strips off his trunks and drops to his knees. He pulls a condom out of his boot then gets to work. The heel doesn't prep SuperStar much before he's thrusting his sheathed cock into the tight ass. Luckily, in his alter ego, the hero's ass is used to an even bigger cock (mine), so he takes it without too much trouble.

The villain pounds hard, really ramming his cock in. It's a hot fuck that goes on and on before Bod finally pulls out. He rips off the latex cover and rises, spraying his seed all over the ravaged body of the crushed stud. When he's done, he drops down, forcing SuperStar to clean off his hand. The hero eagerly complies, knowing he needs to obey.

General Bod drags SuperStar up to a seated position and moves in behind. He slaps on a tight sleeper then orders the hero to jerk off. The weakened hunk does as he's told, pumping his cock as the rear naked choke tightens around his head. It doesn't take long before the hero explodes, giving up his cum. As soon as he's finished, the heel closes in, knocking him out in seconds. The drained SuperStar shudders then collapses, completely out of it.

The victorious villain rises up, looking absolutely majestic. He gives us another round of posing before exiting the ring.

In the Back: Jae

I help Jae back to the locker room. After I know he's fine, I ask, "So, can I ask you something, Jae?"

"That's a weird question, Cody. Of course you can."

I breathe in, worried about opening this particular can of worms. "You say that, but I hope you mean it. I'm not trying to be nosy, but I really need to know. When you were going to face Jeff, you were reading something on your phone. And it upset you. Do you want to talk about it? If not, okay, but I felt like I had to ask."

"Okay. It was just this message I got. This jerk's been sending me nasty notes since I started with The Cave. Shit about how me as Superman is a joke. He just wrote some stuff that bugged me."

"What? That's not cool. What's his email address? I'm canceling his membership."

Jae says, "Don't worry about it."

"Well it must've been bad for it affect you like this. But who cares what some internet troll says? I'm sure somewhere someone has posted something bad about me. Stuff like, my body's too good, I overshadow my opponents. I'm too talented in the ring. My cock's too big. I'm sure it's all out there." Jae smiles at my joke, but he looks like he's holding something back. I say, "Wait. How'd he get your email?"

Jae sighs. He says, "The guy's my ex."

I'm floored, "You have an ex?" Jae looks at me with a 'c'mon man' look, but I'm genuinely surprised. I explain, "Seriously. You're only 21 and you told me that you were in the closet until college graduation. You said you didn't want your teammates to know."

Jae nods, "All of that's true, but there was this one guy. It didn't go well because I wasn't out. It was - never mind. Can we talk about this later? I'm kind of tired."

I let Jae change the subject, knowing this isn't the right time. I tell him, "Okay, okay. Look, I'm going to go check on Jeff."

Jae smiles, "You two going to wrestle?"

I shrug, "If he's not too tired."

Jae nods, "He won't be. Not for you. Have fun. And give him an extra shot from me."

In the Back: Jeff

I enter the other locker room and find Jeff cleaning up in the shower. I just watch for a minute then ask, "So Jeff, what'd you think?"

The sudsy super-stud smiles, "Awesome. It was so fuckin' hot, dude. All you gotta know about me - fightin' and fuckin'. And what you're payin' me is more than what I make for a match in the indies. I just hope I didn't go too rough on your guy."

"He's fine."

The hunk pauses. He breathes in then asks nervously, "Did I do okay? You think you can sell it?"

I smile, as an unsure Jeff might be even sexier than the super-confident musclestud Jeff. I reassure him, "Oh yeah, you're amazing and guys will love it. You're welcome in The Cave any time. Or even just if you want to visit LA. Jae and I would love to have you." Jeff beams with pride. I add, "Of course, I'm also hoping we can have another private match while you're still out here."

Jeff smirks and saunters over, supremely cocky again, his wet, naked body pumped and perfect. He teases, "How 'bout now?"

I was wrong. Nothing is sexier than super-confident musclestud Jeff. I smirk back and hit a double bicep pose, "You sure you're up for it so soon?"

Instead of an answer, Jeff slugs me in the gut. I bend over then he grabs the back of my shirt, pulling it off me hockey style. I stagger back and rise with a smirk. I strip off my shorts, underwear and shoes then drag the mat we use for stretching into the shower area. As soon as it's down, Jeff grabs me in a side headlock and we're on.

Yeah, Jeff is definitely welcome back any time.

The End


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    1. Thanks for the comment! Glad you liked it!

  2. Another awesome story!!!

  3. Alex R:

    Whoaaaa!!! How awesome to have Jeff at the Cave!! I wonder if once Route 69 is over we might see him and Ben visit from time to time. Awesome entry as Dominating General Bod! Maybe Im one of those fans that thinks that Jae is not Superman...maybe a jobber Superboy? LOL

    1. Thanks for the comment. You're not the only one wondering if Jae is just a super jobber, but we've seen him win twice. Both guys who beat him were much bigger and more experienced.

      I did suspect folks might see The Cave as a place for the guys at the end of Route 69, which is why I held this back until after Utica. I thought Jeff's departure would have less impact if he could just go to the other series.

      Of course, this assumes the guys will be in any position to continue to wrestle once their journey ends ... ;)

  4. Alex R:

    He could still worries about that ;)

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    1. Glad you like it. They're fun on TV, so I'm glad they're fun here, too.