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The Cave: The Adventures of SuperStar 6

The Cave: The Adventures of SuperStar 6

"Another loss! What the hell is wrong with you, farm boy?" SMACK!

"OW!" I jump when I feel the now-familiar sting of the Kryptonite-laced glove come across the left cheek of my ass as I shower. I knew Batman would be upset, but he usually waits until I've cleaned up before laying into me. I just lost another wrestling match in front of thousands of people (millions, if you count the television audience), only to be fucked afterwards below the arena floor by the victorious villain, General Zod, in front of all my friends and enemies.

I quickly spin around, my face flush. I look down, my eyes settling on his black boots, which pop against the white tile floor of the shower room. Standing naked with water cascading down my 6'3"/230-lbs muscular body, I instinctively feel subservient and a little shy.

Why do I feel like this when there are fifty ways I could crush him before he could even move, Kryptonite glove or not?

Well, a lot of reasons. I'm naked, while he's clothed (however minimally). I was raised to respect authority and he's my mentor, coach and manager here in the Costumed Wrestling Alliance. At 22, I'm younger and less experienced, both at being a hero and a wrestler. I'm on a losing streak, while he's wearing a championship belt. The list just keeps going and going.

I keep my head lowered as I try (in vain) to shield my crotch. I'm from the Midwest and was raised to be modest about my body. Not just because it's the culture, but also because my parents never wanted me to stand out. And when you're as muscular, ripped and hung as I am, you're going to stand out in a locker room shower.

As I look at his black leather boots against the white tile shower room floor, I whisper, "Not so loud with the farm boy stuff! Please. I don't want everyone figuring out who I am. In here, I call you Batman, so please call me Superman. Just Superman."

Batman snorts at me. He replies, "Super? That's debatable right now, but we're the only ones in here, farm boy. I made sure of that. Don't you trust me?"

I reply with a sigh, "Yes, of course, Batman. But -"

The Dark Knight interrupts then berates me for my in-ring performance tonight in his deep, raspy voice, which so ridiculously sexy. I hate to say it, but his ranting kind of gets me hot. I struggle not to get aroused. I miss a lot of what he says as I try to focus, coming in when he's saying, "Out on the streets of Metropolis, you're unbeatable. Somehow, you get in a wrestling ring and turn to mush. I thought Kryptonite was your weakness, not squared circles."

I explain, "When I'm fighting crime, it's not the same as wrestling. I wear more and can avoid ... situations that I can't avoid in the ring."

Batman says, "Excuses, excuses. Look at me, farm boy." I breathe in deeply as I look at the large feet one last time. He repeats, "Look. At. Me."

I slowly raise my eyes. My stare heads up the tall shiny black leather boots, over the thick legs where every muscle is naturally flexed and clearly defined. I can't help but pause for a lingering moment on the massive bulge in the tight, shiny black trunks, on top of which rests the man's large gold championship belt that reads "Heavyweight Champion, Non-Powered Division".

I move past the belt. Batman's thick arms are folded across his heaving pecs, two black gloves covering his hands and forearms. A long black cape is draped back, revealing his bare and broad shoulders. My gaze moves higher. I'm immediately entranced by the slight smirk of confidence bordering on arrogance just above the impossibly square jaw.

Finally, I look the Caped Crusader in the eyes. I melt a little at the green eyes that peer through the lead-lined black cowl. Of course, I break the stare first. Batman always wins these standoffs. The 29-year old stud has spent his whole career working on being intense and intimidating. He's just really good at it.

I tell him, "I'm sorry for losing again. I'll work harder. I will."

I turn back to washing down. I feel the sting of the glove return. This time, the tip of one finger presses between my shoulder blades and runs slowly down my spine to my ass crack. I moan and fall forward into the tile wall. When the finger splits my cheeks then massages my hole, it's all I can do to keep my feet.

Batman taunts me, "How does this hole stay so tight in spite of all the action it gets from me and the villains you've lost to?" The Dark Knight leans in and forces his finger way deeper into me.

I moan, enjoying the sensations for another moment, then steel my will. I turn my ass away, pressing it against the wall. As water runs down my chiseled torso, over my thick cock and down my muscular legs, I stare at the dominant masked hero again. Batman reaches behind me and turns the water off. The black glove with the green flecks in it grabs a tight grip of my cock, squeezing and fondling my hard rod. My cock grows at the abuse, while my legs go weaker from the Kryptonite.

I want the torture to stop, but then I don't. Like it or not, I enjoy the sensations tearing through my amazing body.

Finally, I'm reduced to begging, "Please. Please stop."

"Make me."

I bite my bottom lip. I force myself to push past my dominator. I stagger out of the shower room. I rest on the bench, gathering my wits. Batman is quickly towering over me, giving me a familiar lecture. My invulnerability has made me ultra-sensitive and susceptible to sensual torture, I need to do this and that. I get it, I get it.

Batman says, "Forget Kryptonite. It's your erogenous zones that are your real weakness. We need to work on that."

I say, "I know, I know. You tell me that every day."

"And yet you never get any better."

The words sting, but I can't deny their truth. At the sight of my slumping shoulders, Batman softens his tone. He says, "Listen, you're the best chance we've got to re-capture the Heavyweight belt in the Super-Strength division from Atlas. I know you can do it. But you don't stand a chance if you fall apart every time someone tweaks your god-damned nipple! Be in the training room in five minutes. We've got a lot more work to do."

Batman storms out. I sit naked on the bench for the next four minute and forty-eight seconds, trying to figure out how to please my friend and trainer. Finally, I rise up, dry off and get dressed in my gear at super-speed, making it to the training room with three seconds to spare.

Superman's Next Match

When my name is announced, I emerge through the curtain then slowly float to the ring, hovering six inches above the steel ramp that cuts through the thousands of cheering fans. I wave and smile. Once in the ring, I strike a double bicep pose, sowing off my incredibly powerful solar-powered muscles.

I strip off the red cape that I wear to the ring and try to focus on the plan. I bounce nervously. I have to admit that I'm anxious for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is the wrestling version of my superhero suit. It's small, revealing and not something I'd wear by choice. I mean, you can see practically everything. I idly adjust the leg openings on my small red speedo. They have a yellow signature 'S' symbol on the front. The only other coverage I have is a pair of tall red leather wrestling boots.

Batman walks behind me, ignoring everything. The Caped Crusader marches around to my corner on the opposite side. I can hear his heartbeat. Hes nervous, but hides it behind his cold exterior.

The announcer keeps going, introducing my opponent for the evening. I freeze in the oversized ring, which is reinforced with an Inertron and Nth metal alloy to hold the battles of the CWA's super-powered heavyweights. A force field surrounds the ring area, protecting the audience from our awesome power. I stare at the lead-lined curtain, waiting as a hush goes over the crowd.

"And his opponent, standing 6'3" and weighing 220-lbs, the Khandaq Killer, BLACK ADAM!"

Boos erupt in the arena, but then are silenced by a deafening bolt of lighting that crashes down, momentarily disorienting the audience. I'm fine, but some of them need a second to see and hear again. The villainous heel magically appears in the aftermath. Damn, he looks good.

Black Adam floats down, magic lightning cascading around him. The pyrotechnics impress the crowd, but they still resume jeering the evil fiend as he descends into the ring. My eyes are wide and I just suck in my breath slowly. With my super-hearing, I hear Batman whispering, "Steady. Steady. He's just trying to throw you off your game."

The olive-skinned villain's normal black body suit is gone, replaced by skimpier wrestling gear. Black Adam is wearing small black trunks with a gold belt, a white lightning bolt trimmed with gold placed on the front. Gold boots and wrist gauntlets echo his normal costume. A thick gold rope cuts between his hairy pecs and holds the flowing white and gold-trimmed cape that floats behind him in place.

The villain smirks at me, sensing the impact his appearance is having already. He locks eye contact, slowly pulls his cape over his shoulder and stretches seductively. I'm kind of captivated by the show. He's one sexy beast.

In the opposite corner, I overhear the diabolical Dr. Sivana laugh, "Look at that stupid hero, already losing his cool. This will be even easier than we thought."

The Match

The bell rings and the robot referee orders us to lock up.

We circle then charge in, embracing in a collar-and-elbow lock up. Black Adam is magically strong, his might almost the equal of my solar-powered alien muscles. Almost. I overpower him, twisting and yanking him down into a side headlock. I crank hard with the kind of power that could destroy planets. He grunts in response.

Black Adam suffers, his grunts turning to moans. He slams his forearm into my back, but I've got him locked up tight. I can see his head turning bright red from the force I'm applying. I walk him around the ring, trying to keep him disoriented. It works, but then I feel his arms settle around my waist. He tries to lift me over for a suplex, but I successfully block it by kicking and pulling down even harder.

As my feet land, the villian's big paw slides onto the yellow symbol covering my bulge. Adam caresses my pouch and it's my turn to moan. I'm surprised, immediately distracted by the move. It's enough for him to pull free. The mighty muscleman shoves on my back, sending me flying (literally) into the ropes. I bounce back into his waiting arms. Before I know it, Adam flips me over his shoulder with a belly-to-back suplex. KABOOM! My shoulders and neck slam down hard, stunning me.

I roll over onto my hands and knees. The villain is up. He kicks me in the gut, flipping me up and over the top rope into the hard forcefield surrounding the ring area. I collapse down onto the floor outside the ring, gathering my wits. Before I know it, Black Adam leaps over the top rope and drives the sole of his boot onto the back of my head. WHACK! He drives my face into the floor. ARGH! One of the things fans love about the CWA is that we can take punishment no normal human can.This is one of those times, as Adam grinds his boot into the back of my head, crushing my face into the floor.

Adam grabs a handful of my black hair and the back of my trunks. He yanks me up, wedging the red spandex up my crack. Before he can do any more damage, I drive sideways, slamming my elbow into his gut and driving him into the ring apron. CLANG! He hits hard, dropping to one knee. I shake out my head then rise up, staring the villain down.

The villain looks up when he hears the robot ref count 4. I charge forward, pounding my forearm into the villain's chest. WHAM! I do a spin kick, slamming my boot into his trim stomach. Adam bends forward, so I give him a DDT, planting his forehead onto the hard floor. As I rise, the count hits 8, so I leap up then roll under the bottom rope to break the count.

I roll back out, pulling my trunks out of my crack. From his knees, Black Adam tries a mule kick to my bulge, but I catch it. "No, no, no!" I lift the boot then drive down, slamming Adam's knee into the floor hard. He yelps and reaches, collapsing into the fetal position. I grab his wrist then force him up, pushing him back into the ring. I quickly leap back in, but Adam rolls away and rises.

We circle again, a little more cautiously. We both got our shots in, but I feel good about how it went, in spite of having my face smashed into an indestructible floor.

We move to lock up, but the villain ducks, lifting his knee into my abs. OOF! He clubs me across the back, dropping me to one knee. The hairy heel grabs my hair, but I wrap my arms around his waist and flip him over onto his back. When the villain scrambles up, I'm waiting with a boot right into his abs. OOF! I grab him around the head and drop him with another DDT! CRACK!

I rise up as Adam writhes beside me. His head is hard, but the ring is harder. I step over him, reach down and drag him up into a full nelson. The villain squirms, but he can't stop me. I power him into position, cinching my hands together. He groans as I squeeze, forcing his goatee between his hairy pecs. ARGH! I shake him, amping up the pressure as I parade him around the ring.

Adam struggles, but I hold him tightly. I back up to the corner then step on the bottom ropes to gain some height, because we're not allowed to fly. I lean back, lifting his feet off the ground. The villain groans, but won't submit.

Suddenly the robot ref says, "ALERT! Warning, Black Adam! No flight! Warning. No flight!"

I feel Adam lower and his grunting gets louder as his attempt to ease the pressure is thwarted by the sensors of our mechanical monitor. This is a strength contest. We're not allowed to use flight, eye beams, lightning, speed or any other active ability. Just strength, invulnerability and our skill.

I feel the villain go limp, but he's holding out. I decide to switch it up. I spring forward, planting Adam down pecs and face first on top of him with me driving him down hard! WHAM! UNH! I let go and kneel between the dazed muscleman's legs as he squirms on the mat. I fire three hard fists into the small of his back, tenderizing the mighty magic muscles, weakening him for later. THUD! THUD! THUD!

I rise up then reach over and drag the villain to his feet. I stand beside him, wrap my arm over his shoulder and foot around his ankle. With a swift (but not super speed) yank, I execute a perfect Russian leg sweep, dropping him onto his back. BOOM! I roll over and pound away on his abs. THUD! THUD! THUD! The great thing about these matches is I can go all out. Adam can take it, so I unleash a devastating flurry of blows that have his stomach red in no time.

With a twist and leg kick, Adam swings to the left, toppling me over. He rolls away and rises slowly. From my knees, I dive at him, tackling him with a spear that has him gasping. OOF! I drive him all the way back to the corner where he crashes in hard. CLANG! I feel him go limp, a great sign.

I reach between the muscleman's legs, hoist him across my chest then spin, dropping him with a killer body slam! WHAM! Adam coughs, but I'm on fire. I drag him up, grab him from behind around the waist then lift and bring him down onto my knee with an atomic drop! The move hammers his tailbone down into my invulnerable knee. When I release him, he staggers forward, walking funny and grabbing his ass. I run by him into the ropes, bounce off and level him with a clothesline that nearly takes his head off! WHACK!

I go for a quick pin, hooking the leg. ONE! TWO! Kick out. Wasting no time, I force the muscleman up then whip him into the corner. CLANG! I charge in, coming down with a splash across his hairy chest, squashing him in the corner. I start hammering him with forearms as the ref counts to five.

Beside me, Sivana jumps on the ring apron, distracting the robot ref. He complains about the count, as though the mechanical monitor could be wrong. I could cheat, but I don't. I still break at the legal time. I am a hero, after all.

Unfortunately, Black Adam is not.

ZZZZT! As I move in, Black Adam shoots magic lightning, hitting my bulge right on the bright yellow 'S' symbol. My vulnerability to magic is bad enough, but he hits me where it does the most damage. I stagger backwards to the middle of the ring. ZZZZT! Another shot radiates through my body, dropping me to my knees. Batman yells at the ref, but Sivana keeps the ref from turning.

The villain smirks at me kneeling before him. He aims more lightning at my nipples and I'm writhing in pain, but also ecstasy. My bulge grows in my tight red trunks. My mind reels. My arms drop to my side as the ref finally returns. I try to tell him what happened, but Adam grabs me behind the head and pulls my face forward into his trunks. He smothers my mouth with his spandex-covered manhood, preventing me from speaking. MMF UMM URGH!

The manly musk of the swarthy villain makes my disorientation even greater. Darn, he smells like such a man. He really is sexy. C'mon, focus! Focus! With a hard shove, Adam forces my head down, locking it between his legs. He reaches over my back, around my waist and lifts. I kick, but he gets me up then leaps up. The heel drives my head into the reinforced mat, executing a perfect piledriver! WHOMP! I black out for a moment as my invulnerability is tested.

Black Adam lets my carcass collapse to the mat. I feel him plant his hands on my pecs and smash his bulge into my face. The robot ref starts to count, but I lift my shoulder at one. The villain slides back, grabs my hair and drags me up. He whips me into the corner, following in with a killer clothesline of his own. CLANG! WHACK! I sag down, only the corner keeping me up.

Two slaps to my face mock my helplessness before Adam presses his body in tight on mine. He whispers, "You are a fool, hero. I know about you. Everyone knows about you. I am not going to just beat you. I am going to humiliate you."

The heel shifts so the counting ref can't see then I feel his enormous left hand cup my big balls in the red spandex trunks. "No ..." I blurt out, but it's useless. Sivana is back on the ring apron distracting the ref and I know I'm in big trouble.


Magic lightning engulfs my balls and my whole body shakes. I convulse violently in erotic pleasure, thrashing as the energy tears into me. UNH! UNH! Oh no! No. I feel my loins being tortured and I love it. My cock swells as I'm lost in the feeling of his beautiful body against mine and the energy he's pouring into me. Oh please, no! Oh, where's the ref? Help!

When Black Adam puts his right thumb on my nipple, presses in then shoots a blast, I spontaneously shoot my load in my trunks, releasing a load of Kryptonian cum. I'm soaked in sweat and weaker than I've ever felt before. I shake and shudder, drained of my seed. Fortunately, no one can see what happened, thanks to Adam pressing over me. Unfortunately no one could see, so I just look weak and pathetic.

All I want to do is sleep as Adam squeezes my balls in his iron grip one more time before letting go and stepping back. My head hangs down and I see the front of my trunks. My cock is flaccid again, drained by the power of the magic energy. I have to use my hands cover the obvious wet spot, which means I can't support myself on the ropes. I drop to my knees again, shoulders slumped.

"You certainly look at home in that position, hero. It is as though you were born to be on your knees before me, worshipping my might."

I look up only to receive a vicious right across my chin that send me sprawling down. I collapse on my back as Adam quickly grabs my ankles and folds them over my head. My knees reach my shoulders and my ass sticks up high in the air. I hear the ref finally return, counting the fall. One, two, three and it's done. The first fall to Black Adam.

I roll over, hiding my shame. I glance down at the white liquid seeping through my trunks. I'm forced to fire a quick blast of heat vision to dry them, although there remains a stain and they feel crusty.

I crawl to my corner, take a seat on the stool and prepare for a second beat down, this time from my coach and mentor. Batman doesn't disappoint, laying into me about my failure.

Round Two

The bell sounds and we're back at it. I charge out, but I'm still slow. I run right into a hard boot to my gut, followed by a forearm across my back. OOF! THUD! I drop to my knees again as Adam laughs at me. The arrogant villain hammers my traps with two huge karate chops. WHACK! WHACK! I fall forward as he thrusts his hips forward. My face falls beside his bulge, forcing me to again inhale his intoxicating and manly musk. Fuck.

Before I can do anything, Black Adam pushes my head down between his legs, locking his thighs against my ears. He grabs under my arms and forces me to my feet as I'm bent forward at the waist. Before I know it, he's jumping then coming down with a Pedigree that smashes my face into the indestructible mat. SMACK! It dazes me and, with my super-hearing, I can hear mutters about me going down in two straight falls like a chump. I even hear the term super-jobber thrown around.

Black Adam goes for a cocky pin, putting his shin across my pecs and flexing his biceps over me. The robot ref counts, but I lift a shoulder at two. I struggle to rise, unaware of where the villain is until I feel my ankles being grabbed. Seconds later, I'm moving, the malevolent Marvel spinning me around in an airplane spin.

I lose count of how many times the heel whirls me around before he lets go of my ankle. I fly through the air, slamming into the forcefield around the ring. WHAM! ZZZZT! Energy shoots through my body before I plummet to the floor below outside the ring. I land hard on my front then feel a boot come down on the back of my head. SMASH! If not for my unmatched invulnerability, I'd be toast, but even with it, I'm dazed.

The villain kicks me over then lays into me with boot after boot to my abs, breaking them down. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! I can't roll away as he tears my torso apart. Finally, he stops, but I can't move or fight back.

Adam says, "You are pathetic, hero. All your power, but you have no idea how to use it." Then he whispers so low that only my super-hearing can pick it up, "You are almost not worth fucking." Adam kicks me onto my stomach, placing his boot on my ass. He adds, "Almost."

I try to rise, but the villain grabs me by the back of my trunks and neck. In one fast move, he easily hoists me over his head. As I hang limp in the air, he parades my helpless body around to the boos of the crowd. With ease, he flips me up and over the top rope, back into the ring. I roll onto my back, trying to get a second wind. No such luck, because Adam comes in fast, leaping up and coming down with two boots square in my six-pack abs, crushing them under his magical might. OOF! The Egyptian god-powered villain flexes again as he stands on my aching midsection.

Black Adam steps off then forces me to my feet. He drives his knee into my battered abs. OOF! When I bend over, he grabs my head then cranks, twisting me around with a spinning neckbreaker. We topple down and I grab my head, surprised it's still attached. The villain sits up beside me, laughing. He's really enjoying every moment of his dominance.

I roll to my hands and knees, but Adam grabs my head and slams my face into the mat. CRACK! I see stars as he drags me up to my knees. I shake my head out, but he moves behind me and drives his boot between my shoulder blades. I fly forward, landing face first into the bottom turnbuckle. I writhe on the mat, my arms and legs flailing as I'm unable to get myself moving.

The villain sits on my back, grabs my arms and pulls up, cinching in a camel clutch. I feel like my back might snap from the power of the mighty muscleheel. ARGH! Adam demands the ref ask for my submission. When the robot asks, I blurt out, "NO!" I hear a chuckle then feel Adam sit back even farther, pulling head so far back that I'm left staring at the ceiling.

The sounds in the arena are deafening as I suffer. I'm overwhelmed as I lose control of my superhearing. I hear the crowd encouraging me to hold on, Batman telling me to focus and the mocking of my opponent and his diabolical manager. In spite of the pain and disorientation, I refuse to give. Better he breaks me in two than submit to this evil man.

Adam starts to get frustrated, so he shoves his index fingers into my mouth. My lips part and my mouth is stretched out painfully, but that's nothing. Suddenly, I feel small shots of magic lightning shoot into my mouth, tearing through me. I convulse in the camel clutch as my body is attacked on the inside.

The villain demands, "GIVE!"

When I still won't give, Adam unleashes a bigger blast energy down my throat again. This time, the ref senses the energy, warning Adam as my wild thrashing actually throws him off me. I lie on the mat, trying to use my freedom from the submission hold. I choke and gasp, desperately working to recover. I swear that I actually taste blood. I feel so weak that when Adam grabs the back of my trunks and tries to drag me up, I fall back down. He has to grab hold of my hair and trunks to get me to my feet.

The hairy muscle hunk grabs my cheeks in one hand, squeezes and tells me that it's over. I feel his hot breath enter my mouth as he taunts me. Black Adam holds me by the neck and bulge, hoists me upper his head then parades me around. He lets everyone take in my helplessness in his grip before he finishes me off. When he's done, Adam brings me down in one smooth move, bringing my back down over his knee with a killer back breaker.


The force and speed causes a shockwave that sounds like an explosion. I hang helplessly over his knee, gurgling and convulsing. I'm asked if I want to submit. When I can't answer, the robot ref checks my arm. I feel it go up, but I can't stop it from falling.


I try to focus, looking at the world upside down as I hang on Adam's knee, my back in spasms. My arm goes up for a second time. Okay, I've got to keep it up. Unh, no, I can't manage it.


Damn! Focus. I've got to summon every ounce of strength I have and focus on one thing. My arm. This time, when the robot ref lifts, I concentrate hard.

My arm drops, but only a couple of inches. I thrust it up, managing to save myself from being counted down. The crowd erupts as the angry villain throws me off his leg. My satisfaction is short lived. Black Adam starts in with a round of stomps to the small of my back, hoping to capitalize on the damage he's done. I try to squirm away, but the evil powerhouse grabs the back of my trunks.

I'm dragged up by my trunks then by a big hand wrapped around my throat. The ref warns Adam not to choke, but he ignores it. We stare at each other eye-to-eye for a second. I see pure malevolence as he taunts me, "You are going to wish you submitted, hero. I swear that I will break you in half!"

I can't respond with his hand on my throat. The ref reaches a four-count, so Adam pulls me forward. He nearly knocks me out with a head butt, slamming his head into mine. CRACK! I'm wobbly in his grip, but he doesn't let me fall. Instead, the villain lifts me up and plants me down with a killer chokeslam! BOOM! Adam rises and plants a boot on my chest. I see he has his arms raised in anticipation of victory as I struggle to move.

The ref counts, but Adam doesn't wait for the 'three'. He steps off of his own accord. The villain runs back into the ropes and springs off. He leaps into the air for a flying elbow. At the last moment, I roll out of the way, narrowly missing being crushed. Adam's elbow slams down hard into the reinforced mat. WHACK! The villain yelps in pain, as I try to roll to the ropes. I make it, grabbing the middle rope and pulling myself to my knees.

Adam charges in. I hear his footsteps and turn, wildly swinging my fist out. I connect with his unflexed abs. The startled heel is caught off guard and my hand sinks in deep. He staggers back, gasping. I summon my strength, focusing my energy. Batman is yelling for me to move now, his calm exterior cracking with excitement at my resilience.

The villain is back. I try another fist, but he swats it away. I try to rise, but he rains forearms and fist down on me, adding in stomps that shake the arena. I resist, ignoring the assault. I'm focused only on rising. My willpower overcomes his attack and I rise to my feet, my fists shaking with rage. Blow after blow harmlessly bounce off my muscular back. I walk away, my muscles pumped and my eyes glowing red with Kryptonian fury.

When I spin around, I'm met with a boot to my abs. I bend over, right into a front face lock. Adam grabs the side of my trunks, going for a suplex, but I block it. I fire a shot into his side, pull my head out then lock on a front face lock on him. The villain struggles as I yank on his trunks, flipping him over and slamming him onto the indestructible mat. WHOMP! I roll over and rise to my feet. I thrust my arms out, look up and yell, my energy replenished.

Black Adam rolls over and rises. He tries to surprise me with a shoulder block. THUD! Somehow, I manage to keep my feet. He bounces off four feet back, shocked. The crowd erupts and cheers as we stare each other down. I'm trying to look tough, but really I just can't move. I think he senses I'm trying to buy time, because he decides to go at me again. He runs back into the ropes, charges off and we slam into each other. THUD! Adam bounces off, stumbling then falling to his ass, while I remain standing.

I see doubt in his eyes for the first time. I'm exhausted, but I need to capitalize on this. I move in and grab his head, only to get another blast of magic lightning to the front of my trunks. ARGH! I feel it, stumbling back. Adam laughs at the ref's warning, butting distracts him enough. I dive forward and flatten the musclestud with a forearm across the side of his head. WHACK! He's not laughing now, holding his head and kicking the mat.

I grab the villain by the face, my thumb and middle finger digging into his temples. He cries out, as my nerve hold weakens him. I hear Batman whisper, 'Good boy," as I use his teaching to incapacitate my foe. I feel myself regaining my focus and strength as Adam desperately tries to pry my hand off. It's no use, he can't break my Kryptonian claw.

Adam won't submit to this. I know that, but it's served its purpose. I use my steel grip to force him to his feet. In one smooth move, I lift him off the mat then move forward, slamming down onto his back hard. KABOOM! The whole ring shakes at the force of the impact. I feel the villain go limp, so I go for a pin. I hook his leg, but I only get a two-count.

When I rise, I kick Adam onto his stomach the unleash my fury on him with a series of stomps to his back. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Batman taught me to focus my attacks on one area and after the slam, this seems as good as any. The villain bounces under the force of my foot, grunting with every blow. He tries to crawl away, but he can't get away from the red sole of my tall leather boot. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

Adam finally gets close to the ropes, so I grab the back of his trunks and drag him to the middle of the ring. He claws at the mat, but he can't stop me. I drop my knees down onto his back. On instinct, his head comes up as he suffers, giving me the chance to grab under his chin. His feet kick, helping me grab an ankle, as well. Before the hairy muscleman knows it, I'm rolling back, dragging him with me.

The villain hangs on my shins, with me stretching him out. I push hard on his chin and pull on his legs, making sure he feels the pain. He groans and squirms as he hangs on my legs, groaning loudly as I torture his back mercilessly. Adam won't submit, but I can tell he's weakening.

I could keep him in this hold, but then my mind wanders. With his back stretched out and his big bulge thrust upwards, I notice that his tiny black trunks have slid down to the top of his shaft. Man, he's unbelievably hot. No. Stop it. I kick him off my legs and try to get my focus. I have to discreetly adjust the front of my trunks as I watch Adam writhe on the mat, massaging his back. Wow, look how he's got his ass up in the air. In his tight, skimpy black trunks, it looks incredible.

Suddenly, I hear a high-pitched tone that snaps me out of my lust. Batman whispers, "If you don't focus and get on him right now, Black Adam will be the least of your worries."

Uh oh, that's all the motivation I need. I shake my head and dive on top of the rising Adam. I force him down to the mat then sit on his back, dragging him up into my own camel clutch. The villain cries out as I pull him up, just as he did to me earlier. I don't have magic lightning, but I don't need it. My Kryptonian muscles strain as I pull the lanky muscleman farther and farther back. I lean and pull until Black Adam is screaming out in pain.

The ref doesn't even have to ask for a submission. The mighty Black Adam screams out for all to hear, "GIVE! I GIVE! LET ME GO!"

I release the hold immediately and rise up, straddling the defeated villain. Sweat pours down off me, puddling on his back as I admire his muscles again. As I look down, I realize my trunks are tenting a little, so I look away, retreating to my corner quickly.

I'm smiling, until Batman kneels in front of me. My mentor says, "You won a fall. Big deal. You haven't won the match. And that cock of yours is still your worst enemy."

"I know, I know. But I won a fall. I'll try to control it. I will."

"There's no try." We stare at each other and it takes all my strength not to lean in and kiss him right then and there. Batman is the world's greatest detective. He knows exactly what I'm thinking. The Caped Crusader says, "Damn it, you're thinking about sex right now. Knock it off."

I look down at his boots, "Sorry."

Next thing I know, the ref is telling us it's time for the final round.

Round Three

Black Adam comes out cautiously, which gives me confidence. I charge in fast and hard, spearing him down to the mat. WHAM! His back takes the hit and while he's stunned, I sit back and pound his abs. THUD! THUD! THUD! I see his ripped midsection turning red again, my first round ab assault making this easier. Adam instinctively lifts his head and shoulders as he tightens his stomach, giving me the chance to thrust out my hand and grab him around the throat.

I drag the villain to his feet. The ref starts to warn me about a choke, but before he can even count to one, I lift the musclestud off his feet then drive down with a chokeslam. WHOMP! Even though everything is reinforced by technology and magic, the ring shakes from the force. Adam goes limp, so I grab a leg and roll him up for a quick pin. The ref gets to two before the dazed heel can kick out.

I rise up then unleash a fast series of boots to the abs, trying to really break down his core muscles. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! When Adam stops struggling, I leap up, driving my knee into the bruised and softening midsection. POW! OOF! I grab the villain's wrist and pull him up, giving him a knee to the stomach then a double axe handle to the back when he bends forward. THUD! CRACK! He drops to one knee, giving me the perfect chance to reach over his shoulder and between his legs.

I go for a gutbuster, lifting him up then dropping him down over my extended leg. OOF! When I push him off my leg, he coughs and sputters. Adam rolls to the ropes, trying to get out of the ring. He's not normally one to run from a fight, but I can tell he needs to regroup. It's not cowardly, it's smart. I manage to grab his ankle, dragging him by his gold leather boot back to the middle of the ring.

I force the malevolent muscleman to his feet and push him back into the ropes. After a knee to the abs, I whip him off and clothesline him hard on the rebound. He does a full 360 in the air, before landing sprawled out, spread eagle on his back. I go for another cover and get to two before the ref stops counting. Adam's boot is on the bottom rope. I see a smirking Sivana, knowing he's responsible, even before I hear Batman complaining.

The ref commands me to back off, which I reluctantly do. I pace impatiently, my muscles pumped, body sweaty and confidence high. I want to finish this now, but Adam's boot hangs on the rope, silently taunting me.

Sivana mocks me, "That's right, hero. Follow the rules. You have to set a good example for the pathetic simpletons who mindlessly cheer for you."

With the little scientist's guidance, Black Adam rolls under the bottom rope, collapsing on the floor below. He starts to gather himself, so I have no choice but to follow. As I move in, the villain kicks back with a donkey kick, catching me in the leg. I take a step back, but there wasn't much on the kick. I charge in again, but Sivana blocks my path. He's evil, but he's also a normal human. I have to stop short to avoid killing him.

Black Adam is crawling away, so I carefully grab Sivana by his shoulders. I lift him and place him to the side, using the bare minimum of my power. I glare at the smug fiend, hoping to intimidate him. I should've known better than to waste my time. Before I can turn away, I see a faint green glow between us. I look down just as a beam fires from the ring on Sivana's left hand. Oh no. ARGH! I feel intense pain in my bulge, like the worst low blow.

My face shows the shock as I cup my manhood then my confusion. They were supposed to be screened for weapons, including Kryptonite. This shouldn't be. The diabolical genius guesses what I'm thinking. He whispers, "An undetectable little synthetic of my own creation. Not as powerful as the real stuff, but good enough, I think."

Next thing I know, Adam is behind me. He forces my arms up, locking me in a full nelson. He spins me around then charges forward, driving me into the corner ring post. I can't block the move, taking the full force in my face and chest. I go limp as Adam releases the hold. He spins me then holds me up by the throat. The villain draws back his fist, aiming it at my face. The ref counts eight.

Black Adam fires the fist across my jaw. I see stars and almost collapse. As I stand there on spaghetti legs, the hairy heel sneers, "I want this win, so in you go." He pushes me into the ring under the bottom rope, breaking the count just in time.

Adam follows me in, dragging me up. He pushes me into the corner then uses me as a punching bag, pounding away at my body. With every shot, he subtly charges his hands with magic lightning on impact, cutting through my not-so invulnerable alien muscles. I sag in the corner, the tables turned thanks to their cheating. I'm dazed, my pouch still feeling the effects of the debilitating ray. Adam grabs my hair and pulls me out of the corner.

I have no choice, stumbling along as he flaunts his dominance by circling the ring with me in tow. Black Adam suddenly turns and swings a right hook that spins me around and drops me to my hands and knees. Adam towers over me as I cough blood and my vision is blurry. He stomps my hand, almost breaking my fingers. I scream then get a boot to the side of my head that sends me flying across the ring.

The next few minutes are a blur as I get stomped, pounded, kneed and elbowed relentlessly. I feel like a pile of mush, helpless under his awesome power. Black Adam plants a boot on my chest then flexes, reveling in his complete command. I can barely keep my shoulder off the mat to avoid falling victim to this arrogant pin.

I feel myself being dragged up then I'm staring at the ceiling. I realize we're back-to-back with the back of my head resting his shoulder. Oh no. I'm being set up for Adam's finisher, a neckbreaker. I swing my arms to break free, but it's too late. Time seems to stop as I fall down then suddenly we land and my head is slammed into his unbreakable shoulder. CRACK!

I lose consciousness for a moment as Adam rolls beside me, going for a cocky pin. He leans against me like I'm the cushion on the back of his sofa, not even trying to hook my leg or hold my shoulders down.

The ref and Adam count in unison. ONE! I concentrate, but can't move.

TWO! Come on. Please. It can't end like this! It can't!

THREE! Wait, no, that was only Adam who said three! The ref waves it off as I manage to lift my boot onto the bottom rope, saving myself.

The villain goes apoplectic. He rises then rants like a lunatic at the unfeeling mechanical official. I try to focus my recuperative abilities, trying to get some kind of strength back. Adam accuses Batman of cheating. Of course he didn't, but in a surprising moment, the normally stoic Caped Crusader engages Black Adam in a debate. I realize he's trying to buy me time, tricking the villain into distracting himself from the action.

When I roll over, the heel notices, recognizing that he's being stupid. He wags a finger at Batman before moving back to me. Black Adam grabs me, going for a scoop slam. I manage to counter, rolling him into a small package. I actually get a two-count before the heel can kick out. The muscleheel jumps to his feet as I get to hands and knees.

A furious Black Adam recklessly charges at me. I spring up, slamming my shoulder into his abs. My earlier punishment pays dividends as I feel his muscle wall collapse from the tackle. We tumble down to the mat, with me on top. I get one punch to Adam's stomach before he throws me off. The heel slaps the mat in frustration.

We both get to our feet. Adam again charges, running right into my boot. His abs fail and my foot sinks in deep. He bends over and heaves, almost throwing up. I grab his head, force it between my legs then grab him around the waist. The villain tries to flip me over, but I get him up before he can counter. I fall back for a piledriver, slamming his head into the indestructible mat.  WHACK!

I drop Adam to the side and he twitches, almost out of it. I go for a pin, but Adam manages to kick out. I drag him up and shove his head between my thighs again. This time, there's no attempt at a counter. I lift, leap off my feet then drop, rocking the heel with a second, better piledriver. BOOM! Adam lies on his side, barely moving. I go for another pin, only to have Sivana leap on the ring apron and distract the ref.

This time, I've had enough. I breathe out fast and hard. My super-breath sweeps Sivana's feet back, pushing him just off the apron. He drops, his chin hitting the rope before he falls sprawled on the floor. The ref returns as I force Adam up again. The villain is limp, barely maintaining consciousness.

I push him into position, grab around his waist and lift. I bend my knees, leaping up high. For the third time in a row, I piledrive the heel's head into the mat. KABOOM! Three piledrivers, each progressively more devastating than the last, have Adam out of it. He's done. I roll him up for a pin, holding his leg up high.

ONE! I thrust my shoulder blades down onto his chest and bridge my bulge up into the air to hold him down with the most force I can muster.

TWO! Adam groans, but he can't move me. This time, there's no interference or lightning or anything else to save him.


Oh my gosh. I did it. I release his leg and sit beside his carcass for a moment. I'm stunned. The crowd goes nuts. The ref reaches for my wrist, so I rise. He lifts my arm up high in victory. I feel Batman's hand on my shoulder.

"That's what I'm talking about. Remember, this is just one win. We're ..." I can't help myself. I scoop the Caped Crusader in my arms and give him a huge hug. Batman stops talking and hugs me back. He eases up, allowing himself to enjoy the moment. He says, "Congratulations. You deserve this."

I lower him, "Thank you. I luh-"

Batman cuts me off, "Go get your prize, stud." I nod, disappointed he didn't let me finish. The Dark Knight actually cracks a smile, "And I 'luh' you, too, so stop pouting."

I smile broadly as he moves away to leave me alone with Black Adam.

Superman's Prize

The ring lowers through the floor, away from the public audience's prying eyes. The lower arena is filled with clapping heroes, smirking anti-heroes and snarling villains. This is the secret side of the Costumed Wrestling Alliance and a favorite part for many. All the competitors know the deal. In fact, Adam's participation was specifically because of the after match opportunity to fuck the mighty Man of Steel. Too bad for the villain it won't work out that way.

Ignoring the crowd of peers, enemies and frenemies, I circle patiently until the ceiling closes. Black Adam is conscious, holding his head and checking his neck. He starts to rise, but I move in behind and place a hand on his shoulder, holding the villain down.

"Stay on your knees, Adam. You might be a King in Khandaq, but here and now, I'm the one in charge."

The villain glares out, his frustration and anger palpable, but he obeys my command. Black Adam vows, "I will live up to my word, alien. But mark my words, there will be a reck - OOMPH!"

At super speed, I pull my trunks down then shove my cock into the hairy muscleman's mouth, shutting him up. He gags, but I hold his head. I tell him, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I've heard it all before. Just start sucking."

Black Adam adjusts to my large rod in his mouth, as I slow down to a more human speed. I start pumping in a steady rhythm. I thrust slow and deep, savoring the moment. Not many men on the planet can withstand the force of a fully-powered Kryptonian face fuck, but this villain is one of the few. I don't plan to let this opportunity end too quickly.

The villain quickly gets into the mood, sucking me like a pro. He closes his eyes and starts moving his head without my guidance. The muscleheel focuses on worshipping my cock, grabbing the base of my shaft and concentrating on the head. Damn, he's good. The hairy stud fondles my balls and I'm in heaven. Oh man.

The crowd of superheroes and villains is cheering and howling, calling out at us as they usually do, but I don't think either of us pay attention. I put my hands on Adam's head and stop him. I force him to look up at me.

"Let's feel a little of that lightning." The villain raises an eyebrow. I repeat, "C'mon, do it. Juice my balls."

Black Adam obeys, unleashing small bursts of his magic lightning that cut through my invulnerability. ZZZZZT! I shake and shudder, throwing my head back. My manhood throbs as I feel the erotic torture. I take two more blasts then stop him. ZZZZZT! My cock has never been bigger or harder as I start pounding him in the face again.

I command, "One more!"

Adam fires again. ZZZZZT! With the fourth blast, I unleash my load, firing my seed down his throat. My load is huge, overwhelming the heel. He can barely take it all in. When I'm done, I pull out and step back. Black Adam wipes his mouth and starts to rise.

"Where do you think you're going?"

The villain pauses, "What do you mean? You came. That's twice now, if you count what I made you do in the ring."

"So? I've got another big load building and it's going up your ass."

Black Adam looks angry, but he returns to kneeling. I smile as I order him onto hands and knees. I drop in behind him then grab his hips. My cock is nice and slick from the blowjob, but the musclestud still cries out when I split his ass. I fuck him hard, riding his ass with abandon. I don't hold anything back, thrusting with full force. We're both moaning loudly, Adam in painful pleasure and me in erotic ecstasy.

I slow down then reach under the villain. I feel his rock hard cock hanging down. It's thick, fitting perfectly in my hand. Adam drops his head onto his forearms and cries out as I work him. I keep thrusting as I milk the villainous musclehunk, forcing him to shoot on the mat under us. I feel his ass tighten on my cock as I take his seed from him.

With Black Adam impaled on my cock, I lean back and pound harder and harder, thrusting my hips with full force. The villain cries out in pain and pleasure as I ravage his ass with abandon. I'm like a wild animal, humping my prey and savoring the feeling of his powerful ass against the full power of my Kryptonian cock. UNH! UNH! UNH! Getting so close ...

I'm still thrashing when suddenly, Batman is there. He starts shaking me, saying, "Hey, wake up! Ow. Stop hitting me. JAE! Wake up!"

Wakey Wakey

I stir from my sleep, "Uh, what? What?" It takes me a minute to figure out that I'm home, in bed and my boyfriend Cody is nudging me awake. Oh yeah, I'm Jae, not Superman. I'm not a farm boy from Kansas. I can't fly. I was dreaming, but it was so real. I look down and I'm soaked with sweat. My rock hard cock aches for release as it tents the thin sheet that covers me. There is a huge wet spot from my pre-cum.

I ask, "Uh. Why'd you wake me up? I was so close to ... uh, shit. Why'd you wake me up?"

Cody says, "You were really yelling and thrashing in your sleep. I love you, but not a fan of getting kicked and hit."

I answer sheepishly, "Sorry."

Cody smiles at me, letting me know he's not mad. He runs his finger down my arm. He grabs my swollen dick tightly, asking coyly, "Usual dream, I take it? Seemed a little more intense than normal."

I lie back and stare at him, "Mmm. Yeah, same thing. I'm Superman in a pro wrestling federation." Then it hits me, "Wait. Actually, no. It was different. I was still Superman, but I didn't lose. Yeah, I won this time!"

Cody smiles, pumping my dick, "Wow, congrats. Who'd you beat? Not Batman?"

I squirm in his tight grip, "No, not Batman. Oh fuck, Cody, ease up. I'm about to explode." My boyfriend stops pumping, but keeps a tight grip on me. I tell him, "Don't worry, Batman is still undefeated in my dreams." Cody can't help but smile at his idol's perfect record, even though it's only in my imagination.

I relax. My dick is still painfully hard, but at least its not on the edge. I say, "Yeah, I beat Black Adam."

Cody nods, "Very cool. I guess we need to see if The Cave's version, Dark Adam, is available to fight SuperStar sometime soon."

My cock pulses in his hand at the idea of a real-life (re)match with the Shazam villain. The Cave is the gay-oriented, superhero-themed wrestling video company that Cody co-owns with his best friend Ryan. I've been wrestling as SuperStar and Cody wrestles as The Bat, so it enables us to live out these kind of fantasies. I guess it's impacted my subconscious, too.

Cody smiles and releases my dick. He rolls over then back holding some lube and a condom, "I think somebody deserves a real-life victory party, dont you? So ... was Batman even in your dream this time?"

"Oh yeah. He was still the champ, but he just mentored me and watched from ringside."

Cody proudly says, Well, obviously all it took for you to win was a little help from a brilliant, sexy Bat-inspired hero. I figured as much.

I smirk at his arrogance, "Yeah, it was the hottest Batman ever ... looked just like ... Ryan." Cody's smile drops and he rolls away. I can't keep a straight face for long. "Just kidding. Of course you were my dream Batman, as always."

My incredibly hot boyfriend pretends to sulk, "Very funny. Maybe Ryan will help you take care of that."

I roll on top of him, "Aw, poor baby." I kiss him then tell him, "I love you, Cody."

My boyfriend leans up and kisses me back. He says, "Well, I'm glad that you're finally winning in your dreams. On Saturday, you'll be winning again for real in The Cave ring. Brainium is going down."

"I will win and itll all be thanks to your training Bat. Just like in my dream." With that, I dive in for a long kiss then ask, Can you put on your cowl for me? Cody jumps at the chance. I really do love him.

The End


  1. This was AWESOME!!!! Really enjoyed the whole thing, I was a bit confused at first but then realized this must be a dream. Such hot action too!

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. I worried that it might be confusing, but I thought the risk was worth it to try something a little different.

  2. Alex R:

    Confusion. Thats the feeling I got from the get go. But I remembered what you said on your post about giving it a shot. And it was exactly right. What a great story. I totally can relate to it, both as Jae and Cody. Very nice relationship they have.
    Going back to the story, the reason why its probably confusing is because it breaks completely out of the mold. Which is great. Again another fresh take. Really good stuff!

    1. Thanks, I appreciate the comment! I thought about starting with Jae and Cody in bed so it'd be obvious what was happening, but it felt less interesting to me that way.

    2. Alex R:

      Yep you made the right choice!

  3. Confusion is the right term. Really liked the story. Seems has if Cody is making some progress with our friend Jae


    1. Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you liked it. As long as the confusion didn't impede your enjoyment, I'm good.

      Cody is an experienced teacher, as a personal trainer and for the local pro wrestling fed. We'll have to see how much he can accomplish with Jae in the real world.

  4. Haha like everyone else i was confused too i read the beggining like 3 times thinking i skipped something because Jae wasnt wearing his mask. I got to say though if your eventual superhero stories are like this im so excited to read them! This chapter was a fresh entry and a lot of fun to read. Great work Alex!

    1. Fresh and fun? I'll take that! Thanks for commenting.

      Part of the confusion might be because this was actually re-written from the introduction to a possible series called Earth-W that I re-purposed for The Cave. I thought it seemed duplicative to what I'm doing, so I abandoned it and made it Jae's dream instead

    2. Ah what! Earth-W was a thing! Im happy that we saw some of it in this chapter but a bit sad to see it repurposed haha. hopefully you find something to seem less like a copy and make it a new series.

    3. Yeah, I'd like to use it, if I feel like I have something new to write. It kind of reminded me of the old "Rants, Roids n Rasslin" blog setup, where heroes and villains participate in a wrestling association. Due to my comic geek OCD, I did create a whole explanation for it, I might post it and see what folks think.

  5. I miss Rants, Roids n Rasslin he used to make great comics and his Celebrity Wrestling stories were amazing too. Wrestling association sounds good if you ever write it you know il be the first to read it and love it.