Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Up and Adam (Part 2)

Continued from Up and Adam (Part 1)

So here we are, ready for more Adam Page-y goodness. Please note: I made the GIF's from YouTube, but the JPG's below are from Google images.

Adorably intense

Aw, so patriotic

Reminds me of young Shawn Michaels

Adam Page vs. Zane Dawson

I'll bet that for many guys, Zane Dawson is a perfect heel for Adam Page. He's a menacing mess of a man, long hair and beard, fully-clothed and a total brawler bastard. He's a great contrast for the hot, young stud. I want to put these guys in a time machine, because this would be so much hotter in the 80's and 90's when holds were longer, there were fewer reversals and prettyboys got mauled from start to finish.

This isn't an 80's squash. While Page is clearly the 'babyface' in this match, he's not a pushover. He fights hard and comes through looking tough. They mention that this is the first time he's been back from ROH in a while, while Dawson is a serious challenger for the heavyweight belt. Admittedly, that kind of tips you off early on how this will go.

One thing I really enjoyed is that the announcers LOVE Page in this match. First, they give you the luscious hair/beautiful body/silky thighs quote (from Part 1) then they follow it up shortly with the classic, "look at that beautiful man bridging in the ring". I will look at him bridging, thank you. In fact, I'll make two GIF's of it.

The announcers didn't lie - beautiful body bridging

Did you notice his smooth stomach pumping?
Let's see a JPG try that!

I like that they don't pretend Page is just an ordinary guy. Eventually, they have to tone it down, as one notes, "This is getting a little too real." Real is right. The guy is beautiful in his bright red trunks, with his smooth body and hair flowing.

Ouch! The beast manhandles the beauty!

Dawson crushes the babyface

The heel's plaything

Hey! Watch out for that lariat ... okay, never mind.

Just because you're in ROH now doesn't
make you hot shit in the CWF

Adam Page vs. Trevor Lee

And then there's the match for TV Title against Trevor Lee. Page finds himself against a lean, young punk heel. Their face-off at the start is full of testosterone-charged bravado as they slam their bodies together, challenging each other before Page strips off his trucker hat and the men get down to business.

I highlighted this match for the hair-pulling fans, because Lee uses Page's hair repeatedly, including to set up his finisher. There's even mention that Lee had his head shaved after a recent loss and I can't deny that the momentary thought that Page could suffer the same humiliation was thrilling.

There are a few really nice moments in this one. The final pin is dominant and cocky, with the heel showing absolutely no respect for Page, who had been both a CWF Heavyweight and Tag Team champion by this point.

Step one: Hold hair.
Step two: Pull back to slam onto concrete floor.

Step one: Hold hair.
Step two: Drive knee to back of head.

Step one: Hold hair.
Step two: Deliver uppercut.

"How's your hair holding up, Adam?"

Step one: Hold hair.
Step two: Pull back for finisher.

Damn, that's a cocky pin to use against
a former Heavyweight and Tag champ

So, what do you think? Are you an Adam Page fan? Got another match we all need to check out? Should I cover more pro wrestling stuff or stick with the gay-oriented video companies?

On a functional topic, do you like the use of GIF's? Some of them seem a little fast. I can slow them down, but then the size goes up a lot. I'd like to hear about it, especially if you're on a mobile device or have slow internet. This is more than I would normally use, but I'm open to thoughts on the right balance of GIF's and JPG's for future reviews.



  1. These GIFs are awesome -- well done! :D And I'm not sure if things are different with the Mac version of Photoshop, but the Windows one is rather terrible for making them. You're likely not missing out there!

    I don't watch RoH as much as I should, but I do remember Adam Page back on the Top Prospect tourney they had going a couple of years back. He totally looked like a farm boy (or a young Greek god as I recall it) and his opponent was a muscular daddy type who dominated him, so that match really pushed the right buttons for me.

    I had no idea that he turned into a scruffy, dark-colors heel. So long as he keeps that beautiful mane, though!

    1. Yeah, I owe Jose big time for the reco.

      I'm just okay with ROH. I like the talent, but their matches seem to lack flow. It's too fast and too back-and-forth, so there's no story built during the match. It's like wrestling treated like a basketball game - one guy goes then the other and so on, but only the last two minutes matter. However, with them on Destination America now, it's easy for me to DVR the show and zip to the good parts.

      I'll have to Google that. Top Prospect tourney. While Adam is a heel, he's still a long-haired adorable one. I still find him more cute than menacing. LOL.

    2. Yeah, that's a really good observation, actually. Hadn't thought of it in that light. One thing that bugs me a bit is the frequent pinning. Just an excessive amount that I suspect is them trying to keep people watching to see who will win, but to me it just comes off as too many 2 counts.

      Oh, that's right, it was against Silas Young. Here's some info about the match http://www.wrestleview.com/roh-indy-wrestling-news/42563-page-vs-young-for-13th-spot-in-roh-title-tournament

      Heheheh, yeah, I saw what you meant by the adorable scowl when I did an image search earlier.

  2. Alex R:

    I love the Gifs. If you want to focus on something specific happening then the slower gifs are better even if it takes a bit too load.Also the more gifs you post the slower the page loads but its ok.

    I loved the hair pulling. Very hot.

    1. Glad you like the GIF's. Right on the slowdown. That's why I'll need to balance the GIF's in number and size. I checked the loading on my phone and it was pretty good, even with this large number, so I might be able to do some larger files. We'll see if anyone weighs in that they're having trouble. Like that last pin would be better slower, I think.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for the comment. Obviously I agree. :)

  4. Consider it all even after you putting this guy on my map! Thanks!!!

    1. It's a deal!

      I'm glad so many guys like Mr. Page, too.

  5. I dig the coverage of pro wrestling matches (as you can imagine) -- great job! Your animations are also great -- I had no trouble loading them. If the image sizes grow too large, you could try mixing still images with animations as the blogger on "He Is Out!" often does. For example, in the "How's your hair holding up, Adam?", our pretty-boy is barely moving. A still image might've been almost as nice, with a smaller file size. I have been experimenting with animations myself lately, trying to get the size-to-speed-and-length ratios just right, so your thoughts on the subject were very helpful. Great post! (By the way, did you ever notice that almost everybody who comments on our Blogs is also a Blogger with their own Blog, like we're the last 5 wrestling fans on earth...?)

    1. Thanks for the comment! I didn't realize you even read my blog, so I appreciate it. And I really do think the second image in Part 1 is perfect for Suffering Sunday. :)

      You're right on deciding which moments really need a GIF and which don't. Like in Part 1, I realized that the crab didn't need a GIF, because it's a static hold. Even the second bridge GIF is pretty static.

      I think bloggers can appreciate the importance of comments. I'd like to think I always commented, but I certainly do it more now than I did before I blogged.

    2. As a blogger, I love getting comments. I always want to reply to each one, but most of the time it would just to be saying things like, "I know," or, "Right?" or, "I know, right?"

      And I always get nervous LEAVING comments, afraid of looking bossy or like I'm trying to dominate the conversation. But since I like getting comments on my own blog, it's made me make myself leave more for other people, even when I'm nervous.

    3. Alex R:

      Hi Sean. As someone that likes to comments on blogs, I like when the blogger comments back. It feels good! One way is to reply to the individual that comments in an open way so the commenter can reply if they want. Does it make sense?
      I was nervous to comment at the beginning but I find it fun to see what other peoples takes are on the story or blog.

    4. It IS fun to get other people's takes, Alex R! But even in real life I'm not very talkative, so sometimes I have a hard time keeping conversations going. But I've been trying!

    5. HA!I Its all good. My problem is that I think I would do a fun blog but I find hard hard hard to do it consistently since it gets to be hard work. But its kinda cool to see when the blogger writes back. The readers appreciate since we do get a bit scared of commenting hahaha