Saturday, September 19, 2015

BotWS: RHW vs. UCW: Round 2

The Score So Far ...

RHW Ring

So we leave the UCW Garage all tied up after two upset wins. Now, it's time to see what happens in the Rock Hard Wrestling ring.

Now RHW wouldn't allow most of the UCW guys into their ring. Their primary criteria would be who best fits their aesthetic – well-built and good looking in a frat boy kind of way. After a lot of debate, they opt for Max Ryder and settle for the swarthy Marcus Ares aka The Spartan.

Match 3: Josh Steel vs. Max Ryder

Josh controls 80-90% of the match for the only squash of the tournament. The match lasts, because the UCW stud is stubborn and tough to submit, but the ending is never in doubt. Josh wins with a long-held hangman.

Josh brings the intensity
Max gets abused for 20 minutes
It's one devastating move
After another 
The UCW stud is overmatched
Max is down, but won't give
Max survives a torture rack
And he won't give to a crab
But everyone has limits
Sorry Max, you're a jobber once more

Match 4: Bruce Ballard vs. Marcus Ares (The Spartan)

This match is back-and-forth for a long time. Both studs are strong and built. I especially like it since Bruce has dressed in a Superman tee, while Marcus Ares is called Spartan. It calls to mind my own SuperStar vs. Spartan conflict.

I see the exchanging of holds and some really great slams, suplexes and other power moves. Both men dominate and suffer during the epic 30-minute battle. After all, if Bruce wins, RHW wins the entire series. Marcus needs to win to keep UCW's hopes alive.

While both studs deserve the win, Bruce poses at the wrong time and Marcus makes him pay with a series of devastating, muscle-wrecking moves culminating in a camel clutch-sleeper combo that has the RHW stud going out and looking damn sexy doing it.

The two studs battle
Showing off their muscle
Uh, Bruce there's a time to flex
But not with Marcus right behind you!
Marcus takes advantage
Bruce gets punished
And Marcus wins in the end 
Tying the score before the final match

It's a tie ballgame heading into the final match. How'd you like today's matches?

Tomorrow: Round 3 - The King vs. The Champ in a Winner-Take-All Finale!


  1. Alex R:

    Bruce Ballard suffers beautifully! Man this faux competition is really heating up! Loving it!

    1. Bruce is terrific. I wish I had included more pics of him suffering, but I have three matches of his that I haven't been able to watch all the way through yet (Alex Waters and the two tag matches) and I didn't want to spoil myself by pulling images from them.

  2. Poor Bruce i was rooting for you man! Cant wait to see what or who i should say wrestles tomorrow!

    1. Wow, your faves just can't catch a break! Sorry, buddy.

      Today went more true to form, as Josh and Marcus have both been mostly dominant in the matches I've seen, while Max and Bruce have not.