Sunday, September 20, 2015

BotWS: RHW vs. UCW: Round 3

The Score So Far ...

RHW King of the Ring Dash Decker vs. UCW Champion Quinn Harper

Best 2 out of 3 Falls

Fall 1: RHW Ring

Dash isn’t the King for nothing. The ring is his turf. His size, strength and power moves dominate and he handles Quinn like he's handled other smaller guys like Colt Stevens and Gage Cardona. The RHW rules neuter Quinn’s best attacks and he ends up giving to a torture rack.

Quinn gets overpowered
Dash knows how to punish smaller guys
Using the big power moves
Dash shows why he's King

Fall 2: UCW Garage

Quinn would have so much pent up frustration from round one that I think he’d go hog wild here. Dash could overpower him, but one reversal into the brick wall and Quinn takes control. The relentless use of the dirtiest tactics would give the smaller stud the win with a crippling ball claw-over-the-knee backbreaker combo that would raise Dash’s voice an octave for a week.

Quinn's dirty tactics work on big men
I'd love to see Dash wedgied
+1 Ball Claw
Dash goes down
Quinn savors his victory

Fall 3: Neutral Location – Fan Vote

Fans would be given the choice of three outdoor locations with the guys wrestling in oil or in mud or on a beach. Helped by some UCW rigging of the vote and the fans will choose ... an oil pit.

Dash’s strength is negated in the slick substance and Quinn controls most of the match. UCW has done oil matches, so it's totally home court advantage for the smaller stud. He’s dirtier than ever, but enjoys punishing the gorgeous beefcake so much, he never really tries for the win. But even in oil, it’s tough to move that much muscle for too long. The UCW champ wears down and Dash gets on top to eventually win with a sleeper.

Dash is in trouble
Quinn digs deep
Quinn has a little too much fun
And ends up asleep
A victorious Dash would look great oiled up

The Final Score: Rock Hard Wrestling Narrowly Wins

I know me giving the win to RHW is the least surprising thing ever, but what’s the point of having a blog if you can’t do what you want, right?

I can see other combos – like a tournament with BGE, RHW and Thunder’s. You could have studs like Kid Karisma, Alexi Adamov, Alex Waters, Dash Decker, Marco and Tak all facing off. For places like CameronWrestler, Can-Am, Jonny Firestorm and Muscle Domination Wrestling, it’s tough for me to think of guys who are 100% unique to them, but they could have a draft of some of their regulars.

So what do you think? I was limited to guys that I'd seen ... are there better match-ups? What about other feds? Who should do this? Would you buy? Also, I'd love to hear about the posts, specifically the number of images. These latest three posts had 26/25/18 graphic elements and images ... is it too many?



  1. I think it was great! I loved the whole concept and I hope one day a similar event (or events) do take place. I think it would serve as a great way to unite fans and strengthen the whole underground wrestling scene.

    1. Thanks! Glad you liked it.

      At first it was just fun, but I really don't see why it couldn't happen. These aren't multinational corporations, just regular guys who all seem to know each other anyway and a lot even hang out together.

  2. Alex R:

    I missed this post? Wow!

    Well I think in regards to the amount of images that yes, its abit too much at least for my tastes. Your eyes get lost in the amount of images plus the reading.

    Now Im with you that RHW wins! Cmon, that was not a difficult choice. Now, RHW vs BG East, thats more tricky.