Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Review: Kai vs. Frey (Thunder's Arena)

Following up on yesterday's review of Jersey vs. Kai, I thought I'd post another one on this mini-match (11 minutes), too. As I mentioned, you get the start of it teased (about 90 seconds, leaving 10 minutes of new material), so it only seemed natural to talk about it, but it was too much for one post.

Cocky Kai

Muscled-up Frey

Thunder's is really playing to impulse buying with these little 'would you like to add this mini-match for just $XX.XX' offers when you check out. Most of the time, I've clicked 'yes', including with Kai/Frey. It's just so easy, they're always low-cost and usually a matchup I'm open to. So the tactic is working on me at least.

It's easy to get carried away
I was intrigued by this setup, because it vaguely reminded me of a very hot scene from the end of Can-Am's Dante's Champions. I am going to spoil the very ending, but it's an old video and I need to in order to explain the reference. I also think it acts as punctuation to the video, it's not the main plot. My enjoyment was not dependent on this scene, so I don't think I'm ruining the video or anything.

Stop reading now if you don't want the ending of Dante's Champions spoiled for you. Even the images will spoil it.

Okay, you've been warned. After a couple of matches and a hot sex round, Dante knocks out Justin Mycles for no particular reason other than he can. That's cool. Whatever. However, as he's doing it, he threatens to also knock out Justin's big brother, Brett Mycles (RIP). Sexy.

Dante: "You like this? This is what I’m gonna do to
your fucking brother, too! Both you little bitches!"
It gets really good when big brother Brett comes in, making a surprise cameo to defend his younger brother. Dante doesn't back down at all. They argue then the hugely muscular Brett overpowers Dante and puts him out.

Brett: "What'd you do to my little brother?
Dante: "I treated him like the little bitch he is."
Brett defends his brother
I always wished for a follow-up. In Wrestler for Hire, the moments when Brett gets dominated are incredible. He was a massive muscleman, so it appeals to the side of me that likes to see alpha males dominated. It would've been great to see Dante actually deliver on his threat to bring down Brett somehow, even if he had to lose in the end.

Now Kai/Frey isn't exactly like that, of course, but I was struck by the possibilities here. In this case, you have Frey deciding to extend his rivalry with Jersey to include the whole family. The arrogant hunk goes after his rival's little brother. And the good part is that they talk about it. This isn't a coincidence, it's the plot.

Since this match is meant to occur right after the end of Jersey/Kai, the younger brother is still sporting his loose red poser I talked about yesterday.

Frey is wearing his tight argyle trunks. While patterns on trunks obscure bulge views, I don't think it's a big deal with Frey. However, his body is huge. He always looks his biggest in  Thunder's Arena and this match is no exception. Frey is pumped and bulging with defined abs.

Frey dominates at the start. Kai calls out, looking for some brotherly interference. Frey taunts him that his brother can't help him. Forced to go it alone, Kai gets cocky, refusing to go down quietly. As mouthy as Kai was against his brother, he's just as verbal against the Thunder's Arena veteran. The 'bitch' threats and taunts fly throughout, depending on whether he's in control (taunts) or not (threats).

The short match is skewed towards Frey dominating, but Kai definitely has his moments. The two studs trade wedgies. Kai even lands a flying cross body from the credenza.

The red posers get wedged
It's payback time
Kai's a cocky punk
But Frey's no pushover
Overall, this 11-minute match is pretty good. It's the scenario that inspired me more than the actual action, but there's a lot of good moves here. It appealed to the completist in me, my OCD side that needs closure. I was glad to have it on hand after the lengthy tease at the end of Jersey/Kai.

I don't know whether this was the end of the rivalry or not. Thunder's doesn't really do tag team stuff that I can think of. However, it does seem like there's some chemistry between Frey and the brothers. I'm not sure I'd buy another match with these guys, but I'd at least look at the scenario.


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