Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Review: Mikey Hanlon vs. Aron Stokes (Movimus)

In a time where there are so many producers doing exactly the same thing, I admire how Movimus successfully offers a really unique product. The look, tone and feel is totally their own. Show me any clip of one of their matches and there's no doubt that I'll know it's them.

If you're like me, that uniqueness might actually make it intimidating to make your first purchase. My advice? I started with the talent. Several of the guys are recognizable, even though here you're really seeing them in a different way. I thought, 'I'd like to see more of that guy' and took the plunge.

If I was summing them up, I'd say that Movimus does a great job of showcasing the best of the submission wrestling experience. It's the most 'real' of the wrestling videos I buy. In Movimus, the guys let their bodies do the talking. The gear choice is usually perfection, enabling the viewer to really immerse himself in the strain and struggle.

I feel kind of bad for them, as it feels like they've been unfairly targeted by PayPal and YouTube recently. From what I've seen, there's nothing even close to pornographic in what they produce. They're just one of the many victims of a hyper-sensitive, conservative corporate climate that discriminates against people who produce content that appeals to gay men.

Oh well, on to the review ... Mikey Hanlon vs. Aron Stokes ...

I normally talk about video quality at the end, but in this case, it impacts so much of the viewing experience. The video quality is really interesting in a good way. Since Movimus is unique, it makes sense they'd have a unique look.

The match is filmed in an Ultra HD/4K format. It looks spectacularly cinematic. I can't say it's better than Rock Hard, my gold standard. It's not worse, either. It's just different. It's not as bright, crisp or clean, but it suits their offering perfectly.

Submission wrestling is tight and personal, with bodies in constant contact as they struggle. The closeness of this style is matched by the uber-high quality of the video format. It has you in constant contact, too. You can see literally every detail, even on an iPad. Every bump, crease and blemish. Every nuance of facial expressions as they strain. The action is palpable.

I ultimately chose to buy and review this particular match because of the wrestlers.

Mikey Hanlon is a guy who could easily be one of my favorites if he only wrestled for more places. I'd love to see him in a ring with more of a character, but the only place he does that is a place I don't buy from.

Mikey is a stud in this match. He's handsome with a great body. More importantly, he seems fun. Cocky and confident, he has a swagger that shines through, even in this Movimus match where the guys are quieter and more subdued.

I like Aron, too. I've got several matches of his in UCW and he always entertains me. Here I admired him in a new way. His lean, trim body is put on display throughout by the more muscular Mikey.

In a way, the match is slow, but it's never boring. There's a lot going on here at every minute, even when the guys aren't moving much.

Movimus matches remind me why I'd love to write more submission. However, whenever I try, I end up cheating by having the narrator saying they grappled on the mat for five minutes. The reason is because the holds are more complex. It's tough to describe them, because there's so much going on and the entire body is usually involved.

There is a definitive winner, but there's no big finisher.

The value is pretty good. It's at the upper end of my range, but within it. Last week, I ranted about the rising prices. This match is $28.99 for 34 minutes - 4 minutes of stretching then 30 minutes of action. I got it during their recent sale for $24.99.

So overall, I enjoyed this match and would recommend it.

What do you think? Are you a fan of Movimus? Have you seen either of these guys? Please let me know in the comments!



  1. You should definitely give that "other company" another chance. Dav-, er, "Mikey" rules the roost over there and has TONS of character! The company's current roster sadly pales in comparison to the hard bodies that competed there a few years ago, but no other company caters to its fans' preferences more. The camera work and lighting are also a heck of a lot better than many other companies' productions, and with a current special running thru the end of September of only $6 per download or DVD, you can't beat their prices.

    I think you'll be pleasantly surprised if you browse thru the other company's catalog. Start from the beginning, and you'll soon come across their Golden Age of talent!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I have definitely been tempted to check out MH's other persona, but there have been a few things that stop me from ordering from that company. I wish he'd just wrestle for RHW and make my life easier. ;)

    2. The problem with that "other company" for me is that of all the sites that produce this type of content it is the only one that genuinely looks and feels fake from start to finish. In fact, whenever I watch a "match" it is embarrassingly CLEAR that the wrestlers are not making any kind of meaningful contact.