Friday, September 4, 2015

Review: Tomsen vs. Zander (BGEast)

Today, I'm reviewing Tyrell Tomsen vs. Jobe "The Centerpiece" Zander. It's from Florida Fights 5 from the new catalogue 109.3.

I find it interesting, this new model they're doing where they're releasing smaller catalogs more frequently(although it doesn't feel that frequent, really). I wonder if this is BGE responding to the fact that pretty much everyone else puts out one match at a time, which gives them a feeling of more content on a more regular basis.

But I digress. This isn't an analysis of the pros and cons of distribution models.

I was intrigued by this matchup for a couple of reasons. Tomsen is clearly a guy I like. I happily chose him as the base model for Terrence in my Route 69 series. ** SPOILER ALERT ** In my series, he wrestles three times and ends up with a very happy ending. ** END SPOILER ** Hopefully that's not too much of a spoiler for anyone.

While this is only the third Jobe Zander match I've bought, I've found him to be fun. As "The Centerpiece" character, Zander plays an arrogant pro heel really well. Of course he gets his nickname from his prominent bulge, which is on full display in bright yellow trunks. Every time it shifts, Jobe dutifully rearranges himself for the fans, which I'm sure we all appreciate.

Beautiful, uh, shoulder block

When in doubt, grab onto the biggest thing you can find

Now Tomsen has done nude matches in BGE and is no slouch in the bulge department (the bulge department sounds kind of fun). His thin, pale-aqua, shiny trunks look great against his rich black skin and provide the additional benefit of showing off his assets, front and back. We get an equal focus on Tomsen's 'centerpiece' as we do Jobe's.

The Centerpiece looks even better sweaty

Tyrell looks great

I kind of expected a squash of Zander, but this match isn't that at all. Much to my surprise and delight, "The Centerpiece" dominates most of the 34-minute match. Does he win in the end? I won't spoil that for you.

Jobe in control

Jobe spends a lot of time looking in the mirror

Zander is pro-trained and it shows. He uses a nice range of pro and erotic-pro moves and holds, including using his butt in a submission move, low blows and more.

Will Tyrell submit to Jobe's ass?

There's only room for one 'centerpiece' in this match

In spite of the antics, Jobe knows his stuff

Don't get too cocky, Tyrell

On the other hand, there is not a ton of variety in holds from Tomsen. He relies almost exclusively on bearhugs. It's a great hold, but I think you need to adapt to your opponent. When wrestling a guy named "The Centerpiece" in private, bearhug him and grind as much as you want. When you're on video, opt for the reverse bearhugs. Remember, you're there for us, the viewer.

Fortunately, Tomsen favors us with both, so bearhug fans will be especially pleased with this match.

Good hold

Better hold

And that's how you counter a reverse bearhug

Overall, just a great match. There's so much to like on all levels. The studs, their skill and the action are all top-notch. As you may be gathering from my reviews, I often find new or surprising things to fixate on. Once again, that's exactly what happened. I wanted to see Tomsen totally dominate, but I think this ended up much, much better as a more competitive outing.

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