Thursday, September 3, 2015

Route 69 S304: Virginia Beach VA

Route 69: Virginia Beach VA

"Ooh, look, Mr. Big Shot is back slumming with the rest of us losers in CLAW, eh?"

"Fuck off, Steele."

Steele goes, "Don't cry, Jeffer. I heard you've been doing enough of that since you blew it with Ring of Wrestling."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I got a raw deal, but I'm fuckin' back. Look, dude, I stayed late 'cause we're supposed to be runnin' moves for tomorrow. We gonna spar or you just gonna be an asshole?"

"Aw, what's the matter, Jeffer? Still bitter that your genie couldn't save your ass?"

I'm like, "What?"

"C'mon, we all know the deal. You rub Ben's lamp and he gives you anything you want." Steele rubs the front of his trunks, makin' sure I get what he's sayin'. "You're like his little action figure. Or boy toy? Is that what they call guys like you?"

"Okay, I'm warnin' you. Shut the fuck up 'bout Ben, Steele."

Steele doesn't shut up. He goes, "Don't get me wrong. Ben's cool. I got no problem with Ben. But shit, he pays all your bills. Drives you around in his hot ride. Gets you matches. Gets you talked about. I heard he was fucking a guy in ROW and that's how you got that gig. Ben's like your big ol' fairy godmother, isn't he? Or maybe he's more like your fucking sugar daddy? How much fucking cock do you have to suck to get a guy like that to take care of you?"

"RARRRRR!" I charge at the dude.

I'm not sure why he's talkin' shit 'bout me and Ben, but I don't care. He's talkin' shit, so this is happenin'. Steele and me are pro wrestlers, workin' for the Championship League of American Wrestling. Ben's my best friend since we were kids and he markets indie wrestlin' feds, includin' CLAW. He does help me out a lot, but just so you know, we've never fucked and never will. It ain't like that. The guy's like a fuckin' brother to me.

I'm in my practice gear, red squarecuts with black trim and design on the front that says DYNAMITE with an explosion on it. I'm 26-years old, 6'2"/220-lbs. I got a ripped tanned body, thick blond hair and ten years of experience in pro wrestlin'. Yeah, my career had a setback a few months back, but that shit's done.

Steele's a big young dude (21-years old, 6'/4", 260-lbs). Only been wrestlin' a year, but expects to make it big tomorrow, 'cause he's got the looks and body of Superman. He's in black trunks and boots. The trunks have a silver fist patch on the front left and 'STEELE' across his ass.

We're alone, supposed to be runnin' moves for our match here in Virginia Beach tomorrow night, but this stupid punk decided to run his mouth. Now, I'm gonna run my boot up his ass instead.

Where was I? Oh yeah.

"RARRRRR!" I'm charging at the dude.

Jeff vs. Steele

I tackle Steele back into the ring apron. He slams in hard. I step back and drive my boot into his gut. OOF! I do it again then grab him by the hair and trunks and whip him under the bottom rope into the ring. I climb in, but Steele's up faster than I expected. Dude kicks me when I come in the ring, puttin' me down fast.

Steele moves in, but I bring him down by kickin' my feet and trippin' him. I get on top of him and start poundin' his stomach, slammin' my fists into his abs. Dude takes it then throws me off first chance he gets. We get up and I charge at him again. The big stud grabs me and flips me down onto my back.

Dude pins me with his knee in my abs then he starts punchin' my pecs. He goes to fuckin' town on 'em, breakin' 'em down. I try to buck him off, but he knows how to use his weight. Steele clips my head with a forearm then gets up. I'm seeinstars when he jumps up and crashes down with a leg drop on my pecs. Fuck!

I roll the wrong way, givin' him a chance to pull my face into his big old bulge. Steele slaps on a head scissors, makin'me smell his sweaty crotch while he crushes my head. I ain't givin', but dude's already wearinme down. He lets go of the scissors and drags me up. Dude picks me up and carries me to the corner. I get hung out to dry in a tree of woe, hangin' upside down with my boot wedged under the top rope.

Steele steps back and slams his boot into my abs. He kicks my gut hard then drops down. Dude works over my gut like he's workin' the heavy bag. POW! POW! POW! Lots of short, hard punches, all breakin'down my abs. The big muscledude gets up and climbs the ropes. He puts his boot between my legs, steppin'down on my balls. ARGH!

The added weight pops my boot free. We crash down, dude landin' on his feet beside me. Steele grabs my hair and drags me up. He slaps on a bearhug, squeezinme tight. He lifts me off the mat, the big man usin' his size and strength to get maximum damage.

Steele's like, "Shouldn't started shit with me, Jeffer!"

Can't argue with that. Dude's crushin' me. I throw my arms up, slappin' his head with my biceps. Steele puts me down me and I break free. I fall back into the corner, hangin' on the top rope. The big muscledude charges in, lookin'to splash me in the corner, but I lift my boot, gettin' him in the gut. Dude steps back then dives in for a shoulder block. I swing my legs in the air, lettin' him go right under me. WHAM! Steele goes between the turnbuckles and hits the ring post with his shoulder. CRACK! I slide over his ass to the mat behind him.

I grab the back of his trunks, yankin' him outta the corner. I wrap my arms around his waist and lift him up. We fall back for a belly-to-back suplex, plantin' the big man on his neck and shoulders. I get up and stomp the shit outta him, makin' him feel my boots. I reach down and drag his leg up. I jump back, pullin'his leg towards his chest then lettin'go. His leg snaps back and he lets out a cry.

I get up and stomp his hip. He tries to roll, but I grab his hair. I make dude sit in front me then I step over his shoulders. I grab his leg and pull up, lockin' the big man in a stump puller. Now Steele's really moanin'. Dude sure ain't talkin'. I keep the pressure up for a long time, wearinhim down.

When I let go of his leg, I fall back, pullin' his head with me. I close my legs and lock on a head scissors. I see Steele's forehead go red when I flex my legs. I'm poppin' every muscle and vein I got, crushin' dude's head. The muscleman groans and fights, but I got him locked up. I keep it up for a long time, even grabbin' his arms and pullin'. He ain't submittin', so I let him go and get up. Dude's tired and sweaty. I drag him up, scoop him up then bodyslam him down. WHAM!

Steele lifts his hips up, his back achin'. I drop my knee into his forehead and the big musclestud goes limp. I drag him up again. Steele tries to gimme a gut shot, but he's too wobbly from the head shot. Time to finish the big boy off. I pull him up and put the big man against the ropes. He's movin' slow and lookin' tired. All beef, no stamina, I guess.

After I give him a hard knee to the abs, I whip him across the ring. When he bounces off, I hit him with a cross body. Dude tries to catch me, but he can't hold steady. Aw shit. Instead of fallin' down, like I planned, the big man stumbles back into the top rope. We both fall over it, twistin' and turnin'. Lucky I've been in some battle royales, so I know how to fall. I grab the rope and land on my ass on the apron.

Steele's not so lucky. He falls all the way to the floor and lands on the hip I've been targetin'. Dude collapses, holdin' his side and swearin. I drop down and grab the big man by the hair. When I pull him up, he grabs the front of my trunks and pulls me forward. I fly over him, hittin' the ringpost with my face and shoulder.

I kneel there, holdin'onto the metal pole real tight to keep from goin' down. Behind me, Steele's up and he stomps my back. He does it again then pulls me up into a full nelson. Dude's still strong, pushin' my arms up beside my head and closin' 'em in tight. The musclestud walks me around, keepin' my chin on my chest and my shoulders locked up tight. I try to break free, but the punk's a fuckin' beast.

Steele runs forward, rammin' my gut into the ring apron. He does it again and I wanna puke. I ain't fightin', but I ain't submittin' either. He lets go, holdin' onto to me so I don't go down. Dude turns me and puts me over his shoulder. He carries me around the ring and I just hang there, head and arms down his back. The big muscledude climbs the steps then tosses me back in the ring.

I roll to my knees. Dude is still outside on the apron. He's measurin' me up and movin'slow, probably figurinI'm done. I launch up between the top and middle rope, drivin' my shoulder into his gut. He almost a falls off the ring apron, givin'me time to get to my feet. When he snaps back, I jump up and grab his head. I pull him down into a front facelock over the top rope then grab his trunks. Dude tries for gut punch, but the rope blocks him from gettin' much behind it. I suplex him over the rope and back into the ring. WHAM!

I get up and stomp his bicep. Steele tries to get away, but I grab his wrist. I drop my knee into his arm, breakin' down the muscle. Dude tries to push me off, but I lock on an armbar, keepin'him under control. I'm crankin', but also usin' this as a rest hold. After a minute, the big man rolls and manages to yank his arm free. He's on his knees, holdin' his shoulder.

I climb the corner, waitin'. Steele gets up, still massagin' his arm. I jump off the ropes, dropkickin' him in the shoulder and arm. THUD! He flies back, fallin' down hard. I drag the big man up and scoop him for a bodyslam. SLAM! I drop him hard and he rolls onto his stomach. I stomp the shit outta his back then run back to the corner.

Dude gets to his hands and knees, so I launch with an elbow that drives right into his back. He goes down again, really moanin'. FigurinI'm softenin' up his back, I keep it up with a buncha knee drops. THUD! THUD! THUD! I get up and stomp him, really breakin' down the big muscles. Dude tries to get up, but I stomp him back down.

When he's good and stomped, I grab Steele by the hair and shove his head between my legs. I power him up and drop him with a power bomb. KABOOM! Dude rolls onto his stomach again, groanin'. I sit my ass on his and pull him up into a camel clutch. The big man starts moanin' real loud. I'm pullin' hard and he's cryin' out.

Dude won't submit, so I shift my hands from his chin. I change it up into a sleeper/camel combo. Steele's goin', "No, no, no!"

"You submittin', big man?"

"ARGH! No!"

"Then you're goin'out!"

I tighten and dude says, "NO! Please! UNH! Please?"

"Say it!"

"UNH! I give. I give."

I let up, but I keep him in the camel. "You gonna talk trash 'bout Ben or me again?"


"Even behind our backs?"



"OH FUCK! You're breaking my fucking back!"



I let Steele drop. I sit there on his big old ass for a minute while he whimpers under me. I finally get up, lookin' down at his sweaty carcass. I stomp his backing last time then tell him to clean the ring up. I stretch out then go hit the showers.

Clearinthe Air

Steele comes into the shower area when I'm just rinsin' off. He turns on the shower next to me and gets wet. I notice he's checkin' me out. Dude sees me seeinhim. He starts by cleanin'his junk and ass. Holy shit, I think he's fuckin' playin' with himself. I just watch, 'cause he's obviously doin' this for me. What the fuck?

When he's rinsed his junk, I figure the show's over. I'm 'bout to turn my water off, the stud stops me. The big dude sticks out his hand to shake, "Sorry for being a punk, man. I really mean it. No more shit."

I accept his apology. I notice dude won't let go of my hand, lookin' me up and down. It's like he wants to say somethin' more, but doesn't know how. I see his big soapy dick twitchin', so I'm like, "Somethin' on your mind, big fella?"

"Well, um, yeah ... so, be real. I kinda heard ... well, it's just that, I heard about some of the stuff ... in that ring, what happens when guys lose ... you know?" I shake my head. He breathes in, "You kicked my ass pretty good out there. I'm just ...  well ... um ... you didn't, well. I just thought ... I mean, you won, you know."

I use the handshake to pull him closer, "C'mon, big man. Just spit it out before I turn into a prune."

"I just wondered ... you know. Um, what you want .. or if you want ... shit. I'm thinking, you know, you might want something. For winning. I mean, I heard you, um, well .... I woulda wanted something. You know, if I'd won. So I didn't know. You know, if you would. I mean, I get it. I wouldn't mind. You know?"

I smirk. Big dude's cute, stammerinand stutterin. I know what he wants, but I ain't gonna make it easy on him. He's all-man confident most of the time, so I'm havin' fun playin' with him. I go, "I got no idea what you're tryin' to say." Dude looks disappointed. I break the shake, spread my arms and tell him, "Why don't you just show me what you're talkin' 'bout?"

Steele's eyes go big, 'cause my big dick jumps up, pointin' right at him. Dude gulps and I see him tighten up, like he's tryin' to find the guts. He sticks his hand out. Thing's shakin'. Finally, the big muscle dude touches my left pec. He starts rubbin' my body. I lift my arms and flex, givin' him easy access. That's all he needs. The horny muscleman goes whole hog worshippin' my body, rubbin' against me and feelin' me up. He does a good job, his cock stickin' straight out the whole time, just like mine.

When the big stud comes around front for the third time, he puts his hand on my dick. We lock eyes and I don't move. I just look down then back up, givin' permission. Dude rinses off then grabs two more towels from the stack, folds 'em then drops it in front of me. They get soaked from the water sprayin' down, but he doesn't care. Dude kneels on the towels then moves in, takin'my cock. He slaps it against his tongue then sucks my hard dick in.

My meat powers up even more. I just stand there under the shower, lettin' the big muscle dude do all the work. Steele's sucked some cock before, 'cause he's really goin' to town. He lifts my dick and licks the shaft. Dude starts attackin' my balls with his tongue. Oh fuck, that's good. Like so good that I gotta lean back against the wall. He goes back to my cock, bobbin' and twistin', lickin' and usin' his hand when he's on the head. The water's still rainin' down on us, but I don't give a crap. Damn, fucker's gonna make me cum.

Steele must know it, 'cause he pulls off. I look down at dude. The big muscleman gets up and goes to the lockers. He comes back fast with a couple of condoms. He puts 'em on the shelf then stands facin' the wall right under the shower spray. Dude looks ready, stickin'his ass out, legs spread and his hands on the wall.

I move in and kneel behind him so his smooth muscle butt is in my face. Damn, that's a sweet ass. I grab tight hold of his cheeks, spread 'em then move in. I lick his hole then use my fingers to open him up. Dude's moanin' loud then begs me to fuck him. Like just starts beggin'. Keeps sayin' I won and begs me to fuck him with my big monster dick.

Sounds good to me. I get up and slap his ass a few times. When my cock's covered, I grab his hips. Dude's ready, so I just plow in. He takes it and I know it's not his first rodeo. I fuck his huge ass hard, knowin' he can take it. Steele's into it, like I can't go hard enough. I'm slammin' that big ass, but the big man just tenses and holds the wall.

It sounds like a stereo porn in here, the way Steele's moans echo in the shower room. The warm water's runnin' down that broad back of his and I'm gettin' close. I ram all the way in then pull him away from the wall by his hair. I keep him on my cock. We shuffle back then I pull out and push him down onto the bench. Dude lifts his big legs for me, knowin' exactly what's up.

I grab hold and plow inside again. I pound him, enjoyin' the view of his big chest. I tell him to jerk his cock. Dude grabs it and starts pumpin'. Shit, I'm ready. I pull out, strippin' off the condom and move around the side. I jerk over his chest a few times then he reaches up and takes over. He works both our dicks in rhythm. Steele begs me to flex for him.

I do a double bicep pose over him and he's done. Dude groans, shootin' his cum all over his stomach and trimmed pubes. That's all I need. BAM! I'm sprayin' my seed all over those huge pecs of his. Dude milks us both until we're soft and drained. I move around, straddlin' his head on the bench. I lean forward and he knows what I want. He takes the head of my cock, cleanin' it up. Fuck, I love the feelin' of lips on my sensitive dick.

I pull out then help him up. We kinda look each other over. Steele goes, "That was awesome. You're fucking awesome." He pauses then asks, "You won't tell Ben what I said, will you? I didn't mean any of that. I really do think he's cool."

I'm gettin' a weird feelin'. I ask, "Dude, I gotta know. Did you pick a fight with me 'cause you wanted to be fucked?"

Steele's like, "No. I picked a fight because I wanted a fuck stakes match with you. You attacked so fast, I forgot to make the stakes. I tried to win, but you beat me. Like legit beat me."

I shake my head, but I'm smilin'. "Dude, you coulda just asked for the match."

Steele shrugs, lookin'down. He says, "Didn't seem like that'd be as much fun."

I laugh real loud, "Are you fuckin' kiddin'? That's awesome, dude! You fuckin' rock."

I give the big man a huge hug. When we break, I'm covered in cum. "Guess I gotta shower again." Steele smiles big. Back under the water, he soaps me down, feelin'me up. Before I get outta there, he's sucked another load outta me. We remember we gotta practice for real so we gear up and run actual moves until we got it down.

Back at the Hotel

Back at the hotel Ben and me are stayin' in here in Virginia Beach, my buddy's workin' on every detail for tomorrow's show. He's got CLAW launchin' a weekly TV show startin' next week. It's on Sunday mornin' at 2am on a little channel, but it's still a big deal. Anyway, he needs great matches tomorrow and Saturday in DC, so he's super-stressed.

Even though Ben's a fuckin' perfectionist and obsessed with other things, he still takes a break to ask 'bout my night. I tell him everythin'. Ben's like, "Really? Steele? I never would've guessed. And he likes me, eh?"

I bet Ben and Steele are gonna have some fun real soon, but typical Ben, he puts himself last. He checked on me first and now he's checkin' on CLAW. He wants to make real sure Steele and me did some real practicin'. Tomorrow's only my second pro wrestlin' show in like five months and the first one was okay, nothin' good enough for TV. Ben knows I got ten years under my belt, but it's only been two weeks since he convinced me to come back. After that long a break, he's worried 'bout ring rust.

Ben's like, "You know I want to feature you on TV. To help you, but also to help CLAW. Studs like you and Steele equal viewers, but we can't show any sloppy matches. Not on the first show. He's inexperienced, so I'm relyinon you to -"

I stop him and tell him not to worry 'bout us. I tell him Steele and me got this and it'll be amazin. Ben goes back to work and I go into my room. I strip down and get into my bed. I figured I'd be nervous, gettin'back in the ring, but I feel pretty good. I fall asleep fast, watchin' SportsCenter and thinkin' 'bout things. My last thought is that I'm back on track.

The End


  1. Alex R:

    Ok Steele is very hot! Excellent choice. Also how realistic and awesome that he had to put such a show in order to "go at it" with Jeff. Even "Jeffer" seemed impressed by it. Interesting that he brought to Jeff's attention the fact that Ben is his sugar daddy, even though its not really liked that. I wonder if that has any correlation with anything that might happen between Ben and Jeff. All friendships are strong but hey, not one is perfect. That would be interesting to read.
    And Jeff, is awesome. He always lets his emotions get him. Thats so cool!

    1. Thanks for the comment! Yes, I decided to have Steele vocalize what I'm sure a lot of guys would think about the relationship between Ben and Jeff. Saying anything negative about Ben is the fastest way to get Jeff to fight, not that it takes much, so it was an easy way to create instant drama.

  2. Alex R:

    It would be awesome if we could give thumbs up to your reply, but sadly Google has not invested anything on the blogger 2 Thumbs up to your reply and story. Very well thought out.

  3. Aw! Steele's definitely hot, and then so cute...! And you know me--you can't go wrong with a Jeff story! :)

    1. Yes, I think you're Jeff's biggest fan! Much like Utica, I tried to make the action serious then reveal that there was a layer of fun behind it all.

  4. Great story.
    a match between Jeff and Ben! Jeff better win. His ego could not cope wirh a defeat.!