Monday, September 7, 2015

Route 69 S305: Washington DC

Route 69: Washington DC

"So, how're you doing, buddy? Uh, Ben? Ben? You okay?"

I'm staring out from the locker room into the gym area, lost in thought. I vaguely hear a familiar voice ask if I'm okay again and I'm shaken out of my thoughts.

I turn to see Terrence, my friend and co-worker in the Championship League of American Wrestling. I immediately smile, happy to see him. Terrence is a pro wrestler in the federation, while I handle marketing, as well as help with operations when I'm in town. After a rocky start, Terrence and I have become good friends.

We've got a nice thing going, wrestling whenever our schedules allow, but it's more than that. He's really been there with an ear and mind, providing amazing emotional support and sage advice as I've weathered so many crazy ups and downs in the past year.

I give him a casual bro hug, "Hey T, glad to see you. We missed you last night in Virginia Beach."

"Yeah, I know, but it's crunch time for my thesis. Can't do two shows a week and finish my Masters."

"No probs. I know it's a lot, but now that we're debuting on local TV, I'm trying to -."

"Make us the next WWL?" Terrence laughs, referencing the largest pro wrestling federation in the world. With a more serious tone, he says, "B, I can't believe what you've done with CLAW. We're like a real thing now. You're crazy good." Terrence leans in close, whispering, "At so many, many things."

I blush, "Thanks." Terrence always makes me feel good about myself.

"But you never answered me. You okay? You looked a little ... lost."

"Oh, I'm cool."

Terrence looks out into the ring area, following my line of sight, "Ah. Tough seeing Eddie?"

I lie, "What? No!"

"C'mon, you were staring right at the little Kaine family reunion over there. I know you weren't looking like that for Derek or Mitch. I get that you were disappointed that Eddie stayed in Japan for the last eight months. Now he's back for a visit, but you don't know what to do ..."

I don't reply, because we both know it's true. I realize that Terrence knows me pretty damn well. After my best friend and play-brother Jeff, Terrence might be the closest person in my life. We talk almost everyday and I miss him when I'm on the road. He gives me a supportive hug around my shoulders and I appreciate it.

The Kaine family wrap up their conversation. They take some promotional pictures, stripping off their shirts and posing with their hands outstretched, showing off their famous Kaine Klaws. When they're done, Eddie heads towards the locker room. Uh oh. I turn to hide, but Terrence stops me. Eddie sees me, smiles and waves. Crap. I don't know what to say.

Eddie starts things off, "Hi."

I reply, "Hi." Okay, not a bad start. We catch up as I slowly relax. I see Terrence hovering with a big smirk on his face. We awkwardly end things, but Terrence breaks in. He puts his arms around us and leans in, whispering.

"Eddie, good to see you, man. Look, Ben and me are gonna wrestle once everyone's out of here. You know, one of our special matches. Want to join us?"

Eddie smiles, "Oh my god, I'd love to. I don't get nearly enough of that in Tokyo." He pauses then looks at me, "If that's okay with you, Ben."

I nod. I could handle wrestling Eddie again. It's been such a long time. I confirm that Terrence is really okay with a three-way match. He swears he is, so we're on.

Getting Ready

I stretch out in my red t-shirt and trunks then strip off the shirt. I check out my body as I think through the match. I idly run my hands over my smooth olive skin, my nerves flaring up a little. I feel like the three of us are a weird combination and I'm not sure why.

At 6'/200-lbs, I'm right in the same size range as Terrence (6'1"/210-lbs) and Eddie (6'/210-lbs). And even though I'm the only non-pro wrestler, I've got enough wrestling experience to hang with them. I've had competitive matches with both, having lost and won at different times. So it's not like I can't win, it's just my emotions kicking in.

I look over and see Eddie is ready. He's wearing a nice tight pair of green trunks with the Japanese letters for courage on them. He's been doing really well over there and I'm sure he's getting more action than he's admitting. He's a very solid man, with a hot muscle body, his white skin tanned just tanned enough.

Meanwhile, Terrence is just waiting patiently, wearing his white trunks with a zebra panel down the front. The shiny white spandex pops against his dark ebony skin. He smiles and my heart jumps. Terrence is one handsome musclestud and I'm lucky to have him in my life.

We head out to the ring together, each picking a side and sliding under the bottom ropes. We do some more stretching then move into the middle. We shake hands then put on our game faces. These kinds of matches are always interesting as you never know who'll do what.

Ben vs. Eddie vs. Terrence

The three of us circle the ring. When Eddie looks at me, Terrence makes his move. He charges towards me then abruptly spins, diving into Eddie's wide open midsection. The tanned white stud goes down hard, with the black muscleman on top of him. Eddie throws Terrence off him and both rise. They eye each other, giving me a perfect opening.

I charge at both. Before they can react, I'm clotheslining them both down to the mat. WHAM! WHAM! I stomp Eddie then turn to Terrence. The hot black hunk is rolling away to safety. When I turn back to Eddie, the white muscleman is rising. He punches me in the gut then brings his forearm up under my chin. I fly back, bumping into Terrence's hard body. Uh oh.

Terrence wastes no time, locking on a full nelson. A smiling Eddie moves in. The white musclestud pounds my body with fists as Terrence controls me. I manage to kick up, driving Eddie back and also topple the hot black hunk down. I land on top of Terrence, my 200-lbs of muscle knocking the wind out of him. I roll to the side as Eddie comes back.

The cute white stud decides to go after Terrence, stomping his chiseled abs. I stand up then leap for a standing dropkick right into a surprised Eddie's chest. He flies back onto his ass while I land beside Terrence. The three of us rise again, keeping our distance. The fast-paced chaos has us all smiling from ear-to-ear.

Terrence argues that Eddie's the biggest threat, urging me to join him. Eddie argues Terrence is the bigger threat. No one argues I'm the biggest threat, but in a way that's good. I don't do anything, so Terrence goes at Eddie. The cute white stud kicks out, hitting the black beefcake in the abs. Before Eddie can follow through, I charge forward and clothesline him down.

Eddie goes down hard. I stomp him and Terrence joins in. He smirks, "Good call, siding - OOF!" I do a spin kick, driving it into his chiseled ebony abs. I grab Terrence behind the head and DDT him into Eddie's stomach. THUD! OOF! Both guys are stunned as they struggle off each other. I proudly flex over them, earning hard glares of contempt from both studs.

The studs rise and the three of us circle again. I make the first move, engaging Eddie in a lockup. He powers me into a side headlock, but I lift him up and bring him down with an atomic drop. ARGH! He stumbles right into a hard shoulder block from Terrence, sending him to the mat. I leap up and send Terrence down with a standing dropkick. WHAP! WHAM!

As I get up, Eddie's also rising. He spears me in the abs, toppling us to the mat. Eddie pounds my abs then rises. Just as he's about to stomp my gut, Terrence comes flying in, diving into the handsome white musclehunk's abs and taking him down. The black stud rises only for me to tackle him down. I give him two hard shots to the abs and rise. I turn into a charging Eddie, who spears me down. I groan as Eddie starts to flex over me, only to get a boot to his head from Terrence.

Terrence flexes, showing off as the only man standing. We're all breathing hard, shrugging off the punishment we've taken. Eddie and I rise. I look at Terrence and subtly nod. He accepts my offer as we circle the ring. Terrence moves at me. When Eddie follows in, we surprise him with hard kicks to his gut. He's caught off guard, bending forward right into a double front facelock.

Eddie is helpless to stop us as we grab the sides of his trunks and flip him over, slamming his back down hard with a double suplex. SLAM! We drag him up then put him down with a double Russian leg sweep. WHAM! After a round of stomps from both of us, the cute white muscleman is groaning and sore.

Terrence and I high five. I notice that the black hunk looks fresh and powerful. I leap in the air and hit him with another standing dropkick. WHAP! He's shocked and unprepared, falling to the mat hard. I take the opportunity to hop on Eddie and go for the pin. ONE! The hot white hunk kicks out immediately. We roll up, but Eddie's moving a little slowly.

Terrence is also up. He's not happy with me, which means we're distracted. The ebony muscleman doesn't notice Eddie until it's too late. I watch as Eddie flattens Terrence with a stiff shoulder block then kicks out and hits me in the abs. I fall back as Eddie drags Terrence up. The dark-haired hunk scoops Terrence up then bodyslams him to the mat. He goes for a pin, but I grab his ankle and drag him off.

I pull Eddie up into a full nelson, struggling to lock my hands. I shake him hard, wondering if I can get a fast submission, but none comes. Terrence climbs to his feet then starts pounding Eddie's pecs and abs. I feel Eddie weakening in my arms. I turn and move forward, pushing Eddie into Terrence's fists.

Neither guy realizes that I'm up to something, so they're unprepared when I suddenly charge forward. I use Eddie's hot muscle body as a battering ram to smash both of them into the corner. CLANG! The ring shakes as our 620-lbs of muscle slams against the turnbuckles. I let go of the full nelson and both of them sag a little, giving me the chance to bend down and drive my shoulder into Eddie's back. The impact squashes both of them.

I turn and hoist Eddie up across my shoulders in a torture rack. He groans loudly as I back up. I keep my eyes on Terrence as I punish the hot musclestud. Eddie won't submit, but I keep trying. From the corner, the ebony stud moves at me, but I kick up, slamming him in the abs. OOF! Terrence backs up, giving me another couple of seconds to get the win.

Unfortunately, Eddie kicks and struggles just as I'm trying to balance on one foot. I drop him and the two of us tumble down. I roll over and hook his leg, but Terrence stomps my back before I can even get a one-count. Terrence drags me off Eddie then grabs the white hunk's legs. He lifts and flips, going for a crab, but Eddie pushes out and fights the hold.

Terrence sees me rising, so he lets Eddie's legs go, knowing I'd be on him before he could get a submission. The ebony wrestler stomps the cute stud, driving his boot into the muscled back. He watches me, careful of another sneak attack, but I'm hanging back. With Terrence's attention divided, Eddie manages to roll away, evading another stomp. Once again, we're all on our feet.

Eddie's looking in the roughest shape, but all three of us are breathing hard and sweating. I dart at Terrence, giving Eddie the perfect opening to kick him in the abs. I back into the corner while Eddie scoops Terrence across his chest. He bodyslams the musclestud down then follows up with his own series of stomps. The cute white hunk drags Terrence up and scoops him up for another slam.

Once Terrence is up, I launch off the middle turnbuckle. I splash on them with a cross body block that topples all of us down. Eddie gets the worst of it, crushed under 410-lbs of beef, but it's no picnic for Terrence either. I pull Terrence off Eddie and whip him between the top and middle rope to the floor below. He sails out, giving me the perfect chance to pin Eddie.

I stomp Eddie then splash down on top of him. I grab his leg, hooking it high. I start to count my pin. ONE! Pause. TWO! Eddie manages to lift his shoulder. Damn. I roll up and drag him up. He tries for a gut punch, but I shrug it off. Behind me, Terrence is climbing back in the ring. I hurl Eddie right into Terrence. The two studs collide hard and drop to the mat and roll out of the ring.

They rise then stare each other down. One second later, they're charging in and hammering each other with forearms. I let them go, just hanging out in the ring and watching the studs move in and start grappling. Their muscles strain and push, each trying to get control. Eddie gets Terrence into a headlock, but Terrence pulls free.

I sprint at the ropes and leap over the top. The two studs finally remember me, but they can't react fast enough as I crash down on top of them. I splash them flat then rise up and flex over their downed bodies. I decide Eddie's taken more abuse, so I drag him up and push him into the ring. I follow in fast, going for a pin.

ONE! Pause. TWO! Pause. WHOA! Terrence is up and pulling me off by my ankle. I slide right out of the ring and Terrence scrambles in. He goes for a pin, but Eddie rolls away. When the handsome black hunk turns back to check on me, I'm not there. I've moved around the side and slip in to his side. I get to my feet and we stare each other down.

We lock up and struggle for control. Terrence powers me into a side headlock and flips me over with a hip toss. I keep moving, rolling away from him. We're across the the ring when we both notice Eddie struggling to his feet. When he gets up, Terrence and I both charge. I go high, clotheslining the handsome hunk down from the front, while the black stud goes low and clips Eddie's legs out from behind.

Eddie crashes down, limp as a wet noodle. I see his head there and wrap it up in a figure-four head scissors. At his other end, Terrence slaps on a figure-four leglock. YEEARGH! Eddie groans as he's tortured between the two submission holds. I grab his arms and pull up. We both go for the submission and Eddie can't take the pain of double figure-fours for long.

Eddie shouts "GIVE!" while he taps my forearm with his fingers.

Terrence and I both release and raise our arms in victory. I say, "I got the win! He tapped my arm."

"Bullshit! It was my leglock. My hold was a submission hold. If he went out, it'd be yours."

"He tapped me."

"Because you were holding his hands!"

Terrence bends over, "Eddie, which hold did you submit to?" Eddie just groans, so Terrence taps his face. "C'mon man, which one?"

Eddie says, "I don't give a shit. Um. Both. It was a fucking tie." He rolls out of the ring to walk off the punishment.

I say, "Well that sucks. Only one thing to do."

Terrence nods as he rises, "We have to keep go - OOF!"

I immediately do a spin kick into his gut. I grab him in a front facelock then a handful of trunks. The musclehunk struggles, but I get him up in the air fast. Instead of falling back for a suplex, I go forward, slamming him onto the top rope. ARGH! The cable cuts into his abs, driving the air out of him while further breaking down the stomach muscles.

I flip him over then stomp his abs. Terrence groans as I force him up and put him in a hard ab stretch. ARGH! I hammer his abs with punches, breaking the muscles down. Terrence tries to fight, but I've really got him. The black hard body moans, but he really screams when I add in an ab claw. I tear at his ripped muscles, digging my fingers in.

After more than a minute of suffering, he admits defeat. "FUCK! GIVE!"

I don't let go, asking, "WHO WINS?"


I let Terrence go, letting him collapse down while holding his aching abs. I confidently flex, looking back and forth at the two wrecked studs. Yum, this could not have worked out better.

The Stakes

Eddie comes back in. He congratulates me. We check on Terrence, but he's fine, just pissed at my sneakiness. I remind him that he knew we had to keep going. He playfully sticks out his tongue at me. With the match over, I realize it's on me to take control. Wow, I really can't believe I beat these two studs. I tell them to stand beside each other and await instructions.

I walk around, inspecting my troops. I order them to strip off their trunks, enjoying the view from behind as they expose their beautiful asses. I can't help but move in and fondle their cheeks, so plump, round and firm. I have them bend forward then finger their holes simultaneously. I kneel down, eating Terrence out while I finger fuck Eddie then switching it up.

Both guys are rock hard when I move around the front. I reach out and play with their cocks, jerking and slapping their beautiful shafts. I've won against both these guys before, but the thrill of victory is still huge. I order Terrence to rise and Eddie to his knees. The handsome white stud is tasked with lowering my trunks and sucking my cock while I make out with the beautiful ebony muscleman.

Oh god, Eddie's mouth feels great on my cock as I dominate Terrence's mouth. The kneeling wrestler tugs on my balls and licks my shaft, eagerly working like the stud he is. I break from Terrence's mouth, making him lean down to address my nipples. I put my head back as the two pro wrestlers worship me.

The kneeling hunk has a tight grip on my ass as he deep throats my cock. Oh. Terrence is cleaning my bicep when I bring him back to my mouth. I hold his bald head firmly, plunging my tongue in. I break and we enjoy a long, lingering stare. I look down and tell Eddie to suck Terrence's long hard cock, too.

We watch as Eddie services both of us with his hands and mouth, trading between us. We turn and force Eddie to try both at once. He struggles as we start a sword fight in his mouth. He can barely handle our heads, but it still feels cool. The handsome white hunk grips our cheeks for support as we thrust in and out. I turn Terrence's beautiful face back to me and give him another kiss.

I break things up, ordering Eddie onto hands and knees. I move in behind him and put Terrence in front of him. I move in from behind, sheathing my cock before I position it at Eddie's tight hole.  The handsome black stud runs his cock on Eddie's lips, waiting for permission. I stare at Terrence, admiring his torso and face before we both plunge in, impaling the white musclehunk on our dicks.

Eddie handles my cock up his ass and Terrence's in his mouth very well. We start pumping, watching each other and going in unison in terms of pace and force. Eddie can just crouch there, helplessly being fucked at both ends. At one point, I reach down and feel for his cock. He's rock hard. Terrence and I stare at each other while we ride Eddie for a long time.

I finally break, putting Eddie on his back. I allow him to milk his cock while I have Terrence's cock replace mine up his ass. The beautiful black stud hoists Eddie's legs up, as he slides his covered cock inside Eddie's ass. I move in behind and open Terrence's ass as he pounds Eddie. I time it just right, sliding my cock inside Terrence in time with his fucking of Eddie.

The three of us are moaning as I grip Terrence's pecs and fuck his ass from behind while he fuck Eddie's ass and Eddie pumps his cock. It doesn't take long before Eddie shoots his load all over his torso. Terrence falls next, pulling out then firing his load on top of Eddie's. I make it three loads, pulling out of Terrence and moving him out of the way. I move in and jerking my cock, quickly erupting all over the white stud's coated abs and trimmed pubes.

I collapse onto my back between Eddie with Terrence. They caress my body, telling me how amazing I am. I laugh and turn to kiss Terrence then Eddie. We just lie there for a long time before finally rising and heading to the showers.

Wrapping Up

Eddie is heading out. I won't get a chance to wrestle with him again before he goes back to Japan, but I'm surprisingly okay with that. We hug tight. He says, "You and Terrence are really into each other, huh? Good for you, especially after that mess with that Dylan guy."

I break the hug and look at him. He's not joking, so I stammer out, "What? We're just friends."

Eddie smirks, "Right. Look, it's cool. I know I lost my chance with you by staying in Japan, but I still care about you. And the way you and Terrence look at each other ... I'd want to check that out."

I pause, confused. I say, "I don't know how to respond to that."

Eddie kisses me, "See you later, man. Keep in touch."

With that final thought Eddie heads home. I realize that the next time I can really talk to him, he'll be 7,000 miles away. I take a seat, texting Jeff to see if he's close with the car. I hear Terrence finally come out of the locker room. I tell him he doesn't have to wait, but he sits down next to me.

"So, you missing Eddie, yet?"

I pause to think. "No. He's a good friend, but I think one more match was exactly what I needed to get him out of my system. We've kind of lost the magic. If we ever had any magic, I guess."

Terrence squeezes my leg. He says, "We make a good team." I turn, looking at my buddy in a new light. The handsome stud smirks, "Until you sandbagged me, like how many times?"

I hold up my hands, "All's fair, buddy." I tease him, "What's wrong? I let you fuck Eddie. You should thank me."

Terrence smiles, "I don't care about him. It's you I wanted to fuck, stud. It's always you."

I shrug, "You know, I was staring at you the whole time I fucked him." Terrence leans in and kisses me. When he pulls back, we have a lingering stare.

Terrence says softly, "I'm glad you're over your crush on Eddie."

I'm surprised by the comment and by how happy it makes me. Before we can explore it more, Jeff's back with the car. My buddy joins us and we switch to meaningless small talk. Terrence seems happy when I tell him I'll be around a lot more for the next month. Jeff's bookings are down, because of his hiatus and I need to focus on my clients. We make plans to hang out as much as his work, wrestling and school schedule will allow.

As we drive back to the hotel that we call home, Jeff asks for details. He stops me a few minutes in, "What 'bout Eddie?"

"What do you mean?"

"All you been sayin' is what you and Terrence did."

"Oh, I didn't realize that." I talk about Eddie then I switch to more important things.

We've got to get Jeff back on the market, accepting bookings and the like. Jeff says he's reaching out to guys he knows. He's got some promising leads in Texas and Ohio. He's insisted that I not force him on any of my clients, which would be the easy solution. Still, a couple of them do have legitimate interest in him and it would make my life easier, being able to get Jeff wrestling and see my clients at the same time.

Jeff is trying to sound laissez-faire about the whole thing, but I know he's really hustling hard. He may be even a little worried. I know he'll get gigs. Based on the past ten months, since we started this journey, finding wrestling isn't the challenge. It's finding the right situation.

When I get into bed, I realize how happy I am. My friends, my clients, my life. It's all working and we're miraculously drama free. I wonder how long that'll last?

The End


  1. Alex R:

    Miller, I truly think this entry is really awesome. Im really liking Ben as a character more and more. He has gone through an amazing journey and its amazing seeing him grow. Hopefully people will read the Route 69 from the first chapter and also the the two in which Ben appears in the Cave. Its a great story arc.