Thursday, September 10, 2015

Route 69 S306: Xenia OH

Route 69: Xenia OH

"Jeff, here's your card. Ben, here's yours. Welcome to the Xenia X-Gym, guys."

Jeff and I snatch our cards. We thank the clerk, even though it took forever for a pretty simple deal. It's now almost closing time, so I ask, "So, can we still get a workout in tonight or are you closing up?"

The clerk must sense my frustration, because he says, "Yeah, sorry again that it took me so long, but I've never done a temporary membership before. Well, I never sold any membership before and no one else is here."

This place was recommended to us while we're in town for a pro wrestling event where Jeff will be on the card. Our lives have been drama-free for the past month and I want to keep it that way. I force myself to smile, realizing that he's trying. Plus, he's cute as fuck. Earnest face, clean cut, goofy smile, dark hair and adorably big ears. Who could be mean to this guy? Not me.

I change my tone, "No problem. Sorry if I sound like a jerk. We've just been on the road a lot lately and I'm probably tired. So, what about working out now?"

He says, "Yeah, okay. I'm not supposed to, but I guess it's my fault. Okay, sure. I have to clean up then I do my own workout after hours, anyway. It's kinda why I like to close."

"Thank you. We really appreciate it. If you get in any trouble, let us know. I'll try and help you deal with it." The handsome clerk smiles, sheepishly adoring the approval. In his t-shirt, it's obvious he's got a good body to go with the cute looks. I'd guess he's 20 or 21, about five years younger than us. I could definitely handle some more of him. I wonder what his deal is?

Sadly, I see his eyes go right past me. He looks Jeff up and down then asks, "You a wrestler?"

An irritated and impatient Jeff eyes him, "Yeah, I'm a wrestler. Why?"

"Oh, I just recognize you. I've seen your pic on the internet. See, I'm a wrestler, too. Well, just starting out. Name's Dante. You're in town for the Riot Wrestling show, right? You know, it's held here. Well, right back there. Through those big metal doors is a huge ring and gymnasium. Same changing rooms and all. I'm on the card, too. Well, bottom of the card, anyway."

Jeff moves in, smiling broadly. Now that wrestling is on the table, he's clearly interested in this friendly young stud who is so clearly interested in him. I get it. Jeff is a gorgeous blond muscleman, 6'2"/220-lbs of tanned all-American good looks.

Jeff smiles, "So, you're a bottom ... carder. Cool. Maybe we should be practicin' together in case we hafta wrestle."

Dante smiles back, "Cool. I bet I could learn a lot from you. But, you're mid-card, so I don't think we'll be wrestling each other in the show."

Jeff flirts, "That's too bad. We'd be a good match, dude. Two young, good looking hard bodies. Blond vs. dark. It'd be cool, but I guess they wouldn't wanna put the two hottest guys in the same match. Ladies would all leave once we were done." Dante blushes from the attention.

Jeff continues, "Dante ... Dante ... that's a kickass name. Got an attitude in the ring to match, Dante?" The young wrestler grins and shrugs like a shy school girl. "Lemme guess. You're high energy. Rock entrance music. You wear a lotta black. And you got some badass ink under that t-shirt."

I roll my eyes when Dante looks at Jeff like he's psychic for guessing the most obvious possible options. Dante replies, "Yeah! I just got the ink on my shoulder." He tries to push his t-shirt open at the neck to show it.

Jeff says, "Can't make it out. C'mon, take your shirt off and show me." Dante looks around nervously, but Jeff says, "Dude, no one else is coming in this late. Ain't this a fucking gym? You're showing what hard work in this place can do. It's like advertising." Jeff peels off his white t-shirt to show his own chiseled physique and arm band tattoo.

With Jeff shirtless, Dante shrugs and follows suit, revealing his tattoo. They talk about wrestling while Jeff reaches out and rubs the young stud's shoulder, as though he could feel the ink. Dante doesn't object. The young buck reaches up and feels Jeff's armband tattoo. I feel like a huge third wheel, so I head to the back to change, leaving them to whatever this is.

As I change, I wonder how my mostly straight traveling buddy is better at picking up guys than I am. He's going to get more action on this trip than me, I just know it. Of course, I don't expect Jeff to give up a chance at wrestling and fucking, which are two of his favorite things, but come on. I've got a good body, too. I wrestle. Sigh. Life just isn't fair.

A few minutes later, Jeff comes in asking for my car keys so he can grab his wrestling gear. With a wink, he tells me Dante's going to show him the ring.

Jeff vs. Dante

I start stretching out in a corner of the gym, positioning myself so I can see the guys wrestling through the double doors. The setup looks pretty cool, with seats surrounding a pro-sized ring.

Dante's wearing a pair of shiny black trunks with a devil's face on the front. He's trying to be badass, but he's really just adorable. He's got fresh looking black pro boots and a bouncy attitude. I see him psyching himself up, talking to himself. You go, kid.

Jeff's opted for silver trunks with three silver stars on the thick black waistband. He's got his broken in boots and pads, looking confident and very much the ring veteran. He runs around the ring, testing out the ropes and corner. He bounces and rolls, getting a good feeling for the space. I see Dante watching every move, figuring Jeff's teaching him without even knowing it.

The guys are ready. After a nice handshake that Jeff turns into a bro hug, they circle the ring, quickly locking up. Jeff immediately. powers Dante into the corner. CLANG! He lifts his knee into the young stud's abs, slamming it in hard. OOF! Dante bends over from the impact, but surprises Jeff by charging forward. He tackles Jeff to the mat, but my buddy keeps them rolling until he's on top.

Jeff mounts Dante, schoolboy pinning him down. They both have smiles as they discuss something. I'm too far to hear, but Jeff reaches back and squeezes Dante's bulge. Without objection, I note. Obviously they've agreed on some stakes.

The bigger muscleman gets off his opponent, rolling to his feet then helping the young stud up. Jeff pulls Dante in close, locking him in a tight bearhug. ARGH! The adorable young buck groans as he's crushed in the vice-like submission move. He tries to break free, but he makes no headway.

Jeff lifts Dante off the mat, upping the force as the cute rookie moans loudly. I see him trying to push free, but it's no use. Dante suffers beautifully. I can hear his cries from here. It takes a long time, but he finally works it out. The rookie lifts his arms then shoots them forward. He brings his elbows down into Jeff's bulging traps. THUD! The bigger stud loses his grip, giving the rookie a chance to break free.

Dante drops,to the canvas and stumbles back. He's trying to regroup, but my buddy is faster, sending a stiff boot to the younger stud's abs. OOF! Dante topples back onto his ass, giving Jeff the chance to grab his raised boot.

My buddy drags Dante forward then steps over his leg. Before the rookie can react, he's trapped in a single leg crab. UNH! Jeff cranks on the rookie's leg, compressing his back. I can hear the moans from here, as Dante struggles to get loose. AARRGGHH! Just as I'm wondering if a submission is coming, the young buck does a fast spin and push, toppling Jeff over.

The guys get up, with Dante spearing Jeff in the stomach. WHAM! Dante runs Jeff back into the corner hard. CLANG! He tries to whip Jeff across the ring, but my buddy reverses the move, sending Dante into the opposite corner, back first. CLANG! Jeff follows in with a hard splash that has the young stud sagging, arms draped limply over the top ropes.

Jeff charges in with a big knee to Dante's firm abs. The ring veteran gives him another one then grabs a handful of hair. He shoves the rookie's head down, locking it between his legs then grabs the smaller stud's wrists. Jeff forces Dante's arms up, putting pressure on his shoulders and basically immobilizing him. I can hear the cute stud groaning as he suffers. Jeff releases the wrists and grabs Dante around the waist. He lifts, holding Dante's 200-lbs of muscle up in an inverted reverse bearhug.

Dante grunts as he's carried around the ring, the blood rushing to his head. His arms and legs dangle limply in the hold, swaying as they walk. After a minute of this, Jeff tosses his opponent down to the mat. A few hard stomps and Dante is crawling away, trying to escape and regroup. Jeff grabs the back of his trunks, which reveals the young buck's firm ass. Damn, I wish I was closer.

My buddy's definitely having his way with the rookie, dragging him back into the ring then dropping an elbow into his back. WHAM! He folds the rookie's legs, pushing his heels down into his ass. Jeff pins them there using his thigh and hip as he stretches forward and pulls up on Dante's chin. Once again, the young buck is groaning loudly.

Just then, I'm forced to look away, as I hear the front door to the gym opening. A handsome (and familiar looking) muscleman walks in, looking pissed.

The Best Laid Plans

The man doesn't even notice me as he puts his keys back in his pocket and storms forward. He's swearing and cursing as he marches through the gym, focused only on the ring where Jeff is dominating Dante. Uh oh, this looks like trouble, so I get up and follow. I don't know if this is a jealous boyfriend thing or what, but I want to be there to keep things from getting crazy.

When I reach the doors, Jeff and Dante are on their feet and Dante is getting screamed at.


Dante's trying to interrupt, saying, "Sir ... I know, sir ... yes, sir ... please sir ..."

The rant keeps going on and on as Dante's boss tears him a new one. I'm standing behind the handsome muscle boss, unnoticed and unseen.

Meanwhile, Jeff looks like he's ready to pounce. I try to send psychic messages to my buddy, telling him to stay out of it. Jeff actually picks up on it, turning his attention to me. As I hover behind the ranting stud, I motion to Jeff to stay cool, that I've got it covered. Jeff doesn't get why I'm calm and smiling, but he trusts me. I told Dante that I'd help him out if he got in trouble and I will. Especially since fate has made the task easier than I ever anticipated.

When Dante's boss finally pauses for air, I decide it's time to clear this up. I clear my throat, "Don't blame Dante. It's our fault."

The main man turns, "AND JUST WHO THE FUCK ARE - Silver Stud?"

I smirk, "Hey, Mr. Handsome. Long time, no see."

I get swallowed up in a bearhug. As luck would have it, Dante's boss is also a former opponent of mine. Down in Odessa Texas, during a wonderful wrestling weekend, we had a couple of hot pro matches and a lot of bonding. In our first match, I was the Silver Stud and he was Mr. Handsome, which is what we still call each other. I knew that he was a pro wrestler, but I didn't know he was from Xenia, much less operated the gym and ring for Riot.

I make introductions, explain why we're here and how Jeff is a trained pro involved in the show. Dante couldn't be in better, more well-trained hands. I get Dante off the hook and quell the tension. Of course, with four wrestlers, three of them pros, conversation quickly turns to a match. We discuss a four corners or round robin, but quickly to agree to a stakes tag match.

Mr. Handsome says, "How about you and me, Silver Stud?"

Jeff looks at me, silently reminding me that he wants a piece of Dante. That won't happen if they're on the same team. When I suggest Jeff and I team up, Mr. Handsome scoffs, not wanting to be "stuck" with the rookie. Oh yeah, I forgot how arrogant he is. Dante looks discouraged when it seems like no one wants him as a partner. I immediately feel bad for Dante, angry at Mr. Handsome for treating the young buck like shit and pressured by Jeff to ensure he gets a shot at Dante's ass.

With only one combination that pleases everyone, I offer, "I'll team with Dante."

And so it's set. On one side, you have Jeff and Mr. Handsome, the two strongest, most knowledgeable wrestlers, each with over a decade of pro experience between them. And they're against me, a weekend mat wrestler, and a rookie who knows three moves.


Meeting in the Ring

As I get changed into my gear, Dante and I discuss his experience and what we know about our opponents. He knows more than three moves, but not many. He apologizes for me getting stuck with him. I grab him and pull him into a tight hug. I tell him there's no one I'd rather partner with and, win or lose, it's all fun. He breaks into a smile and relaxes.

I add, "Besides, I know Jeff would've teamed up with you if he didn't want your ass so bad."

Dante blushes, "Really?"

I smirk, "Really. So you should take it as a compliment."

Dante beams from ear to ear, his ego repaired. I've got nothing with me to even come close to matching Dante's devil gear, so I opt for a pair of dark orange trunks that really show off my ass. With black boots and pads, I'm good to go. With me changed, we head out into the ring area.

Mr. Handsome emerges a minute later with Jeff following. It turns out that in Riot Wrestling Mr. Handsome is known as Hollywood. With his incredibly gorgeous looks and perfect body, I can see why. He's actually the shortest and lightest guy (5'10"/190-lbs), but very built and strong. Hollywood is all muscle. He's wearing black gear with a shiny gold star on the front of his trunks and a matching pair on his knee pads. He looks amazing, as you'd expect.

With the four of us ready, we shake hands then break.

Ben/Dante vs. Jeff/Hollywood

I start off for our side, which means Hollywood is starting off for his side. I watch him engage in a long posing session, in keeping with the muscleman's arrogant heel ring persona. The stud is still remarkably handsome and his muscles have only gotten better in the months since we last wrestled.

When the handsome stud is finally done, we close in and lock up. Dante and I agreed that we need to start fast and isolate Mr. Handsome. My tag partner was a little worried about beating on his boss, but I convinced him that it would be therapeutic. I lift my boot, quickly kicking the musclehunk's ripped abs. BAM! When he bends forward, I hammer him across the back and raise my knee into his face. THUD! WHACK!

The heel flies back, landing on his spectacular ass. I put him down with a boot to his pecs then stomps his abs, trying to soften the rock hard muscles. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! I reach down and drag Hollywood up by his hair. I scoop him and slam him down near my corner. WHAM! The heel manages to roll out of the ring before I can stop him.

Mr. Handsome stretches out his back, but he doesn't notice Dante switch sides in the corner. My tag partner kicks out, cracking his boot on the heel's head. WHACK! Hollywood staggers sideways then looks at Dante angrily. He mouths off at my partner, forgetting about me. I slip out behind the heel. I grab the back of his trunks and pull the surprised hunk into my forearm. POW!

I use the stretchiness of his tight trunks as a slingshot, bouncing him back-and-forth into my hard kidney shots. POW! POW! POW!  The heel manages to yank free, but he stumbles right towards Dante, who hops down from the ring apron with a double axe handle to the head. Jeff starts yelling from across the ring, but we ignore him. Mr. Handsome came out in our corner. He's ours.

Dante grabs him from behind as I move in. Hollywood tries a kick, but I grab his boot. I yank his leg up as Dante lets go. The muscleheel tumbles backwards, landing on his back on the thin mat lining the hard gym floor. WHAM! I admire him suffering, legs spread, muscles tense. So hot. I drag the heel up and push him back into the ring. He tries to crawl for the tag, but I grab his boot, pulling him back to our corner.

From behind, I force Mr. Handsome up by his hair. Just as I look away to tag Dante, he pulls my chin on top his head. Before I can tag or even react, Hollywood drops, cracking my jaw on his head. I fall back, stunned while the heel focuses his energy. He grabs my hair and forces me to my feet. The muscleman pulls me to his corner by my hair, forcing me to stagger across the ring in a bent over position.

I hear the tag and know Jeff is on his way in. Damn.

TAG! Ben vs. Jeff

Mr. Handsome holds me tightly, making sure that I can't pull away before Jeff leaps over the top rope. My buddy kicks me in the gut then runs back into the ropes. He bounces off, leaps and drops his leg down on the back of my head. WHAM! Hollywood lets my hair go and I drop to one knee. Jeff forces me up into a gut buster, dropping me over his extended leg. OOF!

Jeff drags me to my feet. I try a gut punch, but his abs are too hard. I get a stomp to my gut as a reward. As I bend over, Jeff seizes my hair and trunks. He whips me across the ring into my corner. My tag partner checks on me as I wonder what's up.

Jeff smiles and points, "C'mon, Dante. You're the one I want. Let's do this."

Dante can't really refuse. He slaps my shoulder and slides cautiously into the ring.

TAG! Dante vs. Jeff

I roll under the bottom rope and prop myself, watching my best friend and my tag partner face off. They circle the ring, Jeff grinning from ear-to-ear and Dante looking intensely focused. I yell encouragement to Dante, telling him he's got this. The two men move to lock up, but Jeff suddenly sprints at the surprised young buck.

Dante is swallowed up in Jeff's arms, the bigger stud flipping him down with a belly-to-belly suplex. WHAM! The blond muscleman sits back then starts pummeling the rookie's left pec. POW! POW! POW! Dante takes the abuse, grunting with every shot. He manages to throw Jeff off him then get to his feet. I see the red on his heaving chest muscle, but it doesn't seem to be affecting him.

The young buck sucks in some air then turns to go after Jeff. He's too slow. The bigger musclestud spears Dante, ramming him into a neutral corner. CLANG! Dante sags from the impact as Jeff rises. The blond hunk rises then forces Dante's left arm up, bending this wrist behind his head. I watch helplessly as Jeff pounds the aching left pec again.

Dante squirms, but Jeff holds him in place. The ring veteran draws back his fist and fires it forward, slamming into the rookie's bruised chest muscle with a devastating heart punch. POW! The young buck goes limp for a second, only held up by Jeff's power.

With his opponent helpless, Jeff uses Dante's hair to pull him over to Hollywood for more punishment.

TAG! Dante vs. Hollywood

The arrogant muscleheel comes in quickly. Jeff and Hollywood grab Dante in a front facelock, each standing on either side. I watch nervously as they turn him and grab a handful of trunks. There's nothing I can do as they lift and fall back, slamming Dante to the mat with a double suplex. KABOOM! Jeff rises and gives me a cocky smile and a wink.

Hollywood puts his shin across the groaning Dante's chest. The heel flexes at me, showing off his powerful biceps as my tag partner writhes helplessly under him. I yell out, encouraging the young buck to keep fighting, begging him to tag me in. The arrogant muscleman drags the rookie up off the canvas.

Dante impresses me by firing a fist into Mr. Handsome's abs. THUD! Unfortunately the hard-bodied hunk just laughs it off. He slams his forearm across Dante's back, dropping him to hands and knees. The heel shoves the rookie's head between his legs and flexes his thighs, closing up on the standing head scissors. My tag partner groans as his head is crushed between the mighty legs of his boss.

Hollywood once again flexes, showing off his body as Dante suffers below him. When he's striking a double lat spread, I see the rookie tense. Seconds later, the young stud is rising, actually lifting the arrogant muscleheel off the mat. Dante flips Mr. Handsome over with a back body drop, freeing his head from the tight grip.

Dante crawls towards me, hand outstretched. I reach desperately stretching as far as I can. Across the ring, Jeff calls out to me. I look over at him tagging Hollywood's boot. Damn, come on Dante! Crawl faster!

TAG! Dante vs. Jeff

Dante can't reach me before Jeff is in and grabbing his boot. Hollywood rolls out of the ring as his tag partner re-assumes control. I wonder how much more Dante can take. This one-sided isolation of him has to be wearing the young stud down. He's taking it, but no one can win a two-on-one like this.

Jeff drags Dante back into enemy territory. He drops the boot then leaps up, coming down with a hard splash. SPLAT! Dante goes limp under the bigger muscleman, moaning as Jeff grabs his wrists. The rookie's wrists are forced up his back. Jeff takes a moment to grind his bulge into Dante's firm ass, perhaps giving him a taste of what's to come. The blond hunk punishes Dante's arms then slides up to mount his back.

My best friend releases Dante's wrists then drags him up into a camel clutch. He grabs the rookie under the chin and pulls, forcing him up and back. I can see the pain etched on my tag partner's cute face as his back is shredded in the deadly submission move. I encourage him as much as I can, but I'm starting to wonder if he shouldn't just give. Neither of us will really mind the price for losing.

Dante holds on, so Jeff finally releases him. The blond muscleman rises then stomps Dante's back hard. He grabs the young buck's legs, lifts them and locks them under his armpits. He grabs Dante's wrists then lifts, executing a perfect tear drop submission move. Jeff starts rocking him back-and-forth and the pain increases. I watch as the rookie's head sags down, his moans echoing throughout the gymnasium.

The only thing not echoing is a submission. Supporting Dante's 200-lbs of muscle gets tiring, even for a muscleman like Jeff. He drops the rookie then drags him up. Jeff scoops the limp carcass across his chest, bringing him down over his knee in a backbreaker. The young stud groans as he bends back. I admire his flexibility as he hangs there, but I know the pain of this move.

Once again, Dante's stubbornness outlasts Jeff's patience. The blond musclehunk pushes the resilient young buck off his leg with authority. He stomps Dante's back as he circles him. When Jeff pushes his hair back, I know he's frustrated. He only does that when he's frustrated.

Hollywood is calling for a tag. Jeff says, "One more. I wanna try one more then you can have him."

Jeff kneels down on Dante's back. He grabs his ankles and chin then rolls back. He suspends the young musclestud over his shins in a beautiful bow and arrow. Dante's cries are higher pitched as he suffers once again. Damn, Dante is so gorgeous as he's stretched out in another hot hold. The rookie's trunks pull down to the base of his cock, revealing his smooth lower abs.

Dante is just pure bendy, beefy goodness. Jeff pulls and even starts to bounce his legs, upping the pressure. While he's hanging limp, Dante's still able to say no when asked to submit. A frustrated Jeff kicks Dante off his legs. I see the anger in his face. I know he's thinking, "How the fuck is this punk not submittin'?"

Jeff holds the young buck's ankle and tags Hollywood in. He says, "See what the fuck you can do with him. He's too stupid to quit for me."

TAG! Dante vs. Hollywood

Mr. Handsome comes in and drops a leg on the back of Dante's head. WHAM! Jeff drops the ankle and moves out. The arrogant musclestud puts his boot in the middle of Dante's back. He keeps the rookie trapped while he flexes for me again. Finally, the heel kicks Dante's onto his back. He drops and goes for a cocky pin, casually lying against Dante.

ONE! Dante looks so exhausted.

TWO! This was pure tag team squash - wait, what?

Dante kicks out at two. Yes, the pin was weak, but I didn't think the young buck could even move at this point. Hollywood seems nonplussed by the kick out. He drags Dante up and puts him over his shoulders in a fireman's carry. The muscleman parades his prey around the ring before he stops. He bounces his pecs at me, gives me a wink then flips the young stud off his shoulders. SLAM! My tag partner collapses on the mat at Hollywood's feet.

The heel kneels down, placing his shin on Dante's chest. ONE! Going for another pin. TWO! And once again, the rookie surprises everyone, rejecting the cocky pin and lifting his shoulder.

Hollywood slaps Dante's face, "Kid, I gotta admit, I underestimated you. You're pretty tough. Or a fucking moron. Either way, this has been fun." Mr. Handsome looks at Jeff, "Want another go or want me to put him down?"

Jeff reaches out for a tag, his ego unwilling to accept that he can't put Dante down. The arrogant heel pulls the rookie up and locks him in a full nelson. He forces the limp stud to his corner where Jeff slaps his hand.

TAG! Dante vs. Jeff

With Dante trapped, Jeff winds up. He slams his fist into the young buck's left pec again, delivering an even harder heart punch. When Hollywood release Dante, the rookie collapses to the mat, quivering.

Jeff smiles at me, "Sorry, bro. Cant win 'em all. Dude'll take good care of you."

I flip my best friend the bird and he laughs. Jeff idly kicks Dante over onto his back. He puts his boot on the rookie's chest and starts to count. ONE! Stay down, Dante. Just stay down. TWO! I start to enter the ring to check on my partner. THR - no! Dante twists, actually pulling his shoulder off the mat before he collapses back.

Jeff's incredulous, "Are you fucking kidding me?"

Jeff drops and does a proper pin, hooking the leg. He slaps the mat. ONE! TWO!

I shout, "Foot on the rope! His boot's on the rope!"

Jeff looks and sees I'm telling the truth. He slaps the mat in frustration. The muscleman sits back on his heels and runs his hand through his blond hair. I'm kind of amazed that the young stud threw his boot onto the bottom rope at the last second. I hesitated to say anything, but I figure Dante deserves his effort recognized.

Jeff scoops Dante up across his chest. He circles the ring, holding the rookie's limp carcass across his chest, undecided on what to do. As he passes his corner, Hollywood slaps his shoulder. The arrogant heel says, "Put him down in the middle of the ring, stud. I'll finish this up."

TAG! Dante vs. Hollywood

Jeff bodyslams Dante to the canvas. WHAM! He steps out of the way, just as Hollywood launches off the top rope. He splashes down on the young buck and I cover my eyes. Poor guy. Hollywood goes for a pin.

ONE! I hope Dante stays down this time. If Jeff has to come back in this ring, I think he'll kill the young stud.

TWO! I don't even bother yelling for my tag partner to fight back. The rookie's taken too much abuse already. I've been fucked by Mr. Handsome before and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I'm sure Dante will like being Jeff's plaything, too.

THR -- NO! Damnit! This time, the ever-arrogant heel drags Dante's limp body off the mat, pulling the young stud's face up into his bulge. Even Jeff is pissed, saying, "You had him! You had him!"

The muscleheel wags his finger at me, telling me, "No, no, no. This kid's going to get my real finisher. You remember that, don't you, Silver Stud?"

I do, but I'd rather the arrogant muscleman just stop toying with poor Dante. So does Jeff, telling Hollywood to just pin him so they can get to the fucking. Hollywood ignores his partner, dragging Dante's limp carcass up. He pushes the cute stud, who can barely stand, into the ropes then grabs his wrist.

Mr. Handsome whips Dante off the ropes. The young buck stumbles and turns, somehow twisting them around. The muscleheel is surprised, unable to counter Dante's reverse. They twist and turn doing a 360 then a little more. Finally, Dante ends up flying into the opposing corner. My tag partner runs right into Jeff, hitting my buddy with an elbow in his handsome face. CRACK! Jeff tumbles to the floor below.

Dante sags in the corner. Hollywood turns to me, signaling this is done. He charges Dante, only to have the young buck lift his knee. The handsome musclestud grunts and staggers back. Incensed by the rookie's move, he charges in again. This time, Dante dives out of the way just in time. The heel slams in hard, staggering back while holding his chest. My partner rises to his feet, looking out of it. He stumbles towards me.

Dante has his hand outstretched for a tag. I don't reach back. Instead, I desperately point and blurt out, "Notimekickkickkick!"

I watch as Mr. Handsome stands and angrily stares at his opponent from behind. Dante somehow comprehends what I'm saying. Hollywood charges, but Dante spins and lifts his boot on instinct, perfectly delivering one of the few moves he knows. The superkick. The muscular heel runs right into the boot, chin first. WHACK! Mr. Handsome wobbles on his feet, staggering. Dante just watches in amazement.

I yell, "FINISH HIM!"

Dante snaps out of his surprise as his opponent's back is to him. The young wrestler jumps up, grabbing Mr. Handsome behind the head and bulldogging him into the canvas. My tag partner rolls his boss onto his back and hooks a leg. I admire the view of the heel's big bulge, but notice Jeff climbing into the ring as Dante counts the pin.

ONE! I vault over the top rope and tackle Jeff before he can interfere.

TWO! I hold my struggling buddy down as he mutters, "No, no, no!"

THREE! Dante gets the pin and the win, successfully finishing off Hollywood. Under me, Jeff's head sinks into his forearms as he moans, "Fuck, fuck, fuck. That did not just happen."

I slide off, patting Jeff's butt. "Sorry, bro. Can't win them all. Don't worry, Dante will take good care of you."

I grab the shocked Dante's hand, dragging him to his feet and a tight embrace. He's muttering, "Omigod, omigod, omigod." The young buck can barely stand. I keep supporting him as Dante kisses me deeply. I'm surprised, to say the least, but not disappointed. He's a damn good kisser. Dante breaks away, getting his strength back. He says, "Thanks, man! You fucking rock!"

I shrug, "What're you thanking me for? You did all the work. Good job taking all their shit." We turn, Dante with an arm draped over my shoulders nod a hand on my pec for support. He rests his head against me as we survey our fallen opponents. Jeff is on his knees, looking dejected while Mr. Handsome is still sprawled on his back. He's holding his head and moaning.

I ask Dante, "What are you going to do with yours?"

Dante smiles, "Fuck if I know, but I'm gonna like it. Hoo boy! But first, I gotta sit down."

After the Match

Dante rests and I pace as the heels try to get over their shock. Jeff finally rises to his feet. As he passes his tag partner, he stomps Mr. Handsome's heaving chest. STOMP! My buddy says, "This is your fucking fault, dude! Damnit."

Jeff comes over and congratulates us. Dante grabs him and pulls Jeff into a deep, passionate kiss. My buddy goes with it, knowing it's the young buck's call. I notice that Jeff really goes with it, actually pulling Dante in tight and rubbing their bulges together. I'm amazed as my buddy gets passionate, rubbing Dante's back. They break and Jeff gives the stud a sexy, seductive look.

Dante says, "You're so fucking hot, Jeff."

My buddy pulls Dante back in for another close in a hug, really rubbing their bulges together. Jeff spins the young stud and kisses his neck. I notice he's working his bulge on Dante's ass. The younger wrestler falls into Jeff's bigger muscled body. My buddy spins the compliant cutie back to face him. He goes in for another kiss and I can guess what's up. Jeff's trying to take control, seeing if he can change things up.

Dante isn't as naive as you'd think. He pulls back, avoiding Jeff's lips. Dante says, "Don't think you can turn this around on me, man. Yeah, you're hot, but you're still mine." Jeff's eyes open wide, realizing he's been caught. The young stud says, "Now, get on your knees. I wanna feel your lips on my devil."

Jeff's shoulders slump as he drops to his knees, having to accept his fate as Dante's bottom. He leans forward, licking the distorted devil face on the front of his opponent's tented trunks. Jeff's never been one to welch on a bet. He may not like it, but he does a really good job. Dante moans, running his hands through Jeff's thick blond hair. I'm sure the young buck has never had a man like Jeff at his disposal.

While they play, I see Mr. Handsome sitting up and watching. I close in and kneel behind him. "Take off your trunks, Hollywood."

The heel obeys, stripping his gear off. I put him in a tight choke hold then order that he start jerking off while he watches Jeff and Dante. The heel sits under me, slightly choking while he pulls on his cock. I keep one arm around his throat then put my free hand down, forcing it between his butt cheeks. I force Mr. Handsome to kneel, allowing me to slide my finger inside his tight hole.

Across the ring, Dante's trunks are down on his thighs and Jeff is really sucking his cock. The young buck is bossing the bigger ring veteran around. "Go deeper, I wanna feel you choke on it." "Faster." "Oh yeah, spit on it." "Slower." "Play with my balls, you can't forget those." And so on, Dante is a natural sexual drill sergeant, treating Jeff like a boot camp trainee.

Suddenly, Hollywood moans and shakes, erupting his load all over the ring as he's choked and fingered while watching the young buck's domination. I laugh in his ear, mocking him for not even lasting three minutes. I push him forward, forcing him to lie face down in his cum. I mount his back then jerk my dick hard as I watch Dante continue to dominate my best friend.

Dante orders Jeff to pull down the front of his own trunks. He tells Jeff, "Get hard for me." "Don't stop sucking." "Yeah, that's it." "C'mon, you've got two hands and a mouth. Work them." "Use your hand and mouth on my cock." "Yeah, now you've got it."

I sheathe my cock and slide inside Mr. Handsome. He groans as I force my way in, sliding in all the way until my hips hit his ass. I ride him slow and steady, looking down at his broad back before I look up at Dante and Jeff again. It's like a hot, hot porn, where the frequent top and bottom switch positions in a surprise role reversal.

Dante gets Jeff lying on his side on the mat. He strips off his own trunks and Jeff's before settling in behind. He wraps his cock in a condom then presses the tip at Jeff's ass. The young buck asks, "Ever bottomed before, big guy?"

Jeff answers, "Once."


"It hurt like hell, but I got through it."

Dante smiles then pushes in, his cock splitting Jeff's ass. My buddy bites his bottom lip and moans as the rookie wrestler goes in deeper and deeper. He takes it like a champ, relaxing and moaning until Dante's all the way in. The young buck looks over Jeff's shoulder and asks, "You staying hard there, big guy?"

Jeff grunts and follows instructions. He starts pumping his dick, powering up. Dante smiles at the obedience as he starts to thrust in and out. Under me, Mr. Handsome is up on his elbows, watching Dante and Jeff as I pound his ass. I grab his hair and roughly pull back as I fuck him.  He moans and begs for me to go harder. I make him tell me how much he loves my throbbing cock inside him.

Across the ring, I see Dante watching us. Our eyes meet and we exchange smiles. The rookie wrestler pulls out of Jeff then makes him get to his hands and knees. Dante starts fucking Jeff from behind, holding the handsome muscleman's hips for support. He might be a rookie wrestler, but he's a pure stud here and now.

When Dante starts talking trash again, I can't take it. I moan and shoot. I fill the latex pouch in Hollywood's amazing ass with my seed, unleashing my load. My cries fill the arena as I pound him until I'm soft. I pull out and uncover my cock. I lie on top of the muscular heel, settling in to watch Dante finish Jeff off.

It doesn't take long before the young buck is doing just that. Dante groans and pulls out of Jeff. He makes Jeff get on his back then moves up. Seconds later, Dante is lining my buddy's magnificent pecs with ropes of his cum, spraying the tanned slabs of muscles. He drains every drop out before sitting down on the mat.

The rookie wrestler turns his attention to Jeff's raging hard-on. He grabs it and starts pumping and sucking. Jeff groans as he's milked, his cum drawn out of him by Dante's expert hand and mouth. The big musclestud warns he's about to cum, so the young buck pulls off, aiming the cock up Jeff's muscular body. The cock erupts, firing up his body from chin to navel. With Dante's load on his chest, it forms a cross of cum on his torso.

Dante squeezes Jeff's cock until it's done then lies beside him. Dante leans in and kisses Jeff, telling him he did great. He even musses Jeff's long blond hair. It's so funny to see the young buck in benevolent top mode, exuding confidence and control.

The four of us rise. Jeff and Hollywood are tasked with cleaning the ring while Dante and I head to the showers. We can't resist fucking, taking turns topping the other. His cock feels great in my mouth and ass. From his reaction, I'd say he feels the same about mine.

When we're done, I ask Dante, "You ever travel for wrestling?"

Dante says, "Private wrestling?"

I smile, "Well, sure, but I was really thinking about pro. I run a federation in DC that could use a guy like you. You're exactly what I'm trying to showcase. Young, built and athletic."

Dante blushes, "Wow, I've never thought about it."

"You're good. Better than you think. And better than Mr. Handsome ... I mean Hollywood might be letting on."

Dante and I have a little more back-and-forth and I think he's tempted to at least try. DC's not that close, but it's drivable in a day. And the fact that I've got a TV show makes it even more appealing.

There's no sign of the heels for a long time. In fact, Dante and I are done fucking and cleaned up by the time they come strolling in. Hollywood looks a little down and I notice his body is lined with cum. Strange, I didn't shoot on him. I see Jeff's smiling face and realize what they were doing. Obviously they settled something between them on whose fault the loss was. Dante and I quietly laugh about it as they wash up.

When Jeff comes back, I overhear Dante whisper congratulations to Jeff, but my buddy simply says, "You know, you still owe me a singles match."

Dante smiles back, "Looking forward to it."

The End


  1. That was a great episode! I am not gonna lie though, I wish Ben would have gotten a piece of Jeff. I don't know if thats too kinky? I just think it would be hot if Ben and Jeff had a stakes match. That aside I think your writing is great so keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for the comment! I appreciate it.

      I don't know if it's too kinky or not. You're certainly not the only one who has asked me. It's hard for me to see it with Ben and Jeff, as I think of them as brothers. I think it would alter their relationship. In comparison, it's easy with longtime friends Cody and Ryan, because Cody is a sexually-liberated narcissist and Ryan is likely in love with his best friend on some level. I'll say you never know, but don't expect it to happen.

    2. Now that you explained it that way you bring up a very good point. That does make sense that they are more like "brothers" and it would "alter their relationship". One thing I can say for sure though is that I am excited to see the story progress. Thanks Much!

  2. DAMN Another hot match!! Thanks! I kinda agree with Arch123 about wishing for something between Ben and Jeff. But i get where that would alter the relationship dynamic that has been built up. Maybe sometime in the future.

    1. Thanks! Glad you liked it. I hear you on Ben and Jeff. I don't think there's a right or wrong answer, but it's unlikely I will write that.

  3. In a Ben and Jeff story, who knew the breakout star would be an adorable newcomer to the story! As Ben said, "He's trying to be badass, but he's really just adorable."--That is always so hot. Not to mention the goofy grin and big ears, I love this kid! Who's his character model? (Or I can wait 'til the next Casting post!) Loved Dante's ability so absorb punishment.

    As for Ben vs. Jeff, as long as it's come up, I've always been in the "Ew, they're like brothers!" camp. Although even though I don't necessarily want it to go there, I'm sure if it DID, you'd make it believable and entertaining. :)

    Oh yeah--and even though these are wrestling fantasy stories, mad props for all the mentions of condoms being used. Even in fantasies, people can be responsible. :) (But don't worry, it never feels preachy!)

    1. Thanks! I'm glad Dante was such a hit. This is my third favorite chapter out of all 27, so I'm glad so many guys are enjoying it and commenting.

      Dante's base model is Jesse Sorensen, a pro wrestler. Interestingly, long after I wrote this, he debuted in BGEast and on Cameron Matthews' site as Kelly King. I VOD'ed his match vs. Z-Man in BGEast and enjoyed it. Haven't seen any of the others, yet, but he's definitely on my radar.

      I think I've mentioned condoms in every modern day story where two guys have sex. If I haven't, it was a miss on my part. I'm glad it doesn't feel preachy, because it's not intended to be. It's just reflective of my own behavior and belief in what these smart, aware characters would do.

    2. Ah, Jesse Sorensen! This is going to sound like BS, but I DID think he looked familiar. :) So exciting that more and more wrestlers are feeling open enough to wrestle for places like BG East and Cameron Matthews!