Thursday, September 24, 2015

Route 69 S308: Zanesville OH (Ben)

I love this feeling.

The feeling of meeting a new wrestling opponent. The anticipation. The mystery. The butterflies. Pulling on gear. No matter how many times I do this, I still feel the same anxious excitement. I just turned 26 three days ago, so it's not like I have decades of experience, but my wrestling card has been pretty full for a few years. And yet, I still love every minute of it like it was my first time.

I'm adjusting my tight, low-cut white singlet over my 6'/200-lbs of muscles. It's so thin and sheer that I'm amazed it can hold my cock, which will be in a persistent state of semi-hardness until the stakes portion of my match where, win or lose, it can finally be unleashed.

I stare at myself in the hotel bathroom mirror, making sure everything's in place. I have to say, and I hope this doesn't sound immodest, but I love the way the white fabric pops against my olive skin and dark features. Yes, things are good.

I breathe deeply, psyching myself up then walk out into my hotel room to face Jin, my opponent.

When he sees me, Jin smiles broadly. He says with a noticeable Midwest accent, "Holy shit, Ben! Did you just paint that thing on? You look hot." I appreciate the compliment. I return it, telling him he looks great, too. Jin just shrugs, "Yeah, I know."

As we stretch out, I can't help but admire his good looks and body. Although born in Ohio, Jin is of Korean descent. His handsome face is perfectly framed by jet black hair. He's wearing a tiny white speedo with black trim that draws my eyes to his bulge. Jin's skin is smooth and flawless. He's 5'11"/175-lbs with lean muscles, his body chiseled and powerful looking. He looks younger than me, but he's actually two years older.

I'm surprisingly happy at how things have worked out. I was a little bummed when I couldn't figure things out with my first choice, a friend from El Paso who's coincidentally visiting Pittsburgh right now. It would've been a two-hour trek to Zanesville Ohio, where I'm staying, and our schedules just couldn't sync. He's awesome and dominant, but seeing Jin is quickly making up for it.

Jin and I just met on the wrestling personals. He lives in nearby Columbus, which is an easy drive. The handsome stud was the first and best guy who responded to my emails. He's confident, cocky and game to go at it in a stakes match, which is about all I need.

When I'm warmed up, I ask, "You ready, Jin?"

Jin smirks, "I was born ready. Let's get it on."

Feeling Things Out

We circle the mattress then lock up in a basic collar-and-elbow. We're immediately straining and I get a good feel for how strong my opponent is. I shift my arms, powering him into a side headlock. He grunts and grabs for my wrist with his other arm resting on my waist.

I squeeze harder and harder, listening for Jin's reaction. We're close enough in size that this isn't a mismatch, but he's less experienced than me. I crank on the hold, trying to gauge how hard and fast to go. I'm pretty good at wrestling up or, in this case down to my opponent's level, not wanting to discourage anyone.

As we circle the mattress, Jin hammers my back. I grunt, but hold on. He shifts his hands then lifts, pulling my feet off the spongy mat. He's trying to flip me, so I kick my feet, pulling us forward. When I land, he slips his head out and I stumble two steps forward. I stand up and turn, only to find that Jin is there with a kick to my gut. OOF! He charges in then trips me down onto my back. I fall down, my leg coming up. Jin grabs my ankle, but I kick him off.

The cocky stud strikes a pose, looking like he just won a fall or something. He says, "Oh yeah, you like that? You can't handle this. You can't handle this."

Okay, Jin looks hot, but I have to smirk if he thinks he's accomplished much. I get to my feet then move in for another lockup. This time, I shove him down into a front facelock. I power him down to his knees, firmly on top as he struggles under me. Jin tries a couple of body punches, but they bounce off my muscles.

I'm deciding what to do when Jin makes his move, He drives forward, pushing me back. We roll off the mattress. When we rise, the Asian-American stud forces me into the wall. WHAM! He slips free then peppers my abs with body shots. I push him off with a smile. My opponent steps back looking even cockier than before.

Jin motions with his hands and says, "C'mon, c'mon. I got a lot more for you."

I bite my tongue, but smirk. Okay, I'll come on.

We move in together. He goes for a kick. Instead of blocking it, I tighten my abs. His foot bounces off. Jin moves in, not realizing I'm unfazed. I dive and turn, grabbing him in another headlock. I quickly flip us down, putting Jin goes on his back. I come down on his chest and I hear the air leaving him. I keep the headlock locked tight.

Jin squirms under me, trying to power out of the hold. The stud has some strength, but I realize he doesn't really know how to use it, yet. His legs are lying dead on the mattress, with all of his efforts focused on using his arms. I flex my bicep into his head and pull up. Jin moans under me, struggling in vain to pry his head free. I release the hold, and move off him.

As we rise, Jin asks, "Why'd you let go?" I tell him I'm just feeling him out, but he's arrogantly insistent that we go full out until one of us can't go any more. He actually points at me when he says that last part. I tell him he should be careful what he asks for, but he swears he's been tearing up Ohio and wants a real, all-in match. His cockiness is so hot.

I shrug, saying, "Okay, if that's what you want."

"It is. I think you're going to be surprised, Ben."

I smile, "One of us will be."

Ben vs. Jin

We lock up again. He tries to power me back, but I use his momentum and force to pull him right into my knee. I drive it into his gut then flip him onto his back. I splash down on top of him, driving the wind out of him. He struggles under me, but I counter everything he's got.

I stay on top of him, slowly maneuvering him into position. He tries to fight under me, but I wrap him up. I use my body to pin him down. I force his wrists above his head with my right hand and roughly drive my left forearm across his face. UNH! I grind my bulge on top of his and he stops fighting, enjoying the feeling. OH!

When Jin starts struggling again, he once more forgets about his legs. He tries to fight me with power, but I'm immovable. He doesn't resist (or maybe doesn't realize) as I wrap my legs around his. When I spread them wide in a grapevine, he seems genuinely surprised, immediately crying out. Jin groans under me as I open his legs wide.

I keep pressing, overpowering the Asian stud. He really feels the stretch in his groin. The stud moans, looking sexy as he writhes under me. Our bodies rub together and I'm tempted to kiss him, but I hold off. Later, after I've brought him down a few pegs.

When he realizes he can't move, Jin pauses. He seems frozen, so I widen my legs fast and hard. The sudden jolt has him submitting.


I let him go and roll off him, sitting beside him. "Still want -"

Jin interrupts, "Yeah, yeah, yeah." He sits up and looks at me, "Lucky move."

I smile as we rise to our feet again. The eager and cocky stud charges in at me. He's strong, but the attack is obvious. I trip him to the mat then mount his back. I lock on a rear choke as he writhes under me. I don't put him out, even though I probably could. He finally manages to power me off. Jin tries to get on top of me, but I push him off.

We roll on the mattress, Jin being very aggressive and fighting to get some kind of control. He's got good ideas, but I'm two steps ahead the entire time. The cocky Asian stud finally gets on top and locks on an armbar. It probably looks good, but does nothing else. I moan, to make him feel good and he gets cocky again, actually telling me to submit.

Yeah, no. Well, he said he wanted full out.

I ignore his futile attempts at a submission. I swing my legs around his waist and squeeze in a body scissors. Jin moans loudly, my legs collapsing his sides. I tear my arm free and wrap up his head, pulling down on his neck. The cocky stud groans, struggling to free himself as I amp up the pressure. Jin is letting out high-pitched grunts and sweat builds on his neck. He plants his hands and pushes up, but all that does is increase the pressure on his neck.

Jin finally remembers he has legs. He uses them to roll us over. Fine with me. I adjust my hold, crushing him in a side body scissors. The handsome hunk thrashes in the scissors as I hold his arm down. My cock stirs as he writhes in the hold, unable to push his way free. When I add a side pec claw to his left pec, he's tapping my leg, submitting for the second time.

I release him and he rolls out of my legs. Jin rises onto hands and knees, rubbing his midsection. I recline on the mattress. He looks at me, "Don't even ask."

I hold up my hands, letting him know I'm happy to keep going.

When he's had some water and a stretch, I help Jin up to his feet. I pull him up, but he keeps coming. He rams my abs with a knee lift then forces my arm behind my back. The Asian stud lifts my arm up my back then pushes me into the wall, face first. I'm pinned and I feel the pain for the first time.

Jin taunts, "Yeah, eat wall!"

As I've said, Jin is definitely strong. He holds me tight and really wrenches up. It feels good to be challenged. I suffer for a moment then try a counter. I spin and dip, turning my arm. He has my wrist, but there's no force as I turn to face him. Before he can react, I put my foot behind his then push, tripping him back onto the mattress. He topples down and I grab his ankles.

Jin kicks his feet, but I lock his shins under my arms and lift him up. He's dangling down, only his head and shoulders on the mattress. I admire the growing bulge in his briefs then flip him over, stepping over his hips and sitting down. The handsome stud groans as I sit back, applying a Boston crab. I try not to go too far, but I make sure he feels it.

I keep him locked up as he struggles to break free. Jin suffers for a long time, holding out against submitting for a third time, but it's no use. I sit back another six inches and he's done.


I drop him down then grab a bottle of water. As I watch Jin rub his back, his sweaty body slithering on the mattress, my cock stirs. I focus on his ass in the clingy white trunks, his crack clearly visible through the wet fabric.

Jin wants to keep going and I'm more than happy to oblige. I've hit him with the fast jolt of the grapevine then let him linger in two slow submissions with the scissors and crab. I look him over, trying to decide what to do next. That's when it hits me. I like punishing this cocky stud. I really like it.

Punishing the Prettyboy

Jin gets set. We circle the mattress. I'll give him credit, losing three falls hasn't dampened his spirit or cockiness at all. The Asian stud is bouncing and hunched, looking like he's ready to take me down. I'm debating whether I should let him have one when he dives for my leg. Jin topples me then climbs on top. He wraps up my head and I feel it.

I go for another body scissors, but Jin's wise to me this time. He pins one of my legs down with his knee. The smooth stud tries to force my arm behind my head, but I slip it free. I push up with my free leg, rolling us over. I twist and maneuver my head free then push up. I come down, splashing on his body. OOF! With Jin distracted, I grab his arm and bend it, putting his wrist by his ear, elbow pointing up.

The Asian hunk moans under me as I force his arm up. I go for the fast submission, but he actually rolls us, getting free. I keep a grip on his arm then pull him between my legs. I stretch his arm up my body as I wrap my legs around his shoulder and head, keeping him pinned down. I twist his arm then bend the arm against his elbow.


I let Jin's arm go, leaving him lying between my legs. He stays there, his face buried in my lower abs as he recuperates from his fourth submission. It feels good and I let him be, just sitting up on my elbows as his hot breath hits my stomach.

I tease his hair, "Want to -"

"I'm not done," comes the weak, but fast response.

I smile then push his arm down. I put my legs around his head and tighten slowly. The handsome hunk doesn't react as I position him for a head scissors. With Jin's face buried in my bulge, I increase the pressure. Suddenly, he realizes what's happening. The studly Asian wrestler moans into my manhood, desperately trying to push my legs off him.

I keep the pressure firm, but light, prolonging the hold. With every moan, Jin's lips run over my balls. I keep one hand in his hair, maintaining his position. I watch his body writhe behind him. He looks like he's swimming on the mattress, his legs going back and forth, his wonderful ass rising high into the air.

After a few minutes, I go a little too hard and Jin is finally tapping, moaning "enough" into my bulge. I open my legs and let him breathe again. The Asian hunk rolls out of my legs, not wanting to risk another scissors.

Even after five submissions, Jin wants to keep going.

The handsome hunk says, "Okay, I get it. Your legs are tough. I just have to watch them. I'm more of an arm guy, anyway."

Jin flexes his bicep, showing off. It's very nice. I reach out and touch it, squeezing his hard muscle. I let him squeeze mine then casually suggest we arm wrestle. Jin's game, so we get on our stomachs and lock hands.

We go immediately and Jin's right, his arms are strong. But I hold my own. I don't go for the victory, instead just focus on keeping us even. I don't know why, but somehow I just want to wear this hot guy down. He's so cocky and alluring that when he boasts about his arms, I want to show him up. Winning isn't enough. I want to watch him struggle then slam his hand down.

Look, if feeling this way is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Jin's arm is bulging, veins popping under his flawless skin. His face is contorted as we struggle. And don't get me wrong, I am struggling. But I'm also confident. I feel him weakening, knowing I've held out against his best. I slowly up my game, forcing his arm back. He grunts and strains, desperately trying to reverse the trend. I hold him at 45-degrees, letting the inevitability of my victory sink in.

WHAM! I slam his hand down to the floor in victory. Jin's head sinks. I worry I'm being mean, but he lifts his head and says, "I guess it's true, arm wrestling is more technique than strength. Let's wrestle."

We rise up and circle around. When we lock up, I pull Jin into me. I wrap my arms around him and squeeze. The sweaty and tired Asian hunk goes limp in my bearhug. He tries to wrap his arms around my head, but I shake him back and forth. That ends that. I pull him up, making sure our packages smash into each other. Jin can barely stand as it becomes hard for him to breathe in my tight grip.

After a couple of minutes in the tight embrace, I bounce him up and down then lift him off his feet. It only takes another fifteen seconds before he's admitting he can't take it.

"... okay ... uncle!"

I release him and he barely keep his feet. I support him from behind, my arms around his body under his pecs.

Jin insists he's fine and wants to keep going. I simply can't resist temptation. I pull him in tight against my body. I grind my cock into his ass, only two thin layers of white spandex keeping me from fucking him. The Asian stud moans as I squeeze him in the reverse bearhug. He groans and squirms, his ass pressing even harder against my swelling meat. Jin tries to pry my arms apart, but it's no use.

"... dammit ... I give ..."

I let go and Jin drops to his knees. He falls forward, clutching his midsection. I check on him and he gives his standard reply that he's fine. The Asian jobber ... wait, is that fair? Yes, I think any man who remains this cocky, practically begging for more abuse after submitting 7 times, plus losing at arm wrestling is a wonderful, beautiful jobber. Jin the jobber. Yum.

Jin the Jobber

We start on our knees for the next fall. I barrel forward and push Jin down. The feisty jobber writhes under me, trying to push me off. I fall back between his legs then grab his right ankle. I wrap his leg in a scissors then twist his ankle. The pain shoots up his leg, through his knee and has him bucking and thrashing on the mattress. The Asian stud moans and suffers beautifully, his cock growing noticeably as I stretches out the left side of his sweat-soaked white trunks.

Submission number eight is a meek one. He moans, "... oh god ... okay ... give ..."

I release Jin's leg. He rolls onto his stomach and slithers in front of me, practically preening for me. I watch him present his ass to me, but when I ask, he insists he can keep going.

I move over him and sit on his ass. The Asian jobber doesn't even try to break free. Instead, I easily power him up into a camel clutch. I keep the pressure light, making sure he's suffering, but not submitting. Jin groans and fights to get free, but I keep him locked up. I slide my right hand off his chin then down to his chest. I fondle his pec, savoring the feeling of the helpless wrestler.

Jin keeps refusing to give, choosing to remain trapped rather than lose another fall. I admire his resilience, but it's just another thing that makes him a spectacular jobber.

After a long time, I pull back, upping the pressure and forcing him to give for the ninth time.

When I let him fall, I don't bother with giving him rest time. I drag him up by his hair and armpit. I step over his hip and bend him to the side. Jin lets me put him in the standing ab stretch, contorting his body perfectly. I reach over and caress his abs and pecs. The handsome jobber makes an effort at breaking free, but I've got him locked up.

I reach down all the way to his bulge. When my hand touches his hard, throbbing cock, the Asian stud lets out a low moan of enjoyment. I start jerking his cock as I stretch his side more and more. The primal high-pitches grunts alternate between pleasure and pain. I work him and he finally has to beg me to let him go.

"... please ... let me go ... I give ..."

I release the exhausted stud, letting him collapse to the mat. I mount him and massage his pecs. He looks at me with a smile.

I tell him, "That's ten. I think that's enough."

Jin says, "You getting tired?" I laugh and shrug.

The Dirty Dozen

I get off Jin then help him up. I drop my singlet straps, letting them pool on my waist. I let him rub my bare torso before we go again. His soft hands feel amazing. We don't even bother pretending to start a round. Instead, I push him face first against the wall. On the stable carpet, I put my shoulders into his back. The eager jobber actually jumps, helping me get him across my shoulders in a torture rack. The Asian stud hangs limp on my shoulders.

I walk him around, carrying him to the mirror where he can look at himself. Jin moans as he sees his muscled body hanging helplessly across my shoulders. It's upside down, but his grunts tell me it turns him on. I reach my hand between his legs and clutch his pouch. Jin cries out, "Oh! UNH! Oh my god!"

I keep him suspended and his bulge clamped until he has no choice but to submit for the eleventh time.

I drop him carefully on the mattress. After I get a drink, I pull him up. I scoop the Asian jobber across my chest and bring him down over my leg. I do it softly, but keep him hanging over my leg. Jin's body looks spectacular, stretched out in the over-the-knee backbreaker, his rock hard cock tenting his white trunks.

I keep the pressure up as I slide my hand inside his waistband. I feel his smooth skin then cup his swollen manhood. Jin groans, hanging there for over a minute before he submits for the twelfth time.

"... I give ..."

I push him off then take a drink. It's been almost an hour. I've gotten a dozen submissions, plus won a round of arm wrestling, and the jobber never even came close. Total, undeniable domination. Hot and erotic, but it's time for the next stage. I lie on top of a sweaty and unmoving Jin. I check to see how he's doing and he weakly smiles up at me.

Jin confirms what we both know, "Okay. Now I'm done."

Teacher and Student

I roll off him, admiring his amazing body. Jin asks, "Wow, what was that?"

"I think that is what's called a squash. Totally and unequivocally. You had fun?"

"Oh yeah."

"You up for some more fun?"

Jin rolls onto his side and looks at me, "Well, you did win, so I guess you earned it."

I laugh then lean in and kiss him. He kisses me back, his soft lips feeling great against mine. We make out, caressing each other as our mouths play. I run my hand over his wonderful sweat-covered body, tenderly massaging his pecs and abs. We break from the kiss. The handsome jobber looks at me. He smiles, his black eyes holding my gaze.

I run my hand down over his bulge, rubbing his pouch. He closes his eyes and bites his bottom lip. "You okay?"

"Oh yeah. That just feels so nice." I lean in and kiss him again while I fondle his engorged manhood. When we break, Jin's hands slide down my body. I let him roll me onto my back and kiss me all over. The Asian stud slides down and works my nipples. He has a great mouth, especially how he uses it with his hand. He kisses down my abs, all the way to the white fabric of my singlet. He grabs my lowered straps and waistband, pulling it down my legs then completely off.

With me naked, Jin slides back, grasping my cock tightly. He starts to suck as he pulls on my balls and I'm in heaven. The handsome stud work silently as he expertly works my manhood. Fuck, he gags himself on my shaft, his throat closing on my cock head. Damn, he's amazing.

Jin rises to his feet then peels down his white trunks. He is completely shaved, his dark cock and balls swaying seductively as he stretches out a few more kinks. The Asian stud grabs one of the condoms from the dresser, dropping down between my legs. He jerks and sucks me, getting me fully hard then sheathes my shaft.

I lie back and watch as he looks at me with a devilish smile. Jin squats over me. I reach out to support him as he impales himself on my swollen member. I part his ass easily as he drops down, taking my full length in one smooth move. He rests then starts bouncing, bringing his ass up and down on my cock. It feels incredible, as my cock is enveloped by his tight hole. I can't help but watch as he rides me, finding new energy reserves to pleasure me.

I look down at his cock and balls, flopping up and down, slapping down against my abs then flying up with every move he makes. Finally, Jin sits down, just resting with me locked inside him. He massages my pecs as I reach past his arms and grab his cock. I jerk him as he sits on me. The handsome Asian stud moans, telling me he's going to cum.

Jin moves to get off me, but I tell him to stay. He remains on my cock, bracing for his eruption, the sleek musclestud fires his seed all over my torso, coating my abs. Only when he's drained do I let him off me. When he rises, my cock is still achingly hard. Jin smiles and licks his own cum off my body, which does nothing to ease the wonderful pain of my raging hard-on.

When he's cleaned me, I rise and roll him onto his stomach. I get over him, fondling his smooth, round cheeks, which are flawless orbs. I mount him, parting his ass and pressing into his hole. Jin groans as I begin to ride him, quickly getting close to the end. I pull out, tear off the latex cover and fire, layering ropes of cum on his lower back and ass.

With both of us satisfied, I help Jin up. We put my room back together then make our way to the shower. 30 minutes later, Jin heads out. I open the connecting door to Jeff's room. My buddy hasn't returned from the gym, so I start packing, knowing we have to be on the road in a half-hour.

An Unexpected Guest


As I finish packing, I hear a knock on my hotel room door. I wonder if Jeff forgot his key, as we have about five minutes to get out of here if I'm going to make my meeting in Cincinnati. When I open the door, I'm stunned to see a huge bodybuilder muscleman stripping his clothes off in the hallway. He marches past me, pushing his way into my room.

"I know y'all don't have much time, so let's do this, boy."

By the time I turn around, he's fully naked, stepping out of his pants. "Beau? I thought you couldn't make it."

Beau is a friend of mine. We wrestle and play domination games. He's the guy who was in Pittsburgh. The one I said where we couldn't get the schedules to work. Why's he here?

"I finished up early and raced here. Get undressed and get your collar on, boy."

My cock swells at the thought of being wrapped up in the leather strap I wear whenever I meet Beau. Unfortunately, I have to explain that I don't have time. The disappointed and naked musclebeast pressures me, using his unique aura to change my mind. As much as I want to, I need to go. Business before pleasure.

Just then, Jeff returns to his room, freshly showered after his workout. With our adjoining doors open, he can't resist coming in. He and Beau meet for the first time then banter. Beau's 6'1"/235-lbs and naked. Jeff's 6'2"/220-lbs and shirtless in workout pants. Of course, the two blond musclestuds engage in typical alpha male jockeying while I make one last pit stop.

When I come out, the two of them have set up a match. I remind Jeff that we need to leave. My buddy tells me that he has to stay behind. He's rented a car and just made sure he could keep the room for another two nights. He says that he'll fly home from Columbus in a couple of days.

I question my best friend for more details, but he says he just needs to do something tomorrow. He assures me it's nothing bad then swears he'll tell me all about it, whatever 'it' is. I shrug, trusting him. Beau seems more than happy with my replacement, so I'm off the hook there. He actually says how great it'll be to have both me and Jeff collared and available to him.

I hug both guys and head out, leaving them to their fun.

Ben's Epilogue: The Perfect Fit

I make my meeting in Cincinnati, sharing my plans for the Tri-State Wrestling Association. The next day, I make the eight-hour drive back home to Arlington VA pretty easily. I'm curious about what's going on with Jeff, but it's not like I've never gone off on my own before. We talk on the phone, but he still won't share. He only tells me his flight number and arrival time.

Later, my buddy Terrence and I are hanging out in his apartment, the first floor of a duplex. We just finished wrestling a tough three rounds and now we're relaxing on the mats in his living room. He looks great, in yellow trunks that pop against his rich black skin, his muscle glistening with sweat. He's got a big smile on his face, since he won a submission in the third round, giving him the match and my ass.

Terrence asks, “You were driving all day, Ben. You want out of stakes?”

I tell him, "No way! It's your night. All you have to decide is whether you want your reward for winning right now or when we get back? “

Terence smirks, “Big decision. I don't want you falling asleep at Komi, but I don’t want you falling asleep during sex more."

I laugh, “Like THAT could ever happen!”


I'm taking Terrence out for dinner, drinks and dancing. We're celebrating, because he's done with his Masters. I'm proud of him, especially since he's been balancing work, study and an independent pro wrestling career. He's not as serious on the wrestling as Jeff, but he's got talent. I just don't think it's what he wants for his life.

Terrence thinks for another moment then moves on top of me. He says, "How about now AND later?" I smile and we start making out. He takes me, right there on the mats. It's amazing and I can't wait for round two, later tonight.

While we're relaxing in our post-sex haze, my phone rings. It's Derek Kaine, my former boss in the Championship League of American Wrestling. Six months ago, I quietly started a buyout. Derek's sons are wrestling in Japan and they were the only reason he set it up, so he was eager to get out. I've finally closed the sale, but as part of our agreement, he owes me a year of promotion. Derek is re-thinking the whole thing.

After I hang up, Terrence smirks, "The old man still having seller's remorse?"

I nod, "Yeah, you called it. I just think he never thought CLAW would be anything more than a training ground for his kids. Now, I've shown what it can be and he wants back in. Derek's missing the fact that I've used my personal relationships and money to recruit more talent, secure a TV show, build online video sales and generate some organic press. He thinks I’m using his fame, but we’re almost past that point."

Terrence says, "Considering he wanted to just shut the place down, I don't get his problem. At least he got some money from it. So what're your plans now?"

As we're discussing the future, things get really serious. We're both going to be time-poor. And I don't want to keep living in a hotel. It's been an expensive way to keep house for the past year. Well, no more expensive than my old New York apartment, but my income's lower. I'd like to find something more affordable and not keep living off my inheritance like some trust fund brat.

I've kept things temporary, because I never knew where I'd end up. Now that I have a decent marketing business anchored by my own federation based here in DC, I guess it's time to put down roots.

Terrence says, "I want to bounce something off you." I nod. "CLAW's here, but you still have clients all over, so you need a place that's easy for travel. You need super-fast internet. The whole works. You need to work and live in the same space to cut costs and write stuff off. You need an apartment, because you don't have time for maintenance. And you should be close to someone who can watch your place while you're on the road."

I take a swig of beer then nod, "All good points."

"So, why not right here? It's got all that. Plus, we'd get to see each other more. You'd save money. We'd get to see each other more ..."

"Are you asking me to live with you?"

Terrence says, "Ben, look, we like a lot of the same things. We like hanging out. We both get the whole wrestling thing. That's not always easy to find."

I nod, "Tell me about it."

"I like you. A lot. I think you like me. And I could like you a lot more. I've felt a connection to you since we first met."

I laugh a little, "What are you talking about? We argued then fought the first time we met. I ended up tied in the ropes."

"And you loved it."

"Yeah, okay. I did."

Terrence says, "We've been casual, kind of friends with benefits. It's been great. But your life is getting crazy with your business. My life's about to get crazier. We won't have much time for anything. Only way this can be more is if we're living close. Geographically speaking. And I'd really like to try to be more with you. If you're interested. See where it goes."

I don't really even have to think about it. "I am. Interested, that is. I think we could be good together and you're right about our schedules. But moving in together? Wow. I'm worried it's too much, too fast. Shouldn't we try dating first?"

Terrence holds up his hands, "Whoa, whoa, whoa. You'll have your own place. This is a duplex and I own it. Well, the bank owns it, but it's mine. You can rent upstairs from me. My tenant is moving out next month. There's plenty of privacy, room for you to live and wrestle. You can even run your business out of the third bedroom. Easy to get to National, BWI, Dulles, train, highways. There's parking in back. You and Jeff will really like it. When you show him, I think he'll -"

I cut Terrence off. "You thought of Jeff?"

"Yeah ..."

I ask, "So, you're cool that I need to ask him?"

Terrence looks confused, "Yeah. I mean you should ask him, right? It'll be his place, too."

I nod, "And you don't mind if he lives with me?"

"No, Jeff's cool. Why would I mind?"

"I don't know. You don't think we have a dysfunctional, co-dependent relationship that's keeping me from moving on with my own life?"

Terrence looks even more confused, "What? I don't get it. Do you think that? Because I think what you guys got is great. Ben, where I come from, whoever is loyal to you, whoever will lay down their life for you, that's family. I love what you guys got. I hope you're not ... changing that."

"Oh, I'm not. I'm sorry. It's just something someone said to me once."

"Whoever said that sounds like an idiot. Sorry, if it was someone you care about, but that's how I see it."

I tackle and hug a surprised Terrence. We make out and round two happens a little sooner than expected. Now I can't wait for round three.

The next morning, I head out to Reagan to pick up Jeff. I'm ecstatic to see him again and hear about whatever made him stay behind. I decide that I'm going to take Terrence up on his offer. Move in upstairs and get more serious with him. I only hope Jeff will agree.

To Be Concluded in Eight Days...


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