Monday, September 28, 2015

Route 69 S309: Zanesville OH (Jeff)

When I come into my hotel room, I overhear a conversation in my buddy Ben's room next door. The connectin’ door is open, so it's not like I'm snoopin’. But it sounds kinda interestin’.

"Shit, Ben, I gotta wrestle. I can make it quick. Not like you put up much of a fight anyway."

My buddy Ben goes, "Funny. I've won a few falls when we've met. Not enough, but a few. Trust me, Beau, I'd love to, but I have to hit the road. If I don't, I could lose this potential client. Once Jeff gets back, we're heading right out."

I think, "Beau?" Ben's told me ‘bout this guy. Hm.

Beau tells Ben, kinda jokin’, "How about I make you wrestle me?"

I don't even give Ben time to answer. I jump in, "How ‘bout you wrestle me, instead, dude?"

Ben's wrestlin’ buddy is buck naked. He's a big blond bodybuilder dude. He turns, lookin’ pissed that someone's there. But then he gets a good look at me and smiles. Not too brag, but I'm 6'2"/220-lbs of hot muscle. He goes, "So, I finally get to meet the famous Jeff."

I gotta smile at that. I tell him, "Yeah, that's me. And you're Beau. The big bad cowboy who collared my buddy."

Ben goes, "Hey Jeff. Didn't hear you come in. I guess you guys know each other by reputation, but Jeff, this is Beau. Beau, this is Jeff." Ben hits the head, leavin’ us alone.

Beau's a big old muscle boy from Texas. Ben's told me all ‘bout him. He's a kinky fucker, but a helluva wrestler. Dude's only in his early 20's, but built like a brick shithouse. He's 6'1"/235-lbs of rock hard muscle. Ripped like a bodybuilder, but solid like a linebacker. After all the shit I've heard ‘bout him, the idea of facin’ this bruiser sounds like fun. From the way his cock's poppin’, he wants to wrestle me, too.

Dude comes over and shakes my hand. I like how he doesn't give a shit that he's naked. We squeeze hard, showin’ off. His hand's bigger than mine, but I push back enough that he can't get over on me.

Beau goes, "You know what I wrestle for, right? I win and I'm gonna fuck you. Hard. I get intense. I aim to collar you, like I did my boy, Ben. Think that's too much for a prettyboy like you? You wanna back out, I get it. No hard feelings."

I'm like, "Dude, if a skinny wimp like you can beat me, I deserve to be fucked."

Beau laughs. He yells to Ben in the bathroom, "I love this guy. Prettyboy, if you're serious, you're on."

"I'm serious. Just know it goes both ways."

Beau nods, "Oh, I get it. Don't you worry about that. You win, I'll take what's coming."

Ben comes outta the can, just as I'm askin’, "Cool. You need a break? Did Ben wear you out?"

Beau just laughs, so Ben slugs his arm, tellin’ me they haven't wrestled. THUD! Beau puts my buddy in play headlock, tellin’ me, "I'm good."

Ben pulls outta the headlock. He tells me we're supposed to go, but I tell him I was actually comin’ in to tell him that I need to stay. I tell him somethin’ came up for tomorrow and I'll fly home from Columbus the day after. Ben's curious, but I tell him to wait. It's nothin’ bad, just somethin’ I gotta deal with. Ben trusts me, so he hits the road on his own.

When we're alone, I tell Beau that the hotel thing ain’t my scene. Does he wanna be in a ring? He loves it, even got some boots with him. Beau gets dressed in my room. I call Jerry, the local promoter ‘bout keys. A half-hour later, we're standin’ in a real pro ring.

In the Ring

I decide on a pair of my practice trunks. They're thin, slate grey with black stripes, along with black boots and pads. Looks and feels good. Ben says Beau's a kinky fucker and I don't want him tearin’ up a good pair. We're doin’ best two-outta-three, loser gets fucked. I know dude expects to win and he'll try to collar me like he did Ben. On the way here, he was talkin’ ‘bout how hot it'd be ownin’ both of us.

Beau comes outta the back. Fuck, that's a big slab of Grade-A Texas beef. He's smokin’ hot in pink wet look squarecuts with black trim and black patent leather boots. Can't wait to fuck this beast's ass. Beatin’ him won't be easy, but nothin' worth doin' ever is. When he climbs in the ring, dude flexes his big muscles for me, showin’ me what he's got.

I go, "Nice jobber gear, dude. You're real pretty in pink."

Beau smirks at me, "You manage to win a fall, I'll let you peel these off me." Beau stretches down the corner of the squarecuts. Dude's gotta hot pink thong strap underneath.

"You already plannin’ on losin’ a fall, big man? Good plan."

Beau laughs as he shoots me the finger.

Jeff vs. Beau

We circle the ring, lookin’ each other over. Beau puts his hands up for a test of strength. Normally, 15-lbs muscle ain't that big a deal, but with this big musclebeast, it feels different. I reach up to meet him, but before we even start, I kick my boot up, drivin’ it right into his abs.

Dude just shrugs it off. We circle again, but the big man's a little more confident. I move in for a lock up, but Beau gets his boot up, slammin’ it into my abs. I double over. The musclebeast slams his forearm across my back, droppin’ me to my knee. Beau grabs my head and shoves it between his legs. I fight back, but he closes up tight, lockin’ me up fast.

Beau flexes his thighs and I feel it. Damn, this boy's got some power! The musclestud grabs me around the waist. He lifts, lettin’ my head go. I spin up then he slams me down with a power bomb. Fuck! That's rough. Dude plants his boot on my chest, bends down and flexes his right arm in my face.

I get dragged up by my hair then whipped across the ropes. When I bounce off, dude bends for a back body drop. I see it comin’ a mile away, so I dive over his back. I grab him around the thighs, tryin’ to pull him over, but Beau braces. I can't budge him. The musclebeast drops down, pinnin’ my shoulders with his shins.

Beau flexes over me again, this time with a double bicep pose. I realize that even though he's 235-lbs of muscle, he's more like a 300-lbs monster - rock hard, solid and heavy as hell. I swing my legs up and lock them under his arms. I power him back fast, not givin’ him a chance to move forward. The big muscleman flies back off me.

We both get up, but I'm faster. I spear him, goin’ all out. I drive him Beau right back, slammin’ him into the corner hard. The whole ring shakes when we hit. I grab the ropes on either side of his waist and hammer away with shoulder blocks. Dude grunts, lettin’ me know he's feelin’ it. Dude's human. Cool. I keep goin’ until dude lifts his knee up, slammin’ it into my chest. It sends me flyin’ back onto my ass.

Beau moves in and grabs my foot. He bends it then spins, probably goin’ for a figure four. Too early for that. As soon as his ass is to me, I kick out, sendin’ him flyin’ back into the corner. Dude goes between the turnbuckles, hittin’ the metal ringpost outside. I scramble up fast while he's hangin’ there.

I grab dude around the waist and drag him back. I lift him up, goin’ for a belly-to-back suplex. The musclebeast reaches out, grabbin’ the ropes. He blocks me then swings back, hittin’ me in the head with his elbow. I stagger back, shakin’ out my head. I'm slow, ‘cause the big man has time to turn and grab me around the throat. He lifts me up and plants me into the canvas with a killer chokeslam.

The muscle monster steps over me and schoolboy pins me. He starts to say somethin’, but I bring my knees up into his back. I drop my feet, bridge and throw him off me, topplin’ him over. We get up at the same time. We're breathin’ hard and gettin’ sweaty already. It's been fast and rough so far. We're both lovin’ it.

We lock up for real this time. I'm strainin’ and holdin’ my own, but dude powers me back. We're headin’ to the corner, so I drop down and trip dude forward. He slams right into the turnbuckle with his chin. The big muscleman actually drops to a knee, stunned. He gets up fast, but I do a standin’ dropkick that pushes him back into the turnbuckle. Beau grabs on tight while I get up.

The big man charges out with a clothesline. I duck, but he's smart. He kicks back and catches the back of my knee. I drop down and he grabs around my throat. Dude shoves my head between his legs, goin' for a standing head scissors. Fuck, I know his legs are tough, so I fight to keep him from lockin' them. I grab behind his knee and stand, droppin' him on his back.

I go for a crab, but I can't flip Beau over. I let go and jump over him, comin' down with an elbow to his head. Dude grunts, but throws me off like I weigh nothin'. I move in but he swings his legs, kickin' me away. He gets to his feet. I get to a crouch. When he moves in, I dive to the side, roll to a crouch behind him. Before Beau can turn, I reach down and grab his ankles.

Dude starts to move when I pull his feet out right from under him. He slams down into the mat, face first. I drag him up, but Beau's tough. He elbows my gut then follows up with a fist. I hunch over and he stands up. I try to get up, but he starts beatin’ on me. I'm like a yo-yo, dude nailin’ me every time I try to get up. The musclebeast drives me back towards the corner. Forearms drop me to one knee, starin’ right at his big bulge.

While he's tryin’ to take me down, I lunge up. I grab him around the waist and lift him up. I fall back, slammin’ his face down into the top turnbuckle. I roll to my feet. I kick Beau in the back then grab his head. I drop him with a neckbreaker then get on him for a pin. I lie on his chest and hoist one of his big legs up.

ONE! Pause. TWO! Dude starts kickin’, but with his leg hooked, I slap THREE! before he can push me off.

I roll off him and he rolls onto his side. Dude slams his fist into the mat, pissed that he's down a fall. I roll to my feet, standin’ over him. Beau looks up at me. It's my turn to flex. I give him a good look and nod my head.

I step back and reach down. Beau moves to stop me then remembers. He lies back and lets me reach into the waistband. I peel down his pink squarecuts, pullin’ them right off. The big muscleman gets up, stretchin’ out in his pink thong. Damn, that's a fine ass.

Beau looks like a caged animal, pacin’ back and forth. I know he won't go down easy, but with one fall, I feel damn confident.

Round Two

I'm waitin’ in my corner, twirlin’ Beau's trunks. Dude's finished shakin’ out the cobwebs, so we're goin’ again.

When we walk out into the ring, I fling dude's squarecuts at him. They hit his big pecs and he watches them fall to the mat. When he looks back up, I'm up in the air, my boots slammin’ into his chest. My standin’ dropkick sends the big muscleman back into the corner. I hop onto his thighs, grab behind his head. I pull back to flip him, out, but Beau grabs the ropes and holds on.

I fall off onto my back and head. Beau's out fast, stompin’ me with his big boot. Guy's not happy ‘bout losin’ a fall and I'm feelin’ every shot. Dude bends down and drags me up. I fire a fist into his abs, but he just laughs it off. The musclebeast scoops me up across his chest the slams me down. Fuck! That's one of the hardest bodyslams I've ever felt.

Beau drags me up and slams me again. I try to roll away, but dude muscles me up and bodyslams me for the third time. Shit, the fight's outta me, givin’ dude time to stomp me again. When I'm good and softened up, the big monster grabs my legs. He lifts them then stomps between my legs, slammin’ his size-13 boot into my abs. Beau grinds the heel in, really tearin’ at my gut.

I can't do shit when he flips me over into a Boston crab. He sits back. foldin’ me back. Dude cranks hard, crushin’ my back. I'm tryin’ to throw him, but he's got me locked in. My arms just ain't strong enough to fight his 235-lbs of muscle. I won't give, so dude drops one of my legs into a single leg crab. He stills keep me locked up, but then he slides his hand over my junk.

"Mmm. Nice bulge, boy. You got a lucky pin, but I'm goin’ to break you down. Come on and give."


Beau laughs at me, "Don't be a hero. I bet Ben's told you how much fun bein’ my boy is."

I still won't give. The musclebeast drops my leg. I try to crawl up, but I need a second. Too bad dude ain't givin’ me one. Beau steps on the back of my legs. He locks my feet inside his legs then punches my sides. When I reach back. he grabs my wrists and rolls back, draggin’ me with him. One second later, I'm hangin’ over him, my legs locked up.

My shoulders, back and knees all feel it while he keeps me up in the air. I suffer for a long time, refusin’ to give, but I'm sweatin’ like a fuckin’ pig. Beau throws me to the side, lettin’ me fall onto my stomach. I moan while Beau kicks me onto my back. Dude mounts my hips. He pins my arms against my body with his legs, leavin’ my body wide open.

I squirm under him, but the big muscleman starts poundin’ away on my body, slammin’ his big paws into my pecs and abs. I try to flex, but shit, he's not holdin’ back. My abs get torn up and my pecs go soft. I gotta focus. Dude puts a hand on my upper abs then starts firin’ his right just below my bellybutton. After a dozen hits, I feel like pukin’.

Usin’ all I got, I buck up, throwin’ him off me. He comes back and grabs my hair, but I dive at him. We fall on the mat, rollin’ around. I manage to get out from under him. When he gets to his knees, I fold my arms then slam my forearms into his big pecs. I got my second wind. I grab him by the hair and armpit, draggin’ him up.

I go to scoop him up, but dude hammers me in the back. He follows up with a knee to my chin, sendin’ me onto my back. Beau flexes his big muscles then comes over. I'm playin’ possum, so he's surprised when I whip my legs out and trip him down. The musclebeast goes down hard and fast. I dive on top of him, lookin’ for a submission move.

When I get on him, Beau's ready. I move right into a body scissors. He closes his legs around my waist and rolls us over, squeezin’ the fuckin’ crap outta me. I'm on my back, starin’ at the celin’ and he's on his side. I'm moanin’ right away and his legs are like steel. I can't budge them. I try to punch his chest, but he grabs my arm and pins it under him.

Beau reaches out and pounds my pec. This is the toughest scissors I've ever been in. The big muscleman's earlier ab abuse has softened me up somethin’ fierce. I hate to do it, but he's only gettin’ stronger with this damn vice.

I shout out, "GIVE!"

Beau laughs and gives me one more hard squeeze before he opens his legs. He kicks me off his bottom leg. I grab my stomach and try to breathe. Dude gets up then kicks me onto my back. He puts his boot on my chest and flexes. Dude looks huge and his pink thong is tentin’.

Beau's like, "I lost my trunks, only fair you do the same."

I can't stop him when he reaches down and grabs the waistband of my trunks. He strips him down. Unlike him, I ain't wearin’ anythin’ underneath. My junk's floppin’ around.

"Wrong match to go commando, boy. Damn, you're hung. I was goin’ to make this next one quick, but now that your meat's out there, I can't make any promises."

Round Three

I stretch out, tryin’ to ignore the fact that I got nothin’ coverin’ my ass or junk. Beau's at least got his pink thong. It's all on this fall, so I gotta focus on winnin’, not bein’ naked in boots.

We circle around and I feel my meat floppin’ around. We lock up, but Beau reaches down and gives my cock and smack. Not hard, but it distracts me. He pushes me into the corner hard then flexes and smirks. I come out and we circle again. Dude moves to lock up, but I dive down for his leg.

I lift up and topple the big man down. I go for a leg hold, but Beau kicks me off. He dives to get on top of me, but I spin him around. We grapple for a minute, goin’ for holds and top. It's tough and we're holdin’ nothin’ back. I keep my legs goin’ and block everythin’ he tries. After a minute, we end up breakin’ and sittin’ across from each other. We're both breathin’ hard.

Beau's like, "Good moves, boy."

I smile back, "You ain't seen nothin’ yet, big man."

We climb up to our feet and move around. Beau doesn't waste any time. He charges right at me. I try to grab him, but he barrels me down hard. The musclebeast climbs on me, facin’ down my body. He slams his bare ass on my face and pinnin’ my shoulders with his shins.

Dude reaches down and swats my meat again. He pounds the shit outta my gut, diggin’ his fist into my abs. I can't get him off me, so he grabs my Cock and balls. I feel his hand wrappin’ around the base and squeezin’.

"Just measuring you for your collar, boy. I've got a real nice one for you in my bag."

While Beau's wastin’ time, I buck up and throw him off. When he gets up, I spear him in the gut then lift him up. I flip him over with a back body drop. Dude springs up fast, but I'm ready. I scoop him up and bodyslam him hard. The musclebeast bounces up from the impact, givin’ me a good chance to stomp him in the abs.

Beau tries to roll away, so I stomp his back. That stops him in his tracks. He tries to get up, but I splash on his back, puttin’ him back down. I grab him by the hair and start to drag him up. The big muscleman slams his shoulder into my gut. He does it again, drivin’ forward and slammin’ me into the corner. I hit hard on my back, givin’ him time to get up.

Dude kicks me in the gut then gives me a forearm to my head. I drop to my knees, givin’ Beau the chance to grab my hair and drag me outta the corner. He shoves my head between his legs. Oh fuck! The body scissors got me to submit. This standin’ head scissors has me feelin’ like I'm goin’ out. When the big musclebeast flexes his thighs, I black out for a second.

Beau must bend forward, ‘cause I feel him grabbin’ at my ass. Next thing i know, he's shovin’ his finger into my hole, finger fuckin’ me. Oh shit! I get a burst of energy and stand up, flippin’ him over. He lands on his back behind me. I drop to my knees and crawl to the nearest ropes. I'm tryin’ to get my mind thinkin’ straight. I start to climb up the ropes, but dude jumps on my back, splashin’ me back down.

I'm moanin’ while he just sits on my back. Finally, Beau goes for his next move. He tries for a cael, but I pull my arms in close and tight. He can't get a good grip before I'm risin’ up, topplin’ him off me. He gets up first and stomps my back, puttin’ me down again. I roll outta the ring, tryin’ to buy some time. I circle around, breathin’ hard and yellin’ at myself to get goin’.

Beau must've followed me right away, ‘cause I barely reach the corner when dude's  grabbin’ me from behind. He pulls me into a reverse bearhug. The muscleman lifts me off the floor, crushin’ me. I feel like I'm bein’ crushed by a real bear, dude's so fuckin’ powerful. Beau grinds his big pouch into my bare ass, lettin’ me know what I'm in for if I lose.

My feet touch the floor again, so on instinct I push back. I catch him off guard and we fly back into the metal ringpost. Dude goes limp, so I charge free. Instead of runnin’ away, I kick back, slammin’ my boot into his gut and drivin’ him into the ringpost again. I turn then chrage in, splashin’ him between my 220-lbs of muscle and the steel beam.

Beau's feelin’ this shit, givin’ me a chance to push him back into the ring. I climb the corner and wait. As soon as the muscleman rises, I dive at him with a flyin’ shoulder block. Dude goes down hard. I drag him up, but he pushes me into the ropes. The big stud whips me across the ring. I bounce off, barely duckin’ a killer clothesline that would've taken my head off.

Dude is staggerin’, givin’ me a chance to move in behind. I put my shoulders against his back and lift. Beau's shocked when I get him up, lockin’ the big man over my shoulders with a torture rack.

Beau screams, "FUCK!"

I pull down on his chin and big leg, makin’ sure he feels it. I parade around the ring, supportin’ the 235-lbs of muscle across my shoulders. I crank him hard. Dude's moanin’ loud, but not givin’. He's definitely weakenin’. I keep the hold goin’, makin’ sure I get the most outta it. I drop him back, lettin’ him fall to the mat. I give him another stomp to the back then drag him up.

Beau tries for a gut punch, but I'm ready. I block the punch then give him a kick to the gut. I shove his head between my legs, grab him around the waist and power Beau up over my right shoulder.

The muscle monster hangs on my shoulder. He's tryin’ to kick out, but I got him locked up tight. Dude keeps refusin’ to give, but he's gettin’ weaker and weaker. I start bouncin’, jumpin’ up and down, slammin’ his back into my shoulder. Beau's cries get louder and louder, sufferin’ until he's gotta admit he's done.

Beau cries out, "OKAY! I SUBMIT!"

I give him one more bounce then drop him to the mat, endin’ the match once and for all.

The Stakes

I stretch out. Dude did a real number on me and I wanna take a minute. I hop outta the ring, walkin’ off the punishment. Beau just lies still. I gotta admit, the big musclebeast is pretty damn near perfect. He's got his forearm over his face, defeated. By me. His big muscles are red, but still pumped. His chest and stomach goin’ up and down, still breathin’ hard. Yeah, Beau looks damn hot, sweaty and muscular.

Awesome. My cock wants to explode right now. Nothin’ gets me goin’ more than beatin’ these guys who always win. I've been on the other side, so I know how it feels. I climb back in the ring. Beau sneaks a peek at me when I stand over him. He's knows what's comin’. I grab the big man by the hair and drag him up to his knees. I make him crawl to the ropes then spin him around. The muscleman is behavin’ himself real nice. I force his big arms over the top rope.

I get him good and locked up with the middle and top rope. Big man looks damn hot kneelin’ there in his pink thong. I play with his bulge with the toe of my boot. Dude just looks down, takin’ it all in. I got no idea if he's ever lost before, but the way his cock's stickin’ out, he don't mind that much.

The big man tries to move his arms, but they don't budge. He looks at me, like, okay, you got me. I gotta smile. Yeah, the big musclebeast gets the deal. He's my bitch. I move in close and bend his head back by his hair. I hold a black leather strap I just got from his bag over his face. Big muscle dude's eyes go wide. I guess he knows what I got planned, but he doesn't say nothin’. And his cock stays powered up.

I let his head drop. Beau's got a perfect view down at his junk, his chin on his huge pecs. I bend in and slide my arms over his broad shoulders. I lean my mouth right by his ear, breathin’ on it all hot and heavy. I just relax, knowin’ this guy ain't gonna go anywhere.

I whisper, right in his ear, "Looks like I roped me a big old Texas steer this time. You're mine, boy." I keep goin’, sayin’ shit like that. His cock keeps gettin’ bigger and bigger. I'm toyin’ with him, but dude fuckin’ loves this shit.

I reach down and jerk his dick a bit. It's already damn hard. The big muscleman starts moanin’ when my hands work his monster cock. The pink thong's so stretched, it's pulled away from his body. I can see his balls pourin’ out on the side and the top of his dick. I yank the thong down, puttin’ it under his balls. Holy fuck! Dude's cock grows even more. I thought it was hard, but that was a fuckin’ semi. The whole thing is ginormous. Man, I'm so fuckin’ lucky I didn't lose.

A few more smacks of his huge cock and we're ready to go. I tease him with the leather strap. I make him suck it, run it over his nipples, that kind of shit. Beau bites his bottom lip when I slide it around his huge balls and dick. I pull it real tight, tryin’ to get it as tight as it'll go. Not easy when his junk's so fuckin’ thick. Dude sucks air, but he doesn't fight it.

It's work, but I get it nice and tight. I hear him yelp, "Oh."

I lift his chin and make him look at me, "Got somethin’ to say?"

Dude goes, "It's tight." I don't do nothin’, so he adds, "Sir." Yeah, I like that. I let up the tension one snap and he whispers, "Thanks."

The big cowboy's done this to so many guys, he knows what to do now that's he's the bitch. It ain't easy for him, but he knows. I smack his bull balls and hard shaft, playin’ with him. His junk looks good wrapped up tight. It's huge and red. I pull back, admirin’ my new bitch. Cool. I move in front of him then tap my cock on his forehead, gettin’ his attention.

The tough muscleman looks up at me, real excited. I tell him to open his mouth and stick out his tongue. I slap his tongue with my cock. I get real dominant. I'm sayin’ shit ‘bout how he's my bitch and how much he wants my cock. Dude moans and grunts then begs me for a fuckin’ taste. I shove my cock head on his mouth. He starts lickin’ then lifts his head to put his lips on it. I lean forward, gettin’ right over top. Dude sucks me into his mouth and I start humpin’.

Damn, feels great, watchin’ this big alpha dude be my bitch. I could bust a nut right now, but that'd be no fun. Beau knows his shit. He's suckin’ my cock with no hands and barely able to move his head, but he's still rockin’ it. Dude's moanin’ like crazy, lovin’ every minute of it. I pound his face until I can't take it any more.

I pull out then untie my big bitch from the ropes. He falls flat to the mat. Dude has his big ass up in the air, tryin’ to protect his junk. It's perfect for me. I come in behind, kneelin’ between his feet, my cock right at his hole. I reach forward and pull Beau's face off the canvas. "You want my cock, bitch?"

Beau's really hot for this. He goes, "Yes, sir. Please fuck me."

I drop his face then spit on his hole. I loosen dude up with my fingers, shovin’ two of them into him. He moves back into me, tryin’ to get off on my fingers. I pull out to slide a condom on my cock. When I'm covered, I put my left hand on his back, pushin’ down. I guide my dick in and I hear the big man let out another high-pitched yelp. I go easy, but I ram my whole cock in.

I plow Beau's big ass from behind. The beast is really into it, gruntin’ like an animal, beggin’ for more. I get it. Dude doesn't meet many guys who can beat him, so when he does, it's hot as hell. I pound his ass harder. He can take it. When I reach out and grab his hair, Beau gets up on his hands and knees. I pull his head back and he's practically howlin’.

I gotta tight grip on his hair, ridin’ him hard. With my free hand, I smack the side of his ass. The musclebeast screams, "I'm cumming" and his whole big body shakes. Dude groans, makin’ his O-face. He never even tries to touch his dick, but it doesn't matter. I can smell his fuckin’ cum.

It's like the biggest submission I ever got from a guy. I mean, dude’s surrendering everything by shootin’ with his junk tied up and nothin’ touchin’ him. It's too fuckin’ hot for me. I pull my dick out and startin’ smackin’ the hell outta his ass. When I've jerked to the edge, I fuckin’ shoot all over his big red ass. White cum covers the round cheeks, runnin’ down the back of his legs.

My dick's still hard. I circle around and get him to kneel. I fuck his face again. This time, he uses his hand and I'm shootin’ again, this time right down his throat. The musclestud gulps my second load down, suckin’ me dry like a thirsty little bitch.

I pull my cock out and push dude onto his back. I untie his junk. Dude asks if he can jerk it. I don't give a shit. Beau pumps his cock hard. I look at the big puddle of cum he already left and wanna see where this goes. It doesn't take long and he's shootin’ another load on his fuckin’ abs. It's not as big, but still huge. This dude's a fuckin’ sex machine.

I sit down. Both of us are drained after two massive loads. Beau and I rest in the ring for a long while. We stretch out, not sayin’ anythin’. When I'm ready, I get up. I pull him up to his feet and we bro hug. He's cool with everything, even says he had fun losing' for once.

I go, "Just one more thing."

Beau's like, "Let me guess. You want me to let up on Ben."

I look at him like he's crazy, "Fuck no. Ben's a big boy and he likes whatever shit you got goin’ on. When he wants to stop, he'll let you know."

Beau's happy to hear that. He goes, "Cool. Then what?"

"I gotta another fuckin’ load buildin’. Help me get this ring cleaned up then we're goin’ again in the shower."

Beau smiles, "Shit yeah."

Jeff's Epilogue: The Next Step

A couple of days later, Ben picks me up at Reagan. We shoot the shit until we get ‘bout a mile from the hotel we've been callin’ home for most of the last year. My buddy says he can't wait. He's got somethin’ real important to ask me, but I tell him that I gotta tell him somethin’ first. Instead of goin’ on, we pull over. We walk to a park where we like to run and sit down on a bench.

I pull some pics outta my backpack and hand them to him.

My buddy stares at them, shufflin’ through a couple of times. I can tell he's thinkin’, "What the fuck are these?" The pics are a bunch of promo shots of me. I'm done up like a model in one set then decked out in red track pants with a jump rope in the others.

Ben goes, "They're nice. You look good, but I don't understand. Are you going into modeling?"

I tell him, "Guys from the AWL took those."


"That's why I stayed. To meet with them. You know how they've been watchin’ all my matches with Gunn, checkin’ him out. Yeah, they liked me, too. They worked me out. Then got me to take those. They want me, bro. Like six months in their Florida developmental fed then the big time. I gotta contract here in my bag. All I gotta do is read and sign it."

Ben's jaw drops. He's like, "Oh my god. The AWL? The second biggest pro wrestling federation in the world? Are you serious?"

"Yeah, pretty serious."

"Holy fuck." Ben hugs me so hard that we fall to the grass. We're laughin’ and cryin’ at the same time. My buddy sits up, straddlin’ my hips. He spreads the pics out on my chest and abs, takin’ another look now that he gets what they are.

Ben goes, "So these pics are ...?"

"My character, maybe. They're thinkin’ ‘bout me bein’ a personal trainer heel, tellin’ everyone they're fat and shit. Or a fashion model wrestler. Stuck up asshole character."

Ben's like, "Oh." It's all he can say. I know he's tryin’ to say more, but I get it.

I'm honest. I go, "It sucks. I know. Dude, I don't know what to do. I sure as heck don't wanna become famous as a loser d-bag. It's like every guy we used to make fun of. Like the cheerleaders and dancers and garbage men and whatever other shit they do. And it won't fuckin’ last. I'll probably end up jobbin’ in a week."

Ben and me go over it. It's my dream. Like since I was 16. I've been trainin’ and wrestlin’ most of the last ten years to get this chance. For the last year, Ben's been hypin’ me and gettin’ me out there non-stop. So I get it. Problem is, this gimmick. It's crap. But it's the AWL. It's like the biggest thing ever to happen to me. Ben gets off me and we talk for like an hour. It makes my head hurt.

Ben goes, "Look Jeff, I don't know what you should do. But I do know this. This whole thing could suck. It might be a disaster. You could possibly be released in a year."

I'm like,"Gee thanks, dude."

My buddy's like, "Hold on. That could happen and in a year, you could be right back here, living with me, working the indie circuit again. Could. Maybe. Possibly. But I do know this. If you don't accept, if you turn this down, you will definitely be here, living with me, working the indie circuit in a year. And you'll be left wondering what might have been. What could've happened."

Makes sense. I tell Ben, "Sounds like you do know what I should do."

Ben smiles. "I didn't, at first, but as we've talked about it, I think it's clear. I'll have my lawyers review the contract, but if it's okay, you should accept. Join the AWL. Do your best. Fight to be more than what they want you to be. Make connections. Keep cool. Don't punch any promoters. And try not to fuck their champ."

I gotta laugh at that.

Ben tells me, "I can still engage the fans for you, keep your social media going, even give you a provocative edge. Remember how Ice Cold Dave Dallas started as a California surfer dude? And he ended up as the biggest badass in the business. And Zack Ziegler started with a cheerleader gimmick. But no matter what happens, you should focus on you. Don't worry about what might happen. Live in the moment and enjoy every second."

Dude's right. I'm like, "You're totally right, bro."

Then Ben goes, "Oh. And save your money. Please save your money."

I smile, promisin’ to be responsible. Then it hits me, "Shit! What about CLAW? I know you were counting on me. You finally got your own fed and now I'm bailing on you."

"Oh Jeff, I love that you thought of that, but don't worry about it. I'll be fine. I've got lots of guys excited to wrestle for me. I've got connections now. You've worked too hard for this to turn it down." Ben gives me a huge hug for congrats.

I nod. I tell him, "Fuck, I can't believe it. Can you believe it? Dude, your crazy idea ‘bout us drivin’ around actually worked. It's been a fuckin’ insane year, but look at us now. We've done it. You found your thing. I've gone from breakin’ bricks to the big time." I gotta admit that I choke up, huggin’ Ben even tighter. "I owe you so -"

My buddy stops me and breaks the hug. We both got tears in our eyes. He chokes out, "No, don't say that. You owe me nothing. Everything I've done for you, you've done as much or more for me. Kept me sane after my dad died. Gave up your job and life to ride around with me. I'd never have even met Derek, worked for CLAW, gotten where I am if not for you. But it doesn't matter. Family doesn't keep score. Family doesn't owe family. And you're the only real family I've got, Jeff."

I wipe my eyes and ask Ben ‘bout his big news. He wants to move into a permanent place in DC above our buddy Terrence. Makes sense to settle down after livin’ in a hotel the past year. Ben deserves a real home. And I like Terrence. Since I'll be movin’ out, Ben can do what he wants, but it's like he still wants my blessin’. I tell him to do it.

We get up and walk to his vintage 1958 red Corvette convertible. I rub the passenger side. "Shit, I need to get a car now. I can't believe this old thing got us around this country and back. It's like the third amigo, dude. You know that? I think I know every inch of her almost as good as you."

Ben's like, "Him. I think this car is a him."

I'm like, "Well, I'm gonna miss him."

Ben stands still, thinkin’. Then he goes, "Why don't you take him with you? Drive it. Down to Florida." I'm like stunned. I don't even say shit when Ben tosses me the keys. He goes, "It got me exactly where I needed to go. Where I needed to be. It'll do the same for you."

We come around the car, huggin’ in front of it/him, whatever. It's weird. This should feel like a goodbye, but it doesn't. I know Ben and me'll always be family. Now I really am bawlin’ like a bitch and Ben is, too. Takes a long while for us to get our shit together. When we do, I move to the driver side and Ben goes on the passenger side.

I adjust the seat and mirrors. Shit, this is all real. Ben and me look at each other again. It's hard to do anything.

Finally, Ben's like, "I love you, brother."

I start the engine, "I love you, too, bro."

The End of the Road for Route 69


  1. This story had everything!! Fucking hot match with Beau and Jeff, and a great ending. I'll miss this story. Well done!

  2. Alex R:

    Well this is it. The end of a great series. How many years was it? Two or three? I think you deserve alot of credit, kudos, thanks and gratitude for having the courage of starting a series then sticking to it all the way to the end. You designed a series and set an end date and did it. Thats dedication and most important respect to your audience, and fans. Thank you very much.
    We have learned to love and care for these two characters as we go with them in their travels and experiences.
    In their travels they brought us the Kane family, Beau, the Cave, the various wrestling clubs, and so many various characters.
    But it was Jeff and Ben and their relationship that was at the center of it all. Both of them going for their dream and sharing that experience together.
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    What do I see happening for both of them? I think Ben will do just fine in his business and will become a major player. The guy has the support of wrestlers and producers alike. He is level headed and knows what to do in order to be very successful.
    Jeff, on the other hand Im not so sure off. I got from this story that he has accepted tht he and the politics of the sport dont mesh but that he just needs to worry about putting a good show and keeping the fans on his side and he will be fine, even if the producers and wrestlers dont really like or are jealous of him. But then as Ben grows, we can expect for him to use his influence to push his friend all the way to the top. At the end of the day, money talks.
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    Great closing chapter to a great series.
    Now the question is, which one is the next one?!

    1. Thanks so much for the comment! Appreciate all the thought you put into it. It's definitely my magnum opus (so far) and I feel proud of finishing it.

  3. Fantastic story all round! Can't do justice with a single comment; suffice to say that it was gripping every single time. I think the most significant thing I can say is that when results went the way I didn't expect or want for purely selfish reasons (for instance, wanting Beau to actually lose to Mr. Riddle, albeit a different story arc, or Jeff losing this one), the actual story made so much more sense. This makes the arc so important, instead of each chapter just being a standalone story. Well done!

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    1. Thanks for the comment. Glad you followed the whole journey and enjoyed it.

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