Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Cast: Who's Who (August - Part 2)

Here's the next list, including a few before/after images to showcase how the images have been altered to make the characters, with environment, clothing and body size changes.

Route 69

Ben/Ninja - Adam Ayash (model)

Jeff - Steve Kucinsky (model)

S/T: Dylan - Evan Wadle (model)

S: Adrian/Liam - unknown (model for Waterfly swimwear)

T: Kyle - Tyler Black (pro wrestler)

U: Cooper - JJ Garrett (pro wrestler)

The Cave: The Adventures of SuperStar

Cody - Leighton Stultz (model)

Jae - Mike Carr (model)

4: Jeff - Steve Kuchinsky (model)

5: Keegan/Parasite - JC Salter (model)

6: Black Adam - Jose Parra (model)

So what do you think of the guys? Do you like seeing the before and after? Any favorites? Questions and comments always appreciated!



  1. He does an incredible job. Really great work.


    1. Glad you like seeing the before and after. I think it's cool, so it's good to read others think so.

  2. I love the before/after. It really does justice to just how talented Mindsweeper is. (And I love that Tyler Black's trunks were so small that they didn't even need to be digitally shrunken for a homoerotic wrestling story.) :)

    1. Thanks! I swear Tyler Black used to have the tiniest trunks in the business. I have seen some pics of him in black and red ones that are so low in front it's amazing he didn't have a wardrobe malfunction.