Friday, September 25, 2015

The Cast: Who's Who (September - Part 2)

Here's the casting used for May's stories, plus a few before-after images:


AoP: Sean - Arron Mount (model)

AoP: Seth - Maklon Barcaro (model)

The Cave Undercard

7: Josh/Mr. Riddle - Ty Davin (model)

7: Beau/Nuke Man - Steven Webb (bodybuilder)

Route 69

Ben - Adam Ayash (model)

Jeff - Steve Kuchinsky (model)

Y: Gunn - Mexx (pro wrestler)

Z: Jin - Jiho Lee (model)

Z: Beau - Steven Webb (bodybuilder)
Z: Terrence - Tyrell Tomsen (BGEast)

So, what did you think of my choices? Any thoughts/comments are welcome!


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