Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Cave Undercard 5: Nuke Man vs. Mr. Riddle

To the camera, Nuke Man asks in his thick Texas drawl, "What, did The Cave here run outta heroes willing to face me, so y'all gotta send a pussy, poser, villain-wannabe like him? Against this?" For emphasis, he flexes, showing off his huge massive physique.

Behind him, an irritated Mr. Riddle, one of The Bat's toughest foes, asks, "What the fuck did you just call me?"

Nuke Man, the big masked muscleheel based off the similarly named Superman movie villain, turns to face his opponent, contempt visible on his masked face. He snarks, "A pussy. P. U. S. --" THUD! OOF! WHACK!

A swift kick to Nuke Man's gut followed by a forearm across his temple stops the spelling lesson. The ripped bat-villain grabs Nuke Man by the head, secures a front facelock then grabs the side of his opponent's tight black and gold squarecuts. He quickly lifts, flipping the beefier muscleheel over with a suplex, slamming him on the mat. BOOM!

The super-heel has severely underestimated the power of Mr. Riddle if he thinks this is going to be an easy match. The bat-villain drags his opponent up then locks on another front facelock. He wastes no time, hammering down with huge forearms across the blond villain's back. THUD! THUD! THUD! Nuke Man drops to a knee, feeling the effects of the hard shots.

Mr. Riddle grabs a handful of blond hair, forces Nuke Man's head back then brings it forward into his knee. CRACK! The force sends the stunned super-heel flying back. He writhes, holding his nose and shaking out his head. Mr. Riddle moves in fast. He grabs a hold of his opponent's boot. He lifts the leg then quickly spins and drops, landing on Nuke Man's inner thigh. WHAM

The bat-villain wrenches on the ankle, twisting the beefier stud's knee. I see pain etched on Nuke Man's face as the mighty Mr. Riddle uses his formidable strength to hobble him. He releases the hold, but keeps the injured leg pinned down. Mr. Riddle drives his knee down into the fleshy inner thigh. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Nuke Man tries to push him off, but Mr. Riddle dives sideways with an elbow to the big blond muscleman's face that sends him sprawling back to the mat. WHACK!

Mr. Riddle keeps hold of the leg, rises then steps over, flipping the massive muscle of Nuke Man into a single leg crab. He sits back and wrenches hard, making sure the super-heel feels the pain right from his knee to his neck. It's not easy to fold a beast as strong as Nuke Man, but the bat-villain has the power to do it.

My boyfriend Jae whispers to me, "Holy shit, Cody, this is so fucking awesome."

I definitely have to agree.


It's been a quick start to the match and we're loving every second of it. These two villains are among the biggest heels we have here in The Cave, the superhero-themed, gay wrestling video company I co-own with my best friend Ryan, who's operating one of the two cameras.

Josh, aka Mr. Riddle, started out with us as part of a revenge plot Ryan had against me. In my hero identity, The Bat, I won that match, only to lose badly in a re-match months later in front of a large audience of bloggers, fans and wrestlers. Since then, we've all mended fences and he's become a friend and solid part of our stable.

Mr. Riddle is a big man - 6'2 and 230-lbs. He's one of the most shredded big guys I've ever seen. His shoulders are ridiculously broad, his waist impossibly narrow. Taking after his inspiration, the musclestud wears green spandex with black question marks - a mask, tiny trunks and wrist gauntlets. Green leather wrestling boots complete his look. Every one of his matches (except against me) have been squash jobs so far, but this time, I'll be surprised if he wins, much less squashes his opponent.

Nuke Man, aka Beau, came to The Cave through Ben, a close friend. So far in three matches this week, he's been the most dominant wrestler we've ever featured, not even coming close to losing a fall. He started by easily beating and fucking Jae, who's our Superman-analog, SuperStar. Then Nuke Man crushed two more heroes before this match, a rare villain-on-villain contest.

Beau's a bodybuilder with virtually the same stats as Josh, 6'1"/235-lbs, but numbers don't tell the whole story. He's beefier and more solid, but somehow still impressively ripped, as well. Inspired by a Superman villain from the movies, the amazingly muscular Nuke Man outshines his inspiration in every way and I'm sure will be very, very popular once we release his matches. He looks incredible in black and gold, with tight squarecut trunks, face mask and tall leather wrestling boots.

Anyway, Jae and I both have reasons to hope these two demolish each other, so we're watching from the back with big smiles on our faces so far. I just wish we had popcorn. Anyway, back to the action ... Mr. Riddle is in firm control with this single leg crab. The question is, for how long?

Round One Continues

Mr. Riddle keeps up the pressure on the single-leg crab, but Nuke Man finally manages to use his massive limbs to free himself. He presses up with his arms while kicking back, sending his opponent flying off him. The super-heel crawls forward, working out his leg. The bat-villain quickly moves in behind the ailing beast.

With Nuke Man on hands and knees, Mr. Riddle marches in confidently. However, the blond super-stud is ready. He kicks back, catching the taller villain in the leg. It's enough to trip him down to the mat, giving Nuke Man time to rise to his feet while the bat-villain springs back up.

The two mega-studs face off again. Mr. Riddle asks, "Wanna keep talking shit?"

Nuke Man nods, "You ain't bad, I'll give you that. You might actually get me to break a sweat. But it's still gonna end with you out cold and my cock up that pretty ass of yours, boy."

Mr. Riddle just smirks at the mild acknowledgment of his dominance so far. He's been completely in control, but the leaner musclehunk holds his tongue. He's smart enough to know there's a long way to go. The two behemoths circle cautiously before charging in for a collar-and-elbow tie-up. Immediately, their muscles grow, pumping from the pressure of their power. UNGH! UNH! They strain, neither man able to budge the other.

Suddenly, Nuke Man bursts to the left, pulling Mr. Riddle into a tight standing head scissors. He crushes the green-masked musclestud between his bicep and forearm, holding him tight. The bat-villain struggles, grunting as he's walked around the ring. The super-heel flexes his muscles, savoring the feeling of control for the first time. The beefier hunk pulls forward, executing a perfect hip toss. The two men drop with Nuke Man landing on Mr. Riddle's chest. OOF! He maintains the headlock, pressing his 235-lbs of muscle into the chiseled pecs of his opponent.

Mr. Riddle tries punches and rolls, but the super-heel can't be moved. Nuke Man continues to wear his opponent down then rolls forward, pulling Mr. Riddle with him. He rises, dragging the bat-villain behind. Back on their feet, the leaner muscleman is still grunting, obviously suffering. Nuke Man goes for another hip toss, only to have the stud in green block it. UNGH!

The bat-villain quickly drives his fist into the back of Nuke Man's sore leg. It buckles for only a second, but that's all Mr. Riddle needs. He grabs his opponent's black and gold boot, bending the leg. With amazing power, he actually rises, lifting the huge mountain of man-muscle up into the air. It's only for a second, but that's all he needs.

Mr. Riddle brings his leg forward and drives Nuke Man's shin and knee down onto his outstretched thigh. The super-heel can only cry out as his leg is jammed. His muscles go limp and he falls to the mat, holding his aching leg. The bat-villain stomps the damaged limb, punishing the blond mega-hunk mercilessly. A lesser man would be begging for mercy, but I've seen enough of Nuke Man to know that's not happening.

The big blond heel pushes himself to the side, rolling to the ropes. He tries to slide under, but Mr. Riddle grabs his ankles. With Nuke Man on his back, he drags him back towards the middle of the ring by his legs.  The super-heel tries to stop him by grabbing the bottom rope, but Riddle yanks hard. Nuke Man's back lifts off the mat then crashes down, stunning him enough that he loses his grip on the bottom rope.

The bat-villain lifts the legs up, splitting them wide. He puts his boot between the legs then stomps the lower abs, grinding his boot down hard. He does it again then quickly bends Nuke Man's leg into position for a figure-four. The blond musclestud can't stop him in time and a second later, Mr. Riddle is falling back onto the mat and locking his leg over the super-heel's ankle, trapping him in the deadly hold.

Nuke Man thrashes on the mat, his big muscled torso flopping in agony. Even with the mask, I can see the pain etched on his handsome face. He groans as his aching leg is tortured. The blond heel tries to counter, but Mr. Riddle is strong enough to resist. Every muscle on both of these beautiful bodybuilders is tense as they struggle to either break or maintain the hold.

The battle keeps going. I'm shocked that the beefy heel hasn't submitted, because the pain must be incredible. For his part, Mr. Riddle doesn't appear to be giving up. He's been working the leg since the start of the match, so he's committed.

Finally, Nuke Man has no choice. He cries out, "Okay, I give! I give!"

Mr. Riddle unwraps their legs then rises slowly. Nuke Man rolls onto his side, holding his knee. His body is coated in sweat, his tanned muscles shining under the spotlights. The bat-villain plants his boot on the super-heels hip and flexes for the camera. It was a pretty decisive fall, so he deserves to gloat a little.

Round Two

Nuke Man spends the entire break lying down and working out his leg. He's not talking at all, so it's obvious he gets that this is his first real challenge in The Cave. Mr. Riddle paces and stretches out. He looks deep in thought, probably planning out his strategy for the second fall. I'm sure he's going back to the leg, but it's always hard to do that, especially against someone as skilled and strong as Nuke Man.


As soon as the bell sounds, Mr. Riddle storms out. He moves fast, but Nuke Man is ready for him. Showing surprising speed for a big man with a bum leg, he grabs the charging muscleman by the arm and spins, slamming the bat-villain into the corner, back first. CLANG! The big blond stud follows in, lifting his good knee into his opponent's chiseled midsection. WHOMP!

Nuke Man backs off then starts pounding away on Riddle's abs, hammering the eight-pack with everything he's got. POW! THUD! WHAM! The ring shakes from the force as the fists keep coming. The bat-villain grunts, but that's it. I know from personal experience that his abs are rock hard, but the big blond heel keeps pounding.

Mr. Riddle takes the punishment, but when the super-heel pauses, Mr. Riddle grabs him by the shoulder and neck. The bat-villain spins them around, quickly reversing their positions. Now it's his turn. The musclehunk steps back and drives his boot into Nuke Man's ridiculously solid stomach. THUD! He then starts in with fists of his own, using the big body as a punching bag. THUD! THUD! THUD!

Again the ring shakes, but Nuke Man doesn't even grunt. Instead, he takes dozens of blows in stride then drives forward, lifting his arm. He hammers Mr. Riddle in the face with an elbow that staggers him then drives his boot to the bat-villain's abs. When Mr. Riddle bends over, Nuke Man goes for a front facelock, but the taller hunk pushes back to safety.

Mr. Riddle rises to full height and the two men take a moment. They're sweaty and breathing hard, their abs and knuckles red from the punches, but neither seems hurt, only winded. I'm pretty sure that I see a small smile cross on both their faces. The two behemoths get serious as they size each other up for another moment before circling cautiously.

Nuke Man slaps his stomach, "Free shot. I'll take the hardest punch you got." He puts his hands behind his back as a show of good faith.

Mr. Riddle smiles and nods. He measures the blow, but instead of a punch, he goes for a kick. The super-heel whips his hands out, catching the boot before it can connect. He pulls Mr. Riddle forward, drops and flips the bat-villain over with a leg-drag takedown. WHOA! SPLAT! The big blond hunk dives in immediately, slamming his good knee into the side of a stunned Mr. Riddle's head. CRACK!

Nuke Man says, "I knew y'all couldn't resist being a cheap bastard. Now, you're gonna pay, boy."

The big blond bad boy straddles Mr. Riddle's waist then wraps his huge hands around the leaner muscleman's throat. He chokes him, hard. The bat-villain fights under his opponent, but the beefier hunk is unmovable. Riddle gets visibly weaker as his neck is crushed. Finally, Nuke Man releases the hold. With his opponent coughing and hacking, he moves off, smoothly rising to his feet.

The super-heel bends over and grabs the green mask and trunks. He wrenches up, using them to force Mr. Riddle up. The green spandex wedges up the bat-villain's crack, exposing his smooth and amazing ass cheeks. Nuke Man takes a quick look, nods then spins them around. He lets go, whipping Mr. Riddle through the ropes, out of the ring to the floor below.

The bat-villain lands hard, still feeling the effects of the choke. He rises to hands and knees, but Nuke Man is there almost immediately. He scoops Mr. Riddle up then slams him down on the mats. When the green-masked muscleman life his hips to relieve the pain, he gets a big boot to the abs. OOF! Nuke Man drags him up then scoops him across his chest again.

This time, the big blond muscleheel doesn't slam Mr. Riddle. Instead, he walks over to the corner, carrying the 230-lbs of muscle like it was nothing. Nuke Man slams his victim's back into the metal ring post. WHACK! AHHH! He smiles at the pained cry then does it again. WHACK! ARGH! And then a third time. WHACK! AH! Mr. Riddle goes noticeably limp in the super-heel's arms.

Nuke Man carries the limp carcass to the ring apron and pushes Mr. Riddle back into the ring. He slowly climbs up the steps, completely in control for the first time. As he steps through the ropes, the bat-villain dives forward. He lifts the rope up between Nuke Man's legs, slamming it into his massive bulge. ARGH! The super-heel is caught off guard. He grunts then falls into the ring.

Mr. Riddle rises and stretches out his back. The blond musclestud is on his knees, holding his package with his head down on his forearm. He's swearing a blue streak, but isn't moving. The bat-villain moves in. He stomps between the shoulder blades. THUD! Riddle grabs a handful of blond hair and black trunks then forces Nuke Man to his feet, pushing him into the corner.

Mr. Riddle lifts his boot, putting it against Nuke Man's neck. He thrusts forward, pushing the big man back over the top turnbuckle. The huge muscleman arches back, his body looking amazing as he's tortured. The bat-villain pulls his boot away and Nuke Man slides down. He sits on the middle turnbuckle, arms draped over the top ropes. He's breathing in and out slowly, trying to regroup.

The bat-villain grabs another handful of hair. He drags Nuke Man out of the corner then steps back. He leaps and drives his boots into the beefier hunk's pecs, executing a beautiful standing drop kick that sends the blond beefcake flying back into the corner hard! CLANG! Mr. Riddle looks confident as he springs to his feet. He grimaces briefly, so his back must still be hurting, but it's not slowing him down.

Mr. Riddle grabs Nuke Man by the wrist then whips him across the ring. The big blond muscleman slams in hard. CLANG! He bounces out, right into the the waiting arms of his opponent. The leaner stud wraps his arms around the super-heel's waist, lifts and slams Nuke Man down with a belly-to-belly suplex. WHAM! He rises slowly then stomps on Nuke Man's weakening muscles.

The dominant villain forces the blond hunk to his feet. With a sudden burst, Nuke Man dives forward, tackling Mr. Riddle into the corner! CLANG! He scoops the bat-villain up and turns, body slamming him to the mat. WHAM! The super-heel staggers back, unable to follow up. As he hangs on the ropes, Nuke Man massages his pouch and looks angry.

Mr. Riddle rises, his back ailing. He moves in close. When Nuke Man goes for a kick, the bat-villain blocks it. He grabs a wrist then flings the 235-lbs of muscleheel across the ring. When Nuke Man bounces off, he's met with a cross body block. SPLAT! Bad move. Instead of falling back from the move, the big blond stud actually catches Riddle's 230-lbs body. Yes, he stumbles for a moment, but holds on.

The bat-villain kicks his feet to escape, but it's too late. Nuke Man takes three steps, leaps and comes down with a devastating super slam! KABOOM! Mr. Riddle goes limp under the blond stud, who puts his hands on the perfect pecs of his opponent. Nuke Man presses down and looks at the camera. He counts, "ONE!" Pause. "TWO!" Riddle manages to lift a shoulder and break the cocky pin.

Nuke Man grabs a hold of the green mask and rises, dragging Mr. Riddle with him. He shoves the bat-villain's head between his thick legs, grabs around his trim waist and lifts. The leaner muscleman flies up, his legs landing on Nuke Man's broad shoulders. Before he can do anything, the big blond mega-heel brings him down with an incredible power slam! KABOOM!

Mr. Riddle lies limp, unable to move after the devastating move. I'm surprised that Nuke Man doesn't go for the easy pin, but I guess he has more planned. Always risky, but after the ball shot with the ropes, I think this got personal. The super-heel kicks the bat-villain onto his stomach then kicks his arms against his sides.

Nuke Man straddles his victim then reaches down for his legs. He lifts the long, ripped limbs, positioning the green leather boots under his armpits. I wonder if he's going for some kind of reverse crab, but then he squats and grabs Mr. Riddle's wrists. The powerful bodybuilder rises, easily pulling the 230-lbs muscleman up with him into a hanging tear drop submission move.

Mr. Riddle wakes up and groans as he dangles in the tear drop, an incredibly painful full-body submission move that wrecks your shoulders and back, but also strains your neck and legs. When Nuke Man starts swinging, the green clad villain cries out in pain. As his moans of pain get louder and more pronounced, I'm sure he's close to giving. However, the super-heel lets go of the hold, dropping his opponent's limp carcass to the mat. THUD!

The big blond stud reveals his plan, "No break time for you, boy!" He's referring to the five-minute break between rounds. Oh, I get it. By not going for the submission or pin, he's hoping to wear Riddle down so much that the third round is easier. Again, not going for the fall is really risky with a guy like this, but I'll just enjoy the continuing beatdown of my nemesis.

Anyway, the cocky super-heel flexes over Mr. Riddle then unleashes stomps, softening him up some more. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Nuke Man saunters over to the corner. He hops onto the top turnbuckle where he actually balances and flexes his huge, pumped muscles for the cameras. Impressive. After his moment of glory, he leaps off to deliver a flying elbow to the back. As soon as he's airborne, Riddle somehow musters the wherewithal to roll under him. When the big blond heel lands, he smashes his knee and elbow into the mat. WHAM! ARGH!

Mr. Riddle uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet. Nuke Man is swearing as he gets up limping and holding his elbow. The villain in green dives and clips out the beefier stud's knee, toppling him down. ARGH! He can't follow up and both men lie on the mat, trying to summon the strength to finish this fall.

Nuke Man rolls then dives at Mr. Riddle. The bat-villain shakes him off, crawling away then rising slowly. Their muscular bodies are dripping with sweat and their chests are heaving as they rise and face off. Mr. Riddle charges, going for a clothesline, but Nuke Man ducks. The exhausted green-clad muscleman stumbles as he sails by. He grabs the ropes to steady himself, taking a moment to orient himself.

Unfortunately for Mr. Riddle, the moment is too long. The blond musclestud moves in from behind. He positions his shoulders at the bat-villain's back, squats down, sliding his hand between the long legs. A second later, he's pressing up, easily hoisting 230-lbs of muscle across his shoulders. Even with a bum leg, Nuke Man is more than capable of lifting his opponent up into the backbreaker.

ARGH! Mr. Riddle cries out as he's draped across the broad shoulders of the big bodybuilder. The super-heel cranks on the backbreaker, obviously going for the submission this time. I guess he's realized his mistake and isn't going to take any chances. He bends the leaner more and more. Mr. Riddle's screams get louder and louder.

The bat-villain cries out, "GIVE! GIVE!"



Nuke Man drops Mr. Riddle, letting him fall the nearly six feet to the canvas. Now it's his turn to flex over an unmoving carcass, savoring his dominating win, even though he almost gave it away. When he's done, he wipes his chest and flicks the sweat down onto Mr. Riddle with contempt before moving to his corner.

Tie score. Riddle looks like he's in big trouble, but I'm not counting him out just yet.

Round Three

The next fall starts with Mr. Riddle stretching out his back and Nuke Man checking out his leg. Both men have taken damage. The question is who can move past the pain and take advantage of the chances he's given.

When the muscular beasts step out of their respective corners, the big blond musclehunk lifts his arms. He challenges the bat-villain to a test of strength. Mr. Riddle accepts, raising his arms. They lock hands quickly then slams torsos as they fight for control. In terms of height and weight, they're practically even, but Riddle has the wingspan and Nuke Man has the bulk with his thicker arms, shoulders and back.

The two men are immediately sweating as they grunt and strain. In spite of the force being exerted, they look frozen at times, like a battle statue perfectly carved in marble. Their muscles pump to their maximum, veins popping. This is a lot more even than I thought it would be. Neither man gives, each using their skill and power to counter and attack.

As the two bulls go at it, cracks begin to show. The long struggle is taking its toll, even on these perfect bodies. Slowly, Nuke Man begins to overpower the tighter stud. He presses his advantage, relentlessly forcing Mr. Riddle into the subservient position. From the grimace on the green-clad muscleman's face, I can see the earlier back punishment is affecting him. He buckles more and more, finally dropping to a knee.

Sweat rains down on Mr. Riddle from above as the blond behemoth towers over him, forcing his arms down more and more. Nuke Man smiles for the first time, savoring his victory in the test of strength. The bat-villain is crushed down, moaning as his body gives to the more powerful super-heel. His arms, wrists and back are bent back against his will and there's no way he's getting back up.

Instead of admitting defeat, Mr. Riddle suddenly slams his head forward. The black question mark on his forehead slams into the dominant stud's massive bulge. SQUISH! Nuke Man lets out a gasp, his power slightly drained. The kneeling muscleman does it again then a third time in rapid succession. CRUNCH! CRUNCH! The standing hunk staggers back, bent over, legs together.

The bat-villain doesn't release, keeping hold of the blond muscleman's big paws. He uses the grip to pull the big beast forward into a shoulder block that catches both abs and bulge hard. Mr. Riddle lets go of his grip. From his knees, he punches upward, sending his uppercuts into the unflexed abs of his weakened opponent. Each time, he catches the throbbing package with his elbow, obviously by design.

The smiling stud rises to his full 6'2" height as the devastated Nuke Man drops to his knees. The stud in green towers over the blond bodybuilder, savoring the reversal of their positions. For Nuke Man, with his hands free, he instinctively reaches for his aching package. This gives the bat-villain a free shot, which he delivers by driving his boot into the side of the beefier hunk's head. WHACK! Nuke Man falls to the side. He tries to rise then collapses on his shins. He kneels, his face planting on the mat, hands at his crotch and ass in the air.

The green-clad villain takes a moment to regroup, but he knows he has to move in now. He kicks the huge ass of his opponent to put him down flat on the mat then steps over his waist. When he sits down on Nuke Man's back, Mr. Riddle goes for a camel clutch, struggling, but succeeding to force the big man's chest off the mat and locking the massive arms in place.

Nuke Man moans as he's bent back, his body folded up. ARGH! He tenses his bulk, fighting against the force that's pulling him up. Mr. Riddle uses the hold to rest and recover as much as punish, limiting the effect. Sensing his opponent's strategy, the big blond beast act with urgency. He blasts his arms forward while pushing up on his thighs and knees. Nuke Man catches Mr. Riddle off guard, pushing up and throwing the 230-lbs of muscle off him with authority.

The two men scramble to their feet, facing off again. Mr. Riddle dives down, going for the leg, but he's met with a knee to the face that sends him back onto his ass. When Nuke Man moves in, he gets a boot the abs that sends him back. The bat-villain rises to his feet then the men circle once again.

The musclemen lock up fast, without hesitation. In spite of his sore knee, Nuke Man blasts forward, powering the green-clad villain into the ropes. He breaks the hold, but then fires off a stiff pec shot that stuns the leaner muscleman. SLAP! OOF! A series of vicious chops crash into Mr. Riddles magnificent chest, leaving obvious red marks and the bat-villain stunned.

Nuke Man grabs a wrist then fires Mr. Riddle across the ring. On the ricochet, he goes for a clothesline, but the bat-villain ducks. Coming off the opposite ropes, Mr. Riddle slams into Nuke Man with a shoulder block. THUD! The bulkier hunk only steps back two steps while his opponent bounces all the way back to the ropes.

The super-heel taunts, "Y'all really thought you could move me?" He pounds his chest, daring the bat-villain to try again.

Mr. Riddle isn't one to back down from a challenge of manhood, so he bounces off and charges in. BOOM! They slam together again, with both men only moving back a step. Riddle runs back and flies off again. BOOM! This time, Nuke Man doesn't move at all, while the muscular aggressor stumbles backwards, immediately coming back for another go.

This time, though, Riddle leaps when he's close, driving into Nuke Man's bulk with a flying knee that connects with the big blond behemoth in the chest and jaw. CRACK! That sends the super-heel flying back into the ropes. He rubs his jaw in shock, clearly caught by surprise. Mr. Riddle moves in fast, kicking at the hunk's knee. It buckles, still not 100% after the earlier punishment, dropping Nuke Man to one knee.

Mr. Riddle reaches for the blond hunk's hair, but gets an elbow in the gut instead. OOF! Nuke Man rises, but the bat-villain just dives, throwing his 230-lbs of muscle at the injured leg. The super-heel goes down in a heap. The stud in green goes for the leg, trying to put on a finishing move, but the blond bodybuilder blocks every attempt.

Thwarted in his efforts to end this with a leg submission, the green-clad muscleman looks to soften up the big man with a series of stomps to the bodybuilders torso. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Mr. Riddle reaches down and grabs hold of the back of the big blond stud's trunks. They stretch out, exposing the beefy butt as he lifts. Forced by the stretching spandex, Nuke Man rises with the help of the rope.

The bat-villain slams his forearm into his opponent's back. THUD! Using the trunks, he pulls the bulkier hunk back into another forearm shot then another. THUD! THUD! Mr. Riddle releases the spandex, thrusting his hands up and locking on a full nelson. He squeezes the big blond muscleman's shoulder, forcing his chin to his massive chest.

Just seconds after the hold is locked, Nuke Man roars then drives his arms down, tearing Mr. Riddle's hands apart. When the beefier hunk turns, the bat-villain wraps him up in a bearhug. UNH! He squeezes the hold, trying to apply pressure. All he gets for his trouble is a laugh. The super-heel's thickly muscled midsection holds out against the force of his opponent's embrace.

Nuke Man spreads his arms then closes them, boxing Mr. Riddle's ears with his biceps. POP! The green-clad muscleman loses the hold then stumbles back as Nuke Man kicks out his sore leg. Mr. Riddle realizes his mistake of wasting time going after the back. He dives for the leg again, but this time the super-heel is ready. He dodges the dive, easily.

Mr. Riddle rises and turns to attack, only to walk into a bending Nuke Man who grabs him by the throat and crotch. With one grunt, the big blond musclehunk powers the 230-lbs of bat-villain overhead. He holds the tight muscled body aloft then brings him down with a body slam. WHAM! Mr. Riddle bounces off the mat the. Rises to a seated position, holding his back and groaning.

Nuke Man stomps his opponent's back, kicking him flat on his stomach. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Mr. Riddle tries to crawl away, only to get dragged up into a reverse bearhug. The big blond musclehunk pulls the bat-villain in tight, crushing him against his rock hard body. Mr. Riddle groans as he gets shaken and squeezed by the mighty bodybuilder. The tall stud looks like a ragdoll as he's whipped around like a chew toy in a pitbulls mouth.

Mr. Riddle gets weaker and goes limp in the reverse bearhug, trapped in the deadly vice. When all the fight leaves the bat-villain, the big blond behemoth switches to a full nelson. He locks it in tight then shakes the green-clad musclestud around some more.

Nuke Man says, "I'm gonna show you how to do these holds right, boy!"

The big stud is proving his point. While he broke Mr. Riddle's nelson in seconds, no such freedom comes for the bat-villain. Instead, he's completely at the bigger man's mercy. When it's obvious that the leaner muscleman is helpless, Nuke Man stops shaking. He pauses then shifts, smoothly lifting Mr. Riddle up then slamming him down onto his shoulders. WHAM!

The big blond bodybuilder flexes, "Yeah, that's how it's done, boy!"

Nuke Man drags the lifeless Mr. Riddle to his feet. He reaches around the narrow waist then pulls the leaner musclehunk in close. As soon as the big blond behemoth tightens the bearhug, the bat-villain begins to thrash wildly. He moans as his granite midsection is actually broken down in the impossibly powerful hold.

The super-heel taunts, "And this is how you do a bearhug, boy!"

Nuke Man crushes the ripped torso of Mr. Riddle, shaking him every time the bat-villain gets close to a counter. Sweat is pouring off both their bodies, but it's clear the bearhug is very effective. The green-clad muscleman hangs limp then struggles, only for the blond bad boy to add pressure from his seemingly inexhaustible supply of energy.

The dominating super-heel commands, "GIVE, BOY! GIVE OR I'LL BREAK YOU IN TWO!"

In response, Mr. Riddle mutters then swings up fast. He grabs Nuke Man's face then rakes his fingers across the thicker hunk's masked face. The super-heel cries out, releasing the crushing bearhug to grab his face. The bat-villain lands on his feet then steps back. He looks drained, but determined to use to his momentary advantage.

Ignoring the pain shooting through his body, Mr. Riddle grabs Nuke Man in a front facelock. He falls back, slamming the big musclestud's head into the mat. CRACK! The super-heel goes limp on his stomach then moans, bringing one of his huge paws to the top of his head. The leaner muscleman sits beside him, breathing hard, trying to focus and will himself to move.

Mr. Riddle turns then slowly rolls the 235-lbs musclestud onto his back. He kneels beside the barely moving body before falling on top of his chest. The green clad villain slaps the mat. "ONE!" Long pause. Even the effort of counting a pin is difficult at this point. Nuke Man's legs shift and slide weakly, but I can't tell if he's trying to kick out or just reflexively moving them. Finally, Mr. Riddle slaps the mat again and calls out, "TWO!"

The bat-villain lifts his hand for the third time. It falls to the mat, slapping down, but not before Nuke Man finds the strength to lift his shoulder. UNH! SLAP! DAMN! Riddle knows he took too long. The failure somehow energizes him. He slaps the mat three times in rapid succession, but it's too fast to be a legitimate pin and the big blond stud is lying on his side under him.

Mr. Riddle pushes back onto his knees. He adjusts his soaked mask and trunks then rises. He drags the big blond stud up by his hair and trunks. He wraps on a front facelock, raises one fist into the air then lowers it, running his thumb across his throat. Before he can actually execute a move, though, Nuke Man pushes him back, his sweaty head sliding out of the one-armed facelock.

Nuke Man stumbles back and rises. Mr. Riddle flies back into the ropes. The bat-villain uses the momentum to come flying off. The super-heel isn't surprised. In fact, he smoothly lifts his hand and grabs the running muscleman around the throat. URK! The big blond behemoth lifts his other hand, wrapping it on the other side of Riddle's neck. With amazing force, Nuke Man squats then lifts.

Wow, the bodybuilder manages to power up the 6'2" and 230-lbs muscleman. Mr. Riddle leaves his feet and hangs from the choke hold. Nuke Man's arms are straight up and fully extended, his hands cinched in tightly. The green-clad villain brings his legs us to try to relieve some of the pressure, but it doesn't help. He holds the big blond beast's wrists, as he desperately tries to hold onto consciousness. He taps the forearm once, giving up the fight, but then passes out before he can do it again.

Nuke Man releases his grip, dropping the limp carcass down. Mr. Riddle's rising chest and stomach are the only signs of life coming from him as he naps on his back. The big blond hunk circles his victim then plants his boot on the bat-villains heaving pecs.

The super-heel raises his arms in a beautiful pose as he starts to count. ONE! At TWO, he slowly lowers his arms to a double bicep pose then just his left then right at THREE and FOUR. When he counts FIVE, he treats us to a phenomenal lat spread. Nuke Man keeps going as he finishes the count to ten, his victory complete and undeniable.

The Stakes

The victorious Nuke Man waves Ryan forward with a finger. He speaks directly to my best friend's camera, "I want y'all to watch this. I want y'all to imagine this is you. After I beat your ass. And y'all know I can. This is what y'all want, boy. This is what y'all been dreaming about since you first saw me."

The big blond stud backs up, standing over Mr. Riddle. He kneels down, never taking his eyes off Ryan's camera. He slides his hands into the green trunks and pulls them down, exposing Josh's perfect ass. Nuke Man sucks on his finger then slides it into the unconscious villain's tight ass. He works his moist digit inside, finger-fucking the unmoving carcass. The big bodybuilder fondles his pec while he dominates his prey and stares seductively into Ryan's camera.

"You like that? You wish my finger was inside you, boy? Loosening you up? No, that's not what you want inside you."

Nuke Man pulls his finger out, rises to his feet. He slowly peels his black and gold trunks down, performing a sexy striptease. His big cock springs forward. It's one of the biggest in The Cave, a thick, long and cut steel rod. He takes his trunks all the way off then flings them at the camera. The bodybuilder nods when the sweaty spandex lands on Ryan's head.

With just a few strokes, he powers his massive dick up to full mast. The big man sheathes it in latex then moves into position. The super-heel leaves Mr. Riddle unconscious as he kicks the green leather boots out wide then kneels between them. He grabs the bat-villain's wrists and pins them down on his back with one hand. The big blond muscleman gyrates his hips then pushes them forward.

As the tip of his hard shaft plunges between perfect mounds of Mr. Riddle's ass, Nuke Man is still focusing all his attention on Ryan's camera. "Get ready, boy. Here it comes." Mr. Riddle stirs as his ass is penetrated. I mean, how could he not? He moans, but Nuke Man whispers, "That's it, boy. Take it. Stay calm, boy. Take your master's big old dick. Yeah, this is what boys like you get."

Mr. Riddle moans gently, but just lies there and accepts his punishment for losing. As the thick rod drives in deeper, the moans turn to whimpers, with short breaths interlaced in between.  The dominant bodybuilder finally works all the way in, his pelvis pressing down on the bat-villain's bubble butt. The thick mounds collapse under the weight, as the big blond rests, letting the loser adjust before proceeding.

To the camera, Nuke Man says, "Yeah, I'm going all the way with ya. Think you can take it? How much do y'all wanna find out?"

The big man starts pumping his hips rhythmically. He moves slowly, but then picks up speed. I'm surprised he's being so gentle, but then I think maybe he's fucking the audience, not Mr. Riddle. He's fucking the camera. Or Ryan? The big man keeps talking, his words getting sexier and dirtier as he rides the unmoving musclehunk.

Nuke Man starts pounding hard, moving the 230-lbs of beef under him with every thrust. Riddle's moans are louder, his breath shorter as the winner's jackhammer tears his beautiful ass apart. Faster and harder, he keeps going until his own breath becomes short. He pulls out, strips off the condom then scrambles towards the camera.

"Open wide and swallow, boy!"

The big bodybuilder starts pumping his cock right at the camera. Suddenly, he erupts, a giant load spewing forth. His seed hits the lens then shoots past, landing on my best friend's hands and Nuke Man's black and gold trunks, which still rest on Ryan's head. Ropes of cum fire out then drips and drops. The big blond doesn't stop until he's drained, giving us everything he has.

Nuke Man smoothly rises from kneeling to standing. He sees Ryan move to clean the lens. The big blond stud grabs the camera and takes it to Mr. Riddle. He lifts the limp villains head by his mask. Clean it!The bat-villain obeys, extending his tongue and licking the winners wet cum off the still filming lens. When Mr. Riddle is finished, Nuke Man returns the camera to Ryan.

The big beast backs up puts his boot on Mr. Riddle's ass and flexes, finishing with another invitation for anyone to get the same treatment.

"Y'all man enough to get in the ring with me? Y'all man enough to lose to this? This could be your ass down here, boy! You've seen what I can do. Now bring it on. Bring. It. On."

In the Back

The match is over. The wrestlers are in the back. Jae is cleaning the ring. Pete is downloading the footage from his camera and, more importantly, Ryan's. I head to the back with my best friend to check on the wrestlers. On our way, I tease Ryan, "Beau put on quite the show for you, buddy. Going to take him up on his challenge?"

Ryan looks at me with pursed lips like I'm crazy. Even though he's a 6'4"/250-lbs muscle monster now, my buddy never cared much about his appearance for years. He spent pretty much his whole life being shy, obese, slobby and just a physical trainwreck. Every so often, that insecure side of him comes through and he refuses to believe he's ridiculously hot, which he is.

We find Beau coming out of the shower. Ryan says to the wet, naked Beau, "Well, that's four matches and four amazing wins. We're going to miss you around here."

The big Texan smirks as he starts seductively drying himself off, "Of course you will. But I ain't gone yet, big guy. I got two more days in LA."

Ryan nods, "Yeah, that's true. Amazingly all the schedules worked out and you were just ready to go. I thought we'd spend more time on training when you got here, but you sure didn't need it."

Beau bounces his pecs, "I tried to tell y'all that I know my shit. I'm here on your dime, so wanna show me around LA, stud?"

Ryan blushes, "Uh, sure. You're the visitor. What would you like to do?"

Beau looks Ryan up and down in a very obvious way while fondling his junk as he's toweling off. He smirks, "We'll think of something, big man."

I exit the locker room to check on Josh, leaving them to chat or whatever. I'm glad Ryan's got a new friend, especially a gorgeous hunk like Beau. I'm sure they'll get up to all kinds of fun. I really have to thank Ben for sending this beast our way.

The End 


  1. Perfection! Seeing Nuclear Man breaking, tearing into Mr. Riddle is way to hot! Hope there will be more returning character like him! Storm? Guardian? Skull?

    1. Thanks for the comment. These guys are both fan favorites, so it's nerve-wracking writing a match between them and hoping it'll live up to expectations. I appreciate you taking time to comment.

      Who becomes a recurring character is all dependent on fan reaction, so I'm glad to hear about some of the guys you like.

      Based on the responses to his debut in the tag match vs. Night and Day, Storm is returning in solo action. Due to the backlog of other stories, it won't be until late fall. I know his opponent and have it on my master schedule, but haven't started writing it yet.

      Guardian and Skull weren't on the schedule, but they can be.

  2. Alex R:

    This story is a home run Mr. Miller. I read your comment above in which you say that " it's nerve-wracking writing a match between them and hoping it'll live up to expectations"
    Man this story just went up to right to the top...why? Easy the action is easy to visualize. I can clearly take the words and picture both Steven Webb and Ty Davin going at it in ring. There was a clear sense of the characters wanting to go at it from the get go. They knew that they were two top notch heels and only one can be on top. The power moves, hard hitting action was just perfectly executed!
    If that was not enough, then the ending relly takes it over the top. Everything from Beaus attitude towards Ryan, the audience, Josh his dominating masculinity was in your face. Again the factor of making the material read, real in the mind was perfect.
    This story was such an excellent execution! Can you imagine Ryan in the ring with Beau? or in a tag team with Beau against...Who???LOL Then again...who can beat Beau? Who else is in the docket good enough? He beat Mr Riddle and Mr Riddle beat the Bat, so besides Ryan...who else? or is the Bat going to go at him?

    Alex...I really hope people comment on this because this is just sheer excellence! I could comment more but Ill let you chime in! Great job!

    1. Thanks for all that! I really appreciate it. Beau is definitely a beast and fun to write. He really could go against anybody on the roster and it would be fun. I just have so many matches planned, but this is still a hobby. Time is the heel I can't defeat. :)

    2. Oh, on your comment about Josh beating The Bat so Beau could beat The Bat, I don't think the transitive property always applies in wrestling. At least not in my world. Any given match, anyone can win or lose ...

    3. Alex R

      Yeah Time is a bitch.yeah I get what you say about wrestling. I thought about it in a different way. So yeah Beau vs The Bat would be awesome. Beau vs Bane would be too...Beau vs

  3. Superb! I love the pairing and the idea that both Cody and Jae could enjoy either outcome based on their prior experiences with the two villainous heels.

    Beau is a very sexy heel and his victory sex focused toward the viewers was an incredibly hot scene. Excellent work, man!

    1. I'm glad that victory scene played out well. And I try to make things more fun by having Cody narrate as himself vs just being a voice, so thanks for mentioning that.

  4. You win again! With yet another extremely hot story! Loved seeing the villains go at it! And that ending!!! YES! I do say I can't wait for The Bat to make a return to the ring, it seems like forever since we've seen that. But until then I will enjoy seeing these hot matches through his eyes. :)

    1. Yay, I love being a winner. :)

      The Bat has a lot of action coming up, but the first two won't be posted until August ... hope you can hold out!

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    1. Thanks! I'll add more Mr. Riddle to the list!

  6. You know that scene in "Guardians of the Galaxy" when The Collector opens the orb, sees the Power Infinity Stone inside, and shakes his fists as he utters the word "Magnificent"? That's what I did as I read this story! This is definitely one of your best works EVER! There's nothing better than two equally-matched musclemen pitting their strength against each other in a grueling back-and-forth struggle to determine who's truly the strongest! Can't wait for the (hopeful) rematch and for other tough competition for Nuke Man and Mr. Riddle! I'd also really like to read about Nuke Man's and Mr. Riddle's other matches that were alluded to in the story.

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    1. Thanks! That's some high praise. I definitely appreciate it.

      I'd love to fill in all the gaps, but it's time and also I don't want to repeat myself too much. I try to make each match for a character have a different element to it.