Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Cave Undercard 9: Mimik vs. Spartan

"Cody, it sucks that I can't be at the taping today. Stupid clients and their Saturday appointments. Biggest match of the year and I'm missing it!"

I smile at my boyfriend Jae as we lie in bed, spending a few minutes cuddling before we have to get ready for work. We're both personal trainers, but today I'll be focused on my side gig as co-owner of The Cave, a gay-oriented, superhero-themed wrestling video company.


I tease, "Aw, poor baby. Just be glad you have clients. You're doing better than a lot of personal trainers starting out." Then it hits me, "Wait, what're you talking about? I'm not wrestling, so how can it be the biggest match of the year?"

Me (Cody)

Jae apologizes, "Sorry. I meant, the biggest match you can get without having The Bat in action, of course. Your matches are in a class by themselves, oh great and mighty Cody."

I smile at the acknowledgment of my alter ego's undisputed status as the star of the biggest matches we produce. With my supremacy confirmed, I ask, "What's so special about one of today's matches?"

"You mean you don't know?"

"No, Ryan set them up. Who's wrestling?"

Jae smiles broadly, "Well, it's Corey and -" I roll my eyes, so Jae stops and asks, "What? I thought you two were getting along."

"C'mon, you know that's just just for Ryan's benefit. He still bugs me. I don't know what Ryan sees in him." Jae smirks, so I ask, "What?"

"Are you serious?"

I say, "Yeah, he's sexy, but he's such a jerk. Not Ryan's type at all. I don't get how he even spends time with him."

Jae says sarcastically, "Yeah, who'd have guessed that Ryan would be into a strong-willed, uber-hot wrestler who's sexually voracious and fun to be around, but is cocky and self-absorbed? That's not his type at all."

I reply seriously, "It's not."

Jae shrugs, "Okay, if you say so."

I'm confused. I tell Jae, "If you're trying to make a joke or a point or whatever, it's lost on me."

Jae kisses me again, "Never mind, it doesn't matter. I'm cool with it now. Now, back to what's important. Go over and look in my gear drawer and you'll see why I'm so excited."

I roll out of bed, still confused, but I focus on the task at hand. Jae whistles at my bare ass as I walk over and look in the drawer. I move things around, unsure what I'm looking for. Jae asks me what's missing. I look again then it hits me. The leather briefs. The ones he won in his first match for The Cave. They're not here.

I turn to him, "No!"

Jae puts his hands behind his head with a smug look, "Yes."


"Spartan." Jae explains, "Ryan asked if he could borrow them for Corey. Xaq is in for quite the surprise today. You know, this match could actually rival a few of yours in sales."

I ignore the comment, musing, "Finally, Corey's copycat gimmick is being put to good use."

See, Corey wrestles as Mimik. He adopts his opponent's look when he wrestles them. It's supposed to be fun and this will be his fifth match for us in a month. He's been successfully carving his way through our roster. It's only made the cocky stud more arrogant and insufferable. We haven't actually released any of them, but there's no doubt they'll be hits.

In the shower, I ask Jae, "Aren't you afraid you'll lose those trunks? We've had some good times with them."

Jae rolls his eyes as he soaps my pecs, working his way down my torso. He replies, "Lose them to a jobber like Xaq? Please, Corey's beaten way tougher guys. I trust Ryan will bring them back." I have to admit he's probably right. Xaq aka Spartan hasn't won a match yet. Scratch that. He hasn't even won a fall yet. However, anything can happen in The Cave.

The Introductions

When I get to the warehouse where we film our matches, Ryan confirms that one of the day's matches is Mimik vs. Spartan.

Mimik's opponent is Xaq, who wrestles as Spartan. He's a ridiculously chiseled 20-year old hunk. His villain identity is well-suited, because he's 5'11" and 195-lbs of muscle, looking like a Greek statue, carved from granite. Xaq is one of our few wrestlers that doesn't bother with a mask. He's reasonably handsome, but it's his body that makes him a star. He has an incredible physique with every muscle pumped, popping and beautifully defined.

Xaq aka Spartan

After just three matches, the guy is one of our best sellers, which is especially impressive because he hasn't done a sex match, yet. He's become known as a heel jobber, since he's got the arrogance and attitude, but he's lost every match in two straight falls. Still, he's showed both impressive and dominant moments as well as a willingness (eagerness?) to be highly submissive during stakes.

It's Spartan's huge ego that's really cost Xaq so far. From what I've seen, his arrogance is unmatched. Corey is cocky, but I reluctantly have to admit that there's an element of charm to it. Not with Xaq. He's a 100% pompous ass who's serious in his contempt for everything and everyone who's not as perfect as he thinks he is, which is everyone. And physically, he is perfect. I know I've said it, but it bears repeating.

Spartan gets introduced first. He comes in his full regalia, a true Greek warrior on parade as the cameras capture his every move. He wears brown leather briefs and boots, both which look battle worn. The briefs are thick and sculpted, hugging his assets. For his entrance, he wears a long red cape, metal wrist gauntlets and helmet with full plume.

The heel jobber struts confidently to the ring, stripping off the cape and helmet, posing and stretching, eagerly awaiting his unknown opponent. The Greek warrior looks bigger and better than ever and I'm sure he must be over 200-lbs of muscle now. I'll have to make sure Ryan updates his stats on the web.

With Xaq settled, it's time for his 19-year old teen opponent to be introduced. Mimik emerges from the back, in a complete copy of Spartan's outfit, with two additions. He's wearing a brown leather mask and dragging a long chain with manacles at either end.


I immediately look to the ring. Pete's camera is trained on the Greek warrior and his reaction doesn't disappoint. Since we haven't released Mimik's first match yet, no one knows we have a copy cat character. It's a perfect ambush. I didn't appreciate it against Eric, who's a good guy, but against Xaq? I just wish I had some popcorn.

In the ring, Spartan looks surprised then confused then angry. The veins pop in his neck and his face goes red as he asks, "What's this shit? You can't do that! You're no Spartan! You're not worthy!"

Mimik matches him, arrogance for arrogance, replying, "Silence, jobber! You're the last person who should talk about who's worthy and who isn't."

"Fuck this shit! I'm not doing this! I'm not wrestling some cheap copy! You aren't ever gonna be me!"

Mimik smirks, "You're right, I'm not you." He pauses for effect then says, "I've actually won a match."

Spartan charges the ropes. He points at Mimik, "Fuck you! This is bullshit! I'm not wrestling this loser until he changes! I'm the one and only Spartan!" The muscular heel flexes, showing off his ripped body as if to emphasize his point. Damn, he's beautiful.

Mimik says, "Not bad, but this is what a warrior looks like." The teen musclestud matches Spartan pose for pose. He ends by saying, "Face it, you're being put out to pasture. Replaced by a younger, hotter version."

Every vein in Spartan's neck is popping. At just-turned 20 years old of muscular perfection, I doubt he's ever been called old. The verbal sparring continues, but in the end, Spartan sticks around and Mimik doesn't change. The Greek warrior paces in his corner, looking like he can't wait to tear Mimik apart. The devious doppelgänger finally gets to climb into the ring. He bounces, clearly amused by the drama he's caused. I hate to admit it, but so am I.

Round One

The bell sounds. The infuriated gladiator charges in, filled with rage. His move is clumsy and easily anticipated. Mimik lifts his boot, slamming it into Spartan's chiseled gut. THUD! Spartan is unfazed by the kick to his midsection. He storms through it then levels the cocky copycat with a stiff clothesline that flips him in midair. Mimik lands hard on his left side on the mat. WHAM!

Spartan stomps his opponent hard, hammering the teen musclestud with his boots. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The Greek warrior is relentless, squashing every attempt Mimik makes to rise or roll away. Spartan finally lets up, but only to roughly drag his doppelgänger to his feet. He squats, grabbing the copycat's leg and chest. In one smooth move, the muscular gladiator presses up, rising and thrusting Mimik into the air over his head.

Mimik hangs high above the ring, easily held aloft in the overhead press. Spartan circles, showing his power and reveling in his dominance. The Greek warrior tosses the doppelgänger into the air then walks out from under him. Mimik plummets to the mat, extending his arms to try to soften his fall. SPLAT! Another round of stomping has the teen musclestud moaning and moving slowly.

Spartan drags his prey up again, this time scooping him up and holding him across his chest. He turns and throws Mimik down with a bodyslam. WHAM! He drags the moaning copycat up with a full nelson then runs him into the corner, abs first. CLANG! Mimik grunts, but his chiseled abs take the punishment. Spartan rams him in again, getting another grunt. It looks like both of these studs have steel abs.

The Greek warrior releases the hold, stepping beside the doppelgänger. With one smooth tug, they fall back in a Russian leg sweep. Mimik takes the brunt of the impact on his back, shoulders and neck. Spartan springs up and flexes over the ailing copycat. He starts to mouth off, but suddenly, Mimik grabs his foot and trips him down to the mat. WHOA!

Mimik smoothly rolls up, keeping hold of the leg. He locks on a single leg crab, sitting back and pulling hard. Mimik is breathing hard and he shakes his head, trying to get his focus back. I'm sure he didn't expect this, but that's what he gets for antagonizing the ripped gladiator. Spartan grunts, but seems to be holding it together.

At first, Spartan is content to resist the pressure, but then it clicks. He realizes that the devious doppelgänger is using the crab as a rest hold. With a powerful and sudden burst of strength, Spartan pushes up and kicks back, throwing Mimik off him with authority. Both studs rise fast, but Mimik is faster. The teen musclestud leaps up with a standing drop kick that sends Spartan flying back into the corner. CLANG!

Spartan bounces out of the corner, right into the arms of the rising Mimik. The doppelgänger grabs him around the waist, lifts and spins with a belly-to-belly suplex. WHAM! The muscular gladiator moans on impact. Mimik leaps up then jumps, flipping in air and coming down with a splash! SPLAT! OOF! His 190-lbs of muscle squashes down on Spartan, winding the Greek warrior.

Mimik rises up and flexes, showing off his impressive body. He reaches down and drags Spartan up. On the way, the Greek warrior thrusts his arm up between the copycat's legs. He drives up to standing, scooping the shocked Mimik across his chest. Spartan quickly slams Mimik down. WHAM! He grabs Mimik's wrist and pulls him up to his feet. Spartan twists the arm, locking on an armbar that has Mimik groaning.

Spartan pulls Mimik closer then clubs his forearm down onto his head. THWACK! The teen musclestud drops to a knee. The muscular warrior hammers his elbow down onto the top of Mimik's head. THUD! Mimik is wobbly as he's dragged back to his feet. Spartan grabs him from behind, lifts and throws the 190-lbs musclestud backwards with a belly-to-back suplex. WHAM!

Mimik kicks the mat, obviously stunned by the abuse he's taking. Spartan grabs the masked musclestud and pulls him up onto his knees. From behind, the Greek warrior maneuvers the doppelgänger into a dragon sleeper. Mimik's torso is stretched as his head is forced back. He groans as he hangs in the uncomfortable submission hold. He flails his arms, trying to get free before he is either put out or forced to submit.

Spartan releases the hold before either happens tossing Mimik's limp body aside. The gladiator forces the teen musclestud to a seated position then stands behind him. He clubs Mimik's head again, stunning him. He reaches around, flexing his bicep in front of Mimik's face.

"That's what a real warrior looks like, punk! Not your scrawny flabby arms!"

Mimik reaches up to shove the flexed arm out of his face. In response, Spartan slams his forearm across Mimik's head. WHACK! He stands up, steps over the cocky copycat's shoulders and reaches down for his leg. Spartan locks on the stump puller, folding his opponent in half. Mimik moans, but won't give. The gladiator releases the leg. He steps back, flexes then looks down at his ailing foe.

Spartan asks, "You want to copy me? Then you don't get to wear this!" He rips off Mimik's mask, revealing Corey's face. Xaq holds the mask up, declaring, "Just the first step, loser. I'm gonna take every piece of MY costume off your sorry ass."

Spartan tosses the mask aside. With his opponent's focus directed elsewhere, Mimik rolls to the side then sweeps his legs out, tripping the arrogant warrior heel down onto his spectacular leather-clad ass. The teen stud kicks his boot out, slamming it into the Greek muscleman's face. CRACK! Spartan topples to the side, his body limp. I wonder if he's even still conscious?

Mimik wastes no time finding out. He pushes his hair back then vaults over his unmoving opponent. He grabs Spartan's head and drags it up between his legs. With the Greek stud not moving, Mimik takes his time, getting everything positioned just right. He buries Spartan's face into his leather bulge then extends his legs, ankles locked.

Seconds later, Spartan stirs. He writhes as his head is crushed. Every cry is muffled by the leather-wrapped bulge of his teen opponent, but it's clearly audible. The Greek warrior thrashes wildly as he tries to get free from the awesome power of Mimik's thick legs. Every muscle is clearly defined as the copycat flexes his legs for maximum power.

Mimik laughs, "I could put you out, but you pissed me off, so instead, you gotta beg for it!"

Spartan replies, "FFAAA! AAAHHHHH!"

Mimik tightens the squeeze, "What was that?"


"Blowing on my balls won't get you free."


Mimik grabs Spartan's hair. He opens his legs and pulls the Greek muscleman's face up. He looks pathetic, with face flushed red and gasping for breath. The dominant doppelgänger asks, "You begging yet?"

Spartan lies, "Fuck no!"

"Okay, back you go!" He shoves Spartan's face down, ready to re-apply the hold.

Spartan blurts out, "NO! Please! No more!"

Mimik pauses, "You begging? You know, you've got a reputation for changing your mind on this shit, so I want you to say it real clear."

Spartan pushes up, trying to get free, but Mimik is ready. The teen powerhouse forces the muscleheel back down and quickly locks his legs together. In seconds, Spartan is again pleading for release into the ample pouch, his hands rapidly tapping the thighs that are crushing his head. Mimik opens his legs, "Got something to say?"

Spartan says, "Okay! Yeah, I give. I give."

The imitator rolls to the side, letting Spartan collapse on the mat. He rises, places his boot on the Greek stud's back and flexes for the camera.

Typical. Spartan starts out strong, has control, but his arrogance costs him. He still hasn't even won a fall in four matches, despite all the muscles, strength and, yes, skill. At some point, it shifts from funny to pathetic.

Round Two

While we wait for round two, I just admire the musclemen in the ring. They're both annoying as hell, but I have to give credit where credit is due. At 19 and 20 years old, these two studs are pretty much flawless, with muscles that show incredible determination and work ethic. As a personal trainer, I know how much work goes into building bodies and in the case of these two bodies ... well, it has to be a 24/7 job.

As Ryan rings the bell, Mimik looks cockier than ever, while Spartan looks bigger, redder and like he's about to explode. Given his ego, this has to be killing him. However, I see that his bulge is bigger in his leather trunks. I've long suspected that he enjoys being a heel jobber, given how he's reacted after losing. Maybe losing to Mimik is what he wants.

The two studs circle. After the tough first round, their muscles are even more pumped, with a sexy sheen of sweat that reflects the spotlights beautifully. They lock up fast. Spartan wastes no time. He quickly powers Mimik into a standing side headlock. The chiseled warrior really cranks on the hold, making the cocky teen musclestud feel it.

Mimik is grunting as the flexed bicep presses into his temple. The teen musclestud slams his forearm into the Greek warrior's back then slides his head out of the hold. When Spartan turns, Mimik kicks him in the abs. THUD! The chiseled Spartan no-sells the move, not even acknowledging the blow. Instead, he responds with a kick of his own. WHOMP! OOF!

The devious doppelgänger is ripped, but he can't resist the force of the kick. He bends forward, getting immediately locked into a front facelock. Mimik pushes forward in the hold, using his feet to run Spartan into the corner. CLANG! The teen musclestud escapes then slaps on his own front facelock.

Mimik goes for a quick suplex, but Spartan blocks the attempt. He pulls his head free then reaches between the teen musclestud's legs. Mimik tries to back up, but he gets scooped up across Spartan's chest. The powerful musclehunk spins, bodyslamming Mimik to the canvas. WHAM!

The Greek warrior starts stomping his victim's abs, relentlessly driving his boot down into the rock hard muscles. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The teen musclestud bounces under the boot, unable to roll away. Spartan drops two knees into the softening midsection, really grinding the joint into Mimik's eight-pack abs.

Spartan screams, "You want to go after MY abs, you pathetic wannabe? Nothing can break my abs! Nothing!" The Greek warrior locks on a claw on Mimik's abs. When the doppelgänger cries out, Spartan says, "Yeah, yours ain't shit! You think you can be me? No fucking way!"

Spartan drags Mimik up, locking him in another front facelock. He lifts him up for a suplex, but instead of dropping the teen musclestud backwards, he drops him forward. Mimik is driven onto the top rope, which cuts into his amazing abs. The doppelgänger hangs there, helplessly groaning and trying not to puke. Spartan grabs the back of Mimik's leather briefs and pulls him into the ring. The teen musclestud flips over and crashes onto his back.

The arrogant warrior is feeling confident now. Mimik grips his stomach, which is red from the abuse. He doesn't resist when Spartan drags him up to his feet and shoves him into the corner. The Greek warrior pushes Mimik back with a choke hold then he unleashes a flurry of fists into the teen's abs with his free fist. POW! POW! POW! The abuse is extreme, maybe the hardest gut punching in Cave history. The sounds echo through the arena, as do the grunts then cries of pain from Mimik.

Every so often, the powerful warrior pauses, delivering knees to the abs that double Mimik over. The teen musclestud is then roughly forced to stand again, only to sustain more shots. Eventually, Mimik can't even stand. He collapses onto his butt as Spartan switches from fists and knees to boots to the red, softened stomach.

Mimik is whimpering as he's dragged up again. Spartan locks on an ab stretch. He cranks it hard, giving us a great view of the damage he's done. The teen musclestud moans. He tries to flip the Greek warrior over with a hip toss, but Spartan leans back hard. When he adds an ab claw, Mimik is grunting and swearing in obvious pain.

Spartan commands, "GIVE, POSER!"

"NO. WAY."

Spartan cranks back harder, trying to force the submission, but Mimik is ready for it. He goes with the pull, thrusting back and toppling them over. SPLAT! They land hard, with Spartan on the bottom. It's enough to break the hold. The teen musclestud rolls off his opponent, rising to a crouch. He is guarding his aching abs and breathing hard. It's the first time I've seen Corey not be a cocky jerk.

Mimik rises to his feet, measuring his opponent. Spartan also gets to his feet, watching the doppelgänger carefully. The Greek warrior charges in with a clothesline. It's clumsy and obvious, allowing the teen musclestud to duck. However, Spartan does an immediate 180, clearly anticipating the dodge. When Mimik turns to come in behind, he's met with a diving shoulder block to his abs. BOOM! OOF! Mimik crumbles on impact, bending over Spartan's broad shoulder.

Spartan reaches up for Mimik's throat and bulge. He smoothly lifts, easily pressing the teen musclestud overhead. The Greek warrior savors his moment of dominance then drops the doppelgänger down, onto his leg with a gutbuster. WHOMP! The devastating drop takes all the life out of the teenage powerhouse. He hangs on Spartan's leg, dry heaving, his arms and legs dangling limply.

The Greek muscleman reaches down and grabs Mimik's hair. He pulls the cocky copycat's head up. "Ready to give?" Mimik doesn't answer, but he looks destroyed. Spartan smirks, "Okay, I'll give you another chance."

Spartan pushes Mimik off his leg onto his back. He rises then stands on the teen musclestud's battered stomach. The dominant bodybuilder flexes with a double bicep pose while he bounces on the broken abs of the doppelgänger.  Under the weight, Mimik grunts loudly, trying to hold out.

The arrogant muscle warrior hops off then looks down with contempt at his prey. I swear Spartan looks like he's packed on 10-lbs of muscle in the past five minutes. He looks huge and imposing. I just wonder how he's going to blow it this time.

Spartan leaps in the air, coming down with an elbow drop to Mimik's stomach. THUD! OOF! He rolls over then applies a deadly claw. He drives his fingers down into the red midsection, using his weight and strength to drive them into the battered flesh. Mimik thrashes on the canvas, his abs unable to protect him due to all the abuse.

The Greek warrior challenges him, "DON'T GIVE! DON'T GIVE! I want to keep going!"

Mimik spits out a few meek fuck you's and other refusals, but he's clearly weakening. Spartan twists his hands and the moans from the teen musclestud rise a few decibels. But Spartan isn't done. He kicks up and does a handstand, pressing all his weight down into the abs. I'm amazed by the show of balance and athleticism. Mimik's screams tell me it's effective, too. The cocky copycat can't take it.

The teen stud cries out, "I GIVE! GIVE! GIVE!"

Spartan drops to his knees and withdraws his hands. He rises majestically then plants his boot on the destroyed abs. The Greek warrior flexes in victory for the first time.

Wow, it took until the second fall of his fourth match, but Spartan finally won a round. It's Mimik's first loss, too. I can't help but smile as the uber-cocky Mimik writhes on the mat, stretching out and rubbing his abs. It's only one round, but it's nice to see him knocked down a peg. I'm not confident how this will go, but I don't care, it's fun just watching them beat on each other.

Round Three

Mimik massages his abs in the corner, his cockiness toned down for once. Meanwhile, Spartan looks anxious to get going and keep the momentum on his side. He's pacing like a caged lion, just waiting to be released. When the bell sounds, the Greek warrior springs forth, charging at the imitator and screaming a battle cry. "YYAAAHHHHHH!"

Spartan crosses the ring in a split second, slamming his shoulder into the unprepared Mimik. OOF! CLANG! He drives the devious doppelgänger backwards into the corner, slamming him back hard. He steps back then launches with fists to Mimik's gut. The warrior goes after the tender abs again, picking up right where he left off. THUD! POW! WHAP! In desperation, the copycat dives out, lifting his elbow into the side of Spartan's face. CRACK!

As the warrior staggers back, Mimik tries to regroup. Spartan charges forward, but the teen powerhouse is ready for him. He lifts his legs and catches the charging muscleman with hard knees to the chest. OOF! Mimik swings his legs around the trim waist of his opponent, locking his ankles behind. He hangs on the top ropes, squeezing his legs in a body scissors.

Spartan grunts then rises. He laughs, "What the fuck is this?" In response, Mimik doubles his effort, trying to crush the warrior's midsection with his muscular thighs. Spartan spreads his arms wide, inviting Mimik to keep trying. The shocked teen muscleman accepts the challenge, working with all his might. Sweat starts to build on both ripped bodies.

At first, Mimik gets nowhere, but then cracks begin to appear in Spartan's arrogant facade. The thick legs tighten around him and the Greek musclestud suddenly can't resist their power. The teen powerhouse taunts, "Not laughing now, big guy! Let's hear you give ... AGAIN!"

Mimik squeezes, but we'll never know if he'd have gotten the submission, because Spartan brings his fists in and hammers them into the elevated abs of his opponent. The teen muscleman grunts and his legs separate, falling to the mat. Spartan dives in, bringing his knee into the battered abs. He grabs the doppelgänger by the hair and neck then yanks him forward, flipping him onto his butt. SPLAT! A hard kick between the shoulder blades has Mimik crying out.

Spartan flexes behind his opponent then grabs a handful of hair. He drags the teen powerhouse to his knees, but Mimik dives forward, catching the Greek musclestud around the waist. He smoothly squats up, lifting the big muscleman off the mat then flips him over his shoulder with a back body drop. WHAM! Spartan lands hard on his back, but the muscle holds. He springs to his feet, ready to take control again.

Mimik has other ideas. He's ready with a boot to the back that staggers Spartan. The teen musclestud sweeps the warrior's feet out from under him then leaps up, coming down with a leg drop across Spartan's face. WHACK! The Greek hunk is dazed as he's dragged up. Mimik holds his opponent by the head then wrenches up, executing a beautiful swinging neckbreaker. Both men fall to the mat, Spartan in a heap and Mimik sitting and laughing.

Knowing he's back in control, the devious doppelgänger puts his shin on Spartan's chest and flexes his arm while counting the pin. "ONE!" Pause. "TWO!" The Greek warrior barely manages to lift a shoulder, but he does. With the count broken, Mimik goes back to work. He drags Spartan to his feet then scoops him across his chest. The teen powerhouse shows off, circling the ring with his prey helpless across his chest.

After a lap, Mimik finally leaps, delivering a huge body slam that shakes the ring! WHOMP! Spartan groans as the cruel copycat stomps him mercilessly. When Spartan rolls over, the teen musclestud leaps on his back and pulls him up for a camel clutch. ARGH! The dominant doppelgänger pulls back hard, savoring his control.

Spartan groans and moans, but holds out. He won't submit, so Mimik puts his hands on the back of the Greek warrior's head and pushes him down. WHACK! Spartan's face slams into the mat hard and he writhes weakly as the teen imitator flexes again. Mimik slides on Spartan's back, lying flat on top of him.

Mimik rubs his pouch on Spartan's ass, taunting, "I can't wait to fuck this sweet ass." He presses down on the leather encased glutes then looks to camera, "You fans are finally gonna get to see what you're packing. I bet it's not much!"

Spartan spits out, "FUCK YOU!"

Mimik laughs, "Don't worry, little man, my big dick'll make up for it. And after I replace you, The Cave will finally have a warrior who's not embarrassed by what Zeus gave him."

"ARRRGGGHHHH! NEVER!!!" Spartan screams with rage, suddenly finding new energy. He bucks up, throwing the devious doppelgänger off. The surprised Mimik rolls twice, before stopping to rise. Before he can move, Spartan leaps on top of him. He drives his forearm across the muscle teen's handsome face, stunning him.

Spartan drives his knee into the teen's chiseled midsection then does it again. THUD! OOF! THUD! OOF! The Greek warrior unleashes hell on the stunned muscle boy's abs, pounding away on the ripped eight-pack. Every shot echoes throughout the arena as he holds nothing back. Mimik's abs break down, turning red and clearly losing definition. The warrior's fists are red, but he's unrelenting.

Mimik thrashes, trying to scramble away. As he moves, Spartan dives at him, slamming his elbow into the back of the copycat's head. The teen stud flies forward, his face slamming into the bottom turnbuckle. He sags down, his body limp after the double impact. Spartan grabs an ankle, dragging Mimik back to the middle of the ring.

As Spartan flips Mimik over onto his back, the teen gets a burst of energy, kicking out. The Greek warrior stumbles back, giving the teen powerhouse time to roll to his knees and spring out at him, Xaq lifts a knee just in time. CRACK! Mimik is hit under his chin, sending him sprawling back to the mat. He writhes in pain, but I doubt he even knows where he is right now.

Spartan circles, his sweaty muscles pumped and ready. In contrast, Mimi, looks smaller, his sweaty muscles looking drained as he blinks rapidly and rolls from side to side. The heel jobber steps forward and straddles the teen carcass. He extends an arm then moves his hands to make a thumbs down signal.

The powerful musclehunk grabs his dazed opponent by the hair and throat. He drags Mimik up then quickly lifts him and chokeslams him down. WHAM! Spartan repeats the move, planting the teen powerhouse down on his back and shoulders. WHAM! The Greek warrior pushes Mimik's arms out to the side then lies across them, pinning the copycat to the mat.

"ONE!" Spartan lifts one arm and flexes his bicep. "TWO!" He switches arms, flexing the other one. The dominant muscleman reaches down and seizes Mimik's hair. Spartan says, "THR-" then interrupts his own count, pulling the powerless villain up by his thick brown locks. An evil grin crosses his face, the heel looking confident that he'll be a jobber no more.

After savoring the moment of his fake pin on his helpless opponent, the Greek warrior drags Mimik to his feet by the throat. His face is etched with rage as he secures both hands on his opponent's neck. The ailing doppelgänger desperately tries to pry Spartan's hands apart, but it's no use. The vice-like grip is secure, veins popping in the Greek warrior's fingers, up his ripped forearms, bulging biceps, shoulders and neck.

With one swift thrust, he hoists the helpless Mimik in the air, easily supporting the 200-lbs of muscle. The muscled imitator tries to brace himself, wrapping his legs around Xaq's trim waist and grabbing the arms that have him suspended off the mat. It doesn't help.

Seconds later, Mimik's muscular body relaxes, going entirely limp. Only then does Spartan release his victim, letting him fall to the mat. With contempt visible on his face, the Greek warrior majestically places his boot on Mimik's heaving chest.

Spartan raises his hand in victory, counting out, "ONE! TWO! THREE!" Not satisfied, he keeps going to ten, dazzling the camera with a pose down. Xaq shows off his chiseled physique once again, this time in total victory. The display is fantastic and ensures there's no doubt about which one is the real warrior and which is the fake.

Huh. Spartan actually won. Wow, I guess he just needed the right motivation. Now that he has his first win, I wonder if he's turned a corner. At the very least, it'll create some suspense for future matches.

No matter who lost, I figured I was going to be happy. And you know what? Seeing Corey lying on the mat, knocked out cold by a guy who's been such a jobber, I am. I really, really am.

The Real Deal

With his opponent still down and sleeping, Spartan circles slowly, sneering at the muscular form at his feet. He walks over to his opponent's corner, reaching for the long chains and manacles. The Greek god of a man walks back to his victim, swinging the end of the chain around casually.

Spartan spits out, "You really thought you could use these on me? ON ME?"

The victorious muscleman steps over the lifeless carcass of Mimik. He grabs the copycat's wrists and clamps on the restraints, securing them. He goes back to the corner, retrieving the red cape. He carries it to his own corner, placing it with his own. The chiseled hunk grabs a bottle of water, takes a swig then turns it, emptying its contents out onto the muscle teen's handsome face. SPLASH!

The defeated stud coughs and sputters as he starts to process what happened to him. He slaps the mat angrily, quickly realizing that he's chained. The copycat looks up at the smirking Spartan.

Mimik demands, "What the?! Take these the fuck off!"

Ignoring the muscle teen, Spartan orders, "Get the fuck up!"

When the losing wrestler doesn't move, Spartan roughly grabs him and forces him to his feet by his hair. He slugs Mimik in the gut six times, causing the bound muscle teen to drop to his knees, bend over and heave, almost throwing up. The muscle master grabs another handful of hair, wrenching his victim's head back.

Xaq gets right in Mimik's handsome face, "Don't test me. Your muscles are as weak as your gimmick, you fucking jobber! Now, stand up and bow your head before your superior!"

Mimik doesn't move, so the dominant muscleman slaps him hard across the cheek. SMACK! The force sends the chained muscle teen to the mat. Next, Spartan gives the disobedient wrestler a stiff stomp to his ripped gut. The cocky copycat realizes Spartan isn't kidding around. He finally obeys, meekly accepting Spartan's mastery. He struggles to his feet, his head bowed in subservience.

Spartan circles his defeated doppelgänger. From behind, he reaches around in front and grabs at the leather briefs. He unsnaps the front, stepping back as they fall off Mimik's body, exposing his bare ass in a tiny black thong. The victorious villain raises his boot and slams it into the small of Mimik's back. WHACK! The loser flies forward, falling to his knees in the corner, his red cape strewn beside him.

As Mimik hangs on hands and knees, Spartan moves in behind. He seizes the thong, tearing it off the teen powerhouse. The Greek warrior grabs a handful of hair then drags his victim up to his feet again. When he moves around in front, the victorious Greek warrior doesn't even acknowledge his opponent's exposed manhood. He merely grabs the small leather briefs from the mat and tosses them with the ripped black thong over to his corner. Spartan is assembling a nice collection of Mimik's gear, ensuring the cocky copycat will never imitate him again.

Next, Spartan opens up the gauntlets, removing them and adding them to the pile. The muscle teen's cock is swelling and it's obvious that he's getting into his new subservient role. I can see why, with Xaq looking more pumped than ever. Being stripped by this beast would be hot for anyone.

Suddenly, the Greek warrior unloads with a fist to the gut again. THUD! An unprepared Mimik nearly falls down, only held on his feet by Spartan. The victorious wrestler scoops his prey up and effortlessly carries his 200-lbs of muscle to the corner. He flips the muscle teen upside down, locking his left boot up for a tree of woe.

With Mimik helplessly hanging upside down, wrists chained and body naked, except for his boots, he's defenseless. The teen's cock hangs down his abs, stretching past his navel and leaking as he suffers. Spartan stomps his pecs, smashing them with his boots. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The arrogant warrior stops his assault, but keeps a firm boot on Mimik's heaving red chest.

Spartan reaches over the ropes and unlaces his victim's right boot before taking it off and throwing it aside. He peels off the athletic sock that sits underneath, obviously planning on leaving nothing behind. The mighty muscleman switches his opponent's feet then takes his other boot and sock.

Mimik hangs completely naked, his stolen identity retrieved by its rightful owner. Spartan unleashes a barrage of stomps on the devious doppelgänger. The pumped powerhouse only stops when Mimik's foot comes free and he collapses in a heap in the corner. Spartan paces, staring down at the crumpled, moaning carcass of his opponent.

The warrior asks, "Learned your lesson?"

When Mimik doesn't respond, the mighty Greek warrior snorts with contempt. He drags the weakened muscle teen across the ring by his ankle. Mimik's naked body looks amazing as it slides over the mat, but Spartan doesn't bother admiring the loser. Why would he? He sees a more powerful, more skilled man in the mirror every day. The winner forces the loser under the bottom rope then to his feet, facing outside the ring.

The defeated stud offers no resistance, barely able to keep his feet as Spartan holds him from behind. Spartan uses the long chain and shackles to force Mimik's arms over the top rope. He unlocks one shackle then brings the chain across his victim's chiseled abs before locking it back on the wrist of the naked loser. Damn, now Mimik is really trapped.

Spartan presses against the back of Mimik's knees. The loser drops, his weight sagging the top rope, making it easy for the victorious villain to lock his arms in place between the ropes. The Greek warrior hops out of the ring and pulls Mimik's feet out and down towards the floor. Mimik's 200-lbs of muscle pull the ropes down, but not enough to reach the floor. He groans as he's crucified in the ropes, his naked body dangling down and arms outstretched.the chain rides up, cutting under his bulging pecs and raising the red slabs up and out.

Spartan steps back and surveys the scene, clearly impressed by his handiwork. He says to camera, "I'm leaving him here as a warning to anyone who wants to mess with me. I'll do the same to you!"

With that, he strikes a victory pose, shows off his muscles one last time then storms out of the ring area, leaving the stripped teen stud moaning in agony as his shoulders are strained by his own weight and the metal restraints cut into his smooth flesh.

I admire Spartan's wide, chiseled back one more time, finding a new admiration for the heel and possibly-former jobber. Looks like Ryan owes Jae one pair of leather trunks after all.

The End


  1. First off this match is my Favorite match! (So far i should say) When i saw a picture of Bryant in spartan Gear i was hoping this match would come! The action and pictures in this chapter are top notch. I love how powerful Xaq is and the parts were he lifts Corey up showing off his strength and were he takes a hit to get in his own powerful blow are my favorite parts during the match. I hope i see more of those when Xaq wrestles again and if he keeps up his heel role. Spartan saying he was going to strip Mimik of everything was another highlight for me, to bad it was mostly at the end but that was still great. And the ending! Stripping corey of everything and still pounding his body before leaving him trapped and hanging was a perfect ending for Xaq who plays his own way. Though i am sad that xaq didnt do anything else after stripping corey though i do like it too since he has his own identity in the ring compared to other wrestlers though im just curious to see what xaq is packing under those leather briefs.

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    1. I'm glad you liked it ... I was worried you wouldn't like Xaq not jobbing.

      And thanks for the comment on Cody. I'm trying to balance him evolving in a realistic way and at a believable pace while also remaining true to who he is. I don't want him to become a different character, but people should be impacted by what happens in their lives. As an amateur writer, it's not easy for me to juggle or judge, so the feedback is appreciated.

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      SuperStar will re-appear in ring action, but not until 2016. He's had a big 2015, with 5 new stories (Adventures of SuperStar 4-8). Only the Route 69 stars Ben and Jeff had more.

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