Saturday, November 28, 2015

Quick Hit: Marco vs. Fit (Thunder's Arena)

I like the organizational structure I've been using for the blog if for no other reason than I don't have to come up with witty titles for every post. However, the "Review" title for covering videos does put some pressure on me. Sometimes I watch something and I just don't have a strong opinion about it. I feel like reviews should have a point-of-view and make a recommendation.

The new "Quick Hits" category is my attempt to help with that. It will be for a couple of things, but the common element will be that they're shorter and more weighted to visuals than words. It could be for shorter recaps that are more designed to help you form an opinion and less about me sharing mine. I can cover things that I don't feel strongly about, but think readers will be interested in. It could also feature just a couple of hot moments from a match, rather than an overall assessment of the entire video.

Marco vs. Fit

First up, Marco vs. Fit. This was a free download. It's not one I would've bought on my own, but Thunder's Arena added it to any order over $50 (I saw it's up to $100 now), so it effectively lowered the average cost of the videos purchased. (I know, I know ... why am I buying new stuff when I still have videos from August to watch?)

This is a video where Marco basically toys with the lighter Fit. At the start, he refuses to be moved and acts bored. Marco dominates even when Fit is on top. He makes it obvious he can break any hold and is allowing himself to be moved around. Fit tries very hard, but is reduced to worshipping Marco's muscles.

In terms of talent, Marco's body looks amazing in white underwear. Tanned. Muscular. Full of swagger. His opponent Fit is pale and lean in skimpy purple gear.


Yeah, Fit's a plaything

Fit in control?

Well, at least Fit got to cop a feel

Who wouldn't trade places with Fit right now?

Marco/Fit ... any thoughts? And what do you think of the idea of these Quick Hits? Does it make sense? Is it enough? Am I just duplicating what's on the website? Should I make this a regular thing in 2016?



  1. I enjoy the Quick Hits (or really anything that recaps matches). I tend not to purchase a video unless there are some comments on the video, or they have been reviewed by other bloggers. So anything that can sway my opinion, one way or the other, is good by me. I would suggest doing these for matches that you have seen but did not "wow" you or may not afford a second, or third viewing. Your usual recaps, in which your writing outweighs the visual, might be better suited to videos that are wroth a repeat viewing and really got your motor running, for good or bad.
    That's my two cents, anyways. Keep up the great work!!

    1. I appreciate you giving me your two cents! I think that makes sense.

  2. Olha, estou aqui novamente. Gosto muito para falar seu blog porque gosto da forma que
    você tem para relacionar-se com com o leitor.

    1. Welcome back! I'm happy my blog is relatable.