Saturday, November 7, 2015

Review: Alex Oliver vs. Sgt Stiff (Wrestler4Hire)

One of the most common comments about comic book villains is, "why don't they use their genius and become rich inventors?" It's a good point. All these low-grade crooks who build things in their garage like matter transmuting rays or suits of armor could have a lot more legitimate money than they get from robbing a bank. I mean, sheesh.

I now feel the same way about Cameron Matthews. Why is he producing wrestling videos at Cameron Wrestler when he clearly has a time machine in his possession?

It's the only explanation I can find for how he got Sgt. Stiff here from the 1980's to give a master class in being an 80's heel. Body. Gear. Character. Voice. Attitude. Moves. It's all so on point. I literally felt like I was watching a guy who stepped forward 30 years to show us modern day folks how it's supposed to be done.

A good heel plays with his food

Alex Oliver is a literal doormat

Yes, I enjoyed this 100% squash a lot.

There's no storyline to this 23-minute match, really. Alex Oliver is working out in shirt and trunks. Sgt. Stiff enters like a masked Sgt. Slaughter after a heel turn. A little trash talking. Then the ass-kicking ensues, starting around the 2.5-minute mark.

Mauling the prettyboy

Pure domination


The heel's black mask works great. It lends credence to the idea that this guy can overpower and maul the jobber. This is how a mask can work exceptionally well. It enhances the threat. I have no idea what Sgt. Stiff looks like, but I'm positive that he is more intimidating in the mask.

The jobber displays the perfect 80's Saturday morning resistance - a few ineffectual punches to the gut and a lot of whining, crying, begging and other assorted suffering. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Love the 80's style ineffectual punch
Just a pathetic jobber toy

I will say that jobber Alex Oliver is a very handsome, very fit musclestud. He's got a 2015 aesthetic - a hunk whose trim, tight and more fit than the typical soft-bellied or muscled jobbers from whence Sgt. Stiff came. However, the fact that he is trimmed, ripped and barefoot took me back to Kevin Von Erich in a good way.

Hot jobber boy in white

Oliver's trunks pulled up a lot

Stretching out that hot body

Alex Oliver looks great in his tight white briefs with the black belt. They grip his ass, show off his bulge and stretch a lot during the multiple wedgies he endures. I wasn't a fan of the shirt, the only down point of the video. It does get pulled up early, revealing his torso. It is used creatively to blind Alex while he's tied up in the ropes at around 5 minutes. And it finally comes off completely about 10 minutes in. So all in all, it wasn't a huge problem.

The heel uses the shirt effectively 

There's not really much more to say. If the idea of a masked Sgt. Slaughter destroying Kevin Von Erich gets you going, I think you'll love this match. More broadly, if you just like the idea of a classic muscle boy squash by a mean, grizzled heel, it's for you. On the other hand, if you only like prettyboys, bodybuilders or back-and-forth action, you probably won't like it. It's a pretty simple and completely dependent on your personal tastes.

If you like squashes, this is a good one

Have you seen this? If you have, what did you think? If not, do you want to? Why or why not? Please let me know in the comments?



  1. Alex R:

    Definitely this is hot. Love the black mask. There are scenarios for everyone. Jobbers that dont do anything are as important as the guys that go toe to toe. Lets put it this way, they bring balance to the force lol. Its part of the flavor mix. If its jobbing all the time of course it gets boring. When I was a kid, it pissed me off though the jobbers because they filled too much time on TV without good fights (80's). I think they fit better online than in TV. They gain my approval now! But let me say this, I prefer the style of the Jobber of Jobbers, XAQ! Yeah he won against Mimik, but I still love my Jobber Spartan Ha.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Agreed that a mix of 'flavors' is best. Back in the 80's, great matches were almost never on TV. Titles never changed on a Saturday morning, that's for sure.

      Monday Night Raw changed that a little then it changed a lot when WCW launched Monday Night Ro ... sorry, "Nitro". That's when I remember starting to see more and more stars on TV and fewer nameless local jobbers.

  2. How is the end? Is it a submission or a pinfall?

    1. *** SPOILER *** Alex submits during the match, but the end of the video is a sleeper. The "Pure domination" image above is the final move and the "Olivier's trunks pulled up a lot" image is where the video ends, with Alex unconscious, trunks wedgied.

  3. Hey there. Love your work. Do you ever co-write stories? I'd be way interested in that.

    1. I haven't ever really co-written a story. Several years ago I tried it, but it turned out to just be a way to get me to write someone else's idea. If you've done it and it doesn't just result in a ton of work for me, you can e-mail me and we can discuss.

    2. Yeah I can see how that could happen. But I don't think that will happen here. It's not fun unless it's a collaboration of equal measure. Pass me your email and we'll talk about it if you're interested!

  4. I have bought a few matches from Cameronwrestler. While they are interesting, I think there's really too much theatrics to make it really enjoyable for me. A lot of moves, holds, and trash talks sound false.

    His non-scheduled updates does bug me as well. I wish Cameron would release more matches in a timely manner, since he teases so many upcoming matches.

    Be interesting to see if this site will be a success. It's a maybe for me.

    1. Thanks for the comment! The long breaks don't bug me that much, because it's not costing me anything. I agree that he has teased a lot of hot wrestlers and action that we haven't seen.

      No offense to Cameron, but I think the inconsistency should make guys very wary of paying for a subscription service from him. And it should make him re-think the idea of even launching it.

  5. On the topic of subscription service, are you or anyone a subscriber of Jonny Firestorm's club? I am interested to see if the contents are worth it, since it's been launched for a good few months now.

    1. I don't have Jonny's service. The only subscription services I have are BGEast Arena and Eye of the Cyclone. I find both are worth it. I did Thunder's TV, but its been years. I didn't find it good value then, but maybe it is now.