Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Review: Mike Pitt vs. Bulldog Barzini (BGEast)

So BGEast has posted the first preview for Catalog 111 up on the Arena. It’s for Babyface Brawl 3 and one of the matches has me quite excited. Of course it’s not available on VOD yet (the matches I'm most interested in usually aren't the first ones released), so now I wait.

The match is Trent Blayze vs. Mike Pitt.

Babyface Brawl 3: Images from The Arena preview

You might be thinking, “Who?” or “Why?” Or, you might be excited, too. Either way, as I wait, I thought I’d look back at a couple of the matches that made me like these guys.

It’s interesting, because while I think Pitt looked like a babyface in his first matches, he looks dramatically beefed up in the preview images. And I don't consider Blayze a babyface. Still, it doesn’t really matter what they call it, since I like both guys a lot.

Mike Pitt has done quite a few matches for BGEast. For this post, I’m looking back at the first time I saw him. It's Bulldog Barzini vs. Mike Pitt. I bought this match years ago, maybe even on VHS, I can’t remember. Now, on paper it looks like a standard big, bad heel squash of a young upstart. And that would’ve been fine, but this match is much more than that.

I expected a lot of this

And some of this

But this was a nice surprise (for multiple reasons)

Pitt is no pushover. He’s no simpering little jobber who’s going to lie down for the mean, nasty Barzini. In his tight red pro trunks, the young stud gives almost as good as he gets. He creatively maneuvers the heel into dire predicaments and makes this a surprisingly competitive match. Pitt’s cocky attitude makes this even more enjoyable than I thought it would be.

A full nelson with a little extra

Going all out on a body scissors

Yes, he counts 2-1/2 before 3 ... like I said, "cocky"

Now, part of this is Bulldog Barzini. He’s a personal favorite of mine, both because of his bulky look and his skill set. In all of his matches that I’ve seen, he usually takes some abuse and loses at least a fall.

Beautifully powerful bearhug

Love the camel-nelson combo

A rack with the old "Look at yourself" move ... a classic

This match features nice action from both guys, with a lot of classic moves and big talk. I really did enjoy it, so looking back for this post was quite fun. If you never saw it, I think it's a good one if the guys and action sound interesting to you.

Tomorrow, I’ll highlight the other side of this upcoming contest - Trent Blayze.


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