Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Review: Trent Blayze vs. Darius (BGEast)

Yesterday I posted about my interest in the upcoming BGEast match between Trent Blayze and Mike Pitt. I covered Pitt’s match vs. Bulldog Barzini. Today, I wanted to highlight one of Trent Blayze’s matches.

Blayze vs. Pitt
Image from The Arena preview

I’ve bought or rented all four of Trent Blayze’s released matches. I heard that BGEast often films five matches at a time, so this might be his last one from the same group, but I hope not.

Trent Blayze

Now, I’m not the first one to blog about Trent Blayze. Bard named him Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month for November 2012. Joe at the newly re-opened Ringside at Skull Island has multiple posts that feature the 6’1”/195-lbs stud Mr. Blayze. And over at Wrestling Arsenal, there was an image back on his 2/18 "Release the Camels" entry that featured him wrestling in an indie pro match.

For today's post, I decided to look back at his match from Muscle Madness 1 against Darius. It's my favorite of the four, although the Jayden Mayne and Attila Dynasty matches were also really good. The only one I never re-watched was the Joe Robbins one, but that has more to do with Robbins than Blayze.

Blayze spends a lot of time working over Darius' pecs

Blayze planted with a sidewalk slam

Blayze, with his long, lanky body, looks great in his uber-brief white trunks. His body is unique in BGEast and I find it quite sexy. He has one of those bodies that can hold the tiniest of briefs just perfectly. Now his personality is a little quiet, his banter a little stiff, but I don’t really mind. He moves well, knows what to do and looks great doing it.

Love that body in those briefs

Blayze can bring the muscle, too

Of course Darius looks great, as always. He’s a great contrast, which I always like. More muscular, thicker and shorter, Darius is a powerful dude, but is usually (always?) in the role of the jobber. Here, his pale blue satin trunks not only pop against his rich dark skin, but reinforce his jobber-ness. He plays it well, so I get it.

Darius on display for our pleasure

The big man stretched out

The guys flex then arm wrestle, which I’m never a fan of, so I was a little worried. It’s when they start wrestling that I started paying attention. And from that moment until the end, I was really engrossed. I enjoyed seeing the match go both ways. There’s a lot of back-and-forth here. More than you might expect, given Darius’ reputation.

Darius just shrugs off the rookie

More work on those meaty pecs

Tall and trim bodies are built to be bent in half

So that’s the preview. I'm glad to see another Blayze match, as I assumed he was long gone. Now I just have to wait for the Blayze/Pitt match to get onto VOD! I'll definitely review it when I get the chance, for good or bad.

Any other Blayze fans? Have you seen this match? What did you think? Am I alone in thinking Blayze-Pitt will be a good match? The comment box is right there, waiting for your thoughts!



  1. I have one of Blayze's matches. When looking at the rest of his match-ups he didn't look as dominant in the others. I like him firmly in control.

    1. SPOILERS!!!!

      BGE didn't use Blayze as a dominant, firmly in control guy. He is semi-dominant vs. Darius and Jayden, but he actually jobs out to big Joe Robbins and little Attila Dynasty, so you probably wouldn't like those ones. I think he's going to lose this one, too, but I'll have to wait and see.


    2. That's the only match I've watched. I thought I recall enjoying it. Mmm...this is a puzzle. I clearly remember a match in which he practically squashed a rookie. It's why I looked up his other matches to see if there were any others I wanted to see. There weren't . I checked the BGE discs I own and couldn't find it. But I remember his tattoos and his gloating clearly. WTH?

    3. You might've liked the match, but he's not dominant in it, except for a stretch at the start.

      Maybe you're thinking of Jayden Mayne? He's more cocky and also has tattoos.

    4. I see what happened. I mentally conflated three matches. I just recently got two DVDs. Pec Bash 2 and Fantasymen 17. I spliced together the Trent Blayze vs. Joe Robbins and the Brad Barnes vs. Chase LaChance with the Brad Rochelle vs. Mickey Vee. I was identifying Vee with Blayze. What a mess! But I'm glad I figured out what happened. I thought my mind was confused and failing me. I did just turn 62.

  2. Pec Bash 2, which also has a very exciting Chase LaChance match. LaChance is another favorite that appears in 111.

    1. Yeah, the Pec Bash 2 match is the Joe Robbins one I mention in my reply above. It doesn't sound like you'd be a fan.

  3. These are matches I want to buy, one month at a time:

    #1 Sleeper Surrender 1 (LaChance, Sorrel and Reno) $39, #2 Jobberpalooza 11 (LaChance) $49, #3 Wrestleshack 20 (LaChance) $49 ,#4 Hunkbash 14 (Michaels) $49, #5 Hunkbash 17 (Volkov and Rush) $49, #6 Kane's Sinister Side (Hartley )$39, #7 Fantasymen 16 (Columbo and Mazetti) $39, #8 Fantasymen 35 (Diaz and Garza, Hartley) $49, #9 Masked Mayhem 2 (Domino) $49

    1. I liked your #5 and #7, as well as the Lane Hartley match of your #8. I haven't seen the others.

    2. Well, I haven't seen them either. I'm going by the descriptions and the photos. #s 5 and 9 are matches I've wanted to see for a long time. I really like LaChance (#1, 2, 3,). I also like Hartley. And #s 4 and 5j ust look interesting . Catalog 110 is new and has a number of these matches.