Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Cave 14: The Bat vs. Mimik

"Another villain down at the hands of The Bat! And you got to see it live!"

I rise up, thrusting my arms in the air then I strike a double bicep pose. In spite of being tired, my 205-lbs of muscle on my 6' frame responds, giving all our subscribers who are watching my victory posedown one last thrill before we shut the feed down.

I love the feeling of a hard-fought, best two-out-of-three, sex stakes match, especially when I win. And my fans love the sight of my muscles, pumped from action and covered in a coating of sweat. My exposed cock is finally softening after I claimed the ass of the very sexy villain Dr. Kaos, the unfortunate loser of the match. It wasn't easy and there was a moment in the third round where I thought things wouldn't go my way, but I gutted it out.

It's not that often that I get to do a live streaming match, but when I do, it's always a rush. I look over at my opponent, who's quietly rolling out of the ring. He stumbles to the curtain, simultaneously stretching his back out and rubbing his ass. After the pounding I just gave it with my steel 'bat-pole', that's no surprise.

The cameras continue to roll for my celebration flexathon. The images are still being shared over the Internet, watched by our paying followers. I want to make sure that they feel like their time and money is well-spent. After all, I'm not just The Bat, the top-selling and most successful wrestler for The Cave, a gay-oriented, superhero-themed wrestling video company. I'm also Cody, the 29-year old co-owner of it, along with my best friend Ryan.

As I go through my routine, I notice Ryan and his annoying friend Pete, who're operating our two handheld cameras, simultaneously shift focus away from me. I lower my arms, unflexing and putting them on my hips. I'm about to question what's going on, wondering if we lost the feed or something, when I hear a familiar voice behind me.

"Hey Bat, you know how you always say, 'any time' for our match? How about now?"

I turn just in time to see Mimik, a 19-year old villain and rookie wrestler whose gimmick is copying the look of his opponents. He's standing atop the corner turnbuckle behind me, looking great in full Batman-inspired gear that matches my own, except he's wearing fresh trunks and mine are sweat-soaked and lying on the other side of the ring.

Mimik suddenly leaps out, propelling his 5'11" and 200-lbs of perfectly-defined and ripped muscle right at me. The soles of his boots crash into me, hitting me square on the chest. THUD! OOF! The surprise flying dropkick hits perfectly. I'm too shocked and unprepared to brace, so the impact sends me flying backwards down onto the mat.

I land hard on my back then grab my chest and groan. I rub my pecs. I see big red marks, as the pattern from the bottom of his boots has transferred to my flesh. I hate to admit it, but I'm tired after a 35-minute, 3-round match followed by an awesome fuck fest. I mean, I plowed Dr. Kaos hard. I really just want a shower, not this bullshit.

I ask, "What the fuck are you doing?"

The heel picks up my trunks and charges at me. He wraps my black spandex briefs around my neck then starts tightening them. He drags me up, standing behind me. I feel him twisting the trunks, choking me. I desperately try to stretch the fabric out for relief, but he's got it locked in tight. Plus, he's forcing me to walk around, treating me like his puppet, keeping me disoriented.

The cameras are still rolling, which means this humiliation is being fed to our fanbase. Mimik taunts, "C'mon, man! Fight back! I thought you were The Cave's resident stud?"

I'm losing consciousness when Mimik shifts his hold to my thick traps. Before I can react, he leaps up, puts his knees in my back and pulls me down as he falls. I land on top of him, his knees driving into my back. CRACK! The back cracker sends shockwaves throughout my body. I fly off his knees, landing face down on the mat. I try moving, but it's not working out.

The muscle teen casually flips me over onto my back. He pulls my head into his legs, wraps on a figure-four head scissors and tightens. I squirm and writhe, trying to get my wits back. I'm trying for a counter, but he squeezes harder and my arms drop to my side. UH! UH! The villain shifts left and right, rolling my body. I feel my cock and balls flopping like dead fish, as my body gets more and more limp.

Mimik mocks my helplessness, "Night, night, Bat!"

The heel tightens again. I must black out, because the next thing I know, Mimik is standing over me, his iPhone tucked in his trunks.

The villain moves in close. He kneels beside me then starts playing a clip of the two of us in the locker room. In it, he asks me when we can do a match and there I am, replying, 'Any time you've got Bat gear.' It's basically the same reply I've given him every time we've talked about wrestling. I have to smile at his cleverness in recording it, as he knew exactly what I would say.

Mimik smirks down at me, "I know you're a man of your word, so 'any time' is now, Bat." He taps his phone, playing another clip. This one is footage of his boot pressing down on my exposed cock as he slowly counts to ten. "And too bad for you, 'cause you're already down a fall, hero."

Between Rounds

I slowly crawl to the corner, desperate to regroup. Ryan is waiting for me, his camera down, because he wants to talk. He whispers to check on me, assuring me he didn't know this would happen.

There was a time, not too long ago, when he did set me up just like this. As my arch-nemesis Bane, he successfully destroyed me and it started with live streaming a match where I was sandbagged by a mystery opponent. By the time Ryan's revenge was over, The Bat was out of The Cave and I was forced to adopt a jobber identity, the Pink Punk, to get back in while I earned back his trust and friendship.

We eventually worked it out and The Bat came back (better than ever), but since Mimik's alter ego is Corey, Ryan's current fuck buddy, I can see how he'd be worried I might think he'd returned to his vengeful ways as Bane. For the record, I don't think that.

I tell him, "It's cool, Ry. He's a punk. I'm not blaming you. We're good." I pause, "Still streaming?"

Ryan replies, "Yeah, it all happened so fast."

"Fuck, he planned this perfectly, didn't he? Did you tell him about your whole Bane thing?"

Ryan hangs his head, "Sorry, we like to role play and he really likes me as Bane. I might've mentioned what I've done to Batman along the way."

I'm distracted for a second, "That sounds kinda hot, actually. How about I get Jae in his SuperStar gear and we do a World's Finest sometime?"

Ryan shakes his head, "Cody, only you could think of that at a time like this. Let's focus on the now. Look, we can still pull the plug. Maybe just say look for the exciting conclusion, coming soon? Guys have already gotten more than what they expected. Great job against Dr. Kaos, by the way."

"Thanks. I hear you, but I'm not sure. We showed a great match, plus a shocking twist. It's really good. If we end it and guys feel disappointed, we've turned a major win into a loss. We can't afford to alienate anyone."

Ryan confirms, "Yeah, while you were out I looked. The comments are amazing. This will blow up the blogs and groups, if you're willing to see it through. Memberships will explode and no one will ever miss another streaming event after this. But it's your ass on the line, so it's your call."

"And there's not really enough time to figure this out, is there? Time betweens rounds is almost up." I sigh, "Okay, I'll do it."

Ryan rubs my shoulder, "Okay."

I nod, "Well, guys are always saying they want to see The Bat lose ..."

Ryan says, "You're not going to lose. You're going to gut this out and pull off a surprise upset, because you're the best. You've fought through worse."

I smile, "Thanks, buddy." I slide my trunks back on, digging down for some energy to help me finish this thing.

Round Two (Or One. Or Five. Depends On How You Look At It.)

I'm on my feet, stretching out as the bell for round two sounds. Although, given how we got here, it's really the first round for Mimik and the fifth round today for me, but I can't think about that. This teen villain obviously isn't going to take it easy on me. He has a plan and it's working. I need a plan of my own.

We start this round circling the ring. The teen musclestud looks impressive and confident. Of course he should be. Hes got me right where he wants me. I appreciate Ryans support, but weve been friends long enough that I could see the doubt behind his words.

Mimik taunts me, Damn, Bat, you're gonna look great hanging off my cock. For an old guy, youve got a rockin bod. Not as good as this,” Mimik flexes, but definitely fuckable. Cmon, show me what youve got left, Bat.

I respond by flexing, straining my exhausted muscles. The cocky punk races at me, trying to catch me off guard. Im not an idiot. I turn and extend an elbow, hitting him directly in the head. CRACK! He lands on his ass, I reach down, grab his ankles and lift. I drive my boot into his lower abs. STOMP! I step over, flipping the younger wrestler onto his chest. I sit back in the Boston crab, applying as much pressure as I can.

Under me, Mimik moans. I pull back and down, folding the teen muscleman in half. He grunts in pain. Ive got it locked up, but that doesnt stop him from fighting the hold. I havent really set it up with any punishment, so hes able to resist. I feel him pressing up and kicking back, working to power out. I decide to let him get free, but make sure he thinks he got out on his own.

Mimik kicks back and I stumble into the opposite ropes. WHOA! The cocky stud rises and charges in. I kick back, slamming my boot into his rock hard abs. THUD! The teen muscleman staggers back, holding his abs. I rise and turn, fists raised and preparing to continue the fight. Mimik holds up his hand in a stopsignal.

Mimik says, "Congrats, Bat. You got some offense in. Now you won't feel so bad for losing."

I smirk, "Yeah, it's amazing what an old guy can do when he's not being sandbagged by a little cheater a few minutes after he's already won a three-round match."

Mimik ignores my comment, not wanting to acknowledge the sleazy side of his sneak attack. He wants this to be a cute stunt, but its a dirty ploy. It invalidates the legitimacy of anything he accomplishes, so I can see why he doesnt want me bringing it up.

Instead, the musclehunk just lifts his hands, challenging me to another lockup. We circle halfway around the ring before I'm ready. I move in and we tie up in a collar-and-elbow lockup. It's back-and-forth, but I get powered into a side headlock. The teen powerhouse doesn't give me a chance to counter, immediately flipping me over with a hip toss. WHAM!

I land on my back, giving the cocky stud the chance to stomp me hard. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Mimik leaps up with a leg drop across my stomach. THUD! He slides back then grabs my wrist and ankle. He plants his feet in my side and pulls, stretching me out. I groan and fight to break free, but he's a strong guy. I won't give, but this is definitely wearing me down.

The teen musclestud kick his feet into my side, alternating the short, but stiff shots with his boots. Mimik releases the hold, allowing me to roll onto my stomach. I start to rise, but the hunk helps me by grabbing my mask. I fire a shot into his abs, backing him off. THUD! OOF! I finish getting to my feet on my own, but Mimik slips in and scoops me up across his chest. WHOA!

I hang helplessly as he holds me against his broad chest. I start to kick to escape, but so he bodyslams me down to the mat. WHOMP! I lift my hips and roll onto my side to ease the pressure. Mimik kicks me over onto my stomach then leaps up, coming down with a leg drop to the back of my head. WHACK! I'm stunned as my face is slammed into the canvas. The teen musclestud rises and grabs my cowl and drags me to my knees.

Mimik locks my head between his powerful thighs. They close on my head and I can't pull free. I brace, hoping to avoid being put out, which I know he can do. The teen powerhouse reaches around my waist and lifts. My feet leave the ground, but I kick and manage to plant them again. I brace then lift, flipping him over my back with a back body drop. WHAM! I kick back with a donkey kick between his shoulder blades. THWACK!

I spin fast, diving over the seated musclestud. I grab his head and pull it down between his knees then let go. He snaps forward then back. The cocky punk rolls onto his side, grabbing his neck and kicking the mat in pain. I push him onto his stomach then plant my knee on his back. I reach under his chin and pull up, targeting his neck again.

Mimik moans under me, pounding the mat with his fists in pain and frustration. I feel his legs kicking as he holds out against my hold. He tries to counter, but I yank him up hard and it keeps him from doing anything. The teen musclestud reaches for my hands, so I let go, grabbing his wrists tightly. I twist his arms back and force them up in the air. My doppelgänger groans as I torture his shoulders by pushing them forward.

I can't get a submission, but I can tell he's weakening. I let go of his wrists, rise up then unleash stomps onto his shoulders, back and neck. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The muscleman tries to squirm away, but I'm relentless. I leap into the air, coming down with an elbow to the back of his head. CRACK! That takes the fight out of him, as he goes limp under me.

I drag Mimik to his feet then position us back-to-back. I pull his head down onto my shoulder then drop for a neckbreaker. The teen powerhouse goes limp, so I hook his leg for a pin. ONE! Pause. He starts squirming. TWO! Pause. The cocky punk kicks out, pushing me off him and lifting his shoulder. I roll to my knees, my chest heaving. I stare at his hot body as he recovers. Fuck, I'm tired. I block that from my mind then dive forward, slamming my elbow into his head, stunning him.

I don't feel like standing or lifting him, so I use his trunks to roll him onto his stomach. I apply a crossface, locking his arm between my legs and pulling up on his neck. I crank hard. Mimik moans loudly, feeling the pain. He won't submit, but I keep trying. Nope, he still won't give, the little brat. At least I'm feeling better.

I release the hold then use his cowl and trunks to force Mimik to his feet. I lock the mighty muscle teen in a front facelock then grab the side of his trunks. I hoist up, managing to flip him over for a suplex. WHAM! Instead of letting go, I force him up again and execute another big suplex. WHAM!

I drag the limp musclestud up again. I position him for a third suplex. I lift, but Mimik blocks me. Instead of trying again, I quickly lift and twist, whipping us around sideways with a swinging neckbreaker. The move catches the teen musclestud off guard. We land hard and he immediately grabs for his neck.

I climb on top, hook his leg and slap the mat. Mimik moans under me, but he doesn't move. ONE! Pause. TWO! Pause. He tries to kick out, but I've got him locked up tight. THREE!

I drop the leg and roll off him. I sit and breathe deeply. Wow, tie score. The cocky punk rolls onto his side, massaging his neck. He slowly presses up to sitting. The devious doppelgänger looks at me and slowly claps. He says, "Congrats, stud. You're as good as they say. I really thought I'd be fucking you right now."

"Sorry to disappoint."

Mimik smirks, "You kidding? The last thing I'm feeling is disappointment right now."

We stare each other down, Mimik with his cocky smirk and me with a determined scowl. We finally roll to our corner and wait for the third and final round to begin.

Round Three

When the bell rings, I'm still stretching out, my hands on the top rope, my back to Mimik. He charges in fast, but I hear him coming. I kick back, but he catches my boot. The cocky punk says, "I knew you'd do that." I kick my other foot up, using my grip on the ropes for support. I drive it into his thigh and he drops my foot as he topples backwards.

I land and turn smoothly. I ask, "Did you know I'd do that?"

Mimik rises, nodding his head. He gives me a small applause before backing up. We circle the ring, looking for our opportunity to lock up. We move in together, tying up in a collar-and-elbow. We strain and push, neither one of us gaining an advantage at first. I realize that he's tiring me out, just countering my moves without trying one of his own.

Instead of playing along, I drop to my ass, pulling him down with me. The surprised Mimik topples forward on top of me, but I lift my knees. He lands hard on his abs, letting out a grunt. OOF! I thrust my legs out, sending him flying backwards. I rise fast and move in. I go for a stomp, but he grabs my boot, twisting my ankle and dropping me to the mat. SPLAT! I land on my stomach, Mimik rising behind me.

The teen punk locks on an ankle lock, wrenching my leg. I try to kick out, but he stands, lifting my leg with him. I hang, trying to resist the pain in my leg. He really cranks it and I feel pain from my hip to my foot. Mimik puts his boot on my ass, telling me how good it looks and how much he's going to love fucking me. I ignore the taunts, instead focusing on the fact that he's now balancing on one boot.

I press my chest up off the mat, spinning at the same time. Mimik is dragged over, flipping off me. My ankle is free. We both rise and face off again. I kick out my leg, testing it out. The cocky hunk smirks, calling me 'hoppy' as I move gingerly on my leg. We move in again, but Mimik ducks the charge. He grabs my sore leg and lifts. I fall back onto my ass. Then get flipped onto my stomach in a single leg crab.

I groan as he cranks on the pressure. Fuck. My back and leg ache from the force of the hold. He's really going for it. The teen musclestud pulls hard, telling me to give. I refuse. I summon my strength and fight to get free. I manage to move him enough that he releases the hold, rather than let me counter.

I start to rise when he splashes on my back. SPLAT! I go down hard with his 200-lbs of muscle on top of me. Mimik wraps on a rear naked choke then rolls us over and wraps up my body with a tight scissors. He mocks me that he could put me out any time. I struggle, but his legs are really, really strong. I know this from past matches, but also from the fact that I'm feeling my sides being crushed and he's only using the scissors as a control hold. If he went all out, I'd be in trouble.

Mimik tightens the sleeper and I feel woozy, but he lets up. He taunts me again, telling me the match is over, but not until he says. The teen musclestud releases the holds and pushes me off him. I writhe on the mat, trying to focus. Mimik moves in behind me. The cocky hunk grabs me around the waist, dragging me up into a reverse bearhug. He shakes me violently as I struggle to hold out.

I feel drained as he punishes me. The scissors weakened me, making the force of the bearhug all the worse. When the teen muscleman lets go, I drop to my knees. Mimik gives me a kick to the ass that sends me sprawling down on the mat. He grabs my boot, lifts my leg then drives my knee into the mat. CRACK! I bounce up, rolling onto my back, clutching my leg, which is shooting pain throughout my body.

Mimik plants his boot on my chest and flexes. He looks down at me, "You had a good run, Bat, but there's no place for old heroes. Time to retire."

I thrust my arm behind his calf, wrapping my hand around his knee. I pull and twist, sending him down to the mat again. I scramble to get to my feet, but I'm moving slower. By the time I'm up, Mimik is in the air. He drives his boots into my chest, sending me flying with a stiff drop kick. THUD! I collapse onto the mat, rolling onto my front and clutching my pecs.

Mimik drags me up by the back of my trunks. I'm bent over as he reaches over my shoulder and between my legs. With a sudden pull, he lifts my feet off the mat, dropping me into a gutbuster. OOF! As I hang on his leg, the teen musclestud feels up my ass. He forces his hand inside the back of my trunks and his fingers make it all the way to my hole. I feel him slide inside me with two fingers.

"Nice. You're still pretty tight. I'm gonna like this."

I plant my feet and drive forward, propelling myself off his leg. My trunks fall under my ass cheeks , but I don't care. I turn, ready for anything. Mimik tries for a tackle, but I bring my forearm up, slamming it into his jaw. CRACK! He falls backwards, looking dazed. I rise slowly, grabbing the ropes for support. I stomp him with my good leg, trying to slow him down while I recover.

Mimik rolls away. I can't stop him, still needing the ropes for a little support. As he rises, I dive out, sending him to the mat with a stiff clothesline. WHACK! WHAM! I lock on an armbar, turning the cocky punk onto his side away from me. He smacks mat in frustration. I twist his arm hard, but mostly, I'm trying to get my second (or third or fourth) wind. Realizing what I'm doing, the teen musclestud fights hard to break free.

I release the armbar, but dive in with an elbow to his head. CRACK! That stuns him enough that I can push him onto his stomach and mount his back. I grab his wrist, forcing his hand up his back. I pound away at his upper arm, trying to weaken the muscle. POW! POW! POW! Under me, Mimik fights hard. He manages to power out and roll onto his back.

The teen musclestud fights to push me off, but I block the move. I force his right wrist up beside his right ear and crank. My legs slide back and I lock on a grapevine with the arm hold. Mimik moans under me. He bucks his hips, bridging his bulge into mine. The teen powerhouse hammers my side with fists. THUD! THUD! THUD! I hold out.

Mimik moans, but he never stops fighting. With a sudden thrust, he closes his legs, overpowering my weakened leg and closing the grapevine. I push up into the air, coming down with a small splash. Although it's only from a foot in the air, the force of my 205-lbs of muscle knocks the wind out of the cocky punk. OOF!

I drag Mimik up by the cowl. I reach between his legs, lifting him up across my chest. My leg holds and I'm feeling better. I bodyslam him down. WHAM! The teen powerhouse bounces on the mat from the force. I stomp him, taking advantage of my recovering leg. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The cocky punk grunts with every boot, unable to block the boots that rain down on him.

With a tight grip on his cowl, I force him to his feet. I spin him around, putting us back-to-back. I rest the back of his head on my shoulder, but before I can execute the neckbreaker, Mimik pushes off me and brings his boot up between my legs. CRUNCH! The heel sinks into my balls and I collapse to my knees. I hold my balls and groan.

I hear his feet step on either side of my head. Mimik grabs my cowl and drags me up, pulling my head between his concrete thighs. I'm trapped in his legs again, quickly feeling the pressure rise in the standing head scissors. Ordinarily, I'd power up, lifting him on my shoulders and flipping him back, but at this point, his 200-lbs of muscle might as well be 2,000-lbs.

Mimik says, "Well, Bat, it's been real fun. You had your moment, letting the fans think you'd pull another miraculous win out. Yeah, it WAS fun, but I really wanna fuck your ass, so night, night!"

The pressure of the head scissors rises, the flexing leg muscles crushing my head. I struggle to free myself, as he calls out the poses he's doing for the camera. "Single bicep! Double bi! Lat spread! Triceps! Abs and thighs!" I can't see them, but I can imagine them as consciousness is being drained from me.

"Most muscular!" I feel his weight shift, legs swell and then nothing.

The Final Phase

I'm woken by the feeling of hot breath down my throat and soft lips over mine. I moan, instinctively matching the foreign tongue in my mouth with my own. The passionate kiss has me stirring. My body writhes, but is trapped by weight on my hips. I try to move my arms, but they're being held down over my head.

I want to just keep sleeping, but when the kiss is replaced by light slaps to my face, I'm brought to full consciousness. I reluctantly open my eyes. Oh yeah, it all comes back to me. I stare into the cowled face of the teen villain who defeated me. His eyes twinkle with delight as he leans over me, his unmistakable smirk silently taunting me.

Mimik sits back, releasing my wrists. He proudly straddles my waist then twirls my trunks on his thick left index finger. He says, "Yeah, so I put you out and pinned you, hero. That's two for me. I win." He holds out his phone, "Wanna see proof?"

I shake my head and breathe deeply. I feel woozy, but I'm regaining focus. I can't believe I lost, but I guess it'd be more shocking if I'd won, given the circumstances. Damn. I squirm as Mimik shifts his hips, grinding his ass on my growing cock, which is trapped under him. It gets painfully big as his 200-lbs of muscle holds the hard rod against my abs.

Mimik taunts, "Okay, feels like you don't mind all this too much, hero. Maybe you're secretly a jobber? Or maybe you're just a jobber for the right villain?"

The heel leans down, kisses me again then slithers up my body. Once the weight is off my stomach, my cock springs to attention, hovering over my pelvis, navel and beyond. The muscle punk grinds his bulge into my face. I breathe in his musk, knowing this won't be the last time my nose and mouth are buried against his crotch.

When the cocky stud has had his fun, he slides clear. I roll onto my side, psyching myself up to be on the losing end of sex stakes for only the fourth time as The Bat in a Cave match. Of course, Max, Bane and Mr. Riddle all legitimately beat The Bat. This was different, but the outcome is the same and I'll do what I have to. I don't get much more time to recover before I feel his hand grip the top of my cowl tightly.

Mimik pulls on the black fabric, stretching it out. I have to crawl beside him like a dog to avoid being unmasked. He leads me to the ropes, pushing my head under the middle rope, out over the apron. He steps over my hips, reaches over the top rope then forces me up to my feet by the ears of my cowl.

My boots kick up against the bottom rope, trapping my feet inside the ring while the rest of me stands outside it. The muscle teen forces my limp arms over the top rope, pulling back on my chin. I'm stretched backwards into the ring, staring at the ceiling, the top rope pressing into my back. Mimik leans in and kisses me again. In spite of the pain, I have to admit the punk is really good at it.

The villain lifts his mouth off mine then slams his forearm over my chest. WHAM! He does it twice more. WHAM! WHAM! He lets me sag down, my arms hanging across the top rope and keeping me from tumbling to the floor below. Mimik quickly lifts the middle rope, locking my arms out to the side, between the ropes. He tests the bondage to make sure I'm really trapped.

Satisfied, Mimik moves outside the ring onto the floor below. He admires his work, snapping pics of his handiwork on his phone. The teen heel slaps my cock, bouncing the steel rod around. The punk is obviously enjoying having me as his plaything ands there's nothing I can do about it.

The villain grabs hold of my cock and starts pumping. He wastes no time, using my sweat and pre-cum as lube to milk me as I hang helplessly in the ropes. Oh fuck, he's taking my load from me, not even pretending like I have a choice or am part of the process. I try to resist, try to hold on, but when he fondles my balls, I'm done. I cry out and explode, firing my seed out onto the floor below. Ropes of cum spray out, falling four feet below onto the mats that line the ring.

Drained, I sag even more, my strength completely gone. The pain of being in this position settles in. I feel the ropes cutting into my arms and I struggle to keep my feet flexed against the bottom rope to hold me up. I suffer through another round of pics, this time of a truly broken hero, my cock limp, head bowed and muscles softer.

I'm thankful when Mimik pushes my knees up onto the ring apron, giving me more support. He climbs onto the apron and straddles me. The teen muscle punk grinds my face into his bulge again before pulling down the front of his bat-emblazoned trunks. His cock pops out, smacking my face. He shifts his hips, slapping me with his cock. THWAP! THWAP! THWAP!

Mimik wedges his trunks under his ass cheeks and balls. He grabs my cowl with one hand then forces my mouth open with his thumb. He grabs hold of his shaft then slaps my tongue with the head of his cock. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! The teen musclestud shoves his cock into my gaping mouth. He starts to ride me, thrusting and gyrating his hips.

I suck as best I can, but he controls everything. Still, he's just as good at this as he is at kissing. I get into it as he expertly slams the back of my throat without choking me. He's verbal throughout, dominant, but not abusive. He mostly tells me to take it and asking rhetorical questions about how much I love it and want it.

My mouth is quickly coated with his pre-cum, leaving the salty taste when he finally pulls out. He spins around, smoothly negotiating the narrow span of apron. My face is pressed between his butt cheeks, which he spreads to give me better access. I lick his hole, running my tongue on the smooth flesh. I can tell he likes it, based on his moaning, but he still keeps talking.

After a minute of that, he moves off and into the ring. I can't see him, but next thing I know, he reaches around and shoves a pair of balled up trunks in my mouth. I immediately know they're his and not mine due to the smell and taste. Gagged, I can only moan when he unlocks my arms. I've lost feeling in them, but he grabs me around the waist to keep me from falling.

Mimik pulls on my waist, pulling my ass over the middle rope. My head and shoulders fall forward, hanging between my knees as I balance on the middle rope. The muscle teen's strong hands have me secure and I feel the tip of his sheathed cock split my ass cheeks. With a powerful thrust, he splits me open, driving his big cock inside me.

The villain pounds my hero ass, riding me as I hang forward. The rhythmic pounding of my prostate has my cock swelling again. It feels damn good, in spite of the humiliating circumstances behind it. The cocky punk rams his way into me deeper and deeper until I feel his pelvis slam into my ass cheeks. I'm moaning in ecstasy as my ass gets used.

Mimik continues to talk at me, talking about how he's a better Bat than I ever was. He mocks my losing and says he might just stay as The Bat from now on. I don't care, the fucking is so damn good. I can see why Bane likes him so much. He pulls out the gag, saying he wants to hear my screams. Oh fuck, I cry out that he's amazing as he keeps pounding like a pro.

With any pretense of me not liking this gone, I go with it, feeding his ego and admitting how good his cock feels in my ass. My verbal submission gets him really hot and he is soon shaking as he approaches climax. When he pulls out his cock, I'm actually disappointed.

Mimik pulls my body back into the ring, but over the middle rope, so my feet remain trapped against the bottom rope and the middle rope cuts under my knees. I hang down, my legs and hips elevated. The villain rips off the condom and pumps his rod over my masked face. Within seconds the muscle teen explodes, coating my cowl with his seed. It lands from my chest to my forehead, streaking my face, even running into my mouth.

The muscle punk finally finishes, squeezing the every drop he can out. He wipes the last bit across my mask then leans in, shoving the purple head of his cock into my mouth. I dutifully clean it before he pulls out. The villain rises, plants his boot on my chest and flexes, his victory finally complete.

The heel answers a few questions that Pete yells out from the fans then exits the ring, leaving me hanging and helpless. Ryan climbs in the ring, ending the live show with long panning shots of my destroyed, cum-covered body.

In the Locker Room

With the match over and the live stream off, I stumble back to the locker room, telling Ryan I don't need help. I really just need a hot shower and some sleep, after over an hour of in-ring wrestling and fucking. I can't believe how I went from the high of beating Dr. Kaos to the low of losing to a punk like Corey. But the kid's good and he planned this out just right. He got me at the only time he could win - when I was tired and we were sending the match out live, so I couldn't refuse.

At least the reviews are explosive already. Of course the online fans think this was all planned. 'Thank you.' 'You're geniuses.' 'The best in the business.' 'When can I buy this?' 'When's the re-match?' 'Nice way to make the re-match the biggest event EVAH! I need it now!'

So yay for that. I head into the locker room, toss my gear aside then grab my shower kit and towel. I realize the shower is running, so I know Corey is waiting for me. Sure enough, he's rinsing off. He sees me and smiles, posing with his hands on his hips, looking naked and proud. He's got a huge smirk on his face as he waves me forward.

Corey smugly asks, "No hard feelings?"

I scowl, but reply, "No, it was smart. When word of this gets out, we'll see a big bump in subscriptions. You actually made me a lot of money, so thanks. And I get that it was the only way you were ever going to get a win against me."

"Oh, wow," Corey laughs as he pulls me into the streaming hot water. He wraps his right arm around my waist then squeezes some soap onto my chest. As he's rubbing the soap over my pecs and shoulders, he says, "This wasn't about getting a win over you, man. Who gives a shit about that?"

I enjoy the feeling of the hot water and his hand, replying, "Mm. I'm too tired for games. If you didn't care about winning, what was this about?"

The cocky heel leans in and kisses me deeply. I'm too weak to resist, so I go with it, kissing him back. He slides his hands down to cup my ass. Corey moves from my mouth to my neck as he ravages me, romantically this time. I throw my head back and stare at the ceiling, lost in his powerful embrace. Wow, this feels really good, the perfect combination of tender and rough.

Corey molests me, forcing me against the tile wall. I'd say I'm powerless to stop him, but I'm not even trying. There are worse things than sex with a smoking hot muscleman in the shower. Yeah, I'm in a committed relationship, but wrestling is our exception. And yes, Corey is with my best friend, but they're casual.

The teen heel knows what he's doing, attacking my ear, neck and nipples. I bring my hands onto his broad shoulders, caressing his hard muscles, as I savor the feeling of his chiseled body pressing into me. When he grabs my cock in his slick, soapy hand, it's immediately hard again.

I'm moaning the entire time, encouraging him more and more, "Oh god. Oh. Yes. Yes."

Corey squeezes harder as he pumps my massive cock, "You want me so bad, don't you?"

I groan, "Oh yeah." I lean in a kiss him as he jacks me off. "Slow down. I don't wanna shoot yet. Oh yeah! Oh that's it. Fuck."

The teen hunk whispers, "Say my name."

"Oh, Corey. Yes. Oh. Unh. Corey. Corey. Oh god, yes."

"Tell me you want me." He pumps harder and roughly attacks my neck.

I blurt out, "Oh yeah, I want you, Corey. Oh fuck, that feels so good!" I grab his ass and spread his cheeks, fondling the awesome orbs.

Suddenly, the hot muscle teen stops, pushing off me, "Cool, that's good enough for me."

I'm confused, "What?"

Corey smirks, "I knew, deep down, you wanted me. Now, you know it, too." I frown. He lightly slaps my cheek in a condescending manner, "Don't pout, stud. I told you everyone wants me." The teen musclestud moves his hand to tap the end of my nose with the tip of his index finger with every syllable as he finishes, "And. That. Includes. You."

I mutter, "Son of a bitch. We're not going to finish?" He just smirks. I tell him, "You're such a fucking punk."

Corey backs off then spreads his arms, "See you around, stud!"

With that, the naked muscle punk struts out of the room, taunting me with his amazing ass that I'm apparently not going to get. At least not today. He looks back only to wink at me. Alone and fully hard in the shower room, my exhaustion suddenly returns. I can only shake my head, as I pound out my third load this afternoon to thoughts of the little brat's ass.

The End


  1. FUUUUUUUCK! That was so, so, SO HOT! Really glad I am reading this on a weekend at home so as not to have to hide my excitement in the office :P Great story, as always, so much character development on both sides! I wonder how Jae and Ryan would react to the final scene ;) Thanks!

    1. You're welcome!

      I wouldn't advise reading my blog at the office, so I'm glad you're at home, too!

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    WTF WTF WTF.....JUST HAPPENED??? DID THE BAT JUST LOSE...TO MIMIK? Holy shit.Is this for real? Dont get me wrong I loved it. Specially towards the ending when Corey beats Cody again but this time in the mental game. Its like if he has Cody's number. The plan, the execution, just brings me back to...the beginning of the Cave after Bane defeats The Bat. Ive always said that Corey is one mischievous guy outside the ring, like he might be a bit evil in reality. I wonder where does this go from here? Maybe Im overthinking it, but he is a bad boy. Is there going to be another match between them? Or did Corey just got what he wanted and thats it?
    PS Miller I actually fully understand the previous comment. Since you write them I guess its different for you. But in the old days when you posted them randomly or when you post one by surprise, and we get that notification in the inbox, its like when you received a gift in Christmas as a child. You have to open it, now...and play with it now. Ive been driving, in stores, in a nursing home, in church lol and boom "ding ding" the email alert comes in and I see the link to the story and now my brain zombie mode. "I need to"

    1. Yes, you read what you read. It's not a dream or a hoax. Corey is definitely mischievous and determined when he wants something. And in this case, he got exactly what he wanted.

      Wow, well those are some interesting places to read my stories. I'll just say that even more than the office, please don't read them while driving! :)

    2. Alex R:

      HAHA I dont read & drive lol. Its just that sometimes the email comes in while Im driving and I know I cant read it...and you get anxious to read it! But church...guilty as charged haha. ITs way more entertaining than the sermon lol

    3. Alex R:

      One thing that did shock me for a second it was the full frontal of cody. I think thats a first for The Cave...Am I right? Im pretty sure there have been ass pics but no full frontals. So great stuff!

    4. Actually, there is full frontal nudity in the Tarzan story with Lucky Stallion's great images. So it's rare, but not the only time. And I did post a Leighton Stultz full frontal in the May casting post once before, but the Cody image was in trunks.

      I did debate it, because I thought Cody's manhood was better left to the imagination, but here it was story-driven. Most of the guys I use don't do nudes, so it'll likely continue to be a rare occurrence, even if the story calls for it.

    5. Alex R:
      I think that is a good strategy because its better when its not forced, but because the story drives it. Also it does provide a shock value because its not something that is constant.
      BTW thats the first story posted directly on The Cave, so congrats! And of course...its alot less work!

    6. Alex R:

      One more kudos is that this was a visual feast. Besides the nude shot there were the shower shots, plus all the ones of both dressed as the BAT. A lot of credit for all that creative genius. Loved the smartphone on Corey's trunk. Funny touch.

    7. Actually Encounters Denim Duel was the first story posted directly here, but I appreciate the congrats!

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    I also hope he keeps winning.

    1. Thanks! Mimik is on the roster for 2016, so you'll get to see him again. As for winning, we'll just have to wait and see. :)

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    1. Love it! Nothing wrong with imagination. I do the same thing all the time ... imagine stories that could happen or take action and characters in new directions in my head.

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    1. Thank you!

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    1. Glad you liked it. SuperStar will return at least twice in 2016 and we'll see what happens after that. Thanks for the suggestion ... sounds very hot!

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    1. Wow, high praise! Thanks for the compliment.

      Like Cody said, "Well, guys are always saying they want to see The Bat lose ..." I guess that's true both in and out of story, as well. :)

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      SPOILER ... 1/15/16 ... END SPOILER

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