Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Quick Hit: King vs Fulton (BGEast)

Among other things, BGEast's catalogue 111 is notable to me for the third BGEast match featuring indie wrestling star Kelly King on Ringhunks 3. He's currently one of my favorite pro wrestlers, so seeing him up close and personal in BGEast's environment is a treat. I enjoyed his match vs. Z-Man (reviewed here), so I was definitely interested in seeing this one now that it's on VOD.

Very happy to see King back

This video features a back-and-forth pro-style match between the tall and trim Rolf Fulton and the thickly muscled King. Both guys are wearing pro-style gear. Fulton looks good in tight bright blue trunks, white pads and boots. King's pro wrestler body is decked out perfectly in red and black.

Pro guys in pro gear

King in control

This is the first time I've watched Fulton. He's energetic, cocky and, in spite of his bright gear, heel-ish in his attitude. The guy seems to know his way around the ring, which is great against the talented King. The two guys play well off each other throughout, so most of the match is smooth and seamless.

Hard-hitting action

The big pro gets in trouble
Break down the meaty pecs

King vs. Fulton is a well-choreographed, hard-hitting pro match. Over the 28-minute match, there's a lot of leg and arm punishment, plus a ton of other popular moves, like flips, head locks, chinlocks, sleepers, crabs and bearhugs.

Yeah, that's how a pro does it

Fulton's crossface works the pro

King showing off the big guns

Stretching out the slab of beef

I liked this match, but I did this as a "quick hit" because there isn't that much to say about it. It delivers exactly what you'd expect, so you probably know if you'll like it or not.

What are other bloggers saying? Joe at Ringside at Skull Island gave his perspective:


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