Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Review: Jersey vs. Tak (Thunder's Arena)

If the blog feels a little heavy on Thunder's Arena content, all I can say is that it could be worse. I'm actually still making my way through my summer purchases from Thunder's Arena. They definitely have earned the lion's share of my dollars in 2015. Take note competitors ... they did it with a great roster of studs, volume of releases, frequent discounts and easy downloads.

As for this match, Jersey vs. Tak was definitely a purchase driven by the studs more than anything else. Jersey and Tak are personal favorites of mine, both ranking high in my top five most enjoyable Thunder's Arena wrestlers of all-time.

Tak: "Round two only advised for non-pussies."
Jersey: "What? Where does it say that?"

I assume you're somewhat familiar with the guys. Both are their usual comfortable and charismatic selves. I think they're always hot and sexy, but here they both look their best wearing small, brightly-colored posers. I applaud a video where both guys are in great gear and this is definitely one.

Jersey looks great flexing

And Tak looks great suffering

Light, bright and tight - that's some good gear

Style-wise, this match is in what I'd call the classic Thunder's Arena "frat house fun" category. Tak is hanging out, chilling. Jersey is bitching about Frey. Tak throws some shade, calling Jersey a pussy. It takes an excruciating four minutes of set-up, but we're finally in the living room for a 19-minute wrestling 'lesson'.

It all starts out fun, joking about how much Tak will charge for the 'lesson', but gets slowly more serious as we go. Tak is in his usual mouthy smaller guy mode. In addition to calling Jersey a pussy, he implies he's fat, short, a bad wrestler and even lets loose a mom joke.

It's all smiles early on

Not surprisingly, Jersey dominates most of the match. He overpowers Tak, who always seems to enjoy getting beat up. The moves include an over-the-knee backbreaker, gorilla press, full nelson, bearhug and reverse bearhug.

Who's giving who the lesson?

Tak stretched out

Pressing Tak is like a rite of passage at Thunder's

Of course Tak is unbreakable. He's mouthy right until the end, with the last line of the video being "what a pussy". Tak does get a few moments to shine, thanks to some dirty tactics. The guy does have some skills, but that's not his character.

As an aside, Tak vs. Mogly is the best place to look for competitive Tak, in my opinion. He does a great job in that one against a guy more his size.

Tak's stronger than he looks

Jersey stretched out

Jersey can sell

There are no big surprises here, just a classic good time with two smoking hot studs, gorgeous gear and great action. If you like these guys, you'll like this. If you don't like Jersey and Tak (if such a thing is possible), you likely won't.

I know at least one reader has watched the match. What about you? Comments rock!



  1. I completely enjoyed watching TAK vs Jersey. Its like you said, good frat house wrestling fun. TAK is the main reason I bought the match, that guy is funny, mouthy, confident, and quick witted all rolled up into one "come beat me up" ball of sexy! I agree with the TAL vs Mogly comments. I wish they would give TAK guys his own size to wrestle, that boy would win for sure. I was hoping he would wrestle the Brit, they seem evenly matched.

    1. Thanks for the comment!

      Glad to hear I'm not the only one who liked Tak vs. Mogly. I figure that Thunders must feel like fans only want to buy Tak being squashed, but I have enjoyed the few times where he gets to show his skills. Maybe in 2016 I'll revisit that match and do a review of it.

  2. TAK is one of the jobbers I complain about in a later comment. The guy has the potential to do well, even against bigger competition. But he's never won, as far as I know. I've written reviews on TA about him. He deserves an occasional victory.

    1. I actually have at least three matches where Tak has won, but your point is well taken. He's a favorite of mine, but Thunder's seems to use him mainly as a punching bag. It must sell.

    2. Now you've got me curious! Who'd he defeat? I'd like to look up those matches. Maybe some day I'll buy one or more of them.

    3. SPOILERS!!!! The three I'm thinking of are Mogly, Python and Archer. I remember Tak standing victorious at the end of those three. There might be others (I have quite a few Tak matches), but those three come to mind right away. END SPOILERS!!!