Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Route 69: Bad Boys S103

*Story is a commission for a reader, who also provided the Clark base model. Thanks, Johnny!*


I tell Phil, "Dude, that's a soccer call, eh. It's stupid enough that we're the players AND the announcers. Now we have to use shit from another sport?"

As we cheer our teammates from the bench, Phil responds, "Right, but when in Rome, Clark. When in Rome, eh?" I give him a WTF look, so he explains, "I mean, c'mon, we're in west Texas. You think anyone here has seen hockey before? Maybe, maybe not, but they all know football and soccer. Should I have said, touchdown?"

I laugh and give him a punch before I take my seat, re-focusing on the game. I'm feeling good about our two-goal lead with only five minutes to play. Not that I can do much about it one way or the other, since I'm being kept out of the game for fighting.

Now, Phil isn't wrong. We're lucky just to find ice in this town, much less fans. Although I wouldn't call the small crowd here 'fans' exactly. They're mainly curious townies who've come because it's free event and the rink is a cool place on a sweltering Texas afternoon. Most of them are bundled up in winter jackets, drinking coffee and shit.

I will admit that a lot of them have been getting into it, but there are guys here who've just been jawing at us the whole game. For a bunch of guys who don't know shit about hockey, they've got a lot of shit to say. The rink is small, so it's not like you can ignore them. I've turned around a few times, but that just gets them going again. The coach has told me to ignore them, so I'm pretending I am. But I'm hearing every fucking word.

I'm a minor league hockey player. Guys just call me Clark or Carter, but my full name's Wendel Clark Carter. Born in 1992, my dad's a huge Toronto Maple Leafs fan, so he named me after their captain. Growing up in a small town in southern Ontario, I dreamed about making it big, but now I'm just happy to be playing and getting paid anything. See, I kinda came along at the wrong time for my skill set.

Wendel Clark Carter

I'm a solid 5'11"/180-lbs, but I'm a slower skater than guys a lot bigger than me. All my speed is in my upper body. I have a wicked slap shot, but I've never been able to control it. I've spent years doing drills, but I just can't do it consistently. I'd figure it out, but then my emotions would kick in during a game and WHAM, I'm taking out the back glass.

What I can do is fight. I got fast strikes and I can balance on blades. By the time I was 16 and reached the minors, I was pegged as an enforcer. A goon. So coaches stopped developing my skating and my shooting. I had my role. Problem is, pro teams don't want goons like me anymore. Nowadays, speed is everything and enforcers are looked down upon. Yeah, there's fighting, but the days of tough guys who can't skate getting a roster spot are over.

So like I said, I'm just happy to be playing. I joined this summer tour of minor league 'all-stars'. I can work on getting better. At 24, time's running out for me to make it any higher. Anyway, we get paid to stage exhibition games to educate folks about hockey in random places. It doesn't get any more random than El Paso Texas. We don't have to be great, it's just about getting people to experience and understand the game. That's why Phil's telling everyone it's like soccer, but on ice, blades instead of cleats and sticks instead of feet. Simple.

Anyway, we're ready to win. I kinda had a good game, except for the two scraps. The promoters have said no fights and I've been a good boy. Only problem today was that one group of assholes that really drove me nuts. I guess because I was fighting, they decided to target me. I haven't been on the ice in forever, but they're calling out, "Wen-Dell", in a snarky tone.

Fuck I wish they'd just put Clark Carter in the program. Anyway, one of the guys won't shut up. He's yelling at me, calling me a pussy and worse. From their accents, they're southern boys. When I get upset, I like to fight it out, but I can't touch them. They're 'fans'. Problem is, they know it. They I know I gotta take their shit like a little bitch.

So I took it out on one of the other players. So that was a five-minute major at the14-minute mark of the first period. Intermission was good, but then they started in on me again, ragging on me and telling me I'm a shitty fighter and a loser. That got me pissed and it's why I've been riding the bench since my second shift in the second period when I took out another one of the opposing guys.

BZZZZZT! The final buzzer sounds and I'm tense. I barely worked up a sweat and I've got energy to burn. As we head down the aisle to the locker rooms, I see the assholes. I hang back, making sure I'm last guy in the line. I move slow, letting the team get ahead of me.

The four guys are just hanging out, but one of them is waiting for me. I can tell. And I can tell by his smirk that he knows I'm focusing on him. He's a cowboy. My size. Attitude you can see. He thinks he's hot shit, surrounded by his buddies. As soon as I get close enough, he starts mouthing off. I drop my stick, gloves and toss my helmet to the side. I start jawing back.

The two of us go at it. He's got a real foul mouth, but I give as good as I get. When I start talking about his whore of a mother, I know I strike a nerve, because the biggest of his friends starts paying attention. He warns me to cool it then tries to drag the smaller guy, whose name is Toby, away. The bigger guy calls the bigmouth guy his brother, so I guess being an asshole runs in their family.

I laugh at Toby, having to be saved by his brother. That stops them. Now I got two good old boys going at me. Yeah, they're real tough guys, I can tell. Now the three of us are letting the insults fly, tearing into each other verbally. When the smaller one grabs my jersey, it's on. I slam my fist into his gut then hammer his back. I fire fists into his head and gut until the bigger one grabs me and pulls me off.

Toby's brother
I slug big brother in the gut, but he's damn solid. I don't give a shit. I'm ready to deck him, but Phil comes back with a few other guys and they're separating us. Big brother asks where I'm staying and I tell him. He just nods, but smaller brother is back and challenging me to a real fight - wrestling. I gotta laugh, like wrestling's real fighting. I tell them any time, I'll take them both on.

Things settle down, but when I get to my motel, there's a message waiting. I know exactly what it is and who it's from. It's an address for a local gym. Fucking A. I'm gonna get to burn off some of this energy after all.

Meeting the Townies

I head out, giving myself plenty of time. I told my teammates I had something to do tonight, but I might catch up with them later at the bar. Tomorrow's an off-day, so everyone's getting ripped tonight. Nobody asks me for any details, because they don't wanna hear them anyway. They're used to me doing my own thing, since they're all straight and they all know I'm gay, even if it hasn't been said directly to them.

I get to the place no problem. When I walk in, the bigger brother's waiting for me. He locks the door behind me. He introduces himself as Beau. He's Toby's younger brother, which surprises me, but whatever. Beau tells me that he knows Toby was being a punk and that he's got no beef with me, as long as I apologize for talking shit about his mother.


"Thanks, but no thanks. Your brother started it. Im gonna finish it."

Beau shrugs his massive shoulders, "Toby starts a lot of shit, doesn't mean you need to go along. Just apologize and be on your way."

I tell him, "Yeah? Well, maybe I'm not in an apologizing kinda mood, eh?"

The big man says, "Let's see if we can't change that, boy."

I look at him again. Fuck, he's a lot bigger than I thought. I figured his bulk was from his coat, but it's not. He's a bodybuilder. If I was smart. I'd get the hell outta here. I'm locked in a gym with two good old boys and no one knows where I am. Maybe the motel desk clerk who took the message, but he's a good old boy, too. Fuck, I'm an idiot sometimes.

Just then, Toby comes out of the back. He's wearing just a pair of black trunks. He's in good shape, but no better than me. Gotta admit, hes fucking hot.

I immediately do this thing I do with hot guys. I imagine well, fantasize how hed look if he were a classic hockey player you know, paler and scruffier.

Yeah, thats the ticket. Fuck, daddy like. Maybe I can turn this into a fuck session instead of a fight. Doing two hot cowboy brothers? Oh yeah, baby.

Before I can say anything, Toby starts in on me and any thought of backing down is gone. This is a fight.

The Match

I change into a white jock with a pair of white briefs over top. The whole time, I'm thinking about the things I'm going to do to the big mouth cowboy. I'm going to beat him senseless. I'll still have to deal with the bigger younger brother, but he's probably a musclebound meathead. Guys with muscles like that can never really fight. I'll pound the shit out of him and break those muscles.

But first, it's Toby's turn.

After I stretch out, I step on the mat. I reach back and adjust the briefs down my ass. Fuck, I should've worn bike shorts. While I'm doing that, Toby is pacing, giving me a scowl. He really thinks he's a tough guy, but I can tell a poser when I see one. We move in. He lifts his arms for a lock up. I smirk. I act like I'm going to lock up with him, but I'm going to duck and pound his torso.

As we get close, I'm ready to duck. What the? Toby beats me to it. He lifts his foot and kicks me in the "lower abs". THUD! CRUNCH! His toes hit abs, but his heel hits bulge. Fuck, I should've worn a fucking cup. I bend over, my eyes watering. The cowboy turns and gives me a forearm to the side of the head. I spin and drop to one knee.

Toby grabs me around the waist from behind. He lifts and throws me over. WHOA! WHAM! ARGH! Beau calls out the move, calling it a belly-to-back suplex. I land hard on my shoulders, neck and head. I hold the back of my head, my feet kicking the mat. Fuck! The cowboy drags me up to standing by my hair and trunks. He pulls the front of my trunks out then drives in with an elbow to my gut. THUD! OOF! He uses my trunks to pull me in for another. THUD! And a third. THUD!

I bend over, falling on the cowboy's shoulder. He stands up and flips me over with a back body drop. WHAM! I land hard, but I manage to roll away before he can stomp my abs. I rise to my feet, adjusting the leg elastic on the briefs again. Damn, these bitches ride up easy. I get to standing, trying to regroup.

Toby moves in. I swing, but I'm too slow. He ducks and moves in behind me. He pounds his fists into my back and I stagger forward. Next thing I know, I feel his feet slam into my back. WHACK! The standing drop kick sends me flying forward. I keep my feet, but I'm propelled right off the mat into the wall, face first. CRACK!

Toby runs at me, splashing on my back against the wall. SPLAT! He taunts me, "Hey, Wen-Dell ... I saw you playing with your trunks. Let me help you." The sneaky bastard grabs the back of my trunks and pulls them up high, wedging them up my ass cheek. ARGH! The cowboy drags me off the wall to the mat by the back of my trunks and my hair.

Beau is laughing, Toby's mocking me and I'm feeling humiliated. Fuck, Carter, get it together! The cowboy lifts my trunks hard, actually making my feet leave the mat. The pain is enough to keep me off balance. When I land, I have to try to adjust my trunks, which are crunching my balls and cock. Stupid, but necessary.

I get the front of my trunks right, but the back is still wedged. From behind, Toby kicks the back of my knee, taking my leg out. I go down fast. The cowboy grabs my wrist and locks on an arm bar. He uses it to push me onto my stomach, sitting on my back. The bastard pushes hard on my arm, punishing my shoulder.

Toby slides off me, rolling to my feet. Next thing I know, he's got my ankle wrapped up and his foot drives up between my legs. I moan as he twists my leg, pushing his foot hard into my taint. FUCK! He laughs at how my big bare butt cheeks jiggle as I struggle, calling it 'skater ass'. Beau agrees, saying that those Olympic skaters always have the biggest and roundest glutes.

I groan loudly, but I won't give in. I manage to suck it up and kick back with my free foot. CRACK! I must catch him pretty well, because he lets go and rolls away. I roll over to a kneeling position. The cowboy moves in, but I punch out, hitting in the abs. Toby staggers back, surprised. I rise, locking him in a front facelock.

With control over the cowboy, I fire some hard fast rights into his side and abs. POW! POW! POW! He grunts and pushes to get free, but with every punch he drops his hands. Toby's legs give a little, giving me the chance to flip him to the mat. I get him on his back, mounting on his hips. I pound his abs hard, unleashing big punches right into the hard muscle. THUD! THUD! THUD!

Toby bucks under me. I can tell by his face that he's suffering, so I keep it up. The cowboy manages to throw me off him. When he rolls to hands and knees, he grips his abs. Awesome. I kick out, hitting him in the side. He rolls onto his back and I dive on top of him with a schoolboy pin. I flex over him, feeling damn good to be in control, finally.

I look at my biceps, shit I'm pumped. Too bad for me, because I should be looking at Toby. He swings his legs up and catches me under the arms. Using his legs, the cowboy pulls me back off him. I roll 360 back onto my knees on the mat, feeling a little disoriented. I shake my head, but Toby isn't stopping. He kicks me square in the chest. WHACK! I topple back, winded.

Toby is quick to crouch. He dives at me and there's nothing I can think of before he clotheslines me down. WHAM! We fly back as he lands on top. Toby clubs me in the head and I'm seeing stars. It lets him roll over my head then pull my head between his legs into a figure-four head scissors. FUCK! I feel his legs tighten on me and I almost go out.

I'm getting weaker, barely able to fight back. I can't roll, because he's planted just right. I can't punch my way free, because of position. Every shot is pretty damn weak. Toby knows he's in control, because he slaps my forehead, mocking me. Telling me I'm shit and a lot of other things I can't understand on account of his accent and his legs covering my ears.

The cowboy grabs my wrists when I swing my arms up. He leans back, stretching me out. I'm crying out. My head must be so red. Fuck, I wish I knew more about wrestling. Toby lets go and unwraps his legs. I roll onto my stomach, gasping for air and trying to will myself to fight back. I can't before he's pulling my legs up.

Toby sits back, bending me into a Boston crab. Fuck, it hurts. My back screams and then I scream in pain. The bastard is really pulling back hard on me, making me feel it. I'm drooling and crying in pain, but he just keeps going. I don't know what to do, other than suffer. I can't budge him. My back is seizing up. I'm almost ready to give when he lets go. My legs fall to the mat.

"Here's one for you. A Canadian wrestler made this famous."

Toby kicks me onto my stomach then lifts my legs. I can't process what he's saying, but he twists my legs around his. He steps over me and flips me back into a crab. This time, it's a fucking sharpshooter! The pain is even worse and I moaning my submission fast.


The cowboy lets go, dropping my legs. He high fives his brother then comes back. He calls me pathetic and laughs at me. Toby kicks me onto my back, planting his foot on my chest. He flexes over me, telling me that I need to look at a real man. I can't say or do shit. He beat me. Easily. Yeah, he sandbagged me at the start, but I couldn't come back. Fuck. I should've knocked him out when I had the chance.

Almost reading my mind, Toby reaches down and drags me to my feet. He spins me around then slaps on a sleeper hold. I struggle, but he tells me I'm going out. I fight, but there's not much I can do. Just then, I get saved. At least for the moment. Beau tells his brother not to put me out.

Toby keeps the sleeper locked on, but doesn't tighten it. The two brothers argue, but Beau wins out. The sleeper is released and I drop down to my knees. The cowboy elbows the back of my head, sending me sprawling. CRACK! I fall onto my face then get kicked in the side. I ignore it, trying to recover. Toby leans down, slapping the side of my face. He strips off my trunks and jock, leaving me naked. He calls me a bitch and a few other names. I dont give a shit.

When I dont react, Toby pulls my head off the mat by my hair. He asks, "You alive, boy?"

I mutter, "Fuck you."

Toby slams my face into the mat then laughs. He stomps my back a couple more times, but Beau pulls him off me. The bigger brother says, "That's enough. You won. Go hit the showers the head home. Out the back door. Me and hockey boy need some privacy."

Oh boy, Toby doesn't like that. As the brothers argue, I roll away, slowly rising to my knees. Fuck, I got beat by a fucking cowboy. That sucked.

The Big Little Brother

"For the last time, leave us alone, Tobe."

Toby's lost the argument, so his last try is whining like a spoiled brat, "But I wanna watch! You got to watch me kick his ass!"

Beau is obviously done. He just stares at his older brother. It's clear who the alpha is between these two. It must burn a bully like Toby to have a younger brother who's so much bigger and stronger. Or maybe that's why Toby is the way he is, because he's had to live with a younger brother who's probably been the boss since his first growth spurt.

Anyway, like I said, the big man wins the debate. Toby storms out of the room to hit the showers.

Now that we're alone, Beau lets me stretch out. He strips down to a tight red speedo. I pull the jock and trunks back on. It feels weird being naked with him in gear. I drink water. I pace. We stay silent for a long time. We hear the back door. Toby must be showered and gone. It's just us.

When I look like I've recovered, he finally turns to me, "You just got your ass kicked, boy. I'll give you a chance to get outta here for just the price of an apology." The big man flexes, letting me see what Im in for if I dont do what he wants.

My ego fires up, "What? You scared? All that muscle for show?" The big cowboy laughs. I tell him, "I know guys like you. You build these pretty muscles, but you can't use them for shit. You think you can just overpower everyone. I beat up guys bigger than you on the ice all the time."

"We ain't on ice, boy."

I stand up then spread my arms wide, silently challenging him to bring it on.

Beau asks me, "Y'all sure 'bout this?"

I answer his question with a question, "You gonna talk or we gonna fight?"

Beau smirks, "You couldn't beat Toby. You ain't gotta chance against me." I just stare the big bodybuilder down. He shrugs, "Okay, boy. Your call, but I like to take things a little further than my brother. You ever hear of stakes wrestling?"

That gets my attention. I ask, "Just what kind of stakes you got in mind?" Beau pauses. I can tell he's thinking hard. I'm betting he's trying to figure out how far he can go without scaring me off. I tell him, "I'm gay if that helps you get to the point, big shot."

Beau's face lights up. He smirks, "Bottom?"

"Top. 100% top."

Beau smiles big and rubs his hands together, "Hoo boy." The cowboy goes to his bag and pulls out a handful of condoms and tosses them on the floor off the mat. He says, "Let's just say we got full stakes and leave it at that. We both know what's on the table."

The Match

We circle the mat. He's only an inch taller than me, but he's a hell of a lot wider and more muscled. And he didn't just get his ass kicked. Not that I care. I'm hopped up on adrenaline. Good thing about hockey is that it's built my endurance. I can go top speed for three hours in a game. No bodybuilder can go that long. If I can wear him down, hold out and not give, I can beat him. I just need to outlast him then kick the shit out of him while he gasping for air.

Beau lifts his arms for a lock up. I meet him, but instead of pushing and twisting like a wrestler, I pull down. I bring my knee up and ram it into the big musclestud's face and chest. WHACK! I clock him in the side of the head with my forearm then hit him with some stuff body punches. THUD! THUD! THUD! I drop him to the mat by hammering my fists on his back.

I start stomping his big back, keeping the big beast down. He tries to power up, fighting my stomps, so dive into him. Beau rolls onto his back with me mounted on his hips. I fire fist after fist into those steel abs of his. POW! POW! POW! He grunts and my fists are red, but it's all part of the plan. I keep up with the quick strikes until he throws me off and we both jump to our feet.

Beau idly rubs his abs as we circle again and I know I had an effect. We move in. This time, he ducks the lock up, scooping me up across his broad chest. WHOA! I hang there, not sure what to do. I try to beat on him, but the angle is no good, so my hands and elbows just bounce off. The bodybuilder turns, slamming me down to the mat hard. WHAM! Oh shit! I lie there motionless. Fuck, I've never felt that before.

I get dragged up. He slings me over his shoulders in a fireman's carry. He stands up then effortlessly flips my legs over my head. I drop hard onto my back. It's disorienting when you've never done it, which gives the big guy time to stomp my abs with his big barefoot. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! My stomach is ripped, tight and hard, but I can't take much of this. I roll to the side, but he grabs my ankle.

Beau lifts my leg, flipping me onto my side. I swing a fist back, but that's what he wanted me to do. He grabs my wrist, plants his foot in my side and pulls, bending me the wrong fucking way. He stands over me, stretching me out in the bow and arrow. I hold out, but I'm obviously suffering. When he finally lets go, I just lie at his feet moaning.

The big bodybuilder drags me up. I fire a couple of fast fists into his abs. THUD! THUD! He grunts and stops, giving me a chance to dive into him. I drive my shoulder into his abs and tackle him to the mat. I sit on his hips then unleash the hardest and fastest series of punches I can manage. POW! POW! POW! I'm beating the crap out of his abs, watching them turn red. Turns out the beast might not be as indestructible as I thought.

Beau throws me off him, but I did some real damage. He's slow to roll onto his side then start to stand. I kick my foot out, pounding him in the side. WHACK! He topples over, rolling away from me. I move in and stomp his stomach then drop a knee into the aching abs. STOMP! STOMP! THUD! I mount his waist and force his hands down, schoolboy pinning the sweaty cowboy under me.

"Had enough, big man?"

Beau just laughs. He yanks his hand free, grabs my forearm and pulls me down. At the same time, the big man twists and throws me off. In two seconds I've gone from being on top to being face down on the mat, with the bodybuilder sitting on my ass and my arm locked in a hard armbar. ARGH! How the fuck did he do this? I struggle, but I'm stuck.

I writhe under him. Beau starts sliding his hips back and forth, grinding my ass with his big dick. I can't do shit as he dry humps me. The cowboy lets go of the armbar then stands. He grabs me around the waist and pulls me up to hands and knees. He's so fucking strong that I can't resist. The bodybuilder sits on my back and grabs under my chin. He thrusts his hips and uses one hand to smack my ass. WHACK! WHACK!

"Woo hop, ride 'em, cowboy! C'mon, boy. Try to buck me off!"

I grunt as the cowboy rides me like a prized bronco. I can't go up. The weight drives me down, flat onto my stomach. Beau sits on my back then drags me up into a camel clutch. He smacks the back of my head as I hang there helplessly.

Beau asks, "You wanna apologize yet?"

"Ugh! Okay, okay. I'm sorry your family is full of assholes!"

Beau reaches under my chin then pulls back, upping the pressure exponentially. He demands I apologize again, but I (stupidly) refuse.

The cowboy warns me, "We keep fighting, it's only gonna hurt you more. You're gonna apologize eventually. I guarantee that, boy!"

"Fuck you!"

Beau releases the camel clutch, roughly shoving me forward. My face plants into the mat and I just lie there, a sweaty, aching pile of hockey player mess. The cowboy straddles me. He forces his toe between my ass cheeks, stretching my trunks all the way to my hole. That gets me moving. I scramble forward, adrenaline surging at the thought of losing and getting fucked by this muscle beast.

I turn on my ass and lift my foot to ward off the big muscleman. He just stands back, checking me out. I rise slowly, watching his every move. I realize my trunks are tenting, something they never did against Toby. It feels like a sign of weakness, being aroused by his domination. Beau rubs the front of his trunks, moving his junk. He's clearly letting me know that he knows I'm excited. I try to ignore it, but it's tough.

When I get to my feet, Beau moves towards me. I raise my fists and get into a fighting stance. The muscleman doesn't look worried. He moves in fast, looking to swarm me. I duck low and fire my fists out. I hit him with another series of body shots. POW! POW! POW! It slows him down, but when I stand up, he reaches around my waist, seizing me in a big bearhug. ARGH!

I feel like my sides are being crushed as I'm squeezed in the powerful vice. Damn, it's hard to even think, much less fight back. I push on the muscleman's shoulders and biceps, trying to break free. It doesn't work, but every time I try to focus, Beau squeezes harder or shakes me and I go limp for a moment. I beat on his arms and traps, like some pathetic damsel in distress against King Kong, but it's no use. ARGH!

Beau lifts and leans back. My feet leave the mat and I'm moaning really loudly. It's like nothing I've ever felt before. I whimper - actually whimper - as I'm crushed in his steel arms. I collapse forward, my head resting on his right shoulder, my left arm dangling and my right arm draped over his left trap. It's all I can do to hold out.

I feel the grip loosening then I fly to the mat as Beau tosses me aside like a piece of trash. I crash down onto the vinyl mat, writhing there as I try to focus. The bodybuilder doesn't give me a chance. He drags me up then grabs between my legs and high on my chest. In one smooth move, the muscleman lifts me high up with an overhead press. I fly up as he straightens his arms, suspending over 7' in the air.

Beau holds me up easily. I brace my hands on his arm, praying that I don't die from whatever he has planned. Fuck, what was I thinking? Next thing I know, he presses me up, tossing me into the air. I fly behind him then fall all the way down. I land hard on the mat, my arms and legs slowing me down, but I still hit hard on my chest and stomach. SPLAT! I roll onto my back, clutching my midsection.

Beau kicks my hands away then plants his huge foot on my chest. He looks down and demands I apologize for insulting his mother. I cough in response. He says it again and, on instinct, I manage a hearty, 'Fuck you'.  The big muscleman shakes his head and steps off me. I lie there for a minute while the bodybuilder moves away. I look over and see him chugging water. I laugh and roll onto my side, still coughing periodically.

The behemoth looks over, "What's so funny, boy?"

"My plan. COUGH! HACK! My plan is working."

Beau looks confused, "Y'all got a concussion? I'm not meaning to kill you, boy."

I don't respond, saving my energy and focus on trying to stand. The bodybuilder puts the cap back on his water bottle, towels off then comes back. He reaches for my hair and drags me up to my knees. I fire out a left. THUD! He grunts. Then a right with a left elbow. POW! WHOMP! Beau releases my hair and takes a step backwards. I rise to a squat and fire off a jab-cross-jab combination, followed by a diving shoulder block. THUD! POW! THUD! WHOMP! OOF!

Beau staggers back to the wall. My adrenaline's running high. I charge in and use the big beast as my own heavy bag. I stay low and moving, blocking his random shots and attempts to push me off. I lose count of the abuse I dish out, mauling his midsection. When he sags against the wall, I stand up and grab his chin.

"Say good night, chump."

I fire an upper cut at his chin, but he swings his arm and clubs it away. I bring a left cross in, but he blocks that, too. The big man leaps up and pushes me away with his right foot. I stumble back three steps.

Beau says, "Beating on my body is one thing, but I can't let you go for a face shot, boy."

"It's not exactly your call."

I move in, fists cocked. Once again, my punch gets blocked and my follow up misses, hitting too low and bouncing off his chest. Beau turns and shoulder blocks me down. I fall onto my ass hard. PLOP! I spring to my feet and dive at him, hoping to catch him off guard, but it doesn't work. I run right into his knee with my gut. OOF! I bend over and he picks me up fast, dropping me onto his leg with a gutbuster. OOOOOF!

I gag on his leg, feeling like I'm about to puke. Beau pushes me off his leg then mounts me. He pins my hands. I lie trapped in the schoolboy pin, thankful for the respite. He demands I apologize. I refuse. He threatens to end this painfully and make me apologize. I refuse, daring him to try. Yes, I'm an idiot. He slaps my face lightly, telling me that I'm either the bravest or the stupidest man he's ever wrestled.

Next thing I know, he's rolling off me. Beau drags me between his legs, locking on a body scissors. As hard as his bearhug was, it was just his arms. Now that I'm trapped between his steel thighs, I know what real pain is. I moan and groan, helpless in the hold. I try to punch him in the abs, but he grabs my wrist, controlling my arm. He says, "No more punching. It's wrestling time, boy."

I can only suffer with my one attack blocked. I punch his foot and calf with my other fist, but it's not very effective. The only things that saves me is Beau switching holds. He opens his legs and re-positions my limp carcass so my head is at his bulge. Oh shit. Too late, I try to move. He locks his thighs around my head and I feel like my head is going to pop. ARGH!

I writhe and moan, but I'm almost unconscious as he crushes me. He warns that he's not using full power, which only makes me scared of how much worse this could be. As I get limp, he opens his legs. The bodybuilder tells me he doesn't want me going out. He stands up then drags me up from behind. I hang in his powerful grip as he holds me from behind.

Beau forces me into a full nelson hold, forcing my chin onto my chest. My shoulders collapse under the power of his might and I'm left moaning helplessly as I can't even move, much less power out of this. I fight the hold, which seems to go on forever. The bodybuilder is toying with me, letting up for a moment then re-applying more force.

My legs buckle and I'm only held up by his incredible power. Beau frees me again, letting me fall to my knees. I barely stay up as he circles me. I try to rise, to demonstrate some remaining energy, some ability to fight back, but I can't. My pride tells me to get up, but my body won't react.

Beau comes in behind and drags me up in a reverse bearhug. Oh god! I moan as I'm crushed again. I almost beg him to stop, desperately trying to pry his arms apart. I feel him position me so that my ass is resting on his big cock. He thrusts his hips into my ass, making sure I feel his manhood.

The threat of fucking gets me going. I swing my elbow back, actually catching him in the temple. CRACK! He lets go and I stumble forward. I turn and he's still bent over, rubbing his head. I kick out, slamming my foot into the other side of his head. Beau spins then drops to one knee. I come in behind and grab his hair. I cock my fist back for a stiff rabbit punch, aiming for the back of his head.

Beau pushes up on one leg, driving back into me. I don't have the strength to stop him and we tumble backwards. I'm crushed under his weight and my air leaves my body. The bodybuilder rolls over and forces me onto my stomach. He locks my legs under his armpits, grabs my wrists and stands. I feel like I'm being torn apart as he lifts me off the mat in a tear drop move.

I cry out as I hang from him. I feel pain everywhere. I can't counter and he's so strong. Beau screams out a battle cry and tells me this is it. I fight, but I can't take it. I can't. I beg for him to release me.


Beau demands, "Apologize, boy!" When I only respond with pained whimpers begging for release, he makes it simple, telling me that I have to apologize before he'll let me go.

I don't even try to hold out any longer. "I'm sorry! Oh fuck! Your mother is a saint! A saint! ARGH! Please let me down!"

The big bodybuilder releases me and collapse at his feet. Fuck, I'm dying here. I get kicked onto my back. Beau poses over me, making me watch his massive muscle display, letting me know just how small I am in comparison. When he strips off his trunks, my eyes go wide. Oh fuck, he's massive everywhere. The big man has a long, thick cock and low-hanging balls that are twice as big as my own.

Beau reaches down and strips off my trunks. He uses his foot to move my junk around, sizing me up. I know my stuff is good from what other guys have said, but I'm not sure feeling that way right now.

The Stakes

Beau says, "Guess you're about to be just a 99% top now, boy."

I nod, "Yeah, guess so." I pause and look him up and down as he towers over me. Fuck, he's the biggest, most muscular guy I've ever seen. I feel compelled to add, "Sir."

The big bodybuilder nods with just the hint of a smirk, "Huh, looks like there might be some hope for you yet, boy."

At the winner's direction, I rise to hands and knees as Beau moves behind me. I can't see what's happening, but I can guess. I've been on that side too many times not to recognize the sound of the cap of a bottle of lube popping open. The squirting sound as he squeezes it onto his fingers. I flinch as he drizzles the cold gel into my crack. He works it in, sliding his thick fingers inside me. I breathe deeply, appreciating the care. I don't think I'm usually this gentle with my bottoms.

When my hole is good and slick, I hear the wrapper from a condom tearing and I know it's finally coming. Damn. I try to focus. His cock is huge and I'm not used to taking anything up my ass. This is going to hurt. Beau loops my trunks in front of my face, ordering me to bite down on them. I obey as I feel the tip of his cock press against my hole.

Beau uses my shorts as a yoke and bit. He holds on tight, keeping my head up. I appreciate having something to clamp down on when his huge cock slides into my ass. I cry out, my scream muffled by the sweaty spandex in my mouth. I think it's over, but he keeps pushing. I feel like I've taken so much, but really, he's probably only a few inches in.

As the big bodybuilder pushes deeper and deeper, I finally feel his pelvis press against my ass. He holds me tight and I relax, adjusting to the huge shaft inside me. Beau releases his hold on my trunks, but I keep my teeth firmly clenched. He leans forward and seizes my shoulders. With a powerful grip, he holds me as he begins to pound his cock in and out.

Oh god, it feels so good. I'm loosening up and the lube is helping. He builds a steady rhythm as I brace against each thrust that drives me forward. I hold my ground with the bodybuilder's help. I lose track of time, but my cock is throbbing. Oh fuck, I think I want to cum. Oh fuck, I am going to cum, even without touching my cock.

I warn Beau, but he just tells me to submit to it, to give him my cum. At that, I try to hold back, realizing that I want to keep some pride. Too bad I can't. I explode, erupting my white hot seed all over the mat below me. My body convulses as I unleash my load. Beau must feel my body shaking, because he accelerates his thrusting. Only when I'm drained, my body deflating does he pull out.

The cowboy pushes me down, smashing me on top of the pool of my cum. I feel his cum hit me, lining my back as he shoots his load on my back and ass. Beau is a giant, his cock is huge, his balls are huge, so of course his load is massive. He ejaculates for a long time, while I lie there, defeated, subservient and humiliated as I'm coated in front with my seed and from behind by his.

I just lie there, my head buried on my forearms. Beau rolls me onto my back. I stare at him with obvious admiration. He smirks then rises. The bodybuilder puts his big foot on my cum-coated abs. He mockingly tells me, "Don't go anywhere, boy." I just nod in agreement.

Beau returns with a small black leather strap. He snaps it around the base of my manhood, propping my cock and balls up. He says he's collared me. When he smacks my junk, I moan and arch my back. He's not doing it hard, just playfully, so it feels good when he manhandles my locked up cock and balls. I'm a fucking plaything to the beast. Damn. The big bodybuilder sits on top of me. I reach up and feel his pecs. Hard as rock. He leans down then flexes his bicep over my face. I squeeze it. Or should I say, try to squeeze it. Harder than rock.

The cowboy kisses me. I kiss Beau back, giving into him. He's so hot and dominant that I just can't help myself. Yeah, I was beat down when we started, but that's an excuse. There's no denying he is out of my league physically. I realize that the cowboy was playing with me, letting me pound his big muscles to test himself. Damn, now I know how my guys normally feel when I'm dominating them. No wonder they're so into me and tolerate my shit. It feels great being with a stronger, confident man's man.

Now that I've submitted, I relax and go with it. I just lie under his 230-lbs of muscle, letting him have his way with me again, this time as his boy. I'm actually okay accepting the control of another alpha stud. Fuck that. Beau's more than an alpha. He's a super-alpha. His tongue dominates mine even as I'm crushed under his body weight. He leans up then looks me in the eye, searching my face.

I whisper, "I really am sorry for insulting your mother. Sir. It was over-the-top. Sir."

Beau smiles, "Thank you, boy."

"But your brother is still an asshole. Sir."

Beau smiles, "Yeah, he can be a real punk. I told you he starts all kinds of shit. Especially when he knows I'm around to back him up."

I ask, "Don't you get tired of cleaning up his messes?"

Beau laughs, "Why? I get some of my best boys through him."

Before I can ask what he means, the big beast leans down and smothers my mouth again. He pulls me up then puts his huge paw on the back of my neck. He forcefully leads me to the locker room then the shower. I go along, stumbling as he pushes me forward. Not that I could resist, but I don't want to. Under the cleansing spray as we cover each other with soap, Beau takes my ass again. When he's done with me, I feel both clean and dirty, but it's a good kind of dirty. When he tosses me a towel and struts away, my cock rises in lust.

Unfinished Business

I finish drying off, stretching out my muscles. My clothes are out in the gym, so I have to go out there, wearing only the leather strap and towel. I don't see either cowboy. As I pull on a pair of shorts, I reach for the leather strap. I figure Beau will want it back now that I'm leaving and it's served its purpose.

Before I can unfasten it, Toby appears from out of nowhere. He comes up from behind, wrapping his arms around my neck. I struggle in his grip, but I'm exhausted and drained. He whispers, "My brother saved you from going out the first time, but now, I'm gonna finish what I started. Say good night, loser."

Toby tightens the sleeper and everything goes black.

Back at the Hotel

I wake up naked on my motel bed. It's dark, but not too dark. There's light from outside through the crack in the curtain. Obviously, the cowboys brought me back. I'm sore and have a headache. I'm glad for the quiet and the dark. I reach down to scratch my nads and feel something. Oh yeah, the leather strap. It's still secured around the base of my cock and balls.

I move to take it off when I realize there's a clear splashing of piss into a toilet bowl from the bathroom. The toilet flushes. Then the tap runs. A minute later, in the doorway, I see the hulking naked figure of Beau. The minimal light hits his body beautifully, highlighting the mounds of muscle with light and shadow. I admire his ripped torso and large cock, feeling my dick swelling.

The big cowboy says, "Y'all weren't thinking of taking that off now?"

"Yeah, I was planning on it."

The big man moves to the edge of the bed, "Boy, I collared you fair and square. When we're together, you wear that."

"Uh huh. And what if I don't want to?"

Beau jumps on the bed, mounting me. He pins my arms over my head, "Sounds like you need a little more training."

I can't help but smile, "Maybe I do. Sir."

The End


  1. I'm so glad to see Beau again! One of my faves. And the match is exciting and arousing.

    It'd been nice to see more Images of Toby.

    1. Appreciate the comment!

      Yeah, it'd be good to have more pictures, but there's a limit on what's possible. The "Who's Who" posts are meant to help, as guys can google anyone they want to see more of. Toby is model Jon Micklow and he has a lot of images out there.

  2. Alex R:

    Beau is Back! And Back on Top. Now its not fair that he beat Wendell (lol) after the hockey player went one on one against Toby but hey...thats what happens to cocky bastards. Then again he was looking for action in Texas, and lets say he got some. Its Toby's second appearance the first one being against Ben. He seems like a good secondary character. One dynamic that is interesting perhaps to explore in the future is the relationship with his brother. An older brother cant feel good about being bossed around by a younger brother, no matter how strong the younger brother is. So perhaps there is a Bad Boys storyline in the works for that. I think Beau can play a heel but he really isnt one. He is too playful. Toby on the other hand is more heelish in reality. Thats at least my take on him. Sometimes Beau overshadows him even in the writing, which if someone would be playing Toby, he would get pissed with the writer for writing less for him. or literally telling him to get the fuck out (like Beau did).LOL. One thing I found funny was how Carter imagines Toby hairy and pale. That was very fun to read. then to see the images even better, so cool idea that really makes something simple a fun aspect.

    1. As always, the characters, interpersonal dynamics, and plot twists were so well-crafted, Alex. I have to agree with the notion above, that Toby is the true heel in the mix and might be moved to teach his younger brother a lesson somehow. Beau's general dominance is incredibly hot, but that made his match with Jeff even more memorable. Perhaps Toby might enlist the other stars of the Bad Boys series to do his dirty work...

    2. Appreciate the comment. All this sounds very interesting, but I can't comment any more than that. :)

  3. Wow! I was excited to see Beau back in another match. Your first El Paso story with Beau is one of the hottest I've read & I've read it several times. This one is just as hot and is already another all time favorite for me! Thanks!!

    1. You're welcome, mas. Glad to hear it's Beau-worthy. :)

  4. Who is the model for Wendel Clark?

    1. It is model Jesse Dunphy. He did a 30 days of Jesse Dunphy thing that was fun and has quite a few pics on Instagram.

  5. Always great to see our texan boys again! Though mean Beau keeps taking the jobbers from Toby haha. Was hoping to see some beother double team action. But i like how beau always shows up collaring people one of my favorites aspect of him along with heing huge and dominate of course! Love the new jobber clark also more then ready for another round with our favorite man beau! Thanks for another great chapter Alex.

    A couple questions though (sorry!) I noticed that someone commissioned this story, do you take commission? Or was that a once in a while thing? I would love to commission a story or heck even just a person to be a character in one of your stories. And 2nd question is will we see storm soon? Thanks again!

    1. Thanks! Brother double team does sound like fun, especially when those brothers are guys like Beau and Toby. :)

      Storm is on the calendar for 2016, but unfortunately not until summer.

      I'm always open to taking suggestions. Alex R and Almatolmen send me all sorts of hot guys, some of which I use and some I don't get to. Denim Duel only featured wrestling in jeans based on a question by a reader.

      Commissions are something different. I've done two so far. If I have time and I like the story idea, I will try to write it. That was the case here. My only conditions are patience (it might take months) and that it's written in my style the way I want. There's obviously a limit, but shoot me an email and we can discuss. You can email me through my profile.

  6. Somehow it was possible: I love Beau even MORE now! Love the glimpse of his relationship with his "little older brother"--and of course you GOTTA love a hunk who loves his mother! And that hand-on-the-back-of-the-neck controlling action REALLY does it for me. Kudos!

    1. Thanks! Awesome to hear that feedback. I liked having the chance to flesh Beau's character out a little more. He's one of the best secondary characters, so he deserves it.