Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Review: Maverick x 2 (Wrestler4Hire)

Given the choice, would you rather your handsome and muscular indie pro studs be the squasher or the squashee in a one-sided match? That's the choice between CameronWrestler's most recent Maverick videos.

Both matches are complete one-sided domination. Maverick wrecks gorgeous homoerotic wrestler Cal Bennett inside a steel cage then lies down for fellow indie pro stud Caleb Klein.

Maverick owns Cal

Then he's helpless against Caleb

Maverick looks great in both, of course. The famous eight-pack is there, even though he tells Klein he's 'bulking'. So are his thick, sculpted legs and beefy pecs.  Maverick is as handsome as ever, perfectly groomed for the cameras.

In terms of opponents, both are hot and suit their role. Cal Bennett has been around awhile, working for multiple companies. He's tall, tattooed and ripped, lean compared to the blocky Maverick. He's just perfect for a beatdown and this isn't the only good match I have where he's squashed.

Maverick in complete control

Cal is a plaything for the pro

Maverick vs. Caleb Klein shows how much Klein has transformed over the years from young blond underwear model to rugged, hairy heel. I like it. Here, he's all-man, confidently talking and taunting throughout the match as he destroys Maverick for the most insignificant of transgressions. The guy is a hot hunk, working great in his badass role.

Maverick put on display

Caleb breaks the muscle hunk down

For gear against Bennett, Maverick is in smaller-than-normal black briefs, knee pads and short boots. It's great. Pro-inspired, but just a little skimpier than he'd normally wear. It's especially impressive from the side and back where Maverick's thick legs and amazing ass are on display. I was so sad that I just couldn't figure out a screen cap or GIF to really showcase his butt.

Being the amateur, Bennett only gets tight red and blue briefs, no pads or footwear. Those are for real pros, not hot punching bags.

Against Klein, Maverick wears his trademark black and green pro trunks. They're bigger, but they're tight, especially in back, still showcasing his prominent posterior. Klein is also in his standard pro gear, red trunks with CK1 on the front. It's all very appropriate gear for the pro vs. pro encounter.

Both gear choices work for me. I will have to look and see if Maverick wears the Bennett gear in a jobber role, as that would be perfection.

Cal looks every bit the amateur in his tiny trunks

Maverick's pro gear looks great

The action is what you might expect. Maverick vs. Bennett is a 31-minute methodical demolition. The pro is relentless and unstoppable. The primary focus is the amateur's arm, but there are a variety of holds. Interestingly, the cage is really not used very often or that important to the match.

There's a lot of arm punishment

Cal is just outclassed by the pro

Klein's beatdown of Maverick is far less scientific. He resorts to mostly choking with tape and punching/stomping, battering the handsome jobber with dirty tactics and power. So if you're looking for a fast-paced or high-flying pro match, this ain't that.

The heel can't resist punishing those perfect abs

Caleb delights in humiliating the muscle stud

While the Bennett video has the standard CameronWrestler look, the Klein video feels and looks like one of his Cyberfights matches. I don't know Cameron's deal with Can-Am, but it like it might've been planned for that brand, but not used for some reason. It's not important, but weird things always get me wondering.

Overall, two winners for me starring one of the hottest hunks in wrestling.

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  1. Man, I love Tony Nese! The second fight seems the best for me. I´ll go check it! Thanks for the review, Alex!

  2. I have seen bennetts matches honestly not impressed. No personality kinda boring, good body covered by random tats, and honestly not a really good wrestler at all. Just feel like when I see him. It's a snore fest

    1. Thanks for the comment. If you're not a fan of Bennett's, I'd definitely not buy this one. He won't change your mind.