Monday, February 1, 2016

The Cave 16: Ryan vs. Luke

"Wait, THIS is your gym? The one you like better than my place? Is it even open?"

I respond, "Cody. Be nice. You're the one who wanted to tag along."

My buddy holds up his hands, "You're right, Ry. I'm sorry. I just never expected ... it'll be cool. Lead the way."

We enter the gym and I escort my best friend Cody to the locker room. My name is Ryan. We've been friends forever, but we don't often work out together. Of course for most of my life, I didn't really work out at all, which is how I ended up soft and over 300-lbs. I'm down to a muscular 250-lbs on my 6'4" frame, a transformation I accomplished here. This place, as rundown as it is, suits me just fine.

Me, Ryan

Cody is a personal trainer. He's used to newer places, even recently opening a small gym of his own for private clients. My buddy's handsome and built, measuring 6'/205-lbs. Unlike me, he's always been in shape. Always hot. Always confident. I spent most of my life in his shadow, but lately we've evolved our relationship. We're 29 and I've called him my best friend since we were 10, but Cody's finally earning the title.

My best friend, Cody

We have a good time working out, joking around. He gives me a few tips to break through my current plateau and I feel the difference. It's all fun until I see him. A guy I've never seen here before. He's on the far side of the gym, working out shirtless. Perfectly muscled. Handsome. Dark hair, tanned skin. Pounding the heavy bag. Wow, he's fucking ridiculously gorgeous.

Holy shit, who is that?

It's not like I'm hard up for action. I'm currently in a fun and open relationship with a super-hot guy named Corey and doing a 'friends with benefits' deal with my beefy buddy Pete. And I work with super-hot guys constantly as co-owner (with Cody) of The Cave, a gay-oriented, superhero-themed wrestling video company.

But this guy. There's just something about him.

I think, "Wow. Who's that?" Damn, I must have said it out loud, as my buddy starts searching. It only takes Cody a second to guess who I'm talking about.

Cody replies, "I don't know, this is your gym, not mine. My gyms have a mandatory shirt policy. And a cleaning staff. Shit, Ry. I can't believe you choose this dump over my place. So you've never seen him before?" I shake my head and involuntarily bite my bottom lip.

Cody watches the handsome stud. He nods then says, "I'll be right back. Don't let him leave." When he returns from the locker room, he grabs my arm, "Let's go introduce ourselves."

I hold fast. Cody's strong, but he can't move me if I don't want to be moved. I try to stay casual, whispering, "Cody, don't. This isn't a pickup place. It's one of the reasons I like it. Let's just keep working out." I try to distract him, "I think you're really helping me."

My ever-confident friend whispers, "We're just going to admire his ... technique. Remember, I've got a boyfriend, so it's not like I'm going to fuck him in the shower or anything. You, on the other hand, are free to do whatever you want. Hint, hint."

I try to resist. I remind Cody, "Well, there's Corey ..."

Cody rolls his eyes, "You and Corey are casual. He's fucking around with everything that moves, so you should, too."

"Well, there's Pete, too. I'm not sure I can handle a third guy."

"Ugh, don't remind me. Look, this guy HAS to be an upgrade from those two losers. C'mon, no excuses."

I resist for a second, but I know better than to fight when Cody gets like this. I ask him not to do this the whole way over, but my buddy is dead set on me meeting the muscular stud. We get there and I can't speak. Damn. Cody does all the talking, charming this guy immediately. The guy's name is Luke. He seems cool. I don't say much, back in Cody's shadow. Shit, the guy is falling for my hot friend. I recognize the signs.

It turns out that Luke is new to this part of LA. He's 27, just out of the army, which explains the body and fighting skills. He is single, now in pharmaceutical sales. Damn, Cody's got him eating out of his hand. I'm feeling uncomfortable, pissed at myself for picking this moment to be shy. That's when my buddy comes through for me.

Cody magically shifts the topic to wrestling and me. I told you he's earning the best friend title. I answer a couple of questions, getting comfortable. The next thing I know, Luke and I are talking. More than talking. Competing. He's quietly flexing. Me, too. I feel an electricity between us. So hot. I'd swear that we could go right now.

I need to wrestle him. Now. I'm just not sure how to bring the subject up, but once again, Cody works his magic. Next thing I know, we're in the nearby aerobics/storage room. It's completely private, which is perfect as I'm stripping off my shirt and exchanging holds with Luke. We have fun, testing each other's limits. I start out light, but it's obvious he can take more. Better yet, he wants to take more.

By the time I've got him in a bearhug, I'm practically going all out. We agree to take it up a notch. We strip off our pants. I've got an American flag jock on. By coincidence, I see Luke's got a pair of US flag squarecuts. I smile, "Good sign. Looks like we're in sync."

Luke seems weird for a second, like he's lost in thought. I ask and he just says that he used to wrestle a guy who wore similar briefs. I offer to wear my shorts or nothing, but he says he's glad I'm wearing them. Must've been a special guy, based on his reaction. It passes quickly and he invites me into a lock up.

I stop as I realize that Cody is gone. He must've stepped out, but somehow, I didn't even notice. I was so focused on Luke. But in his spot is a little gift of lube and protection, in case Luke and I get intimate. Oh Cody, never change.

Okay, focus, Ryan. I move towards Luke and it's on. We're doing this.

The Match: Round One

We bend over to lock up. Hunched over, we swat hands, looking for an opening. We're both a little cautious, but Luke looks like he knows what he's doing. I'm more of a ring guy than a mat guy, but this works. He's so fucking hot that I wouldn't mind losing to him, if that happens.

As our hands meet, they naturally go together, locking up. Feels nice. We get into a test of strength. My height gives me an advantage, but not much of one. We bash chests, his pecs hitting under mine. Our torsos rub together and I'm torn between enjoying the feeling and taking control. The military muscleman isn't holding back and I quickly realize that this won't be easy.

We struggle, pumping up our muscles and building up a sweat. Luke is strong and smart. He's really good at shifting to counter my attempts to overpower him to his knees. Okay, enough of this. I press down, but when he shifts, I go with it. I spin him into a side headlock, pulling his head against my side.

I feel his hands rubbing all over my body and it feels awesome. Once again, I realize Luke is a competitor. The hot muscleman is not just feeling me up. He grabs me around the waist and lifts, but I kick down. I flip him over with a hip toss, dropping him onto his back. WHAM! I land on his chest, keeping the headlock on tight.

I grind it hard and enjoy the sounds of his grunts. I have to admit that I'm already tenting. For a solid muscle guy, Luke is flexible. He surprises me by swinging his legs up and locking them around my head. The military musclestud pulls and I lose the headlock. Now it's my turn to grunt as I suffer in the head scissors. I run my hands over his powerful thighs. Hard as concrete. Mmm.

As I lie there trapped, with Luke on his side and me on my back, the muscleman asks, "What's your opinion on punching? Are you just a wrestling guy?"

I spread my arms and turn my chest towards him as best I can, "Go for it, stud. Show me what you got." The military musclestud pounds my pec. WHAP! I grunt, but easily take the shot. I tell him, "Fuck, you can do better than that! Work me like that fucking heavy bag, bitch!"

Luke laughs, "Bitch? If this is a dream, nobody better fucking wake me up!"

The hot muscleman accepts the challenge, hammering his fist into my heaving chest. THUD! THUD! THUD! By the tenth time, I'm feeling it, grunting. My cock is swelling up, which Luke notices and takes as an invitation to keep punishing me. He releases the scissors then spins to mount my waist.

I let him get into position as he sits his muscular ass on my bulge. I groan and throw my head back. I feel him rub my torso before he starts in with pounding my abs and pecs. POW! THUD! POW! My dick throbs under him as he hammers away. Between punches, he pauses and runs his hands up and down my torso, feeling up my body.

I look up at him lustfully, "Keep going."

Luke smiles, "Maybe later. I don't want to beat you because you let me."

"You think there's any other way for you to beat me?"

The military musclestud laughs, "Fuck, you get cocky when you wrestle! Where's the big old shy boy who needs his buddy for hook ups?"

In response, I buck my hips, throwing Luke off me. I roll and dive, tackling him down. The musclestud is strong, but he can't stop my 250-lbs of power. I barrel him down then force him onto his stomach. I force his wrist up his back for a chicken wing. I place my other hand on the back of his head as I push his face into the mat.

Luke grunts under me, but moans when I grind my package onto his ass. He swears and loses focus, enjoying the moment. I drop my torso onto his back, wedging his arm between us. With two free hands, I wrap my arms around his head and roll us onto my back. My legs swing around for a body scissors and the military musclestud is locked up tight.

I work for a sleeper, but Luke blocks me with his free hand. I manage to power him into a half nelson. He struggles, but his own weight is keeping one arm trapped between us and my legs are holding his body firmly. The handsome hunk moans, but won't give. I didn't expect him to, but I'm still impressed by his toughness.

Finally, Luke flips his free hand, tapping my forearm. I let go, helping him free his other arm, but keeping him lying on top of me. He relaxes, using me as his mattress. I reach around and rub his torso, admiring his hard muscles. The military musclestud hangs his head beside mine on my shoulder.

After a couple of minutes of us just chilling, he rolls over to face me. His weight feels good on top of me. From the feel of his crotch on mine, he's as hard as I am. As we stare into each other's eyes, we don't say anything. There's an obvious sexual tension in the air. We should kiss right now, but neither of us make the first move.

Things stay intense until Luke rolls off me. He tosses me my gym towel then wipes down with his own. I was right. The musclestud is tenting his squarecuts. Damn, he's pretty much close to perfect.

Round Two - Ryan 1, Luke 0

We don't talk, just stare. Simultaneously, we move in on our knees until we're inches apart. We bump bulges and torsos, each challenging the other to make a move. I attack first, grabbing him in a kneeling bearhug. Luke groans and grabs my biceps as I crush his midsection against mine. We grind cocks, both getting hot from the move.

Luke buries his face against my shoulder as he moans. Damn, his hot breath feels so good on my flesh. I keep working and adjusting. I must be breaking him down, because he finally reacts. The military muscleman backs off then hammers his forearm across my chest. THUD! It's enough to loosen my grip. Luke pushes backwards and gets free.

I smile, about to tell him how hot that was, but he's not looking to talk. Luke charges at me, clotheslining me to the mat. He spins then wraps his legs around my arm. His calves rest on my chest and the armbar has me groaning in pain as my elbow is hyper-extended beside his bulge. I won't give, but he knows his shit. Fuck.

The hot musclestud cranks harder, forcing me to move fast. I use all my weight and power to throw my free arm over, rolling his legs up and twisting my arm into a comfortable position. I use his grip to power him up then slam him down onto his back. WHAM! Luke goes limp and I pull my arm free.

I back off, letting him rise. Luke sees me shaking out my arm, so he tries to take advantage by charging at me. Too bad for him, I'm ready. I wrap him up, spin us around and drive him down onto his back. BOOM! I land on top of him then pull his head between my legs. His mouth and nose are smothered by my pouch as I close the scissors.

Luke fights, but my legs are tough. I grip his hair, holding him in place as he lies on the mat. I extend my legs, adding more and more pressure. The military muscleman brings his fists up. He tries two weak ab punches, but the angle is all wrong. Still, I grab his wrists. Turns out, that's what he wanted me to do.

Suddenly, Luke twists his hands, whipping them around and gripping my wrists. He pulls my hands forward, using me as a counterweight while he gets his feet under his hips. I'm confused, so I freeze, which is the worst thing to do in wrestling. The hot musclestud springs forward, rolling over me.

Luke's head pops free and he lands with his ass on my face, my shoulders pinned under his shins. I kick up, but he grabs my ankles and wedges them under his armpits. He sits there, with me rolled up and trapped. He leans forward so I can't power him off me. The more he leans, the greater the pressure on my neck.

Fuck. I'm pinned and risking injury with all his weight on my neck. I'm a big guy and not that flexible.

I blurt out, "Give!"

Luke releases my legs, but stays seated on me. He slides his ass back into my chest and looks down at me. We're both smiling.

I ask, "Flex for me?" The military muscleman smiles broadly, lifting his arms and striking a double bicep pose. "Yeah, that's the stuff."

Luke's tented trunks hang over my chin. I regret not kissing him earlier so I summon up my courage and put my mouth on his bulge. He leans forward, giving me better access. The musclestud moans, encouraging me to keep going. I grip his firm ass and pull his hips down onto my face.

I work him for a minute, but he rolls off and we both sit across from each other, hard and smiling. I tell him, "Fuck, you're a great wrestler."

Luke says, "Right back at you. So we know where this is leading, right? I don't wanna make any assumptions."

I nod my head, "Yeah, we both know where this is going. Only question is who's on top."

Round 3 - Luke 1, Ryan 1

With a couple of rounds done and stakes set, Luke and I can focus on the wrestling. I'm bigger and stronger, but the military musclestud seems used to wrestling guys my size. He's definitely handled me pretty good so far.

As we bend over and get ready to face off, Luke goes low for my leg. Smart move, but he's not the only one who knows what he's doing. I bend forward, counterbalancing his lift. I grab him around the waist, lift and flip him onto his back. I thrust my arms under his, pinning them straight out beside his head. UNF! With my hands locked, he can't power out.

I tighten my arms, collapsing his arms. The military musclestud moans into my shoulder as I use all my power to squeeze him. He's so focused on his head and shoulders that I'm able to wind my legs into his. I split his legs hard and fast with a grapevine, tearing his groin open.

The sudden stabbing pain and helplessness he feels with my 250-lbs crushing his immobilized body does the trick. He waves his hand as he moans, "Okay, okay. You got me."

As I let him loose, I grind my bulge into his. We lock eyes then I roll off. Neither of us say anything as we drink and towel off.

Round 4: Ryan 2, Luke 1

We circle again. I charge in fast, surprising Luke. He can't stop me from tackling him down, but he manages to roll with the momentum. Before I know it, I'm on my stomach with Luke on my back. I power up, but he sweeps my arms out. SPLAT! I land on my face with Luke's 215-lbs of muscle driving me down.

I'm stunned, but when Luke goes for an armlock, I manage to power my arm free. The military musclestud reaches under my shoulders, but I close my hands, blocking his full nelson attempt. I try to push up again, but once again, he sweeps and I'm flattened down. Luke grabs my wrist and forces my arm up. He twists my arms and puts his shoulder against it.

I feel his knee dig into my back, as pain shoots through my shoulder. I moan and pound the mat. Luke braces his free hand on the back of my head, mashing my face into the mat. I've got no choice. I tap the mat and he releases my arm.

Luke slides flat on my back. He humps my ass, whispering into my ear, "All tied up, big guy. Getting tired yet?"

I laugh, "You wish. Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not one of those big guys."

Luke tongues my ear then says, "You're like the furthest thing from disappointing in the world, Ryan."

I murmur, "Mmmmm," as he humps me and kisses my neck. It feels great, to the point where I almost want to lose. Damn, he's good.

Round 5: Luke 2, Ryan 2

After a short break, we're up and facing off. We lock up. I power Luke forward, but he deftly spins and trips me down, kicking me legs out from under me. My legs fly up, giving him the opportunity to go for a Boston crab. As he flips us, I keep the momentum going, doing a 360 and toppling him down.

I don't have time to be proud of myself, because he never loses focus. The military musclestud locks on a leglock, hyper-extending my knee. I groan as he twists, quietly cursing from the pain. I kick my free leg, managing to catch him on the shoulder. He flops backwards and I pull my leg free.

We rise to a crouch, facing off again. Luke tries to go low, but I grab him around the waist. Time to show him my power. I rise, lift in him off the mat. He gets disoriented as I flip him over, planting him over my extended leg with a backbreaker. CRACK! The handsome musclehunk cries out in pain, going limp on my thigh.

I press down on his chin and knee, folding him in half the wrong way. I admire his huge pouch as he suffers in the over-the-knee backbreaker. Luke is moaning loudly, his cries getting higher pitched with short gasps interspersed. I slam my forehead into his rock hard abs. It doesn't hurt him directly, but it causes him to buck, which adds to the pressure.

I headbutt his abs two more times. Each time he convulses, increasing the pain in his back. I push harder and Luke can't take it. He taps my forearm and I ease up. I rub his abs then caress his bulge before I roll him off my leg onto the mat.

Luke lies on his stomach. He props himself up on his elbows, pounds the mat then looks at me. He asks, "We going again?"

I shrug, "Up to you."

The military musclestud thinks then says, "Okay, I'm not ready to stop wrestling you. Let's go."

Round 6: Ryan 3, Luke 2

I can tell Luke is a little mad at himself for giving, but it was the smart thing to do. I gave to the same thing, so I know. We circle then move in. The military musclestud is pumped up, his adrenaline high. He's actually able to power me sideways then lock on a headlock. He cranks hard and I feel it.

Luke tries for a hip toss to put me on my back, but I use my weight to block it. I have my arms around his waist. When I slip my head out, I close my grip and lift him up into a reverse bearhug. Luke moans as he's crushed against my muscular body. I squeeze tightly then start shaking him. He cries out, desperately trying to kick or pry his way free.

I hold on for as long as I can, but he's shifting. I seamlessly release, catching him off guard. I'm able to thrust my arms up and lock on a full nelson. I crush his shoulders, locking my hands up tightly. The military musclestud groans, struggling to get free. It's a battle of power and I'm winning. Luke fights hard, but he can't break it.

I say, "Bet there aren't many guys who can hold you. Too bad for you I'm one of them."

Luke grunts, "Bigger they are ..."

Luke pushes back with his right foot while putting his left between my legs. I stumble and his comment proves true as I fall hard on my ass with his 215-lbs of muscle landing hard on top of me. I'm winded as the handsome hunk flips over and goes for a triangle choke. I barely block it, luckily saving myself from giving.

I try to power out, but I end up pushing my arm right into a tight armbar. I twist free, but the military musclestud is right behind me. I get locked in a body scissors. Luke manages to get me just right, his powerful legs closing in just below my ribs in the only soft spot on my torso. I cry out, which only encourages him to go harder.

I gasp, struggling to force my arm into the scissors to protect my side or move his legs. Luke tries to pull at my arm, giving me the chance to throw my elbow back. THUD! I hit him hard in the chest. His legs loosen just enough for me to get my arm inside. I roll and flip us over. The handsome hunk's ankles open and I push free.

Luke scrambles to rise, but I tackle him down onto his stomach. I spin and grab a leg, lifting it for a single leg crab. It's okay, but not as perfect as if I had applied it by flipping him over. Normally it'd be good enough with my size and strength. Unfortunately anything less than perfect isn't going to work on this ripped powerhouse.

I try to adjust, but Luke manages to twist and spin free. He gets his foot on my ass then thrusts, sending me flying across the room into the wall. CRASH! I'm stunned long enough for the military musclestud to come in behind me and grab me around the waist. He forces me to my feet in a reverse bearhug of his own.

Luke squeezes and I feel it. I'm shaking out my head from the impact with the wall as he constricts his powerful arms around my torso. I still feel the body scissors that almost had me submitting as he hits the same spot. I moan as I'm pulled against his chiseled torso, the energy being drained from me with every passing second. I know I have to do something fast.

I drive myself forward, extending my long arms between my legs. I grab him around the ankle and pull, tripping him down. He holds on enough to bring me down, too, but the important thing is that I'm free. I roll away and spin to face him. We rise slowly, admiring each other even more.

As we circle, I act casual until Luke's back is facing the wall. With him in position, I sprint forward. I manage to surprise him, barreling him into the wall back first. I splash him hard between my body and the wall. I feel him go limp as I grab him around the waist. I lift him up into a bearhug, squeezing hard.

Luke struggles and groans as I work the bearhug. Our bulges naturally grind against each other, a secondary, private battle on top of the obvious one. The military musclestud grinds into me, but I ignore it, focusing on weakening him with my deadly vice-like hold. The dry humping has my cock screaming, distracting me.

Before I can react, Luke plants his feet then drives me back into the wall. THUD! I lose my bearhug as he lies against me. We just stand there, shifting to an all-out battle of the bulges. We lock hands then thrust and hump, pounding our rock hard cocks. As we twist our hips, looking for position, we bury our faces on each other's shoulder. I feel his hot breath and it only makes me hotter.

I mutter, "Oh fuck." I feel my load building as my jock and his spandex-wrapped rod slide up and down my shaft.

I pull my hands free and shove him back off me before I lose it completely. I need a moment. Luke doesn't. He moves in, lifting his knee into my gut. WHOMP! I bend forward then get flipped onto my back on the mat. The handsome musclehunk locks on an armbar and head scissors combination. The thick legs tighten and I can barely breathe.

I moan as the powerful legs flex, crushing my head. I'm tempted to tap, but my ego kicks in. I squirm, writhing and rolling. Luke's strong, his legs unbreakable. My right arm is trapped. I moan as I struggle helplessly.

Luke tells me to give. Instead, I make one final stand. I thrust my left arm up and crunch my abs. I manage to lift his legs up as I sit up. With his angle lost, I pull my right arm free and throw him off me. I shake my head, but the military musclestud moves in, looking to press his advantage. I throw my elbow out and catch him in the abs. It's just enough to slow him down.

I turn to rise, but I'm tired, which makes me careless. I make the mistake of exposing my back to him. Luke is on me fast, going for a sleeper. He almost locks on the rear naked choke, but I grab his arms. We struggle, but I get a burst of adrenaline. I flip him over my shoulder. He lands on his back between my legs.

My legs close around his head. The handsome musclehunk escapes, but I grab his right wrist. I pull him back, spinning him around. I grab behind his head and roll him over into a spladle. Luke moans as I split his legs wide, his body folded and pinned. I wedge his leg behind my head, freeing my left arm.

Luke grunts then moans as I rub his bulge. I force my hand inside his trunks between his legs, caressing his taint. The military musclestud kicks, trying to get free, but I'm too strong and heavy. I touch his hole and he gasps.

"Wanna give?"

"No way!"

I laugh, "Okay, let me have a little fun then I'll make you give."

I force my finger inside his hole. Luke moans, "No! No! Oh god! Oh man, please! Fuuuucckkk!"

I ask him to give, but he refuses, even as he gets short of breath, aroused and distracted by the finger fucking. I withdraw my finger then lean back. I fold the muscleman even smaller as I roll all his weight onto his neck. He cries out then finally admits defeat as pain radiates from his neck.


I release the hold, letting him collapse onto the mat. We lie on the mat beside each other, breathing hard, drenched in sweat. Luke finally breaks the silence, "I usually wrestle best 3-out-of-5."

"I'm up 4-2."

Luke sighs, "I know. I just didn't want to stop. You really are a lot of fun."

"You don't have to stop now."

Luke says, "Yeah, I do. I'm tired, sore and so fucking horny I'm gonna explode. It haven't wrestled like this in three weeks. If we don't fuck, I'm gonna have a stroke."

Before we go any further, I tell Luke about Corey and Pete. And that I'm not looking for love right now. I tell him that I'm always safe, get tested and not really a slut, but it probably sounds like it. I'm just late to the social scene, so I'm enjoying myself while I can.

Luke thanks me for being honest, assuring me it's totally cool. We just met, he's not looking for anything serious and doesn't expect stakes to lead to marriage. He starts to tell me about his last wrestling buddy. Scott? It sounded like Squatch, but that can't be right. Our quick conversation relaxes me, knowing he really can handle this without getting emotionally crazy.

I slide my hand onto his cock, feeling the hard shaft through his thin spandex trunks. Damn, that's hot. I massage it and he moans. I laugh, "Looks like you're primed. Too bad you lost."

"Yeah." Luke asks, "So, how do you want me?"

I tell him, "Focused on me, not on this monster in your trunks." I squeeze tighter and jerk him in his red, white and blue gear. He begs me to stop, saying he's going to cum. I rub his chest, "That's the idea, grunt. Only winners get to cum when and where they want. Losers like you cum on command in their trunks. You've got to five to shoot that load, soldier. One. Two."

I don't get any further. Luke cries out as the dominating talk pushes him over the edge. He explodes, his thick seed leaking through the spandex gear and onto my hand. It's a huge load. I keep pumping until he's drained and no longer shaking. I wipe my hand on his chest, smearing the huge muscles.

I smile, "My turn."

Winner Takes All

I roll over then grab the waistband of Luke's cum-soaked trunks. I peel them down, freeing his stiffening cock, which is even more beautiful than I hoped. Once he's naked, I admire his body before I lean in and start kissing it. I start with his abs then work my way up to his chest. I taste his cum on his pecs. When I make it to his lips, I press my weight on top of him.

As I move to his neck, Luke pushes me off. He rolls me onto my back, saying, "Hey, you're the winner. I'm the one who should be doing the worshipping."

I put my arms behind my head and let him get to work. He strips my jock then gets to work. Luke caresses my chest, spreading his hands out then up from my armpits to my wrists as he leans in for a long kiss. We embrace, making out passionately as our muscular bodies come together.

Luke breaks off to work his mouth and hands down my body. Oh fuck, he's so fucking hot. This feels incredible. The muscleman is remarkably gentle, while still being firm and manly. When he engulfs my cock in his mouth, I arch my back and throw my head back in ecstasy. The military musclestud works my manhood like a pro. It's all I can do not to shoot down his throat.

I have to push Luke off me, his mouth and hands are too good. He smirks, recognizing the effect he's having on me. I motion for him to move onto all fours and I roll up behind him. I bend over and stick my face between his cheeks. I tongue his smooth hole as I squeeze and fondle his muscular ass. I'm rewarded with moans of pleasure.

With Luke primed and moist, I grab Cody's gift and start to lube Luke's spectacular ass, which he eagerly presents to me. I enjoy sliding my fingers inside, stretching out the tight ass as I work my cock. With both of us ready, I slide on a condom then get into position. The military musclestud groans as I force my cock in, working it deeper and deeper.

I start to ride Luke, slowly then more powerfully. The handsome hunk takes it, his groans turning to whimpers as I pound his ass. He begs me to go harder and faster. Knowing how tough he is, I hold nothing back, forcefully jackhammering my rock hard rod into him. I grip his hips tight, my pelvis slapping into his bulbous butt.

I'm sweating as I go full force, ramming my cock up up his ass. Finally, I let out a moan and I know I'm close. I pull out and push Luke onto his back. It only takes seconds before I'm exploding all over his stomach and rock hard manhood. When I'm drained, I fall back on my ass, gasping for air. Ropes of my seed line his beautiful body.

The military musclestud has a big smile on his handsome face. I smile back, just staring at him. I look at his huge cock and I realize that I want more than just a fuck.

Loser Takes All, Too

Luke starts to jerk his cock, which is rock hard again. I grab his wrist and stop him. I tell him, "How about you finish up inside me, instead."

The military muscleman shakes his head, "I lost. I don't deserve it."

I smirk then punch him in his unflexed abs. THUD! He grunts, startled. I hammer him again. THUD! I roughly drag him up to a kneeling position between my legs as I fall onto my back. I lock on a body scissors as I reach for a condom and the lube, putting them on my abs. Luke's cock is still hard, hitting my ass. I tighten the scissors until his face is etched with pain and he's moaning.

I tell him, "I won. I decide what you deserve. Got it, grunt?"

The muscular stud groans, "Yes, sir!"

I smile, "That's better, soldier." I spread my legs as Luke relaxes.

The handsome hunk looks me up and down, taking it all in. He mutters, "I can't fucking believe this."

I just smirk then threaten to tighten my legs again. Luke takes the hint and gets to work. He lifts my left leg high then lubes my hole. I'm moaning already as he works it in, his thick fingers penetrating me. My cock is hard again and I can't help grabbing myself. When he's ready, he puts my calves on his shoulders and adjusts me into position.

I feel the head of his thick cock spread me open. Oh fuck, that feels good. Luke is a surprisingly gentle partner, taking his time and making sure I'm doing okay. Once inside, he starts pounding me and I throw my head back, crying out as he takes my hole. I reach back, bracing my hands against the wall as I slide with every powerful thrust.

Luke rides me hard then pulls out. He guides me to a standing position against the wall. I brace myself and he enters me again. I moan as he pumps his thick manhood in and out of my tight ass. His strong hands hold my hips and I hang my head as he works. I watch my throbbing cock bouncing and I feel like I need to cum again.

I reach down and pleasure myself, my mind filled with lust for this hot military muscleman. It doesn't take long before Luke cries out, his breath getting faster until he moans long and loud. I feel the warmth of his load inside me and it's all I needed to let go of my next load, streaking the wall and floor with my seed.

Luke collapses against my back, holding me tightly around the waist. I enjoy the feeling of his sweaty muscles and his cock inside me. He finally slides out, removing the loaded condom as I turn around. We kiss long and hard then reluctantly move to get our stuff.

As I grab what's left of Cody's little care package, Luke remarks, "So what's the deal with your buddy? I mean, I've seriously never been worked like this."

I smile, "Yeah, Cody knows how to get guys to do what he wants. Sometimes, it drives you nuts. Then there's times like this that makes it all worthwhile. You'll get used to it." Luke doesn't say anything and looks lost in thought. Uh oh. I wait before asking hesitantly, "Oh shit. I hope you're not feeling manipulated or used. I mean -"

Luke stops me, "Oh, no it's not that. I was thinking about you saying I'll get used to it and what that might mean."

I breathe deeply, pausing before I respond, "I know Cody would tell me I'm supposed to play this cool, but I can't. I really hope we can make this more than a one-match stand. I'd love to wrestle you again. More than that, actually. I want to get to know you better. Be friends. All that stuff. If you want to."

Luke smiles back, "Fuck being cool. That sounds awesome."

New Friend, Old Friend

When we slip out of the room, we try to look relaxed. Like we were just stretching, not wrestling and fucking. Cody is nearby with a shit-eating grin on his face. He bangs his weights down and greets us.

I tease Cody, "You're a personal trainer. I thought you'd know better than to bang your weights."

My best friend smirks, "Yeah, well, I needed to do something to make some noise. That room? I couldn't see in, but it's not exactly soundproof." Luke and I blush and our eyes go wide. Oh shit. My best friend whispers, "Don't worry, I kept the curious away. And there's only one staff member in this whole dump and he's gay, so no problem there."

Luke and I thank Cody for guarding the room. He just shrugs like it's no big deal, but my new military muscle buddy is particularly grateful. He swears he's never done anything like this before, but he just couldn't help himself. I let him know that I'm the same way and this is not my usual way of working.

As we talk about how unusual this behavior is, Cody looks at the ceiling and says in an exasperated tone, "Oh for fuck's sake. So without me, the two of you would've just stared at each other across the gym and never said or done anything."

We reluctantly admit that exactly how it would've gone down then thank Cody again. He smiles, basking in our gratitude. I have to marvel at my best friend. Even though Luke and I were the ones who wrestled and fucked, Cody has somehow managed to turn this into being about him and how great he is for putting us together and heroically fending off interruptions.

The three of us shower and get dressed, making small talk. As we exit the locker room, Luke says, "You two are the best. This has been unbelievable."

Cody asks, "So when are you two trying out our ring?"

"Ring? The two of you have a ring? A real wrestling ring?"

Cody looks at me, "You didn't invite him to the ring?"

I blurt out, "I was going to, but, well, um ..."

Cody teases me, "You had other things on your mind. But it's not too late. Luke, would you like to wrestle Ryan in a real ring sometime?"

Luke is excited, "I'd kill to wrestle in a ring. You wrestle pro-style?" We nod. "Oh damn, that'd be amazing."

We make plans to meet up soon. Like tomorrow. When we hit the parking lot, it's kind of awkward, going our separate ways after everything. Do we kiss? Hug? Shake hands? We settle on a hug, lamenting that we both have plans. We obviously never expected our workouts to turn into this. Cody hangs back, but as soon as Luke drives away, my best friend is on me.

When I refuse to share details in the public parking lot, Cody says, "Okay, but you know I'll hear everything. You should've invited him to the taping. Night and Day are in action. He'd like that."

I shake my head vehemently, "No."

"Why not?"

"I'll tell him about The Cave some other time. We just met. It'd be weird, telling him I make wrestling porn then inviting him to watch. Besides, I'll be busy organizing, filming and cleaning. And Pete will be there. He's already being insecure about Corey. It just wouldn't be good."

Cody doesn't even try to hide his smug expression, full of self-satisfaction. I don't care, I'm ecstatic. He turns serious as he asks, "So be honest. You really don't mind that I interfered in your personal life? If I crossed the line, please don't hold it in. I don't want to find out that -"

I interrupt my friend by hugging him hard, "We're cool. Thank you. I do realize that if you weren't the man you are, none of this would've happened and I would've missed out on making a new friend. I promised to be upfront about my feelings. So let me say, what you did today was awesome."

Cody hugs me back, "Hey, I'm always here for you buddy. I really do want you to be happy."

I let him go, "I know. And I appreciate you more than you could ever know."

Cody says, "Okay, okay. Don't get mushy, Ry. Now, come on. We have some erotic superhero wrestling action to film. Which reminds me, you've never told me who Night and Day are wrestling today."

We head to the car, shifting our conversation to business.

The End


  1. Dude!!!! Every time I think your stories can't get better, you prove me wrong. This one was amazing! Great seeing Ryan back in action and even better to have it against Luke. And the character development just keeps getting more interesting and keeps me excited to see what's next. Great work again!

    1. Thanks, Phil! It took seven months to catch up to the three-week flash forward at the end of Independence Day, so I'm glad it was worth it.

      And reading praise for the character development always makes me smile. Appreciate it!

  2. Yay, Luke! Hoping we get to see Squatch again someday, too. :)

    "Oh Cody, never change." LOL, loved this line. And Cody, simultaneously doing something nice for his friend, while making it about himself. Character growth AND consistency!

    And yay!--Night and Day!

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      Yes, Cody has grown, but not necessarily changed. When we met him, he had been sabotaging Ryan's relationships to keep him down. Now, he's building new relationships to help his friend out AND sabotage relationships with Pete and Corey. It's slightly better, right? LOL.

      Squatch is on my radar, but probably not until 2017 unless it's in a bonus story. I think I have a good idea for Squatch, so we'll see where it goes.

  3. Alex R:

    Yes Ryan is back in action!!! AWESOME! After a loooooong break we finally see Luke back in action. I liked how you changed the setting from a ring to the mats. Perfectly suited for Luke.
    I also liked the chemistry that the two of them had. It was like oozing all over the story.
    And its awesome to see Cody setting his buddy up. But even more important its cool to see that Ryan knows what Cody is doing and is open to it. He sees that Cody is watching out for him, in his own unique way. Its not like before when Cody was sneaking around and denying messing up Ryans life. Its awesome that he now does it openly, front and center.
    Ryan is such an interesting character in that he doesnt mind his sexual partners to "take control". We saw it with Pete before and now with Luke. YOu can even see Lukes surprised reaction. Ryan is a charmer. How the hell is he going to juggle 3 boys at a time! One of them is a jealous vindictive one, the other a mischievous one...and Luke...the hottest guy around. Good Luck Ryan!

    1. Thanks for the comment and analysis! Yes, Ryan is a busy boy, making up for lost time. Only time will tell how it all shakes out.

  4. Great story sa usual. Love this Luke character and is interaction with Ryan... the beginning a serious relation for Ryan?

    I see a great friendship relation developping between Cody and Luke. I think that Luke could help Cody in is wrestling with heavier opponent. Did Cody really forget the wrestling lesson Ryan gave him? Could Luke help him get a friendly revenge.

    A team match with Squatch and Ryan against Luke and Cody?

    Keep up the great work


    1. Thanks Mike! Good thoughts on Luke and Cody, who might just appreciate Ryan hanging out with someone who doesn't drive him nuts.

  5. Hot as usual however I have a Question are we ever going to see that first match Cody lost as the bat the one that was never posted because Cody was a bitch back in the day I'll have to read some old stories on who the guy was I think it was like Cody's ex boyfriend or something I don't remember however I am curious and would like to see it maybe in flashback or something anyway keep up the great work.

    1. Appreciate the comment. I actually never thought of that match as anything more than setting the background for who Cody was when I started. Of course, I also never planned The Cave to go beyond story 3 with Bat vs. Bane and we see how that's changed.

      I'll give it some serious thought. It might be fun to write Cody pre-Bane. Thanks for the suggestion!

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    Btw, the way Ryan is keeping the information to whom Night and Day are wrestling against... I´m gonna guess Corey as Batman and Cody as Batman, lol.

    1. Thanks!

      No comment on Night and Day other than you'll find out on 2/15. :)