Monday, February 15, 2016

The Cave Undercard 10: Night vs. Day

"It's tough to see you guys end things like this. Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Fuck yeah. It's been a long time comin', Cody. The kid deserves everything he's gonna get."

I pout, "I hate this."

"Liar. You love drama."

I put up my hands in a 'hold on' motion and shake my head, "Not for real, man. These days I only love fake drama. I mean, it's the end of an era. You're Night, he's Day. Night and Day. Watching you guys wrestle together is like poetry."

Night and Day in happier times

Night scoffs, "Pfft, together. Yeah, right. More like me carryin' his weak ass and not getting any 'preciation for it. I save that punk every match, but he gets all the love because he gets the shit kicked outta him. No one cares that it's because he's a fuckin' shitty wrestler. Guys cream while watchin' him get punished and whine when I save him too early. What the fuck is that?"

"Well, there are just fans who are into that."

"Well, I'm gonna make their day, because he's gonna get a major ass kickin' today. They wanna see him suffer? They got it."

I shake my head, "Wow, okay. So, you don't want me to talk you out of it?"

Night smirks, "C'mon, Cody. It's great for you guys. Nothin' bigger than a 'Loser leaves The Cave' match. Ryan's already workin' on the promo. Isn't that blogger Bart here to cover it?"

I reply, "Look, I admit that the break up of Night and Day, the undefeated stars of The Cave tag team scene, is a HUGE deal. It'll sell a ton. But when it's done, one of you is gone. That's not cool. You guys have basically been wrestling here steadily since we started."

"Don't worry, I'll still be here." Night must think he sees something in my face, because he angrily says, "That's it, isn't it? You're worried that I'll win. You think he's more popular. First he was 'the cutest'. Now he's 'the hottest'. And what about me? You think I can't sell?"

I try to calm him down, "That's not it at all. You're both studs. You have a huge fanbase, too. I really don't want to lose EITHER of you. Why can't both of you just wrestle singles? Why does there have to be a 'loser leaves The Cave' stipulation? It's not like you ever have to see each other."

Night shakes his head, "Nah, he needs to go."

I reply, "Day is not going to be a total pushover, you know. He's not the skinny, inexperienced twink he was when you guys came here six years ago. He's filled out, to say the least."

"His ego's filled out, that's for fuckin' sure. Kid thinks he's better than everyone else. Better than me! It's my fault, you know. I coddled him too much. Built up his confidence to make him strong, but it backfired. I created a fuckin' monster."

"He's not that bad. We have way cockier guys walking around here."

Night points at me, "I made him, Cody. And today, I'm gonna break him."

I hold up my hands in surrender, "Okay. I'm just saying. Remember, I've wrestled you guys three times. He's tough. Got me to submit in two of those matches."

Night sneers, "Uh huh. That was as Pink Punk, in your jobber identity, so you weren't really tryin'. He didn't get The Bat to submit."

"Well, no, not The Bat ..."

"Xactly. So let's see him try and wrestle me. I taught him everything he knows, not everything I know."

I just shrug, not wanting to beat a dead horse. I wish him luck then head over to the other locker room.

Day's Locker Room

When I check on Day, it's pretty much a repeat of my conversation with Night. Whatever drove these two apart is apparently mutual. We go around a bit, with me feeling out the possibility of a reconciliation.

Day finally says, "Give it up, Cody. I'm so fuckin' glad this is gonna be done. You got no idea how tired I am of bein' Day. I've been dreamin' about being free for a long time. And now I will be."

"It can't have been that bad. You were such a great team."

"We were NEVER a team. I was young and he acted like my boss. Now look at me. Do I look like a fuckin' sidekick anymore?"

I reply, "I think you're his partner, not his sidekick."

Day smirks, "I'm a fuckin' god, Cody. A god. Look at this body. Night still thinks I'm a scrawny 18-year old kid he can push around. He's nothin'. Face it, I've got him beat in every way. I'm bigger. I'm stronger. I'm smarter. I'm more popular. And I'm a better wrestler."

"I still hate to lose one of you."

The younger stud flexes for me, "Relax. You're not gonna lose your moneymaker."

"My what?"

Just then, the door opens and a shorter (5'9"), young-looking (19 or 20), lean-muscled (150-lbs) guy comes in. He's got dark hair and eyes. I can see his torso is ripped and smooth from neck to the top of his cock, thanks to the low slung jeans and open shirt he's wearing. He's got a gym bag hanging behind him, which he pats when he eagerly says, "I got everything you wanted, sir."

"Of course you do." Day commands the new guy, "Put it down and lace up my boots." The twink sets the bag down then kneels to tie the white wrestling boots.

I look at Day, "So, who's this?"

Day smirks, "Every god needs worshippers, Cody. He's my first. He'll be at ringside, but won't interfere. I cleared it with Ryan." Before I can ask anything else, he asks, "Is there anything else? Because I've really gotta get ready. Think about it this way. We can finally have that singles match. I know you want that."

"Sure, of course, but -"

"Sorry, Cody, but I gotta get ready. We can hang out at my victory celebration tonight. A lot of the guys are comin'. It'll be a blast."

I don't really know what to say, so I just shrug, "Okay. Good luck."

The Hallway

Out in the hall, I lean against the wall and put my head back, looking at the ceiling. I sigh in frustration at not having more time to solve this. Ryan should've told me right away. I love my best friend, but he screwed this up. I know I could've convinced them to do things differently. I can always get guys to do what I want, but even I have limits. If I just had more time ...

I sulk down the hall, reminiscing. I wasn't lying when I said the end of an era. Night and Day have been our only full-time tag team since Ryan and me started The Cave, our gay-oriented, superhero-themed wrestling video company. I wish Ryan could've at least convinced them to lose a match or portray some buildup to this, but they couldn't even agree to that.

I remember back when I first met the two of them. It was like a dream. Two really good looking, talented guys wanting to wrestle for us when we were nothing special. It was obvious from the start that Night was the leader. The coach. The taskmaster. Over the years, we've actually wanted to split them up, but Night had their gimmick set and there was no changing his mind.

Of course, I originally thought they were misnamed. Night is a fair-haired white stud, while Day is a dark-haired, olive-complexioned Hispanic hunk. It seemed backwards. It wasn't until I saw them wrestle that I got it.

Night is a rough and ready man who takes no crap. A natural bruiser. He always wears black and it suits him. Now in his mid-30's, Night's even more of a man. He's sexy as hell, with a beard, furry torso and powerful physique with wide shoulders and thick legs. At 5'10"/200-lbs, he's a true beast that specializes in power moves and old-fashioned beatdowns. His black leather wrestling boots are worn in and comfortable, perfect for stomping hapless jobbers.

I can see how his intensity could wear someone down. When Day was 18, I'm sure Night's domineering nature was welcome. The younger wrestler accepted a subservient role then. But he's really grown and matured. I wonder if Night just can't accept that. It's true that Day has taken more punishment over the years, but that's true of every tag team. One guy gets isolated and broken down and it's usually the younger one. It's just how it works.

Day was barely legal when he started, just fresh-faced and eager. Lean and tight, the guy could be bent in half and laugh it off. They were a great muscle bear/twink team. Not anymore.

Since then, Day has packed a lot of muscle on his 6'2" frame. At 210-lbs, he's got a smooth bodybuilder physique that's powerful and perfectly cut from hours at the gym. Day is more of a flyboy, using speed and athletics to get the upper hand, but lately he's been learning to use his new muscle more and more.

The younger stud's confidence has grown along with his muscles. He's got swagger now. It's hot, but I'm getting why they're not getting along. It's tough when relationship dynamics change. Night hasn't changed, other than to get beefier, hairier and sexier, while Day is a completely different person, evolving from boy to man. He's gone from naive sidekick to equal partner to now a self-proclaimed muscle god.

At their request, today's match is an endurance match, being most falls win within a preset time limit. They're both in good shape, so I'm not sure who that favors. The clock only stops for one-minute breaks after a fall. That's really short, which could be a bad scene for one of them. Once you get down, it'll be hard to recover before you're back at it.

And of course, when it's done, the loser will be fucked. Worse, he'll be stripped of his trunks and mask, his very identity. Not just for tonight, but forever. Ugh.

Either Night or Day. One of these guys is done after this match.

The Match: Fall 1

Night marches to the ring, looking determined. He stretches out, flexes for the cameras then waits. I have to say, he looks spectacular in his full black gear.

When Ryan announces Day, it’s the cute young man I saw in the locker room that comes out first. He’s wearing a gold domino mask, bow tie, skimpy trunks and boots. On his wrists, he has gold cuffs with dollar sign cufflinks. He looks great, but I’m not sure what his look is supposed to be.

Next, Day comes out, making his grand entrance. He looks more serious than his usual boisterous self, but that’s understandable. His tanned body pops against the white gear. He marches to the ring and flexes, showing off for his fans.

I ring the bell and the guys circle. Day starts jawing at his former partner, "This is it, old man. Time to show everyone what a loser you really are."

Night smirks, "Bring it on, boy. Remember, I'm not in your corner this time, so who's gonna save your ass now? That little twink over there?"

Day says, "Keep talkin' tough. Too bad you can't - OOF!"

Night kicks out, hammering his black boot into Day's abs mid-sentence. The younger stud bends over, coughing. The hairy hunk follows up with a clubbing forearm to the back of the head that drops his former protege to the mat. The man in black hammers away until Day is flat on the mat. POW! POW! POW! With the smooth musclestud down, the hairy hunk backs off.

Night has an 'I told you so' smirk on his face as he spreads his arms then flexes for the camera. He moves in closer as the younger muscleman rises up to hands and knees, cursing. Night stomps down on Day's fingers then lifts his boot into his rock hard abs. THUD! The smooth muscleman rolls over onto his back, groaning.

This time, Night keeps coming. Day is perfectly positioned to receive a series of rough stomps to his right shoulder and pec. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! As the hairy musclehunk lifts his leg, Day lashes out to trip him. The older stud jumps, avoiding the attempt. He brings his foot down, crushing the smooth stud's wrist and pinning it to the mat. CRACK! ARGH! He lifts his other foot and stomps on his former protege's inner bicep then his thick pec muscle. STOMP! STOMP!

"You're gonna have to be smarter than that, kid. I saw that shit comin' a mile away."

When Night lifts his boot for another stomp, Day manages to successfully yank his arm free. He rolls over, under the bottom rope then off the apron and out of the ring. The younger muscleman drops to the floor below where he's met by his new valet. The eager young helper checks on Day, doting on him like a puppy.

Night laughs, "Maybe you should let the twink take your place, boy! Couldn't do any worse."

Day looks angry. He climbs from the floor to the ring apron. The beefy hunk is already charging, closing in too fast for the younger muscleman to avoid. Night deliver a hard forearm to Day's broad chest, sending him flying back to the padded floor below. The smooth stud plummets to the floor, unable to keep his feet. He lands on his bubble butt, pain shooting up his spine.

The valet is checking on Day again, but Night is down and moving in. The musclebear throws the skinny assistant aside, driving in with a knee to the side of his former protege's head. CRACK! It stuns the smooth musclestud enough that Night is able to drag him up and scoop him across his hairy chest. The older stud bodyslams Day down onto the mats covering the concrete floor. WHAM!

Night lays into the stunned musclestud with stomps then grabs his right ankle. He drags Day by his foot to the steps. The older hunk puts Day's white boot on the bottom step then stomps the inner thigh, knee and ankle. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The smooth stud cries out and pulls his right leg into his body. He rolls over, putting his ass in the air as he protects his leg under his body and whimpers into the mat.

Admiring the ass being presented to him, Night asks, "Givin' that butt up already, boy?"

Night reaches down, grabs the back of the white trunks and yanks, wedging them up Day's crack. The younger stud's smooth, beautiful ass is exposed as the mature muscleman uses the fabric to drag his former protege's hips up.

The beefy stud taunts, "This is how I deal with ungrateful punks."

The hairy hunk unleashes a series of hard, humiliating slaps to the ass, spanking the younger stud until his cheeks turn red. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! After tanning the perfect ass, Night kicks out, stomping Day's right leg. The smooth stud topples back to the mats. Night grabs hold of the right leg then drops a series of knees into Day's hamstring. THUD! THUD! THUD!

Day manages to kick Night off and crawl away. The hairy hunk rolls back into the ring, satisfied he's done enough damage. The younger stud rises with the help of his valet. He tests his leg, which looks a little tender. He starts to work it out, while his former mentor mocks him for needing the help of a scrawny kid.

Night challenges, "I knew you couldn't fight your own battles. Get your ass in here, boy."

Day angrily pushes his valet away, stung by the implication. So far, the older stud is showing that experience matters. He's winning the physical and mental battle. Day marches to the ring and quickly rolls in. The smooth stud is careless, though. By rolling in, he's left himself wide open to attack and Night is ready.

With Day lying down as he rolls in, Night jumps over and lays into the younger muscular stud with more boots to the shoulder and back. The smooth stud tries to roll back out, but Night reaches over the top rope and grabs his mask before he can make it off the apron. Using the mask, the hairy muscleman drags his former protege up to the apron. Day tries to get free, firing a fist into Night's hard gut, but it just bounces off. THUD!

Night delivers a stiff shot to Day's head to stop any more resistance then locks on a front facelock. A second later, Day is lifted up and over the top rope, being brought into the ring with a big suplex. WHAM! The younger stud bounces and sits up, holding his back. The hairy hunk moves in and drags him up. As he rises, the smooth muscleman dives in, surprising his former mentor.

Day powers forward, driving them towards the corner. Night uses the momentum to reverse their positions, so that the younger stud takes the brunt of the impact on his shoulder. CLANG! The older muscleman starts firing body shots, using the smooth muscled body as a heavy bag. POW! POW! POW! Day just drives forward, pushing his former mentor away with a hard shove. He falls back into the corner, breathing hard and rubbing his chiseled torso.

Night doesn't let the young hunk rest. The beefy muscleman charges in with a knee to the gut. OOF! Day sags down as Night turns, locking on a side headlock. The hairy hunk flips Day out of the corner with a hip toss. When the young muscleman sits up, the older stud already has his boot up. He kicks his former protege between the shoulder blades. THUD!

Day instinctively tightens his shoulders, bringing his arms back. This gives Night the perfect opportunity to grab his right arm, locking it into a chicken wing then grab his mask. He forces the smooth stud to his feet, spins them then whips the young muscleman into the corner, shoulder first. CLANG! The older hunk forces Day to bend over then whips him, head first, under the top turnbuckle. Day's shoulder slams into the metal ring post and he hangs for moment, moaning in pain.

The younger muscleman's ass is sticking out, his trunks still wedged up tight. Night can't resist the temptation. He spanks Day's ass again, calling him a spoiled brat. The red marks had subsided, but now the big, smooth bubble butt practically glows as its tenderized by the beefy musclehunk. The smooth stud kicks out, warning Night off. The hairy hunk backs off, evading the stray kicks.

Day pushes out of the corner fast. He spins and fires a hard right fist at Night. The more experienced stud blocks the blow then fires a right cross into the young stud's injured shoulder. The smooth muscleman yelps and backs up, reaching for his shoulder. The hairy hunk grabs Day's wrist, lift his arm and twists it into an arm bar. The young stud moans as his shoulder is tortured.

Night twists harder. He shakes the arm, amping up the pressure on the joint. The hairy hunk kicks out, driving his boot into the chiseled abs of Day. OOF! He does it again while letting go of the arm bar. OOF! The ripped smooth muscle god instinctively bends over, giving Night a chance to scoop him up. He swings Day around so he's hanging over his shoulder, ass up. The young stud is limp as he hangs down, groaning.

The hairy hunk pins Day's arms to his side. He then lowers him down, extending a leg and executing a beautiful shoulder breaker. CRACK! Day falls to the canvas, gripping his shoulder. Night goes for a pin, hooking a leg, but the younger hunk kicks out at two. The more experienced hunk grabs his arm and applies an armlock that has Day crying out.

Night wrenches on the arm and Day can't seem to counter. After all the punishment he's endured, all he can do is submit.


Night releases the hold immediately. The match clock stops and the one minute timer starts ticking down.

It was a long, rough fall and the hairy hunk really dominated. There were more fists and boots than wrestling, which plays right into Night's strengths. The younger stud better figure something out, because he needs to come back. Being down 2-0 would be a tough hill to climb.

Fall 2 (Score: Night 1, Day 0)

Day spends the minute break with his valet massaging his sore arm, rubbing it down. The younger stud tries to focus, but Night is jawing at him the whole break. The more experienced wrestler talks about how his former protege telegraphs everything. He critiques the smooth stud's skills, explaining that Day just isn't ready to go it alone.

As the clock winds down, Night ends his 60-second monologue with, "You've gotten bigger, boy, but you ain't any smarter."

Day marches to the middle of the ring to face off for the second fall. He says, "You're sweatin' already, old man. There's a long way to go and stamina's never been your strength. That's why you needed me to do all the work." He then whispers something that I can't hear, but even with a mask, I can see rage wash over Night's face.

The hairy hunk unleashes a hard slap to his former partner. SLAP! The blow spins Day, but the younger stud comes around with a hard forearm to Night's head. POW! He leaps up, executing a beautiful standing dropkick, hitting the shorter muscleman's chin and chest. THUD! CRACK! The impact knocks the beefy musclehunk onto his ass. Night springs back up, rubbing his chin, only to turn into a kick to the gut. OOF!

Day pulls him into a knee to the abs then flips Night over with a hip toss. He drops down with a knee to the forehead. He drags Night up to a seated position, kneeling behind him. The more experienced wrestler starts to move, but his former protege stops him with two shots into the hairy hunk's head. WHACK! WHACK! With the older wrestler stunned, Day locks on a rear chinlock. The smooth musclestud cranks hard, using his advantage to the fullest.

The head shots have Night dazed, but he manages to push back hard, toppling them backwards. Day loses the chinlock and the two men roll in opposite directions. They spring up fast. This time, it's the more experienced hunk that gets the first shot, a boot to the younger stud's chiseled midsection. OOF! Night locks on a front facelock to control his former partner.

Night reaches forward, grabbing a tight grip on the side of the white trunks. He lifts for a suplex, but the smooth musclestud kicks his left foot out, blocking the move. Day grabs Night around the waist, lifts and flips the hairy hunk over with a perfect back body drop. WHOA! WHAM! The younger muscleman leaps and comes down with his ass, driving it into the hairy slabs of beef on Night's chest. SPLAT!

Day forces Night's right arm up against his head then locks on a figure-four head scissors around his former mentor's neck and arm. A frustrated Night slaps the mat angrily with his left hand as Day continues to sit on him. The older muscleman groans thanks to the combination of the tight hold and 210-lbs of muscle crushing his chest. He tries to bridge, but Day reaches back with a gut shot that drops his hips back down. THUD!

Night is weakening, but not submitting. He finally manages to roll them, getting free of the weight, but not the hold. Day gets cocky, smacking his former mentor in the head, mocking his helplessness. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Finally the younger stud opens his legs, giving up the hold. He kicks the slow-moving hairy musclehunk away then rises to his feet.

Day waits until Night is on his hands and knees then jumps up and splashes down onto his back. SPLAT! Night collapses under the weight, squashed down to the mat. The younger stud locks on an arm bar, twisting the hairy hunk's right arm. He drags Night up to his feet then smashes the right shoulder with three hard forearms. POW! POW! POW! The older muscleman drops to a knee from the impact.

The smooth musclestud works the arm hold hard, forcing Night off his knees and back to his feet. Day suddenly turns in behind his ex-partner. With a forceful thrust, he dives forward, tackling the beefy hunk down. The hairy hunk is caught by surprise, falling down to the canvas, face and chest hitting first. WHACK! UNH! Day locks the right arm between his legs then grabs under Night's chin. He wrenches up on the cross face hold.

Day taunts, "I guess you didn't see this one comin', did you, old man?"

Night is moaning right away as the submission hold take effect. He claws at Day's fingers, but they're locked up tight. He kicks his feet, but he can't seem to counter the deadly hold. His neck is bent back, his shoulder wrenched. With his former protege lying on him, he can't roll or squirm free.

Seconds into the hold, Night is tapping, but Day demands he say it. The hairy hunk angrily says, "I GIVE! I GIVE!"

The younger muscleman finally releases the hold and moves away, chest heaving and a broad smile on his face. The match clock stops. When the men reach their corners, the break clock starts counting down for another sixty seconds.

Fall 3 (Score: Night 1, Day 1)

Amazing how quickly things turn. During this break, it's Day who's cocky and talking, while Night is quiet. The younger stud is asking where the lecture is this time. The hairy hunk is brooding, ignoring the jabs as he works out his neck and shoulder.

The two men come out as the match clock starts. With a swagger in his step, Day raises his hands for a test of strength. Of course, it's an easy challenge for him to make. The younger, more muscular stud has the height and weight advantage. However, I'm still not surprised when Night accepts the challenge, underdog or not. This strikes right at the older hunk's manhood and he's just not wired as a guy who backs down.

It takes minute for them to lock hands as each tries to work things to his advantage. Given their deep lack of respect and trust for each other, they're being extra careful. Once they get their grip, things move fast. Muscles tense, grunts echo throughout the arena and they struggle for dominance. They're big chests slam together. SPLAT! They thrust and grind, sweat quickly building.

As perspiration runs down their bodies, things look pretty even. However, suddenly Day takes control. He rises up and drives Night down to a knee with a powerful push. The taller Hispanic hunk grunts out, "Yeah!" The hairy musclehunk can't power him back up, but he does manage to flip their hands around.

The younger stud is caught off guard. Night uses the surprise move to lean forward putting his shoulder into Day's ripped abs. He lifts and flips the smooth musclestud over with a back body drop. WHAM! The more experienced wrestler starts stomping the meaty left pec of his former protege. THUD! THUD! THUD!

Day goes for a trip, but Night's ready again. He stomps down on the smooth musclestud's left wrist, pinning the hand down. Then he stomps away on the inner arm, hitting the muscles hard. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! After a rough series, he unleashes on the left pec again, crushing the muscle under his awesome power. Day manages to pull his arm free and roll away.

It looks like Day is headed out of the ring, but Night grabs his boot and pulls him back in. The younger stud slides on his back as he's dragged across the ring. The hairy hunk kicks the back of his leg, but that's only a distraction. He leaps forward, dropping an elbow into Day's open chest. OOF! The older hunk grabs an arm, forcing Day to his feet with an arm bar.

Night kicks up, hitting Day in the left pec with his boot. The younger stud yanks his arm free of the arm bar, backing away in a crouched position, his arm guarding his aching chest. The more experienced wrestler moves in fast, pushing Day into the ropes. He whips the smooth stud off then drops him with a clothesline on the ricochet. WHACK! OOF! WHAM!

Day lands on his back, holding his chest. Night forces him up again, but his former protege pushes him away. The younger muscleman dives to escape the ring, deciding to take a break and regroup. However, before he can get free, Night grabs the back of his white trunks. They slide off the smooth stud's magnificent ass, but work at stopping his momentum.

Night uses the trunks to lift Day up. The smooth stud is flopping free in front, his trunks locked around his thick thighs. The hairy hunk pushes him into the ropes and delivers three rough pec chops. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Day's cock and balls flop back-and-forth with every shot. Night takes a break from abusing his former protege's chest to drive his fist into the shaved flesh just above his cock. THUD!

"You look like such a fucking wimp, shaved down there. Grow some hair! Be a fucking man!" The older hunk slaps Day across the face. He reaches down and yanks the white trunks up roughly, "And strippin' you comes later. First, I pound your body then I pound you ass."

The rising trunks come up fast and high, painfully crushing the younger stud's manhood. With a tight grip on the back of the white trunks, Night forces Day around the ring, parading him as he helplessly stands on his toes, trying for some relief. The hairy hunk uses the trunks to pull Day back into a reverse bearhug, but only for a second. He lifts, throwing the younger stud over top with a belly-to-back suplex that plants Day on his shoulders hard. WHAM!

With his former protege stunned, Night scoops him up then carries him to the corner. He lowers the big muscleman down into a tree of woe. The hairy hunk starts in with a stiff series of stomps to the dangling stud's battered chest. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The pec muscles continue to break down under the power of the unrelenting and focused attack.

Night releases Day and he collapses in the corner. The older stud forces him up and pushes him against the corner turnbuckles. He grabs Day's left wrist, lifts the arm and positions it behind the white-masked head. The hairy hunk draws his fist back, kisses it then fires forward. The fist slams into the ravaged pec muscle, slamming in hard. POW!

Day convulses from the force of the heart punch. Night pulls him out of the corner and let's him collapse onto the mat. The older stud mounts him for a pin then proceeds to count.




And just like that, Night is back on top. When he gets off, Day rolls onto his side, coughing. He struggles slowly to his corner, which starts the clock on the break. The older hunk is drenched in sweat, but looking good after answering the previous fall.

Fall 4 (Score: Night 2, Day 1)

Normally, we'd be done right now, but we're actually only halfway through the time limit.

It was all Night last fall. Focused and smart, he set up his heart punch finisher perfectly. Day's still feeling the effects, based on how he's rubbing his chest and breathing deeply. In the opposite corner, Night's sweat-drenched body is pumped and his chest is heaving. The hairy hunk is pacing like a caged tiger in his corner. He looks really eager to get back into this.

When time starts, Day moves in. Night moves in faster, charging at his former protege. The younger stud is ready. He turns and trips Night down. The smooth musclestud drags the hairy hunk to his feet. He moves to whip him across the ring, but the more experienced hunk reverses the hold. When Day comes off the ropes, he ducks a clothesline.

Night spins around then stumbles back from the missed blow. When Day ricochets off the opposite ropes, he goes for a cross body block. The older muscleman ducks, causing the smooth musclestud to fly over top. Day sails through the ropes and falls to the floor below, landing awkwardly. His valet runs to check on him as Night hops out to keep up the punishment.

Day struggles to rise, but Night is there too fast. He stomps his former protege back to the ground, pounding his body. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The hairy hunk scoops his opponent up then slams him down. WHAM! Day lifts his hips only to get a stomp to the abs. Night scoops the younger stud up again, slamming him for a second time. WHAM! Day is really hurting as his valet cries out for him to get up.

Night grabs the young assistant, pulling the valet into his body. The lean cutie fights to get free, but he's no match for the strength of the pumped up beefy hunk.

"You're backin' the wrong stud, kid. You need to be with a man, not a boy."

The valet replies, "You might be a man, but he's a god!"

Night smirks. He scoops the valet up then slams him down onto Day. The lean assistant rolls off his boss, as Night unleashes a series of stomps on Day. When the valet is up, the hairy hunk flexes for him. The valet bites his bottom lip and adjusts his gold trunks as he admires the mighty musclebear.

The hairy hunk notices. He says, "Yeah, you like? You wanna be the new Day?"

The valet smirks, but Night doesn't realize he's being distracted until Day kicks up, slamming his boot into Night's abs. When the older muscleman bends forward, the smooth musclestud sits up and clocks him with an uppercut that staggers the older hunk. Day climbs to his feet as Night rises. The younger stud moves in with a leaping knee that sends Night flying back into the ring apron. CRACK!

The younger stud charges in, but gets warned off by his former mentor's raised boot. The two men stare each other down, Night smirking and Day enraged. They move apart then slide back into the ring on opposite sides of the corner.

When they re-enter the ring, Day moves a little faster. The smooth musclestud hops on the older hunk's back. He tries for a rear naked choke, but his ex-mentor squirms and blocks it. The two men proceed to battle on the mat for control. They're closely matched, with Day's size and raw power countered by Night's experience and low center of gravity.

The mat becomes slick with sweat as minutes of back-and-forth grappling go on with arm bars, headlocks, leg holds and more being applied then broken quickly. Day does land a lot of body punches, each one minor, but they're adding up to something. The younger stud spends most of his time on top and I can see Night breathing harder than his former protege. Moving 210-lbs is hard, but when it's all muscle that fights back, it's exhausting.

Day gets an armbar locked on. He starts in with hard fists to the hairy hunk's side, tenderizing the wall of hard muscle. Night rolls, forcing them both to their feet. The more experienced wrestler turns, easing the pressure on his arm and slams a forearm into Day's big chest. THUD! The younger stud staggers back, but when Night charges in, he turns and flattens the older hunk with a hard shoulder block. WHAM!

Night lands hard, giving Day the time to yank him to his feet. He dives forward, sending the hairy hunk back to the mat with a clothesline. WHACK! The stud in white drags his ex-mentor to his feet, ignoring a shot to his abs. THUD! He rakes Night's eyes then gives him a forearm to the head. WHACK! Day scoops Night up then slams him down on his back with a bodyslam. WHAM!

Day kicks the older hunk onto his stomach then grabs hold of his wrist and ankle. The younger stud pulls up, keeping the hairy hunk down with a boot in his side. ARGH! Night groans as he's stretched out in the hold, but he won't give. Day gives him a stomp to the side then releases his hold. STOMP! Before Night can move, the smooth musclestud leaps up and drops an elbow on the back of his head. WHACK!

The younger stud mounts Night's back. He drags the stunned hunk up into a camel clutch. The older hunk is dragged up, his hairy chest standing out as he's bent back, his arms locked over Day's powerful thighs. Night groans, but won't give. For a beefy guy, he's pretty flexible. He holds on against the pressure.

Day doesn't give up. He moves his arms into position for a sleeper. He warns, "You won't give? Then you can go out. And you know I can do it. Remember I was trained by the second best wrestler in this ring!"

Night blurts out, "No, no, no!" He struggles, but as the arms wrap tighter, he taps his former protege's white boot and submits, "Okay, okay! I give, I give!"

Tied again. Day rises and moves off. Night pounds the canvas in anger. He crawls to his corner, swearing to himself the whole way as he leaves a trail of sweat behind him.

Fall 5 (Score: Night 2, Day 2)

Night stretches out his back. He still looks angry and he should be. If he'd ignored the cute little valet, he might not have lost control of that fall. Meanwhile, across the ring, Day is smirking and looking rejuvenated. I quickly pop in and wipe the ring down. It's slick with sweat as these studs give it their all. Up close, the stud's look gorgeous. I've never seen them more pumped, ripped and gleaming with manly sweat.

When time starts, the two men come out of the corners and start circling, staying out of reach of the other. After a couple of trips around, a few hand swats to test the water, they dive in for a collar-and-elbow lock up. Almost immediately, Night pulls Day into a knee to his ripped midsection. OOF! The young stud grunts then gets flipped over with a hip toss that lands him on his perfect ass.

Night tries for a chinlock, but Day scurries away, springing to his feet. The two studs move in and lock up again. This time, Day powers the hairy hunk into an armbar. He twists and lifts, keeping the pressure high and his opponent off balance. The younger muscleman kicks out, slamming his boot into Night's back. WHACK! He does it again then for a third time. WHACK! WHACK!

Realizing he needs to break the hold fast, Night growls then uses Day's tight grip on his wrist to drag him into another knee to his abs. OOF! The older hunk delivers a forearm across the head then a hip toss, planting Day on his back. The hairy hunk leaps up, coming down with a leg drop across the younger muscleman's broad chest. POW!

Night transitions into a head scissors, squeezing the white masked head between his meaty thighs. Day grunts then spins, turning in the hold so that he's facing the older hunk's bulge. He brings his knees up, lifting Night's legs. The hairy hunk goes for a forearm to the head, but the younger muscleman grabs his wrists. Showing off his tremendous power, the smooth musclestud grabs Night's wrists then squats up, lifting the 200-lbs of muscle with him.

With Night hanging off him, the head scissors still applied, Day drops forward, slamming his former mentor down on his shoulders. WHAM! ARGH! He rolls the stunned Night up for a pin.



Night kicks out in time. Day dives forward, clubbing the older hunk down. With the hairy musclehunk dazed, the younger muscleman runs to the corner and in one move, leaps onto the second turnbuckle and launches himself. He comes down with a flying fist to his former mentor's forehead. CRACK! Night convulses, thrashing around as he holds his head.

Day rises up then scoops Night across his chest. He slams the hairy hunk down onto his back. WHAM! The younger muscleman adds a few stomps before bodyslamming the older hunk down again. WHAM! Day drags Night up. He pushes him into the corner then whips him across into the opposite one. Night slams in hard on his back. CLANG! Day follows in with a clothesline. THUD!

Day whips Night across the ring again, slamming him into the opposite corner so hard, Night bounces out, right into a charging shoulder block. THUD! OOF! The older muscleman flies backwards, landing hard on his back. WHAM! He tries to get up, but Day is there pulling him into another bodyslam. WHAM! The younger muscleman leaps to the ropes again. He leaps out for a flying elbow, but misses. CRACK!

Day moans on the mat, holding his elbow as Night rises. He looks exhausted, but determined. The more experienced wrestler drags his former protege up by his mask. He goes for a scoop, but he moves just a little too slowly. Day pulls him down and rolls him up into a small package.



Night kicks free.

Both wrestlers rise to their feet. Night pushes Day into the corner. He whips him across the ring. The younger stud hits hard. When the hairy hunk charges in after him, Day lifts his boot for a super kick that nearly knocks the running older hunk's head off. WHACK! Night collapses to the mat. Day breathes heavily then moves in. He drags his former mentor to his feet then pushes him into the corner, front first. CLANG!

Day bends over to deliver a series of shoulder blocks to the back. THUD! THUD! THUD! He rises, fires a rabbit punch to the back of Night's head then hoists the hairy hunk over his shoulders for an over-the-shoulder backbreaker. The younger stud gets his feet under him as he cranks on the hold. Night moans loudly as he dangles across the broad shoulders.

Day commands, "Submit!"

In response, Night reaches up and rakes Day's eyes. The younger wrestler has no choice but to drop the hairy beef off his shoulders. The older hunk writhes on the mat, trying to regroup. The smooth stud recovers faster. He moves in then drags Night up by his armpit and black mask. The more experienced wrestler goes for an ab punch, but once again, it bounces off. THUD!

Day scoops Night up then drops him down over his leg in an over-the-knee backbreaker. CRACK! The younger stud pushes down on the beefy muscle body. Flexibility is not one of Night's assets, so he moans as he hangs on the leg. He tries to grab something or hit something to escape, but he can't manage it.

This time, Night has no choice, "ARGH! I GIVE! I GIVE!"

Day pushes him off his leg with force. The younger stud rises, "Yeah, you had your shot. You had your shot. I got this. You're nothin', old man. Nothin'."

I don't know about that, but that was a tough one. Day's now won two in a row and has the lead. He also did some major damage to Night's back, as well as some stiff head shots. Night still has time, though. There's still time to come back.

Fall 6 (Score: Day 3, Night 2)

The younger stud is bouncing back and forth, looking pumped and primed for more action. Across the ring, Night looks angry. He's trying to psych himself up as he wipes sweat off his tanned muscles and stretches out. As time starts, they move in to the middle of the ring again.

Day taunts, "Lookin' a little tired there, old man. I knew you couldn't handle a longer match. You're too used to me doing all the work. You were so stupid to agree to this."

Night shoots him the finger, "Fuck you."

"That all you got? That all you can say? How about you look at a real man?"

Day flexes, showing off his smooth muscles. So ripped. Not to be outdone, Night follows suit. He shows off his muscles and I have to say, they're damn impressive, too. The cocky younger stud kicks out, going for a surprise boot to the gut. The more experienced hunk is ready. He grabs the boot, holding it tight.

Night laughs, "You really thought I wouldn't --" CRACK!

Before Night can finish, Day hops up, swinging his free leg up and around. He connects with the shorter muscleman's head. The hairy hunk flies to the side, toppling to the canvas, dazed. He grabs for his temple as the smooth musclestud rises majestically. He charges in, delivering a hard boot to Night's side then comes down with a double axe handle to the back. THUD! POW! Day grabs Night's legs, lifting, folding then sitting to get a perfect Texas cloverleaf.

"Shit, you think you're so fuckin' smart, old man. You think you know me? I know you, too!"

Night groans as he's stretched out. I'm sure his back is still tender after the last fall, so this is a smart strategy by the younger punk. Night's muscles are shaking and he's moaning louder. The smooth muscleman is really cranking him back, applying as much force as he can.

Day taunts, "Damn, you should see my arms right now? They're so pumped!"

The stud in white pulls one hand back and flexes his arm to admire his bicep. It does look good. He then releases the legs, letting Night collapse. In one smooth move, Day spins then drives his fist down into the back of Night's head. WHACK! The rabbit punch causes the hairy hunk to spasm and his body goes limp. Day flexes, showing his confidence.

Day rises up, admiring his work as Night writhes between his legs. The vicious head shots are taking a toll. The younger muscleman drags Night up and forces him into the corner. He holds his former mentor up, draping his arms across the top ropes. Next, Day opens Night's legs and lifts them up and behind the middle rope. The hairy hunk sits, wide open and trapped, so this can't be good for him.

As Night hangs, Day starts stomping his inner thighs, slamming the soles of his boots into the meaty flesh of his legs. The older muscleman can do nothing to stop the abuse, helplessly grunting and trying to turn with every kick. The smooth stud charges in with an elbow that nearly knocks Night's head off. It definitely keeps him from resisting, as I'm sure he's seeing nothing but stars right now.

Day backs up then charges in, this time flying in with a knee lift. CRACK! When the younger musclestud bounces off, Night topples forward, landing on the mat in the corner. The smooth stud drags his former mentor up, wrapping him up. He lifts and spins, planting Night down with a belly-to-belly suplex. WHAM! The move is rough, but devastating after so much prior back punishment.

When Day gets up, Night rolls onto his side to relieve pressure from his back. This opens him up to stomps, as the younger muscleman is focused on breaking down his opponent's core. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The hairy hunk is kicked onto his stomach, so Day leaps up and splashes down, coming down with all his 210-lbs of hard muscle. SPLAT! ARGH! The younger stud springs back up then leaps up and lands with a leg drop across the back of his former mentor's face. WHACK!

Night is unmoving, except for his left boot, which is idly rising and falling as he moans in pain. I'm really surprised at Day's dominance, as he's really pulling away. Two falls in a row, plus now in complete control of this one. He has unleashed a smart, targeted attack on the back and head of the more experienced hunk. And it's working, so far.

Day drags Night up to his knees. The smooth musclestud shoves his opponent's head between his meaty thighs. He reaches over and hoists the beefy hunk up. Night hangs upside down for a moment until his former protege sits back, executing a killer piledriver. BOOM! Night collapses to the side, looking unconscious. Day has a huge smile on his face. He rolls the hairy hunk onto his back and puts a shin on his chest.

Day counts the cocky pin on his fingers.

"ONE!" Pause.

"TWO!" Pause.

Suddenly, Night lifts his shoulder. It must be wrestler's instinct, because I thought for sure he was done. So did Day, who looks shocked. The younger muscleman just nods then he grabs the black mask of his opponent and uses it to force the hairy hunk up. Day again shoves the head between his legs. He has to work harder, because there's no strength in Night's body left. He hoists him up. Oh no.

Day sits back, delivering a second piledriver. BOOM! Night collapses to the side, looking weak and helpless as he's rolled onto his back again. The smooth stud puts his hand on the hairy chest and counts again.

"ONE!" Pause. No movement.

"TWO!" Pause. This time, there's no surprises.


The younger muscleman lifts his hand, lightly slaps his former mentor's face and smiles. He says, "Come on, old man, get to your corner." Day drags Night to his corner before retreating to his own. This starts the break clock, giving Night precious little time to wake up.

Day taunts, "Now you only got a minute left before I get to do more shit to you. And I gotta lot of shit planned for your sorry ass."

Fall 7 (Score: Day 4, Night 2)

Even after a minute rest, Night is having trouble moving. It took him 45 seconds just to rise. He looks exhausted and beat down as he holds onto the ropes for support. Meanwhile, Day looks like he's just getting started.

The young muscleman is pacing, stalking his prey. As soon as the match clock starts, Day charges in. He clotheslines Night hard, sending the hairy hunk flipping over the top rope and plummeting to the floor below. He lands hard, unable to brace himself completely. The smooth ripped muscleman leaps down immediately, closing in before Night can rise.

Day clamps on a chicken wing, forcing Night to his feet. He hurls his former mentor into the ring apron, abs first. OOF! He does it again then again, until the hairy hunk falls forward like he's about to heave. The younger stud forces the more experienced muscleman's head under the bottom rope. He then slams Night's face into the mat, stunning him.

With the beefy hunk dazed again, Day grips the back leg openings of the Night's black trunks. He wrenches them up, exposing the rock hard ass of the older hunk. He forces Night's wrists into the leg openings, pinning the arms with the tight black spandex. Day licks his hand then draws his hand back. As payback for his earlier abuse, Day unleashes a harsh spanking, challenging Night to stop him.

The hairy musclehunk squirms, but with his arms trapped, he can't escape. A laughing Day finally stops, forcing the red-assed wrestler into the ring. While Night frees his arms and crawls to hands and knees, the smooth hard-bodied stud climbs the corner. He leaps, coming down with a splash that flattens the unprepared Night to the mat. BOOM! OOF! Day leaps to his feet, smiling as his former mentor writhes on his stomach.

Day jumps up, coming down with a leg drop onto the back of Night's head. WHACK! He quickly rolls the more experienced hunk onto his back, hooks the leg and slaps the mat.


"TWO!" Night squirms, but Day's got him locked in tight.


Day rolls to his feet. He flexes for the camera, savoring the quick fall that I believe has put the match out reach.

The young stud is thinking the same thing. He says to camera, "Up three falls. Only a few minutes left. He can't move. Yeah, this loser's done, but the clock's not. This is gonna be fun."

Fall 8 (Score: Day 5, Night 2)

Once again, Day drags Night to his corner. The minute break goes by fast and the match clock starts up with Night still on his stomach in the corner. Day saunters over. He grabs Night's boots, lifts then pulls him to the middle of the ring. He puts his former mentor in a Boston crab. The hairy musclehunk moans as he's folded up, his back exploding with pain. Day really sits back, cranking on the killer back hold.

Night whimpers, "Oh God! I give! I give!"

Day releases the grip. He kneels down, "Yeah. I. Am. A. Fuckin'. GOD! You remember that when you're home, cryin' like a bitch, watchin' all my future Cave matches."

Fall 9 (Score: Day 6, Night 2)

And once again, Night is face down in his corner at the start of a fall. Day reaches down, grabs the wedged up black trunks and a fistful of hair. He uses them to force the hairy hunk to his feet. Out of instinct, the more experienced muscleman swings his elbows back. One hits Day's thick chest, but it bounces harmlessly off the heaving slabs of muscle. THUD!

Day laughs, showing that he's recovered from the earlier chest abuse, "That all you got, loser?"

The powerful young musclestud squats down. He shifts his grip from Night's hair and trunks to his shoulder and ass cheek. Once secure, he presses up, powering the hairy hunk up into an overhead press. He holds the 200-lbs of beef aloft, his former mentor's limbs hanging down limp as he's paraded once around the ring.

Day thrusts his arms up, tossing Night up as he walks out from under him. The older muscleman plummets down from over seven feet in the air, flipping and landing on his front. He splats like a pancake. He bounces twice then just moans as he lies sprawled out on the canvas. The smooth musclestud kicks his former mentor onto his back.

Day asks, "Shit, can you even submit after that? Can you actually form the words, 'I give'?"

No response comes, other than groaning, so the smooth stud drops down, straddling the hairy hunk's waist. He forces Night's arms over his head, holding both of his wrists in one hand. As he schoolboy pins the beefy muscleman down, Day smacks his face, waking him up. When Night's eyes open, the young stud counts, holding his fingers in front of his ex-partner's face.

"ONE! Here, I'll let go of your arms and sit back. All you gotta do is raise your shoulder and the pin is broken. Come on. No? TWO! Last chance. This could be the start of your big comeback. Tell you what, I'll just use my cock to pin you."

Day whips out his cock then extends into a plank so that the only part of his body touching Night is the head of his shaft resting on his former mentor's lips. The cocky young muscleman says, "That's it. I know my cock is pretty damn heavy, but come on. No? Okay, I'll put you outta your misery. THREE!"

Fuck, that was brutal to watch. Day is squeezing these falls in fast, but they still take time, so at least we're almost at the end of the match. And the end Night's stellar career in The Cave.

Fall 10 (Score: Day 7, Night 2)

Day counts down with the break clock. His trunks are already tenting in anticipation of his victory. Damn, he looks fresh and fine, his olive skin glistening with sweat, his cut muscles bulging and pumped. As he paces, waiting, he does look like a muscle god.

The young stud finishes counting down. In his corner, Night is somehow struggling to rise. It's tough to see this proud musclebear in such rough shape. He's broken, physically and maybe emotionally at this point. Although I'm not 100% sure that he's even aware of where he is, much less that he's lost and that there's no chance of a comeback.

With another fall starting, Day drags Night back to the middle of the ring. He moves in front of his victim. Instinctively, the older hunk starts climbing his former protege's leg, using them for support as he instinctively tries to continue the match. Above him, Day is laughing, mocking his one-time mentor and friend for his helplessness. He lets Night get eye level with his huge bulge then forces the hairy hunk to his feet.

Day lashes out with a hard bitchslap that drops Night back down. The young punk is still mouthing off, letting the older muscleman know how easy it would be to finish him off again. The cocky stud forces the beefy muscleman up again then locks on a front facelock. Night hangs limp, his arms dropping down and his legs barely able to keep him up.

The smooth musclestud puts his hand on Night's broad back, "Just relax. It'll all be over in a few seconds." He looks at the camera, "Now you see. You see what I was sayin'. He's nothin'. NOTHIN'!"

With that, Day falls back, slamming the top of Night's head into the mat with a DDT! CRACK! The hairy hunk goes completely limp, obviously unconscious. The chiseled younger stud rolls his former mentor onto his back then rises up. He takes a long look at the clock, waiting until there are only twenty seconds left.

Day puts his boot on Night's chest, lifts his arm and begins to count. He gets all the way to ten, just as time expires. One final, meaningless pin for the added humiliation. One final pose to show off his perfect muscles. And one final embarrassment suffered by the once-proud musclebear.

The Match Is Over (Final Score: Day 8, Night 2)

It's a New Day ...

Okay, so it's official. Night will be leaving The Cave. Day will be staying. And from the domination he showed in this win, I'd say he'll be a force to be reckoned with.

Day has his valet come in the ring to wipe his muscles down. As his body is rubbed dry, the cocky winner says, "You know what? I didn't even break a sweat. This is all from that loser. It just rubbed off on me."

The smooth musclestud looks at the camera, "Take a good look, people. This is a real man. Not like that loser over there. Yeah, just look at me. The new king of the Cave, bitches! You're gonna get to see a lot more of this kind of destruction. A lot more. Hero. Villain. I don't give a shit. I'll destroy them all."

The victorious muscleman saunters over to his former partner, who remains unconscious. He circles Night, arms stretched out wide. The smooth stud orders his valet to wake him up. The obedient assistant sits on Night's hairy chest. He pulls down the front of his trunks and starts jerking his long, thin cock. When Day stands back flexing, the valet's cock gets fully hard.

Seconds later, he's breathing hard and the explodes, firing his cum all over Night's lower face. I see some actually go into this mouth and nose. The assistant drains his rod all onto the scruffy mustache and beard of the sleeping musclebear. The smell, taste and feel of the valet's seed starts bringing Night back to consciousness. The valet rises then gives Night a stomp of his own to the unflexed abs.

Night wakes up coughing before falling back. He blinks fast, trying to focus his eyes. He smells the cum, running his tongue up. When he recognizes what it is and sees the valet standing over him, cock out, the skinny assistant smirks with satisfaction. A laughing Day sends his assistant out with instructions to "get things ready". Whatever that means.

Day taunts his recovering ex-partner, "Yeah, that's my boy's cum. You like it? My boy sat on you, shot his load and you had to take it. Like the bitch you are."

Night doesn't respond, only rolls onto his side.

Day continues, "What happened, man? What happened to the old bad boy? The tough guy. You got destroyed by a guy you called your sidekick. That's kinda pathetic, isn't it? It's like Boy beatin' Tarzan or Robin beatin' Batman. Doesn't happen, but I sure as hell kicked your sorry ass."

The rising Night mutters, "Fuck off."

Day loses it, his body going flush and his muscles tensing. The veins pop in his neck and arms. He lashes out with a boot to the side of Night's face. CRACK! Next, he starts stomping, crushing the hairy stud's beaten body. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The blows come fast and furiously, unrelenting in their fury and power.

The angry young muscleman screams, "You still gonna talk shit to me? Hell no! You're gonna finally show me some fuckin' respect! You're nothin'! NOTHIN'! I beat your ass and you're gone! GONE!"

Night curls up in a ball, trying to save himself, but Day just stomps and stomps. When he finally stops, he stands over the helpless hunk, his smooth chest heaving, his magnificent body exploding with power. The hairy muscleman starts to writhe under him, so the younger stud drops down. He pins Night down on his stomach, grabbing his wrist then wrenching it up the older hunk's back. Day grabs the loser's black mask, pulling up and yanking his victim's face off the mat.

Day says, "You got more shit to say? I can start breakin' shit."

Night is forced to say, "No."

"No what?"

The once-proud bear replies, "No, sir." I'm sure it hurts him to say it, but at least he's smart enough to know that not saying it would hurt a lot more.

"Yeah, that's right, bitch. You call ME 'sir' from now on."

Day lets go and gets up. He brings the valet back, getting him to engage in another sexy wipe down. The younger stud just watches as Night rises slowly. Once again, he positions his boots where the older hunk has no choice but to use them to climb up. It's stunning to watch, as the mature beefcake weakly uses the legs of his former protege to rise for the second time.

Night finally is up. He sits back on his heels, legs spread in his kneeling position. He keeps his head bowed in a sign of submission. The match wasn't even close in the end, so the young stud deserves respect from his former mentor and partner.

"Take it off. All of it, except the mask. I want you masked, naked and back on your knees, bitch."

Night shifts to sitting. He unlaces his boots, pulling them off. Day's valet dutifully collects the pieces as they come off. He runs them, one at a time, to a metal garbage can he's positioned in the aisle outside the ring. Boot. Sock. Boot. Sock. Knee pad. Knee pad. It all slides off and is removed. The hairy muscleman rises then peels down his black squarecuts. He pauses then puts his thumbs inside his jock, sliding them down. The older beefcake moves to kneel again, but is stopped.

Day smirks, "I said naked except your mask."

Night looks confused, but before he can do anything, he gets a kick to the gut. His limp cock flops out as he bends over and drops to a knee. He coughs as Day approaches. The younger winner grabs one of his former partner's muscular arms then pulls it out to the side. He claws at the wrist tape, unwrapping it. When it's off, he moves and does it with the other wrist.

Day moves behind the mature muscleman. He takes the black tape and wraps it around Night's neck. He starts choking the hairy beefcake with it, strangling the naked masked man. The older hunk struggles on his knees, his oxygen being cut off. Day screams, "You think this tape doesn't exist? You like being choked by something that doesn't exist?"

When the pressure eases, Night blurts out, "Sorry, sir! Please stop!"

Day laughs, "Look how quick you learn. Apologizin'. Beggin'. Callin' me 'sir'. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?"

Night just bows his head. Day swats the loser's masked head, smacking it around. He taunts the hairy hunk, "Yeah, you're a piece of shit. I've always known you can dish it out, but you sure as shit can't take it. Now everyone sees it. I ended your career, boy. You're goin' out like a submissive little bitch."

Day pulls down the front of his white trunks, "Suck my cock, bitch. That's all pussies like you are good for anyway. Worship a real man's dick!"

Night eases up and around. He obeys the order, engulfing his former partner's cock in his mouth. The hairy stud does a good job until Day grabs behind his head and pushes his cock all the way in. The loser chokes on the dick, gagging on the thick rod that's impaled him. Day lets up, letting Night catch his breath.

"You can't even do this right, bitch. Get back on my dick and don't you let it out of your mouth again!"

Again, the hairy beefcake obeys his younger, smooth master. As he sucks, Day reaches behind the kneeling loser's mask. He starts to undo the laces. The cocky young stud works slowly, making it a production. He removes the lace entirely then grab the mask. He pulls forward, so that every head bob Night makes while sucking his cock moves it a little more. It doesn't take long before the mask is off.

Day pulls his victim off his dick. He grabs his former partner's head and forces him to turn to the camera, exposing his face for the first time. The valet grabs the mask and lace as his master makes sure everyone gets a good look at Night's real identity. The cocky young stud stands behind his conquest and flexes his biceps.

After a good show, the smooth musclehunk pulls his white trunks all the way off. He pumps his cock back up then bends over. Day wraps his arms around Night's head and drags him up. He forces his cock between the plump cheeks of the naked stud. The cocky winner pumps his hips, hammering his dick, going deeper and deeper. Night groans as he's impaled by his former protege.

Day bends Night forward, grabs his hips then proceeds to fuck him hard. He rides the defeated wrestler with abandon, eventually letting the helpless hunk slide off his cock and collapse down. The smooth musclestud moves down, lying on top of Night. He grabs Night by the head as he forces his cock inside him again. The young buck pumps faster.

I notice his arms tense then see Night's eyes roll back in his head. Day puts out his former mentor. Night goes completely limp under the young dom, the smooth muscleman rising up and finishing his fuck. He pounds the lifeless carcass until he finally cries out. He freezes, his body shaking with tremors as he shoots inside the hairy loser's ass.

Day pulls out, his cock slick and his load so big that it seeps out of the unconscious bear's ass. The smooth musclehunk rises and screams in victory. He calls over his assistant. Together, they drag Night up and carry him out of the ring. I notice silver handcuffs hanging from the gold briefs of the valet and wonder where this is headed. I don't have to wait long.

On the floor outside the ring, Day holds the limp body of his former partner up while his assistant lifts one of Night's arms up. He pulls down on the top rope and snaps on the handcuffs. He repeats the move, locking the unconscious bear to the ropes.

Day continues to hold the naked body of his victim up then plants a big kiss on him. The assistant starts pumping Night's cock and fondling his ass. The hairy muscleman stirs as he's molested. When he's awake, the two smooth studs back off, leaving Night standing on his tiptoes, his arms being pulled up by the power of the top rope.

Night's cock bounces as it's been worked to full mast. The valet binds it with a cock ring and cage, preventing any more contact with it. The older hunk looks down. He shakes his hips and tightens and relaxes his throbbing cock, trying to get off, but it's no use. He's locked up tight.

Day laughs, "Forget it. That cock ain't shootin' any time soon. Oh, but you feel that warm feeling inside you? That's me, bitch. I fuckin' seeded you. Now, I've got something even warmer planned."

Day backs off, as his assistant pulls out lighter fluid from the bag. He squirts it all over Night's gear in the metal can. With a flick of Day's wrist, he lights a match then tosses it into the can, torching the black gear of his long time partner. The hanging hairy hunk looks shocked as his identity goes up in flames, his boots, trunks and mask engulfed in the fire.

A smirking Day strips down then adds his own white gear to the fire. It burns as he puts on a new mask, trunks and pads. The gear is gold with dollar signs on it, including one dead center over his beautiful bulge.

The smooth stud says, "You didn't think I'd stay as Day, did you? That shit's your legacy and it's done. Night. Day. It's over. I'm my own man now. You're lookin' at the Moneymaker."

The gold-clad assistant moves in close, drops to a knee and flexes in front of his master. The two of them put on a show for the helpless hanging hunk. When they're done, the valet lifts something and Moneymaker grabs it. The new heel walks forward, his magnificent muscle body looking amazing as struts in victory. He gets up to Night then moves the object. Oh shit, it's a trimmer. The cocky younger stud puts the whirling blades against Night's furry chest. He moves his hand and starts slicing body hair.

When he's done, Moneymaker has carved a big dollar sign into the hairy torso, leaving his new mark on his former partner. The cocky heel laughs, stepping back to admire his work. He then shaves the bear's pubes off completely, commenting how he always hated that bush. The hair falls, piling up at the musclebear's sweaty feet. Night can do nothing as he's robbed of his manly fur by the smooth younger hunk.

"Here's something for your trouble, old man." Moneymaker pulls out a bill from his trunks. He snaps it in front of the helpless naked bear. What? It looks like a hundred dollar bill, but then I notice it has Moneymaker's masked face printed on it. He grabs the squirming Night's chin to hold his head steady then shoves the fake bill deep into Night's mouth. With a light slap, the cocky heel turns, grabs his assistant (who has thankfully extinguished the flames) and exits the ring area.

Pete gets a great shot of the smoldering gear in the foreground with the naked, shaved Night in the background. Night slides his wrists together then undoes the trick handcuffs, taking them off the top rope. His arms drop fast, exhaustion taking its toll. The metal dangles off Night's wrists and crotch as he staggers to the metal can. Inside the metal container, there's just a mess of burnt leather, fabric and foam.

The bear kneels in front of the can, reaching in carefully and pulling out a charred boot. He looks despondent over the loss and subsequent humiliation. Pete's camera is still rolling, but I think this is too sad to keep on the tape. I said it would be the end of an era and it definitely is.

The End


  1. Alex R:

    Oh God Mr Miller. You fucking kill us with these stories! Where the hell do I begin!. How hot and arrogant is Day/MoneyMaker. The arrogance specially gets to me. Its pungent yet awesome.
    Its a good arrogance. Poor Night taught him too well. Sounds very similar to the Star Wars Sith stories. There are only two. A Master and an Apprentice. We saw the Apprentice take down his Master and be the new MAster!
    Am I surprised? Yes. Night could just have let him go. But no. He wanted to keep him under his foot. Couldnt he see how much Cody wanted to be with Day? On the tag team match their chemistry was at full display. Sadly Night blinded himself. Your endings are so delicious. 2016 is the year of amazing endings. Every story has had endings that leave you with the jaw open. He shaved his $$$$$$$ hahaha. Then burned all his clothes. MoneyMaker looked amazing in his Day outfit, but now....uffff damn it he looks good. LOVE IT!
    It kinda sucks that Night is out but it was his choice. Live by the sword...
    Good Stuff! Amazing STUFF!

  2. Always love your work Alex Miller. Made my first post on your stories today on Tumblr. That last image of Raul Lledo had me instantly. Your work is amazing.

  3. This match was a very entertaining read Alex! I got to say when I read the title I wasn't too excited, Day and Night were hot but far from a favorite. The Story started off with some very interesting drama I remembered reading that Day wanting some solo matches but I didn't expect it was because he was sick of Night himself. The match was action packed at the start to both of them trading off wins though at this point i was thinking the match would end in a draw so both of them could stay but then that when things get even more intresting! Day starts taking the lead with win after win outlasting night and humiliating him with pin after pin. Then the ending that beat my favorite ending (Spartan vs Mimik) finish by a mile! With Day's valet waking Night up in a very hot and humiliating way to Night having no choice but to learn to call Day "Sir" To the perfect ending were they bound night and force him to watch them burning the end of his career and the end of the Night&Day era. Making sure everyone knows Day is gone and Moneymaker is coming in strong to take down anyone that stands in his way.

    So many Questions pop up from this match. Whos next on Moneymakers list? Cody did want to be at the top of that list. Will Moneymaker continue to humiliate anyone that steps into the ring with the god himself or was Night a special exception because of there bad blood?(I hope not i like the humiliation!) And then the mysterious Valet, Where did he come from? Will he wrestle? Is Valet his cave name? Is him and Moneymaker going to tag team together or is he there to worship his god? So much potential here im very excited to see were these two go. Dont keep them away for too long Alex and thanks for another 10/10 match!

    1. Awesome! Happy I could turn your lack of interest in these two to you now wanting to see more.

      Moneymaker and his valet return very soon (4/15) for his first "solo" outing.

  4. Very hot sorry! I hope we'll see more of Moneymaker in the future, very promising character. Real alpha male.

    1. Thanks! There's one Moneymaker story already loaded (4/15) and another planned for late 2016.

  5. So Fucking hot I need Cody vs Moneymaker whether as the bat or the pink punk I don't care I need to see it btw where's Jae are they still dating if not put Cody and Josh aka mr ridle together I just always saw them as a cute couple IDK why I just really saw them getting together in the beginning anyway keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks! Moneymaker did want Cody first, so you might not have long to wait ... *cough* 4/15.

      Jae is at work. He and Cody are definitely still dating ... time moves slowly in The Cave. This is the same day as TC16: Ryan/Luke (Cody asks about this match as they leave the gym), which is the day after TC 15: Bat/Spartan (where Cody decides to find Ryan a better guy then goes to the gym together). In fact, only three weeks have past since the July Independence Day story (where we get Luke's perspective on meeting Ryan).

    2. Alex R:

      Holy Moly. This is probably the most revealing bit of information ever posted on a comment. Maybe Im slow lol. Now that I think of it! HAHA. A Cave Timeline post would be interesting.

    3. I don't have a formal timeline like I did for Route 69, but I'm trying to keep it all tight in my head. I'm using the comic book timing method of keeping the year current, but not aging anyone in real-time. In 50 years, Marvel's heroes have aged less than 10 years.

      So while it's 2016 in The Cave, the guys have only aged months since 2012. Jae and Cody have been together months, not years. That kind of thing.

  6. Hm, if there's REALLY to be no more Night, then this will definitely have been your saddest story! Completely hot--loved Night as a jobber, it was him for me, not Day/Moneymaker, that made it so sexy! (And now I've got the Rilo Kiley song "Moneymaker" stuck in my head...)

    1. ALSO...Night brought more variety to the Cave than Day--the hairiness, the maturity, both of which I found so hot; it would be sad to lose these things. (It would be like taking Zangief out of Street Fighter, and having to settle for Ryu.)

      Meanwhile, Cody was showing a very decent, human side this story that I loved seeing. Compassionate, even. And sure, maybe the Night GIMMICK can't come back, but Cody didn't seem to want the wrestler to really go, and Cody DOES usually get his way...

    2. Sean, I worried about your reaction, knowing you've become a huge Night fan. All I can say is please stay tuned. :)

      Fun fact ... this is the first Night/Day story I wrote. It's been sitting around for a long time, because I decided to add in the two setup stories so this one would have more weight to it.

    3. You always leave us guessing...I love it! :)

    4. Alex R:

      I think that doing the too stories was a good thing.
      And the comments are getting us alot of information Woohoo! Sean you are right...he is keeping us in suspense.
      Night was unique indeed. I guess Millers comment leave the door open?

    5. Im guessing nights going to show up again but maybe in the Bad Guy series or encounters do youll definitely see him again if he dosent show up in the cave.

    6. I'm with Sean on this. As dominating and hot as it all was, I was hoping it would go the other way. Or not be so lopsided. But then hairy beef is kinda my ideal opponent. ��

    7. Thanks for the comment. Yep, a controversial decision, but things can't always have a happy ending.

    8. Well, your stories, regardless of the outcome, usually leave me with a happy ending. ;-)

  7. WOW!!! I did not see this one ending up the way it did! I was actually expecting the other extreme just Night crushing Day and bringing the valet in as new Day! What a swerve and so extremely hot! Loved the utter destruction and all the length Moneymaker goes through to humiliate Night. You always leave me excited to see what will happen next at The Cave!

    1. Thanks Phil! I don't try to surprise with outcomes, but I'm happy when I do. It helps me know I'm not becoming predictable or getting in a rut. Tag team break ups are a favorite of mine, especially when humiliation is involved, so I tried to dial it up here. Good to read that it worked for you.

  8. Amazing story. Very nice ending, and yeah, I agree with guys it would be great to see more Moneymaker in the future :)

    1. Appreciate that. There's more Moneymaker coming soon and then at the end of the year.