Sunday, April 3, 2016

Commentary: Thunders Arena's April Newsletter


So this arrived in my inbox this afternoon ... Thunders Arena's April newsletter. As I read it, I was excited, curious and surprised. What better reaction to launch a timely little blog post?

(1) First up - Vinny is coming back. Reaction: Excited.

I bought a number of Vinny matches and really enjoyed his no-selling, flexing persona. Weirdly, he was very much like Travis is now. So why did I like him? Well, he absolutely oozes manly sex appeal. Second, he was fun, which made me forgive his faults. And finally, it was his character rather than a talent issue. When he applied holds, they were generally good and he didn't disrupt his opponents.

They're bringing sexy back! (find it here)

Johnny Bravo made Vinny sell (find it here)

Still adorable even as he no-sells
Dom's reverse bearhug (find it here)

Of the three upcoming matches listed, Vinny vs. Talon is likely the only I'll buy, but I'll be first in line for it.

Will Vinny dominate another one of
Thunders' biggest stars? (find it here)

Or will Talon beat down another musclestud?
(find it here)

(2) Brute vs. Kid Titan isn't selling (or at least no one is using the coupon if they're buying it). Reaction: Curious.

Have they only sold 6 of these videos? Or are a bunch of people buying without the coupon? I'm one of the non-buyers, so it definitely got me thinking. Why am I not buying this match?

For me, Thunders releases so many matches in such a tight timeframe that I lose track. I literally bought 6 matches at St. Patrick's Day, so I just don't need another right now. Likely I will never buy this one, because it doesn't feature a guy I look back for. So there's nothing wrong with the match. There's just not enough right with it to breakthrough for me.

I don't have anything against Brute, but Brute/Kid Titan
just didn't rise above all the other releases for me

(3) Mr. Mike is 'shocked' that Cage/Talon sold big and Cage/Bolt didn't. Reaction: Surprise at his surprise.

Mr. Mike really didn't think Cage/Talon would sell big? I sure would have. I bought Cage/Talon. I've recently come around to Bolt, but haven't bought Cage/Bolt. Why?

Cage/Talon featured something new (Talon really dominated), whereas we've seen Bolt doing the David/Goliath thing before. So maybe it didn't feel new. Or maybe Cage/Bolt match would appeal more to squash fans, but it's apparently not a squash. That could put it in a weird place between fanbases despite the solid talent.

Cage/Talon offered something unique

I get why it was a top seller 

(4) How will Brian Cage and Tak work with Travis? Reaction: Curious.

Of all the upcoming matches, Vinny/Talon is the must-buy. I'll be interested to see who some of the other guys are, because their names don't ring a bell.

And then there's Travis back against uber-pro Brian Cage and Thunders superstar Tak. Talk about opposites, but what they both bring is experience and professionalism. I haven't bought a Travis match except for the tag match I reviewed. I don't think I'll buy these, but I'll be curious to read any reviews.

So that's the newsletter. It begs for comments, so I'll do the same. If you have any thoughts, please take time to share them. I'd love to know your reaction on anything you read in that newsletter!


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