Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Quick Hit: Kid Karisma vs. Jake Jenkins (BGEast) SPOILERS!

In case the heading wasn't warning enough, this post has a ginormous SPOILER for this match.

After Monday's review, it's a good time to go to a jobber-heel matchup I loved. In fact, I've wanted to review it since I started this blog, but I couldn't figure out how to do it without spoiling the best part. Instead of stressing about it, I'm taking AH's advice. There's a SPOILER warning in the title and I've written this rambling paragraph to give you time to look the other way.

So what's the SPOILER? What's the BIG SECRET? How does it END?

Well, it's NOT the ending I'm spoiling. You can guess how this thing goes. We've got two of the most popular and talented studs in the business in top shape. Outstanding heel Kid Karisma is wearing his sexy black dollar sign trunks. BGEast jobber Jake Jenkins is angelic, barefoot in crisp white gear. Yeah, it's pretty much a one-sided beatdown from start to finish.

It's why this is a "Quick Hit" ... it's an older match and let's face it, you already know if you're going to love this.

Expect a lot of Kid flexing and Jake suffering

Jake does manage to apply a nice crab

But 20 seconds later, Kid easily powers out and
chokes Jake - the heel does not look happy

So what am I spoiling? I'm actually spoiling the beginning!

Say what?

How can you spoil the beginning? Well, one of the things that makes this match a favorite of mine is the opening sequence. It's surprising, sexy and spectacular. It sets the tone and it's the first time I remember seeing it anywhere.

Here goes. Picture it. Florida. Dressing room at the BGEast facility. A handsome young wrestler named Jake Jenkins laces up his tiny white trunks. He tucks in the string then kneels down to pull up his knee pads. The barefoot stud stands up to check himself out. He flexes, admiring his flawless beauty.

Suddenly, this happens ...

Jake did not see that coming and neither did I

30 seconds of hanging around and Kid owns Jake
before they've even left the dressing room

I love it. It goes on for over 30 seconds and it's pure magic. Jake never really recovers. Any offense he mounts is matched tenfold by his opponent. The 30-minute match is full of hot holds, sexy suffering, domination and flexing, but it's that opening that makes this truly transcendent.

No, not the face!

Jake is at his bendy best

Kid knows how to wreck a jobber

Best body in BGE

Fuck, that's hot

Overall, the match surpassed every expectation I had, which wasn't easy, given the talent involved. Even though the opening was a surprise, I still re-watch it and get the same thrill every time. I have received two story commissions this year that involve the reader wanting to be the "jobber" in the story. I can empathize with that. This is a case where my 'inner jobber' takes over. I would love to be Jake, getting ready only to be surprised as two strong legs suddenly wrap around me from above and squeeze.

Kid treats Jake like jobber trash

And the match ends as it begins

What do you think of the match, the wrestlers, the action or the idea of a SPOILER-y post? Comments make a difference!



  1. Jake is one of the top suffering jobbers anywhere, and all time. So, so hot. Love him forever.

    1. No argument here. I agree that he's one of the best ever. He's the best I've ever heard - his vocalizations alone are enough.

  2. This one is a very hot oldie but a true classic. Jake Jenkins still wrestles?

    1. From what I've read, Jake has moved on with his life and no longer wrestles.

  3. This was a great match jake jobbs pretty well. Though have you seen Jakes match against firestorm?

    1. I have not, but I probably should. Especially since, as I replied above, Jake isn't wrestling any more according to reports.

    2. Curious about your opinion on it if you decide to get it and or review it. I had some complaints about it but liked it overall.

  4. Alex, once you tag [spoiler] on the title, no one can complain.

    And it's a good idea. I'm the kind of guy who loves to know the ending of the matches before I buy it. So, anything you say, even if it's a spoiler, helps me make my decision in which match to buy.

    That's why I love your reviews!

    1. Thanks for the kind words! See, I hate knowing the ending for certain matches. Most I don't care, but for some where there's doubt on who wins, I like to go in blind.

      A lot of the time, the producers spoil the ending on their sites, so in those cases, it's not really a spoiler in my opinion. And in this case, BGE does show the opening surprise in their images, so I don't feel too bad.