Friday, April 15, 2016

The Cave 17: The Bat vs. Moneymaker

"Finally! I finally get The Bat all to myself in The Cave ring. Yeah, strip off that cape and show me that sweet ass."

I smile, "Be careful what you wish for, man. Singles is different than tag. Maybe you should've aimed a little lower for your first Moneymaker match."

The muscleheel laughs, "Oh yeah, I love how cocky you are, hero. This is why I wanna beat on you so bad. I'm gonna make this a classic. Guaranteed."

I just nod before I drape my cape over the ringpost. I keep a watchful eye on the big muscleman and his 19-year old 'valet'. In his previous identity, my opponent was more of a hero, but as Moneymaker he's adopted a full-on villain persona. Just two weeks ago, Moneymaker viciously devastated and thoroughly humiliated his long-time tag partner before successfully banishing him from The Cave forever.


Yeah, the guy is dangerous. And with his sexy 5'9"/150-lbs valet/henchman at ringside, I wonder just how far they'll take things. As I glance back at the hungry eyes peering through the entrance curtain, part of me hopes they go pretty far. Just because I'm a good guy doesn't mean I have to be stupid.

The Valet

In my secret identity as Cody, I co-own The Cave with my best friend Ryan. He's at ringside operating one of our two handheld cameras. We're a gay-oriented, superhero-themed wrestling video company.

As The Bat, I'm the main hero of the company. Originally it was because we had no money, so I had to be the main talent. Now, it's because I'm the most popular. Why? Well, I'm a super-hot 29-year old stud, with a great 6'/200-lbs body and an awesome cock. I wrestle in sexy black gear based off one of the most iconic heroes in the world. Plus, I'm fucking good at what I do. I have a great win-loss record and I know how to make matches work on camera.

Me, 'The Bat'

We pay bonuses based on sales, which encourages guys to work their social media networks to sell our product. It also means they like wrestling me, because it's a guaranteed best-seller. It puts me in the crosshairs of every villain (and some heroes) for sure. I don't want to wrestle too often, so guys have to earn their shot and many never do.

At 6'1"/215-lbs of pure gym-sculpted muscle, Moneymaker jumped the queue of guys begging to wrestle me. He's a stunningly beautiful Latino man with flawless tanned skin. He wears sexy gold satin trunks with a dollar sign right over his big bulge, a gold mask, plus black pads and boots. The valet is spritzing him and rubbing him down, making his chiseled muscles just shine under the spotlights.

However, Moneymaker is more than hot. He's also very talented. I lost to him and his former partner in three separate tag matches, including one as The Bat. So there's a little revenge going on here. Weirdly, we've never fucked. His partner always claimed my ass for his own. So Moneymaker sees this as his chance to get my ass, but I see it as my chance at his.

As this match is a best two-out-of-three, loser gets fucked stakes event, one of us will be very happy when this is all over.

Round One

We circle the ring, staring each other down. Moneymaker is bigger and more built than me, but I've beaten guys even more impressive than him. The red bat on the front of my black trunks is already stretching out as my porn-size cock begs for the heel's mountainous ass.

When we move in for a collar-and-elbow lockup, Moneymaker manages to overpower me to the corner. CLANG! He bends over then unleashes with shoulder blocks deep into my abs. THUD! THUD! THUD! I bend forward from the force, but my abs hold. For now. Before I can even react, he rises, scooping me across his broad chest.

Moneymaker bodyslams me to the mat with power. WHAM! He starts in with stomps and I realize just how much he's thought about this. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Not exactly the start I wanted. The villain grabs my cowl then pulls me forward and up. On the way, I dive forward, hammering his solid midsection with my own shoulder block. THUD! OOF!

The muscleheel bends over my shoulder, perfect for me to flip him over onto his ass with a back body drop. PLOP! Moneymaker rolls to his feet as I turn to face him. I move in fast, but he surprises me with his speed. He catches me around the waist then lifts and spins, driving my back into the mat. BOOM! He puts his entire 215-lbs of muscle into it, landing hard on top of me.

I'm winded from the impact, writhing under his muscular body. He sits back, pausing to slap me across the face. SMACK! It stings, but it's more embarrassing than painful. Moneymaker dives forward, driving his forearm into my head. CRACK! The back of my head bounces off the mat and I'm seeing stars.

Moneymaker grabs my cowl again then drags me to my feet. He grabs between my legs and below my neck then smoothly gorilla presses my 200-lbs into the air. WHOA! I'm up there for only a moment before he flips me, slamming me down onto my back. WHAM! I arch my back up to ease the pain, trying to focus on fighting back.

I roll over onto my stomach, trying to rise. Fuck, I'm being manhandled here. The villain grabs me by the cowl then shoves my head between his tree trunk thighs. I moan as my head is crushed in the standing head scissors. I can't see it, but I just know he's striking a double bicep pose over me. My ears are wedged against his inner thigh muscles, but I can hear him mocking"The Great Bat".

Moneymaker reaches down and I feel him grab around my waist. Piledriver? Inverted bearhug? Power slam? It doesn't matter. Whatever he has planned can't be good for me. I focus all my strength and stand, my legs, back and neck lifting the muscleheel off the mat. He flips over my back with another back body drop. PLOP!

I unleash some stomps of my own, keeping him down while I regroup. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! I target his chest and abs, driving my black leather boot into his chiseled torso. THUD! THUD! THUD! I pause then give him a knee drop to the head. CRACK! He cries out then rolls to the side, holding his forehead. I back up into the ropes, lining him up for a big elbow to the back of his head.

As I run off the ropes, I feel my foot get caught. I fall down onto the mat, face first. SPLAT! The villain's little henchman tripped me! Before I can move, Moneymaker comes down with an elbow to the back of my head. WHACK! The force drives my face into the canvas hard as my head is caught between the irresistible force of his arm and the immovable floor of the ring.

I hear the two of them exchange words and laughter, but I'm unable to focus enough to know what it is. I prop myself up on my elbows and look up to see Moneymaker's huge gold spandex and dollar sign bulge in front of me. The heel is kneeling, legs spread wide and arms up in a double bicep pose. He kisses the mounds of muscles then grabs hold of my cowl.

Moneymaker threatens, "Do you have any idea how easy it would be for me take this right now, Bat? I could strip your mask and you couldn't do shit to stop me."

I feel his cock harden and twitch against my face at the idea, but he doesn't do it. The heel just pulls and I'm forced forward, my face shoved into his pouch and my neck bent back. He reaches down my body and grabs my trunks. Moneymaker pulls on them hard, wedging them up my ass as he uses my trunks to really slide me forward.

The villain buries my face deep into his crotch, his manhood nearly smothering me. My mouth is open on his balls and my nose is filled with his manly musk. I suffer in the humiliating position before he smoothly shifts, locking me in a tight head scissors. Once again, I just know he's flexing and I definitely hear him mocking me, probably laughing it up with his valet.

Moneymaker releases the hold then drags me up by my cowl. The muscleheel whips me into the ropes. I run right back at him and he grabs me across the chest. I'm lifted then dropped with a sidewalk slam. WHAM! Fuck! He's fucking strong. The villain crawls on top of me then starts to slap the mat.



I kick out of the lazy pin right at two. The heel hooks my leg then starts over.


I roll my shoulder up, breaking the count even faster this time. This has been humiliating enough. I don't need him getting near falls on me.

Moneymaker sits up then grabs my black and red spandex bulge. He squeezes, crushing my red bat and my manhood underneath. My bull balls compress in his huge paw and I writhe in pain from the killer claw. The muscleheel fires punches into my abs with his free hand, holding me in place by my balls. POW! POW! POW! I whimper from the abuse, desperately fighting the urge to give.

The villain switches to an ab claw, tearing into my midsection. I still hold out, but I feel my abs softening. His fingers sink in deep, but I won't give. Moneymaker lets go then drags me up by my cowl once again. The muscleheel lifts me up then tosses me onto the top rope. I land on my upper chest then ricochet off. I roll on the mat, clutching my throat and chest.

As I suffer, I don't see Moneymaker leaping into the air until it's too late. He comes down with a leg drop across my chest. POW! I buck my hips up as he sits there laughing, his leg resting on me. The heel drags me up then forces me to crawl like a dog to the ropes. He drapes me on the middle rope then puts his shin on my back.

215-lbs of pure muscleheel crush down on top of me. The rope sags as it digs into my flesh. I kick and cough, but I'm otherwise helpless on the ropes. I feel the weight ease then smaller hands grab behind my head. The valet is holding me down and I hear footsteps running behind me. Oh fuck.

In desperation, I punch my hands out, smacking the valet. He lets go and I fall off the middle rope. Moneymaker sails over me, landing where I was. The villain screams as his bulge lands on the middle rope, the steel cable crushing his balls and straining his groin. He bounces off, stumbling over me, clasping his inner thigh.

I reach up between his legs and roll him backwards into a spladle. I spread him out wide and he moans. I stretch his groin out and he moans in pain. Moneymaker resists, refusing to give, but I know this is the right hold. The big muscleheel fights, but I know he's not flexible and I know his groin is killing him. Another hard thrust and I get him from moaning to crying.


I ask, "You submitting?"


I release him then rise to my feet. I watch him roll to his corner, looking pathetic for such a big muscleman. I flex for the cameras then start stretching out. There's at least one more round, so I need to be ready.

Between Rounds

As I stretch out in my corner, the valet slithers into the ring. Moneymaker is lying back against the turnbuckle, legs spread. The henchman dotes over his master, giving him water then massaging his groin and crotch. Nice work if you can get it, I guess. All the villain needs is two more henchmen, one to fan him while the other feeds him grapes.

I walk up behind the valet and grab his hair. Moneymaker starts to yell, but I hold up my hand and he shuts up. I wrench the henchman's head back, forcing him to look up at me.

"Look, kid. You're cute and this valet thing is fun, but if you interfere again, I will destroy you. Now that I'm up a fall, I'm more than happy to risk losing one because I was too busy breaking you in half."

I loosen my grip to let the valet nod his understanding then I release his hair and back up. The twink shoots me the finger, not realizing I'm still watching him. I stomp one step towards him and he cowers into Moneymaker's big arms for protection.

I nod, "Yeah, that's what I figured. Punk. Remember. You interfere and you're in for a world of hurt."

The valet just gulps. He finally rises and helps his master up. But he's looking back at me constantly with a mixture of fear and lust. From the way his trunks are tenting, I'm thinking that this punk wouldn't mind a little abuse. Yeah, it sure looks like this henchman is debating whether getting a beatdown from The Bat is such a bad thing after all.

As I turn, I see hungry eyes peering from the back curtain. I smile and motion for him to stay calm. I'm feeling like he'll get his chance very soon.

Round Two

We circle the ring. Moneymaker is still stretching out his groin. He says, "Everyone said you're a lucky son of a bitch, but I get it now. Okay, okay. That's one, but here's where your fucking luck runs out."

I smirk, "I'm not the one who needs a henchman to provide a distraction."

The villain growls at me and we move to lockup. I dive for his leg, but he's ready. Moneymaker brings his knee up into my chest and I stumble back, hunched over. I get pulled into a front facelock. Before I can counter, I feel him grab the side of my black trunks. The muscleheel powers me up and over for a stiff suplex. WHAM!

Moneymaker rolls over, putting his shins on my shoulders and his bulge on my chin. He flexes in the schoolboy pin, "You can't fucking handle this, hero!"

I swing my legs up under his flexing arms then pull back fast and hard. Moneymaker rolls back between my legs. I grab him around the waist and I try a quick pin. He kicks out and we roll to opposite sides. As we rise, the villain charges at me. I turn and grab under his arm. I flip him over with a hip toss. PLOP!

The muscleheel lands on his ass, springing up immediately. He comes at me again, so I hip toss him onto his ass once more. PLOP! This time when he rises, I hit him with a standing dropkick that sends him stumbling back. The villain hits the rope then falls right out onto the floor below. The valet comforts his master and they whisper while I pace in the ring.

I let the villain climb back in. Not because I'm being nice, but because I can see his oversized muscles tensing, ready to strike if I come too close. We circle the ring then lock up again. We struggle. I try to shift him into a side headlock, but he blocks it. Moneymaker pushes me into the corner hard. CLANG!

Moneymaker turns and unleashes a pec chop, followed by another. THWAK! THWAK! They sting, but my chest muscles take the strikes pretty well. He overestimates the damage, giving me the opening to dive forward, clocking him with my elbow to the side of his head. CRACK! I quickly grab his gold mask and drive his face into the top turnbuckle three times. WHOMP! WHOMP! WHOMP!

I turn him and the muscleheel sags in the corner. I fire off my own pec chops to his meaty chest. THUD! THUD! THUD! I follow up with a spinning knee lift right into the villain's ripped abs. He doubles over so I bring my knee up into his chest. Moneymaker flies back into the corner. He pushes me back, but I get my boot in under his defenses, slamming it into his stomach. THUD!

I know I can't slow down, so I grab him under the arms then lift and spin, flipping him with a belly-to-belly suplex. WHAM! I quickly drag him up, stand beside him then drop him with a Russian leg sweep. BOOM! The big man extends his arm as he tries to roll away. I mock him, reminding him that this is singles. I drag him up then suplex him down again. WHAM!

Moneymaker writhes on the mat, overwhelmed by my fast-paced power attack. I roll over then move to stand when I feel two hands around my ankle. I kick my boots free then lash out wildly. The valet jumps back out of range, raising his hands. Okay, enough is enough. Looks like it's time for my contingency plan.

Dealing with Distractions

I hop out of the ring and walk towards the valet. I'm pumped and angry. His eyes go wide and the little henchman scurries away, running towards the curtain. He exits the ring area and a small smirk crosses my face when I hear him scream from the back. Out of the frying pan, kid.

I hear footsteps behind me, so I leap to the side. Moneymaker slides past me, falling onto the mat and rolling onto the concrete floor. Good idea, to try a sliding dropkick, but bad execution. As the big villain gets his bearings, I charge in, clipping his head with my shin. CRACK! He goes down. I drag him up, scooping his beef across my chest. Fuck, he's a big boy.

I turn and run his back into the corner ringpost. CLANG! He cries out then I bodyslam him onto the mat around the ring. WHAM! The floor has no give and he rolls over, reaching for his back. I stomp him from his shoulder blades to his waistband. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Moneymaker struggles to rise, so I help him up only to drop him again with a clothesline. WHAM!

Moneymaker writhes on the floor, his huge ass looking so tempting in the tight gold trunks. I grab the back of the waistband forcing the heel to his knees. Just then, the curtains part. The villain lets out a confused, "What the fuck?!?"

From the back, the valet returns, but not under his own power. He's being carried. I mock the villain, "Looks your henchman ran into my sidekick and it didn't go so well for him."

My new sidekick, Bird Boy

The valet hangs limp, slung over the broad shoulder of Bird Boy, my little surprise. Followers of The Cave will know him better as Spartan, a ridiculously ripped 5'11"/200-lbs hunk. The stud is decked out in green trunks, short booties and green gloves. He's got a small black eye mask, red bands wrapped above his massive biceps and a short yellow cape. A 'BB' temporary tattoo on his massive left pec completes the perfect sidekick look.

Moneymaker just kneels, still focused on his destroyed valet's predicament. I club him from behind and he flies forward, smacking his face into the concrete floor. CRACK! I grab the back of his waistband and his hair, forcing him to his feet. The tiny gold trunks wedged high up his crack, turning into a thong. I force him back into the ring in the corner then grab his ankles. I pull him back, slamming his taint into the ringpost. CLANG! ARGH!

As the villain reaches for his manhood, I turn to my new sidekick. I tousle Bird Boy's hair in a condescending manner, "Good job, Bird Boy. I'll battle the villain. Your job is to keep an eye on this guy. Think you can handle it?"

Xaq snarls at me, insulted by the menial task, but stays silent. While he's acting like he's not enjoying his role, the twitching in his green trunks tells a different story. He drops the aching valet then stomps his body, taking his frustration out on the poor twink. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Yikes. I hope our insurance is paid up.

I return to Moneymaker, who is slowly sliding out of the corner.

Back to the Match

I reach into the ring and grab Moneymaker by the ankle. He tries to kick me off, but I drag him towards me in the corner. The villain holds up his hands, begging me not to do it, but I ignore him. I slam his knee into the metal ringpost three times. CLANG! CLANG! CLANG! He cries out and reaches for his knee, but I pull him further out of the ring, slamming his taint into the ringpost.

The heel grunts and grabs the ropes, trying to use them as leverage to drag himself up. I brace my foot on the metal post and lean back, holding him in place. When Moneymaker stops fighting, I lift his right calf onto my shoulder then bend his right leg over it. I wrap my hands around his left ankle, locking on a figure-four style hold around the ringpost.

Moneymaker moans, crying out, "No, no, no!" I push up on his right leg and pull down on his left ankle. Moans turn to screams as his damaged leg is tortured again. He writhes and flops. He holds his face. He claws at the ropes for some kind of escape, but there's none. The villain pounds the mat as I keep the pressure up.

I finally let go, not wanting him to submit while I'm out of the ring. That wouldn't count. I roll into the ring, rising to my feet. I leap up then come down with a hard elbow to his big barrel chest. THUD! He rolls over into a fetal position, holding his right leg on top. I stomp it and he flops across the ring, trying to escape. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

Moneymaker tries to protect his knee, but I grab his ankle and roll him onto his stomach. I drive his right knee into the mat. WHACK! The muscular villain screams then rolls onto his back. I grab his right leg again, lifting it while I step on his left ankle, spreading him open. He tries to kick me off, but there's no force behind it.

I twist and crank on the standing leglock, wrenching his damaged knee. I love watching him thrash below me. No tags now, man. No valet interference. Just him and me. He rolls, pushes, kicks and any other counter he can try, but it's no use. Still, he's not giving. I turn, coming down with all my weight on his inner groin. WHAM! I give his knee another twist then spring up before he can grab me.

The villain crawls away. He uses the ropes to rise, but I kick out his good leg and he falls down onto his ass. PLOP! I grab his ankles, dragging him into the middle of the ring. Moneymaker fights, so I stomp between his legs, driving my boot into his chiseled and flat Apollo's belt. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The heel of my boot slams just above the waistband of his gold satin trunks.

With Moneymaker down, focused on his lower abs and his legs up, he's ripe for my planned finisher. I step over, bending his legs. I fall back, lift my leg over his left ankle and it's done. A perfect figure-four in the middle of the ring. ARGH! The villain screams. He bucks wildly, his masked face etched with anguish.

No matter what he does, the heel cannot break the hold. I keep the pressure on as he thrusts his big chest up. His thick arms pound the mat in frustration. In the end, though, his big muscular body is useless.

The helpless heel cries out, "I GIVE! OH FUCK! OKAY! GIVE! GIVE! GIVE!"

I unwrap our legs, rolling to the side. I kneel, legs spread then flex for the camera. Two submissions and the match is mine. I check on my sidekick. The valet is hanging limp in a bearhug. Been there, done that. Bird Boy's bearhug nearly broke me. The twink henchman didn't stand a chance.

I rise up and flex again as Moneymaker whimpers at my feet. I smirk, "Tag isn't looking so bad after all, is it?"

The Stakes

I pose over the heel. He's worked out his leg, so he's just lying on his back. The muscleman looks up at me, still pissed and shocked. Moneymaker didn't only lose, he lost in two straight falls. The villain's muscles are tense, but he doesn't pull any shit. Even the bad guys of The Cave know and abide by the rules.

When I'm done showing off, I drag Moneymaker up to his feet. I scoop him up across my chest. Wow, he's heavy, but I'm feeling good. I carry him to the corner then flip him upside down locking him in a tree of woe by his good leg. I straddle his head so he's looking right up at my taint. I peel down my black trunks, pushing them all the way down to the heel's face.

I step out of the tight black spandex briefs then kick it aside. I move in then drop to my knees. My cock hangs down on the villain's face. I shove the head of my cock into Moneymaker's mouth. He immediately sucks on it, drawing it in. Oh fuck, that's nice. I reach out and grab his cock, working it to the side in the gold trunks.

As I jerk his cock through the thin gold spandex, I feel his reactions as he gasps then sucks my cock head a little harder, like a baby on a pacifier. I manhandled his meat, getting it good and hard. It stretches out over his hip, uncomfortably trapped by the fabric. I feel it throbbing as it strains to break free.

I slide back then stand up. I unhook his leg, letting him drop down. I force him up onto his knees against the ropes then tie him up with his arms outstretched. I work my cock into his mouth then thrust in and out, face fucking the handsome muscleman. I pull out to smack his face with my big wet dick then shove it back in.

As I grip his gold mask to hold his head steady, I taunt him, "Do you have any idea how easy it would be for me take this right now, Moneymaker? I could strip your mask and you couldn't do shit to stop me."

I pull out and step back. Moneymaker's head falls and we both stare at the outline of his massive cock. The gold satin hides nothing. The throbbing cock noticeably pulses and bobs. When I bring my boot up against it, the big bad villain actually whimpers. I laugh, knowing my torture is cruel, but effective. This cocky villain and his henchman pissed me off and now they're paying the price.

I untie Moneymaker from the ropes, letting him fall flat on his face. His ass is up, protecting his hard cock. Fuck, it's a huge ass. I force him onto hands and knees then move behind him. I carefully work his trunks down over his ass cheeks, wedging them at the bottom of his mountainous bubble butt. However, I make sure his cock doesn't spring free.

Using my fingers I lube up the heel's hole, taking my time to prep it then slide on a condom. As I split him, Moneymaker hangs his head and groans. My cock is big and hard to take, even after loosened him up. I start thrusting slowly, taking my time and working him open. As I do, I look at my sidekick and the helpless henchman kneeling before him.

I look at Bird Boy and nod. He nods back with a wry smile, glad to finally have more to do. We discussed what he could do if the valet interfered. While the former heel claims to hate being a sidekick, he loves the idea of dominating the hot twink.

Bird Boy easily gorilla presses the valet into the air over his head. I grab Moneymaker's mask and pull his head up, forcing him to watch his henchman get manhandled as I fuck his tight ass. He moans in pain, but also pleasure. I thrust in deep then hold inside him. I reach underneath and grip his trapped cock. It's rock hard.

I start milking Moneymaker then nod to my musclebound sidekick. He lowers the helpless twink down then locks him in a full nelson. The nelson gives way to a reverse bearhug. The valet is struggling and straining. He submits, begging to be released. The helpless boytoy is hard in his skimpy gold trunks, getting off on being dominated. Not surprising, of course.

"Well, well, well. Looks like your boy doesn't care who abuses him. Maybe I'll keep him and convert him to the good guys, too."

Moneymaker lets out a gasp then his cock erupts, shooting his cum and soaking through his gold satin trunks. I drain him dry then wipe my hand down his back, giving him a nice stripe of shiny seed along his spine. I start pounding him again, riding him hard. My pelvis slaps into his big butt cheeks as I breed his big fat villain ass.

It doesn't take long before I'm ready. I pull out, strip off the condom then fire down his spine, lining his back with my white hot seed. Once I'm drained, I drag Moneymaker up then lock him in the ropes. I mock his soaking wet trunks then force him to clean my head before I back off.

Bird Boy has joined me. The valet is out, thanks to a sleeper from my frustrated helper monkey. I smirk then I notice the henchman has a huge wet spot in his gold trunks, matching his boss' stained trunks. I look at my sidekick and he smirks then nods. The little punk shot his load while being sleepered out. Fuck, I get why Moneymaker likes this kid.

We bind the unconscious valet in the ropes. My cock swells at the sight of the matching pair of hot losers in gold, cum-soaked trunks. I make Bird Boy lift my arm, celebrating my big win. The cameras film it all as I bask in thrill of another victory.

Behind the Curtain

I grab my trunks and we leave the villain and his unconscious valet in the ring, bound in the ropes. I hate to start out a villain as awesome as Moneymaker with a loss, but not enough to job to him. Of course just because we filmed this first doesn't mean we have to release it first.

As we exit, I grab Bird Boy's ass, giving Ryan a great final shot. Once through the curtain, the musclehunk tears off his green wrist gauntlets then his mask, transforming back into Xaq, his alter ego.

I tease Xaq, "You did good for your first time out. Of course, it was against a scrawny henchman. Wait until we have you face a real villain. We'll need to see if your inner jobber still takes over. Either way, I think you've got a real future as a heroic sidekick, sport."

The musclehunk stops cold. "Fuck off with that sidekick shit. Look at me!" He flexes his huge muscles. "I can take anyone! I can go anywhere! You know how many places wanna hire me to wrestle for them? ALL OF THEM! I don't need this bullshit! I could just quit this dump and make MORE MONEY and get treated with RESPECT!"

"Uh huh. But you're not quitting, are you boy?" Xaq says nothing, just bounces his pecs and stares at me with anger. I just smirk then strut to my locker room. I hear him sigh then jog up behind me, following me inside. Yep, this is a great day.

The End


  1. Hot as usual and I have to say Cody is setting himself up bad with this whole Xaq thing it could either go really well or really bad Xaq's not terrible he just needs more training and nothing motivates like complete utter humiliation worked for Ryan and you see how Cody knows not to Fuck with Ryan anymore he's setting himself up. Also any some hints on the next match also reading the stories from beginning to now Cody has come a long way still bitchy and self centered but less of a slut so progress.

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      I like to think that Cody has evolved, but not changed into a different person.

      The Xaq story is just beginning, so all I can say is stay tuned.

  2. Love your work as always! Was a little disappointed to see Moneymaker lose so decisively though, especially after how dominant he was the last time we saw him. Hope to see more of that dominant side in the future. I'm also intrigued to see if his valet will have bigger roles in the ring? Great to see Xaq back though and I'm also interested to see if Cody's setting himself up to be knocked back down a few pegs.

    1. Appreciate the comment.

      I don't know that Moneymaker lost that decisively. He had his moments, but The Bat is tough. It was his first singles match right after an emotional win that he planned for. There could've been a letdown. Plus, he was clearly distracted by the whole Bird Boy thing in round two.

      Don't give up on him, yet. He makes his return in October, so we'll see how much he learns between now and then (which is like two weeks in Cave time).

  3. Great match as usual but I'm feeling conflicted with this chapter. Though like I said before this match was great full of action and a hot ending.

    First thought was about the Valet he feels underutilized. He seems like he could be just a random guy that follows Moneymaker with how little hes done for his first two appearances. Though he was against cody so the bat does have plenty of experience against this type of scenario or variations of it. I wonder how it would go if they faced someone else like Jae or another hero maybe the plan would work out. Is there ideas for a bigger role for him maybe he has matches to? or is he staying on the sidelines?
    Now onto moneymaker I had high expectations for him going off his big win against night. Like someone said before me it was a little disappointing seeing him lose like this. Could it be because hes still new too the singles? Was cody to experienced and way out of his league? I hope moneymaker learns from this and him and valet comeback stronger and more in sync then before.
    Last guy to talk about is Birdboy! I got to be honest reading that someone was in the back waiting to come out and help I was hoping it was Jae so i was upset to see it wasnt him though it could also be that i want to see him back in a match. Though seeing Birdboy come down and that pic all i wanted is more! I cant wait to see what you do with him. I hope he jobs to a villain soon! maybe against moneymaker? only time will tell. One thing i didnt notice that other people are bringing up is Cody getting cocky and full of himself more latley. Would be intresting to see if this is a story plot. Batman vs Superman to put Cody back in his place anyone?

    Thanks for The amazing story alex maybe im thinking to much of your matches but you cant blame me with how good they are. Now i gotta countdown for the next chapter!

    1. I love that there's that much for you to think about! It feels good that guys are so invested in these characters.

      Right now, Valet is merely as you describe. I'm sure he has a life, but for now, he's basically a hanger on. However, eventually someone is going to want a piece of him if he starts interfering. At that point, we'll likely find out a little more about who he is and why he's around.

      See above for reasons why Moneymaker might have lost a couple of which you brilliantly identified. In The Cave, anyone can win any match, depending on the circumstances. Moneymaker's far from done and I'm sure this will only motivate him.

      Bird Boy's journey is also just beginning. We'll see more of him in July then again in October. I expect Xaq to be a major player for a long time to come, regardless of his identity.

    2. Nice! Can't wait to read all of those stories! Any teaser on when well see Jae again? Curious to see his take on Birdboy's new start and also just wanting to see him in the ring again.

    3. After a little break, Jae is about to get very busy. The Adventures of SuperStar series continues in May, August, October and November. He's also a supporting character in the ring in a July story.

    4. Ooo so then its coming very soon! Thanks for the info Alex Jae is my favorite so far with Xaq being second so its awesome to hear about them having big plans!

  4. Cigamc:
    Wow moneymaker didn't last making money is already in bankruptcy lol

    1. Thanks for the comment! Well, Moneymaker might've taken a loss today, but he's not quite bankrupt. At least not yet.

  5. BIRD BOY!!!!!!!!! Yes! Love it! Excited to see how Xaq works in that role! So many opportunities. The match was great and I actually enjoyed seeing Moneymaker get put in his place! I'm not sure if I'm just forgetting a time when this happened but I was thinking during this match it would be fun sometime to hear Ryan's perspective on a Cody match. You do such a great job not just building these hot characters but giving them their own unique voice.

    1. Thanks Phil!

      Ryan narrated The Cave 10: Riddle's Return. I don't think he's done any other Cody matches, yet.

  6. Damn Moneymaker looks hot hot hot on that first image. No wonder Cody wants a piece of him.
    I am a huge fan of both MoneyMaker and Cody. As Day he was just so scrumptious but now...he is on another level.
    Having said that, I completely understand why he lost in two rounds. First, he was too cocky. want your first singles match to be against...The Bat??? Hmmm...sorry bro...big mistake...maybe MoneyMaker wanted to lose lol. Clearly, Cody had wanted a piece of MoneyMakers ass before so he wasn't going to lose the opportunity.
    Its like in the Case of Luke aka SuperSoldier. Yeah he fights big guys, but, one thing is the Mat...another is the Ring.
    So I think that MM as much as I love him, allowed his ego to get the best of him, and Cody was not going to let the opportunity go by! LOL.
    I think Cody was being Cocky because MoneyMaker was being as Cocky as well...just that first sentence was like in my face. But I'm hoping on MoneyMaker bouncing back. Maybe he is a bit smarter and bite something that he can actually chew lol. I know he was eager to finally go one on one, now that he is free, but he made a mistake. Instead he should have chose someone like Luke hell maybe even Mr Riddle. But the bat? Not good.
    I really found it hot when Cody goes hardcore on MoneyMakers body. I have to say that when he slams his back on the ring post, then his taint, not once but twice, then slams the knees, that was very hot. I think that Cody knew how tough MoneyMaker was, so he wasn't going to hold back on him. I think that's a credit to MM. Perhaps it was because MM was playing dirty with the Valet, so he went dirty too. I like it when stories make you think!!

    Now damn damn damn Miller. THis story has 2 insane hot images. MoneyMaker...and then BIRD BOY aka Spartan aka XAQ. Dude...three of my favorite one story..sensory overload!
    What a surprise. This story just kept on giving. I was wondering what the surprise was...then boom. And XAQ is just such a character...he is still XAQ. So unwilling yet willing haha. How can I else describe him? He does things grudgingly even though he wants to do reality haha. He is such a good character.
    Another commenter said about making them think...and you well know that I'm in the same boat. This many before...opens a world of things that could happen...and where things can go. So many questions lol. To think we have to wait till October for more MM!!
    Miller, you are a good storyteller. because you always leave us wanting more and wondering...where do thing go next?

    1. Thanks! I think you guys go deeper on the characters than I do. :)

      Your description of Xaq as unwilling yet willing is very on point. In many ways, the end of this story shows how much power and control over his situation he actually has and yet here he is. It makes him fun and unique to write.

  7. Its the writing that inspires though. Many of these characters have very real personalities. Then you look at the images, and boom they just go hand in hand with one another. We can think about them because they create an impact. I have said before and have read others say it too...somehow...we care about them haha. XAQ is just as fun for us to read. Have to say...Cody grabbing his ass!! Priceless. Then XAQ flexing and bouncing pecs...Cody calling him..."boy". God that's great stuff.

  8. Great entry, Alex! It’s amazing you’ve kept such a high level of quality for so long.

    Glad to see Cody kicking ass and continuing to show why he's one of the toughest wrestlers in The Cave. Moneymaker just got too arrogant after a win against his ex-partner, aiming too high, too quickly. I actually laughed out loud when The Valet ran away behind the curtain and started screaming. Trying to get away from The Bat only to run into a certain muscle freak called…

    Bird Boy! :) My favorite character reappears with a new outfit/identity as The Bat’s sidekick. I still think he needs a real master/lover/boyfriend to keep him in line inside and outside the Cave, but Cody should suffice for now. I loved the way The Bat treated Bird Boy: tousling his hair, grabbing his ass, and calling him a boy. Meanwhile, Bird Boy’s reactions range from bogus threats of quitting, pouting, and his dick straining against his trunks. Honestly, just like another reviewer, I really thought his contingency plan was going to be Jae, maybe Ryan, but this was a pleasant surprise.

    I'm happy to hear that not only does he have more appearances this year, but Xaq will be sticking around for some time. Hopefully, we’ll get to learn more about him in the future. I'm also crossing my fingers that one of his matches in 2016 involves him going up against a villainous wrestler, who dominates and humiliates Bird Boy. Only after he is completely wrecked in every way, does The Bat show up to rescue him.

    1. Oh, I just noticed Moneymaker and Bird Boy will both be appearing in October stories. Maybe in the same one? Moneymaker goes after The Bat's sidekick for revenge and to soothe his bruised ego after what just happened to him and his Valet? Just making a guess.

    2. Michael, thanks for the comments! Appreciate them.

      I've actually written and loaded both October stories, but you'll have to wait to see who wrestles whom ... :)

  9. LOVE Xaq as Bird Boy! LOVE the valet! And I love love LOVE that Moneymaker lost! Personally, I feel so bad for Night. Part of me wants him to return (in some form or other) and get revenge on Moneymaker. But maybe Moneymaker will realize, like Cody said, that tag-teaming wasn't so bad. Maybe they'll reconcile...! I'd love to see that--as long as Valet still had a place to go!

    1. P.S. I had actually been hoping that "Hungry Eyes" was Night in waiting. Fortunately, Xaq as "Robin" was the one thing that could have banished my disappointment! (Robin was a childhood favorite of mine. Been watching '60s Batman on DVD--the best version, outside of "The Cave"--and Robin's just hilarious. Stupid new movie with pre-emptively dead Robin! I love Henry Cavill as Superman but...well, nevermind, that's a discussion for another place and time!)

    2. P.P.S. Xaq! Don't go to one of those other companies! Sure, they'd book you as "invincible" the first couple of months. But then they'd run out of ideas, start using you less and less, put you on the back burner, until eventually you're just fodder for the next "invincible" guy.

    3. Thanks, Sean. Glad you like the story and the initial payoff to Bat/Spartan from January. It might take me a while, but storylines usually go somewhere eventually. And that's kind of my comment on the rest of your comment, too ... eventually things might happen. ;)

  10. Man, just like everybody else, I'm in love with Bird Boy and I'm glad Xaq will be a major player in the future.

    The good thing about the comments is that you can see that your character are getting a big fan base. For me, I also love the little teaser you throw at us. :)

    Tha story itself was gret. I love that Moneymaker lost. Although ever since Bat vs Bane, I think Cody is a magneficent jobber.

    And, damn, it's april 25th. Can't hardly wait for the next story. And the middle may story will be almost on my birthday, hope it will be special, lol.

    1. Awesome. Xaq is definitely a fan favorite and I'm glad to mix up his story a little. I try to have most of my characters win and lose, but some just naturally skew toward losing while others skew toward winning.

      Well, the one almost on your birthday is the next SuperStar story, so hopefully you're a fan!

    2. Who isn't a fan of Jae? :)