Friday, April 1, 2016

The Cave Undercard 11: Super Soldier vs. Ram

"Wow, Luke is wrestling tomorrow? That's awesome. As who?"


Ryan says, "Well, Luke likes patriotic heroes, especially Captain America. He's ex-military and proud of his service. He wants to wear his red, white and blue trunks and I have a mask, pads and boots for him. I just can't quite figure out what to call him."

In addition to being best friends, Ryan and me are business partners, co-owning The Cave, a gay-oriented, superhero-themed wrestling video company. I'm proud of my buddy, getting his gorgeous new "friend" Luke to agree to wrestle for us. He'll be a hot addition to the roster as a ripped, muscular hero.

More importantly it's a great sign that Ryan and Luke are advancing their relationship. Since I like Luke, it's working out perfectly. After all, I'm the only reason they actually hooked up.

Two Weeks Ago

Ryan muttered to himself, "Wow. Who's that?"

I followed Ryan's eyes across the grungy gym and immediately figured out who he was talking about. There was a tanned white guy working on the heavy bag. He was shirtless (no mandatory shirt policy at Ryan's preferred gym, apparently) in tight red workout pants. Ridiculously ripped. Bulging arms. Slabs of concrete for pecs. Six-pack abs. Dark hair on his head, clean-shaven and a smooth body. Handsome. He looked about 26 or 27. And he was killing it with some awesome punches.

My first glimpse of Luke

I replied, "I don't know, this is where you work out, not me. You've never seen him before?" Ryan shook his head and bit his bottom lip.

"Aw," I thought, "My big buddy has a crush. Too bad he won't do anything about it." See, I know Ryan. He's just not great at meeting guys. Even though he's a hot stud now, he reverts to his shy old self sometimes.


Lucky for Ryan, I was there. Finding him a better guy was actually the whole reason I went to the dump he works out at regularly. Gyms are a great pick-up place, if you know what you're doing. As a personal trainer, I do.

Me (Cody)

With a hot possibility just standing across the gym, I made a quick trip to the locker room to grab some essentials. I knew that I could make something happen. I wanted him to be prepared and safe. When I returned, I grabbed Ryan's arm, "Let's go say 'hi'."

Ryan stopped cold. I'm pretty strong, but he set his feet. I literally couldn't budge his 6'4"/250-lbs of rock solid muscle. He whispered, "Cody, please don't. This isn't a pickup place. C'mon, you can give me some more of your expert tips to break through this plateau I'm fighting. I'm learning a lot and it's really working great."

I smiled, trying to give him some confidence, "We're just going to talk. I've got a boyfriend. You, on the other hand, are free to do whatever you want."

"Well, there's Corey ..."

I reminded him, "You and Corey are in a casual relationship. He's seeing other guys, so you should be, too."

Ryan tried another excuse, "Well, there's Pete, too. I'm not sure I can handle a third guy."

I shook my head, "Oh Ryan. This guy HAS to be an upgrade from Corey and Pete. C'mon, no excuses."

My big muscleman buddy fidgeted nervously, which was funny to see, given his size and hotness. We're both hot, hung and reasonably successful, so what was there to be nervous about?

Ryan was muttering the whole way over, but he relaxed when we started talking. The guy introduced himself as Luke. My buddy was his usual hopeless-at-flirting self. It was pretty obvious that Luke was becoming more interested in me. However, in addition to being an awesome stud, I can also be a great wingman. I used Luke's fighting skill to shift the dynamic. He was working the heavy bag like a pro. Ryan is a big boy who wrestles. Connection.

One thing led to another and I easily moved them to my ultimate goal - the clearly never used aerobics room. It was private, just filled with boxes that obscure the view inside and the floor was lined with old dusty mats. I like working out in new places for the change of scenery, but that gym was hilarious.

Anyway, without much effort, I got Ryan, shirt off, exchanging submission moves with the stunning Luke. The two of them worked great together and there was a definite physical connection once Luke could see and feel the goods. With them finally wrestling, I felt confident that nature would take its course without me. I claimed that my phone vibrated, so I could excuse myself and leave them to sweat it up together. They didn't even notice.

I stood guard at the room door to make sure they weren't interrupted doing whatever they were doing. And from the sounds of it, they were having a good time. I thought, "Damn, I'm good." Luckily the place had only one lazy staff member and he didn't give a crap about anything. Including cleaning, apparently. Ugh. I easily convinced him to ignore the strange sounds.

When they re-appeared, they were sweaty and glowing. Of course, they thanked me and admitted that without me, they never would've met. After a nice shower and small talk, we all had places to be. With a little more encouragement, I got them making plans to check out the wrestling ring that Ryan and I have access to for some one-on-one practice in a more private setting.

For the rest of that day, Ryan acted like a schoolgirl with a crush. I was pleased with myself for getting my friend some hot action. Mostly because he deserved some fun, but also I hoped it could be the start of something good. Ryan and Luke would be the perfect couple to hang out with me and my boyfriend Jae.

Back to Today

I start brainstorming, "Let's see. We already have Darius as Captain Patriot, a literal Captain America clone, but we can still work on a name. Major Muscle? Freedom Fighter? Tank? Major Pride? U.S.Ace? Super Soldier? G.I. Jock? Private Parts?"

Darius, our current Captain Patriot

Ryan laughs, "Private Parts? Really?"

I hold up my hand, "There are no bad ideas in a brainstorm."

"Uh huh. Now, Super Soldier, that's interesting. Luke's pretty basic. He might like being a soldier, rather than some having high-level, unearned rank." We brainstorm some more, but Ryan really likes Super Soldier.

I ask, "Well, the name is one thing. Who's he facing? Any Bane in his future?"

Ryan replies, "No, I'm not dressing up as Bane against Luke."

I smile, "Good idea. Keep your dark side hidden for as long as you can."

"Ha, ha." Ryan says, "I've already got a great opponent lined up for tomorrow. Ram."

I laugh, saying sarcastically, "Nothing like starting out slow! He's only one of the toughest guys we've got!"

Ram is a 5'10"/230-lbs bodybuilder. He wears silver trunks, brown leather boots and a brown mask with silver pieces to suggest horns. The guy is still damn solid. More than solid, he's a massive monster. Ram loves punishing guys in winner-takes-all matches. Nice guy, but rough as hell when he's in the ring. Once he gets his opponent down, he'll toy with him until he feels like ending it. With his massively thick cock, the pain doesn't stop until after stakes. It's cruel, but hot.

Ryan shrugs, "Luke likes challenges. And Ram is big, but he's not unbeatable. You know that."

I hold up my hands, "Okay, if you say so. I'd ease him in, but you know Luke better than me. At least show him a Ram match tonight beforehand. Maybe my impressive win as The Bat. You know, to inspire him."

Ryan smiles, "Uh huh. When's that re-match you promised Ram happening, by the way?" I stick out my tongue, but I know he's right. I do owe Ram another go, but he's so tough. I need to be in the right frame of mind. With me taken down a peg as only my best friend can do, he confirms, "Anyway, I already did show him a couple of matches. Luke's excited by the challenge. He's into bigger guys."

"Obviously. I'm glad things are going well for you guys. You're a busy man these days, juggling three guys, a full-time job and our side hustle. Any thoughts on narrowing the field?"

Ryan smirks, "No, I'm cool with it. They're being cool about it. I thought it'd be tough, but I'm managing. Of course, I did watch the master for all those years. You trained me well ... on how to be a totally selfish whore."

In response, I dive at Ryan, tackling him down. We wrestle for a while, getting sweaty and pumped, not an uncommon outcome of our business meetings lately. Ryan calls me later, saying Luke's all-in as Super Soldier. Awesome, I suddenly can't wait for tomorrow.

The Match

Super Soldier and Ram circle the ring. The harsh spotlights beam off their tanned, chiseled bodies. Fuck, they're both so damn sexy. I really do need to wrestle Ram again. I barely eked out a win, but he was so cool about it that I owe it to him, even if I am a little afraid of getting fucked by his cock. It's not long, but it's scary thick.

And I'd love to wrestle Luke, but he's Ryan's guy, so I feel like I shouldn't. At least not until they're firmly together. It'd be one thing if they were casual fuck buddies, like him and Corey, but I want this to turn into something real.

Luke as SuperSoldier

They move into a lockup. Ram immediately powers the rookie hero into the ropes. He lifts his knee into Super Soldier's hard abs. OOF! He does it again then whips the smaller muscle hunk across the ring. The hero bounces off only to get dropped by a spear to his gut. WHACK! WHAM! Ram sits back then hammers the military muscle stud’s hard abs.

Super Soldier pushes Ram off then rolls to the ropes. He rises to his feet and the two studs face off again. They circle the ring then move in. This time, the hero dodges the lockup to get behind Ram. He grabs the villain around his waist, but gets clocked by a spinning elbow. CRACK! Ram spins around, grabs the hero around the throat and lifts.

The hero struggles as he hangs in the suspended chokehold. He braces his legs against Ram's powerful body, trying to ease the pressure, but I can see him getting weaker. The muscle beast tosses Super Soldier back, throwing him onto his back. BOOM! The military muscleman grabs his throat as he coughs.

Ram starts in with stomps, driving his boot down into the ripped abs. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The hero bounces under the devastating boots. He's flexing his abs, the chiseled washboard tensing to withstand the abuse, but I know it's not easy. Super Soldier tries to roll away, but gets grabbed by the hair.

The hero is dragged to his feet by his hair. His abs are red with bootprints from the abuse. Ram scoops the military muscleman up across his chest. He turns then slams the muscle hero down hard. SLAM! The villain drops down with a knee to the gut. THUD! OOF! He rises then does it again, driving two more knees into the ripped abs. THUD! THUD!

Ram bounces up then leaps into the air. He comes down with an elbow, but Super Soldier rolls away just in time. WHACK! The villain's elbow slams into the mat hard. He sits up, grabbing it as Super Soldier springs to his feet. The hero kicks at the seated muscle beast, stomping his back then shoulder. THUD! THUD! THUD!

Super Soldier drops behind the villain then locks on a chinlock. He wrenches on the hold, trying to wear down the big bodybuilder. The hero strains, his biceps and shoulders pumping, but the muscle beast just shakes out his arm. Realizing he's accomplishing nothing, the military muscleman switches tactics. He releases the chinlock, rises then drives his knee between Ram's shoulder blades. WHACK!

The villain tenses up, instinctively drawing his elbows back. Super Soldier grabs Ram's sore arm and forces it up his back. He pulls the big beast's wrist upwards, using his control to force the villain to rise. The muscle beast follows, grunting. Ram shifts, trying to escape, but the hero manages to control him.

Super Soldier shifts to an arm bar, extending the arm and twisting it hard. Ram grunts again as his sore elbow and shoulder are wrenched around. The hero kicks out, driving his boot into the solid midsection. THUD! THUD! THUD! The muscle beast barely reacts to the boots, instead focusing on his arm.

Ram pulls his arm free then turns into a clothesline that drops the surprised hero down hard. WHAM! The muscle beast leaps up, splashing down on top of the unprepared military muscleman. SPLAT! He sits up then pounds the ripped, but red abs again. POW! POW! POW! The punches sink deeper than before, reflecting the effect of the rough abuse.

When Super Soldier tries to roll to safety, the villain grabs him and drags him back into a body scissors. Ram's tree trunks flex, swelling up to incredible size as the squeezes. The hero cries out, moaning as the massive monster crushes his midsection. The military muscleman pounds on the thick legs, but it's futile. No way can he hurt those granite thighs.

The hero writhes in the deadly hold, his head hanging on the mat and legs thrashing. He tries bridging, rolling and twisting, but nothing eases the pain. Super Soldier has a rock hard torso, but all the ab abuse is piling up. We're seeing his limits as the muscle beast continues to crush his prey. Ram flexes his arm, showing off as he squeezes the suffering muscle stud.

Ram demands the hero submit, but he refuses. Super Soldier lashes out with a fist to the villain's gut, but it bounces off. He tries again. Ram laughs, "Stop trying to tickle me, soldier boy! Just submit! GRRRR!" With a roar, Ram grits his teeth and stretches his legs for one massive assault. Super Soldier screams and thrashes as his stomach collapses under the force.

When the villain's burst is over, the hero is whimpering, but not giving. The mighty muscle beast finally opens his legs and kicks his prey out from between his legs. Super Soldier rolls onto his side, clutching his abs. Ram rises and circles the moaning muscle stud. He stretches out his arms, silently daring the hero to rise. Super Soldier doesn't answer the challenge.

Ram moves in. He drags the hero to his feet then pushes him into the corner. He drops to a knee then pounds away on the battered stomach. POW! POW! POW! Super Soldier collapses forward, falling over the muscle beast's shoulder. The villain rises, carrying the weakened muscleman over his shoulder. He bounces, driving his shoulder into the aching abs.

Moving to the middle of the ring, Ram bends forward, slamming Super Soldier down onto his back. WHAM! He drags the hero up again then whips him into the ropes. When the military muscleman bounces off, he's met by a stiff spear to the gut that sends him down so hard that the ring shakes. KAPOW!

Ram sits back, grabs a leg then leans in for a pin. The confident villain slaps the mat casually.




My boyfriend Jae leans in, "Ouch." I just nod as he rubs my bulge and kisses my neck, excited by the big beast's pure domination of the gorgeous muscle hero.

It was rough round for Super Soldier. I knew Ram would be a tough fight, but he was almost never in trouble that whole round. To be fair, it always takes guys a minute to get used to what we do. That's why I like to ease guys in. I just hope that the hero can focus and mount some kind of offense.

And I really hope his alter ego Luke isn't cursing Ryan for setting this up.

Round Two

When the break between rounds is done, the studs move out of their corners. They circle then move in for a lockup. Ram powers Super Soldier into a side headlock. He cranks on it hard, but the hero grabs him around the waist. The military muscleman shows his power, lifting the big beast off his feet.

Super Soldier brings the muscle heel down into an atomic drop, jamming his spine. WHAM! Ram grabs his ass and stumbles into the ropes, bouncing right into a charging shoulder block that staggers the muscle beast, but doesn't drop him. He falls against the rope, giving the hero time to move in with a hard boot to the gut. OOF!

The hero grabs the villain by the horns, pulling him forward into a front facelock. He reaches out, grabs the side of the silver trunks and lifts for a suplex. The muscle heel goes up and over, landing hard onto his back. WHAM! He tries to roll away, but when he reaches his hand and knees, Super Soldier grabs his head and drives it into the mat. CRACK!

Ram shakes it off, rising back to hands and knees. The hero shoves the heel's head between his thighs. Super Soldier's legs flex, tightening the standing head scissors. He bends forward then grabs the muscle beast around the waist. I see all his muscles tense as he strains to bring the big bodybuilder up for a piledriver.

Super Soldier is strong, but the villain hasn't been worn down nearly enough for it. He uses his hands to push on the legs, preventing the hero from getting a good squat while making sure his 240-lbs of rock hard muscle is nothing but dead weight. The military muscleman fights, but the big beast rises up and flips him over with a back body drop. WHAM!

Ram immediately sits down, driving his ass into the smaller muscleman's chest. THUD! He wastes no time, pulling Super Soldier's masked head between his thighs and rolling onto his side with a head scissors locked on tight. The hero thrashes, the pain intense. To save his neck, he has to move onto his side, his body stretched out behind the muscle beast.

In desperation, Super Soldier hammers away, but all he can do is use one fist on Ram's back and butt. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! It's not nearly enough. Meanwhile, the massive legs are crushing his head, pumped with power. The hero's arm is going limp, the useless punches getting even weaker. In a few seconds, this match might be over.

The villain meanwhile is casually resting on his side, propped up on his left elbow and flexing his right arm for the camera. If not for the hero's masked head buried below his bulge, you'd think he was just chilling and showing off. Maybe he's too casual, because suddenly, Super Soldier finds his reserves. He braces his hands on the firm ass then shifts and pushes, sliding his head free.

Super Soldier rolls onto his butt, sitting with his head hanging down as he tries to re-focus. The big man has no intention of letting that happen. He grabs the hero by his thick black hair then drags him up to his feet. The wobbly hero cries out, helpless in the firm grip. The heel drives a knee into his gut. WHOMP! OOF!

With the military muscleman bending forward, Ram grabs him around the waist. He lifts and flips the helpless muscle hunk into an over-the-shoulder backbreaker. Super Soldier hangs on the right shoulder. He tries to roll off. He tries to kick his legs. He swings his arms, trying to hit Ram's body somewhere that can hurt him. None of it works.

Super Soldier moans loudly as he hangs on the broad shoulder, his arms and legs dangling while he's walked around the ring. The hero's red-white-and-blue bulge is thrust high. His tanned, muscular body is limp. And his cries are getting higher-pitched with every step. However, he won't submit.

Ram drops the hero casually, letting him plummet to the mat. He idly kicks Super Soldier onto his back then plants his big brown boot on the unmoving muscle hunk’s chest. He lifts an arm to count the pin.



The proud hero throws an arm up, lifting his shoulder just in time. I silently cheer, glad to see that he still has the energy to keep fighting. I love Ram, but I find myself cheering for Super Soldier.

Ram doesn't seem to care. And he probably doesn't. Based on the beer can that's grown in his silver trunks, I'd say that he's excited by the chance to keep punishing the handsome, chiseled muscle hunk for as long as he can.

The villain drags Super Soldier to his feet by his hair once again. I guess that thick black tuft the sticks out over the mask just seems to beg to be pulled. Once standing, Ram wraps his arms around the hero's waist for a bearhug. The heel squeezes and lifts, hoisting the tanned muscle hunk off his feet.

Super Soldier moans as his spine is crushed in the deadly vice. The hero writhes in the hold, his face etched with pain as he's mauled. Ram shakes him, toying with his prey. The military muscleman's feet touch the mat, but it brings no relief. Ram eases up then pulls the hero into him, using his rock hard body to batter the helpless hunk before locking the bearhug on again.

The villain is ruthless as he crushes the hero. Super Soldier summons his will, clubbing the muscle beast across the head. CRACK! He does it again. WHACK! It's enough for him to break free. He staggers backwards into the ropes, looking almost out on his feet while Ram shakes out the cobwebs.

Super Soldier's chest is heaving as he regains his breath. He rubs his back, but knows he needs offense. The hero shifts then kicks up, driving his boot into Ram's abs. The muscle hunk runs into the ropes, bouncing off fast. The villain is ready. He bends and charges for another killer spear. If he hits it, this is done.

Luckily, the hero sees the move. Super Soldier leaps, hurdling over the spear. He barely clears, but it's enough. The surprised villain sails under him and fly into the ropes. Ram drops to his knees and holds the middle rope to keep from going out of the ring. The hero comes back fast with the momentum of the ricochet on the opposite side.

The military muscleman leaps up and crashes onto the muscle beast's back. The force and weight stretches the middle rope down to the bottom rope as the steel cable cuts into the villain's pecs and armpits. Super Soldier bounces off then moves in. He switches to a choke, driving his shin down onto Ram's back and pushing his throat against the rope.

Ram fights, thrashing as he's choked on the middle rope. He coughs and gets weaker before he manages to finally throw the hero off his back. The big man crawls on all fours towards the middle of the ring, coughing and trying to get his breath back. Super Soldier knows this is his opportunity. The hero runs in, clipping the villain across the head with his shin. CRACK!

The villain topples onto his side, holding his head. Super Soldier drags him to his feet, but Ram forcefully pushes the hero away. The military muscleman bounces off the ropes. The muscle heel goes for a clothesline, but the hero ducks it. He stops short and kicks the big man square in the back. WHACK!

Super Soldier comes in and turns, putting them back-to-back. He grabs Ram's head, putting it on his shoulder. With a quick leap and drop, he stuns the muscle beast with a neckbreaker. CRACK! The hero hooks a leg and counts.



No! It's a big kickout. Yeah, been there, had that happen to me. It's tough to keep Ram down. Like really tough. Frustratingly tough. The guy is a machine.

Super Soldier starts to drag the villain up. When he's on one knee, Ram drives his forearm into the hero's ripped abs. POW! OOF! The military muscleman bends, falling over the muscle beast's shoulder. The heel drives up then forward with a shoulder block, taking his opponent down. He gives two hard elbows to the hero's ripped abs. THUD! THUD!

Dragging the hero up, Ram moves an arm between his opponent's legs and with one smooth move, he presses up, scooping the shocked hero across his chest. Uh oh. Now the hero is in trouble. The muscle beast turns then bodyslams the military muscleman down onto the canvas. BOOM! The impact echoes throughout the empty arena as the hero arches up, trying to relieve the pain.

Ram drags the hero up. He brushes off two fists to the abs from Super Soldier as if they were nothing then scoops him up again. This time, a turn, a leap and a ring-shaking bodyslam puts the hero down even harder. KA-BOOM! When the military muscleman is dragged up again, there's no resistance this time. A third big slam has him writhing the mat.

The ruthless villain stomps the hero's chest and abs. It's amazing how fast this has turned. From a near pinfall to this destruction. The muscle beast is taking control, relentlessly breaking down the military muscleman with his boots. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! He kicks him onto his stomach then starts in on the back. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

Ram leaps up, splashing down onto the hero. SPLAT! The abuse has to be having a huge effect. The 240-lbs muscle beast shifts to sit on Super Soldier. He grabs the black hair and right bicep then pulls him up. He moves the military muscleman into a camel clutch, bending him back. The hero grunts as he's bent back.

Super Soldier struggles, but even at peak condition it would be tough to get free. After all the abuse he's taken, it's a nearly impossible task. Ram grabs a handful of hair, forcing the handsome hero's head back. The villain demands the hero submit, but he refuses. The muscle beast keeps the hold going, but no submission.

Ram releases the camel clutch then turns. He buries his knees into Super Soldier's back then grabs his ankles and under his chin. With some rocking, he gets the hero up off the mat. The military muscleman hangs draped over the villain's shins. Again, all he can do is moan as his back is ravaged.

The hero still won't give and I admire his resilience. Ram launches Super Soldier off his shins then rises. The military muscleman writhes on his stomach, trying to rise. The heel helps him up only to grab him by the throat. He lifts the handsome hero into the air then brings him down with a killer chokeslam! KA-BOOM!

Ram rises and flexes in the center of the ring, not bothering to go for a pin. The military muscleman crawls at the behemoth's feet. The beast just towers over him as the hero grabs the villain's ankles. The heel spreads his arms, inviting the hero to use his mighty muscles to rise.

Super Soldier rests his head between the tree trunks that Ram calls legs. Slowly the hero starts to drag himself up. From ankles to calves then his left hand behind right knee. The hero's right hand grips the granite thigh. Next, it's a reach to grip the huge ass with his left hand. Super Soldier pauses to gather himself.

The military muscleman starts to pull himself higher. He reaches and grabs the hip, clutching the tight silver trunks. He finally gets to one knee as he throws his right hand up onto Ram's abs, but it slides around the side to grip the other ass cheek. As he holds onto the firm butt, the back of Super Soldier's head rests under the big bulge then slides beside it. His handsome masked face lies against the amused bodybuilder's bulging pouch for a long moment as he desperately gathers himself.

I'm impressed by the never-say-die attitude, but at this point, the hero really needs to think about his long-term health. It's just supposed to be a fun match. Super Soldier finally starts moving again, pulling his face from the big bulge as he plants a foot. He reaches up and grips the heaving left pec then thrusts upwards to standing.

No sooner does he rise than Ram brings his arms together around the narrow waist and lifts him into another killer bearhug. Super Soldier moans as his accomplishment of getting back to his feet is used against him to further break him down. The hero is wobbly on his feet as he's crushed against the villain's iron torso. ARGH!

This time, there's no escape. He just crushes the helpless hero until he looks like he's almost passed out. The villain tosses the weak hero aside like he was nothing. Ram flexes then drops down on top of Super Soldier. He confidently counts the pin.



"THR - NO!"

Ram grips the hero by the hair and yanks him up, breaking the count. He says, "No, no, no. This time, I wanna hear you give, soldier boy!"

The muscle beast uses his tight grip on the hair to force the limp hero to rise. He turns Super Soldier then hoists him onto his shoulders for a torture rack. The military muscleman is bent over the broad shoulders. He looks helpless as his big body is paraded around the ring. The heel cranks on the hold and it's just too much for the hero's back at this point.

The muscle hunk has no choice. He cries out, "I GIVE! I GIVE!"

Ram drops his victim then plants his boot on the red-white-and-blue bulge. He counts to ten, just to emphasize his dominating win. Ouch.

The Stakes

Super Soldier rises to his feet. He stretches out his back as Ram circles his prey. The villain moves in front the hero. He points at the mat, silently commanding the all-American stud to his knees. The military muscle stud obediently drops. Nice thing about soldiers is that they know how to take orders from superior men.

Ram moves in close. He idly slaps the hero's head, batting it back and forth. Super Soldier relaxes his neck, allowing the villain to toy with him. Based on the serious tent on the front of his red, white and blue trunks, I don't think he minds. The winner nods, accepting that the soldier has surrendered completely.

At the villain's direction, Super Soldier reaches up and grabs the silver waistband. He slowly peels down his conqueror's trunks, revealing his mountainous ass and impressive manhood. The hero's eyes go wide as he gets a good look at the cock that will soon be inside him. Ram has a shockingly beefy cock. It's not that long, but it's the thickest I've ever seen.

Super Soldier is forced to suck on the purple head, as that's all he can handle. He worships the shaft from the side, bathing it with his tongue. As he returns to the head, he uses both hands to pump the throbbing snake, desperately trying to work Ram in the way he deserves. Once he gets used to it, he does a pretty good job, obviously pleasing the muscular powerhouse.

Ram says, "Good boy. Submit to my cock."

The hero moans and works harder to honor the villain. He shows his submission through his actions and Ram clearly appreciates it. The muscular powerhouse finally allows Super Soldier to take a break. He orders the hero to his feet to strip off his trunks. Naked in mask and boots, the military muscle stud is forced to the corner.

Ram wraps his silver trunks around his victim's head as a gag. Super Soldier opens his mouth to accept the sweaty spandex as it's tied behind his head. He reaches out for the ring post as he rests his chest on the top turnbuckle. It's obvious that he knows this will hurt, so he gladly accepts the makeshift gag to bite down on and the cold steel to grip tightly.

The villain takes his time, rubbing lube inside Luke's hole and finger fucking him to stretch him out. The soldier moans loudly and his dangling cock swells up to full mast as he's molested. He mutters into the gag, savoring the feeling of the slick, playful fingers inside him. The moaning stops as Ram pulls out his fingers, sheathes his cock and moves into position.

Ram guides his cock inside the defeated muscleman. Super Soldier whimpers into the gag as the thick, powerful rod splits his ass. He bows his head and his knuckles go white as he grips the steel post. As the villain goes deeper and deeper, the whimpers turn to groans. The military muscle stud curses, trying to relax as he's torn apart.

When Ram's pelvis reaches Super Soldier's smooth ass, he holds his position. The hero adjusts then moans when the muscular powerhouse begins thrusting. The villain tightens his amazing ass as he pumps his cock into the all-American muscleman. The hero begins to enjoy it, moaning his approval and his own rock hard cock bouncing with every move.

Ram rides the hero long and hard, clearly excited to find a man who can take him without whining about it. He takes his time, getting the most out of the spectacular backside. Finally, the villain is ready. He pulls out then turns Super Soldier around. He forces the all-American stud down onto his knees in the corner.

Super Soldier kneels, staring at the thick manhood pointed at his face. Suddenly, Ram erupts, exploding his seed onto the handsome masked face, lining it with ropes of hot white cum. When he's done, he impales the hero's mouth on his cock, making him drain it of the last drops. The military muscle stud obeys, sucking on the softening dick in his mouth.

When Ram pulls out, he slaps the hero with his powerful meat then backs up and flexes. He orders Super Soldier to watch and jerk off. The kneeling muscleman reaches down and works his cock as he stares at the stocky bodybuilder flex in front of him. It doesn't take long before the hero is shooting, spraying all over the mat between his legs.

The villain smiles, savoring Super Soldier's complete subservience. He says, "You know your place, soldier boy. I like that. You've earned the pleasure of being bred again."

Ram moves in and drags Super Soldier to his feet. He hoists him over his shoulder and carries him out of the ring, easily forcing the top rope down and climbing over. The villain carries the helpless loser down the stairs then the aisle and through the curtain to the back.

My boyfriend Jae whispers, "Fuck that was hot. You need to fuck me. Like right now." I just nod as we move to the adjoining office, signaling to a smirking Ryan that I'll be right back to help clean up.

After the Match

When Jae and I are returning after our fun, we see Luke in the hall. He's leaving Ram's locker room and heading to his own. He's sore and walking a little funny, but that monster cock will do that. On the plus side, he's pumped and happy. He says that he already wants to go again. Awesome.

In the ring area, I notice Ryan's obnoxious 'friend with benefits' Pete downloading footage. He looks pissed and I can guess why. Pete is jealous of every guy in Ryan's life, so I'm sure that Luke is an unwelcome addition. I casually shout to him, "Hey, Pete, what did you think of Luke? He's gorgeous, right? Guys are gonna love him."

Pete shoots me the finger. I smile until I see Ryan marching over. Uh oh. He roughly pulls me aside with a hushed, but severe warning, "Cody, don't."

I ask innocently, "Don't what? You don't think Luke is gorgeous? He did great." Jae is hovering, shaking his head at me with a knowing smirk.

Ryan whispers harshly, "Don't play dumb. You know exactly what I'm talking about. Don't stir up trouble. I like Pete. I like Luke. I don't want you starting a fight between them."

I hold up my hands, "I just asked a question. But since YOU brought it up, you have to admit that a three-way match with your harem would be hot. Massive Pete. Bodybuilder Luke. Throw in muscle boy Corey and we're talking bestseller." Ryan purses his lips, but I can tell he agrees. I ask, "What if I get them to agree to an innocent little match? What's the harm?"

Ryan shakes his head, "No. Look, I have no doubt you could get them to agree to anything you want. That's your thing. But what if it blows up? What if I have to choose between them? Or get dumped. You'll set it up, but I'll have to pick up the pieces. I have a good thing going for the first time in my life. I'm asking you as my best friend. Please don't start conflict."

I have nothing to say to that. It doesn't sound like a request. It's an order. I realize that I'm pushing my luck, so I agree to back off. After searching my face to make sure I'm telling the truth, Ryan thanks me and walks away. Jae moves in and asks, "You really gonna give up and stay out of it? That doesn't sound like you."

"Of course I am." Jae raises his eyebrow. I assure him, "I really am. Look, I don't want Ryan to get mad at me again. I sure as hell don't want to cost Ryan his relationship with Luke, a guy I actually like. Not after I went to all the effort of getting them together. It's better for me to just let this drop."

Jae smirks, "Better for YOU? Okay, that sounds like you."

I frown, "What? All I ever want is what's best for Ryan. He's my best friend. It's just a coincidence that, in this case, what's best for him is also what's best for me."

"Uh huh. Sure."

I stick my tongue out at him and pout, but Jae hugs me and says he loves me. I hug him back then kiss him deeply. Fuck, I want him again, right now. We move to start cleaning up so we can get out of here for a round two of our own.

The End


  1. Yes! Great to see Ram back and DOMINATING! Super Soldier made a great play thing for him. Excited to see where the Ryan's harem story ends up going.

    1. Thanks! Glad you liked it. Ram was planned as a one-and-done character, but the response was so positive, I had to bring him back. The power of comments! :)

  2. Agreed, GREAT to see Ram back AND dominating! He and Super Soldier both seem so honest in their strength; technically Ram's a heel, but he lacks that evil spark the Bad Boys have--which isn't a criticism, I love Ram for it! And, loved Luke's good-natured reaction to losing.

    Cody's POV was, as usual, hilarious. His phrasing about Ram: "...clearly excited to find a man who can take him without whining about it." The never-used aerobics room in Ryan's gym. Cody's seemingly innocuous remark to Pete, but instantly the dreaded "gonna get in trouble" feeling when Ryan hears. A match with Ryan's "harem" (lol by the way) WOULD be hot, but don't wanna wake up Bane!

    Yay, Ram!

    1. Appreciate the comment. Cody's always fun to write. And I'm glad Ram is back, too. It's nice to write a different kind of heel.

  3. Alex R:

    There is so much to love on this story! First we see the gym story from Codyd pov...which is always entertaining. Then I see super hot stud Captain Patriot!!! Damn he looks fucking amazing!!!! When are we going to see him in a match? That's the first time I he appears...right?
    I have said before that RAM at first didn't do it for me...but then he rammed my mind and now I'm a fan. The bodybuilder used for RAM is just perfect with the character. Luke aka SS is hot and tough, his old friend squatch would back him on that but the fact was that in the ring RAM had his number and played with him like his personal toy . SS did try to mount an offense but common we know better. rAM is like a beast with an iron head. The pulls on the erotic. Targeting that awesome midsection and destroying it! SS is just perfect as a play thing. I'm a huge fan of RAM now. He read SS perfectly. Every hit was hard like wanting to break apart the muscle. Hot. Perfect.
    The end was awesome too. The dynamics between Ryan, Cody and Pete is intense like a bomb waiting to explode at any moment.
    Btw, that harem thing was funny. Luke and Corey wouldn't mind that term...but I bet Pete would blow a fuse.

    Awesome writing Miller, just plain awesome. There are so many ways this can unfold. Thank you!

    1. You're welcome.

      Captain Patriot has not wrestled, but glad you liked him. I've completed 22 stories and started the final four for 2016, so there's no room for him this year, but he's definitely on my radar for 2017.

  4. Mag-bloody-nificent story! Great action, great sex, great bodies! Amazing as always!

    1. Appreciate that! Thanks for commenting.

    2. We do need to see Spartan vs Ram, that cocky muscleboy would be shown what real power is.

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  6. Loved the match, Alex!

    Ram is hot as always and Luke was a total winner too. Hah, to bad he had to start out with someone as powerful and as massive as Ram. On a second though, Luke becoming a jobber is really hot, lol.

    1. Thanks! Well, Luke likes the big boys (Squatch, Ryan, Ram), so he must like punishment. Perfect for a big, handsome muscle jobber.

  7. What a great way to break in Super Soldier! Ram is awesome, and Super Soldier has such a great attitude towards it all. Terrific match.

    1. Appreciate that! I agree, Ram is awesome. He's been popular since his debut.