Saturday, May 7, 2016

Quick Hit: Alex Waters vs. Chad Daniels (RHW 2.0)

Joe at Ringside has said that he no longer calls his wrestling match posts reviews because the term 'review' connotes both expertise and objectivity on the part of the writer and he makes a claim to neither.

I feel a little like Elle Woods disagreeing with Aristotle when I say, "no offense to Joe, but I disagree on both points". In this "wisdom of crowds" age where anyone shares their opinion on everything, expertise should no longer be an expectation. And I think subjectivity is the essence of modern reviews. I do tend to follow a formula in my posts - personal tidbit, talent, gear, action, production (if there's something especially great or poor about it), summary then call for comments. But the opinions I express are extremely subjective. What I find attractive, interesting or valuable is obviously personal to me as it is to all of us.

I say all this because today's review of Alex Waters vs. Chad Daniels lacks both objectivity and expertise. There's simply no way I can review the return of Alex Waters objectively or on its technical merits. I was pre-disposed to enjoy this and I did. It's not the best Alex match, but it's a welcome addition to my collection.

Alex is back and he's bigger than ever

In my January assessment of the current state of Rock Hard Wrestling, I talked about how I like RHW when you have two bad boys going at it. No heels. No jobbers. No squashes. You get that here perfectly as neither guy is a 'face' or a 'jobber'. This is a hard-fought, three fall encounter that could go either way.

They go at each other hard

Bringing the fire

In terms of attitude, Alex Waters returns as he left. He's a cocky stud who always has something to say. Physically, he's clearly different - thicker and scruffier (and even sexier, IMO) than his previous incarnation. Chad calls him a prettyboy, but I don't think that's accurate any longer. He's more solid and mature looking. It's like he's transitioned from being a cocky frat boy to become a cocky muscleman.

Cocky + beef = winner

Chad Daniels is the same - a tall, blond surfer dude with a huge (unearned) ego. He is also the guy who fat-shamed Dash Decker. This time, he's busy questioning the new Alex's body, fitness and hair. Chad is a little too loud and his trash talk is just okay, but it works fine. The second tier star clearly sees Alex as his stepping stone to the big time.

Chad says he's Goliath with no David

Chad is number one (at least he thinks so)

Alex is not impressed by the big surfer

The multiple body slams are intense, the backbreakers are excellent and the suplexes are snappy. Chad does an excellent over-the-knee backbreaker. The chops and stomps have force and even leave a mark. While the action is standard RHW, the moves are familiar and the back and forth works like most RHW matches, it's not a knock. It's why we buy RHW.

I enjoyed this match almost entirely due to Alex. No offense to Chad, but he was merely a conduit to my enjoyment of seeing one of my all-time favorites return. Now, I am glad Alex was paired with a guy who can talk, strut and manhandle him, as well as suffer and submit to Alex when necessary.

Big body slams ...

... from both guys

Alex weighs nothing to Chad

Chad is bent in half

In the end, it's great to see Alex back in action and I hope this is just the amuse-bouche before a long, multi-course meal of action. With any luck, they filmed a new KOTR with Alex getting another shot at Austin Cooper. He was a rookie the first time, but with more muscle and experience, he's a legitimate threat to take the belt and definitely a legitimate King should they decide to give him the belt.

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  1. This version of Alex Waters, its way hotter than the previous better. I agree with you completely on that his bigger size and scruffiness, is a major improvement. Another thing is that, he now knows how to suffer and knows how to express it! YES!! Another thing. Those square cuts, they need to be cut slightly more to showcase his muscular ass. Doesn't have to be much but a bit more, like the ones pros use. The squarecuts should be relegated to Alex Water 1.0! Maybe Alex has taken the wrestling a bit more seriously than other guys and is filling the role. I think that is really appreciated!

    1. Well, don't get me wrong. Alex 1.0 is crazy hot for me. I like the added beef and scruff, but I don't want to give the impression I didn't love Alex 1.0. I think they're just different characters.

    2. I get you. I personally think this version, kinda like deleted the other one, and its a major improvement. Its just my take! But hopefully they bring a replacement for Alex previous reincarnation. Lets hope another sexy fitness model chooses to get in the ring! HAHA Love your posts!

  2. I liked this match and it was better that it wasnt as one sided as the previous matches with debuting wrestlers like rex. Though im gonna be the one to bite the bullet and say that I like the old alex more than this new scurffy one haha.

    1. Oh wait Chads not new. Well thats awkward I though he was since i watched that match lol. No wonder it wasnt like most Debut matches

    2. LOL. It's okay, I expect that a number of guys would like Alex's old look better. ;)