Thursday, May 26, 2016

Review: #449 LS Powerhouse vs. Victor (UCW)

As usual, I'm late to the game on UCW. The fact is LS Powerhouse vs. Victor came out months and months ago, but it sat on my iPad for awhile. Why? Who knows? But here we are. I've watched it. I liked it. I'm finally posting about it.

It's LS Powerhouse vs. Victor

You get used to certain things being a certain way. Outside of BGEast, most wrestling video producers have a look. It's like fraternities ... most of the time you can tell a Thunders man or a Rock Hard man. Same goes for UCW. For the most part, UCW guys aren't models, they're regular looking guys who are young with wiry bodies and some rough edges.

Victor is certainly a typical UCW guy, both physically and in terms of attitude. He's thin and more than willing to face any challenge. Go ahead, throw him into a cinder block wall. Manhandle him. Punch him with real fists that would have a NRW guy crying for his mommy. It's all good. As he says at one point while being abused, "I can do this all day."

"I can do this all day."

That's a serious grip on Victor's lip

So Victor is a "typical" UCW wrestler, but sometimes, they find guys who are a little different. Maybe they're a little buffer. Maybe they're a little better looking. While there are guys who crack the standard mold, LS Powerhouse breaks it wide open with his impossibly broad shoulders then crushes it with the power of his bulging torso.

LS Powerhouse is a new kind UCW stud

Mature muscle put on display

LS Powerhouse is a mature Muscleman (with a capital M). He's got shoulders about as wide as he is tall. Powerhouse is quite short, but he comes across as larger because of his comic book hero proportions. Now, he's a UCW rookie, but he's no novice. I was actually familiar with his work from Rec Pro Wrestling, a group that sold basement and ring matches starring amateur guys who just loved to wrestle. They were fun and sexy, but the production values would likely scare away today's fans. Still, I enjoyed them a lot.

LS Powerhouse battles RomanGodPA in this
Rec Pro video (find it here)

Anyway, so you have these two very different wrestlers coming together and it really, really works. I enjoyed this match, not only because I liked seeing Powerhouse again, but the action delivers, too. Victor and Powerhouse bring it. I was actually surprised by how competitive it was. They go all out and this turns into a real back-and-forth battle that tests both men for a whopping 30 minutes.

It's a back-and-forth affair

Victor gets up close and personal

Victor grabs hold 

LS Powerhouse folds Victor up

Special mention that the last five minutes are seriously sexy. These two trade gut punches on their knees for two minutes before the loser is knocked out by a long sleeper, complete with testing the arm and watching it drop three times in a row. The winner looks down on him with amusement, before sauntering off while the sleeping stud just lies there for our enjoyment.

In the end, there's a ton of great action between two contrasting wrestlers. It's an enjoyable contest that I liked enough to buy a second Powerhouse match, this time against Kenny Star which I'll be covering on Saturday.

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  1. I really dig Victor. I downloaded his latest. He reminds me of Axle with his long hair, slum but ripped build and his ability to with stand punishment. Love when he grimaces and grunts it out! He really rocks my gune!

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I can see that comparison. Maybe that's why I view Victor as having a classic UCW aesthetic. I haven't seen any other of his matches, but he's good here.