Saturday, May 28, 2016

Review: #468 LS Powerhouse vs. Kenny Star (UCW)

As promised, I'm back with another review of a LS Powerhouse UCW match. Everything I said on Thursday holds true. Powerhouse is back with his big personality and bulging muscles, all wrapped in stunning purple pro trunks.

LS Powerhouse is back (buy it here)

In this match, Powerhouse faces off against Kenny Star, perhaps the hottest of the new pool of guys, which includes studs like Max Ryder, Nero Angelo and Derrick Cole. Star is tall, trim and scruffy with hair on his chest and a killer smile. He reminds me of someone famous, but I just can't pinpoint who it is.

The younger stud uses a crossface

Regardless, Star also has a charming personality and amazing presence that makes him eminently watchable. The guy has a confident swagger, but also sells really well when he needs to. Gear aficionados will appreciate how his skimpy silver poser hangs low in front, revealing his provocative 'playboy bunny' tattoo.

Nice tattoo Kenny

Star stretched out

I've made no secret of my love of contrast and diversity in matches. With LS Powerhouse vs. Kenny Star, we've got a beautiful example of it. The differences are obvious, but they start out by putting it all on front street. Star teases about the older hunk's stature and age. Powerhouse responds with muscles and taunts about Star's youth. However, once the action starts, that goes by the wayside and we've got a real match.

Powerhouse flexes as Star suffers

Star squeezes the shorter stud

Both guys have a lot of chances to shine. There is typical UCW action like punching, as well as submission holds like a OTK backbreaker with a little nipple twisting for added punishment. Star looks especially great when he's stretched out.

The boys like the rough stuff

Kenny gives as good as he gets

Powerhouse roughs up Star

Kenny has some fun

Similar to the first match, this one ends with a long held sleeper that is super-hot. We get another arm lift three-count and the two studs look great as the loser lies sleeping with his head on the winner's lap. My one complaint is that the sell job on this sleeper isn't clean as the other one. At the very end, the loser opens his eyes and it breaks the spell of the hold.

Still, that's a minor complaint and everything else is perfect. Once again, I really enjoyed this match and plan to check out more from both guys.

What are other bloggers saying?

If you've seen Kenny Star and he reminds you of someone too, be sure to let me know in the comments. Maybe it'll help me figure it out!



  1. His looks remind me of the actor Stephen Dorff.

    P.S. I def agree that Star is a hottie :)

    1. Thanks for the comment! That could be it.


      I think this kid looks like Star...

  2. He reminds me of Aaron Eckhart.

    It is a good match. I love all of the "new" guys you mentioned. Can't wait for them to wrestle my beloved Eli. I think Eli could easily destroy or be destroyed by Max, Derrick or Kenny. Preferably, he'd wrestle them multiple times each, with different scenarios.

    1. Another good suggestion.

      I'm hoping UCW got a lot out of matches these guys against each other and classic guys. I liked Eli against Marcus, so if he can be like that (instead of the whiny brat he was against Jake Jenkins in BGEast that turned me off him in the first place), it'd be cool to see him back in action.

      With so many hot new guys there, it would be really energizing for UCW if Axel passed the belt around. It's become stale and almost a non-issue because it hasn't moved in so long. Kenny, Derrick or Nero could pass it around with a couple of classic regulars.

    2. did you catch the match to determine the top heal? derrick cole pretty much man handled quinn harper and eli black. hot match. hope to see one on one matches of derrick vs eli and quinn.

    3. I haven't watched that yet, but I am a fan of Derrick Cole. Thanks for the comment and recommendation.

    4. check out chase michaels, the new champ vs derrick cole. nero is the ref. great action!

    5. I definitely will. Their site is down for me right now (I get a strange WordPress page), but that'll be my next purchase for sure.