Monday, May 9, 2016

Review: Chace LaChance vs. Jayden Mayne (BGEast)

I'm back to discuss the third Demolition 19 match from BGEast. No controversy this time, but maybe that would’ve helped. Overall, this is a fairly lackluster entry that's light on action and heavy on boasting, standing/lying around and repetitive flexing.

Chace LaChance is probably a familiar face for most of you. He's a great looking, popular stud who's wrestled for almost everyone it seems. In this video, Chace's character is arrogant, vain and narcissistic. He's young, smooth and sporting tight orange briefs. I prefer his hairier look, but he's still hot here. You get lots of time to check him out, because he stands around a lot, striking the same 3-4 flexes multiple times as he checks himself out in the mirror.

Chace admires himself a lot in this video

I enjoyed the two other Jayden Mayne matches I own (vs. Darius, vs. Trent Blayze). He's a lean-muscled guy, but in both of those videos he was competitive and had stretches of control against his larger opponents. Here, not so much. Most of the time, he’s a wrestling dummy, lying on the mat before getting moved around into position for the next move.

Jayden spends a lot of time on his back

Chace flexes while Jayden suffers

The thinner guy is no match for the muscleman

Action-wise, there are only 10-12 moves in the 28-minute match. Some are good, but if you’re an action-first guy like me, be prepared to use your fast forward button.

It starts with a much too long session in the gym where Chace is mocking Jayden. The bigger guy is a typical muscleman asshole, taunting the "skinny" stud for being weak and scrawny. Almost 25% of the video is taken up with this working out and taunting before they finally make it to the ring.

This is an interesting scenario. In other circumstances, you could totally see it going the other way and being a Hunkbash match with the cocky muscle jerk getting his comeuppance. Mayne has showed the ability to hang with bigger guys. Every time Chace pauses to flex, is Jayden going to move in with a low blow? Every time Chace brags about his muscles, is Jayden going to dive in and clip his leg?

Is Jayden flipping the script?

I don't want to mislead you. He never does. This match follows the most logical path where might makes right. The casting makes this a surprise match for me because I think of Chace more as a muscleman jobber. It was obviously filmed a few years ago with smooth Chace talking about how it's his ring. We, of course, know better.

So it takes forever for the action to start, even in the ring. We're almost 8 minutes into the 28-minute video before anything happens and once it does, we have a long stretch of Chace proving his dominance with full nelsons. Hopefully you like the hold, because you’re going to see four separate ones.

Jayden suffers in a nelson three different times

Chace even lets Jayden try a full nelson,
but he's no match for the muscleman's power

For the last half of the video, the action is decent as Chace completely dominates. Still, it's a slow-moving and low energy match, with long breaks between moves for Chace to pose. Jayden is forced to just lie around during this time, waiting for the next hold. He grimaces and sells, but I'm sure it was a tough assignment for him to know what to do.

There are around 10-12 moves/holds depending on how you count, including the several full nelsons, an over-the-knee backbreaker, body scissors and two kinds bearhug. I enjoyed most the rack, reverse bearhug and unique standing body scissors.

Love it when a guy squats when using a torture rack

Jayden is helpless in the crushing reverse bearhug

Jayden suffers in the standing body scissors

In the end, I did get into the match once it got going. I know I write long set ups, but as a viewer, I prefer brevity. Using a similar story beat, Alex Waters/Zack Jonathan from RHW 1.0 got to the action in one minute (reviewed here). So this did feel excessive. It’s 28 minutes, but I’d say that less than half features any wrestling.

Of course it doesn’t help being on the same compilation with a barn-burner like Ty Alexander vs. Guido Genatto. When you compare this with the non-stop action of that match with its dazzling selling and devastating action, there’s just no comparison for me.

If you like the scenario, flexing or Chace, you might like this match. If you already bought it, but haven’t watched it, you could skip to about 11 minutes in and be just fine.

So that’s what I think … what about you?



  1. Boooom ;) lol

  2. Your setups take longer in written form, which makes sense. Also you are working very hard on character and storyline development which makes planning things out. YOu have mentioned it before, you are more like soap opera wrestling. Sometimes your setups are the thing that gets you all exited for the story! One thing though...I wonder how it would feel to have a guy on my shoulders and doing squats with them...and viceversa!

    1. Oh yeah, I know why I do them. I was just addressing what I saw as a potentially obvious question, which is "how does a guy who writes 3-4 pages of setup complain about a long setup?"

      I'm sure you could find a volunteer to rack you or be racked by you if you really wanted.