Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Review: Eagle vs. Brute 1+2 (Thunders Arena)

Thunders Arena released two Eagle vs. Brute videos. They’re one story, but they’re split with a “To be continuted [sic]” title card at the end of Part 1. I’m not sure why, but they did, so I decided to cover them together.

This pairing evokes a Beauty and the Beast ideal, if Beauty was a stunning lantern-jawed male model and Beast was a powerful 260-lbs pro wrestler who wanted to beat on Beauty. So maybe the analogy doesn’t hold together 100%, but I'm sticking with it.

Beauty hanging onto the Beast?

Eagle is still fairly new, making his debut late November 2015 vs. Frey. I liked him a lot there and the 200-lbs hunk still looks amazing with muscle pumped in white briefs. He's got a 'bring it on' attitude, similar to other Thunders 'smaller' guys. Normally, Eagle would not be considered 'smaller', but this time, his opponent is one of the biggest guys in Thunders.

Eagle playfully lulls the big man into letting his guard
down, but poking the bear doesn't seem smart.

Opposite him is Brute, who is making the transition from the Thunders ring to the Thunders house as a full-fledged badass. He’s solid as hell, with bulging muscles, but what I like most is his expressive face and sinister demeanor. The guy can bring the crazy, with bulging eyes to match his bulging biceps.

Uh, Eagle, maybe you shouldn't invite trouble.

Told you so.

A crushing bearhug weakens the smaller stud.

Part 1 is a one-sided squash featuring Eagle being put to sleep five times by the massive Brute. It’s a ‘Custom Series’ match, so obviously someone was a big sleeper fan. There are other holds and moves, but the sleepers dominate. If you love them, you’ll get the most out of the 20-minute video.

Brute turns Eagle into Sleeping Beauty.

Another one of the sleepers.

Perhaps Eagle should change his name to 'Matt'.

I will add that I think the outdoor setting is terrific. The camerawork is clear and bright, really highlighting the guys and the action. I had to save the images at 50% to keep them a manageable size, that's how crisp everything is.

See ... they really did spell 'continued' that way.

Part 2 is an 11-minute (8-minutes of action) direct continuation of Part 1. When I was adding the links, I noticed that it’s now priced at $25.95, which is a lot given the length. I’m leaving ‘value’ to each reader to decide on, but it does seem like a high price for what you get. I probably bought it during one of Thunders many sales.

Eagle wakes up from his forced slumber with a muddy shoe print on his sculpted pec as a reminder of what just happened. The stud isn’t happy about getting treated like trash, so he does what anyone would do - he has a drink then goes shopping for a new outfit while swearing revenge. Seriously, that's basically what he does.

The muddy shoe print is a nice touch.

When Eagle hits the laundry room, he finds a pair of USA flag square cuts, perfect for kicking a big bully's ass. Unfortunately (for us), before he can strip out of his white undies, Brute is on him again. What follows is a tour of the Thunders Arena home base as the guys brawl from the laundry room to the garage then it’s on to the living room, patio and back to the outdoor mat where it all began.

Eagle proves the washer is highly efficient.

No! Not the face!

Eagle holds his own a little more, but ultimately he’s still outclassed by the 260-lbs Brute. The handsome hunk gets his head slammed into multiple surfaces and crushed in two different doors. He gets carried and racked. He does get to dish out his own head slamming, as well as a full nelson and body scissors.

Another eye rake and an assist from the wall.

Really? A body scissors, Eagle? Against that torso?
I don't think this will end well for you.

Told you so.

Together, these two videos make a nice 30-minute story that is both fun and hot. Brute brings out his inner beast and Eagle shows his outer beauty throughout the adventure. I enjoyed the whole deal as a complete package, but Part 1 could be enjoyed on its own. The price on Part 2 is off-putting to me for 8 minutes of action, so buyer beware on that one.

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