Sunday, May 1, 2016

Route 69: Bad Boys S106

"Wow, we're really here, Hawk. We're trying out for THE Ring of Wrestling. I can't fucking believe it. Like, I just can't fucking believe it."

"Aw fuck yeah, Ryker. We're really here. It's totally happening, bro."

I smile at their awe, "Believe it. Impress me in the ring today and you'll be wrestling in ROW as our newest rising star."

Hawk grabs his tag team partner's shoulders from behind. The two of them are practically skipping to the ring I've secured for today's 'tryout'. These two have a ton of potential to become the hottest young tag team in indie pro wrestling, but they're still young and inexperienced. This opportunity I'm offering them is years ahead of schedule, so they're really eager to please.

Hawk Curtis is 6'1"/200-lbs. He's the muscle and tough guy of the team. The guy's got a unique look, with his flawless light caramel skin and long blond dreadlocks. He's got an awesome body with a big chest, narrow waist and big ass. In his bright white trunks and gear, he's just fucking beautiful.

Jack Ryker is smaller, 5'11"/175-lbs. He's wearing matching white pro wrestling gear and looks just as hot. The guy is a preppy white prettyboy, looking like a model, with cut muscles everywhere, especially his chiseled abs. He needs to fill out to make the big leagues, but he's still young. It'll happen with the right training. The guy is flexible and athletic, making him the perfect one to take the abuse heels dish out.

Together, they're the perfect combo of young and stupid. These hot little meatheads are only rising because they were lucky enough to be born with looks and the ability to build muscle. They'd be perfect fratboys if they weren't too dumb to get into college. Not that it matters to the fans. Kids love their energy. Girls love their non-threatening good looks. Women and gay guys love their tight, hard bodies in skimpy trunks bulging front and back.

When I saw them bouncing around the ring for a local indie group, I immediately hated them. So they're really here because I want to beat them down and fuck their bulbous sculpted asses. These two spend a lot of time on the squat machine and it shows. Finding out that they're best friends who think of each other as brothers just makes it even sweeter. I've got something special planned for them. It could be the worst thing I've ever done to anyone.

As they check things out, my buddy Kyle comes up behind me. He whispers, "Dylan, you're such a fucking cunt. I remember being like them. A dreamer who believes what lying bastards like you tell me. That's how I ended up as Lou's fuck toy for two years."

I turn with a smirk, "And look where it got you. Wrestling for the fucking Ring of Wrestling. So fuck off with your whining." Kyle sneers at me. I challenge him, "So, go tell them the truth."

My partner-in-crime switches from sneer to smirk, "Fuck no. No one ever told me shit. I can't wait to teach these little pukes a lesson they'll never fucking forget."

Kyle saunters down to the ring as I just watch. He's so fucking hot. At 6'1"/210-lbs, Kyle is lean, smooth and perfectly muscled with a hard tight body that looks incredible in his tiny black trunks. When you add in his long dark hair, scruff and handsome features, he's like a perfect badass to be my steady fuck buddy.

It helps that we're so in sync. We both get off of screwing with other people. We both get off on watching them suffer and beg. Yeah, it's a power thing, but it more than that. It's sexual. It gets me hard just thinking about it. Thinking about how I can ruin someone's life literally turns me on. We've fucked to videos of the guys we've destroyed more times than I can count. That's what I need in a man. My last relationship was with a "nice guy" and it ended bad. Yeah, he was hot and rich, but so fucking boring. Now I got a real man.

Kyle's the brawn of our little team. I'm the brains. Yeah, I can wrestle, but I'm 5'10"/165-lbs. I work behind the scenes for Ring of Wrestling. We're the third biggest in the country, just one level below the big boys. It makes us very attractive to hot young up-and-coming pro wrestlers. My clean-cut, all-American cuteness makes guys trust me. Suckers.

I strip off my shirt and shorts then head to the ring in black pro gear matching Kyle's. These two have signed their releases. They've shown all the signs that they're submissive little bitches who'll do anything to get their big break. Well, today's their lucky day. They get to wrestle with me and Kyle. And by the time they know they're in trouble, it'll be too late.

What am I saying? It's already too late.

The Action

I lie that Kyle's partner didn't show up, so I'm subbing. They don't give a shit. We run through some moves. It goes easy, with them showing me their skills. I act interested, but eventually tell them I want to see them in some real action. We agree to spar, but I tell them to really try. I don't want them lying down, just because I'm doing the hiring. They agree, not realizing that I just planted it in their head. Yeah, I know they're going to hold back now.

Kyle vs. Hawk

The two long-haired studs start off on the ring. Kyle and Hawk circle around. The rookie in white bites his tongue as he tries to focus. Cute. The veteran in black just smirks. They lock up in a collar-and-elbow. Kyle forces the dreadlocked dude into the neutral corner. Hawk raises his hands for a clean break. My partner has other ideas.

Kyle drives his knee into Hawk's abs. THUD! OOF! He grabs the hot stud's hair and uses it to pull him to a standing position. Kyle measures him up and fires away. CHOP! CHOP! CHOP! Three hard chops to Hawk's meaty pecs have him sagging in the corner.

Kyle whips Hawk across the ring. The younger stud leaps up when he gets close, landing on the middle and top turnbuckle then springing backwards with a cross body block. Nice move. Too bad for him Kyle knew it was coming. He braces and grabs the handsome rookie in midair. The heel turns then slams the unwitting jobber to the mat hard. WHAM!

The dreadlocked dude rolls over to rise, but Kyle is already grabbing a handful of his thick blond hair. He forces Hawk up then brings the bigger jobber's face down into my tag partner's rising knee. CRACK! Hawk flies back onto his ass, holding his face. Kyle grabs the rookie's right boot, lifting the leg. My tag partner kicks the dreadlocked dude in his hamstring then twists the leg with a hard ankle lock.

Hawk moans as he struggles to escape. He tries to move with the torture, but all that does is give Kyle an easy chance to flip him into a single leg crab. The rookie cries as Kyle sits back. I admire the fine ass of the dreadlocked dude as he tries every counter he's been taught. Too bad for him, Kyle knows them all and more.

When the rookie stops fighting, Kyle throws his leg down in disgust and stands up. He stomps Hawk's back, telling him to start showing him something. The young stud tries to rise, but Kyle puts him down every time. Finally he lets the dreadlocked dude get to hands and knees. With his long dreads hanging down, he can't see Kyle move in on him. My tag partner clips Hawk's head with his shin, sending the jobber flying to his left. CRACK!

Kyle moves in and drags Hawk to his feet by his hair. He casually pulls back on it, dropping the rookie to the mat hard. WHAM! The stud in black uses the thick hair to pull the jobber up to a seated position. From behind, the long-haired heel just smacks Hawk across the head, mocking him as he swats him like he was a fly.

Hawk shows some pride, scrambling away then rising, fists raised like he wants to fight. Nice, except this isn't boxing. Kyle drives his big black boot up and under, planting it deep. THUD! OOF! The jobber bends over and backs up, dropping his head again. Kyle grabs another handful of hair, pulling the confused stud into a standing side headlock.

Kyle gives Hawk a noogie, rubbing his knuckles into the rookie's skull. It's childish, but also dominant. The heel is sending the message that he's the schoolyard bully and the jobber is his bitch. Hawk pushes free, staggering back. He holds up a hand, like he's asking for time while he tries to figure out what's going on. Too bad there's no timeouts in pro wrestling.

The long-haired heel whips his hand out then grabs the jobber's extended wrist. He pulls Hawk towards him then grabs him across the chest and over the shoulder. Kyle smoothly lifts then drops his victim with a hard sidewalk slam. WHAM! Hawk cries out and rolls onto his side, moaning as the wind is taken out of him.

Kyle rises then drags the jobber up by his hair and trunks, exposing the beautiful caramel-colored cheeks. Oh fuck, I'm tempted to have Kyle end this now, but I know we can't. We've gotta break these boys down more until they don't know which end is up. But fuck! That end is gonna be up and my cock's gonna be drilling it. Damn!

Kyle shakes his head, "Sad. I'm done with you, jobber. Let's see what your bro can do."

My tag partner whips the wobbly Hawk into his corner. He motions for Ryker to tag and come at him. The rookies look shell-shocked and I love it.

TAG! Kyle vs. Ryker

As he climbs in the ring, the young jobber is surprised and upset at the humiliating beatdown his partner just suffered. Hawk is the enforcer of the team, but Kyle just manhandled him like he was nothing. The rookies figured sparring meant running moves. Yeah, not today, boys.

Ryker climbs between the top and middle rope. As soon as Ryker stands up, Kyle runs at him. He clotheslines the handsome hunk down, nearly decapitating him. THWAK! The ripped jobber goes down hard to the mat, struggling to even move.

The aching Hawk whines, "What the hell, man? We're supposed to just be sparring!"

Kyle gives a cocky smirk and spreads his arms, "This is sparring in the Ring of Wrestling. Too much for you?"

Hawk shuts up, but he looks worried. This isn't what they signed up for, but they've got it now. The only options for them are to fight and hope I give them the deal they want or run away with nothing and burn this bridge forever.

I shout across the ring, "Huh, guys told me you weren't ready. I fought for you, but I guess they were right. I'll have to spread the word. You aren't big-time tough."

Ryker is up to his feet. As he turns, trying to regroup, I admire that ass of his. He realizes what's being said, so he quickly says to me, "No, no. I'm cool. We're cool."

The jobber stretches then turns to lock up with Kyle. Instead, he gets a boot to the abs. THUD! OOF! Kyle locks on a front facelock then grabs Ryker's wrist. He swings his hips to the right then left then he whips around, flipping the helpless hunk with a spinning neckbreaker. They land on the mat, Kyle sitting and laughing while Ryker is holding his head and kicking the canvas.

Kyle rolls over and pulls Ryker into a headscissors, burying the rookie's face into his bulge as he squeezes. The handsome jobber moans into Kyle's pouch as his head is crushed. He tries to escape, but the long-haired heel has the hold locked on tight. My tag partner rolls them over then smashes the top of Ryker's head into the mat. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!

The heel lets Ryker collapse face first onto the mat then rises to his feet. Kyle grabs a handful of hair and white trunks, using them to drag the ailing stud up to his feet. The shiny trunks wedge up, exposing the smooth bubble butt. Oh shit, that's the stuff. My buddy spins then whips Ryker into a neutral corner, left shoulder first. CLANG!

Ryker staggers out into a bearhug. Kyle squeezes hard as the ripped stud moans as he's crushed in the hold. He looks so hot suffering, ass hanging out and his face etched with pain. The long-haired heel keeps squeezing then he lifts and spins, planting Ryker on the mat with a belly-to-belly suplex. WHAM!

Kyle slithers forward, pausing to rub his pouch into Ryker's handsome face. He drags the jobber up by his trunks and hair again, positioning him perfectly for a torture rack. Ryker goes up and immediately starts crying out. Kyle questions his toughness, ensuring the dumb muscle toy won't give up. The heel circles, keeping the pressure up.

My tag partner shrugs Ryker off his shoulders then flexes for a worried-looking Hawk. Kyle turns to me with a raised eyebrow and I nod. I definitely want in and I know exactly how I want to punish this ripped stud.

TAG! Ryker vs. Dylan

With Ryker down, I feel damn confident. Either of these guys could probably take me, but that's why I've got Kyle in my corner. Yeah, he's not some huge meathead, but he's skilled, strong and sadistic. I move in on the handsome hunk, dragging him to his feet by his hair.

I force Ryker into a front facelock. He starts to squirm, but a snap suplex ends that. When I get up, I'm close to the corner where Hawk is. He's hanging over the top rope, calling to his partner. Like I said, hot but stupid. I shock him by kicking back, driving my boot into the side of his head. CRACK! The dreadlocked dude goes limp then falls all the way to floor below. Idiot.

Now that I have the ripped jobber all to myself, I move in and stomp his left shoulder and arm. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Kyle did one move and it gave me the idea to attack his shoulder. I noticed he's a southpaw, so that's where I focus. He jumps and thrashes on the mat as I take the intensity up another notch. Ryker cries out and swears as I break down his tight, hard muscles. What a little bitch.

I kick him onto his stomach then attack Ryker's shoulder and arm from the back. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! I grab his wrist then lock on a really hard armbar. I crank hard then bend his fingers back to really torture him. I hear him whimpering as I increase the force of the hold. He can't escape and he can't take it anymore.

Ryker kicks the mat and begs me to ease up, but I ignore it. Behind me, I hear Kyle telling the jobber to shut the fuck up. I know my partner went through some brutal shit with Lou, his 'mentor', so he loves paying it forward to rookies like Hawk and Ryker. The handsome hunk keeps moaning, begging me to go easier.

My tag partner enters the ring. He lies so his face is right in Ryker's. Kyle grips the prettyboy's hair and yanks his head up so they're face-to-face. He says, "Shut the fuck up. This is all training. If you wanna make it, you just go with whatever happens. Got it?" They're so close, they could kiss. Kyle says more forcefully, "GOT IT?"

Ryker moans, "Yes, sir. Oh fuck, but my arm! AH! AH!"

Kyle backs off, just shaking his head. He snarks, "What a fucking whiner. Just break it, D."

As the rookie jobber cries out, pleading with me to not break his arm, I let it go. Not because of his pleading, but because I figure there's no way I can break a guy's arm and still do everything I got planned. I stand up and circle the still whimpering Ryker. He shakes out his arm, realizing it hurt, but I didn't really do any damage.

I reach down and grab his left arm. I drag him up by it then twist it behind his back. I run him into the corner hard, left shoulder first. CLANG! The handsome hunk staggers out. I grab his left wrist then jump over the top rope. I hop down to the floor, pulling him down. The top rope cuts into his armpit as I yank his arm with me. I let go and he whips off with a scream. Ryker flops on the canvas like a fish out of water. He's holding his shoulder, checking to see if it's dislocated. I roll under the bottom rope then get to my feet.

As Ryker kneels there, holding his shoulder I kick it hard. He flies to the side. I ask him, "Better? Did I knock it back in?"

Ryker scrambles to his feet. He looks like he's in shock at what's happening. He falls into his corner. Hawk has gotten back up after my kick to his head. He tags his bro's good shoulder and I back up, ready for a new challenge.

TAG! Dylan vs. Hawk

Hawk comes storming in. He looks pissed, like he finally doesn't give a shit that I'm the guy who decides if he gets a contract. Normally, I'd be nervous about a 200-lbs muscle stud charging at me. He's 35-lbs bigger, he's 5" taller and he's a lot stronger. Yeah, normally, I'd be worried. Except this punk is a young rookie who's letting his emotions get the best of him and I'm a son of a bitch who knows his shit.

As soon as he gets tagged in, Hawk leaps over the ropes. He dives at me to tackle me down, but I leapfrog over him. He flies under me, stumbling then falling to his knees behind me. The dreadlocked dude scrambles up then spins without thinking. Idiot. He moves right into my super kick to the jaw. CRACK! The handsome hunk staggers back a couple of steps then collapses to the mat.

I make a motion to dust my hands off like, "that's my job done." Outside the ring, Kyle is mocking him, saying he has a lot to learn and if he's trying to impress, he's failing. Hawk writhes on the mat, obviously stunned from the second boot to his head I've given him in the last few minutes.

I reach down then drag him up by his hair to his knees. I kneel behind him and slap his face lightly to revive him. I wrap my arms around his head in a sleeper.

I order Hawk, "Flex! Flex those biceps or I put you out!"

The young buck has enough awareness to follow orders. He lifts his arms, showing off in a double bicep pose. Kyle whistles, telling him he looks great. However, he adds insult to injury by saying he looks great, but wrestles like shit. I squeeze on the sleeper until Hawk's arms sag and he goes limp. I let up. He gasps and shifts in my hold. I work it two more times getting him barely conscious, but conscious nonetheless.

I pull the hot stud back into a dragon sleeper, but I don't apply any pressure. I don't need to. He's my helpless little bitch. I rub his smooth meaty pecs, admiring the big chest muscles. Fuck, he's so hot. I toss the helpless hunk to the side then stand up over him. I kick him onto his front then step on his back as I walk to my corner.

I look over to see Ryker hunched over the top rope in his corner. His head is down and he looks dejected. Poor guy. However, he's not begging to get tagged in. He's not calling to Hawk or encouraging him to get up. He's done. His partner is done. And the best part is, he knows it.

I tag Kyle in and let him know, "Finish it however you want."

Kyle just smirks as he hops over the top rope and moves in on the unmoving Hawk.

TAG! Hawk vs. Kyle

Kyle grabs a handful of the thick dreadlocks. They're just too perfect not to use. He forces Hawk up then positions them back to back. My tag partner pulls on the dreadlocks, draping them down over his pec. Hawk's head rests on the heel's shoulder as Kyle reaches back and grabs under his chin. One second later, he's dropping, dragging the rookie jobber down with him. CRACK!

Hawk collapses after the neckbreaker finisher. Kyle rolls him onto his back then counts. ONE! I love how Ryker doesn't try to save his buddy. TWO! Hawk's legs are spread wide open and unmoving. What a fucking stud. THR - oh, wait. The heel drags his victim up for some more abuse.

Ryker shakes his head, "C'mon, guys. We get it. You kicked our asses. Please just end this."

Kyle spins then kneels with his shin across Hawk's throat, choking the helpless hunk. That wakes the rookie jobber up. He kicks and squirms as he's choked. Kyle casually looks at Ryker, "You giving up?"

Ryker hesitates. He doesn't want to, but his buddy, bro and tag partner is getting slaughtered. Instead of answering, the handsome hunk answers a question with a question, "What are you trying to prove? That experience matters? We get it. That we're not ready for ROW? I don't think this proves that."

I tell Ryker, "You wanna throw in the white towel?"

"I don't have a white towel."

"You got white trunks. Strip 'em and toss 'em."

Ryker gulps. It's obvious he's not wearing anything underneath. He thought this was just practice. Still, he can't stand seeing his partner choked and beaten like a dog. The handsome jobber puts his thumbs in his waistband and pulls them down slightly, exposing his hard Adonis belt down to the top of his cock.

The handsome hunk looks at me like, 'do I have to?' I just nod and motion for him to keep going. Meanwhile, Kyle drags Hawk up by his hair. The bigger rookie is weak and powerless as he's forced to his corner. My tag partner says, "Look what you're making your buddy do. He's getting naked just to save your pathetic ass. You've turned him into a cheap stripper."

Ryker reluctantly slides his trunks down onto his thighs, exposing his cock and balls. Kyle whistles, mocking him. With the handsome jobber turned on the apron, I can see side butt, but not enough. It's okay, I'll have lots of time to admire that ass. I whistle, mocking the slow striptease.

As Hawk is forced to watch his buddy's humiliation, he suddenly tenses. I try to warn Kyle, but it's too late. The rookie jobber thrusts his elbow back into my tag partner's unflexed abs. THUD! OOF! Kyle staggers back, while Hawk drops to his knees.

Ryker yanks his trunks up and tucks his junk inside, "ALL RIGHT, BRO! Tag me, quick!"

Hawk falls forward, stretching his arm out. The two rookies make the tag before Kyle can stop them. Oh crap.

TAG! Kyle vs. Ryker

Ryker leaps over the top rope, moves past his bro and charges at Kyle. He levels my tag partner with a clothesline then stomps his pecs and abs. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The long-haired heel tries to rise, but the jobber in white is full of 'piss and vinegar' as my dad used to say. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The ripped stud grabs Kyle by the hair and pulls him up to his knees.

From his knees, Kyle drives his face forward, headbutting Ryker in the bulge. SQUISH! He doubles over while my tag partner turns and clips his knee from the side. The rookie collapses to the ring, gripping his knee. Kyle rises and shakes out his hair then pushes it back. He looks pissed. Awesome. These punks should've gone down when they had the chance.

Kyle starts stomping the injured knee. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Ryker tries to roll away, but the heel grabs his white boot. He drapes the injured leg over his shoulders then stands, pulling the lightweight rookie up. Ryker dangles from the taller wrestler with all the weight on his knee. He moans as he's walked around the ring, helplessly hanging.

Hawk is still in his corner, never having left the ring. I use that as my excuse to come in. I spring past Kyle and the hanging Ryker, leap and come down into Hawk with a bronco buster. I'm light, but with my speed and gravity, my ass still crushes his chest when I land. I bounce up and down, riding the big dreadlocked hunk hard.

I keep going until Hawk is flat on his back, his head under the bottom turnbuckle. I turn and sit on his chest, laughing, "I gotta make sure you don't interfere, right, rookie?"

Kyle drops the suffering stud from the leg torture. Ryker whimpers on the mat, clutching his knee. His ass is bouncing as he practically cries from the pain. Sexy. My tag partner just circles the devastated jobber, licking his lips at the loser's ass. We picked beforehand who we wanted and I picked Hawk, while he went with Ryker. So far, we're happy with our choices.

My buddy rolls Ryker over onto his back then counts a pin. ONE! No movement, just moaning. TWO! Still nothing from the chiseled stud in white. THR - NO! We all knew it was coming but my cock still stiffens when Kyle yanks the rookie up and breaks the count. Fuck yeah.

I get off Hawk and crawl over to my tag partner. We kiss over Ryker's carcass then I tell Kyle I can't take any more. He smiles and gestures at Ryker's legs. I nod. I stand up, lift the limp legs then bend them into place. The jobber is so done that he doesn't even try to fight me as I step around and over.

When I fall back, Ryker wakes up. I lift my leg over his ankle and he's trapped in a perfect figure-four leglock. The rookie is bucking and screaming, crying out his submission within seconds.


Instead of letting up, I hold on as Kyle bodyslams Hawk onto his buddy. SPLAT! Kyle lines the dreadlocked hunk up. He lifts Hawk's legs, turns him and puts him in a Boston crab on top of his screaming partner. The bigger jobber's face is forced into the rock hard abs of his buddy as he's bent in half.

With Hawk and Ryker screaming, my cock is painfully hard. Fuck, I live for this. Ryker is begging for the pain to stop, while Hawk submits almost right away.

Kyle lets go of Hawk and I release the figure-four. I reach up and drag Hawk towards me by his dreadlocks until his face is resting on Ryker's package. Kyle helps me to my feet and we admire our handiwork. My tag partner grabs me and we make out, grinding our bodies together to the sound of two hot jobbers whimpering.

Rules Are Rules

When we're done, I look down at our pathetic victims, "Not bad, boys. Good tryout." They just moan in response, not moving or reacting.

Kyle chimes in, "Whoa, whoa, whoa. YOU made Ryker give. I made Hawk give."

"Yeah, so?"

"Ryker and me were the legal men in the ring."

I hit my head in mock surprise, "Oh, you're right. Well, we need to make sure this is legal."

I grab Hawk's boot then drag him off Ryker. He moans, "Oh fuck no. I'm done. I'm done."

I ignore him as I flip him onto his back. I step through his legs then fold them over mine. I turn, flipping him into a sharpshooter. Hawk cries out then slaps the mat. I tell him, "Sorry, guy, but we gotta make this legit. I'll let up as soon as Kyle gets your buddy to give."

Hawk pounds the mat, begging me to ease up, telling me he can't take it. Kyle walks by then kisses me, out of view of the tortured tag team. He moves to the still unmoving Ryker. He slaps the ripped jobber awake then drags him up by his hair. It's tough for him to stand, his legs still aching from the prolonged figure-four.

As Ryker looks over at me, his tag partner is begging him to give. Hawk pleads, but his confused bro isn't thinking straight. From behind, Kyle strips the chiseled musclestud's white trunks down to his ankles. On instinct, the shocked Ryker tries to move, but his ankles are trapped and he trips to the canvas. He kicks at his feet, trying to pull them free, but the tiny white spandex won't easily fit over his boots. His legs are bound.

Kyle says to me, "Drop him. I wanna do a double camel."

I nod, easily moving the broken dreadlocked stud into position. He's begging again as Kyle drapes Ryker's arm over his thighs and grabs under his chin. Kyle steps forward, pulling Ryker right in front of my camel on Hawk. Our knees touch as we torture them face-to-face. Ryker joins Hawk in begging for mercy, their backs are wrecked. Before we let them go, we force them to kiss. The tag partners try to fight, but give in, hoping to end the abuse.

Seeing them make out is too hot. Awesome. We pull them apart then add sleepers, putting them out completely before we release them. Kyle and I move in and make out over their broken bodies. The jobbers are everything we hoped they'd be. And we're not even half done.

We each strip our stud, peeling off their white trunks, leaving them naked in white leather boots and white pads. We fondle and rub their unconscious bodies, especially their big beautiful butts. We flip the tag team over and admire the goods. So fucking sexy. It's all I can do not to fuck them right now.

The Stakes

We wake them up. They get their bearings then question why they're naked. I explain stakes, which they know about but refuse to do. I tell them it's how business is done. It'll prove they're serious. We only want guys who'll go the extra mile. And this? It's the mile they need to go. Once I tell them it's a choice between a contract or the door, the two studs huddle.

At first, they agree to suck cock, but Hawk refuses to be fucked. Turns out, Hawk's only topped before. Cool, a virgin. I keep pushing them. There's nothing they can do about it, except run out of here with nothing. From the conversation, it's obvious that Ryker has bottomed before, so he's willing to do it, but it takes his partner a while to come around. I tell him I'll be gentle and safe, but it's his call. Finally, Hawk gives in, offering up his ass to me.

Kyle moves in to grab Ryker, while I take Hawk. I grab him by his long dreadlocks and pull. He rises to his knees in front of me. "Time to prove you really want a contract. Suck my cock."

Hawk reaches out and peels down my black trunks until they're wedged under my ass and balls. He gulps then breathes in deeply, psyching himself up. I thrust my hips out then smack him across the face with my cock. He tries to turn his head, but I hold it steady with my hold on his hair. The dreadlocked muscleman finally opens wide and takes my cock into his mouth.

While I'm getting sucked, Kyle is wasting no time working on his ripped muscle jobber. He's got him on his back. My buddy is doing push-ups over Ryker's face, driving his cock down his throat. It's hot to watch as I'm getting sucked. Hawk's doing great with my guidance, really working my cock.

Once hard, Kyle moves around and lifts Ryker's legs in the air. He uses his finger to test the tight hole. The loser throws his head back and moans. What a fucking bottom bitch. The long-haired pro wrestler forces his cock inside then starts breeding the chiseled muscleman. Oh shit, Kyle pounds that smooth round ass, really plowing the stud.

I look down, focusing on Hawk. I pull him off my cock then make him get on hands and knees. I grab his hair and lead him over to his buddy, positioning his face over Ryker's. I tell them to look at each other while they get fucked. I move in behind and start in on Hawk's virgin ass, prepping it for my cock. I ease my finger inside and he gasps. Oh shit, he really is a virgin.

It takes all my strength not to just plow him. I finally get ready. Fortunately his plump, smooth, virgin ass is enough to keep me hard. I go in slow, but Hawk still moans right away. I grab tight hold of his dreadlocks pulling on them while I force my sheathed cock deeper and deeper inside his tight hole. Hawk cries out, whining that it hurts.

There's nothing better than fucking a tight virgin ass. Making him squeal and take it like a pussy bitch. Kyle's doing good with bottom boy Ryker, but I got the better deal. I start thrusting, driving my cock in deep. Hawk is still a whiny bitch, but he's getting into it. I let go of his dreadlocks then reach my hand underneath to start milking him.

Hawk is rock hard. I order him to look at his buddy as Ryker lies under Hawk, getting his ass plowed by Kyle. The bigger rookie is so turned on that you just know he's wanted Ryker forever. I pump his big cock and he can't resist the heat of my cock up his ass, Ryker getting used and his cock being milked.

The dreadlocked muscleman explodes, firing his load all over Ryker. I try to aim it up his body to make sure he hits his buddy in the face. Suddenly Kyle pulls out of Ryker. He stands up then straddles the smaller rookie while grabbing Hawk's dreads. He forces Hawk's head back with one hand then pumps his cock with the other. Kyle erupts, spraying his seed all over Hawk's face, coating it with his cum.

With Hawk drained and his face getting coated in Kyle's cum, I pump hard and fast. I ride the fuck out of his big ass. I'm so close, so I pull out, whip out my cock and stand up. I coat Hawk's dreads from the back, giving him a second shot of seed on his head. He just takes it, his muscles tense and rigid.

I squeeze out my last drops of cum onto Hawk's head. The pools of white seed look great on his long hair. I push him aside, checking out Ryker. Yes! I did get Hawk's cum on his handsome face. He looks pathetic, his cock hard and throbbing as the only man who didn't get to shoot.

I order them to get on their knees. They obey showing their submissiveness. At this point, they're pretty broken.

I look over at Kyle who's just chilling with a huge smile on his face. Both these cum-covered studs are just trying to weather the storm. Too bad for them, the best part is coming. I can't wait to see their cute little faces when I tell them the next part.

The Deal

After a long silent period, Hawk looks over at me, "So, can we sign now?"

I look confused, "We?"

Ryker suddenly looks worried. He jumps to his feet, sounding like such a whiny bitch as he says, "You said you had a contract for us! You said you did!"

I nod, "Whoa, whoa, whoa. I said I had A contract. One. One contract."

In unison, they say, "What?" Hawk stands up, too.

"Here's the thing. I do have a contract. For one of you. Sorry for the confusion, but only one of you is going to get signed. I told you you'd be ROW's newest star, not stars. I figured I'd know by now, but I just can't figure out which one of you. Here's what I'm offering. You two wrestle. One fall. Stakes. After the winner fucks the loser, I'll sign him. You'll be an ROW wrestler. Guaranteed."

In unison, they respond "No way."

"Okay, well sorry guys. It's too bad, but ROW only wants guys who will do anything to succeed. You know, guys with real drive and passion. It's cute you want to be bro's forever, but unrealistic. You're obviously still just kids. We need men. When you grow up, let me know."

They look at each other. I can tell they're trying to figure out the angles. Their noble sides say to tell me to fuck off. But their practical sides want to accept. I let them whisper and debate. They've come so far. I mean, they've been beaten and fucked. To go home empty-handed now? One of them will break.

Cool, this time it's Hawk. Once he tells Ryker he thinks they have to do it, the crack opens wide. Ryker can't believe Hawk would even think about this. They said they were in this together. Boo fucking hoo. Hawk says he let himself get fucked and covered in cum. He thinks Ryker needs to give in this time. Ryker says they're brothers and it'll ruin them to fight then fuck.

Hawk argues that the winner can work to bring the loser in. It's better one of them makes it than neither of them. He says I'm right that it's not like they'll be a team forever. That's rough. Ryker looks like he's been stabbed in the heart.

It takes a few more rounds of back-and-forth, but they finally start shoving. They're so fucking pissed at each other. Hawk thinks Ryker is holding them back. Ryker thinks Hawk is a traitor. Kyle rings the bell and I hop out of the ring.

I taunt them, "Looks like I have my answer. Go for it guys. May the best man win."

Hawk vs. Ryker

Ryker is still unsure, Hawk is committed. So when the bigger stud lifts his boot into Ryker's sculpted abs, he's not ready. THUD! OOF! Ryker doubles over, gagging. Hawk grabs his head and puts him in a front facelock. He slaps his partner's back then drives him down into the ring with a DDT. CRACK!

Hawk rolls his partner over onto his back, "Sorry, buddy, but it's better that I'm ending this fast."

As they lie right in front of us, Hawk lies his bare-assed body across his buddy's chest. The long-haired muscle stud goes for the pin, slow counting the fall.



I grab Ryker's boot and drape it over the bottom rope. I shout, "Foot on the rope! Foot on the rope!"

A shocked Hawk looks in disbelief. He kneels beside his tag partner, brushing his cum-soaked dreadlocks out of his face. He looks at me with suspicion, guessing I had something to do with it. I just stare back, silently daring him to challenge me on it. He backs down, breaking his glare. Hawk looks down at Ryker's unmoving body then rises.

Hawk adjusts his cock and balls before bending down. He drags Ryker to the middle of the ring then mounts him for another pin. The bigger rookie stares me down as he starts the count again.



Ryker kicks out on his own this time, throwing his shoulder up. Hawk lets out a loud, "FUCK, BRO!" He sits back, kneeling beside his friend. The dreadlocked muscleman grabs a handful of his buddy's hair then stands up, dragging Ryker to his feet. The stunned stud drops to a knee, unable to keep his legs under him, frustrating Hawk.

The bigger stud slaps his former partner then roughly pulls him into a full facelock. He moves back for another DDT, but Ryker falls away, his head slipping free. Both guys crash down on their bare asses. Hawk slaps the mat in anger, while the ripped Ryker collapses onto his back, putting his hands on his face as he shakes out his head.

Hawk gets up then moves in. He stomps his tag partner in the abs. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Ryker bounces with every boot to his rock hard midsection. Hawk drags him up again, this time scooping the wet dishrag across his chest. The dreadlocked stud turns then slams his buddy down hard. He drops for a pin, but doesn't even get a two-count before Ryker kicks out.

Ryker rolls to his side. He props himself up on his elbow, his sweaty muscles pumped and hard. He's pretty resilient, but that's useless if he doesn't mount any offense. All he's doing is prolonging the inevitable unless he gets his gorgeous ass in fucking gear.

Hawk moves in behind. He locks on a head scissors, his legs pumping as he squeezes the handsome hunk's head. Ryker's head goes red as it's crushed between the powerful thighs. The chiseled jobber bounces around, his junk flopping while he fights to resist the pressure. He bridges and pushes, but he can't get free.

The dreadlocked stud rolls them over. He lifts then repeatedly drives Ryker's forehead into the canvas. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! The ripped stud goes limp. Hawk rolls them back, releases the scissors then slithers over Ryker's head. Hawk goes for a cocky pin, planting his hands on his buddy's abs, his naked manhood pressing into the handsome hunk's face.



Ryker shifts, lifting his shoulder. Hawk screams then sits up. He pins the shoulders down with his shins and puts his butt right on Ryker's face. The furious fighter fires fists into the ripped abs, pounding them with unrelenting fury. POW! POW! POW! The smaller stud just lies under his 'bro' and takes it, his body flipping and flopping under the abuse.

Hawk rolls off. He rises and towers over Ryker. Sweat runs down his smooth caramel skin as he just looks down at the devastation. His chest rises and falls as he composes himself. Meanwhile, Ryker just lies there, unmoving. He's still never really recovered from the first DDT, still showing no signs of mounting any offense at all.

The bigger stud moves around to Ryker's boots. He lifts the legs up then turns, flipping his tag partner then sitting into a Boston crab. That wakes Ryker up as he cries out in pain, but he won't give or tap. He just moans as he's bent in half. Hawk works it long and hard, but he has to give up. He stomps his buddy's back then drags him up.

Hawk whips Ryker into the corner. CLANG! He follows in with a cross body, but Ryker drops onto his ass. The dreadlocked stud flies overhead, landing hard on the turnbuckle. I'm not sure if he dodged or was just too weak to stand, but it worked. Hawk hangs on the top turnbuckle, while Ryker rolls out from under him.

The smaller stud uses the ropes to rise. He moves in then kicks up, driving his boot right into Hawk's side. THUD! Ryker kicks up into Hawk's gut, driving his boot into the abs. THUD! THUD! THUD! The dreadlocked dude bounces on the turnbuckle then falls to the mat., holding his stomach.

When Ryker moves in, Hawk pushes up, driving his shoulder into his tag partner's junk. SQUISH! URK! Ryker's eyes bug out and he freezes, hunched over, clutching his balls. Hawk gets to his knees then grabs the ripped stud by the head. He rams his buddy's face into the middle turnbuckle. CRACK! The smaller stud bounces off, falling onto his bare ass then into the fetal position.

Hawk rises and stretches out. He circles the helpless hunk before grabbing his hair and forcing him up. The dreadlocked muscleman scoops Ryker up then bodyslams him to the mat. SLAM! He moves off then climbs the corner. Hawk stands on the top turnbuckle, naked in boots and pads. He raises his arms then launches out.

The bigger muscleman splashes down onto Ryker, crushing him with his 200-lbs of muscle. SPLAT! He bounces off then crawls in for another pin.



Ryker kicks out. A shocked Hawk slaps the mat in total frustration. He screams, "WHY?!?" Kyle and me laugh. Hawk just can't fucking believe it as he kneels beside the stubborn stud's unmoving carcass.

Hawk drags Ryker to his knees. He measures him up then charges in, delivering a knee to the head that sends the ripped stud flying. WHACK! He lies on the mat, sprawled out on his stomach, his bare ass gleaming under the spotlight. The dominant muscleman moves in. He drops to his knees then grabs his buddy's head. He slams his bro's face into the mat. CRACK!

The dreadlocked musclehunk rolls Ryker over for another pin. Another two-count and Hawk can only shake his head. He slaps on a face claw, his fingers digging into the handsome hunk's temples. He mounts Ryker, pushing down with all his weight to add to the force. The smaller stud writhes under his tag partner, but he won't give.

Ryker brings his legs up, driving them into Hawk's back. THUD! He does it again and again. THUD! THUD! It's weak, but enough to shift the claw and make it ineffective. The bigger wrestler rises up then stomps his bro in his chiseled abs. THUD! He circles, staring down in amazement that this is still going on.

Hawk kicks the helpless hunk onto his stomach. He grabs Ryker's legs, wedging his ankles under his armpits. The dreadlocked muscleman grabs his buddy's wrists and lifts him into a tear drop. The smaller stud moans as he hangs in the hold. Fuck, that's hot. Hawk holds him up, keeping him suspended then starts swinging him back-and-forth.

Ryker just moans in the pendulum, his cock hitting the mat as it hangs down. Hot. The smaller son of a bitch still won't give. Hawk has to drop him. He stomps the ripped hunk's back, just for something to do while he tries to figure out some way to end this. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The dominant muscleman circles the moaning Ryker, pushing his hair out of his face.

The frustrated Hawk rants at his tag partner, "Fuck, bro, it didn't have to be like this! I love you, man! I got FUCKED FOR YOU tonight! Shit. You owe me! I don't wanna hurt you, but you're making me do this! You're bringing this on yourself! Why're you making this so fucking hard? Just stay the fuck down!"

In response. Ryker struggles to rise. His buddy grabs him by the hair and drags him up. He hoists him over his shoulders into a torture rack. The smaller stud moans loudly. Hawk parades his tag partner around the ring, bouncing and pulling, but all he gets is screams, no submission. The resilient Ryker looks awesome, draped across the broad shoulder of his bro, his junk flipping and flopping.

Hawk's had it. He shifts his hand onto his buddy's balls then squeezes. Ryker cries out loud, his arms and legs flailing in the hold. He must be in agony. I don't know if it's just the pain or if Hawk's rant broke his will, but the smaller stud is finally done.

Ryker screams out, "I GIVE I GIVE!!"

Hawk drops his tag partner and just stands over him. The dreadlocked muscleman looks amazing, pumped and sweaty, exhausted but dominant. Best part is that he'll be so drained that he'll be even easier to manipulate than he was at the start.

Seeding the Victory

Ryker just lies there, facing down for a long time before he shows any signs of life. Not that I mind. He looks so hot lying on his stomach with his big ass up. Fuck, I want that ass, too. Too bad it's Hawk's turn. Speaking of the winner, his cock is getting big as Kyle talks him up, telling him to finish the job and get the contract. He's calling him the newest ROW stud and playing up how big this is.

Hawk just nods as he looks down on his former best friend. Ryker rolls over. He puts up his hands then starts begging Hawk not to go through with it. He says it'll ruin their friendship forever. Boo fucking hoo. That ship has sailed you stupid fuck. No way Hawk has come this far to walk out empty-handed.

The smaller stud looks genuinely scared as he lies there, helpless and about to lose everything - his play brother, his tag partner, his career opportunity and his ass (again). The loser is getting fucked for the second time and walking out with nothing to show for it.

I think the begging is making Hawk harder. He just shakes his head, saying it's nothing personal and they had a deal. He says he'd have gone through with it if he'd lost. Hawk again says he got fucked tonight for Ryker, so Ryker should be willing to do the same for him, especially since the smaller stud has bottomed before.

"You'll let random guys fuck your ass for nothing, but don't wanna give it up to me so I can have the chance of a lifetime? Fuck you, bro." The winner is getting himself mad, making it easier to fuck his former bro. Hey, whatever works. Hawk kicks Ryker onto his stomach. "I don't even wanna look at you, bro. You wanna be a bitch about this? Then just lie there and take it like one."

Hawk drops down, jacks his cock and looks up and down at Ryker, from head to ass. He nods, psyching himself up. When he's ready, he leans forward. The winner puts his cock head against the ripped muscle jobber's hole and forces his way in. Lucky for the loser Kyle opened him up already, because Hawk is rough. He just plows in, no lube, no warning.

Ryker moans as he's plowed by his former tag partner. The dude is practically sobbing as he's fucked for the second time tonight and even rougher this time. The pathetic loser knows his dream is dead and so is his friendship with Hawk. I jerk my cock as I remember how these two told me they were brothers forever when I met them.

Yeah, well. I just destroyed that bullshit, didn't I? They talked about they'd only sign together. That's what gave me the one contract idea. I worked them for weeks on the idea of ROW. Getting them dreaming and hoping. Getting them so worked up that I knew they couldn't walk away, especially after the stiff match and fucking Kyle and I gave them. I made it so they'd come too far to give up.

I'm impressed as Hawk is really getting into it. He's pounding his buddy's sweet ass hard. Damn, what a fucking power top. You don't just do this. I'm betting he always wanted to fuck Ryker, but never had the chance. I hope Kyle's cameras are getting all this. I'll definitely wanna watch this a few hundred more times.

It doesn't take long. The winning stud's face is red and he's gasping. We see his 'O' face and know he's ready. Hawk cries out then explodes inside his former tag partner's ass. His whole body shakes as he unleashes his load.

When Hawk is done, he collapses forward. After a minute of the two of them just lying there, Ryker asks his ex-buddy to get off him, but I say, "Hawk!" The aspiring rookie looks up at me with a sad look on his face. I tell him, "Congrats. Now finish it. Put him out so we can get to our business. You're an ROW wrestler now."

Ryker tries to get out from under his former partner, but Hawk obeys quickly. He wraps his arms around the loser's head and tightens. The ripped jobber struggles, but it's over fast. When Hawk rises, he looks so hot, naked and pumped, breathing hard and a confused and horrified look on his face.

Settling Up

At my direction, the naked Hawk hoists Ryker over his shoulder, bare ass up. He carries his former friend's unconscious body out of the building. He dumps the carcass in the loser's car, leaving him to sleep it off. I toss in his stuff and we're done with that jobber.

We all walk back into the ring area where I produce the contract. I see Hawk's hand shaking as he reads it over. I can tell what he's thinking. This is real. It's fucking real. His cock is growing with excitement as he stands here, naked and about to accomplish one of his dreams. He moves to sign it, but Kyle stops him.

The long-haired pro says, "I want you to remember how you got here and I never hit that fat ass." He moves behind Hawk then grabs the rookie by the hips. Kyle forces his cock inside Hawk's big beautiful ass. The rookie moans as he accepts the truly dominant male inside him.

Kyle slowly rides Hawk then he orders him to sign. It takes a lot for the young dreamer to focus, but he does. He signs the biggest deal of his life while being fucked by a real pro. I witness the contract then slap it on Hawk's back for Kyle to do the same.

With all our business settled, we drag our new bitch to the shower. By the time we're done, Hawk has two more loads inside him and tile marks on his back and knees that'll take a week to wear off. When we leave to get dressed, we're clean, but I can tell Hawk feels dirty inside. I ask how it feels.

Hawk replies in a monotone, "Good, I'm part of ROW. It's a dream -"

"No, I mean how's it feel to sell out your best friend - your 'brother' - just to be a fucking bitch for life. I mean, you're a total fucking cum-dumpster now. The whole roster will want to use you, here and, once it gets around, everywhere you go for the rest of your life. And you did it all for a few more bucks and bigger crowds. Which you two would've legit accomplished within six months anyway, if you'd just waited."

Hawk stammers, "No, that's - well - I mean - you said ..." His voice trails off as the reality of what he's done hits him. I hammer him, humiliating him by spinning what he's done into the worst thing anyone can do. He looks like a lost puppy, tears welling up in his eyes. Guy is fucking horrified. We go for the kill.

"I mean, good for you, being so focused that you don't give a shit about anyone, including your 'brother' or even yourself. I don't think I could've done it. Tossed away my morals and self-respect? And the way you wrecked Ryker? Fuck, that was cold."

Kyle twists the knife, "Fuck Ryker. He's a fucking loser, right? You showed us that. I'm betting he'll never make it now. Probably spend the rest of his miserable life crying like the bitch you made him."

A devastated Hawk whispers, "He's not a loser ..."

Kyle smirks, "Yeah, he is. And you fucked him up for life. Good job. No room for loyalty in this business, bitch."

"No. You guys made me -"

Kyle ignores him, "Now look, you're gonna be sucking a lot of cock from now on, so lemme give you a few pointers on how I like it done. Get on your knees, bitch." Kyle forces him down onto his knees. He slaps Hawk across the face with his dick, further degrading the hot stud.

The rookie looks up, "No, I don't want this. Not this way. Oh fuck, what the fuck? This isn't me!"

I ask innocently, "Hold up, Kyle. What're you saying, Hawk?"

Hawk says, "I made a huge mistake. All of this. A huge mistake. I don't know what happened. This isn't right. It's just. Well. Oh fuck. I need to get outta here. You can shove your contract. I'm not gonna be a traitor and anybody's bitch."

I shake my head, "Hm, I don't know. I guess I could rip up the contract. I mean, it's only the three of us that know. If I shred it, who'll ever find out?"

I make Hawk beg before I let him off the hook. I love watching the cute musclestud plead with me from his knees. My cock swells at the power I have over his miserable life right now. I finally agree. He throws his pants and shoes on then races off with his bag. When he's gone, Kyle and I finish dressing then head to the ring to relax.

Kyle says, "You called it. They did exactly what you said they'd do."

I smirk, "Of course they did. I know what I'm doing. I watched my dad get treated like crap my whole life. It taught me a lot. I know wrestlers. I know how to manipulate them."

Kyle grabs my shoulder. "What if Hawk hadn't quit? How would you've explained a new roster member to the big bosses? I mean, we both know you had no authority to do any of this."

I reply confidently, "I make my own authority around here. I'd have handled it." Kyle raises an eyebrow, forcing me to admit, "Okay, yeah, it's probably good that it never came to that, but the risk just made it fucking hotter. Oh fuck, my dIck is hurting just thinking about it. I already need another punk ass bitch to fuck."

"You're one fucked up dude, Dylan."

"Right back at you, Kyle. Now let's get a drink and find us a muscle-bottom to wreck."

The End


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    3. Well, Bad Boys is more than Dylan and Kyle. :)

      There are three more stories in the first season to come and they're written and uploaded. The next one comes in July and debuts a new narrator. He only appeared in one R69 story, but I think guys will like seeing him back in action. We'll also see the return of two more characters who only appeared in one story from the original R69 series, but I did get requests for their return. So I can say that there is a lot more new 'bad boy' action to come this season.

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    5. Appreciate it. I love that readers have strong opinions on characters. Best advice is to 'stay tuned'. :)

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    2. Thanks!

      I like the term 'jobber flurry'. That's exactly what I was going for with that. I felt that rush of adrenaline many times when I was young and naive. The only time I remember it actually happening was the 123 Kid defeating Razor Ramon.

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    1. Thanks! Glad you like the story.

      I really appreciate the comment that Dylan and Kyle have their own voice. As narrators, they are the biggest stretch for me so far as I try to keep them unapologetically evil. Lou can be kind of fun, but these two have no redeeming qualities.

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    1. You absolutely can send me a model to look at.

      Glad you liked this chapter. It's an elaborate plan, so I don't know if they can top it. Stay tuned (am I a broken record yet?)!

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    1. Responded to your email.

      Thanks for the update on the links. I'll check them out. The Bad Boys stories are under the Route 69 Index on the desktop site at the bottom. I'll check out the mobile site and Jaes links. Appreciate it!

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