Monday, May 30, 2016

The Cast: Who's Who (May 2016)


Here are this month's base models for my characters. Three new guys and I think they're great. In fact, one wrestles again this year and the other two will wrestle again next year.

Route 69: Bad Boys S106

Dylan = Evan Wadle (Model)

Kyle = Tyler Black (Pro Wrestler)

Hawk = Alexander Masson (Model)

Ryker = Dan Rockwell (Model)

The Adventures of SuperStar 9

Jae/SuperStar = Mike Carr (Model)

Thor = Caylen Hughes (Model)

Hope you enjoyed these studs. One is already scheduled to return in August, but if you want to see any of them, let me know!



  1. what a showcase of hot studs! Loved the artwork done for SS! Unless you put those pics side to side...its difficult to tell it from the base image. Damn who would I want to see of these guys? Well excluding SS....Hawk and Ryker, Thor Kyle and Dylan...oops I mentioned them all! LOL! Actually I really want to see more of MoneyMaker and Luke, lets not forget Spartan. Add Ram and Mr Riddle to the mix. I miss that tough guy.

    1. Thanks! The SuperStar is one that started as what seemed like an unusable image, but ended up in a pretty good place thanks to some imagination and playing around.

      You named five great guys at the end there (Moneymaker, Luke, Spartan, Ram, Riddle). Good news is that three of them will re-appear this year and the other 2 will show up in 2017.

    2. Let's not forget or ignore Mimic! Gotta see more of Bryant Wood's portrayal of a great character with an amazing shtick.

    3. No worries, Corey is still around and there's more of his story to see.