Saturday, June 4, 2016

Review: Tak vs. Eagle (Thunders Arena)

Did you know that Tak stands for The All-American Kid? At least it did. In Tak vs. Eagle from Thunders Arena, the trim blond wrestler explains that he's promoted himself to The All-American King, but Eagle isn't convinced. He calls him The All-American Child and The All-American Baby. Of course that latter one would be Tab, but when you look like Eagle, nobody cares about little things like acronyms.

Tak and Eagle have some fun to start their match

I really enjoyed this match, especially for the chemistry between the wrestlers. Tak and Eagle keep it light and fun, teasing and taunting each other as they apply a full gamut of hot and hard holds. It feels like they're having a good time and they bring the viewer right along with them without treating the match as a joke.

The guys deliver great wrestling, too. Even when it gets a little more heated as the match continues, they continue to work well together and play to the other's strength.

These guys are climbing all over each other

Just change his name to Jim, as in Jungle Gym

Tak go splat

Tak tests Eagle's claim of "abs of steel" 

Except for a new (and IMO bad) hairstyle, Tak is the same hot and cocky bad boy. The blond looks great in his popular lime green and purple briefs. Body-wise, he might be one of the smaller wrestlers on the roster, but when it comes to packing the front of his trunks, he's always a real heavyweight.

Tak is just so squeezable!

Eagle is his usual stunning self. Here, he's wearing small animal print briefs that remind me of Mogly's gear vs. Tak (reviewed here), but they're quite tiny on the muscular stud. I like Eagle, because he seems pretty cool and easy-going. His banter is chill and playful, which works perfectly against a guy like Tak and a setting like Thunders' garage mat room.

Beautiful gear for a beautiful man

Tak: "You're like a featherweight to me!"

The action is fast and furious, covering a lot of ground. In fact, about 1/3 of the way in, I was worried that Eagle had used up every move he knows. No worries, though, the action keeps going and repetition is minimal, except for reversing positions. For example, they each apply a bearhug and reverse bearhug on each other, but only once each.

I will warn Tak fans that there's no gorilla press here. GASP! Yes, maybe Eagle didn't feel like he could get him up, but Tak still gets lifted a lot. He also gets his turn on top and relishes punishing the handsome hunk. There are a lot of moves I couldn't include for fear of spoiling everything, but they include an ab stretch, leg locks, body and standing scissors, choke, crab and surfboard. I also enjoyed Eagle repeatedly walking across Tak's abs, but it didn't GIF well.

So you can see, there's a ton of goodness packed into this video and I'm just scratching the surface.

Eagle's face is always a target

No gorilla press this time, but Eagle manages to
manhandle Tak like a pro in a lot of other ways

Tak: "We got two pretty boys, but only one
with the real muscles."

Eagle hangs Tak out to dry

In the end, I'm definitely glad I bought this and think it's one of the better Thunders videos I've watched recently. The studs are awesome, their chemistry is red hot and the action is plentiful.

So that's my take ... how about you? Any thoughts? Please let me know in the comments!



  1. I loved this video too. Like you, I really got a kick out of Eagle walking back & forth on Tak! This was one of the better matches I've seen from Thunder's in a while. I really think they have a winner with Eagle.

    1. Mike, thanks for the comment. I haven't been that interested in much from Thunders lately, so I was happy for this one.

      I might try the new Jet guy against Vinny or Bolt. I thought about Vinny/Frey, but it's listed as a full nelson challenge, so I don't know if it'll be boring or not.

    2. Yeah, I feel the same about Thunder's Arena. Their latest videos haven't been all that great but this one definitely has me coming back to see what Eagle will be up to next.

  2. Now that we know Eagle can gorilla press, it's time for a rematch with Tak.

    1. LOL. I'm definitely with you on a Tak v Eagle rematch.