Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Cave Undercard 12: Jeff vs. Josh

"This will be fucking cool. I've never fucked a big-time pro wrestler before."

"And you ain't gonna get to fuck one now, either, dude. I kinda feel bad for you. That flight back to Cali is gonna feel real long with a sore ass."

Dude just smiles at me, like I'm kiddin' myself. He takes off his shirt and climbs into the ring.


I shadow box and bounce around, warmin' up. I watch him get ready and gotta admit, he's pretty hot lookin'. Exactly what I need right now. I'm like mostly straight, but wrestlin' and fuckin' just go together for me. When I beat a hot guy, my cock wants to fuck him and you gotta obey your cock, right?

My name's Jeff, he's Josh. I'm not exactly big-time, but I'm tryin' to get there. I'm here in Orlando Florida workin' for the trainin' league of AWL, the second biggest pro wrestlin' fed in the world. Just startin' out, but I'm only hearin' good shit from the bosses and fans so far. I kinda gotta lame gimmick, but wrestlin' blogs and social media are bein' cool with me, thanks to my buddy Ben doin' my PR. He knows all the big guys, so he's sellin' me hard core.

Me, the pro wrestler

Anyway, pro wrestlin''s my job, but it's kinda my hobby, too. 'Course my wrestlin' on the side is different. For AWL, it's all staged and G-rated, but this here? It's for real and for stakes, too. When I go, the loser is gettin' fucked. 'Course I can't troll for matches as easy as I used to now that I'm tryin' to make it in the big leagues. I'm gettin' on TV and all over the Internet. I gotta be on the down low a little. Ben used to be my source. He'd help me find matches, but he's busy up in DC and I'm down here.

The whole deal's made me super-horny for fuck wrestlin', so I'm kinda anxious for this. Josh and me know some of the same guys back in LA. With Josh visitin' Florida, they hooked us up and here we are in a private ring, ready to put it all on the line.

Josh goes, "I hear you lost to Cody. I beat him. So, you know." Dude shrugs, like that means he'll beat me, too.

I'm like, "Yeah? I hear you lost to Beau. I beat him. So, YOU know."

Dude just nods, "I'm stretched out. You?"

I shrug, "Sure, let's go."

The Match: In the Ring

I'm 6'2"/220-lbs. I'm wearin' a sweet pair of tiny black briefs, knee pads and leather wrestlin' boots. I'm tentin' a little already, lookin' at this guy. Dude's big (6'2/230-lbs), hard as nails and all man. He's ripped with wide shoulders, big pecs then a waist that's narrow. He's wearin' a pair of white briefs low on his hips and short wrestlin' boots.

Shit, I love beatin' and fuckin' muscle guys like him.

We lock up fast. Dude overpowers me to the corner. CLANG! I shift then spin us around. I attack his chest with a buncha pec chops. CHOP! CHOP! CHOP! Dude just takes 'em with grunts, but I'm just warmin' up. I bring my knee up into his abs. THUD! He barely reacts, but I just wanted to keep him off-balance. I grab under his arm then hip toss him over onto his ass. SPLAT!

I give dude a stiff boot to the back then drop down to one knee behind him. I reach over his shoulders then grab his chin. With my knee in his back, I pull back. Josh grunts, clawin' at my hands. I surprise him by grabbin' his wrists. I lean in, twist then pull his arms behind him. He's groanin' now, with me goin' after his shoulders like this.

Like I said, dude is big and strong. When I go to adjust my grip, he pulls his right arm free. He rolls to the side and yanks the other one loose, too. I get up then drop down for a double axe handle to his back. Son of a bitch turns and moves up, drivin' his elbow right into my abs. POW! OOF! When I bend over, dude slams his shoulder under my chin. WHACK!

I fly back, barely keepin' my feet. I hold my chin, shakin' out my head. Fuck, that hurt. Josh is there. I kick out, drivin' my boot into his abs. THUD! Dude moves back a step from the force, but he shrugs it off. He gives me a kick to my gut. OOF! I bend over and turn sideways, my ass on the middle rope.

Josh grabs my head then pulls me out into a front facelock. He reaches down, grabs the side of my trunks then suplexes me over fast. WHAM! Dude keeps hold then forces me up. He flips me over with another suplex. WHAM! Shit, I felt that one. He rolls us over then drags me up again. I squirm to get free, but he's strong. Dude suplexes me for a third time. WHAM!

I'm limp on the mat as dude rolls over and mounts me. He forces my arms to my side then pins 'em with his knees. Aw fuck. Dude pounds the crap outta my abs and pecs. THUD! POW! THUD! He works me hard. I try to flex, but he's a fuckin' beast. I finally throw him off, but my abs and pecs are red with fist marks. They sting as I roll to my hands and knees.

Dude moves in. I'm in the perfect position for a kick to the gut. He goes for it, but I'm ready. I block the kick then grab his leg and trip him onto his ass with a hard tug. I put dude into a leglock, twistin' his knee and bendin' his ankle the wrong way. Josh moans for me, poundin' the mat in pain and frustration.

"You tappin'?"

Josh kicks out, but I'm leanin' too far back and he can't hit me anywhere that hurts. I twist harder again. He cries out and thrashes around, but won't give. I go for one more hard yank, but dude throws his whole body to the left. He catches me off guard and we roll over. He gets his leg free.

We stand up and face off. Dude has his weight on his good leg. Makes me smile. When we circle, I dive in for his bad leg. He expects it and catches me in a front facelock. Before I can do shit, he falls back. CRACK! My head smashes into the mat, stunnin' me. Fuck! He lets go and I roll to the ropes.

It takes me a minute to pull my ass off the mat. Dude doesn't come at me, instead stretchin' out his leg and gettin' it workin' again. We both circle and I don't know which is worse, my head or his leg.

We lock up and fight for control. I shift left then a hard right. Josh spins right around and I grab him around the waist. I lift and throw him back with a belly-to-back suplex. WHAM! He rolls onto his stomach, grabbin' at his shoulder and neck. I grab his bum leg and lift, puttin' him in a single leg crab.

Dude still won't give, but I keep tryin'. He's pretty flexible for a big dude, but his back and leg gotta be feelin' this. I lean back, makin' him scream like a bitch. He pounds the mat again. Fucker still won't give. I drop his leg then turn to face him. He kicks out, catchin' me in the leg. WHACK! I stumble back, cursin' at myself for bein' an idiot.

Josh gets to hands and knees. I leap onto his back. SPLAT! I go for a full nelson, but he powers up. I reach down and sweep his arms out. SPLAT! I go for a sleeper, but dude rolls us over. We grapple for top, but we're too pumped and sweaty. After a couple of minutes of mat work, we separate.

We kneel across from each other, breathin' hard, smilin'. I get tricked by his smile, thinkin' we're breakin' before gettin' up. He shoots his hands out and locks on a pec claw. ARGH! Motherfucker! I fight it, but he's got it locked on tight. Shit, I know claws, havin' learned from the master, but this is a good one.

Josh forces me to my feet, draggin' me by the pecs. All I can do is beat on his arms and kick out. He ignores the punches and blocks the kicks. Dude pushes and rams me into the corner. CLANG! He pulls me out by my pecs then does it again. CLANG! He finally lets go, but comes in fast with an elbow to my head stunnin' me. CRACK!

I'm saggin' in the corner. Fuck, dude's got me real good in the head three times and it's hard to focus. Josh starts in on my chest again. Chops and punches. THWAK! THUD! POW! He keeps me from escapin' by throwin' in the occasional knee to the gut. OOF!

When I start to sag too much from all the abuse, dude puts his hand under my chin. He pushes my head back. I lean back over the top turnbuckle, my pecs goin' up and spreadin' out. It's perfect for him to start in with forearms to my chest, SMASH! SMASH! SMASH! Fuck, my pecs are breakin' down bad now.

I lift my knee hard and fast, hopin' to hit somethin'. ARGH! I do. He lets go of my chin and I drop back down. I push him back then grab my achin' chest. Fuck, I've been too much pro trainin' and not enough of this. I'm outta practice. I rub my pecs, lookin' down. Yeah, they're red. At least they're not bruisin' or nothin'. 'Course I should be watchin' dude, not my chest.

I hear stomps then look up. The big muscle guy is in the air. He comes down with a knee to my pec. WHAM! He bounces off me then charges in with a clothesline in the corner. THUD! I stumble forward. Josh whips me across the ring into the opposite corner. CLANG! He follows in with flyin' cross body, splashin' his 230-lbs right on my chest. SPLAT!

Dude bounces off then comes in. He grabs my chin, "You're about to get fucked, Mr. Pro Wrestler Man."

I surprise him by pushin' him back hard. He stumbles then I charge in and tackle him down. We land hard. I mount him and pin his wrists down beside his head. I wrap my legs in his and split 'em wide. He moans in the grapevine, but mostly, I'm tryin' to rest and recover. Dude manages to buck me off. I roll to a crouch while he gets up.

I dove in and clip his leg. The big stud goes down hard. I drag dude up then scoop him up. I body slam him down hard. SLAM! I stomp his leg, goin' back to it. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The way he's gruntin' and tryin' to grab it, I know he's feelin' it. Good. I drag him up again. He's holdin' his bad leg up.

I go to pull him into me for a suplex, but dude swats my hands away. He grabs behind my head, leaps up then falls back. I'm dragged forward. He lands on his back, pullin' my chest down onto his knees, like a reverse backcracker. WHAM! The impact sends me bouncin' off him, rollin' over until I land on my stomach, whimperin'.

Dude grabs my head, draggin' me up to my feet. He grabs my left wrist, pullin' it off my chest and foldin' it behind my head. I see him kiss his fist then cock it back. Aw fuck. I try to move, but it's too late. Josh fires his fist forward, landin' a big heart punch that cuts through my muscle right to my heart.

I grab my chest, freeze then drop to my knees. Dude puts his hand on the side of my head and pushes me to the mat like I was nothin'. Josh drops down, pushes me onto my back then climbs on top of me. He hooks a leg and slaps out the pin.

"ONE!" I try to focus, but it's tough.

"TWO!" I tell myself to move, but I'm locked in the pin.

"THREE!" Fuck, I can't believe I lost.

Dude drops my leg and sits back. I hear him laughin' as he gets up. Fucker puts his boot on my chest. He tells me to look up. I do to see him flexin'. He's a strong, talented guy, but I'm still pissed at myself. I hate losin' to these amateurs. At least when I lost to Cody, I only had to do a superhero video with his hot boyfriend. This time, it's gonna be a lot worse.

The Stakes

Damn. I'm feelin' better, but so fuckin' pissed. Dude is circlin' me, just lickin' his chops at gettin' to fuck my ass. He's a fuckin' beast. From the tent in his trunks, I know I'm in trouble. I've only been fucked a few times before this, so my ass is tight and his cock looks huge.

I get to the point, "How we doin' this, dude?"

Josh looks me up and down, "I'm thinking. I'm thinking. Glad to see you're so eager."

"I ain't eager, but a bet's a bet."

Dude goes, "Since you're being cool and Ryan asked me to take it easy on your ass, I'll make it simple. Get on your knees, open that mouth and get me hard."

I roll to my knees, starin' at the monster bulgin' in his trunks. I'm like, "That ain't hard?"

Josh laughs, "Sorry, Mr. Pro Wrestler, but, no, this isn't hard. Just wait until you see hard."

Shit. I pull down his trunks and his big old dick flops out. It's thick and long, but he ain't lyin'. It ain't hard. Fuck. I open my mouth and start suckin'. Josh barks out orders, tellin' me I suck like a straight dude. No shit. I try to do what he wants then add in shit I like done to me. Workin' a dick ain't as easy as it looks, especially one like this.

Josh goes, "That's better. You're a quick learner, Mr. Pro Wrestler. Yeah, that's it. Suck that cock. Fuck, yeah. The big bad pro wrestler. On his knees. Sucking my cock. Beautiful. Oh fuck. That's nice. Good boy. Yeah. Worship that cock."

I keep goin' until he pushes me off. Josh slaps my face with it, swingin' his rock hard monster cock back-and-forth. I gotta take it, but I don't like it. Fuck. It's scary big, but nothin' I can do about that now. Dude steps back then puts his boot on my chest. He pushes and I take the hint, fallin' onto my back.

Josh lifts my legs. I relax as he starts to finger fuck my hole with lube. Dude goes real slow, workin' me and stretchin' me out. I moan, gettin' into it. It don't feel too bad. He pulls out then I hear the condom wrapper openin'. Uh oh. Looks like the main event. Just relax. Just relax. I keep repeatin' it. Dude forces the head in and I know I'm in for it.

Dude pushes in. I feel like my ass is bein' torn open. Oh fuck. I start to tense. No, no, no. Oh fuck. I feel him poundin'. It takes the longest minute of my life, but I'm okay. I'm okay. Dude is calmin' me down, sweet talkin' his dick into me. Oh shit, it kinda feels good now. Damn, he's so fuckin' huge.

Josh is a mouthy dude. Dude can tell I'm okay, so he switches from encouragin' me to dirty talk. I've gone back to bein' his bitch. The pro wrestler he beat in the ring.

I'm whimperin' like a bitch, my cock rock hard. Dude rides my ass hard, but he pauses to rub and kiss the side of my pro boots. He's really gettin' off on me bein' a real pro wrestler. I go with it to speed this up, tellin' him he's fuckin' a real pro. He's the man. Actin' real submissive. Josh starts whimperin' and I know I'm pushin' him to the edge.

Dude cries out and pulls outta my ass. He rips off the condom then shoots up my body. Fuckin' dude hits my face with the first shot. Ropes of cum line my body, my big pecs and ripped abs get coated. He keeps goin' then grabs my cock. Oh shit.

I get milked, Josh tellin' me he's takin' my pro wrestler load from me. I don't normally go for that shit, but I'm so hot right now. Dude keeps talkin' then shoves a finger back into my ass. Suddenly, I'm screamin' and shootin' all over my pecs and abs, too. Shit. He squeezes every drop out before he lets go.

I lie there for a few minutes then sit up on my elbows. Shit, I'm covered. I strip off my boots, gettin' down to nothin'. Josh does the same. I towel the cum off, but there's still a ton on my skin, hands and cock. After a few more minutes, Josh and me head to the shower. He talks about fuckin' me again, but I tell him, "No way, dude. Once was enough."

Dude gets bossy, actin' like I'm still his pro wrestler bitch. He doesn't get I'm done with that and movin' on. I ain't takin' his crap. I paid the bet and now it's done. We argue and don't even make it outta the arena. There's a mat beside the ring and we're headed for it.

Round Two: On the Mats

We're naked and pumped, makin' this real basic. Just man-on-man.

As soon as we hit the mat, dude asks, "You couldn't beat me in the ring, Mr. Pro Wrestler. What makes you think you have any fucking chance on the mat?"

I don't even get a chance to answer. Josh kicks out. Too bad for dude I'm ready. I grab his foot then twist. He drops fast onto the mat. He scrambles up, but I sweep his leg out and he drops onto his back. Josh's right leg comes up when he lands. I grab it then step on his left ankle. I twist hard, wrenchin' his knee and ankle. ARGH! Yeah, that's it.

I worked his leg hard last time. I shoulda taken care of business when we were in the ring, but I didn't. Now I'm gonna be smarter. Not many guys beat me once, but only two guys have ever beat me twice.

Dude is slappin' the mat until I ask if he's tappin'. He pounds it with his fists, makin' sure I know he's just pissed and not givin'. I give another hard twist then slam it down into the mat. He tries to roll onto his side, but I stomp his inner thigh then drop my knee. He moans, givin' me a chance to roll him over into a single leg crab.

I sit back, holdin' his shin under my armpit. I punch his knee while bendin' him in the half the wrong way. He's poundin' the mat again, callin' me a fucker and other shit. Good. I use my free hand then slap his ass crack with my dick. He really goes off when I split him with my finger, tellin' me I better not try to shove my finger up his ass.

It's fun, but it's too much fun. I'm gettin' ahead of myself, so I can't stop Josh from powerin' out. I fly forward and by the time I turn around, Josh is already up on his knees. I move in, both of us on our knees. We lock up in a collar-and-elbow. I push, he pushes. It's tough, us bobbin' up and down, tryin' to get the edge. I twist, but he fights it off. Same the other way.

We're really gruntin', even though we ain't gettin' anywhere. I see his big dick, hard and bobbin' up and down. Mine's the same. Just thinkin' about the pain of his big dick in my ass gives me a burst of energy. I don't wanna deal with that.

Instead of movin' him back or to the side, I surprise him by pullin' him down. WHAM! I push his face right into the mat and he goes weak, stunned. It gives me the chance to climb on his back then lock him into a full nelson. The guy has big shoulders, but I squeeze 'em together enough to lock my hands together.

I keep forcin' Josh's face into the mat. I gotta move my hips to get my cock comfortable, but then I play with him. I grind his ass. My dick even hits his hole. He fights hard under me, warnin' me not to even try it. Dude is right. I ain't earned his ass, but it's just a mind game. I wanna throw him off his game. He's too distracted to try and break free, so it's workin'.

I roll over onto my back, usin' the nelson to drag the big stud on top of me. I lock on a body scissors and he's real trapped now. I roar as I squeeze as hard as I can on both holds, stretchin' his body out. He screams, but won't give. When I relax, he shoves his arms down, breakin' out. I open my legs and push him outta the scissors.

While I'm movin' my legs under me, dude dives backwards, slammin' into me with his body. I go down hard. Josh spins and climbs on top of me. He drives a big forearm down onto my chest. THUD! OOF! I push him off, but he grabs my wrist. Dude locks me in an armbar. I try to roll away, but he holds me tight.

I'm on my side, my arm stickin' straight up. He's twistin' it, kneelin' over my head. His balls slap my cheek, but I can't do shit. He's workin' my elbow and shoulder. I can't get a good shot 'cause my other arm is pinned under his shin. Fuck. I squirm under him, tryin' to ease the pressure.

Dude rolls me onto my back when he forces my arm down to the mat. He holds my shoulder and wrist then comes in with kneedrops to my bicep. POW! POW! POW! He goes for another one, but I pull my arm free. He rams his knee into the mat hard, jammin' it. WHACK! ARGH! He dives at me with an elbow, but I dodge it. WHACK! Dude jams his arm on the mat and cries out.

I grab my junk and wave it at him, "You must want my cock bad, dude. You're doin' my work for me!"

Josh tells me to fuck off, but I know it's gettin' to him. Dude is starin' at my meat as he's rubbin' his elbow and stretchin' out his knee. Perfect. He's distracted, so I dive in fast for his leg. He's too slow. I grab it and pull, trippin' him onto his ass. PLOP! I flip the big stud over then drive his knee into the mat. WHACK! He flops around, his ass jigglin'. Fuck, I want it.

I grab his ankles then fold 'em, pushin' his heel into his ass. I hold his legs down with my inner thigh. He's moanin', the pressure on his knee buildin'. He pounds the mat. I bring three stuff forearms into his back. THUD! THUD! THUD! Dude reaches back, so I grab his wrists. I pull back, liftin' his head and chest off the mat. ARGH!

Josh is feelin' it, his back bright red and sweaty. He's whimperin', tryin' to hold out. Dude won't give and he's fuckin' heavy. I let go of his arms then back off his legs. I drive his knee into the mat again. WHACK! The big guy flops around again, scramblin' away. I get up and stretch before I move in. He's tough. I need him to submit.

I move in, reachin' down to drag him up. He surprises me, grabbin' behind my head and knee then rollin' me over into a small package. I fight it, but he shifts to a split cradle. My head is pushed up by his body while his body pins my arm and he splits my legs out wide. I keep one shoulder up, blockin' the pin, but he doesn't give a shit. That ain't what this is about. Fuck.

Dude goes right to work, pattin' my balls. He's feelin' cocky now. I struggle, but he's got me locked up tight. I'm starin' at my junk while he plays with it. He ain't goin' dirty, yet. We ain't had that kinda match, but I did hump him a little. Josh reaches his long arm out. He rubs my taint. Oh fuck. Then he puts his finger at my hole.

I warn him about fuckin' me now, "No way, dude! I ain't submittin'!"

Dude just laughs then shoves his finger inside me. I'm still lubed and stretched from the fuck, so I let out a moan. He laughs, "C'mon, Mr. Pro Wrestler. You're a natural bottom. I bet I could finger fuck a load right outta you and into your mouth."

Fuck. My cock is hard and pointin' right at my chin. I roar and push with all I got. It's enough and I break the spladle. The big stud tries to grab me, but I scramble away. I get to my feet before he gets to his. Shit, that was close.

I run in, surprisin' dude. I shoulder block him down to the mat. OOF! WHAM! I drag him up then snap suplex him over before he even knows what's happenin'. I roll over and lock him in a figure-four headlock. Josh thrashes around, writhin' in the tight hold. He's tryin' to avoid gettin' put out.

Dude's head is turnin' red, but we're sweaty. He slips free, but he's movin' slow. Josh is on his side, shakin' out his head. I stare at his butt. Hot. I grab his wrist and ankle while I brace my feet against his back. I pull back into a bow and arrow. Dude cries out, moanin' while I bend him in half.

I jam my foot into his back, makin' him really feel this. THUD! THUD! THUD! He grunts then let's out some high-pitched whimperin'. Yeah, that's the shit. That's real pain right there. I pull hard again and he's screamin' like he's gonna split in two. I lean back, but I put on too much pressure. His sweaty wrist pulls free from my sweaty hand.

Dude snaps free, but he lies there unmovin'. I still got his ankle, so I keep hold of it. I get up then grab his other ankle, puttin' dude on his back. The big stud can't do shit while I step over and fold his leg around mine. I fall back and the figure-four leglock is cinched in tight.

Josh goes wild on the mat, slappin' it and bouncin' around. His naked muscle body ain't shit in this hold. I got it just right. With the earlier leg damage, I know I got him. Dude is writhin' around, flippin' and floppin' like a fish outta water. He's cryin' out, desperate to hold out. I just watch, blockin' his attempts to flip us over.

Dude's got no choice.


I let him go, leavin' him whimperin' on his side and holdin' his knee. I get up and stretch out. My cock is rock hard as I look at him. Fuck, I'm so hot right now. Dude is a tough beast and I like fuckin' tough muscle guys. I earned this one.

I walk over then kick him on his back. I put my foot on his chest and flex. He just looks up and stretches out his leg. I smirk and lick my lips then move off to grab a towel and water.

Stakes Two

Dude pounds the mat, angry at losin'. He liked beatin' me. Let's see how much he likes losin' to me. I come back, straddlin' him. I squat down, pinnin' his shoulders and puttin' my bare ass on his chest. My cock stretches out over his face. My balls are on his chin. I don't even say nothin' and he starts lickin' my balls. Oh fuck, yeah. He sucks on the left one while I flex over him.

I grab his hair then roll off, movin' onto my back. I drag him over. He knows what to do. Josh goes fuckin' wild suckin' my dick and playin' with my balls. Oh shit, he's a good cocksucker. I don't gotta tell him nothin'. Oh fuck, yeah. That's it. I'm moanin'. I know he's tryin' to take my load, but I don't give a shit. It feels awesome.

Oh fuck, oh fuck. Yeah. Okay, I'm gettin' too close. I order him off. Dude gives me a sexy look then grabs a condom. He slides it on my cock then squats over me. Oh fuck, yeah. Josh lowers his ass, guidin' my dick inside him. I just watch, lookin' at his ripped body tensin' while he sits on my big cock.

Dude gets it all the way in then bounces, fuckin' himself with my dick. Damn it feels good to be inside a dude again. I enjoy the view as dude's big pecs and junk bounce up and down. When I get too close, I order him off again.

I make him get on hands and knees then move in from behind. I hold his hips then pound his ass hard. He grunts and moans, lettin' me know he can take more. I ram my cock in deep, slammin' my hips into his butt. The sounds of slappin' and moanin' echo through the arena. Damn, this beast is a slut. He's cryin' out, lovin' my cock up his ass.

I breed the fucker as long and hard as I can, but I gotta cum. I gotta. I pull out then put him on his back. I coat his junk and abs with my cum, dishin' out my second load. It's still big, my seed lookin' sweet on his tanned torso. When I'm drained, I grab his cock. I squeeze then jerk him off. He cums fast, his big dick shootin' up his pecs and abs.

I fall back onto my ass, tired. I slide in beside him. He goes to get up, but I stop him. I tell him to leave the cum on him. He lies back, our shoulders touchin'. We chill on the mat beside each other, just starin' at the ceiling. We stink like men, all sweat and cum. I notice the time. Fuck. I tell him, "Dude, time's almost up. We gotta get this cleaned up, shower and get changed."

Dude goes, "You know, we're tied."


"Ties suck."


"I'm in town 'til Sunday."



We just leave it at that, knowin' what it means. Dude swings his hand up and grabs my dick, feelin' me gettin' hard. I look over and see Josh is gettin' hard, too. As he rolls over and rubs my abs and pecs, I nod. I really gotta thank Cody and Ryan for this. Looks like I gotta new source. Cool.

The End


  1. JEFF!!!!! I was so excited when I saw this was a Jeff story, and even more excited he was taking on Josh, although I admit, I didn't recognize Josh at first. I had to go back to the archives to realize it was Mr. Riddle. Then to top it off you give us not one but 2 matches and two steaming hot stakes scenes after?! Sir you have outdone yourself.

    1. Thanks! I really appreciate that. I was actually really nervous about this one. Even yesterday I thought about switching it with the 6/15 story.

  2. Damn beautiful match, great back and forth on the mats and ring and stake scenes time two! Bravo! Hot as hell and superbly written as always!

    1. So glad you liked it. I appreciate the feedback!

  3. First of all I'm super happy to see Josh aka Mr Riddle back! He was one character that has been in the Cave from Day 1, literally! Probably he has had two of the best matches in the Cave, the first match and the second match with The Bat. I don't forget that he beat the Bat! Count me in as one of those that want more of Mr Riddle!!! He has more to give!!
    Now here he appears in his alter ego Josh....against Jeff...another classic Cave, Jeff. You outdid yourself. You gave us two matches...and two stakes...what I found most interesting was Jeffs character development as he now seems to enjoy being the bottom, not just doing it because he lost. More than that...but I got the sense that these two...are becoming somewhat close???Hmmm...maybe I see more than what it is...but there seemed to be something there right at the end. Yes, Jeff likes to wrestle and fuck, but hell Josh is one hell of a stud, and clearly, Jeff liked his ass, a lot! Plus took the legendary massive rod quite easily! Good Job Mr Miller!

    1. Thanks! Glad that you liked it. I enjoy the analysis.

  4. Dude, I think I had forgotten just how much I missed Jeff until I "heard" his voice again. And Mr. Riddle was always one of my favorite Cave villains--it was so hot when things went south for him with Cody and vengeful (at the time) Ryan, but seeing this mellower ("more mellow?") side to Josh was awesome. (And his body is insane.) I never even imagined what Josh/Jeff interactions would be like, despite loving both characters, but this story definitely didn't disappoint. Awesome--thank you!

    1. You're welcome! Yeah, it's not the most obvious combination, but I thought it would be fun since they're both big and talented fan favorites.

      For Josh, It pays off Cody's commentary during Nuke Man/Riddle where he says they've become friends. We definitely met Josh during a crazy time, but he's a normal guy when he's not being hired as part of a blood feud.

    2. (Sigh...) Those blood feuds, man...

    3. If you like feuds, you should love this summer. ;)